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  1. He functions best when he has a servicable OL. His worst years are usually when that OL is beyond horrible ie. 2012, 2016, and now this past season. If he had a halfway decent OL, he would be able to do so much. Not sure how the Bucs OL situation look (or the other Florida teams), but that's what he needs first and foremost.
  2. The only system in Florida that matches with him IMO is the Bucs with Arians. The others I just don't see it. If he's going to another team, I feel like Reich and the Colts were a better fit for him because of a better OL and offensive scheme.
  3. Weird decision since he's not close to any major contenders unless he takes the private plane route like someone already mentioned.
  4. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    He got injured against the Titans in the playoffs. It really messed up his leg and took a long time for him to ever truly recover. He still was crazy good. Just nowhere near his pre 2007 self.
  5. I actually had a problem with how the finale began. It probably was because my wife and I watched the finale immediately after the previous one. So going from something super serious with Kuill being killed to the Scout Troopers cracking jokes was a little jarring to say the least. Not to mention IG catching up to the troopers so quickly in foot. It actually bugged me for the rest of the episode. Maybe I'll watch it again and change my mind. Overall I like the series a lot. And even actually liked the more filler episode, with only the Tatoine episode being meh. Kind of reminded me of Dr. Who where the series had an underlying arc but was mostly filler for most of the season. It all really depended on how the fillers are done though.
  6. It's anime influenced but still Western Animation. Thank goodness too. It manages to take the best of both worlds while avoiding a lot of the cliches especially the anime ones.
  7. Looks less hokey and more like Winter Soldier. Task Master looks like a formidable foe.
  8. Those are the ones I'm talking back. It's sad how he's completely neutered in ROTS.
  9. Someone hasn't seen Samurai Jack or Avatar The Last Air Bender.
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    I remember his old agent dropped him after the stunt he pulled against the Colts. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000915282/article/agent-drops-josh-mcdaniels-after-coach-spurns-colts
  11. Apparently he was quite lazy/unprepared a couple years ago when he tried to get into broadcasting. And then the Dolphins picked him up.
  12. That's good to hear. They got a wealth of information to pull from. And the main problem this season, the non linearity, should hopefully be resolved now.
  13. Broncos hire Pat Shurmur as OC

    That's a good move on their part.
  14. Rebels is actually when the show got good IMO. But I totally understand since not everyone is into animated things. Though I think some of the more absurd things that happen in the live action movies work better in animated forms.
  15. Clone Wars 2d cartoon was a lot of fun as well. Same guy who did Samurai Jack. Also Star Wars Rebels had Admiral Thrawn as the villain so it automatically is good also. They should have just adapted The Heir to Empire books with obvious changes since the original cast was so old.