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  1. Pointless drive, pointless TD, and it leads to a pointless injury
  2. Belichick would have been gone before Brady would have taken over for a healthy Bledsoe.
  3. Not sure how they didn't call holding there on the WR, but w/e
  4. Once he brought the dog up, I was like bye
  5. Perfect contrast between the two broadcasts. Peyton asked Gronk about Goff's checkdowns and Gronk talked about the importance of a RB or TE checkdown game, especially when playing defenses playing deep with C2 or C4. Peyton nodding the whole time. Changed to normal broadcast and they're talking about how Goff has been checking it down too much, even though they were in the midst of their 2nd TD drive. I wonder how PFF grades a checkdown vs. a dangerous completion downfield against double coverage when facing Cover 4. A 0 vs. a +2, I'm guessing.
  6. Don't you get it, man? The instant analysis doesn't mean anything, PFF just throws it out there to trick everyone into thinking that they don't know what they're talking about. Then later, when the All 22 comes out, they dedicate 6 men to each game and get the grades correct. Fooled ya!
  7. Wasn't the jersey tug Collinsworth. It was contact by the WR before the catch.
  8. Just lacking touch on that deep ball
  9. Decent 2-minute drill to end the half for the Patriots, aside from the grounding play
  10. To be fair, the second one should have been caught for a completion
  11. Two INTs on two throws by Zach Wilson
  12. This. I ignored that user a while ago. Forum is just peachy for me!
  13. Looked like he got tripped up last second and it took something off the throw. Fun game to watch regardless
  14. It seems like you're in an entirely different discussion and replying to the wrong person tbh
  15. Well, I wasn't initially responding to someone who said pretty much. There would be 28 seconds left and they'd be at about the 50. So less than 50% chance, sure. Also a decent chance they're able to gain 20 or so yards in that time and still get a FG.
  16. No it's not but w/e. It was a great game regardless
  17. Wow, Brady can't stop throwing it to the other team, what is up with him? Dude is washed.
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