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  1. No, he didn't have any success. He had rushes of 0, 3 and 11 yards. His 11-yard rush was on the last play of the game with 2 seconds left, when DAL was on their own 25 and TB had everyone in deep prevent to stop a fluke TD. It wasn't even close to resembling success. You made a dumb point, it happens to all of us, time to move on.
  2. When the discussion is about a team's run D and you mention how an opposing runner got 4.7ypc, you're absolutely making a comment on that team's run D. You thought it was a point worth making, and it wasn't. Pollard's 4.7ypc on 3 rushes in the game means absolutely nothing. It was an irrelevant point.
  3. You mentioning Pollard's 4.7ypc (over 3 rushes) was an implication that TB's run D isn't as great as it may seem. It was lame, just own it. There are better arguments to make - weak run offenses faced aside from Dallas, their pass D being so bad that teams just default to throwing vs. them, etc. Look, Thurman Thomas averaged 8ypc against the vaunted 2000 Ravens D in this game: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200009170mia.htm . Explosive!
  4. Pollard 4.7 YPC? Lol. Three rushes of 0 yards, 3 yards, and then 11 yards on the last meaningless play of the game. Wow, 4.7 YPC, so explosive! Skippy brought up the Ravens run D as a measuring stick, not to say the TB run defense was GOAT. Try to follow along and make less ridiculous takes like Pollard 4.7 YPC on 3 rushes. Hahaha. TB hasn't faced any good run offenses except for Dallas, which is 2nd in rushing. They allowed 3.3ypc against them, which would be best in the league. Still a lot to prove for sure, and like Flacco said, it's a different era. TB currently facing about 15 r
  5. KC sending 5+ almost every down now
  6. JFC these calls are lame. The RTP, the hold, the RTP It's a whistle not a snorkel
  7. Great low-risk, high-reward move by CAR. Patriots fumbled this by not trading him earlier last season, when they could have gotten something of value in a season where the Patriots weren't going to contend. Could've maybe gotten a 2nd anyway. Their initial trade value for him was too high and then he got injured and the market for him became zilch.
  8. Lol at posting a Scott Kacsmar tweet. Dude has been on Brady's nuts for 15 years
  9. Surprised they didn't go for it there tbh. Bucs secondary is trash and they were moving it well
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