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  1. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to return for 17th season

    Meh. Won’t be the first or last Hall of Fame WR to never win a ring.
  2. The Texans have won the AFC South 4 times out of the past 6 years. They are also the only team in the AFC South to not make the AFC Championship in that same time span.
  3. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Heh, I won. How did everybody else do?
  4. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Gladney Terrell Johnson Henderson
  5. Official 2020 WR Thread

    God I hope Quartney Davis stays healthy because someone is going to get an absolute steal. Reminds me of a slightly lesser Jeudy, but had damn Kellen Mond throwing him the ball.
  6. Yea, I pretty much agree with this. I’m not understanding the “Ron Rivera is a good coach” thing when it’s starting(if it hasn’t already) to become obvious that McDermott made those Carolina teams go.
  7. Think I’m the only one that believes Sean McDermott made those Carolina teams what they were more so than Ron.
  8. He would better(because hell, I don’t you can’t be any more atrocious than he was last year), but I doubt “much” better. Imo, Rosen wasn’t in the same ballpark as prospect than Kyler.
  9. Highly touted prospect, but landing near bust territory if he hasn’t already.
  10. Out of these former Oklahoma QBs, who do you think will have the better career?
  11. Regular season is coming to a close. How would you grade their performances in their first season?
  12. Joe Burrow... Best QB Prospect since _______

    Ja’Marr Chase is arguably better than those Bama WRs sans maybe Jeudy. Justin Jefferson is a Day 2 prospect & Terrace Marshall ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.
  13. Joe Burrow... Best QB Prospect since _______

    Why? Because I don’t have the same class everyone else with the top 5 including Darnold, Baker, Rosen, Goff, & Jameis? If that was the case, Mariota wouldn’t be on the list. I had Mahomes high due to the insane amount of NFL throws with the insane arm strength despite his footwork & pocket presence being all over the place. I didn’t care about the “Texas Tech QB” stigma or “Big 12 QBs can’t succeed” stigma. I was one of the few that had him over Watson & Trubiscuit by a good distance. If I had penny for every time I corrected someone saying he was just another Jay Cutler, I would own Japan. I never thought he was nearly as raw as the consensus thought he was. Easily the most exciting prospect since Luck until Kyler came onto the scene for me. I always thought Lamar was Vick, but with actual way better throwing ability. The way he could flick his wrist quite easily while being a game changer with legs(while being smart with avoiding hits) made me latch onto him. You remember how folks said Josh Rosen carried a “garbage” UCLA to the best that he could? Lamar actually did that with Louisville & way better. I was not nearly as high as the consensus on guys like the “most Pro-ready QB in his class” Josh Rosen, “gritty fiery competitor” in Baker Mayfield & other guys like Darnold, Goff, Jameis, Wentz, etc. Too many flaws & their ceilings weren’t as exciting to me like the 5 guys I’ve mentioned earlier. I take an L on Mariota. I thought for sure he was going to be a star no matter where he went.
  14. Joe Burrow... Best QB Prospect since _______

    Post 2012 for me: 1. Kyler Murray 2. Patrick Mahomes 3. Marcus Mariota 4. Joe Burrow 5. Lamar Jackson
  15. If we continue to pretend the Chargers don’t have an absolutely horrific OLine then yea I agree.