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  1. Yeah this is a bit better lol.
  2. Kamara is closer to top 5 wtf lol.
  3. Yeah I feel like after the top 10 they kinda winged it. I feel like JT and Robinson should’ve been tied but it whatever.
  4. That’s a nice deal for Ravens.
  5. How is JT that low and behind Marlon Mack 😂
  6. Every game? wasn’t he relatively healthy the last two seasons? The concussion he had was a dirty play what could he have done on that play.
  7. Looking at his history I wouldn’t call this super injury prone. It’s not good either somewhere in the middle tbh. https://www.draftsharks.com/fantasy/injury-history/carson-wentz/7450
  8. Why are you acting like it’s a season ender for him. Seems like he’ll miss the first couple games at most. It sucks that he’ll missing basically all of preseason and TC though.
  9. I’m pretty I got the delta variant in the middle of July. I hardly ever get sick in the Summer. It wasn’t enough to go get tested or see a doctor. I was good after 2 days which meant the vaccine did it’s job.
  10. I mean at this point it’s just going to fall on deaf ears. I also won’t blame vaccinated people refusing to burden themselves anymore.
  11. Curtis painter, Trent Richardson and Hank Basket would be the QB/RB/WR trio lol.
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