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  1. The Chargers offense is a weird hybrid that has a mix of Lynn's running attacks from his days with Buffalo, Mike McCoy's quick strike passing, and Norv's playaction deep throws. I would like to say that Lynn likes having a primary three down back like Gordon, with spells from others like Ekeler. We won't know how this team will do in long run without Gordon, even though we saw a little bit of it last year in the 4 game stretch where he was gone and they had to rely on Ekeler, Justin Jackson, and Detrez Newsome. Not exactly household names, especially the latter two, but Lynn's background as a RB coach seems to have helped in allowing this team to not miss a beat during that 4 game window.
  2. Not sure where the confusion is coming from on your part. You incorrectly stated that Gordon had a fumbling problem and based it solely on his rookie season. I provided facts showing that he hasn't had a fumbling problem since his rookie season. Big difference between 4 fumbles in 98 touches and 4 fumbles in 862 touches. Since you didn't understand my LT comparison, I tried to make it easier for you to understand by using Melvin Ingram as an example instead. Maybe you're the one with invincible ignorance.
  3. Then ideally Gordon just plays out his contract this season with the Chargers and leave in FA the following year where he gets his money.
  4. I get that part and I do feel bad for him since he's a good guy and I like how he has improved each season since he's been in the league. He just plays a devalued position and the Chargers have more important players like Bosa, Rivers, and Henry coming up for contracts. The best thing is really for the Bolts to trade him to another team that can afford him like the Colts (after Week 1 of course).
  5. We're not exactly sure what Gordon wants. I hear a lot of rumors like Gurley money (which if true is ridiculous on his part). Bell, as you stated, is a bad example for all those reasons. I guess the point Brandt was making was how even a premiere player like Bell (outside of those issues you mentioned) had problems. Gordon is nowhere near the RB caliber that Bell was.
  6. Rams paid their stars because they have a QB on a rookie contract. With that being said, the Chargers have paid their stars ie. Keenan Allen, Casey Hayward, Melvin Ingram, etc. Gordon just isn't one of them IMO and it would be a bad move on their part to extend someone who plays a fungible position that hasn't been consistently healthy.
  7. Looks at article. Sees that date is 2015, Melvin Gordon's rookie season. Thanks for proving my point Boltstrikes. See, I don't like it when someone who supposedly follows the Chargers makes false statements. I'm willing to let it go at a certain point but when I throw facts at them and they still make false statements, that's when I give them some tough love. Okay, let me try a different example since the LT one didn't register with you for some reason. You saying Gordon has fumbling issues or ball security issues is like saying Melvin Ingram is injury prone. Does that make sense now?
  8. It's funny. Your posts remind me of another forum I frequent where certain Charger fans actually thought that if we had drafted Nick Bosa somehow that Joey would have taken a discount to play with his brother. He'll go where the money is. If it wasn't for his durability concerns, Joey would be worth the crazy salary of a Donald or Mack.
  9. Making things up again I see. The only ESPN article about his fumbling problem states that it's only 4 times on 862 touches since his rookie season. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27167732/barnwell-why-chargers-extend-melvin-gordon-contract
  10. Yeah his rookie season. LT fumbled it 8 times his rookie year as well as turned it over to the other team 5 times. Gordon fumbled twice in the last two seasons (once a season without turning it over) compared to the 2 and 6 that LT had in his 3rd and 4th season. And LT was known for his ball security skills. So, I don't think you actually know what you're talking about.
  11. Just a really weak argument on your part. What is it with you and making up facts?
  12. I think his vision has gotten better each and every year. It's just that he's not that durable through no fault of his own. Some players just can't put up with the beatings no matter how hard they train. I will say this though, he's Superman compared to Ryan Mathews.
  13. I like Gordon. He's an underrated even by fans of the team. He could have easily become a bust after his disappointing rookie season. But every year, he's gotten better and better including his TDs scored, vision, and ball security. Unfortunately, he won't get a large contract for a variety of different reasons. His durability is definitely a big factor, but he also plays a fungible position that is less important than QB, pass rusher, or OL. And given what happened to Gurley and David Johnson, I don't see teams making the same mistake again. With that being said, I think after 2015, TT learned the importance of not trading up again.
  14. Except Gordon doesn't have ball security issues. Unless you think that LT also had ball security problems. http://www.nfl.com/player/melvingordon/2552469/profile http://www.nfl.com/player/ladainiantomlinson/2504778/profile