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  1. Did Pederson ever call the plays under Reid? If he did, then he did a heck of a better job than Reich did.
  2. The case with the Ravens is that Harbaugh didn't really specialize in offense or defense. So it's not surprising that when his coaches got poached, things started to go downhill. It probably didn't help that Ozzie had problems drafting after 2012. We'll see about the Seahawks. This was their first big let down year since Wilson became the starter. The defense may continue to do well since that's Carroll's expertise. Not so sure about the offense though.
  3. I feel that DeFilippo is a bigger loss. On the other hand, I'm not so sure about Reich. He got canned after two years as OC for the Chargers. A lot of us were surprised that he became OC again so quickly. So I feel that whoever the next OC is will be fine since Pederson is really the mastermind behind that offense.
  4. Think about who they had on their oline though. It wasn't a world beater after Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce.
  5. Maybe he'll be a better HC than an OC.
  6. Hopefully Reich gets a good OC because he needs to stay away from playcalling. Otherwise, I think he's a good guy. Maybe he'll do better as a HC than a OC.
  7. Hopefully he doesn't call any plays. He was too in love with the pass and shotgun formation when he was our OC.
  8. Team Needs?

    Yeah, you definitely don't need to draft a kicker. I would try to resolve certain things, like kicker and possibly linebacker, in FA. At least for the short term. Just hoping no more receivers or corners picked high this year. I want help in the trenches this year again.
  9. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    This is definitely true. With that being said, you did see how amazing Wilson is when he did not have a good running game. It just wasn't a formula for sustainable success. If they can get back to having a semblance of a running game, you'll see the Seahawks deep in the postseason again.
  10. Team Needs?

    Future/reserve contract doesn't mean much.
  11. Panthers fire OC Mike Shula

    Replacing Shula with Norv is basically a step backwards at this point. What's frustrating about Norv is that he'll have a great gameplan where it looks like he finally adapted, and then he would just as quickly revert back to his old ways.
  12. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    I don't think the offense is going to change that dramatically under a different OC. Wilson is still going to scramble and try to play off structure. It's just how he is as a QB, and what makes him so hard to play for and against. His height is definitely a disadvantage inside the pocket, unless he learns to somehow be more like Drew Brees in terms of pocket presence.
  13. Whatever new conditioning they did this past offseason worked for the most part. Here's hoping it continues in 2018.
  14. Now the question is: Are any of the backups good enough to replace Liuget full time?
  15. Happy about the bolded as well. It was good that Lynn and TT made that commitment to Bradley as soon as the season was sadly over. Instead of you know dragging it on and letting Bradley get away.