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  1. I think 2014 is that pivot year. 2001-2014 is a GOAT career, and then 2014-present is a GOAT career.
  2. If the Bills had missed that 2-point conversion, they would have likely played much different defense and may have had a better chance of winning. No weak prevent. Food for thought.
  3. You just knew whoever won the coin toss was winning.
  4. Let's be real. These are the two best QBs in the league right here.
  5. Lesgo. Should have done a squib kick. Lmao. Holy ****!
  6. One of the greatest games I've ever seen. Josh Motherfukken Allen.
  7. Doesn't make much difference, but yeah, that's textbook taunting if they're trying to discourage it.
  8. Amazing by Hill. Did he get a taunting penalty for that finger wag at the end?
  9. ST has been big this weekend. The GB disaster, the TB kicker with two kickoffs OOB, and now this punt return
  10. You come up with that nickname while you were snug under a set of warm sheets?
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