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  1. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    With the way Quinnen Williams has played this year, I might have to throw him in this group. Dude is phenomenal. Might be the best defender that has ever played under Saban, & that is saying A LOT.
  2. Who’s the worst team in football?

    You can’t name me a worse coaching duo than Steve Wilks-Mike McCoy.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    I believe Greedy is most definitely a better talent than Peters was. I don’t know against the other two, though.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Byron Murphy will sneak in the 1st round, if he isn’t in it already.
  5. N’Keal Harry best WR prospect since...?

    I don’t think he’s even the best WR prospect in this class. That would be D.K. Metcalf.
  6. 2nd time, & you still really didn’t answer the question, lol.
  7. Better CB prospect: Levonta Taylor or Mark Gilbert?
  8. Myles Bryant is incredible despite his frame. I don’t know where his projection is after the 1st round, but he’s going to be a steal wherever he goes.
  9. Apologies if you answered these already, but thoughts on Ricky Walker & Innis Gaines?
  10. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    What are your on thoughts on the following: Levonta Taylor Diontae Johnson Jalen Jelks
  11. Levonta Taylor is the best CB in this class, regardless of size.
  12. Camryn Bynum at Cal is really, really good, especially in man coverage.
  13. You have to be the biggest homer I have ever seen in my life. It’s actually quite amazing.
  14. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Broncos. I honestly think they’ll be bad for a long time, too. They’re probably gonna draft a QB in the next class, but this class is atrocious.
  15. Thoughts on Troy Dye?