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  1. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Obviously it's not the same thing, I dont think he was claiming that. It is certainly analagous.
  2. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Had not really thought about that, but it's a good point.
  3. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    Aw, you didn't get enough attention on this post the first time around? Don't worry lil' fella, I tossed you a couple likes.
  4. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    I'm not putting words in your mouth. You're getting defensive and lashing out, with red text and everything lol. You're starting to expand the definition what it means to have a good defense in order to prove your preconceived notion that defenses win championships. This was a similar problem with a very similar thread this spring. So now defense wins championships if it did a good job during the regular season and/or did a good job in the playoffs and/or did a good job in the Super Bowl and/or did a good job during key plays of the Super Bowl. When you expand the definition that much, you make it meaningless. Despite the title of your thread, if your argument is that a team generally needs to have a good defense in order to win a championship, then I agree 100%. Same could be said for offense, especially in recent years, which is my stance.
  5. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    Just the language in your posts gives away your bias. You credit the winning team's defense with plays that they made, but instead of crediting the winning team's offense with plays that they made, you instead turn it around to make it a mark against the losing team's defense. Why? Because you want to prove that the best defense always wins championships, even in a game where the score was 41-33 and the winning team's defense performed much poorly than it was expected to. The Eagles offense performed better vs. expectations than the defense did. So offense won that championship. There's really no need to dig deeper than that.
  6. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    Or...the better offense won. One offense executed on key drives and scored touchdowns. The other offense had multiple trips in the RZ in the first half and did not score, and coughed up a late fumble. See how easy it is to turn that narrative around depending on your bias? I think the proper evaluation is to look at how each side performed compared to the opponent's average on the season. The Patriots scored 28.6 points per game in the regular season, and 33 against the Eagles. The Eagles' defense was 15% worse than the average. Meanwhile, the Patriots allowed 18.5 points per game in the regular season, and the Eagles scored 41 points against them. So the Eagles' offense did about 121% better than the average. Therefore, the Eagles' offense performed better vs. expectations than the Eagles' defense, and thus it was the Eagles' offense that won that Super Bowl, and not the defense as you claim. You could do the same calculation for yards instead of (or even better, in addition to) points if you are concerned about ST or defensive points. And you'd find the same conclusion. It wasn't the Eagles defense that won the SB. It was the offense. It's clear that you came into this project with a certain confirmation bias, and found the conclusion that suited your preconceived notion. Personally, I'd argue that defense used to be a larger factor in winning championships, but that it has evened out in recent years. Hence you have SB winners in the current decade winning with scores like 41-33, 34-28, 28-24, 34-31, and 31-25. The average team score since 2010 is 22.5 points, and in each of the five scores I cited, the winning team allowed more points than that average.
  7. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    Yes, exactly. Including the Eagles' offense. Which performed much better than their defense all game. LOL. What side of the Eagles' squad was more responsible for their SB victory last season? If you say defense, you are very, very wrong. It's as simple as that.
  8. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    Yes, and it was the team with the offense that made a play (ie. the game-winning drive when the Eagles finally started trailing) that actually won the Super Bowl. And that offense scored 41 points, compared to the defense that allowed 33. It's illogical to think that defense won the last SB. I'm actually chuckling thinking about someone trying to argue that.
  9. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    These two sentences right here pretty much invalidate anything in your OP. If you truly believe that, then it's valid to call into serious question any other arguments you might have about what wins playoff games. It's ridiculous to even entertain the idea that a defense that yielded 33 points, instead of an offense that scored 41, was what won that Super Bowl.
  10. SB redos for NE

    Of course the 2013 defense was better, I didn't say otherwise. But it wasn't that much better - a difference of fewer than 1.5ppg for the entire regular season. That 2014 defense was still amazing and far, far better than NE's defense. They had six games where they gave up fewer than 10 points, for example. And yes, they destroyed the Packers. They were given a short field to defend over and over and over again, and still only yielded 22 points. It was an awesome defensive performance against the league MVP and #1 offense. No other way around it. Rodgers lost his nerve because he was going up against a defense being spoken of in historic terms. NE's defense wasn't nearly as good as SEA's defense that season. Not even close.
  11. SB redos for NE

    Even if you put NE's defense ranked 2nd, it should be on a tier way, way below SEA. That SEA defense was being spoken of in historic terms, as potentially one of the greatest of all-time, and had just destroyed Rodgers and the Packers two weeks earlier, holding them to 22 points even though their offense turned it over five times. Pats' defense was also manhandled quite a bit by BAL and SEA in those playoffs. It was a good defense, but not great.
  12. SB redos for NE

    I disagree that Seattle's defense was marginally better than the Patriots' defense that year. Seattle's D was much better. And as amazing as the Patriots' offense performed in that game, they were also blessed with untimely injuries for SEA in Lane and Avril. I don't think NE would score close to 28 points per game in a 7-game series. I'd say on average the score would be like 24-21 or 23-20 for Seattle.
  13. Tony Sparano Dead at the Age of 56

    RIP to Sparano and condolences to his family. Take care of yourself, folks, heart disease is the leading cause of death.
  14. SB redos for NE

    Rams beat Patriots Patriots beat Panthers Patriots beat Eagles Patriots beat Giants Patriots beat Giants Seahawks beat Patriots Patriots beat Falcons Eagles beat Patriots
  15. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    I think he's top 10. He's underrated because he's an X receiver who isn't >6'.