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  1. Good measure of pass protection. Yes Daniel Jones held onto the ball too long at times and deserves blame for getting sacked. But the offensive line was the worst in the league even when that is accounted for..
  2. I would be curious to see the stability of PFF's O-line grades from year to year. Even more interesting would be to see the average improvement from the rookie season to the sophomore season. The Giants will have three sophomores starting on the O-line this year. A lot is riding on them
  3. I'm partial to expected points added (EPA) as a metric. If you want to learn more about it, here is a good resource. http://insidethepylon.com/football-101/glossary-football-101/2019/10/25/glossary-entry-expected-points-added/
  4. Statistically they were average along with the Eagles. But the Giants have a better defense on paper after adding Adoree Jackson, Azeez Ojulari, and returning Xavier McKinney. They've assembled a top 5 secondary on paper, which is the way to do it in today's passing league. Since the Eagles lost out on the Adoree Jackson sweepstakes their #2 CB is Avante Maddox, and Darius Slay hasn't exactly play like probowl Darius Slay since he's been with the Eagles. That's not a secondary I would feel comfortable with.
  5. You're vastly overrating the Eagles offensive talent, and underrating the Giants. PFF came out with WR and RB rankings yesterday. WR : Giants #11, Eagles #30 RB : Giants #12, Eagles #27 Jalen Hurts showed bad accuracy last season. His completion percentage over expectation (CPOE) was one of the worst in the NFL last year. I've explored this before, and a rookie QB's CPOE correlates relatively well with his career CPOE. This means that we can judge how good of a passer a QB is, just from a rookie season. Obviously there is some degree of error, and some QBs buck the
  6. He would certainly be in the negative for separation +/-. His saving grace is that he has size and that he's great in contested ball situations.
  7. I bolded the one accurate statement you made in that paragraph.
  8. I plotted NextGenStats average separation (when the ball arrives), vs target air yards. There is a correlation. If you draw a diagonal line through the data, the players above the line are better at creating separation, players below the line are worse at creating separation. Spot Golden Tate in both graphs. I can't express what an upgrade Kadarius Toney is going to be over Tate in the short passing game. Maybe not as refined of a player yet, but he's at least going to create separation with his athleticism. Also, Check out John Ross in 2019. Pretty good.
  9. The clap is an inevitable consequence of the glory hole days.
  10. If we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.
  11. I think a lot depends on your personality and lifestyle. I can totally see situations where a child would be a burden. If you're super active, outgoing, well traveled, a kid can hold you back. It's hard to go on vacation when you have a baby. Heck, it's even hard to go out for dinner. I have a 3 month old. I absolutely love her and would have her 100 times over again. But it's becoming apparent to me that we won't be able to take a vacation this year, because it's just not going to be enjoyable with her. She would just take up too much time and attention, not to mention the fussine
  12. I don't think Toney was widely perceived to be a first round pick, so maybe they were expecting him to be available at their pick. Regardless, they misread the room.
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