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  1. How much trade value do the following have right now

    Mahomes? Whooh- tough one! As a Giants' fan myself, and if I'm their GM here and as much as they need a young franchise QB, I'd have to say I would shoot the moon and offer the Chiefs an overwhelming package of Kyle Lauletta (young QB to replace Mahomes, see?); Alex Tanney (veteran QB to "mentor" Lauletta); Chad Wheeler (the stoner left tackle and surfer dude every team looks for); Spencer Pulley (rugged skinhead-look O-Lineman); Curtis Riley- whatever position it is that the guy allegedly "plays"; AND- every Jerry Reese third-round pick in Giants' history! Maybe that seems excessive to some but I for one believe in doing whatever it takes to get a franchise QB of the future!
  2. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Ahhhhh, it tears at my heart, when I think of TRENT RICHARDSON, and What Might Have Been -And such an egregious injustice! Think of it: if Trent had been allowed to keep running behind the Alabama O-line against undersized college boys; if Trent had been permitted to run exactly to to the programmed hole, and not have to change direction and run to different places, if Trent had not been required to have vision better than that of a nearsighted mole, if Trent hadn't plumped up and lost his quickness, if Trent hadn't signed a $20 million contract in his rookie year, if Trent hadn't been beseiged by deadbeat relatives asking for handouts, if Trent had been allowed to play for the same offensive co-ordinator for nine or ten years, if Trent's girlfriend hadn't gone into early labor the day before the AFC title game, if Trent hadn't been forced to adhere to silly rules like letting the team know where other than at practice for said game he was, if the Colts had traded for Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, Larry Allen, and Orlando Pace, if Ryan Grigson's parents had never met.................. well, I have to think that Trent might have actually averaged almost 3.1 yards per carry, and could have been counted on for at least 400 yards per season!!!
  3. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    ALSO, Joe Namath almost surely was the first QB to star in an epic of the cinema that probably should have won recognition at the Cannes Film Festival, even if it didn't!
  4. 2019 Thanksgiving Games

    It is indeed a grand ol' tradition. Detroit vs. Green Bay used to be a regular feature of the holiday- including the time the Lions crushed the otherwise invincible Packers and very nearly decapitated Bart Starr in the process. Bet that Brutal has some vivid memories, and recalled 100-yard-dash times, from that game!
  5. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Well, I for one am solidly in Antonio Brown's corner! I think this splendid young (uh, okay, 31) man should be able to demand a trade, dictate where he goes, make $20,000,000 a year! Our thoughts and prayers go out to this lovable and misunderstood lad in this, his Hour of Need! May he fore'er pan and moan and disrupt his team until he finds his Golden Dream!!!
  6. 7 Rounds With Comp Picks Predictions

    @goldfishwars- Good God, sir, whatever the differences of opinion, this is another fantastic effort from you, with a breadth of knowledge- all those prospects!- and a depth of research that is mind-boggling. Provocative, and a great read. Kudos and thanks!
  7. Todd Gurley

    Yeah, the definition of Click-Bait. Thought you and some of the other faithful would find it funny. Probably see an article saying they should trade Aaron Donald next, cuz, you know, the Patriots scored a touchdown and all.
  8. Todd Gurley

    Sexy and exciting suggestion that the Rams ought to trade Todd Gurley: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2819308-rams-must-explore-trading-todd-gurley-and-his-record-setting-contract Further suggestion that a plump young RB might be more effective in McVay's New-Age offense: It's coaching malpractice, especially considering that the Rams handed Gurley a record-breaking four-year contract worth $57.5 million, including $45 million guaranteed, less than a year ago. It's not as though Gurley didn't provide a strong return on that investment for much of 2018, but running backs are always, to a degree, a product of their offenses. McVay is an innovative offensive mastermind who gets the most out of all of his players, which explains why C.J. Anderson was able to come off the scrap heap and outplay Gurley late this season. While with the Denver Broncos in 2016 and 2017, Anderson averaged a half-decent 4.1 yards per carry. With the Carolina Panthers earlier this season, he averaged a solid 4.3 yards per rush. But he wasn't making a huge impact, which led to his release from both the Panthers and Oakland Raiders in a span of four weeks. The 27-year-old thought he wouldn't be picked up again following his release from the Raiders, but Gurley's December knee injury led to Anderson's opportunity with the Rams. In McVay's offense, the frequently discarded Anderson went over 120 yards in three consecutive games, including a playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Even when Anderson struggled against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game and again against the Patriots on Sunday, McVay stubbornly ignored Gurley.
  9. Todd Gurley

  10. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Actually, Bill Belechick can be pretty funny. Ever catch his stand-up routine? "........'cuz they've both seen Patriot Missiles! Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"
  11. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Lost in all the focus on the game itself is the sadness, the tragedy really, for New England Patriots' fans everywhere. I crunched the numbers, and their team has won the Super Bowl only six times in the ENTIRE CENTURY!!! That's almost as bad as the Jets winning one time in the last century! Our thoughts and prayers go out to Patriots' fans in this, their Hour of Need:
  12. Well, even as a Giants' fan, as I am, I have to admit that their mighty offensive line had a lot to do with Barkley's success. Pretty sure that Trent Richardson could've gained 1,500 yards behind Patrick Omameh....Ereck Flowers...... Chad Wheeler....... and several different backup centers!
  13. But wait! If you place an order in the next 37 minutes, you get a SECOND Clapper free- that's two for the price of one!
  14. For the Browns, the standard for long-term is "Make It Into The 2nd Season":