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  1. Of course it happens with Henry coming to town.
  2. He is already immobile lol plus he said he’d play if the game was today.
  3. I’m surprised they actually moved it to Sunday.
  4. That wasn’t really a good angle. You can barely see hand positioning on the OL.
  5. I have more of a appreciation for Marlon Mack. His vision and decisiveness is so much better than Taylor. Jury is still out on him he’s still only a rookie. He’s still on pace for 700-800 yards which isn’t that bad.
  6. Can't blame the guy for wanting to move up and get a better gig. Besides he was involved in drafting Pro-bowers Kelce, Hill and Peters to name a few.
  7. Michael Pittman Jr. with a late surge finally healthy. Last three games. 4 Rec, 56 YDs 7 Rec, 122 Yds (21 rushing) 3 Rec, 66 yards, 1 TD.
  8. Then it comes down to wins against AFC teams or point differential I’m not sure lol.
  9. Mahomes is going to put some distance between him and the rest after he shreds that overrated Bucs D.
  10. Why they should’ve kept the Raiders vs Chargers game. Both are fun teams to watch despite the Chargers record.
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