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  1. Panthers officially named Marty Hurney their GM.

    "Now, Marty-Boy (lissen up, here), Ah done choosed you on accounta Ah KNOW you ain't go'n' start no more trouble fer Ol' Jerruh. Besides: what Ah SED was, less see you GIGGLE, not 'wiggle', ain't that rat, Marty-Boy? HAW HAW!!"
  2. Panthers officially named Marty Hurney their GM.

    Apparently, in a classic Good Ol' Boy maneuver, Jerry Richardson has arranged things so that Marty Hurney- God luv um; GOD LOVE UM!- gets paid even if the new owner comes in and fires him in an understandable effort to clean house: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article201415854.html In what figure to be among his final moves as the Carolina Panthers owner and founder – although as the past two months have taught us, expect the unexpected with this franchise – Richardson rewarded head coach Ron Rivera and general manager Marty Hurney with new contracts. If the next owner wants to blow up the front office and coaching staff, he or she will have to buy out their contacts. And what’s another $20 million or so for someone shelling out $2 billion for the team? Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article201415854.html#storylink=cpy - What heart! What compassion! And so now, Marty Hurney (God luv um!) is set for life! Marty Baby- WE LOVE YA, MAN!!!
  3. Bears to release OG Josh Sitton

    He doesn't sound especially worried, himself. He made sort of a joke about the situation: "I'm not benched, I'm just Sitton! YAHHHHHHHHH!"
  4. Worst cases of cap management?

    (note to @BleedTheClock- you've done this?) Ahhhhh, The "Dream Team"! Those sexy Eagles of 2011, and Vince Young's terminal case of Foot-In-Mouth Disease! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2621230-the-dream-team-that-wasnt-a-cautionary-tale-for-free-agency -Love how VY makes sure to list himself as one of the components of that Dream: Young, the former third overall pick in the 2006 draft and a two-time Pro Bowler, does not pause to think. "Aww, Dream Team, heh, heh, heh, heh. From Nnamdi [Asomugha] to [Dominique Rodgers-]Cromartie, to Jason [Babin] to myself, you know they are going to do some more things. It's just beautiful to see where we're trying to go." Dream Team. "Awww, I 'uz just messin' witchoo, Man!" The "Dream Team" ended up to be A Nightmare on Broad Street
  5. Bucs release Doug Martin

    O Muscle Hamster, We hardly knew Ye! May that wire wheel forever spin in your cage!
  6. AJ McCarron Wins Grievence, Will Be a FA

    Wait, wait- does this mean that his wife is now a free-agent, too??? Ummm- anybody think I've got a chance? I think we'd be a pretty cute couple!!
  7. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    Whyyyyyy, if he's the right quarterback, he'll be worth every penny!!!
  8. Well, as a Giants' fan (and my COMPLETE lack of bias will be in evidence here), I think the Redskins are going to tag-and-trade Kirk Cousins to their division-rival Giants for Geno Smith, Eli Apple and hisMom, and, for the O.P., a brand-new Spatula!
  9. Should the Bills Trade Up For a QB?

    I don't know if they should, but, being the Buffalo Bills, I'm going to guess that they will; AND, in a daring move that will turn every other teams' draft boards upside-down, they'll trade up - Giants' pick, #2 overall- and grab Mason Rudolph! John Raoux/Associated Press Scout's Quote: "You have him in Round 2 and I just don't see it. He has a weak arm and plays in a bulls--t scheme. Bryce Petty all over again" Mason Rudolph is, like the scout says, in my second-round rankings, but that isn't an opinion shared by the team employing this evaluator. He went - Weak arm? Bird-turd scheme? Immobile? "Bryce Petty all over again"? Sounds like a good fit to me! Of course, still being the Buffalo Bills, they just might select the wrong Mason Rudolph, passing up the unpromising QB for the deceased golfer: Bills GM, realizing his mistake and rationalizing it away: "Uhhh..................no big deal, really! We've had plenty of stiffs here before!"
  10. Texans to release Brian Cushing

    Well, he'll always be fondly remembered for what he did to raise Breast Cancer Awareness, so there's that:
  11. Raiders parting ways with K Janikowski

    Well, one thing: Sea Bass has entered the pantheon of Placekickers With The Longest NFL Careers!
  12. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Hey! There's a guy on this site who's providing more-accurate, and more-detailed information than (gasp!) Jason LaCanfora: stallyns Moderators 119 25,746 posts Posted Thursday at 09:22 PM Ray “Bubba” Ventrone - Special Teams Coordinator/ previously Patriots asst Special Teams Coach Alan Williams - Secondary coach / previously Lions DB|Secondary coach / Colts DB coach from 2002-2011 / Vikings DC 2012/2013 Dave Borgonzi - Linebackers coach / previously Buccaneers def quality control coach (worked with Eberflus in Dallas also) These additions are included with the previously mentioned coaches OC Nick Sirianna - previously Chiefs QB coach/ LAC QB coach / LAC WR coach DC Matt Eberflus - previously Cowboys LB coach/pass game Coordinator OL Dave DeGugliemo - previously Dolphins OL (he replaced the coke snorting OL Coach) / Jets OL / Patriots OL coach DL Mike Phair - previously Illinois DL coach/ worked with Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay, Chicago and Illinois
  13. AJ McCarron Wins Grievence, Will Be a FA

    "Whutchoo be talkin'? Tyrod be stylin'!"
  14. @minutemancl- you make a good point: the Giants were burned by promoting one of those boyish whiz-kids, and they paid for it. As is true in most sports, the NFL tends to be reactionary- fail with a young hopeful, go with a proven veteran the next time. One hopes, at least, that the maturity of Shurmur will better control what was a dysfunctional locker-room under McAdoo.
  15. Is Tanking Explicitly Against The Rules?

    To the best of my knowledge there are no explicit rules against "tanking", i.e., losing on purpose to obtain a higher draft pick, in the NFL. Tanking has been far more rampant in basketball for some years now, with the Philadelphia 76ers obviously and comically tanking several seasons in a row, with the end result that they wound up with three highly-drafted towering center prospects to cram into one position; one of them actually became a good player. Tanking has been gaining in popularity in hockey. The Buffalo Sabres, a few years ago, sold their collective soul to the devil in shameless desperation- jettisoning veteran players, forcing players to drink water dredged unfiltered from Lake Erie, putting skates on John Scott- in a vain effort at drafting Connor McDavid. Their full-panic-mode failed, but they did end up with a nice consolation prize in Jack Eichel. The NBA is "considering" adding legislation to discourage tanking, which I will add below; the notion is that the commissioner would be given discretionary power to punish teams for obviously benching star players in the late games of lost-cause seasons, which the Cleveland Cavaliers scandalously did in a nationally-televised game (meaning, everybody saw it), keeping LeBron James and Kyrie Irving seated and pleasurin' with the cheerleaders rather than playing. "Discretionary" power is tricky, though; one can only imagine the fiascoes that might come about if Roger Goodell were to exercise his discretion in reprimanding NFL teams. As far as I know the NFL rules do not even contain the sort of vague and pious phrase one might expect to discourage tanking, something along the lines of "All teams and players are expected to demonstrate the highest degree of effort and competitiveness in all games, ensuring that fans are afforded the standard of product, and entertainment, for which the grand old game of Football has always been known, sort of like what Tom Brady and the Patriots do, what's wrong with the rest of you bums?" Sexy and nebulous legislation being considered for the NBA: " Wojnarowski reported on Sept. 18 that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was pushing for a rule that would result in teams being fined if they sat healthy star players in nationally televised games or multiple healthy starters in regular-season games. Silver will have discretionary power in fining teams for resting healthy players, and teams will be encouraged to do so for home games if they feel they have to. The rested players will also be required to be present on the bench, per Wojnarowski. Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today reported Silver could fine teams up to $100,000.