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  1. Smart move to kick FG now. Too many teams waste too much time trying to get TD when they need two scores anyway
  2. Brees just threw the ball more than 10 yards in the air, tell the trainer to get the ice ready
  3. The broadcast seemed interested in Brees' aDOT but Rodgers' might be even less. This game is dump off city
  4. Yeah he led the league on drops last year. He had a monster game last night, though, so no real complaints. It was a hard throw and he barely got his hands up in time. Good game against a team that looks like it will be a serious NFC contender. Onto the next.
  5. I was thinking that Brady's deep ball was the best part of his game yesterday. He dropped several deep balls into a bucket, some caught, some that drew DPI. It was his decision-making, tendency to get easily flustered, and accuracy on balls to the flat and intermediate routes outside the numbers where he often looked like trash.
  6. Oh yeah, for sure. Would love to see a Pats vs. Bucs SB
  7. It's funny, it didn't look weird to me to see Newton in a Patriots jersey, but it does look weird seeing Brady in a Bucs jersey
  8. You're trembling like a leaf right now, aren't you
  9. You're trembling like a leaf right now, aren't you
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