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  1. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    I see Browns fans are still butthurt over Mayfield losing OROY. Let it go guys. You should be used to losing by now
  2. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    But in a much more real sense, they weren’t even close.
  3. NFL Seasons over.. On to the Combine, FA.

    I have a feeling Gettleman is going to dump the overpriced players from the last regime like Vernon and maybe Jenkins. Eli’s contract will be off the books this year or next. We can, and should go after a couple of the big names. We didn’t have a pass rush to speak of, so a guy like Ford would help. Focus on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    He had 94 yards and a touchdown. And while by his standards that’s a bad game, most running backs would gladly take that. Well, there really is no convincing you guys that Mayfield wasnt disrespected by losing OROY to Barkley. I’ve already gone too far down this rabbit hole. As I depart, I would encourage you to look at your 2018 season with some perspective, especially when looking to the future. Setting high expectations can result in disappointment
  5. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    And what’s that rating based on? Does it account for the Bengals losing their starting quarterback and playing Jeff Driskel? Or the Falcons losing half their defense to injury? You can’t tell me with a straight face that the Browns, at the very minimum, didn’t play a lot of terrible defenses this year.
  6. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    Article published last February based on how the teams played in 2017. In a league where things change rapidly due to injuries, etc, that article is irrelevant.
  7. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    He had a 1:1 TD to INT ratio and 56% completions against the Ravens, numbers much more in line with his rookie quarterback peers. The Browns played 5 games against terrible defenses. In those 5 games Mayfield had 14 TDS, 1 INT. Let’s be generous and say that if he played average defenses, he’d have 10 TDS, 5 INTs in those five games. That would give him 23 TD, 18 INTs on the season. Bottom line is that we wouldn’t be having this discussion if the Browns didn’t have such a cupcake schedule. I hope the Browns factored the schedule in when they hired their interim HC to HC.
  8. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    Well 5 of 13 of his games so far have been against bottom 5 defenses, which is a pretty solid percentage. So someone up there is obviously looking out for Mayfield. Who knows, maybe it’ll keep going
  9. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    I'm actually convinced Mahomes will win MVP for the next 15 years. But if Mayfield keeps playing bottom 5 defenses, who knows? Maybe he can be runner up?
  10. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    The Browns played some pretty lousy teams down the stretch. You beat the Jeff Driskel led Bengals twice, who also had the worst defense in the league, and Mayfield was able to pad his stats with 7 TDs, 0 Interceptions. Two more games against Atlanta, Tampa Bay, who also had absolutely atrocious defenses. Kansas City had a bad defense. You really have to put things in context. It's pretty amazing that teams didn't have to respect the Giants passing game, and Barkley was still able to have the tremendous season he had. Just another testimony to his greatness, and why I'm so excited about his future.
  11. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    This would be the most tame trolling in the history of this forum. I’m just trying to have a football discussion. However, I would appreciate some likes on these posts which I work so hard on. You guys have quite the circle jerk going on here, And I want in on the action.
  12. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    No one player makes a team. Put Mayfield on the Giants this year instead of Barkley, and they wouldn’t even get 4 wins. He’d get killed behind that offensive line, and there wouldn’t be a running game to help him. Furthermore, the Giants actually led the NFCE (which had 2 playoff teams) in scoring I believe. Much of the blame for the 5-11 season falls on the defense, not the offense. Barkley did his job. You can’t blame him for the 5-11 season.
  13. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    Like I said originally, I haven’t made up my mind on which of the four potential top 10 quarterbacks I like most. But odds are we will get one at #6, or next year. And yes they’re unproven, but I’m okay with that because Saquon is amazing. Furthermore, it’s not written in stone that Mayfield will be a stud. We’ve seen plenty of quarterbacks start hot and fizzle out once teams get some tape on them and study their tendencies. Id trade Barkley for Mahomes though. So if you know anyone in the Chiefs organization, tell them to reach out
  14. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    It’s true. This is the most human interaction I’ve had in weeks. <3
  15. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    We’re talking about putting Eli and Saquon on the Rams last night, not about the Giants. That’s an easy win. Imagine Saquon running behind an offensive line that made a chunky CJ Anderson look like Jerome Bettis. As for Eli, he may be 38 years old, but if there is one thing he’s consistently shown, it’s that he can beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.