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  1. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    That doesn't matter.
  2. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    This was really dumb of Bryant if true, but at the same time, the league really needs to rethink its substance abuse policy. It's outdated. It should no longer be considered substance abuse just because you test positive for marijuana. There should be added circumstances in order to warrant discipline, like there is with alcohol.
  3. Should More Teams Use 2 RB Sets?

    Or 20. Hard to say, the likely small sample sizes for 13 and 20 personnel probably make inferences about them more suspect. Whenever you can get an offensive skill player with versatility, that should open up the playbook and lead to mismatches. TEs that can block and receive; RBs that can run, receive and block. Then, like you said, defenses counter that with smaller, faster defensive personnel for pass defense. Perhaps we're seeing a slight counter in response to that light defensive personnel with the slight uptick in the 6 OL jumbo package.
  4. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    with a Nerf football, the one that whistles
  5. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Nice explanation - thank you
  6. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    It wouldnt surprise me if it was some previously unknown substance that lit the lamp. But two months later and they still dont know what it was? That is kind of crazy.
  7. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    It's kind of weird. From the SI story that PFT story is based on (https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/06/11/seattle-seahawks-rebuild-pete-carroll-hue-jackson-browns-tyrod-taylor-baker-mayfield) " I know what Julian Edelman posted on Instagram in the wake of the suspension news (“I don’t know what happened”) came off as a little weird, but there is an explanation for it. I was told Edelman’s result was triggered by a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable, and there are scientists analyzing it. And as to the timing, the test did happen during the offseason (a couple months ago), which means it’s not for any kind of stimulant. You might remember the rash of players saying they got popped for Adderall—the rules have changed now so that offseason use of stimulants falls under the substances of abuse policy, rather than the PED policy." So he was tested a couple months ago, and the drug testers still haven't told him what substance he's being banned for? It seems odd that 1) you're implementing a suspension for a banned substance, but don't know what the banned substance is; and 2) two months after the initial test, you STILL can't say what it is. Must be some super secretive cocktail, or something.
  8. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    He's a QB that wears a turtleneck while playing...
  9. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    That'll do it. Second-hand positive PED test from just being near Stallone, I'd imagine. PEDelman's innocent, I tell ya
  10. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Good job, PEDelman Haven't read through the thread yet, has that nickname already been given?
  11. This is the same team whose coach cried about another team tricking them within the rules, right? LOL. **** that lil' *****. That's right, I said lil'
  12. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    League consistency is a joke. The player conduct policy explicitly says it covers issues of potential fraud - and this is an instance of potential fraud of NFL items - and yet it won't even investigate? Or it says it's not even covered under the PCP? As that story said, Elliot was never charged, prosecuted or sued, and yet his actions did fall under the PCP? League investigations / non-investigations / explanations over Josh Brown and now this are horribly inconsistent and show that the league is either terribly incompetent or is protecting Mara and the Giants franchise. Either way it's pathetic.
  13. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    2014 is a better what-if IMO. Rodgers was injured, for that and due to SEA defense, he played poorly in the NFCC and turned it over a bunch. Plus he didnt go after a hobbled Sherman. If he was healthy, GB wins. If he threw it better or went after Sherman, GB wins. And then they have a really good chance vs NE in the SB. Pointing to that one poor call midseason in 2011 and following the butterfly effect so far with so many variables is just a bit much IMO.
  14. Making fun of blood clots in a player's lungs, a condition that is likely ending his career? Nah, not that funny. It's trolling and therefore against board policy. Mods have always been pretty strictly against posts like that, especially in a forum like NFL News. Team boards are often more lenient depending on the team board mod, which I'm cool with. And I'm not offended by stupidity, which is a common theme in that person's posts.
  15. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Smells like a reporter did a Lexis Nexis search and them couldnt contain themselves. Pretty lame. If the alleged victim didnt want to talk to the reporter, I doubt she'll talk to Roger, and so my guess is this will all fade away in the next couple weeks, and rightfully so.