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  1. He always struck me as an idiot. And he's a terrible corner.
  2. The Rams had 3 receivers last year that would have been the #1 option on the Giants. And the Giants haven't had a good offensive line in over a decade. Goff isn't going to get much sympathy from me.
  3. Goff was bad last year. He had two good seasons playing with a great offensive line, running back, and one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. He faced some adversity last year, and he fell flat.
  4. Maybe you can start a youtube channel too.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuMb2HaGjb8 6:25 mark "I had Mahomes pegged as a fourth round talent" There's a take that aged like milk
  6. He also wasn't particularly hot on Mahomes IIRC. I don't take anyone's opinions as gospel, but I find Kollman's videos entertaining at the minimum. To your point about him claiming before the draft that the Giants cannot pass on Haskins, you have to assume he's going into his analysis on Daniel Jones with a bias.
  7. @HTTRDynasty I like Kollman's videos and I'm looking forward to his Daniel Jones analysis. That being said, these analysis videos typically consist of him picking out 5 or so plays that fit some sort of narrative, and reviewing them. But how about the other 500 plays? It would be nice if there was some sort of objective way to measure ALL of a quarterbacks plays? ... I think you know where I'm going with this.
  8. AFCN - Lamar, Burrow, Baker, Ben AFCE - Allen, Tua, Darnold, Newton AFCS - Watson, Tannehill, Rivers, Minshew AFCW - Mahomes, Carr, Lock, Herbert NFCN - Rodgers, Stafford, Cousins, Trubisky NFCE - Wentz, Dak, Jones, Haskins NFCS - Ryan, Brees, Brady, Bridgewater NFCW - Wilson, Murray, Garoppolo, Goff I'd rather have a younger guy with a higher ceiling over some of the old QBs.
  9. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    He's the most talented QB I've ever seen, and QB is the most important position on the field. It is a crazy amount of money though.
  10. Top 10 Safeties

    Unfortunately the NFL doesn't like to share their tracking data. The data I'm using was part of a crowd sourcing project they did, and it only has data for running plays. But I would love to get data for passing plays.
  11. Top 10 Safeties

    You're right that some of it has to do with role. I think the bottom right corner represents the good run defending safeties. Those guys are aggressive in moving towards the ball carrier. Guys like Jamal Adams, Landon Collins, and Budda Baker (who led the league in solo tackles in 2019). I don't think that being in the upper left necessarily means you're a bad safety. Just that you're not as aggressive in run defense (whether by nature or scheme).
  12. Top 10 Safeties

    I used tracking data from the NFL Big Data Bowl 2019 to measure which safeties were most aggressive versus the run. Not surprising that the best safeties are moving the fastest, and closest to the ball carrier.
  13. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Hooper got paid a lot of money, so he's going to be very involved in the Browns offense and stealing targets away from Njoku. Njoku, Engram, Howard were all enticing TE prospects due to their size / athleticism. I think it's fair to call all three disappointments so far. That's not to say that they can't turn it around given the right opportunity, like Ebron on the Colts. But if you draft a TE in the first round, you expect a probowler.
  14. https://sports.theonion.com/washington-redskins-change-their-name-to-the-d-c-redsk-1819575691 Oldie but a goodie