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  1. Week 6 - 3 up and 3 down

    Not sure I would give Dorsett a down just for that one play. Seemed like DPI to me with a push and arm hold. Seems like he and Brady just haven't practiced enough together yet, I don't know. And for me, up for Lewis over Cooks, but I can't fault your choice there.
  2. Snap Counts - Week 6 Edition

    I don't have the kind of institutional memory to comment on history, but I think it's safe to say the offseason/preseason pickups and trades have been disappointing. Gilmore, Allen, Gillislee, Burkhead, and Harris have given sub-par value for their salaries, though Gilmore is doing better lately. The trade for Cooks and re-signing of Hightower were the obvious highlights.
  3. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    I know the difference, but you still didn't answer the question. Why is it a turnover instead of the fumbling team's ball at the 1? Warning: "It's their job to bang it in" is a ridiculous answer.
  4. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    Like others have said, if the original call was a touchback, I could understand it being upheld. The way it stood, I don't think there was indisputable evidence that allowed them to overturn it. Should have been a TD. Also, why is a fumble into the endzone a touchback at all? At any other place in the field, if the player fumbles it out of bounds, his team gets the ball back where he fumbled it. Why is it different when it's the endzone? Should be Jets' ball at the 1 there. Dumb rule.
  5. Christian McCaffrey's rookie campaign

    Too early to tell. He's good as a receiver out of the backfield, and like others have said, Cam didn't see him on some open routes and was a bit off on some throws to him. He has good hands. He has done fairly well in passpro when he stays in the backfield to block, from what I've seen. Both him and Stewart are getting hit in the backfield for half their carries, so you really can't judge him as a runner yet. My one criticism is it doesn't seem like he's very good at making people miss. Correct me if I'm wrong, Panthers fans. I only watched him last night and vs. the Patriots.
  6. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    I just did a quick look in Excel based on ESPN's splits on how far passes traveled in the air:
  7. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Yes he is, the dude is balling and has been absolutely clutch. Multiple times vs. the Texans and Redskins he got key first downs through the air or with his feet. That may change, but for now he is the MVP of that team and of the league. Brady and Rodgers both have plenty of offensive talent as well, by the way. Gronkowski, Cooks, Nelson, Adams, etc. One criticism is his tendency to take bad sacks at bad times, but that's pretty much it.
  8. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    The bizarre MVP arguments have already begun. Apparently Kareem Hunt and the OL has to go on IR and Alex Smith still has to perform amazingly in order for him to be the MVP front-runner.
  9. The O-Line, Are they the real issue?

    Even on the quick throws, DEs are getting into the backfield very quickly. The strategy seems to be to have Solder and Cannon allow them to get outside but push them downfield so that Brady can step up, but the interior OL isn't protecting well enough or long enough to really allow that to happen. They're getting pushed back and the pocket's getting shrunk. Like others have said, Allen's pass pro has left plenty to be desired.
  10. Weaknesses of the greatest QBs of all time.

    Brett Favre - too much of a gunslinger, too eager to send texts when he shouldn't Drew Brees - kind of short, performance drops outdoors, has a dirty birthmark on his face John Elway - couldn't win the SB until TD came to town, breath smells from eating too much horse feed
  11. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position, as of Week 4

    Yeah, there has always been issues with PFF's subjective grading, in my opinion. Their measured stats that used to be available to normal chumps like us was very useful (things like time to snap, time to sack for QBs, etc.) but then they took that away. I think they have it available again but it's a lot more expensive. Just to give an example of the kind of grade PFF administers. Let's say the team is in the RZ and the QB has two options - throw a pass to an open RB on a wheel route who can walk into the endzone, or throw a jump ball in the back corner to a WR who is double-covered. PFF would likely give the former a 0 and the latter a +2 because of the difficulty of the latter throw. Which is silly. Sometimes a QB throws to an open man because he identified coverage pre- or post-snap that allows him to make that easy completion. That's a positive, not a neutral or negative. It's stupid to give play-by-play subjective grades unless you know the initial playcall, the initial defensive coverage and responsibilities, as well as any changes on the offensive or defensive side that happened pre-snap, and who made those changes, and whether the changes were right in relation to the other team's playcall and changes, and then how each player performed considering all those variables. In other words, it's practically impossible.
  12. Week 5 GDT - @ Buccaneers

    I'm psyching myself up for this one guys. Gilmore will be physical with Evans, and Butler has matched up decently with smaller-ish WRs like Jackson in the past. Prediction time: The defense will hold the Bucs to just under 30 points!
  13. 2017's Defense

    mmhmm: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-pats-have-gotten-by-with-bad-defenses-but-this-is-ridiculous/
  14. Snap Counts - Week 4 Edition

    Tuck wasn't a rookie that year, though. I think that's the difference. Of a bit more concern to me is T.Flowers playing 100%, or nearly that, of the defensive snaps. Hoping he doesn't tire out by the end of the season. OL is consistent, even if they aren't doing that well. My hope is them continuing to play together will eventually reap dividends.
  15. Who From 2016 Is Missed The Most?

    Ha. Yeah, well their LB group is making a strong push for the dubious honor, only reason I'd argue secondary is worse is b/c the Hightower injury is somewhat of an excuse.