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  1. It would make quite a theory if Josh Rosen leads 2 different teams to the #1 pick in back-to-back years.
  2. No, the logic is in fact a guy took over a team that Chip Kelly was giving talent away & managed to win the SB his 2nd year in the league against BB with Nicholas Foles as his QB while the other guy took over a team the consensus swore were underachieving year-after-year & brought them to the SB in his 2nd year against BB only for his team to put up the lowest points in a SB ever.
  3. Give me the guy that’s 2-0 over McVay with both being on the road & a recent SB title.
  4. McVay over Pederson is mind blowing.
  5. Michael Thomas vs Julio Jones

    Julio. I’m not even sure if MT is the best #13 in his own division.
  6. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Jason Verrett died so Amik Robertson could live.
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The one that supposedly can cannot do it consistently. The Ravens’ defense & run game sure wasn’t elevating anything until Lamar got under center.
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Only one of the guys I mentioned can & has elevated his team.
  9. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Lamar Jackson will have a better career than Josh Rosen.
  10. Who will have the #1 pick?

    I’m very high on Kyler. Just like Mahomes, I think people are heavily overthinking him. I think he’s going to have a really good rookie year. He’ll be able to uplift the team around him, something Rosen failed to do. What has Jimmy G proven to be anything other than injury prone? I’m definitely not sold on the 49ers as a threat or even a sleeper. I think the AFC North takes a huge step back this season, sans Cleveland. I think Pitt & Baltimore will be middling 7-9/8-8 teams. I think 6-10 is very likely for them. I just find it extremely hard to have back-to-back seasons with the #1 pick, unless you’re Cleveland.
  11. Official 2020 WR Thread

    This is just.....yea. I don’t even think Edwards is a top 10 WR in this class or even top 3 in the SEC alone.
  12. I’ll be extremely surprised. I think there’s a good chance Miami goes 2-14. Roster is lacking talent & imagine hiring a DC in today’s game WHILE being a Belichick Assistant. Sheesh.
  13. Who will have the #1 pick?

    It would be really surprising if Arizona finished with the #1 pick. Outside of Cleveland, when has a franchise finished with the #1 pick in back-to-back seasons? Just as impossible as winning a SB. Looking at their roster, it’s not the best, but I don’t think it’s horrific or even bottom 3. I loved their draft & I think Kyler is easily an upgrade over Rosen. I think people are underestimating how awful of a coach Wilks & his supporting cast were last year. I also think people just want to see them get it because of how Rosen was treated. I think their ceiling is 7 wins & floor is 4.
  14. Who will have the #1 pick?

    Dolphins or Bengals.