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  1. Notable Stats and Observations

    Watch him miss the pro bowl again lol.
  2. Super Bowl Prediction

    If the Chiefs D can just play average I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the AFC. NFC I have the 49ers.
  3. Colts WRs are just as bad minus Hilton.
  4. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Yeah and a good chunk of that was on a trick play.
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    2019 Colts finding new ways to lose.
  6. Notable Stats and Observations

    Looking like they face the Chiefs in the wildcard or win the division and face the Bills.
  7. Week 14 GDT

    Just checked in what the hell is happening in Houston?
  8. NFL 100 team

    Tomlinson, Champ Bailey for me.
  9. Colts extend TE Jack Doyle

    Looks like Ebron is gone.
  10. Who gets the AFC's 6 Seed?

    Isn’t this basically the same thread?
  11. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    This is great and all but I don’t see you guys making the playoffs. Also let’s be real that was a fluke win. They will spilt with the Texans going 9-7. If only they would have started Tannahill sooner.
  12. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    I just trust Watson and Mahomes to put up more points then Allen and whoever is the Steelers QB. Not to mention how hard it is playing the Chiefs in arrowhead.
  13. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    Unlike the NFC the AFC wildcards stand little chance against the high powered offenses of the Chiefs and Texans.
  14. Super Bowl Prediction

    Ravens vs Saints still 50/50 on who wins.