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  1. Patriots extending WR Julian Edelman (2 year, $18M)

    Hopefully he can fit all that extra money in his lunch pail
  2. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Nice. I'm sure the Draft will be blazin for those years. Just like the Cuyahoga, Andrew Dice Clay OH!
  3. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    Jim Irsay is a cokehead, there ya go buddy
  4. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    My fandom was forged by the '85 Super Bowl. Patriots 1st, and my NFC team is the Bears, though I admittedly am more of a casual fan with the Bears. Walter Payton was my favorite player growing up, and my wife is from Chicago. So no, it's all good, just do what you want to do.
  5. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    I think I understand what you were trying to get at, was just giving you a hard time lol. No one is a guarantee, even if you do trade up for them, and if you truly believe Rosen has no future with your team, it's best to cut ties and move on. I just don't think it's likely that the Cardinals have enough information to make that decision.
  6. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    They gave up picks to trade up for someone they thought would fail? Oh, OK.
  7. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    Signing Gilmore and letting Butler walk.
  8. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    Are you asking a general question, where an answer would be like "Draft for depth on the OL" or more specific to each fan's team?
  9. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    Nah, there are plenty of over-the-hill WRs who haven't worked out, and I think that is fine with the team. Low risk, high reward type of deals.
  10. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    I hope he makes the $6m, that will likely mean he played out of his mind. But if the ceiling is $6m, I hope the floor is the lowest cap hit possible of $645k. A 30+ year old WR returning from an Achilles tear? Can't expect much.
  11. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    The other thought experiment I had was maybe using ANY/A as the metric for players of past eras isn't a great idea, because ANY/A may not have correlated to offensive production as much as it does now. Maybe completion% was more important in the 1960s because QBs were mostly just throwing on 3rd down and completing the pass was the most important thing. I don't think you should change up what you're doing, but it's food for thought.
  12. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    Hey, I was thinking about this and I think you should calculate it as a percentage above the average, not just the raw differential number. For example, let's say that in 1970 the average YPA was 5 and some QB had 10. And then in 2018 the average was 10 and some QB had 15. They both had a raw differential of +5 but the first QB's numbers were more impressive because his YPA was twice as much as the average, while the second one was only 50% better. I also think you should include rookie numbers because they all matter, but I can see your point also.
  13. Panthers ink WR Chris Hogan to 1-year deal

    Panthers love them some WRs who can't get separation
  14. Standardized career QB stats(post-04)

    This is what would be cool, if you could figure it out. Have one tab of a spreadsheet with two columns. First column is Year, second column is ANY/A and has the leaguewide ANY/A for all years. Then, on another tab, you have the career stats of every QB you want, along with their starting year in one column and their final year (or current year in the case of active QBs) in another. Then in a new cell in that QB's row, you use a formula or run a macro to calculate the average ANY/A differential over their career by referencing the other tab that has the leaguewide ANY/A figures and averaging all the leaguewide ANY/A from their starting year to their final year and subtracting that from their career ANY/A. Not sure if I'd made that clear, but would be pretty cool. Would require a relatively simple macro.
  15. Standardized career QB stats(post-04)

    He's one of the more underrated QBs. Slightly behind Manning and Brady, but ahead of Rodgers imo.