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  1. 49ers Signing Jerick McKinnon

    The Niners are paying significantly more for him than any team is paying for any RB this free agency. Gotta believe if they really wanted them, they could've easily had Hyde or Lewis, which makes me believe McKinnon is the guy Shanahan wanted all along.
  2. Offseason Rumor Thread

    https://twitter.com/VincentFrankNFL/status/970884911832813568 Somehow I’m alive in 2018 and don’t know how to embed tweets.
  3. Weaknesses of the greatest QBs of all time.

    What's Steve Young's greatest weakness?
  4. Lions trade guard Laken Tomlinson to the 49ers

    As a Duke fan, I'm happy to finally have a Duke player play for my team. As a Niner fan, this says a lot about how bad our line is. I thought he was a lock to be a solid pro coming out of college, obviously I was wrong. That said, that draft pick is worth almost nothing. Might as well take the risk.