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  1. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Sometimes, fans get into that Fastest-Horse-In-The-Glue-Factory thing, whereby Team X has to get a quarterback this year, and Joe Blow is the best one- but, maybe Joe, and every other QB draft-available, isn't going to be an NFL starter. In 2010, was it?, there was Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen (swoon!), and Colt McCoy at the top of the draft. Just because your team desperately needs one, doesn't mean there actually is a good QB at draft time. Some years there are no left tackles, etc. Such is the need for a good QB that a positional reach becomes a real danger on Draft Day. Let us hope the Giants are not beguiled into making a mistake this year. Hey, lookit dem muscles!
  2. RB Jonathan Stewart retires

    Woah! Happy birthday, Don! I'll never forget that largest walleye!
  3. How is your team’s tailgating?

    WELL, I live in Baltimore, "Charmless City", as we refer to ourselves, and I'm here to tell you we take a backseat to NOBODY when it comes to partying and tailgating! (Sometimes, not just the backseat, but your entire car will get taken, don't forget to lock up, Ha! Ha!). We pride ourselves on being the Homicide Capital of the U.S., so they's plenty of excitement before the games, after the games, during the games, and especially later on, after midnight, if you're able to stick around! The Ravens play their homeless games, sorry, HOME games, at M&T Stadium, which stands for Mass Transit (O, dat Metrorail!) or Murder & Torture, or something, I forget what, but it's like adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards for double the fun, convenient to the Inner Harbor (crabs, and the stench of rotting fish), and the Inner City (violence, panhandlers, Ladies of the Evening!). Ever been to one of those Wild West Re-enactments? With the blank guns and all? Well, I won't give out the details, but we've got a show here most nights that'll top anything you've ever experienced before! Tip: Remember to bring along plenty of quarters, for the Homeless Bums ("Small change, hep a man out?"), and your own handgun, if you want to join in the festivities. Know how some cities brag about their celebrations after a Super Bowl win for the local team? Rioting, looting, pole-climbing, car vandalism? Well, here in Baltimore we're always ready to party, football season or not!! So come on down!!!
  4. @aceinthehouse- Ace, my man, you disappoint me! Half the fun of coming on here is in your bold predictions for Redskins' players. I recall that you almost nailed it with your Kirk Cousins Leap To Glory prognostication. It was exciting that year to travel The Road To 5,000 on here! No one can accuse The Ace of making safe and conservative predictions. Didn't you get a Special Award once?
  5. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Please, please! You'll break The Mellow One's heart! He is desperately holding out for Haskins, or- dare I say it?- a trade to reacquire Geno Smith, so that The Golden Dream of Geno leading the Giants to the Super Bowl can live again! (Come to think of it, The M.O. may love Haskins because he's the nearest thing to Geno Reincarnate!)
  6. Vikings extend WR Adam Thielen (4 years, $64M)

    Gosh, lucky thing the Vikings had the foresight to tie up ***STEFON DIGGS!!*** last July, for 5 years and 72 Billion dollars or whatever modest expenditure they laid out! Had STEFON DIGGS waited until the ink was dry on the Thielen contract, he might have been able to negotiate a new deal paying him enough money to buy the Miami Marlins or build The Mexican Wall or some such! Then again, perhaps STEFON has an escalator clause in his contract that permits, should another Vike be signed for big bucks, his own salary to soar as he did high into the Northern Lights Sky o'er Minnesota during that fabled game! Could it be time for The 5th Annual STEFON DIGGS Appreciation Thread to remind fans of his Greatness????
  7. Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette Arrested

    Gosh, really?!? I look at Leonard Fournette's handsome countenance, and I see wisdom, humor, keen intelligence, tolerance, generosity, a menacing surliness, a love of speeding, sparkling wit, a laudable disdain for traffic laws, the sensitivity of a poet, the insights of a scientist, a fun-loving history of tardiness, and the far-seeing gaze of the true Visionary! "Shut'cho MOUFF!"
  8. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    I remember that year they had Ted Washington take a complete physical, and it was revealed that his blood type was Chocolate Milk.
  9. That's right!!! Odell Beckham may be the best at The One-Handed Catch, but Golden Tate is tops at The 5-Finger Discount! https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2014/2/1/5368340/golden-tate-top-pot-maple-bar-theft
  10. You're right, Flo- your ex-girlfriend DID say some pretty horrible (although funny) things about you. Be that as it may, for all his pouting and grudge-bearing mentioned in the article, I, as a Giants' fan, would have like to have had Rodgers in New York all these years.
  11. I believe the Giants' hierarchy had wearied of Odell's Annual Antics, off- and on-field behavior, soap-opera worthy drama- and were convinced these things would never stop:
  12. Emmanuel Ogbah Traded to the Chiefs

    Emmanuel Ogbah, "The Nigerian Daydream" (not quite a Nightmare yet). Former sexy athletic-specimen DE prospect, pre-2016 draft; went 2nd round, I think? Surprised that they didn't talk Dave Gettleman into taking him even-up for Odell Beckham, really.
  13. NYGiantsman10's 4 Round Mock Draft

    Very nice effort overall, @NYGiantsman10, some well-thought-out picks and reasons for the selections. The one thing I might question is Yodny Cajuste slding all the way to #95 in the third; quad injury or no, potential left tackles tend to get overdrafted almost as much as do QB's, so I suspect he won't get out of the 2nd. But it would be quite a coup if the Giants got a guy with that sort of physical potential in the third round. Perhaps then Getty would stop using the term "hog mollies', which has gotten tiresome. Still! You may be right, and we have five months to work on pronouncing "Yodny Cajuste"!
  14. Long time Punter Shane Lechler Retires

    Wow, pretty casually-tossed-off name-dropping there, guy! Was me, I'd've written a lengthy post about it, some of which might even have been true. Think I saw you and Shane on that Outdoors show, I'll Kick Your Bass! Who caught the biggest one?
  15. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Joe Jurevicius was originally a NY Giant- one of their talented receivers who left and blossomed elsewhere (Ed McCaffrey was another). This may in some small way be a reflection of how much a good QB means to a receiver. Jurevicius got a lot better when no longer looking for passes from Danny "What the Hell?" Kannell; similarly, McCaffrey was for some reason better in Denver, I forget who their quarterback was?, than he was in New York, with Dave Brown, Dave Schultz, Kent Graham, and Clark Kent throwing to him. Vicious Numbers Games Receiving Rushing Total Yds Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G Ctch% Rush Yds TD Lng Y/A Y/G A/G Touch Y/Tch YScm RRTD Fmb AV Career 133 54 546 323 4119 12.8 29 71 2.4 3 1998 24 NYG wr 86 14 1 22 9 146 16.2 0 59 0.6 10.4 40.9% 9 16.2 146 0 0 1 1999 25 NYG wr 84 16 1 40 18 318 17.7 1 71 1.1 19.9 45.0% 18 17.7 318 1 1 2 2000 26 NYG wr 84 14 3 49 24 272 11.3 1 43 1.7 19.4 49.0% 24 11.3 272 1 1 3 2001 27 NYG WR 84 14 9 92 51 706 13.8 3 46 3.6 50.4 55.4% 51 13.8 706 3 0 5 2002 28 TAM wr 83 15 3 52 37 423 11.4 4 26 2.5 28.2 71.2% 37 11.4 423 4 1 4 2003 29 TAM wr 83 5 2 24 12 118 9.8 2 22 2.4 23.6 50.0% 12 9.8 118 2 0 1 2004 30 TAM wr 83 10 3 37 27 333 12.3 2 42 2.7 33.3 73.0% 27 12.3 333 2 0 2 2005 31 SEA WR 87 16 12 84 55 694 12.6 10 52 3.4 43.4 65.5% 55 12.6 694 10 1 8 2006 32 CLE WR 84 13 8 65 40 495 12.4 3 52 3.1 38.1 61.5% 40 12.4 495 3 0 3 2007 33 CLE WR 84 16 12 81 50 614 12.3 3 50 3.1 38.4 61.7% 50 12.3 614 3 0 6