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  1. Felton I believe is a very big part of our future plans and will be transformative of our offense. I am certain that this will be Chubb’s final season with us. Hunt will take over as RB1, Felton will take over as RB2 but will be used a lot like the Eagles used Brian Westbrook back in the day which will be crazy useful.
  2. Beyond legal, they are also smart in a modern world.
  3. It seems great at this time, but we will really find out over 2022 and 2023. It’s not the hardest when there is tons of disposable cap space. This is the last year of that for a while. when we pay Baker, Ward, and Teller and have to let tons of starters go, if the team stays great and guys drafted last year, this year, and next year can step in and play at a high level, then I will anoint Berry and company great. Until then for me it’s a wait and see/cautiously optimistic.
  4. We are a moneyball team. $12 million extra for THE ABILITY to average 6 to 7 more yards a game, and then completely negate that extra production by losing Teller AND putting your franchise QB that will probably get $50 million in jeopardy. I trust Depodesta, the real mastermind. He is mineyball.
  5. No, Kizer was exactly what I said he was. Hue didn’t ruin him in Green Bay. Not even sure he hit a chance with another team. He had zero accuracy, he processed extremely slowly, and just didn’t have the mental capacity for the NFL. He was big, had a strong arm, threw a nice ball, but you never knew where that ball would go or if he would get it off anywhere near on time. Regarding Chubb, I love him. What’s not to love, extremely productive, humble, leaves it all on the field. But in a league with a salary cap, resource allocation is very important. Paying a RB a market setting cont
  6. We can bet that we are a moneyball team. We won’t pay a rb $15 million a year to average 6 or 7 yards more per game than a $3 million a year RB. There are low round pick and even undrafted RBs near the top of the league in backs every single year. Giving Chubb $15 million a year likely would mean Teller walks. A high quality guard is much harder to find. Replacing Teller with a turnstile not only negates that extra 6 or 7 yards a game but adds much more pressure and risk to Baker. Also, aren’t you that guy that said I was “gonna look real bad” for my accurate assessment of Ki
  7. I don’t think so. We need the extra back. Chubb will be gone after 2021. I see Hunt taking over as RB1 in 2022. Johnson keeping the same role, and this gent being groomed as a new kind of RB2.
  8. Sounds like a flier that they may try to develop into a Brian Westbrook type of player.
  9. Moneyball. We will pay QB, OLine, pass rushers, and DBs. unless his olay falls off of a cliff we will pay him again when it’s time.
  10. Sounds like a replacement for the Perriman roll without the size. This one doesn’t impress me much. Hope that he proves me wrong.
  11. They literally lost both starting tackles this year. They have replaced one of them by trading a round 1 pick for a cheap but stellar LT nearing the end of his rookie deal. Yes, the salary cap is real. It is not a red haring. Go look at the saints at the start of the off season and get back to me. Look at the Rams. The salary cap and their situation is what allowed us to hit a home run at S and CB in free agency.
  12. Draft bpa with a mind toward the future. Starting in 2022 we are going to see a mass exodus of talent and players and we won’t have the cap to replace them in FA. We are going to need guys drafted last year, this year, and next year to be ready to step up in a major way.
  13. Hardesty did have a sick spin move though.
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