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  2. What team goes WORST to FIRST in 2020?

    What a weird mindset.
  3. Kyler Murray Hype

    Yea, Baker was definitely getting huge potential MVP love. OTOH. Watson flashed as a rookie, but he was also coming off a torn ACL tear going into his 2nd year. Was he really getting MVP love like that?
  4. Kyler Murray Hype

    I don’t think he’ll win MVP this season(or whenever the next season is played), but I do think he’ll win MVP the following. I think he’ll be a perennial top 5 QB for 8-10 years with at least one championship. I always thought he was the generational prospect that people continue to peg Trevor Lawrence as.
  5. Jeffrey Okudah Kyler Murray Minkah Fitzpatrick Baker Mayfield Nick Bosa Terry McLaurin
  6. Which QB would you want?

    Probably because Trevor didn’t live up to this Godly potential people portrayed him as last season. That showed a bit against Ohio State & especially against LSU. As for my answer, it’s: Kyler > Trevor > Wentz > Burrow > Dak for me.
  7. I’d put Matt Ryan before Philip Rivers in the HOF.
  8. Overrated Head Coaches

    How is Pederson “so-so”, but McVay “might be good”?
  9. All time career wasted team

    Not to mention that these players continually sign contracts with the franchise that has been “wasting” them. Doesn’t seem like the players themselves think they’re being wasted if they’re still there. Some of the names mentioned are hilarious, too. Philip Rivers? Really? That guy is responsible for his own shortcomings in both the regular & especially the postseason.
  10. All time career wasted team

    So basically, if you didn’t win a ring, your career was wasted? Alright.
  11. All time career wasted team

    Calling someone’s career “wasted” always been lame to me if that player made his own decisions to stay with that team.
  12. Is Rivers washed up?

    I still believe Rivers is the most overrated post-70s QB of all time. I do think he’ll be better there, but not by much.
  13. Most Likely NFC Worst to First

    Cardinals. Even with being in the hardest decision. Lions are too talent deprived & Patricia is a joke. Never been sold on Haskins & I don’t like Rivera. i liked their draft a lot, but Carolina is just too talent deprived as well.
  14. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    I’m sure you’re thinking of someone else. Reddick was pretty much billed as a 3-4 OLB, but had the fluidity to at least attempt to play ILB. He was just too raw to overcome it.