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  1. Your football mount rushmore

    Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick
  2. Good point. I suppose Jacksonville could have pulled it off, but if I was betting on that game, I'd take the Eagles in a heartbeat. They were just a buzzsaw that postseason.
  3. Eagles lit up the Vikings in the same playoffs. The Vikings had a dominant defense that year, maybe not as good as the Jags but close. So the Eagles. The Jags' offense wouldn't have been able to keep up.
  4. Cincinnati get Michael Thomas

    *holds hand to heart and waves paper fan in front of face* Well how DARE you post such a thing sir!
  5. How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

    You named all your WR1s but didn't actually define it. What is a WR1, in your opinion?
  6. Seahawks sign WR Phillip Dorsett on 1-year deal

    Yeah, he'll occasionally stretch the field vertically for you. Not a bad pickup depending on the terms, low-risk, medium-reward type of thing.
  7. Seahawks sign WR Phillip Dorsett on 1-year deal

  8. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    They probably would be better off tanking than being in that 8-8 range, but that is not likely going to happen. I would be impressed if they made the playoffs. Getting past KC or BAL to get out of the AFC with the offense they have now? Not gonna happen. Best case scenario is this season is a bridge year, Stidham turns into a solud starter, and they are contenders again in 2021 when they have a ton of cap space and can spend more for top talent.
  9. Pats Release K Stephen Gostkowski

    I guess I'm not sure what you mean by clutch. I gave overall playoff numbers because I figured that would qualify. 4th quarter with 2 minutes or less left in regular season and playoff games where they win? Vinatieri is 33/35 (94.3%), Gostkowski 29/31 (93.5%) http://pfref.com/tiny/WDlOc OT wins? Vinatieri 11/12, Gostkowski 5/5 http://pfref.com/tiny/ruaWW Vinatieri just has those iconic kicks in the two SBs that place him above everyone, but Gostkowski was as good a replacement as you could possibly ask for. To be honest, I was one of those people that was hoping Gostkowski could come back strong after surgery, and thought he might be able to. I was wrong about his decline.
  10. Pats Release K Stephen Gostkowski

    Vinatieri 20/25 (80%) FGs in the playoffs in the Belichick era. Ghost 64/69 (92%): http://pfref.com/tiny/XeJX5 Don't get me wrong, I still think Vinatieri is the best all-time. But Ghost falling off the last few years is coloring your overall impression of him. He was solid and clutch for many, many years.
  11. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    They have a dead cap hit of $13.5m for Brady this upcoming season, so not really that much. They have a lot of dead cap this season (~$23m) but then have none the following season.
  12. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    I don't think they're too married to Cody Kessler if they want to bring in someone like Dalton. Personally I'd rather see what Stidham has rather than having him back up a so-so veteran QB who likely won't take them far.
  13. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    Curious to see the numbers, but a one-year prove-it deal? Good on the Falcons, and hopefully Gurley has a great comeback year.
  14. Broncos waive QB Joe Flacco

    Elway seeing that Jameis Winston is available:
  15. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I guess if they thought he was adding absolutely nothing, then losing a little bit of cap space this season and gaining a little bit of cap space next season is worth it. I don't know the numbers, though, or even if my statement about cap space is correct.
  16. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    If that is the case, do you think this is a move that signals a semi-rebuild this year? Take a bit of a hit this year but free up space after that?
  17. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    Teams blitzed the Bucs more than any other team last year: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/advanced.htm
  18. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    They all going bye bye. Van Noy, Collins, Shelton, Harmon, now Karras.
  19. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    10-6 or 11-5. Possible division winner, likely WC. NFC North is not that good outside the Packers. AFC West not that good outside the Chiefs. Good chance they go 4-2 in the division. Other two are Rams and Giants. Bucs have elite offensive weapons and an underrated defense. Should be a fun team to watch this season.
  20. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Seems like a weird fit, but it could work. TB was actually 5th in defensive DVOA last season. Pair that with Brady and two elite receiving weapons plus a legit TE in Howard. NFC South Brady vs. Brees should be a lot of fun to watch next season.
  21. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Wow. Great statements.
  22. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    The legal tampering period just started yesterday so no, he hasn't had 2 months. Teams can't even sign FAs until tomorrow, lol at holding the league hostage.
  23. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Do what?
  24. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Yeah, I agree. However, I do think that Belichick has the opportunity to change that narrative by being successful without Brady. Belichick has been a head coach for 7 seasons without Brady, and has only made the playoffs once, back when he was with the Browns. If he can show that he can do it without Brady, it would solidify his GOAT status even more. Brady's too old now to change much about how people view him. I suppose that if Belichick wins a couple more rings without Brady, then Brady's status could take a hit. But I doubt that will happen (although as a Patriots fan I hope it does!) The most likely result is that neither Belichick nor Brady will win any more SBs. I'd be very happy if either of them did, though, of course.