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  1. Philip Rivers enters Concussion protocol

    Benjamin is so frustrating because he can be so incredibly amazing when he's on, but then it's balanced out by something incredibly dumb the next series. If he just had more discipline, he could be quite the weapon.
  2. Philip Rivers enters Concussion protocol

    No no no. Nate Kaeding was the 2009 playoffs. The 14-2 debacle was Marlon McCree, Eric Parker, and Cam Cameron for stopping the rushing attack in the second half.
  3. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21404686 Not sure when it happened. It could have been the helmet to helmet tackle after the interception in OT. Or it could have been as early as this hit. https://twitter.com/youatrip/status/930126598522785792 Part of me just wants them to shut him down for the year and trade him to a contender next year. He deserves better. Plus, the whole idea of blowing things up is suddenly appealing to me.
  4. 1) Yes, QBs are taught a certain way. It doesn't mean that it's the only way. My recommendation is to do some research on what mechanically sound actually is. At least with regards to throwing motion. The ideal throwing motion involves getting the football accurately from point A to point B without any wasted motion. I'm sure Dan Marino would disagree with your assessment given that he had a similar throwing motion as Rivers'. 2) I'm also annoyed because this was brought up years ago (specifically the 2012 season) with no evidence to back it up.
  5. Adam Gase

    I was only paying attention to the ones you listed after the colon. But yes. Belichick is a CEO. However, it took him time to get there. He was a defensive guru and was not as involved in the offense earlier. And you don't know for certain that Gase is as hands off with the Dolphin's defense based on just random quotes taken out of context. At least he's no more hands off than McCarthy, Carroll, and Reid. For example, I'm sure Carroll is getting a lot of grief for how the offense is performing right now. Which makes sense since defense is his specialty.
  6. Adam Gase

    Tomlin is the only one that is a true CEO. The others are HCs that specialize in their area of expertise ie. Reid with his offensive scheme while leaving the defense to the DC to handle.
  7. Jason Verrett to undergo season-ending knee surgery

    Hindsight is fun. A lot of fans wanted Marty gone after 2006 because he was a choker in the playoffs. There's a reason he never was HC again after the 2006 season. We should have won it all that year. We just didn't pick up the right coach. And the sad part is that while Norv wasn't the right long term coach for us, he did more with our team than Marty did. Besides actually winning a few playoff games, he went 13-3 in 2009 with a weaker running game and a weaker defense. Imagine if we actually had a competent coach who could do well in the regular season as well as the playoffs.
  8. Oh geez, not this nonsense again. Once again, just because it's funky looking, doesn't mean it's not mechanically sound.
  9. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Think of it as a makeup call for the fumble earlier in the game. Well besides the fact that it's not PI.
  10. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Watching the game again, and I disagree. I thought he had a good night and was the reason why Ingram and Bosa had a pretty good night as well. He's not going to penetrate like he did in the past under Bradley so I'm not expecting any fancy stats from him or MeBane.
  11. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    2009 was the last time I can remember. But yeah, we have had some memorable losses. All close games if memory serves me right.
  12. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    To be fair, one of the turnovers covered for the one that Casey should have gotten in the first quarter.
  13. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Not going to lie. When I saw how close it was getting, I was secretly hoping a Mike McCoy led offense was going to blow it again this year and squander a 17 point lead in the 4th again. No such luck unfortunately.
  14. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Probably didn't sign him because of scheme fit. And age.
  15. Broncos signing Brock Osweiler

    All you can do is laugh https://twitter.com/NFLHumor/status/904020751614971905