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  1. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    Does it bother anyone else he said "axe" instead of "ask"?
  2. Trevor Davis arrested for bomb joke at airport

    Do you think he can eventually develop into a Desean Jackson type receiver? Athletically they're pretty similar.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Completely agree with this. There's no reason plodders like Bennett, Kendricks, and R. Rodgers should play all these snaps between the 20's instead of guys like Davis, Janis, at least once in a while. Those WRs might not be good, but at least they can potentially stretch a defense.
  4. Wide Receiver Outlook

    In regards to Paul Richardson's lack of production, a couple of legitimate questions: - Is part of that due to Seattle's offensive line issues over the last few seasons? With him being a speed guy/downfield threat, maybe Wilson sometimes doesn't have time to find him downfield. - How good of a deep ball does Russell Wilson throw? I honestly don't even know. We all know Rodgers throws a great one though, the problem is he hasn't had a WR to get downfield and take advantage of that skill he has.
  5. GDT Week 14 - GB @ CLE. Brett Hundo vs Kizer So-So

    Would anyone have gone for two there?