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  1. @ramssuperbowl99 and @Shanedorf, what do you think about all this mixing and matching? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/10/20/fda-clears-johnson-johnson-and-moderna-booster-shots-for-millions-of-people.html
  2. Lambo has the yips. He’s worthless to us now. We’ve held onto Vizcano because we like his physical upside. Plus some of the earlier misses had mitigating circumstances. But I’m ready up someone more reliable and consistent. Kickers are weird because it’s such a mental game for them. If they lose confidence it’s over.
  3. Trying to see if he’s an improvement over our guy who has miss 5 extra point tries. He’s only miss one FG but we have scored more in the red zone since game 2 so he hasn’t had as many opportunities to miss FGs.
  4. @ET80 any ideas if he has anything left in the tank?
  5. He has all the physical talents that Brees lacked. Now if he can only match Brees’ mental acuity then watch out NFL.
  6. We seem to be losing on the edges more though. So I wonder if it’s just the DT or more that we’re missing.
  7. Henry is the most important player on the Titans.
  8. Chargers need a run stuffing DT. And maybe a LB as well. Know anyone available?
  9. The world can still see what you’re posting. I can make that happen if you like 😆
  10. Vaccine lotteries did not help unfortunately. Probably one reason why we had to move to mandates bows https://news.yahoo.com/state-covid-lotteries-did-not-172919399.html
  11. That’s what I prefer and would like to happen 😆 But seriously, I’m just throwing it out there because Herbert is in the Sean Payton offense. Plus you know this: https://www.chargers.com/news/from-the-podium-drew-brees-justin-herbert-minicamp-2021
  12. This wasn’t the best game to show off Herbert’s skill set. He did more of it last year. But everyone seemed to have come out flat yesterday. With that being said, I honestly don’t mind that Herbert doesn’t use his athleticism in the same way that Allen, Lamar, and Mahomes does. It’s probably better for his long term health if he primarily does things from the pocket with the occasional out of structure plays. As for the Joe Flacco comparisons, I prefer rich man Drew Brees more. But a ring is a ring.
  13. I like the Bills. Trying to sort my feelings if it’s a good or bad thing for the Chargers if they win tonight.
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