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  1. Well, Derwin actually has to not miss a whole season for the first time since his rookie year pretty much & Hayward was pretty bad this season. Bosa will definitely life easier for him, though.
  2. Parsons is a way better 3-4 OLBer than a ILBer. Hated Penn State moved him there.
  3. I think he’s just an above-average QB who did have a good amount of talent in the early to mid 10s, but has failed to elevate his own play to the next level. There’s never been a time where I’ve said “Man, we got Matt Stafford next week. I’m nervous” in any part of his career. Now he has the victim card of everything being the organization’s fault against him. Just don’t buy it. Clearly not a bad QB, but yea, easily the most overrated QB in the league as of this moment.
  4. What’s the difference between Mike Tomlin & Pete Carroll?
  5. I don’t think Burrow looked THAT good to not be in a trade for Watson.
  6. Blinded by length. I don’t see that at all.
  7. Is it the old guys like Rodgers, Brady, Brees, & Ben possibly having their last good shot at another ring? Is it Rivers’ last shot at even attaining his first one? 2018 QB class? Lamar taking a massive reputation hit with another one & done? Josh Allen with the Bills being the ones to dethrone the Chiefs? Baker living up to #1 pick? Are they even on this list? Who do you think?
  8. Ravens are on fire & seem to be the favorite in terms of winning as the lower seed, but Tennessee has had their number. I’m going with Tennessee, but wouldn’t be shocked if Baltimore won. Although, if Baltimore loses & loses bad, I think there will be a lot of questions about Lamar & Harbaugh. Especially being the favorite in all their one-&-dones & Harbaugh only winning 1 playoff game since 2013.
  9. Eh, I was thinking of Herbert as the most scrutinized QB from last year. Honestly forgot about Love.
  10. Trey Lance probably gonna end up the best QB in the class just for the sole fact the most scrutinized-but-potentially franchise QBs have ended up being the best the past 4/5 classes.
  11. Lawerence > Wilson > Fields > Lance > Mac.
  12. I mean, regardless of who the GM will be, they’ll be picking QB. Just my prediction though. Then there’s Carolina & Detroit.
  13. As far as coaching staff? Idk, I just think this is the perfect time to draft one regardless of what pieces will be put in place.
  14. Really? I don’t think he’s a standout at really anything. He’s just.....ordinary.
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