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  1. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    Oh, hey, and for my favorite traditional Thanksgiving meal, just put me down for a Raw Pork Sandwich and a 3-Litre bottle of Jolt Cola!
  2. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    Blasphemy!!! You are speaking of Stefon "Hands-Free" Diggs, that paragon of fine, clean, manly play!
  3. FA QB's for 2018

    And this well could happen! There are those of us who think that Christian Blaize Hackenburg can be a successful NFL quarterback. There are those of us who have followed this fine young man since his prep days at Fork U. Military Academy, and Penn State, who still think he can re-capture the glory, and be a fixture in jets' uniform for many more years!
  4. Crucial Non Star Players

    For the New York Giants I'm going to nominate right guard D.J. Fluker. Ever since they finally admitted him to the starting line-up (for mysterious reasons he was kept on the bench the first few games), the Giants have had what's known as a "running game"- younger fans are advised to search for "Snee, Chris" and "McKenzie, Kareem" to understand what that used to be like. The Big Fluke has supplied a bulldozing push in the middle of the line, and an infectious enthusiasm that has picked up the rest of their O-line. Even when the other team has the ball, D.J. Fluker has an impact. Sitting on the bench, peering over speculatively at opposing defenders, he has an unsettling effect on the players. Not sure if I would be too eager to get back on the field up against that sight:
  5. Raiders Fire Ken Norton Jr.

    Ahhh, I'm not to worried about him, tell you the truth. I mean, he can always go back to acting! I thought he was a regular DeNiro in this one:
  6. Paxton Lynch to start for Broncos

    By God, you're right!!!
  7. Paxton Lynch to start for Broncos

    Wait, wait- Lynch? Osweiler? I get those two guys mixed up. Which is the tall dorky one?
  8. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    @///mcompact- Well, cddolphin has always been a stand-up guy around here, so I'm not doubting him. Ronald Darby may be a paragon of virtues and a shining Beacon of Truth- but I do not know him either.
  9. A Look at the NFL's Home Field Advantages

    @biletnikoff- Ah, Freddy! Your Faith, and Hope, and Optimism have proven to be justified! The Giants, perhaps buoyed by your support, managed to upset the Kansas City Chiefs, and, at home, in the unfriendly confines of breezy Met-Life Stadium! I still do not think the Giants can be mistaken for an offensive juggernaut, BUT, your Belief in their ability to regain a home-field advantage was right! Kudos.
  10. Week 11 GDT

    Is that it? That great Rex Ryan defense and all? Maybe they miss Dareus, and Robert Woods, and Sammy Watkins, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Cookie Gilchrist, Jim Dunaway, and Elbert "Golden Wheels" Dubenion? What's going on?
  11. Week 11 GDT

    Gosh, whatever did happen to Amari Cooper? I remember he came into the league highly touted, like he was going to be a Pro Bowl receiver; and he had a really good rookie season, I think, that supported those claims; now, you read a lot of criticism of the guy- mostly bad hands? What's wrong with him?
  12. Week 11 GDT

    @Kip Smithers- My gosh, you're on a roll today!
  13. Week 11 GDT

    Well said! An unjust omission if ever I saw one. I shall repair the oversight: Russell be Da Man!
  14. Week 11 GDT

    Too much tailgating? Is that why the Packers are playing drunk?
  15. Week 11 GDT

    The Giants got through the first half without Travis Kelce scoring a touchdown! Could have made big money betting on that turn of events! (Of course, he did make 5 catches for 64 yards.....................) Kansas City Receiving REC YDS TD LONG TGTS T. Kelce 5 64 0 22 8