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  1. Five Wins (or less)

    You have Miami winning more than 5???? AZ - 5-11 JAX - 5-11 NYG - 5-11 MIA - 3-13 CIN - 2-14
  2. You are starting a team in today’s era, you choose the QB/WR duo first, in their primes, who are you choosing: McNabb/TO Warner/Fitz Stafford/Megatron Moss/Culpepper You get to choose a CB/S duo in their prime to be on your team, who are you choosing: Champ Bailey/Brian Dawkins Ed Reed/Ty Law Charles Woodson/Richard Sherman Troy Polamalu/Darrelle Revis
  3. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Sounds like a good thing.
  4. Overrated-Underrated

  5. Overrated-Underrated

    Underrated: Carolina Panthers, Kyler Murray, Brian Burns, Marlon Humphrey. Overrated: San Francisco 49ers, Josh Rosen, Atlanta Falcons, Xavien Howard. I don’t hate or even dislike the Dolphins anyway.
  6. Rosen vs Murray

    Honestly, after further evaluation, I think it’s Kyler very easily. He has so many things I love in a QB from an arm & mental standpoint. Just like when Aaron Donald came out, height be damned. I like Rosen, but I only think most say Rosen because how he was done & not actual quarterbacking ability. i don’t know if I’ll be more shocked if Kyler isn’t top 5 QB in 3-4 years or Rosen is a top 12 QB in the same time frame.
  7. I wouldn’t be shocked if Cincy finishes the season with the #1 pick this year. Don’t expect it happening with Miami being alive, but I wouldn’t be shocked.
  8. I’m rooting for Daniel Jones to do good. I think there’s a decent chance AZ goes at least 7-9.
  9. It would make quite a theory if Josh Rosen leads 2 different teams to the #1 pick in back-to-back years.
  10. No, the logic is in fact a guy took over a team that Chip Kelly was giving talent away & managed to win the SB his 2nd year in the league against BB with Nicholas Foles as his QB while the other guy took over a team the consensus swore were underachieving year-after-year & brought them to the SB in his 2nd year against BB only for his team to put up the lowest points in a SB ever.
  11. Give me the guy that’s 2-0 over McVay with both being on the road & a recent SB title.
  12. McVay over Pederson is mind blowing.
  13. Michael Thomas vs Julio Jones

    Julio. I’m not even sure if MT is the best #13 in his own division.
  14. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Jason Verrett died so Amik Robertson could live.
  15. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The one that supposedly can cannot do it consistently. The Ravens’ defense & run game sure wasn’t elevating anything until Lamar got under center.
  16. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Only one of the guys I mentioned can & has elevated his team.
  17. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Lamar Jackson will have a better career than Josh Rosen.
  18. Who will have the #1 pick?

    I’m very high on Kyler. Just like Mahomes, I think people are heavily overthinking him. I think he’s going to have a really good rookie year. He’ll be able to uplift the team around him, something Rosen failed to do. What has Jimmy G proven to be anything other than injury prone? I’m definitely not sold on the 49ers as a threat or even a sleeper. I think the AFC North takes a huge step back this season, sans Cleveland. I think Pitt & Baltimore will be middling 7-9/8-8 teams. I think 6-10 is very likely for them. I just find it extremely hard to have back-to-back seasons with the #1 pick, unless you’re Cleveland.
  19. Official 2020 WR Thread

    This is just.....yea. I don’t even think Edwards is a top 10 WR in this class or even top 3 in the SEC alone.
  20. I’ll be extremely surprised. I think there’s a good chance Miami goes 2-14. Roster is lacking talent & imagine hiring a DC in today’s game WHILE being a Belichick Assistant. Sheesh.
  21. Who will have the #1 pick?

    It would be really surprising if Arizona finished with the #1 pick. Outside of Cleveland, when has a franchise finished with the #1 pick in back-to-back seasons? Just as impossible as winning a SB. Looking at their roster, it’s not the best, but I don’t think it’s horrific or even bottom 3. I loved their draft & I think Kyler is easily an upgrade over Rosen. I think people are underestimating how awful of a coach Wilks & his supporting cast were last year. I also think people just want to see them get it because of how Rosen was treated. I think their ceiling is 7 wins & floor is 4.
  22. Who will have the #1 pick?

    Dolphins or Bengals.
  23. Official 2020 QB Thread

    - Average at best arm strength - Mental processing is decent, but the average arm strength offsets any shortcomings in terms of velocity - Lacks the ability to extend plays whatsoever - Is guilty of some flat-footed throws and failure to generate throwing power from the waist down. - His trail foot often lags and there is no rotation. The disappointing aspect of that note is that Fromm doesn't generate enough zip on some throws while there is an easily identifiable way to get more zip on his passes. - The moments that Fromm does get in trouble and he exposes the football to turnovers is when he attempts to work the football between zones or on out-breaking routes and he doesn't put enough on his throws, leading to unnecessary contested situations. He’s just so unbelievably....conservative. If his cast is equal to the cast he’s going against, he’s going to lose a game for you way before he’ll win one. If he’s considered as the top QB in this class(he’s not in the slightest), then this class is atrocious. I don’t hate the guy because he seems like a good dude, but it’s absolutely mind-boggling that just because he Game-managed a team with elite RBs, good receiving corps, & very good OL, like McCarron, people make him out to be way bigger than what he actually is.
  24. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I don’t really think it’s a ringing endorsement when people use Goff as an example of a QB bouncing back after a bad rookie season.