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  1. Old-time crash-bang tough guy fullback. Featured in the "Packer Sweep", once - 1962- beat out Jim Brown for the rushing title. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24973592/jim-taylor-first-vince-lombardi-era-green-bay-packers-inducted-hall-fame-dies
  2. Rumor has it she's still waiting for YOU, @Uncle Buck!
  3. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    He's rested...... he's ready..........he's more mobil than Eli....................................................!
  4. "Hush yo' MOUFF! Ah'm go'n whomp you wit mah belly, Boy!"
  5. Best NFC North Receiver?

    Hmmmm- not disagreeing with you necessarily, @Pugger- I"ve read a lot of your posts and you know your stuff (I emphatically do not know my stuff)- but I always had the feeling, pre-draft, that people overrated Equanimeous St. Brown because he's got one of those names that fans like to say. Sort of like "Captain Munnerlyn" or "Lawyer Milloy". Kind of cool to say, you know? So I read and heard a lot about Equanimeous leading up to the draft- and then he went in the 6th, as you say? With a compensatory pick? 207, overall? So he can't be too stupendous. I wonder, if he'd been "Floyd Jones" out of Delaware, would there have been quite so much discussion? By the way, his NAME is even sexier than we realized: Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown (born September 30, 1996) is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Notre Dame. Great stuff! I only wish his mother could have made it Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep Kunta Kinte Jurisprudence St. Brown, and really given him a handle to live up to!
  6. Fresh-cut Flowers? Que? They don't even want him as a back-up, who knows the offense? Ah, well- doubtless the Surly One shall go on to a successful career in Stand-Up, based upon his laugh-a-minute exchanges with beat reporters over the years!
  7. Week 5 Gameday thread

    "Whut choo be talkin' dere, Boy???" (Reason for reluctance of officials to call penalties on D.J. Fluker)
  8. Packers Lions Post Game

    @Norm- Exciting news! Out of my great respect for you, as one of the star posters on this entire site, I brought the Packers' kicking woes to Brutal at The Home; he is doing well and sends you his best wishes! In addition, Brutal recommended that Green Bay sign Ben Agajanian, famous ol'-time placekicker for (Brutal tells me) the Giants and the Packers, back in the day! Also, Azuza College of the Pacific, where he ran (according to Brutal's books) the 100-yard dash in 11.79- not bad for a kicker! His nicknames, Brutal says, were "The Golden Toe", "The Nameless One", and "That Weird-Named Armenian Guy!" Great idea, I thought, but a little cursory research dislcosed the slight speed bump that Agajanian is dead. Brutal thinks he's still alive, kicking over the hillside just there, don't ye hear the thunk of th' football, young fella me lad?
  9. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Well, yes, but now after the Chiefs extend their lead, he'll be able to pad his stats in Garbage Time, provoking the Blake Fanboys and Jaguar faithful to shriek in defense of him; and enabling them, by the magic of Selective Statistics, to prove, once again, that Blake Bortles is a good NFL QB!
  10. Ah, gentlemen, one must concede that Manning the Lesser is no longer what he once was. Not sure when in the history of the NFL there has been an effective offense based upon the 2-yard pass. Whether it is a result of years of chaotic blocking, or simply a sign of the aging process, one cannot deny what is now obvious. Unhappily, Davis Webb, once the Heir Apparent, has drifted off to enter the Purgatory of Jerry Reese 3rd-Round Draft Picks, and is no longer an option. I had a red-circle notice that the The Mellow One had mentioned me in a post somewhere; to my pleased surprise he had also paid a visit to my page! Happy days, indeed. Re-reading his diatribes against Eli, and his passionate pro-Geno rhetoric, I was moved to tears, and must now adamantly agree with him. Eli, I fear, can no longer be counted on; the odds of his enjoying a renaissance in his late thirties are not promising. And seeing how Geno Smith is tearing it up for the Los Angeles Chargers (0 passing attempts, 0 yards, 1 run for -1) hit me like a punch in the jaw: While clearly a new QB is needed, I would caution the Giants, and Dave "Hog Molly" Gettleman, not to neglect re-stocking that Chinese Fire-Drill offensive line; bringing in a rookie QB and expecting him to run an offense behind that mess would likely result in a remake of David Carr II: The Sacking of Houston. May the New York O-line return to its former glory! And I agree with The Voice of Reason when he cries, I don't think I'm cruel- but Eli ought to be burned at the stake!!! Here's to another Top-10 pick, Giants' fans; may they spend it wisely!
  11. Former Rhodes Scholar from Oklahoma, majored in "Media Relations and Sheeyat". Carries a certain cachet for having once been a second-round pick, meaning he will be given chances far beyond what his play on the field warrants. Also gets points for being the size of a Stonehenge slab, and almost as mobile as one. Neatness freak, used to shine his shoes while sitting on the bench; he would bend over and buff them vigorously with the top of his hair-do.
  12. Actually, it's the third; and the impact of this decision is apparently reaching historical proportions, according to the latest edition of the book, which is being readied for publication even as we are posting here. In it, they claim that the turning point in what Hitler had confidently termed "the Thousand-Year Reich" came, not during Operation Babarossa, the fatal attempt to invade the Soviet Union during the terrible Russian winter- but from last night's even-more-catastrophic decison. It seems that Frank Reich, knowing that defeat was looming, and yet with the spires of the Kremlin- sorry, I mean the goalposts- in sight, sent a frantic message to Der Fuhrer (J. Irsay) pleading to be allowed to kick away the ball; the grim answer he received, "Raus mit der puntzen", meaning go for it. We all know what happened next. The "Maginot Line" - the Houston O-line- rolled down the field - the fearsome blitzkrieg!- und der supposedly-invincible "Army of Indianpolis" came crashing down to defeat. History has been re-written!!
  13. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Is it time for the Jets to fish, or cut Bates? Will the Jets finally move their Bowels? Stay tuned.....................................................!
  14. Week 4 Gameday Thread

    Let the doubters repent...... may the naysayers and weenies that questioned the man grovel in shame....... let Canton open its doors! Add this name to the Pantheon of Greats! How right and true it sounds! Unitas........ Marino......Elway....... Manning.......Brady.........and MITCHELL TRUBISKYYYYYYY!!!!
  15. Jared Goff

    Gosh, I don't know- always reminds me of Ryan Gosling. Although maybe it's still too early in Jared's career to make such lofty claims. Maybe we ought to pump the brakes on this one until he's got a few more acting credits. I mean, Half Nelson? La La Land? Blade Runner Stupid Remake? I'd say Jared's got a ways to go just yet!