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  1. Miserable Hot Takes

    Maybe, but Trent was supposed to be that good- everybody except Jim Brown, as I recall, said so. And you were brave, and loyal to your team, hanging in through the Trent Years. And I was over-the-top smarty-pants and sarcastic about the whole thing- for which I apologize. The Colts have a good GM now, who hit it out of the ballpark with his first draft last year. They may well become major contenders again. I would wish you and them good Luck, but they already have that!
  2. Giants sign RT Mike Remmers

    Welp: I will confess, as a long-suffering Giants' fan, I would be very happy indeed if Dave Gettleman stopped using the term "hog mollies", and actually picked up a couple more "NFL offensive linemen"- say, right tackle and center? Not as sexy a phrase, but still.........? "Hunh?"
  3. Years ago I sent this guy, Peyton? Clayton?- a fan letter telling him he would never make it carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. He ended up doing okay, I guess, but I always think back to "what might have been"!
  4. Alcohol Thread!

    Swallow the worm, Flo. It'll make a man out of you. Waaaaaay better than drugs.
  5. Take yo meds, Flo! Keeping it to football: how will the Bucs replace those 12.5 sacks? They have, is it?, Carl Nassib for the one side and now, Noah Spence, maybe, for the other? I remember when Spence came out, he was considered to be this really sexy rising athletic potential pass-rush specialist. Is he a viable starter to replace JPP- or more of a situational guy?
  6. jason pierre paul Mah brutha bucketeers! we gon clime Broke Neck Mountin togedder. Tampon Bay all da way. Soopa Bowl 2020! Stay strong mah bruthas....I be back by Thanx, Lee Roy Salmon II. OMG. LULZ. ROFL.
  7. Giants' fan here......... and I'll have to give the obvious answer, Lawrence Taylor, circa 1986. The man changed the way the game is played! BUT, deep in my heart, I would like to have back "The Hefty Lefty", Jared Lorenzen!! Those were the days!
  8. Says Indianapolis ready to compete with N.E. for AFC title! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2834285-rebuilt-colts-finally-give-patriots-strong-competition-for-afc-supremacy "That sad season concluded just 16 months ago, but with Luck back, a new regime in place and two fruitful offseasons under that front office's belt, the Colts might already have moved back into the prime challenger spot in the American Football Conference."
  9. 2010 1st Round OT Anthony Davis seeks reinstatement

    Dave Gettleman, COME ON DOWN!!! Anthony Davis is an actual walking, breathing, professional offensive tackle- claims that may not always have been true about Ereck Flowers, Bobby Hart, Mike Toast, Chad Wheeler, and some of the other stiffs the New York Giants have run out on the field on their O-line the last few years. A guy who once played the position at a successful level would be welcomed with open arms, at this point- even if it were years ago. Where have your gone, Kareem McKenzie??? Besides: ANTHONY DAVIS went to college at Rutgers- in New Jersey! It would be in keeping with the Regional-Preference Legacy Theory that sentimental football writers follow when crafting their way-off-base mock drafts. Anthony Davis is from Piscataway! He played for Piscataway Township ("Go, Fighting Shore Birds!")! This was meant to happen. Dave Gettleman- "Hog Molly" Alert!
  10. 2019 NFL season predictions

    That's right! And I, for one, shall defy the Naysayers and Debbie Downers and confidently predict that, this year!, the Giants shall rise again. I predict that, led by exciting and sexy, albeit much-maligned, #6-overall draft pick DANIEL JONES, the Giants will go 11-5, and win the NFC East. I have complete faith in the drafting acumen of canny veteran GM Dave "Hog Mollies" Gettleman, and in the brave words of DANIEL JONES (exciting and sexy #6-overall draft pick): "I shall fill the air o'er MetLife Stadium with footballs, until the NFC East diadem rests once again in its rightful place, amid the rancorous swamplands of New Jersey! Let mountains tremble and cities shudder, let the Fat and the Sick and the Corrupt in High Places, MARK this moment, and let none doubt that I am The Expected One: the True Franchise Savior of the New York Giants!!!"
  11. Giants Sign Syracuse QB Eric Dungey

    That's right! The reader will note from the photo below that Eric Dungey is nearly as brawny as I am, and a few years younger! I had hoped that his bulging muscles and brooding gaze would entice @celestial into commenting on Dungey's chances with the Giants. Let's face it- he's mobile, and he's not Eli (Ha! Ha!). He has all the elements to- dare I say it?- replace Geno Smith!!
  12. Large, athletic, mobile QB signed as FA- not Daniel Jones, but, then again, who is? Might compete for 3rd-string job. Hope Lauletta doesn't crash a police barrier, running late to rookie camp, on account of the news. https://nypost.com/2019/05/02/giants-sign-undrafted-syracuse-qb-eric-dungey/ Sexy and exciting workout numbers: Pro Day/Scouting Combine Performance: 40-yard dash: 4.68 seconds 3-cone drill: 7.02 seconds Vertical leap: 31.5 inches
  13. Bucs select K Matt Gay - SIGNED

    Well, gosh, lightning can't strike twice in the same place...................................................can it?
  14. Hmmmmmm- I wonder if some of us area forgetting Davis Webb, and Kyle Lauletta? Couple of pretty exciting young pros there!
  15. Well...... well, ask yourself, which would you rather have?- a stud pass rusher, a good right tackle who projects eventually to the left- or half-a-dozen corner backs??? I KNOW WHERE I STAND!!!