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  1. Its not 'panic', its 'hope'. They hope unvaccinated athletes or celebrities with a stage are punished. Or as some people put it, 'Darwinsim' takes over. Whats the point? We can just wait. Right? These people hope the Packers and Rodgers are punished for affecting so many lives so terribly these past few months. Haven't you seen all the deaths in Green Bay from COVID? Quick! Post a oh so reliable CDC article, that'll show em!
  2. Maybe we just give up drafting d-lineman, use FA and trades to make those. I’m half kidding.
  3. He was so damn strong. I just remember him overpowering guys
  4. Possibly, he was my favorite Packer as a youngin. Both are around the same size 6 ft just over 200lbs, both are phsyical, both went to South Carolina. There are some similarities...
  5. Ha, yeah. Totally agree. But his physical nature reminds me of him.
  6. Deebo is what I wanted/want Cobb/Amari to be. His speed/physicality is something else. Cobb and Amari seem to have the physicality but not his speed. Deebo reminds me of Sterling Sharpe but waaay twitcher and faster.
  7. When Jaire was a younger player (he's still young), balls were caught on him, but he was always right there--everything was contested. Different players, but Stokes game last night reminded me of Jaire his first two seasons. Think we found Kings replacement.
  8. 100% concede its a game of matchups and as it looks now we match up pretty poorly along the lines. Bahk/Jenkins being out is a huge problem. But if you rewatch that Eagles/9ers game, Philly SHOULD have been up 17-0 in the first half, some really bone headed plays and bad luck. 2 redzones visits--zero points, had a field goal blocked, a TD called back, half ended 7-3 9ers. Eagles dominated the first half, they gave the game away. Personally feel we would be favored against Philly no matter where we play. When Jenkins didnt practice at first glance I thought we were going to g
  9. What’s going to happen when we play a top 5 qb?
  10. A game and a quarter in. I HATE this defense.
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