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  1. All could be true, the past two years obviously indicate that. Chargers, 9ers, Bucs... But I keep going back to this. 1. How many more games does Rodgers hand a team 14 points? 2. Our O-line may have played their worst game in years, I don't think they touched White or David all day in the run game. With that being said, personally didn't agree with the play calling. I would've trotted out Williams/Dillon and run straight at those ILBs. We kept doing these outside runs, played into their strengths. Didn't understand that. Would've had Jones play a more involved Ervin role. Easy to say now. I'd like to play them in Lambeau. Lafluers offense, in my opinion, is perfectly suited for Rodgers.
  2. Arians offense is going to get Brady killed by the end of the year. See the Bears game.
  3. I hope you dont mind, I copied your original post and texted it to a buddy. He needed to see that.
  4. Really enjoy this mock also, had something very similar in mind, only real difference was Zack Baun as the 1st pick--really think he would be a valuable addition. My thought process is ILB on run downs with Kirksey and then on passing down him, gary, preston, Z, with Kenny either getting in for a rest or rotating with any of the others. Baun I would think would be limited to Edge on passing, where the other four could almost play any spot along the line.
  5. Prediction for Sunday Bosa : .5 sack 2 Tkls (half sack is the result of Rodgers holding onto the ball too long) Gary: 2 sacks 1 FF recovered by Preston (sets us up in field goal range we drain the clock and seal the win with a Crosby kick) Gary goes into 2021 with the fan base loving him, starts the season with confidence and more playing time. I win the lottery, retire and move to New Zealand.
  6. Basil Haydens is my new goto for just about any mood, also its my gift to most of my customers I'm trying to butter up. Taste high end, low on hang overs, limits drunkenness, and fairly affordable. Darnell Savage was the one player I wanted in this draft. If he hits our secondary is young, good, and fast. My new concern is can Kevin King actually play some ball games? If for some reason our defense doesn't pan out, we're in big trouble.
  7. Thoughts on Darnell Savage? He's been my guy for a month or two now.
  8. I like it when someone goes out on a limb! The rest of these people are SHEEEP, SHEEP! But I really don't agree with you on Bosa. He seems, bigger, faster, stronger than everyone else on the field. Cant to find the exact quote from Meyer but.. this will do. "Urban Meyer told me the younger Bosa is the best combination of speed and power he can remember since he had Percy Harvin a decade ago at Florida. Teammates called Bosa the biggest freak in the program." https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/04/19/ohio-state-buckeyes-jt-barrett-parris-campbell?utm_campaign=sinow&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_twitter_si
  9. Eh. With all this news about Rodgers injury, I'm feeling a lot better about our passing offense for 2019/2020 Last year just seems like a combination of bad **** happening, Rodgers injury first game of the year, Gernimo/Cobb going down, one handed Grarham , Jones missing more than a quarter of the season. Things couldn't have been much worse, excluding Bahk/Rodgers going down for the year. I'm not so sure our offense wasn't going to make a huge leap whether we got rid of McCarthy or not-- just based on luck, health, and the young receiving core growing. Who knows same could happen this season. Hoping Lafleurs offense puts a emphasis on protecting Rodgers and getting rid of the damn ball. I want another 2015 season, that was our year. We were so healthy... the dice roll was good to us that year.
  10. Makes me miss Nick Collins. Love that guy. Not to mention a defense that can carry us through an NFC Championship game. I've convinced myself, all I want out of this draft is O-Line and keep throwing guys at the defense.
  11. Sure, but for our team? We've beat the Safety/LB hybrid to death. It has not worked out. For the roster we have. Give me a Saftey/CB hybrid as oppose to the Safety/LB hybrid. Point being, this roster needs a guy at safety that covers the deep part of the field. We've got Jones, Amos, Burkes, Martinez, hell even Jackson or Alexander to run with the tightends. I want a guy that can stop the big play from happening. Brice and Clinton-Dix were not the going to make that happen. They belonged near the LOS. To me, Rapp, Thompson, and Abram come across as more of the same. Another Clinton-Dix , Josh Jones, Brice, Burnett--personally, I'm done with that mold playing at safety.
  12. I'm really hoping we take a shot at one of these safeties. Part of me thinks (hopes) that Amos' style of play gives the safety next to him a ton of comfortably allowing them to be aggressive and ease the learning curve. I'm really hoping we grab one of these two guys. Darnell Savage Love his SPEED, really think he is going to be the best DEEP safety in this class. I'm sick of the in the box safeties, its not 1994 anymore. Savage looks like he can play near the LOS, but his skill set could lead to a stud deep safety Nasir Adderley I like him, not as much as Savage though. Would not want him at pick 30. 44 or later. He looks to me like a more aggressive/thicker built Randall, I dont know if its the jersey# or what. I know most of you are against grabbing White, but a defense with what we've added this offseason now add White manning the middle with Martinenz, Savage at free safety with Amos to help him a long and all of our young CBs, that is looking like a fast, nasty defense.
  13. Probably being to optimistic, but Spriggs still has talent. He hasn't gone into a off-season remotely healthy yet. Feel like thats really hurt his development. Maybe this new scheme works best with his skill set? Watch, he'll get traded for a 7th round pick in 2023 next week.
  14. I'm honestly shocked Jacobs isn't mocked to us more, he has dropped a bit, but I could see us considering him in Rd2 if he's there.
  15. This is why I always stop myself when it comes to Devin White. Love him as a player, and really think he could help transform our defense from average to good to great. But we may have a player similar to his skill set on our roster, not as good, but similar athletically (without looking at their combine#s) Is spending a 1st rounder on a slight upgrade at a position that I would deem not franchise altering worth it? Yes I know we can say that about a lot of players, but for some reason it really pops up when looking at Jones/White/Burks. Whats odd about this thread is I was just Googling about this same topic yesterday--what is going on with Josh Jones? After this game I was so pumped about him. Just never seemed to develop past this.
  16. Couldn't agree more. Made me cringe. Please folks post more mock drafts so they can be torn apart!
  17. "Had Montgomery not fumbled and had Green Bay won the game, the Packers would have moved to 4-2-1 and would have stood on top of the NFC North. Instead, they are in 3rd place, at .500, and will look to win an incredibly important game against the Patriots on the road." Major sour grapes for me.The Montgomery play was awful but that was our own team's (player's) doing. If Mathews doesn't get called for that terrible penalty. We're 4-3 and sitting atop the NFC North. That one play could alter the entire organizations future. Lets say we don't make the playoffs because we didn't win the division, because of an awful penalty. McCarthy gets fired, we get some knob as a head coach, Rodgers hates the new guy more than McCarthy and we turn into the Chargers after the LT/Rivers/Merriman years (I could argue that's what we are now). We waste another 2-3 years figuring out new coaching schemes and low behold we got one maybe two years of a solid run at a title. Sounds similar to how it ended with Favre... Bah!
  18. Really want McCarthy to stick around. Wondering what he can do with a solid working relationship with Gute. All signs point to our new gm being pretty open with all his coaches and players. Side Note: My wife was spying on me from afar while I was watching Gutes latest interview, she said I had 'dreamy eyes'. I'm worried, she may have discovered my official man crush. Is there a hotline I call or...?
  19. I keep on forgetting about Breeland. Really feel like he has major role to play in this move. The dude has never played safety in the NFL (that I recall?) and its not like its a move just any corner can make, but his lack of play time has me really wondering if he has been working on a safety role. All said and done, its either Williams, Jones, Whitehead, Brice, Breeland (total outside chance) *additional thought* Breeland gives the extra depth to move Williams if needed.
  20. Its probably always been the case, I'm now older (less mature though) and notice it more. Every NFL SEASON 5 teams flat out suck 4 teams are good 23 are all level Wins dictated on who you play, when you play them and did the bounce or penalties go your way? I've always held the argument, Brady and Manning are fantastic but for well over a decade (or 2) both players played in the weakest divisons the league has to offer. Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Texans, Jags, Titans.....come on.... guaranteed playoff spot every year. Don't get me started on Brady's round 1 and 2 playoff opponents.
  21. Really good points. Totally agree, I like hard fought wins. Always felt that way about our 2010 team, we had so many close games against really good opponents. Don't think your overall schedule is weak, I think your first 7 games were extremely weak. These next 7 might be the toughest 7 game stretch in the league. Saints, Chiefs, Packers, Lions, Bears, Eagles....eeesh. Every one of these teams will be in the playoff hunt.
  22. Jrry32, Don't get me wrong. The Rams are a fantastic team, would love to be in your position as a fan--young exciting team. Meant no offense. There is a reason you're favored by 8.5+ points. I'm of the mindset this year could not have gone worse for us in terms of bounces, 50/50 calls and the like. Only thing that could top it is Rodgers going down week one like he almost did. I do think the point spread would be a lot less if the Packers were 4-2 and not 3-2-1. That call on Mathews is CAREER altering. What if we are left out of the playoffs because of that? Bye bye Coach McCarthy. The Rams benefit greatly from the their division being one of the weakest in the league, if not the weakest. You have 5 cake games with one being somewhat difficult at the immensely overrated Seahawks. The North division has 4 playoff caliber teams in it. No excuses though, we haven't played well and the Rodgers injury hurt us in a few games. With all that being said, if I were the Rams I look at your next 7 games and go , "uhoh". Again, I'm a homer and more than likely delusional. .
  23. You're definitely more 'realistic' based on the past few games. I just like our secondary coming out healthy and ready to roll. My stupid *** put 100$ down on the Pack to win. Will be a nice pay out IF they win, hope my wife doesn't find out...
  24. We haven't looked very good and anyone could pick our schedule apart just as easy. But, look at their schedule these first 7 games. Look at their AWAY games! @Raiders- Derek Carr (slated to have the #4 pick) Cardinals- Sam Bradford-currently benched for Rosen (slated to have the #1 pick) Chargers-Philip Rivers Vikings-Cousins threw for over 400 yds, Anthony Barr on Kupp AND Gurley, why cant they guard Adams the same way? @Seahens- Wilson (could've won this game) 12/21 198 3tds @Broncos- Case Keenum 25/41 322 2td 1 Int (3-4, not a very good team) @49ers-CJ Beathard no team could ever let Beathard almost beat them. (currently slated to have the #2 pick) Their next 7 games. I see them going 5-2 / 4-3. They face one weak QB, and thats Trubiskiy Packers- Rodgers @Saints- Brees Seachickens-Wilson Chiefs- Mahomes @Lions- Stafford @Bears-Trubisky Eagles- Wentz I'm a homer, in the minority, and know nothing... I think we have a real chance to win this game. Pretty confident in slowing down their passing game, don't know their O-line that well, can't imagine they will push us around like the 9ers did. We can move the ball on them. 34-26 Pack!
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