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  1. Leonard Williams is a big outlier in terms of QB hit to sack ratio. He's going to get paid regardless, but if he converted his pressures to sacks at a more "normal" rate (like he did in 2020), he'd be in the conversation as one of the best D-linemen in the league. He also wouldn't have been traded to the Giants for a 3rd round pick.. He's probably going to get $20 mil per year. And the Giants should pay him
  2. Since the combine was cancelled this year, I looked into how well 40 times correlate to actual in-game speed.
  3. How do you go into a game without your two starting tackles against two top 10 passrushers, and not have a backup plan in the very likely event your backups can't handle their assignments? Pretty bad job by Reid IMO.
  4. His game last night was the worst of his career. Wasn't particularly great against SF in last year's Superbowl either compared to the rest of his career. I remember Remmers sucking at RT for the Giants. When I found out he was playing LT for the Chiefs going up against Barrett and JPP, I was like - oh boy. Mahomes didn't have much help from his team yesterday. And I saw a statistic that the Chiefs had only 5 blockers 90% of their plays. How about leaving a TE in to block? Make some adjustments.
  5. Fandom is an interesting concept. Most of the time people root for their regional teams. I'm a Giants fan because the Giants were always playing on FOX where I live 4 hours from NYC. I sometimes wonder if my allegiance would change if I were to relocate to a different state to an area with a different prominent NFL team. I think the answer is yes. But I don't see myself changing teams just because I've been disappointed by the Giants. I think I'm more likely to root for no team at all. Just sort of tune in to the good match ups when I'm bored, and that would be the extent of my NFL
  6. So glad we can see his protege Jared Goff continue his legacy. Too soon?
  7. Matt Ryan ends up between Roethlisberger and Brees on that graph. To your second point, if Mahomes were to have a career ending injury tomorrow, he would go down as the Bo Jackson of QBs. He'd still be a legend.
  8. Well, you can't simply discount the contribution a QB makes with his legs either...
  9. nflfastR only has data going back to 1999. Peyton's rookie year was in 1998, and it was pretty bad, so it seemed unfair to include him on this graph. So I replaced him with his brother lol
  10. He's on a historic pace. I plotted the cumulative EPA of some of the greats ~2300 plays into their respective careers. He's on a different level.
  11. Pretty hilarious comparison in retrospect considering Peyton was brilliant at reading and manipulating defense, meanwhile there were rumors that coaches have to read the defense for Goff.
  12. This is an statistical look at Stafford vs. Goff. They're both middle of the road quarterbacks. HOWEVER, I do understand the argument that the QBs were in much different situations. Goff was middle of the road in what appears to be QB heaven, while Stafford played for a team notorious for wasting careers. It will be interesting to see how Stafford does in LA. Don't have much hope for Goff in Detroit. I suspect they'll try some old school run game approach with Dan Campbell anyway.
  13. I don’t think Stafford alone is worth 2 firsts and a third. Part of that price tag was to take Goff’s contract, similar to the Brock Osweiller to Browns trade
  14. Normally, I'd be concerned about missing a LT going up against JPP and Barrett. But then I remembered this is the Chiefs offense. They'll find a way to move the ball regardless.
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