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  1. Lions release Damon Harrison Sr.

    Was a big fan of Snacks during his short stint with the Giants. He was just a massive man that was difficult to move. I like those 340 pound DTs. Liked Shaun Rogers, Haloti Ngata too. Hopefully Dexter Lawrence is a beast for us.
  2. 2020 NFL draft thread

    https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/21/new-york-giants-love-iowa-tristan-wirfs/ I hope the Giants spend some money in free agency on defense and use the draft to build around DJ and Saquon
  3. It’s my personal opinion. And yes I’m biased as a Giants fan. Daniel Jones had 4 incredible performances as a rookie. He needs to clean up a few things, but he showed he has a great arm, and he’s a top 10 athlete at the position. He has all the tools and the sky is the limit. Consistency should come with experience But I won’t get into a long debate in this thread
  4. Ben had a lot of wear and tear on him even before his throwing arm injury. Expecting him to be the same at 38 coming off a throwing arm injury is wishful thinking. The Chargers moved on from Rivers. The Giants moved on from Eli. The Steelers are holding out hope with Big Ben only because they don’t have a first round pick to draft a new quarterback. But I guarantee 100% they’d trip running to the podium if they can get Chase Young for Big Ben. Not even worth debating honestly.
  5. Steelers fans are absolutely delusional if they won’t trade a 38 year old injured Roethlisberger for Chase Young. Like Eli and Rivers, he’s done. There is no window. You won’t be winning anything until you find your next franchise quarterback.
  6. The Official XFL Thread!

    Putting a microphone in a quarterback’s face right after he throws a pick is cringe. I also don’t care to hear all the coach / quarterback chatter pre snap. It’s a bit much
  7. The only reason I would consider it is because we’d still be in position to draft Herbert. Chase Young / Justin Herbert Isiah Simmons / Daniel Jones I love Jones, but that’s very tempting
  8. They can, but they most likely won’t. They’re stuck in a quarterback purgatory. At least the teams of the older QBs can freely start pursuing their next quarterback. The Rams or 49ers won’t draft a quarterback early, even though they probably should.
  9. Elite : Mahomes Great : Wilson, Jackson* Good and in their prime : Watson, Wentz, Prescott Good but clock is ticking : Rodgers, Stafford, Ryan, Cousins Young and promising : Allen, Jones, Murray*, Lock Long in the tooth : Brees, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger Young but meh : Trubisky, Darnold, Mayfield, Haskins, Minshew Regrettable contracts : Foles, Goff, JimmyG, Carr This is how I would categorize the NFL quarterbacks. Being stuck with a bad quarterback contract is the worst category to be in. * I question the long term sustainability of their play style
  10. Stock Investing

    I hope you didn’t sell 😂
  11. OT- RIP KOBE

    That’s not the mamba mentality
  12. OT- RIP KOBE

    He had a .329 three point percentage (I hope you recognize I’m joking here)
  13. OT- RIP KOBE

    Maybe putting things into perspective is MY grieving process? Did you consider that?
  14. OT- RIP KOBE

    @MWil23 It’s certainly tragic for Kobe’s family and friends. I understand their mourning. I don’t understand the theatrics that have been going on among nba teams and players. Play a clip of his highlights before the game, RIP Kobe, and move on. Letting shoot clocks expire, putting the ball on the free throw line, postponing games, the bitter tears, are all a bit excessive and contrived in my humble opinion.