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  1. Ohhhh, I think Mike will figure a way to get out of it, somehow.........
  2. 3 games to go let's revisit those preseason predictions

    Well, good Gosh, I for one was totally beguiled by the clamorous and insistent rhetoric of the Jacksonville fanboys and was convinced that the Jags were on the verge of ascending to the high thin air of the Super Bowl; I bought into the Miracle That Is Bortles, and the Magic That Is Jacksonville! Lest some cruel troll copy and paste my Jags-Optimistic prognostications, I would rather go full disclosure and 'fess up to them myself........ sort of like kidding about your own overweight before someone else can make a Fat Joke: AFC SOUTH: Jacksonville AFC NORTH, EAST, WEST: Somebody Else, Somebody Else, Somebody Else AFC TITLE GAME: Jaguars over Somebody Else SUPER BOWL: Jacksonville over LA Rams or New Orleans Saints or some other hapless pretender MVP: Bortles RUSHING LEADER: Fournette or Yeldon or some other Jags' RB PASSING LEADER, TOP QB, ACCURACY % LEADER: Bortles BEST FREE-AGENT SIGNING: Andrew "Powerball" Norwell BEST RECEIVER: The Two Allens (shut up, I know they're gone, but for the purposes of this narrative we're going to predict that they both came back, and besides, it's so cool to say, "The Two Allens"......the Two Allens.... THE TWO ALLENS!!- I mean, the way it just sort of rolls off your tongue!) BEST EX-NY GIANTS STIFFS SIGNED: Ereck "Wilted" Flowers, Patrick Edamame OFFENSIVE MVP: Whyyyyyyy, Bortles, of course! Need you ask? DEFENSIVE MVP, SACK LEADER, COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR, REDEEMED FORMER BUST: Dante Fowler SEXIEST OWNER, COMMUNITY LEADER, AND BUMPER-CAR MAGNATE: Shad "The Bod" Khan!!! Uhhhh........Mulligan?
  3. pwny Global Moderators 3,243 68,553 posts Posted February 24 18/year is a good deal. MightyRx likes this Quote
  4. NFL Looking to Change up Punting

    Good Gosh, get rid of The Pooch Kick! That's what made @Thomas5737's pet, "Barkey", leave the game!!
  5. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    Right on, Man!! And I'm predicting- years from now- fans will look back, and remember Barkey, long after Fournette has faded into obscurity!
  6. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    But.........but......... he's a Jaguar, you see, and all Jaguars deserve Pro Bowl consideration!!!! Or so I've been persuaded by the passionate posts by some of the Faithful on here. Personally, I have been won over, and confidently expect that Leonard Fournette, "The Very Best Yet!", shall attain GREATNESS, now that Andrew Norwell, the Six-Hundred-Million-Dollar Man, is out, and the Jags are reconstructing their O-Line to the new version of New York Giants South, starring Ereck Flowers and Patrick ("The Soybean") Edamame!!
  7. TNF GDT Titans vs Jags

    Ramsey, like a few others on the Jags' defense, acted like he would explode on contact if he tried to tackle Derrick Henry. Ramsey, foolishly celebrating an actual stop by the Jaguars' defense, swooned like a damsel in a Victorian play after being called out and head-butted by Taylor Lewan. Yet this is the guy whom Jaguar fans insist is their No. 1 priority to resign to a long and extravagant contract, and habitually refer to as "Jalen", in that first-name man-crush silly way of smitten fan-boys. Best of luck, there.
  8. 3 Guarantees for 2019

    1. Odell Beckham, jr., will catch touchdowns; throw for touchdowns; and lead the league in psychotic meltdowns. 2. Ben McAdoo will rise from the ashes of being assistant coach of a Girls' Powderpuff Footbal Team in Allentown, PA., to become the Head Coach, and Bortles' Mentor, of the Jacksonville Jaguars!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Trent Richardson will rise like a phoenix from the desolate wasteland of the Canadian Football League to RETURN to the NFL, perhaps even to the Indianapolis Colts, gladdening wyld stallins' heart, at the bargain price of only another first-round draft pick!!
  9. Aaaaah, I'm not too worried about Kelvin! Figure him to get picked up right away. Any idea how many NFL teams are in the market for a fat, slow, lazy WR??
  10. Jaguars bench QB Bortles, starting Kessler week 13

    Gosh, seems like I remember reading last year a lot of Jags' fans singing the praises of Dante "The Inferno" Fowler? pwny Global Moderators 3,234 68,523 posts Posted November 17, 2017 This Jaguars defense is littered with guys playing out of their minds. Based solely on this year alone, I think there’s an argument for them having 8 guys who are all playing as the best at their position in the league. Best EDGE1 - Calais Campbell Best EDGE2 - Yannick Ngakoue Best EDGE3 - Dante Fowler
  11. Chargers release Joe Barksdale

    Hmmmm........ not my payroll, of course, but I can't imagine that losing his job a year after he entertained suicide thoughts upon being benched is exactly the best possible therapy for depression. I wonder if it wouldn't have been more compassionate to IR the guy, or something. One has to hope this story doesn't have a tragic ending. "In November, Barksdale learned that he would miss a third straight game after injuring his foot. Overcome with sadness, he told the newspaper that he went home and sharpened a knife before his wife, Brionna, persuaded him to put it down. They proceeded to talk until he was calm. Barksdale, 29, said he was physically, emotionally and sexually abused as a child -- "I was molested when I was younger. It happened," he told the L.A. Times -- which contributed to his feelings of insecurity and anxiety while growing up in inner-city Detroit, where he was bullied by older kids. Barksdale now takes medication and is in therapy. Four years ago, he learned to play the guitar after a suggestion from former coach Jeff Fisher. He recently released his debut album, "Butterflies, Rainbows & Moonbeams."
  12. Strange game, and not exactly resembling the Phil Simms/ Lawrence Taylor Giants, circa 1986. But! A win, as they say, is a WIN; we'll take it. FURTHERMORE, the Giants maaaay have unearthed The Successor To Eli in the person of Odell Beckham, who filled the air in MetLife today with footballs, en route to a 100.00 passer rating, and a perfect completion rate (okay, yes, 1-for1, but still-!). I fully expect the latest hysterical anti-Eli harrangue from The Mellow One, who has been sorrowing over The Decline And Fall Of Geno Smith. Now, with Geno eliminated as The Expected One, and Odell with today's passing heroics already in-house, who knows??? Let the overreactions flourish!!
  13. Well, maybe. There will always be a special place in my heart for this plump and lovable coach. And I very much enjoyed John Candy playing him in the movie, Fat Bum In Green Bay-!
  14. Jaguars bench QB Bortles, starting Kessler week 13

    (Sigh!) We-e-ellllll, they're all fine quartrerbacks, BUT, staunch Jaguars fan that I am, I shall always hold out hope, that, one day, CHRISTIAN HACKENBERRRRRRRGGGG will take the helm in Jacksonville, and lead this forlorn franchise from many years of wandering about the swamps to holding aloft The Lombardi Trophy, symbol of having won the Super Bowl!!!!!!!! "Gosh, Folks- it was a toadle team effort on everybody's part!"