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  1. Taylor stats would even be better if Reich gave him more snaps. Only 3 in the first half last week.
  2. Rockstar has made billions on GTA 5 alone. Don't see them making a new game anytime soon.
  3. Not really paying attention to that tbh. Happy Watt has a chance to win a ring this year though.
  4. I agree with the Rodgers ranking so many sites and people are ranking him top 5 just because he’s… Rodgers lol.
  5. Why did I think dodo birds were bigger. That’s pretty small for a prehistoric bird lol.
  6. Wentz top 15 seems right he’s playing like his 2019 self. He doesn’t have a lot of TDs but he’s taking care of the ball and starting to get more comfortable with the offense.
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s not getting that injury fixed until offseason surgery.
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