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  1. HOF 2020 modern era inductees revealed

    The amount of disrespect for Edgerrin James in this thread.
  2. AB apology tour

    My reaction if a team falls for his bs lol.
  3. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Yeah they almost made the playoffs with Jacoby but I’d rather the Colts look at other options lol.
  4. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I doubt it especially with the question mark at QB.
  5. I’m surprised there’s not more discussion of Williams being robbed of SMVP. 100+ yards 2 total TDs.
  6. Congrats Reid only reason I was rooting for the Chiefs tbh.
  7. Jimmy G is a bum and over rated

    Really I think most people rate him as a average QB at best. I hardly see people rate him high lol.
  8. Williams getting MVP.
  9. Sammy might be a dark horse.
  10. HOF 2020 modern era inductees revealed

    Sucks Reggie Wayne didn’t get in but he’ll get in eventually maybe even with Manning.
  11. Walter Payton Man of the Year vs MVP

    MVP easily.
  12. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    They already got the OL they just need more weapons to help out TY. Mack is also an underrated RB.
  13. What is your favorite SB halftime show of all time?

    Easily prince that was the last one I fully watched. Nowadays halftime shows are for taking breaks, getting more food and other things until the game resumes.
  14. Guess Where That QB Plays!

    Same with people saying Rivers to the Colts rather get Brady lol.