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  1. Jamar Johnson might be SAF2 after TMoe.
  2. lol, man, I’m itching to see the reactions if Mac Jones ends up being a stud & Fields/Lance ends up mediocre. Don’t think people could even handle that.
  3. Probably should go back in time & tell everyone else this leading up to the 2018 draft. The consensus made it seem like it was gonna be impossible for Rosen to be a bust. Starting to see the same with Fields now.
  4. Yea, I never buy into the “It’s the organization’s fault this this player failed” excuses. I always think that’s a cop-out & translation for “This player isn’t what I envisioned him at all, but I’ll continue to buy into him & blame the organization so I don’t look like a fool looking back”. No matter how horrific the situation may be, you’ll always show a good amount of flashes. That goes for any athlete regardless of sport. I never bought into the Josh Rosen “Was done dirty & put into a horrific situation” when in reality, he made the situation look worse than it actually was, as
  5. Just imagine if the Niners select Mac, he goes on to be very successful, while Fields becomes a middling or even a bust. Would that be worse than the consensus missing on Rosen vs Allen?
  6. I think Campbell’s ceiling vs floor is the largest difference in the class. He legit looks like Jalen Ramsey sometimes & a guy that has never played CB other times.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKUrfBgsUmQ/?igshid=19v7gp1q5xze3
  8. Eh I like him, but I just like Asante Jr & Molden a lot more.
  9. Jr Molden Some tiers below Wade Robinson
  10. I get turning down Baltimore for multiple reasons, but turning down KC is wild, but he must really love the Pittsburgh community so I can’t hate.
  11. Chase Edmonds is Darren Sproles-type. He’s an ehhh RB1, but a fantastic RB2. Played pretty awful in the only game he started last season.
  12. Paris will go un-drafted. Terrible tape & with this on top of it?
  13. Yea, we know, cause you have said it like 20 times already in other threads.
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