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  1. Week 1 Overreactions

    The first two were catchable as well IMO. If it's inches from your fingertips, you should be able to catch it.
  2. Week 1 Overreactions

    For all the horrible mistakes that happened last Sunday, we could have still won if the receivers had caught those crucial passes. Rivers should have had 5 TDs and over 500 yards.
  3. Week 1 Overreactions

    Overreaction: for every Rivers thrown TD, there will be an equal amount that is dropped.
  4. Week 1 Overreactions

    A little misleading to say the least with the 2005 comment. Yeah it sucks that we didn't keep as many 1st rounder as we should have. But guess what? Gates, Hardwick, Weddle, Scifres, Shaun Phillips, Jamal Williams, Keenan Allen were not 1st round picks. Now do a comparison of the Chargers with other teams with regards to 1st round picks since 2005.
  5. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    So many crucial dropped passes against the Chiefs. Rivers should have had at least 5 TDs and over 500 yards passing.
  6. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Gus Bradley's defense seems to put more emphasis on linebacker play vs. DL play. This is based on our draft as well as some of Bradley's comments regarding his feelings about the DL.
  7. Gates resigns with Chargers

    A lot of players would look awful with Cardale Jones or Geno Smith "trying" to throw them the ball. He did quite well with Rivers as the QB. Virgil is the TE1 on this team currently. The TE position also only had two players. All Gates does is add additional depth.
  8. Gates resigns with Chargers

    Virgil Green will still take the majority of the snaps at TE. The fact that he's a fantastic blocker, and seemed to have developed good chemistry with Rivers (in practice at least) ensures that he will be TE1 with Hunter Henry out for the season. Gates will probably be used sparingly due to his age and complete lack of ability to help the blocking game.
  9. Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater to Saints

    Yup. All of this. Brees wasn't the player he is now with NO and essentially cost us a few games that season with his poor play. I still remember the stupid moniker for that season: the SD Chargers were the most talented team to not make the PO. And we were talented. We had Brees, Gates, LT, Turner, and Sproles on offense. On defense it was Shaun Philips, Jamal Williams, Quentin Jammer, and a rookie Shawne Merriman. Marty as HC and Wade at DC. What a disappointing season that was.
  10. Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater to Saints

    1) Keenum did not play under Norv like Bridgewater had to. He was lucky to play under Pat Shurmur who is a much better OC than Norv, and would have done wonders with Bridgewater. I would also like to point out that Keenum played much worse than Bridgewater before arriving in Minnesota. 2) I somewhat agree about Bradford. Unfortunately, his injuries are his biggest problems. 3) Not sure where you got the idea that Teddy couldn't beat McCown out. The Jets moved Teddy because Darnold was going to be the starter and McCown was fine as a backup. I doubt anyone would have traded a 3rd for McCown at this point. In terms of bottom 10 starter, I disagree. Teddy did fine considering that he had to work with Norv's archaic offensive scheme which puts too much of a premium on having a great oline and great skill position. Shurmur, on the other hand, did a much better job of adapting his scheme to fit the QB and helped negate a lot of the weaknesses of the Viking's oline last year. I am actually excited to see Teddy end up with someone like Sean Payton because Brees and Teddy share a lot of similarities. Except that Teddy is more mobile and has a stronger arm than pre shoulder injury Brees.
  11. Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater to Saints

    This sounds like a mentor to me: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/08/30/jets-sam-darnold-teddy-bridgewater-trade
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

    An excerpt from Doug Pederson's book about his interview process with the Eagles: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/08/20/doug-pederson-philadelphia-eagles-job-interview-fearless
  13. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    I am going more by what I've seen during Brees' first few years as a Saint, because Payton uses throws to RBs as an extension of the running game. Brees would take shots underneath when there was nothing open, which would draw defenses in, and that would open up the top for a deep play. It's why Sproles did so much better in Payton's system than he ever did in Norv's in SD. Obviously, I don't know if things have changed since then. Has Payton finally gotten over his aversion to run the ball more and be more balanced on offense?
  14. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Rivers makes the HOF if he wins a Super Bowl ring. His stats might eventually get him in, but a ring would cement it.
  15. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Shows how little you know about Rivers then. He is not a dink and dunk QB. He utilizes every skill position on the field equally: TE, RB, or WR. Heck, you might have more of a case with someone like Brees and Sean Payton's offensive scheme.