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  1. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    When you draft a RB in the top 5, you expect him to quickly become a top 5 RB in the league. He has not lived up to expectations, but he isn’t a bust. Give him a good O-line (one without Ewreck flowers), and he could be a force. That being said, great running backs find ways to produce regardless of the O-line (see Saquon Barkley)
  2. TNF GDT Titans vs Jags

    I’m glad the Jaguars have sucked and I was thrilled to see jalen Ramsey get stiff armed on the 99 yard run by Henry. I love seeing cocky big mouthed players get humble.
  3. I knew we’d lose after the interception before halftime
  4. Patrick Mahomes II vs Jared Goff

    Yea I’m not seeing it. People forget just how good Peyton was because his last few years he declined rapidly. In his prime he was the best QB I’ve seen (better than Brady and Brees). He was considered the most talented QB ever coming into the NFL and his career backed it up. Comparing Goff to Peyton is wishful thinking by Rams fans.
  5. Ok so why does the Rams defense suck?

    Don’t we all
  6. Patrick Mahomes II vs Jared Goff

    Both benefit from great surrounding casts and coaching. Mahomes is more talented and fun to watch. He has The best arm to come into the league since Aaron Rodgers. Goff is more like Matt Ryan.
  7. It wasn’t exactly hopping even when we won in 2007 and 2011. The NFL is a product, and when the product stinks, like the Giants have in the past several years, people will turn to other forms of entertainment. There have been several games this season where I didn’t bother staying up to finish watching the game, whereas in previous years I’d even get excited for preseason games. Part of it also is growing up and changes in priorities ( career, house, relationship ). I don’t have time or interest to have page long discussions defending Eli and the Giants anymore. I’ve become a much more casual fan (booo, I know). It is interesting to see the Browns forum so active though
  8. Tampa bay is a bad team. They have no defense and their quarterbacks throw to the wrong team. But it was encouraging to see our offense when the offense line is winning battles. I think we may have found our guards in Hernandez and Brown.
  9. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    He’s allergic to the end zone. Frustrating for fantasy football
  10. Is Aaron Donald already a HOFer?

    Rams are 6th worst in the league in yards allowed per carry. I remember when Albert Haynesworth was in his prime, you wouldn’t think about running inside.
  11. Giants trade Harrison to Lions

    Giants are officially in rebuilding mode. Don’t understand why you trade the best run stuffer in the league for a 5th round pick, but whatever. The giants need to blow it up, draft Herbert and rebuild around him and Barkley.
  12. “I’m really craving ramen right now”
  13. Exactly. People are acting as though the Giants passed on a Peyton Manning caliber qb prospect. There will be an opportunity to draft a Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen next year and many years to come. In the meantime we’ll have to suffer watching the most talented running back I’ve ever seen.
  14. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    Wow. I think his reputation counter should reset to 0
  15. Well that pretty much wraps up our season. We should start prepping lauletta for action. Hopefully he can move around a little and make things happen with his accuracy. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky. He was considered a “Belicheck” type prospect. Some draft gurus absolutely loved him. On a positive note - Saquon Barkley is unbelievable. The bit where Buck and Aikmen gushed over him as a person and Buck told him to never change was corny but adorable. He’s going to be the face of this franchise moving forward. Hopefully we get the right QB and I think we can be competitive again even next year. Ever the optimist. Sad way to end Eli’s career.