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  1. If time could go back, would you guys draft Jordan Love, or Jalen Hurts, who went a round later? If you had to pick one of the two.
  2. Remember when Rodgers had the best deep ball in the league back in the day?
  3. Can't believe the Suns are only +145 to win it all. Easy series vs the Kawhi-less Clippers, then against us in the finals, they'd have homecourt. They also had a much better record in the tougher conference and swept us in the regular season. Pretty good emotional hedge bet.
  4. Legit question, how did Hayward go from being so incapable of playing on the boundary with us, to being one of the best CBs in football the second he signed with the Chargers?
  5. How did we have two roster spots open? Montravious on IR and..?
  6. Why are Chris Myers, Charles Woodson and someone else in the studio today not the usual crew?
  7. Could Chris Myers have been any more excited about the 'touchdown' by the Jaguars?
  8. I'm trying to think of good d-linemen on bad teams and a name that pops out is Grady Jarrett on ATL - what's his contract look like and would he be available?
  9. Earl Thomas is still available right? What's the deal with him, something's gotta be going on beyond just a fight with a teammate. Sure would be nice to upgrade from Raven Greene to Earl Thomas if not Harrison Smith.
  10. Guess Dak should've signed that big extension when he had the chance
  11. anybody else in WI unable to watch the Colts/Bears game because of "broadcaster restrictions"?
  12. If Tampa Bay is hellbent on not trading OJ Howard, maybe they can at least trade us Cameron Brate. He's their third string TE, but would be by far our #1.
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