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  1. Think he would have a better case than Rivers & folks saying Rivers is borderline.
  2. Haskins Traded Like Rosen?

    Must have insanely bad vision.
  3. Haskins Traded Like Rosen?

    Is he really?
  4. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    One thing is for sure, Rivers gets a lot more excuses than Ryan & perhaps every other player in the history of the NFL. It’s always the FO’s fault or Nate Kaeding’s fault or Marlon McCree’s fault for Rivers’ constant failures when the moment matters the most. Always.
  5. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    Actually elevate his play in the postseason?
  6. Haskins Traded Like Rosen?

    Why? I’m curious.
  7. To be fair, that QB has done more with less than the guy that people are saying “easily” with.
  8. Possibility that Washington will do the same with Haskins? Doubt it will happen, but yea.
  9. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    What about the eggs laid against the Patriots in 06 & Jets in 09? Matt Ryan is the guy people think Philip Rivers is on this board.
  10. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    So, folks aren't gonna blame Rivers’ lackluster postseason performances on him? Just everyone else around him? Eh, okay.
  11. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Slower than Waddle? Maybe. It’s really close. Slower than Smith? Absolutely not.
  12. QB Rankings

    Same thing was said about Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, etc.
  13. End of Year Winners

    Glad Kyler won despite all the hate he was getting on here during draft SZN last year tbh.