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  1. DeSean Jackson punt return for the win. Good old Matt Dodge
  2. I think Gettleman gets another chance, especially if Ron Rivera is the plan at HC. They’ve worked, and had success together.
  3. CB Janoris Jenkins waived

    He had a couple good years, particularly in 2016. This season he’s been making business decisions all year. He’s been part of the problem, not the solution. He was going to be cut in the offseason anyway
  4. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    My early reaction after watching him last year was, yes absolutely. He hasn’t been the same this year though, and whether he’ll admit it or not, I think it has to do with injuries. The lack to run blocking and offensive creativity doesn’t help. After this season, my answer is no Barkley was not the right pick - Lamar Jackson was. At least the Giants weren’t the only ones to botch that one, eh?
  5. Eli was good at getting the offense into the right plays. Saquon benefited a lot from that last year. There have been a few times this year where DJ should have checked out of a running play and didn't. I think Saquon will have a few good games to end the year.
  6. Ron Rivera to Detroit?

    I’d say he’s the reason it’s not going well. He doesn’t know how to utilize his talent. The game management and play calling is terrible. No adjustments. Repeated mistakes. I know what the Giants saw in Shurmur at the time, but he is not built to be a head coach. I’d love to see Rivera come in and use Saquon like they use McCaffrey in Carolina. Maybe not run him into a wall on every play.
  7. Ron Rivera to Detroit?

    The Giants are an obvious option. Rivera worked with Gettleman in Carolina.
  8. I’m ready to move on from Shurmur as well. It’s frustrating to see the same mistakes over and over. He talks like the team is improving, but every Sunday it’s the same story. I hate to use the term, but we need to move past these beta male head coaches. Shurmur and McAdoo were both cut out to be coordinators at best. We need a HC that can inspire and lead a team. Shurmur is just not that guy. He doesn’t have the personality. I’d be perfectly fine with Ron Rivera. O.546 career record compared to Shurmur’s 0.279. I wouldn’t mind reaching into the college ranks for a HC either. The reason I wanted to give Shurmur a chance is because I feel like Daniel Jones has played well for a rookie, and continuity would be good for a young QB. But I’m starting to think Jones is actually being held back by Shurmur. He’s smart enough to learn a new playbook.
  9. It's funny that he gets injured on a QB sneak, and not one of the hundred times his O-line let him get shellacked
  10. That’s every play with this Giants O-line. Eli has never played well against the Eagles. It would be nice to finish off his career on a positive note though. Unfortunately I’ll be in a flight during this game.
  11. He still has a good shot at the rookie passing TD record. Yesterday was his worst game in a while, but even in the snow, he made plenty wow throws. In his previous three games he had 11 TDs, 1 INT. He’s going through some rookie pains, as most quarterbacks do, but he’s going to be a good player in this league. I see Haskins posted his 150 yard, 0 TD stat line again. He’s consistent, I’ll give him that 😂
  12. Nah we got him in the bag with Miami and redskins winning today
  13. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Redskins and Dolphins are not tanking the right way
  14. Teams Running for 130+ Yards Win Games

    Are : Teams winning games because they're running the ball? Or : Are teams running the ball because they're winning games and they need to run out the clock? Just Some Food For Thought : ) Correlation != Causation