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  1. Jaguars reveal new uniforms

    Ahhhh, they're okay, I guess. Sorta bland, though. I would rather see something that really says "Jacksonville Jaguars":
  2. Your Most memorable draft moments of all time???!!

    In case anybody missed these moments of High Drama: Jets' fans present at the draft howl with derision and disbelief at their team's first-round picks over the years. The selections of "Jeff Lageman" (?), and later Kyle Brady, when the fans were chanting "WE WANT SAPP!", are perhaps the most fun. See also the Jets choosing QB Ken O'Brien over another QB, Dan Marino . Jets fan interviewed in the cheap seats: "Obviously, da Jets know somet'ing dat da people, ya know, up here, don't!"- Guess, as it turned out, dey didn't.
  3. Josh Allen

    Holy Cow! Blake Freakin' Bortles, that's a pretty bold statement there, @Yin-Yang! (Sexy proposed avatar, gratis) Now, do you mean, the Original Blake Bortles, who performed like a Rodeo Clown his first three years? OR, are you referring to the new and improved Blake Bortles who, following the frantic advice given on these pages, greatly improved his mechanics by a) attending Greg Maddux's "Breaking Ball, Down In The Dirt" Pitching Accuracy Academy, and b) Hiring a bunch of Jiffy Lube techs, the guys who tell you your air filter needs to also be replaced every time you're there for an LOF? The New Blake, who hired a Flamenco Master as his footwork coach, and now moves like one himself?
  4. Josh Allen

    Woah! Josh Allen attended Firebaugh H.S.??? That's MY Alma Mater! We had this awesome fight song:
  5. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Probably a plot so that the Jags punter can practice the pooch kick.
  6. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    How will the Giants replace Brandon Marshall ?!?! Does this make any the more likely the proposed and rumored trade of the Giants' first-round pick, #2-overall to Cleveland for Corey Coleman, in order to replace Brandon? Proposed and rumored by, I forgot to say, Browns' fans hoping to divest their team of Corey Coleman. This is the only hope I can foresee for the Giants to replace adequately Brandon Marshall because, you know, Corey Coleman. Glittering stats of Corey Coleman Corey Coleman #19 WR Cleveland Browns | Official Team Site Height: 5-11 Weight: 185 Age: 23 Born: 7/6/1994 Dallas , TX College: Baylor Experience: 3rd season High School: J.J. Pearce HS [Richardson, TX] REC 23 YDS 305 AVG 13.3 TDS 2 Profile Career Stats Game Logs Game Splits Situational Stats Draft Combine RECEIVING Year Team G Rec Yds Avg Yds/G Lng TD 20+ 40+ 1st FUM 2017 Cleveland Browns 9 23 305 13.3 33.9 44 2 4 1 17 0 2016 Cleveland Browns 10 33 413 12.5 41.3 58 3 4 2 17 0 TOTAL 19 56 718 12.8 37.8 58 5 8 3 34 0
  7. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    OH! OH!! I am speechless (but not for long)! Where will the Giants find another aging, overrated, past-his-prime 34-year-ol WR??? Big (and pretty old) shoes to fill, there!
  8. Browns considering drafting 2 QB

    A sexy, exciting, Browns-type move if ever I heard of one! Here's how I foresee this going down, hypothetically: Round 1, Pick #1 KURT BENKERT VIRGINIA QB Prospect Info COLLEGE Virginia HOMETOWN CLASS Cape Coral, FL r-Senior HEIGHT WEIGHT ARMS 6' 4" 215 lbs - - HANDS Kurt Benkert, "sleeper" prospect from Virginia! Strengths: Large person. Photogenic (see above). Name can sort of be pronounced the same, forwards or backwards. Kurt-Ben-Kert. Or maybe it's Ben-Kert-Ben-? Weaknesses: Apparently has no arms nor hands- no measurements listed. Scout's analysis: "Might make it on the taxi squad of a really bad team." Round 1, Pick #4 Quinton Flowers Short but feisty QB from South Florida At DeLeon Junior College Diploma Mill. Trained in vaguely pro-style offense, i.e., they used a football. May be related to NY Giants' floundering Left-Tackle Bust, Ereck Flowers
  9. Sell Me On The Guys I'm Not High On

    Me, I need to be sold on "Downtown" (all of it) Orlando Brown. I mean, I wanna embrace they guy as a prospect, but I just can't seem to be able to wrap my arms around him. He has a lot of physical stuff, but I'm not sure if he's got the guts!
  10. Sell Me On The Guys I'm Not High On

    Well, @bananabucket, here's what Mel Kiper, long-time draft guru and owner of an impressive hair-line has to say, vis-s-vis Edmunds slightly falling draft stock. The notion here is that he is an athletic marvel, yes (nineteen, freak of nature), but not as productive as one would expect from so gifted an athlete: “Edmunds hasn’t really projected quite as high as many thought he would,” Kiper said on Wednesday. “I think what affects Edmunds is that he’s such a freakish talent, you’d expect more dominant play week in and week out. I don’t think teams necessarily saw that, even though he had over 100 tackles and made a lot of plays. He shows a lot of versatility. As a junior in 2017, Edmunds was a productive linebacker. He finished the season with 109 total tackles, his second-straight season with 100 or more tackles. He also registered 14 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks, which is nothing to scoff at. However, Kiper said that with Edmunds’ natural talents, teams expected more production from him in his 29 career starts. “I think maybe the freakish numbers worked against him in that regard,” Kiper said. “You thought he would be Lawrence Taylor out there, just making plays everywhere in every game, and it wasn’t the case. That’s why I have him dropping down to 12 to the Buffalo Bills. Roquan Smith from Georgia has moved a little bit ahead of him.”
  11. Why Josh Rosen Isn’t the Quarterback You Think He Is

    @Ozzy- Oz, old buddy, I was kidding around there. Sort of a satire on the sort of Man-Crush irrational non-football reactions people have to such things. In all seriousness, I agree with you, and most certainly do NOT want the oft-injured, disengaged Rosen for the Giants.
  12. Why Josh Rosen Isn’t the Quarterback You Think He Is

    Ohhh, I don't CARE what the stats say, and what all the nay-sayers and Gale Sayers and Debbie Downers would have us believe about Josh! What matter if football isn't the most important thing in the life of this Young Renaissance Man? He's fine, and good, and elite and aloof and Entitled! Why should Josh Rosen deign to spend all his free time with the grunting Neanderthals on his team, when in body and mind and spirit he is attuned to the Finer Things?? What's wrong if Josh wishes to remain an Old Money Patrician, scion of a wealthy family, true to the traditions of caste and class that have always been a hallmark of the melange that is American Society? Why should not Josh concern himself with the intricacies and intrigues of Wall Street, rather than "progression reads" and "anticipating receivers" and "throwing on the run"? This fine young Frat Boy bids fair to open the door to a Brave New World of NFL Football, where the sweat and the swearing and the violence and the Philistine values give way to Grace....Culture......New Thought..... Enlightenment........Entitlement (oops, he's already got that). "He is Rosen indeed." Let's wish him well!
  13. We-e-ellllll, I don't know. Seems as if there should be, under the right circumstances. Here's a hypothetical: let's say a player- a highly-rated, first-round draft-pick guy, doesn't wish to to play and live in, oh, let's say, Cleveland, or Buffalo. Wouldn't it be okay if he simply refused to join the team that drafted him, and instead, after a cursory grace period of, say, two-and-a-half days, was allowed to join The New England Patriots as a free agent, permitted to play, and indeed flourish, under the vaunted Belichick System, in order to reach his full potential as a player?? I suggest calling the free-enterprise arrangement The Patriot Act. Think of it: Tom Brady already qualifies as a Millionaire Playboy; "Bilbo" Belichick is a Lovable Gnome! The long-suffering sports fans of all New England are FINALLY given something to cheer for! The Red Sox haven't won a World Series since, when was it?, 2013? So what if they're 13-2 thus far this season, and ahead of the Yankees with their home-run hitters- there's no guarantee they'll win it THIS year! The Boston Bruins- okaaaay, I know they're playing great thus far in the Stanley Cup playoffs and may be the favorite this year, okay, okay, but their Cup-less drought stretches all the way back to 2011! The Celtics? All right, I'll concede they're somehow still contenders even with Kyrie Irving out, what else do they have? Who, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum? Give me a break! It may not be until 2019 before they win another NBA Championship! And the Patriots- they haven't won a Super Bowl (do the math!) in almost fifteen months! What have they done for the REST of this century? Four or five Super Bowls, that's ALL?!? This team needs help. This REGION needs Hope, and Life, and perhaps better accents! I say, let's give The Patriot Act a try!
  14. Draft Rumors

    OH MY GOD, @jrry32, I had NO IDEA!! I thought you would like a little recognition for all your insights and analyses that you share- uncredited! freebie!- on these boards! So-o-o, ahhh, I sort of released a couple of minor, non-identifying facts about you (just your name, address, phone number, and entire career here, as best as I recall) to a small-circulation literary magazine (The National Enquirer), so's they could write an article about you- it really is pretty obscure, you wouldn't even notice it if you didn't glance at the cover in line at the supermarket: DRAFT PUNDIT LINKED WITH BLONDE BOMBSHELL RAMS GURU PHOTO'D WITH BIMBO AT HOLLYWOOD GALA (Pretty good picture of you, too!) So, uh- SORRY!
  15. Josh Allen

    Gosh, @Rich7sena, really? You know a lot more about it than I do (for sure), and you may well be right. But I wonder what profit would it be to a coaching staff to emphasize one player- even the star QB- over wins, which presumably are paramount to their job security? Whereas that player, like Allen in this case, will be gone by the next season?