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  1. I remember when folks said it was a reach to compare Mac to Burrow leading up to this year’s draft. Yea, it’s definitely an insult to Mac.
  2. Chicago definitely does not have good safeties, especially compared to SEA & AZ’s.
  3. Carr is mediocrity personified.
  4. Mac. I said for months that Mac will be the QB most swore up & down Rosen was gonna be despite getting way more hate.
  5. Please go look at my initial post you responded to.
  6. I’m not disagreeing if he’s top 5 or not, I’m just disagreeing if the gap between Russ & Lamar is a big one heading into 2021.
  7. So, no concern going forward after Russell’s incredible drop off in the 2nd half last season & getting up there in age? Alrighty then.
  8. Can you really say with full confidence that you would wake Russell Wilson over Lamar Jackson heading into 2021?
  9. Well I mean you also been boasting the Falcons for about the past 3 years.
  10. I remember when people went to war for this guy when Arizona announced he was on Trading Block. Jesus.
  11. Isabella isn’t making the team.
  12. Taking the Rams WRs over Dallas’ is one thing, but saying Metcalf is better than Diggs is in the running for most asinine take of the year.
  13. I have no clue what the Falcons are doing for the future
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