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  1. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    I posted this in the Statistic thread but here it is again since it essentially deal with the same question. If you have a subscription to the Athletic, here is a great article by Ted Nguyen about analytics with regards to the running game. He offers both the analytic side and the more traditional coaching side. I can't post the whole thing because it's so huge. You will get the bigger picture from the entire article. https://theathletic.com/980870/2019/07/26/teams-dont-have-to-establish-the-run-to-win-games-and-the-analytics-proves-it-but-the-run-isnt-dead-either/
  2. Hunter Henry Fractures Knee

    Nope. Closest was his rookie season where he missed one game due to a knee injury. In 2017 he missed the last two games of the season due to a lacerated spleen from a blind side block. Would love to have the durability of the first two seasons again if that means anything.
  3. The Lions bring a different challenge this week compared to the Colts. Better QB, better defense, and it being a 10am game. But we should still come away with a victory. The defenses of both team may end up doing better compared to the Colts game.
  4. Currently our OL looks better at run blocking than pass protection. There probably is a way to use that to further protect Rivers. Though someone mentioned in another board that part of the problem is that Rivers and Whis likes the big chunk plays too much (5 guys on passing routes instead of having more behind to protect). Not a fan of this approach honestly. Trent Scott looked bad but he also looked like an UDFA playing in his second game. It may not be much, but at least it's encouraging that he did better down the stretch in the 4th quarter. Stealing these comments from another poster that I know because it's so true to me as well. Consider subscribing to The Athletic to get Daniel Popper's content. He offers the best Chargers reporter coverage that I have experienced as a fan. In The Athletic, he offers video breakdown to accompany his article. Here's a taste of one of his five topics in his Monday Breakdown column. https://theathletic.com/1198219/2019/09/09/monday-rewind-five-day-after-thoughts-from-the-chargers-season-opening-win-over-the-colts/
  5. I don't think TT is in his own head. I think that he just doesn't view OL as the BPA the last two years in the first two rounds. Nothing wrong with that if it prevents another DJ Fluker reach. Glad that TT is learning and improving as a GM in that regard. With this past draft, I didn't see an OL that was worth taking in the first round after Dillard went off the board. Not sure which insiders told you that the team viewed Lamp as a safety valve at OT. Everything since the beginning points to him being viewed as a guard on this team. Lamp is going to be given every opportunity to replace one of the guards (hopefully Schofield) this year given Lynn's statement about rotating him into the line whenever possible. It's interesting to note that Lynn is moving away from his OL chemistry comment from last year. Same thing happened last year with Tevi and Barksdale. It's great that we have Pouncey, but it's Feeney and Schofield in particular, that I'm more worried about with regards to interior protection. Defensively the Chargers should do better especially against the run. If only because the Lion's OL is not top 5 like the Colts is. But I hope that they took last week's beating as a motivational tool to do much much better. As much as I would like Adderly to immediately replace Jenkins, he's behind the eight ball due to missing so much of training camp because of his hamstring injury. Bradley's not comfortable putting him out there yet.
  6. Guice to miss more time with knee issues

    The Chargers have a RB that is available that they can trade to Washington. All it would cost is Trent Williams All kidding aside (maybe), not sure how we take on Trent's salary cap without major ramifications for us.
  7. Matt Stafford

    Stafford would be so much better if he had a better HC. Maybe Patricia will be that guy, but imagine if he had a McVay or Shanahan.
  8. What salary are the Chargers eating? Is it Melvin's 5th year option or a new extension?
  9. But that's the point though. Ask as high as possible and see if anyone will meet them halfway. Right now Gordon is more valuable to them on the team, just not for his asking price. So if a team is willing to give them a good draft pick, then he's gone IMO. But realistically, no one is going to trade for him and give him his $13million a year. Ultimately, I think he returns by week 8 to get his accrued season, helps the Chargers towards the latter half of the season without the wear and tear, and leaves in FA where hopefully the Chargers get a comp pick the following year. Also Rivers is currently on his last year. We can't be wasting money on a RB like Gordon when Rivers, Bosa, King, Henry, etc. all need to be extended. 2020 is also the last year of Keenan and Ingram's current contracts.
  10. It's supposed to be a 2020 5th and 2021 1st, or a 2020 1st outright.
  11. All these analytics and how they grade OL is interesting to say the least. PFF currently has the Chargers' OL ranked 29th. My confusion with PFF is that I initially thought the 29th ranking was only because of pass protection. If you go by Footballoutsider QB and pressure in both 2017 and 2018, we're roughly ranked around the Twenties as well. I believe 20th in 2017 (even though we had the 3rd fewest sack at only 18), and 23rd in 2018 (they included 34 QBs for some reason). I believe PFF takes into account sacks and hits/pressure for pass protection, so there's not that big of a disparity. www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol/2017 www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/quarterbacks-and-pressure-2017 www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/quarterbacks-and-pressure-2018 However, if the PFF ranking is overall, then we should technically be higher according to Footballoutsider, which had us ranked #5 in run blocking by OL. www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol/2018 Needless to say, that is a much bigger disparity. What does this all mean? Perhaps just that different sites have different grading system, and it's difficult to understand the methodology that they used and how sound it is. On a side note, someone did an article ranking the OL coaches in the league currently. Apparently it goes back to 2004. Once again, not sure how sound the methodology is. There are some former Charger OL coach on there (Joe D, Hal Hunter, etc.). But the point is that Dante Scar is currently the best OL coach, and it's not even close. www.optimumscouting.com/news/who-has-the-juice-nfl-offensive-line-coaches
  12. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Drew Forbes aka Prospect X right? How did he look before his injury?
  13. I like Melvin a lot and think he's underrated, but the $10 million per year contract thrown around was too much even for me. Maybe 7 or 8, but we have more important people to lock up like Rivers, Bosa, King, etc.
  14. Depends more on how the IOL does than the edges. Rivers is like Brady and Brees. Give him a good pocket and he can make due with mediocre tackles.
  15. Rewatchable movies or tv shows

    90s cartoons were some of the best. I remember the hype for XMen when it first came out. It was on prime time television along with Batman.