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  1. Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots discussion thread

    This is what I know. If the play were exactly reversed - if it was a Patriots player that was going for the TD, 95% of the posters in this thread on both sides of the argument would have the opposite opinion. There is a lot of Patriots homerism and a lot of Patriots hate going on in here. Personally, I don't know what to think anymore. They ruled the Calvin Johnson play a no-catch, they ruled the Dez Bryant play a no-catch. While I do see the difference between those plays and this one, I don't think the difference is significant enough for anyone to be that surprised that this was ruled a no-catch. While you can argue that the play constituted him catching the ball and then lunging, with the lunging considered a football move, it is debatable. I can see both sides and wouldn't be angry no matter how it was called.
  2. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    Anyway, to answer the OP, I really have no idea. While I'm confident in Jonathan Kraft taking over as owner, I do think Belichick and Brady will leave at similar times. I was looking forward to a future with McDaniels or Patricia with Garoppolo. Now so much is up in the air that I don't know.
  3. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    Won 16 games with Brady in 2007. Has had a top 10 scoring offense in all but one year since 2003 with Brady at QB. Never finished below 12th in points scored with Brady at QB. Never made the playoffs in NE without Brady at QB. Also, your initial post didn't include any backup. Just said that success was tied to Belichick, not Brady, when clearly the team's success has been tied to the fact that both are arguably the GOAT at their position.
  4. MVP leaders at this point.

    He's 12th in passing+rushing yards and 12th in passing+rushing TDs. He's not having an MVP season, in the least. He also has the 5th most turnovers of any QB.
  5. MVP leaders at this point.

    He is average to below average in every passing category, both volume and efficiency. He's not getting MVP.
  6. MVP leaders at this point.

    Brady's crappy game last night definitely opens up the competition a bit to Wilson and Brown. Wilson didn't help himself out with his so-so game this weekend, but Brown certainly did. It would be nice to see him get serious consideration, in the least.
  7. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    Why? I would have been OK with him getting more, but given recent precedent, one game was fine. Mike Evans dangerously launched himself into the back of an opponent after the play was over, and almost no one in that thread said he should get more than one game. Go ahead. Check out the thread. I've also seen no one saying that AJ Green should get more than a one-game suspension for choke-slamming and punching Ramsey, and he only ended up getting a fine. So your disbelief is misguided. Gronk's one-game suspension is in line with recent precedent with those two situations. That said, I am sure you could find plenty of situations where someone received a longer suspension for something equally bad, or the same one-game suspension for something not nearly as bad (JuJu being the prime example). The NFL being wildly inconsistent with punishment is nothing new.
  8. Patriots Winning Field Position Battle At Historic Rate

    For sure. They've been stout in the RZ. It's really been a tale of two seasons with the defense. I thought it would get worse, or at least stay bad once Hightower went on IR, but they've gotten much better. Secondary has gelled and it's not giving up the kind of big plays it was earlier in the season. So as Deadpulse was alluding to some extent, the D forces you to methodically go down the field, bit by bit, in order to score. Combine that with a long distance to go, thanks to ST and the offense. Recipe for success.
  9. Patriots Winning Field Position Battle At Historic Rate

    Nice article. Definitely a testament to NE's longtime dedication to special teams, particularly kickoff and punt coverage this season. NE's defense has actually allowed the most yards per drive in the league, and their offense is middle of the pack when it comes to its average starting field position. But they are first in both offensive yards per drive, have the fewest TOs per drive, and are first in opponent average starting field position. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsdef
  10. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    JuJu and Iloka shouldn't have been suspended. It should have been a fine for JuJu for taunting, at most, and nothing for Iloka. It seems like they're being punished for the history of Steelers-Bengals games being rough.
  11. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    Oh, you're going to get technical. OK. Shove means to push roughly. When you think of pushing someone, what part of your body to you usually use? Most people would say their hands. Evans ran full speed at Lattimore and launched into his back with his forearms. That's not a shove. Either way, you tried to characterize the Gronk hit as being much worse, when it really wasn't. Evans' move was dangerous, and if Gronk deserved more than one game (which I could understand), then so did Evans. Since Evans got one game, Gronk getting one game makes sense.
  12. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    He launched himself at the guy's spine well after the play was over, and you called it a shove. Move along now.
  13. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    What JuJu did was actually during the play, however, so it's different. Standing over him afterward is what's bad.
  14. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    Calling what Evans did a shove or a push basically delegitimizes the rest of your argument. What Evans did was a full-speed elbow to the back, leaving his feet in the process, well after the play was over. It was a very dangerous play. Gronk hitting the head is also very dangerous. Bottom line, if Evans got one game, then one game for Gronk seems about right. Funny how this thread is filled with people crying that Gronk got off light and that he's appealing, while the Evans thread is pretty quiet on both those fronts.
  15. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    If the suspension holds at one game I think that is OK. Similar to premeditated fight between Talib and Crabtree where both their suspensions were reduced to one. Gronk needs to control himself, that was inexcusable.