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  1. As a rookie Engram was already a top 5 TE. 6th in receptions 5th in yards 7th in TDs 3rd in 20+ gains As a whole only Gronkowski, Kelce, and Ertz had better seasons. He’s quite literally on the verge of breaking into that group and being a STAR. Yet he’s the least mentioned TE in this thread. With OBJ and Barkley drawing attention this year, Engram is going to destroy single coverage.
  2. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    Tough break for the rookie, but even tougher break for the Redskins who now have to find a way to replace 2000 yards of production.
  3. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    I think the NFL should take Davis Webb and Josh Allen to the beach and see which one can hit the ocean first
  4. Davis Webb has a big arm but he cant hit the side of a barn right now
  5. How're those Rookies Doing? TC/PS Edition

    Training camp reports mean nothing. For years I would read reports and get excited about sinorice moss, Ramses Barden, jerrell Jernigan, Travis beckum. One year a defensive tackle named Jonas seawright was hyped up to legendary status in training camp. Oh you’ve never heard of him? Yea that’s because training camp reports never seem to correlate with the regular season - in my experience.
  6. 4 fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    Engram is definitely more valuable. He was a top 5 producing tight end as a rookie. The beauty of having these guys on the field at the same time is they will make life easier for each other. OBJ has never played with talents like Engram and Barkley, so he was always the one drawing double teams and he still managed to put up numbers at a historic pace. Now defenses will have to make decisions - double OBJ or stack the box to stop Barkley? Oh and there’s Engram matched up on a linebacker. A veteran like Eli will check into the right play and take what the defense gives him. Ultimately Eli may end up being the biggest fantasy football benefactor. He’s going undrafted in 10 team formats.
  7. Saquon Barkley

    His ADP is 5th overall right now. I don't recall a rookie going that high, and I've been playing fantasy football since the days when Priest Holmes was going #1 overall. I like to draft early so I've already done two $100 pro league drafts on yahoo. In one league he went 6th overall, and in the other league I was fortunate enough to draft him at #10 overall (also got Julio at #11).
  8. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    There wouldn’t be an unbroken bone in Romo’s body if he played behind the offensive line Eli has had the past five years. The reason Eli has 2 rings and Romo has 0 is intestinal fortitude. Eli came up big when the pressure was high, Romo did the opposite.
  9. The Car Thread

    I’m buying a 2017 Mazda 3 touring hatchback 2.0 liter engine. The reviews I’ve seen are very positive. Apparently it’s fun to drive, nice interior, and I think it looks way better than the new civic. The only negative I’ve heard is civics are more reliable than Mazda. Anyone have experience with Mazdas?
  10. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    Tony Romo could make the HOF as a broadcaster.
  11. He had drops during some cold weather games iirc. He played at Mississippi that may have been a factor. Among tight ends he was 5th in yards, 6th in receptions, 7th in TDs, and 3rd in gains over 20 yards. So basically a top 5 tight end as a rookie. His movement skills are tremendous and he’s a matchup nightmare. He’ll also be the main beneficiary of teams focusing on OBJ and Barkley.
  12. Not pitying Eli. He’ll be a HOFer and has made over $150 million. As a greedy fan I think we could have had a 3rd Super Bowl win if they built around him properly.
  13. A constantly double teamed Odell. For further insight, check out the Giants rushing numbers during that stretch. People love to crap on Eli, but the Giants wasted his prime due to poor drafting, particularly along the offensive line.
  14. Eli will be just fine as long as he has OBJ to throw to. Now add Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram and a real left tackle into the mix... Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4400 yard, 35 TD type of season from Eli
  15. Eli is going undrafted in fantasy leagues. People are skeptical due to his age and last season, which I’ll argue was a product of everyone else around him sucking and injuries. But I believe he’s still a good quarterback and his job will be much easier this year due to the talent around him. I think he can have a resurgence. So if you’re looking for a fantasy sleeper, give him a shot