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  1. Packers Board Preseason Practice Meetup!?!?

    Only if lunch/dinner is at Margaritas. My second favorite establishment on Lombardi Ave.
  2. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    Packers WR Michael Clark 6'6" 217 | 4.53 | 33 vert Packers WR Equanimeous St. Brown 6'5" 214 | 4.48 | 34.5 vert I'm just as clueless as the next guy but I think the scenario is a little far-fetched even without great WR depth in GB. We'll see.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 250+

    Safe to say he probably had other incidents we're not aware of.
  4. Popping in because of the notifications I've been getting. I barely post here. I shouldn't be mentioned in this thread.
  5. He played in 2016. He didn't play in 2017. Set to play in 2018
  6. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Shakif Seymour is eligible to declare for the 2019 draft.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 250+

    As always, thanks for the player notes.
  8. 2019 CalhounLambeau Draft Thread - New Database

    Haha, thanks. Been adding players/videos to the database daily. Lately I've been cutting video. This weekend: Jonah Williams, Matt Womack, Ross Pierschbacher, Lester Cotton, Hale Hentges, Irv Smith Jr., Damien Harris, Josh Jacobs, Najee Harris. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2srpYNyoiiBEptuziASpg
  9. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    I watched him a bit yesterday when he played towards the end of the Tennessee game. Too bad he can't play more often.
  10. Here is a starting point for the 2019 draft!

    Thanks man. Updated daily. Just getting started.
  11. Here is a starting point for the 2019 draft!

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bu7VCs3ld5efCR3fDjj_vM09KjYbY_SBDkdJHRJPOew/edit?usp=sharing Thanks Forge. Yeah, I've got all those guys plus the guys they probably should have had in the list, plus hundreds more, plus all the available video cuts already organized.
  12. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Daniel Jones from Duke is a guy a lot of people like, not in the list.
  13. 2019 CalhounLambeau Draft Thread - New Database

    No doubt.
  14. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    & Evan Engram. ;D
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 250+

    Albert Okwuegbunam from Missouri is only a 3SO, but man, I'm all over that guy. If you haven't watched much of him, give him a whirl.