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  1. QB Brock Osweiler retires

    Wait, wait- which one is he? I always get those two guys mixed up! Also, isn't there a rule that says that NFL news is not the place for jamokes?
  2. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Global Moderators 4,855 71,390 posts Posted Thursday at 11:45 AM Shad and Ramsey had a very long meeting, and apparently things are getting better. Jalen is expected to play this week. If Shad somehow fixed this... all praise be to him. How sad! How frightfully sad, for those of us who held out hope to the bitter end, that, somehow, Shad Khan might work his magic and bring Jalen Ramsey back to, and actually playing for, the Jaguars! Oh, There is no joy in Mudville! The Golden Dream of the Jaguars salvaging their season is but ashes- ashes and dust!!
  3. Corbett traded to Rams

    brownie man Veteran Members 1,039 11,044 posts Posted April 28, 2018 Nevada OL Austin Corbett is a diamond in the rough https://www.ndtscouting.com/crabbs-nevada-ol-austin-corbett-diamond-rough/
  4. Whyyyy, Matt Patricia has even transformed his appearance!! From shaggy Mountain Man to GQ Cover Model, in one year!!! Reminscent of the sexy before-and-after evolution of Belichick: Belichick Then: Belichick NOW:
  5. Seahawks TE Will Dissly tears Achilles

    Woah! I misread the title as WALT DISNEY TEARS ACHILLES A NEW ONE. What a fight THAT would have been!
  6. Has Garrett lost the team?

    Well, gosh- maybe now is the time to turn to Emmitt Smith! "Ever game- it be a dibbockle!"
  7. GDT - Week 6

    "Hey, thanks, man!"
  8. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    I would ask: What is the In-Context of the matter? Once a doubter of Jalen Ramsey myself, I have been won over by the concept of In Context as postulated in this matter recently. I have learned that what may seem like simple facts, on the surface, must be considered In Context for a full understanding of the situation. I have become a believer. So I would ask @pwny, what is the In Context of the above-mentioned development?
  9. What's wrong with the Eagles?

    Well, you're a lot smarter football man than I am, @AZ_Eaglesfan- I've read your posts- I'm just saying that there's no shame in being taken to the woodshed by ***Stefon Diggs***, whose Greatness was foreordained in these very pages, yea, six several years ago; and, in fact, the Annual Stefon Diggs Adulation Thread has been sorely missed the last couple of years!! "You feel me, Bro'?"
  10. What's wrong with the Eagles?

    Whyyy, nothing wrong with the Eagles other than a normal case of Stefon Diggs Flu! Minnesota Receiving REC YDS TD LONG TGTS S. Diggs 7 167 3 62 11 "Yessss....... You were saying, you Big Bruiser??"
  11. Giants waive RB Jon Hilliman; sign RB Buck Allen

    You're right!! Don't want to be responsible for worsening Brutal's condition. I shall make it up to the Forensic One by sending him a PM requesting the exact figures for The Flash's 100-yard-dash time, clocked in 1938 while Barry Allen was matriculating at Nostalgic State. No doubt The Brute will be able to locate the data in his Library-of-Congress-worthy collection of football books!
  12. * Was arrested for stealing a laptop in college; charges dropped when he agreed to a "diversion" program! * Irresistible home-baked smile! * Made humorous remarks about woman reporter asking about "routes", which was interpreted as sexist. *Best QB ever to come out of Blinn College * Lost Superbowl and sulked at press conference *Used to do "The Dab" *Stylish and sexy wardrobe *Once- 2015, just 4 short years ago!- had an MVP season, which he may, one of these years, repeat again! *Best Donnie-Thornberry hairstyle in the NFL!!
  13. Giants waive RB Jon Hilliman; sign RB Buck Allen

    OH my GOD, this is so embarrassing! I sort of conflated "Barry Allen", The Flash; and Buck Buchanan, the monstrous DT for the old Kansas City Chief; and when I MEANT Buck Allen I got him mixed up with the guy pictured above...................................
  14. Giants waive RB Jon Hilliman; sign RB Buck Allen

    Buck Allen? Is THIS the guy??
  15. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Well said!! Blessings and Peace be upon Allah, and Shad Khan!