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  1. With the way Tannehill managed to turn his career around what other QBs would have had a similar path if they ended up in the right system?
  2. Rogers is a great special teams player though he has no hands lol.
  3. Just posting because people thought Brady was light years better lol. Also Colts didn’t bring Rivers to light it up so far so good.
  4. No far more people were saying Rivers over Brady. It’s fair considering the season he had with the Chargers.
  5. Brady: 44/71 (62.0%) for 456 yards (6.4 YPA), 3 TD, 3 INT, 77.0 rating Rivers: 55/71 (77.5%) for 577 yards (8.1 YPA), 2 TD, 3 INT, 91.9 rating people were claiming one of them was washed just saying lol.
  6. I really hate the term elite. He’s improved but has a long to go until he’s “elite”
  7. The NFL is now officially investigating the Jet's field after the 49ers filed a complaint that poor field conditions led to so many devastating injuries.
  8. I’m going to eat some crow thought Cam was done. It’s been a long time since I seen Cam not running for his life he finally has a good OL.
  9. Jonathan Taylor had 100 yards 1TD in his first start not bad.
  10. Damn many had high hopes Broncos would be a playoff contender this year.
  11. Rivers looking pretty decent for a guy that’s washed lol.
  12. Colts are top 3 in many categories 1 Pass D at 122/ypg #3(tied)in passing yards per attempt at 6.2(an important stat) #5 Rush D at 85/ypg #3(tied) in sacks at 7 Still early but encouraging next five games include Jets,Bears, Browns, Bengals.
  13. Colts are averaging losing a few starters each week. Going to be a bunch of rookie and practice squad players by week 10 smh.
  14. Possibly the worst aged thread I seen on here. Definitely the worst one this year.
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