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  1. Phyllis always wanted you, @Uncle Buck That's why she's smiling in the photos right over your post! ME, best I could do was a date with Jimmy "The Overbite" Snider through "It's Just Lunch!". I knew right away things weren't going to work out.
  2. Well, for me, while ***Joshua Dobbs**** still lives and draws breath, there can be No Answer other than The Jacksonville Jaguaaaaahs!! I have been following this splendid young man's career e'er since those impassioned pleas on his behalf on these pages, a few years ago; and I now and shall always believe in the foreordained GREATNESS- of Joshua Dobbs! Whyyy, he bids fair to become- dare I say it?- an even better QB than- gasp!- Blake Bortles, former darling of Jags' fans, and perhaps STILL only in need of finding that off-season Throwing Technique Coach, ideally a former long-reliever for the Kansas City Royals. Whyyyy, THIS year, they may even let ***Joshua Dobbs*** throw a pass, in an NFL Game! Let us not forget that 2 short years ago Josh Dobbs launched 12 passes, completing 6 (that's 50%!), for 0 TD's (which is almost 1) and 1 INT (which less than 2 or 3) This year, let's root for Josh Dobbs to finally make it! Attractive photo of Josh Dobbs:
  3. I read somewhere that Kurt just decided to bag it:
  4. Now, THAT would have been a Dream Come True!! I could have been the keeper of The Annual Diggs Brothers Adulation Thread- a yearly happening as eagerly anticipated as an @goldfishwarsdraft thread! Or an @aceinthehouse prediction thread! All things Stefon and Trevon, ya know? Or hey- maybe it could even be expanded into a sub-forum (for such is the passion they arouse), chronicling the careers of ALL THE BROTHERS DIGGS: Stefon, Trevon, Tarpon, Teflon (great hands!), Crayon (he's colorful!), Levon (sells cartoon balloons for money), Cleavon ( the Little one), Flin Flon (star of the CFL), Alanon (needs our support), Pylon (work on that 40 time!), Nylon, Krylon, Sturgeon, Marvon- and Beavis. It could be called "In The Bigs With All Them Diggs"-! (Need I mention the OBVIOUS and only choice for moderator???) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  5. Hey hey hey, let's keep this strictly to football: How will the arrest of DeAndre, and the charges, affect the Giants? Where will the Giants find another cornerback who cannot cover, does not prepare well for games, will be overwhelmed by the NFL game as opposed to college ball, and is bad in both man coverage and zone? How many more blown draft picks, free-agent signings, etc, of defensive backs can Dave "Hog Mollies" Gettleman come up with? Sudden Sam Beal, your Time has Come!!!
  6. Well, gosh- officially, it is the 37-year-old Marcus Allen, as noted. Unofficially, Jim Thorpe played for the Chicago Cardinals at age 40. However, today, Herchel Walker, now a boyish 58 years of age, maaaay make a comeback, establishing a new record! The reader will note that Walker, here photographed at age 54, is almost as buff as @ET80 @sammymvpknight @D82, @Elky @Danger!!- He claims they are his inspiration.
  7. Ya know, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of people treating Andy Dalton like he's some kind of red-haired stepchild! -You ask me, I think the Cowboys signed him to provide the missing ginger in their offense!
  8. @goldfishwars Good God, sir, I have no idea how you research and write these things! Annually! This better than the stuff I read from paid journalists on the websites! KUDOS. Oh, and I loved that Trojan War paraphrase. I'll probably steal it for one of my own posts a few months from now. Well done!
  9. No, you're not. That was an excellent write-up, good enough to provoke a How Are Your Rookies Doing 2018? thread. Liked the Billy Price comments, especially. Good stuff, thank you! What Price this? Sexy photo of Billy Price on draft day!
  10. Will always be remembered for flattening drunken fan who tried to steal the football and disrupt a game:
  11. "We don't take applications. We find you. If you want to be a moderator, just be very active in the forum and show us that you have what it takes to be a moderator. A moderators main duty is to keep their forums active and on topic with good football discussion. " -No mention of campaigning and self-promotion there. Pretty sure that "to keep their forums active and on topic with good football discussion" doesn't include insisting that one is right all the time, and angrily reproaching posters with differing opinions.
  12. Hunh? How's he figure THAT?!?
  13. Well, I for one shall fore'er believe in The Ginger-Haired One! Let the doubters and the nay-sayers and the fat and the sick and the corrupt in High Places KNOW- that the only "ghosts" that Sam Darnold will be seeing this will be those of Baugh, of Unitas, of Tittle, of- yes yes, I'm going to say it- of JOE NAMATH!! -and the Jets will rise again- to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!
  14. Why not? What better way to win the Lombardi Trophy than to bring back the great old Green Bay Packahs Powwuh Sweep, with John Facenda of NFL Films narrating in his stentorian Voice of Doom, as though he were broadcasting World War II? Then, in the fawth quartah, Baht Stahhhh turned to the powwuh sweep, sending Hohnung and Tayluh surging ovah the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, behind the blocking of Thuhston and Kramuh, an inexorable March to Victory!
  15. Twould be unusual, indeed, but not without precedent. Famously, the Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray at #1 a year after spending their first- #10, I think?- on Josh Rosen (passing master and posessing a delightful, quirky, non-team personality). They did what they thought best for the team, even if in so doing they seemed to disavow the previously-drafted QB. I have seen some passionate opinions on these pages from Redskin fans defending Dwayne Haskins, as best as I recall, because he's very young; he was very inexperienced; he needs time; he allegedly showed improvement as the season wore on; he's a pleasant person- and (of course) he was Washington's first-round pick this past year, and there's the usual Hope-Springs-Eternal faith in the first-round picks of one's team, especially it it was a high one, especially if it was a QB. I shall await the pro-Haskins arguments from 'Skins fans and, truth be known, not having an opinion one way or the other meself on Dwayne Haskins future glories, will not be disappointed if @aceinthehouse demolishes me with his response- in fact, I would enjoy it, as I do his bold predictions. Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins sends out some cryptic tweets March 1, 2020 Edit: Whoops! I see Ace beat me to the punch. I might have known- you don't mess with the Ace!
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