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  1. Matt Ryan '16. Would have an MVP, a ring and a very good career otherwise Russell Wilson '14. Two rings, SB MVP and a very good career Good chance both of those QBs get in anyway Torry Holt '01? He's been on the cusp for several years now, another ring would probably have him in by now
  2. Has there been a single person in this thread who said he should be in the HOF?
  3. That's a good point. I honestly didn't know that Eli made the Pro Bowl. I suspect that most or all the time he made it, it was because QBs ahead of him dropped out, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Either way it's a good point. I don't think that matters in most people's calculus though. They think Eli should get in because he had two good playoff runs that led to SBs. Well, Edelman had three good playoff runs that led to SBs - 2014, 2016, 2018 - where he averaged 100 yards receiving in each playoff run (slightly below that in 2014) and had more than 100 yards receiving in each SB. Edelma
  4. The argument for Edelman is similar to that for Eli - solely playoff performance. And there a lot of people who think Eli should get in. If you're going that route, then the argument for Edelman is arguably as strong as that for Eli. I don't think either should get in.
  5. 23 pages wtf? The Jets are trash. Darnold is also trash. The end.
  6. It's good that it's a 1 year deal. Between health and the suspension, I'll be surprised if he plays more than 12 games. He's hasn't been able to stay on the field.
  7. It's definitely an overpay, but given the Pats cap situation, they could afford to overpay and needed to get who they wanted at WR given their inability to draft at the position. They got a couple decent guys they liked. There are no elite FA WRs this off-season.
  8. I'd agree with you a few years ago, but he has seemed to regress or at least plateau. I don't think he'd be much better than Cam was last season, if at all. At least Cam can run the ball.
  9. Only so much can be explained by that. The truth is that the guy's arm looked shot. One-hoppers on 10-yard passes. I am hoping that SOMEHOW that was an anomaly, but I'm not expecting it and am still hoping they find another QB and Cam is the backup
  10. Thanks for explaining this and making your stupid OP even more idiotic.
  11. Surprised they didn't at least try to get something for him in a trade. In the end they're doing Hudson a solid, which teams rarely do, and that's why it's confusing.
  12. Do you actually think the Patriots will run a lot of deep seam routes with Cam throwing the ball like Brady did with Gronk and Hernandez, or are you just trying to claim the offense will be the same because they have two premium TEs again?
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