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  1. “I’m really craving ramen right now”
  2. Exactly. People are acting as though the Giants passed on a Peyton Manning caliber qb prospect. There will be an opportunity to draft a Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen next year and many years to come. In the meantime we’ll have to suffer watching the most talented running back I’ve ever seen.
  3. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    Wow. I think his reputation counter should reset to 0
  4. Well that pretty much wraps up our season. We should start prepping lauletta for action. Hopefully he can move around a little and make things happen with his accuracy. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky. He was considered a “Belicheck” type prospect. Some draft gurus absolutely loved him. On a positive note - Saquon Barkley is unbelievable. The bit where Buck and Aikmen gushed over him as a person and Buck told him to never change was corny but adorable. He’s going to be the face of this franchise moving forward. Hopefully we get the right QB and I think we can be competitive again even next year. Ever the optimist. Sad way to end Eli’s career.
  5. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    The Giants would be picking top 5 next year even with Darnold starting this year. So the real question is would you rather have.. A. Sam Darnold and Nick Bosa B. Saquon Barkley and Justin Herbert Keeping in mind that only one of these players is already a star in the NFL...
  6. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    Did you watch the game?? Saquon is absolutely amazing. I’ve seen running backs as fast as him. I’ve seen running backs as big as him. I’ve never seen one that’s both. When Barry Sanders and Gale Sayers are your comps, except you’re 30 pounds bigger, its okay to draft a running back #2 overall. I think Troy Aikmen legit announced that entire game with a chub. He’s the only reason I’m still excited to tune in and watch the Giants this year. It’s not like we passed on a Peyton Manning or a Andrew Luck qb prospect. There will be prospects equal to, or better than Darnold in upcoming classes. The Giants will be in position to draft a top QB next year, or go after Carr. A certain 5-0 team in the NFCW drafted their franchise running back before drafting their franchise quarterback. It’s not like the Giants made a franchise crippling move. They got a top 3 running back in the league, and that’ll make life much easier for whoever is our QB moving forward.
  7. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    At some point the Giants will need to see what they have in Lauletta. Eli does not look comfortable in this offense. Neither does OBJ.
  8. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    I might actually catch up on some sleep tonight though
  9. I know it’s a cliche, but this is a must win game for the Giants. Tough loss on Sunday but if they drop to 1-5 against a division rival, things are going to go south very quickly. Falcons will be a tough game too
  10. Unbefreakeinglievable
  11. Eli is not the Eli of 2011. He doesn’t take risks and throw it downfield anymore. Part of it is age, part of it is the offensive line not giving him time, part of it the offensive game plan. If the season is lost, I hope the rookie gets a few starts just so we see what we have on the roster. I love Eli and he’s the reason I became a football fan, but he’s not going to survive another bad season. Not everyone ages as gracefully as Brady and brees. Those are exceptions
  12. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Do you remember when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl on a game winning drive by Eli... twice?? It seems so long ago, but I still remember. I STILL LOVE YOU ELI!!1! I still love you..
  13. The good news is Saquon continues to look amazing. When the Giants sucked a few years ago I would tune in just to see OBJ. I feel the same way about Saquon now. Speaking of OBJ, where is the magic? The production is just okay. He’s not scaring anyone, making big plays and he doesn’t have a TD yet this season. It’s almost like he lost half a step after the injury..
  14. We lost to Drew brees and Alvin kamara. I would be lying if I said I was surprised. Unfortunately the schedule doesn’t get too much easier
  15. Who Has The Better Offense? Rams or Chiefs

    Sure but at the end of the day you still take the Chiefs because Mahomes >> Goff. In tough games the quarterback will be the difference.