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  1. Same Colts should've kept Rivers and traded up for a QB last draft. 😞
  2. Yep I don’t know if Kelly is still dealing with a Elbow injury but if he just would’ve blocked a tiny bit better that’s a TD. Wentz tbh has been better than I expected and not the reason they’re 0-2.
  3. Jacoby didn’t look that bad Dolphins couldn’t convert those 4th downs.
  4. Center Ryan Kelly was out all of TC with torn ligaments in elbow. Nelson out all TC with foot surgery. LT Fisher finally started his first game after achilles surgery. Finally RT Smith recently got a foot injury. It’s a combination of injuries and rust/ no chemistry. Finally add in a QB that holds onto the ball and it’s a mess so far.
  5. Wow they knew the KC @ BAL game ending in advance 2:01 lol.
  6. He didn’t the one that knocked him out the game was the nasty one in the 4th.
  7. I thought he broke it when I saw it live. He's not the problem and reason Colts are 0-2. That's on the OL failing to protect him and secondary getting torched. At least they'll will most likey keep that 1st though.
  8. He's playing out of his mind and if he keeps it up. He'll earn a new contract somewhere.
  9. Man Castonzo was so underrated. 😔
  10. @Kirill notifications blowing up 😂
  11. Good for them still don’t know what your on about lol.
  12. Both my points were correct quit assuming things lol.
  13. Falcons made Hurts look elite. Bucs have such an easy schedule lol.
  14. 9 wins is enough to win the AFCS 😂
  15. Ankle he was having a good game.
  16. Welp pretty sure Wentz has high ankle sprain.
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