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  1. A) Aaron Rodgers had XX passing yards in 2020 B) The Green Bay offense had XX passing yards in 2020 when Aaron Rodgers was QB We could play this game all day
  2. Making wins a QB stat doesn't ignore every other person who doesn't play offense any more than ANY/A ignores every other person on the offense who isn't QB. All it does is acknowledge the reality that the QB is the most important player on the team when it comes to winning, as evidenced by stats like ANY/A being so highly correlated to winning. Probably just best to agree to disagree here.
  3. Yes, an OL can affect ANY/A and EPA/play. Do you think they should be considered QB stats? Or are you just against any stats being attributed to individuals in any way? An OL's performance depends on the skill players as well. It goes both ways. The OL will allow fewer sacks if the QB is able to make correct pre-snap and post-snap reads in order to get rid of the ball quicker. Ditto if the receivers are running the correct routes with high precision. There is a reason why sacks are also a QB stat. The OL's run block performance depends on an RB's ability to find the right holes and b
  4. The highest correlation of any individual stat to a team's winning percentage is the QB's ANY/A or EPA/play. So yes, wins and losses should be a QB stat as long as it's used in context with other, more individual QB stats.
  5. Borderline top 10. Tonyan was good this year. Did you watch him at all or are you just dismissing him because he's not as well known as the elite TEs in the league? I live in the Midwest so I end up watching a lot of Packers games. He was 2nd in DYAR and 1st in DVOA among TEs and Rodgers had a 148 passer rating when throwing to him. He was also 12th in receptions and yards and 2nd in TDs for TEs. So above average is perfectly fair considering the QB and that it was potentially just an outlier, rather than a breakout, season. MVS and Lazard as averagish WR2 and WR3 isn't that controve
  6. Elite WR1 and OL. Above average pass-catching TE. Average-ish WR2, WR3 and RB as pass catcher. That looks like an above-average supporting offense to me. Big step down from the likes of TB, KC, BUF, NO, maybe 1 or 2 others I'm missing. Beyond that, about on par or not far behind.
  7. Again: When he wrote "compound interest," did you think he meant CDs? Obviously he didn't mean that, but you decided to cite those rates.
  8. Nah, you just showed how you incorrectly inferred what he meant when he said "compound interest"
  9. When he mentioned compound interest, you thought he was talking about CDs? C'mon man. The DJIA has nearly doubled in the last five years. A standard index fund isn't considered that risky, especially for a younger investor.
  10. Do you really wonder that? Obviously it wouldn't be nearly as good. Obviously the QB is the most important player on the offense and the entire team. No one argues that, so it's such a silly strawman. That doesn't mean his supporting cast was bad. And supporting cast doesn't just mean WR1 and WR2
  11. I would say that if you look at entire supporting casts on offense, only TB and KC clearly had it better.
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