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  1. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

  2. On paper we should win this game easily Giants had 10 days off We should be getting Saquon and Engram back Cardinals are a west coast team traveling and playing a 1 o'clock east coast game They have the worst pass defense in the league. After playing two top 5 defenses, this should feel easy But it's the NFL and anything can happen. I think the only way they have a chance is if Murray comes out and makes a bunch of plays with his legs. Should be a good rookie v rookie matchup.
  3. That’s the beauty of crowdsourcing. You’ll get hundreds of brilliant researchers working on your problem, for much less than it would cost to employ one researcher for a year. But the prize money is still tantalizing to poor graduate students all around the world, so they’ll compete for it. Not to mention it would look great on your resume.
  4. This isn’t a far cry from what some teams already do. The quarterback has the ability to communicate with coaches through an ear piece up to 15 seconds (iirc) left on the play clock. My suggestion is that the coach can be replaced by AI. Purely optional, but I think the option should exist.
  5. That is a question the NFL will have to answer. Real time access to the All 22 camera would be very important to make this happen. Considering the pushback by many against self driving cars, I imagine many fans would push back against AI in NFL games. Regardless of whether it can be used in-game, AI can still be used during the week for game prep by scouting opponents tendencies, and designing play sheets to exploit those tendencies (even if AI can’t select the plays in-game). There’s no way the NFL can prohibit that.
  6. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    The Rams probably heard "quarterback" instead of "cornerback". Probably thought they were getting the Stache.
  7. The NFL is sponsoring a competition called the "Big Data Bowl". The goal is to create an algorithm which can most accurately determine how many yards a running back will gain on a given play, given some prior information. Whoever comes up with the best model gets a prize of $75,000. The competition is being sponsored on a website called Kaggle, which is community for data scientists and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers. The website has hosted many competitions, such as automatically determining home value (Zillow), or predicting a person's movie preference (Netflix). https://www.kaggle.com/c/nfl-big-data-bowl-2020 In order to train the models, the NFL provides extensive historical data. For every given play, at the moment the ball is handed off to the running back, there is information about the position, direction, velocity, acceleration, weight, height, windspeed, offensive formation, defensive formation, etc, etc - for all 22 players on the field. The dataset is ridiculously extensive and gives AI researchers all the information they need to train their models. I believe the goal of this effort is to basically create a new "Next Gen Stat", which measures rushing yards gained vs expected yards gained. For example, if the AI model predicts that Saquon is supposed to only gain 3 yards on a play, and he gains 8, that means Saquon overachieved by +5 yards. I'm excited because I've been beating the drum for technology in the NFL for a long time. While this effort is just going to create a new Next gen stat, this is only scratching the surface of what AI can do for the NFL. AI research is advancing at breakneck speed and it's only a matter of time before NFL teams are hiring teams of nerds to gain a competitive advantage in a billion dollar industry. Here are a few uses of AI that I envision. 1. Reading the field pre-snap and calling an audible. Teams with veteran quarterbacks rely on the experience and expertise to read the field, and call an audible. But not every team has a Manning, or a Brady, or a Rodgers. Some teams have quarterbacks that, although they have a great arm, don't have the mental acuity to call an audible. AI models can do this automatically. They can scan the field, look at the defensive alignments, and determine if an audible is appropriate. 2. Informing the quarterback of his best receiver option. For passing plays, AI can be used to inform the quarterback of who his primary, secondary and third reads should be, based on analytics. If your receiver is going to be running a double move, and the cornerback has a history of biting on double moves, AI will tell you that receiver should be your primary. 3. Calling the play. I've always wondered what makes a good NFL playcaller. It's currently an art more than a science. It can be a science. You can train models to call plays, based on historical data. Coaches have to do extensive film study to figure out tendencies of their opponents, and exploit them. This can be done using AI. 4. Inventing new plays. Generative adversarial networks (GANS) are used to create new data. They are currently used to synthesize fake voices, and create images of people that don't exist. GAN - Some cool applications 5. Call penalties. This technology would require some more advancements in computer vision, but in five years referees can be made obsolete. (I'm sure Lions fans would be on board right about now) Ultimately, football can become a cat and mouse game between AI systems. Just like on Wallstreet and in Silicon Valley, AI talent will become a premium. TLDR : The nerds are coming to take over the game of football
  8. You can’t bench a quarterback after giving him that contract. But he’s been playing bench worthy
  9. Lol not even remotely accurate. But frankly I haven’t had many interactions with you until recently.
  10. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Not even close Cardinals : 8.5 YPA, 16 TDs, O INT, 121.8 rating Bucs : 7.7 YPA, 11 TDs, 5 INT, 93.5 rating You can’t even be bothered to look up some simple statistics before making a claim? After facing the Vikings and Patriots defenses in a 5 day span, with a fullback at running back, the Giants are owed the Cardinals defense. I’ll be disappointed if the Giants don’t smoke them, but it’s the NFL so you never know what will happen. They do get Patrick Peterson back this week.
  11. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Kyle Allen has been solid. He did most of his damage against a bad Cardinals secondary. 4 TDs. Daniel Jones should have the best game of his career this Sunday, though he set the bar pretty high in his debut.
  12. He had a good game. I’ll take Daniel Jones and Saquon thank you.
  13. At the point Gettleman looks brilliant. But if you want to discuss that, you know what thread to that it in.
  14. Well it looks like your opinion was wrong. Many people argued Goff was a product of a great surrounding cast. Gurley gets injured, the offensive line regresses, and suddenly Goff looks bad (despite having the best receivers in the league). This isn’t a small sample size. This is over the last 14 games, where he’s had more turnovers than touchdowns. It’s pretty arrogant to claim you’re still right at this point. You can’t blame Jeff Fisher or his youth anymore. He’s in his fourth year. Time to start playing up to your salary.