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  1. Texans legend Duke Johnson gets cut 😂 Edit: I confused him for former Cardinals David Johnson lol.
  2. The lack of playoff games shows how underwhelming it was this year.
  3. He definitely loves playing in NRG. I remember hating when the Colts played certain players like Sproles or MJD. They would go off against them.
  4. He did show some promise late last season.
  5. Jonathan Taylor is second only to Henry in AFC rushing yards.
  6. https://fbschedules.com/indianapolis-colts-schedule/ Colts already face them though.
  7. I did the scenarios and there’s a good chance Colts play the Bucs. Since both teams finished second in division. I still favor 16 games lol.
  8. So how do they decide the extra game every team gets? Just keep it at 16 lol.
  9. How can you be done when you never started? What a waste of a draft pick oof.
  10. So Kano is a good guy in this movie?
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