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  1. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    Josh Norman still has his supporters, though. Odell Beckham is apparently spearheading a movement to get Josh the recognition he deserves!
  2. Browns add former GM Grigson as consultant.

    Actually hired as a Secret Service Man to provide round-the-clock protection for Odell Beckham and Baker Mayfield.
  3. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Yes, but you see, he was extremely well-built, and thus a sure bet for NFL stardom....... or so a few salivating Jets' fans seemed to think at the time. More than once I saw this famous beefcake photo of The Ghost wordlessly posted as though incontrovertible proof of his eventual stardom. Sort of look at this guy! I rest my case. I began to wonder if NFL scouts were going to start attending the Mr. Olympia, or perhaps the Ahhhh-nold Classic, instead of the NFL Combine. After a few sackless years for Gholston and his mighty physique one began seeing alibiing posts claiming that in this game or that he had almost got a sack, and had "applied pressure", as one might rationalize away failing to have sex with a girl- well, no, we didn't actually DO it, but I applied a lot of pressure! Happily there arose from the Gholston fiasco a new NFL stat, or, in modern terminology, a new "metric": the ALMOST, a number for which Leonard Williams is enormously grateful, and owing to which he is apparently about to get rich: Leonard Williams had zero sacks in 2019, but he led the league with 17 Almosts!
  4. Team needs for every team 2020

    Good gosh, sir, that was an informative and educational post. Thank you!
  5. British TV commercial (a/k/a "advert") touting the Jaguars!!
  6. Even better, I thought, was Andy Reid, in the joy of celebration after the win, doing this brief video!
  7. Bears sign star CB from CFL

    Damn straight, my man! Furthermore, I would have to say that his music will never match the achievements of (here it comes!) ***STEFON DIGGS*** - his "Purple Reign", written in anticipation of the Vikes winning nine Super Bowls in a row, changed the face of popular music in our time! STEFON DIGGS doing his famous Moon Walk: "Shoop-de-bop!"
  8. Bears sign star CB from CFL

    My gosh, his play has fallen off, he's overpaid, and now I read some stupid stuff that he wants to be called "The Cornerback Formerly Known As Prince"- the egos on these guys!
  9. Do you believe in Miracles??? O Texas fans, ye who have wandered through vast and trackless desert yea, six several years, HE (Bill O'Brien) has come at last!!
  10. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    Gosh, with the Giants and Jets thriving in The Meadowlands, shouldn't the NFL give another team to scenic New Jersey? 11 Worst American Cities To Live In – Are You On The List? January 30, 2018 by Ed Bryant 8. Camden, New Jersey
  11. OT- RIP KOBE

    Thought that Sean Taylor's death- his murder- at age 24, four seasons into his career, Pro Bowl the last two- was shocking and tragic.
  12. Is a London team viable at this stage?

    Whuh-oh! INCOMING: Scream of denial from the artist formerly known as whpdck, now coyly called whppy, defending to the death Shahid Khan, sexy car-bumper billionaire and owner of the Jaguars, to the effect that Shahid is a splendid fellow who loves the city of Jacksonville (despite recently referring to its downtown experience as "a curse"); has made numerous urban improvements, including the Shelter For Homeless Bums, in Jacksonville; proposes a vast Luxury Hotel to entice wealthy business men- 300 rooms! Hot-and-Cold-Running Maids!- who heretofore have fled Jacksonville in horror and disgust; and would NEVER move the Jaguars elsewhere, lest he hurt the feelings of loyal Jags fanboys. "You tellum, Boobie!"
  13. Former boyish Giants' headcoach interviewing with Cleveland- for OC? Let the magic with Odell live again! https://nypost.com/tag/new-york-giants/
  14. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    Ah, then: the revelations from the Inside Sources. Your contributions of this sort are valued; they are unique, they are appreciated. Some might say that, cited as they are, after the fact and in support of your position on things, they smack of those vague "sources say" claims commonplace among questionable tabloid journalists. Personally, I believe you. Personally, I do not doubt your contentions of insider contacts. How much more convincing, though, it would be if you disclosed their attitudes before events occurred, in effect offering up predictions of what might happen, based upon the players' attitudes! What do the Inside Ones tell you the Jaguars have been saying? What is the buzz from the Jacksonville locker room?
  15. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    Gosh- interesting stuff! What do your Inside Sources on the team say?