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  1. Notable Stats and Observations

    Really shows you how awful Mariota passing awareness is.
  2. Hilarious Compilation of Poor Officiating

    That first clip was ridiculous lol.
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    Texans are the biggest surprise here.
  4. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

  5. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Doesn’t mean anything look at Wentz for example.
  6. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Damn hope he’s ok.
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    How is he oblivious to the stats Hilton puts up against the Texans lol.
  8. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    Jags will definitely benefit from this trade in the long run. Rams still have many holes on that D and are the third best team in that division lol.
  9. Browns trade C Austin Corbett to Rams for 2021 Day 3 pick

    Don’t know how accurate this is.
  10. Rams CB Marcus Peters traded to Ravens for Kenny Young, pick

    This would make more sense if it was a team like the Eagles.
  11. MNF: Lions at Packers

  12. Eagles releasing LB Zach Brown

    Um the secondary is the problem not LBs unless he’s awful in coverage.
  13. Notable Stats and Observations

    There’s going to be some good teams missing the playoffs in the NFC like 10-6, 11-5. AFC on the other hand might have a 8-8 team make it.
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    He had his own Snapchat filter for a guy on a 2-4 team. It’s still wait and see what type of QB he is though.
  15. Notable Stats and Observations

    Good to see Minshew hype is starting to die down it was getting a bit annoying lol.