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  1. Great matchup breakdown using advanced analytics and film to examine both teams' run and pass offenses and defenses and how they might approach the game. https://theathletic.com/2329125/2021/01/20/nfl-playoffs-aaron-rodgers-tom-brady?source=user-shared-article
  2. Rodgers definitely has a recent history of showing up small against good defenses in big games. This year feels different, though. First off, he demolished a good defense in the Rams. He's making the quick reads and the quick passes. More shorter passes is something he has embraced, and it's paid off. He looks supremely confident. I don't think I've seen him look this good since their SB run. You are right that the way to beat Rodgers is to get pressure on him, but that's just like every other QB. The Bucs were able to do it earlier this season and the Panthers did it later. Have to be ab
  3. Was Buffalo's super pass heavy game against Baltimore caused by an opponent that shut down Henry or something that's been more prevalent for Buffalo because its run game is just not that great? I do think they may have to show some more balance to beat a team like KC. On the off chance that Mahomes is out, the game would not be close. But Mahomes will play.
  4. They didn't play great against the Saints but they were decent considering the defense they were playing. The Bucs regularly moved the ball on them. They had three drives of over 60 yards for FGs with one that should have been a TD but for a drop by Godwin , a 40-yard TD drive off a turnover and then, yes, two much shorter TD drives off turnovers. FO had TB's offensive DVOA for the game at 28%. Only two teams - GB at 61% (!) and KC at 29% were higher. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2021/week-19-dvoa-ratings Also, the team's weighted offensive DVOA, which looks at
  5. A lot of Packers fans are feeling their oats and you can't blame them. It could end up being a runaway for GB but I wouldn't count on it. Say what you will about luck and turnovers but TB put up 31 and 30 the last two weeks against the 4th and 5th best scoring defense, and gained more than 800 yards total against the 2nd and 4th best defenses in yards allowed. And with GB just putting up points with ease against the No. 1 scoring and yards allowed defense, I'd be surprised if this was anything but a close back-and-forth high-scoring game, unless it's extremely windy.
  6. Nearly 600 yards and 99 rating in the last two playoff games against teams that are 2nd and 3rd in defensive passing DVOA this season. I would not say that Brady had a great game last night, the D definitely carried the day. But he played fine, especially as the game went on.
  7. I don't think weather will be a huge factor unless it's windy. Both teams should still be able to put up points. I also take little stock in past h2h matchups or circular "well we beat this team and they beat you and we played harder competition and you didn't" or whatever. NO blew out TB earlier this season too. This is a new game. I think the Bucs D right now is a bit better than the Rams D with an injured Donald, although I am not sure how much that would matter given how locked in Rodgers looks right now. I'd also say that the NO D is a bit better than GB D, but TB will definitel
  8. No dude, you don't understand. What Brady is doing is not impressive at all because all the hypothetical QBs in the hypothetical future will be top 5 QBs at age 43.
  9. Love Brees, always have. One of the more underrated QBs in history, all because he happened to play the same time as Brady and Manning.
  10. 3rd and 1 with a run offense that's shown decent push up front, let's throw a sideline bomb.
  11. Ravens had net -4 points in the red zone tonight despite several trips there. Also, the Ravens only have one playoff win since 2014.
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