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  1. Offseason Discussion

    Hindsight is always 20/20. Most loved the trade at the time. At least we were trying to improve the team. The lynchpin was Zeitler. We had a guard drafted highly that we were banking on to be able to step in and fill that role. He busted. That is what really hurt. I can’t fault the team for trying. its easy to look back and say I would rather have Peppers, a round 1 pass rusher, zeitler, and Perriman than Obj and vernon. But it is what it is. We were not counting on an injured obj. We were banking on vernon staying healthy. We expected our young guard to replace zeitler. None of that happened. Combine that with the overmatched coaching and regression of Hubbard and Robinson and we fell on our face. Lets see what OBJ can do now that he is healthy and Baker with good coaching and protection. Also I am not ready to write off Vernon as a lost cause. If he stays healthy and opposite Garrett for the entire year I think he will be pretty effective.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    Not gonna lie and say I read all of this. I didn’t. I stopped after the first sentence. I never said it’s what I want to do. In fact I didn’t say one way or the other what I want to do. What I said is, is giving Chubb the biggest RB contract in the league a moneyball thing to do given that the position is devalued and of done right we will have another all pro caliber talent to step in and replace him on a much more affordable contract.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    We will see. After backing up for 1.5 years in Cleveland and sitting out pretty much a year before that, I think that a middle of the pack contract is about the best he will get. I think that will be from the Browns. I also think he is genuine when he says he wants to retire here.
  4. Offseason Discussion

    Where does this word cheap come from? I certainly did not say that. I said middle of the pack money. Also Hunt is on record saying that he wants to finish his career here. After all, we are his home team. We gave him a chance when no other team would. A middle of the pack contract is very generous for a player that is not starting at the time of the contract. He would know most likely that the starting b wood be his soon. Plus getting your home town team a championship and helping to break the curse would also be pretty special I imagine. Granted, most players do want to break the bank. There are exceptions. Look at Sammy Watkins. I quote “how much money do I need anyway” after taking a pay cut to help the team. Chubb on the other hand does not have the same incentive to stay, and if he performs as expected he will be the highest paid back in the league. For the one that said Hint would be leverage to keep Chubb, I don’t think so. Moneyball devalues the RB position. We won’t be the team that gives Chubb that contract if we have another pro bowl talent on a good contract at the position.
  5. Offseason Discussion

    For me it’s about staying healthy and some linebackers stepping up and developing into quality players. If both happen then the D can be pretty stout. Those are 2 really big contingencies though.
  6. Offseason Discussion

    I didn’t say for cheap. I said a middle of the road contract. Hunt is also on record saying that he wants to finish his career with the Browns.
  7. Offseason Discussion

    Is that the moneyball thing to do? I don’t think so. I will get raked over the coals for this by fans thinking with emotion and not their heads, but here is what I think happens in our RB room. Chubb will go off and dominate the league this year and next. Hunt will have a very good year this year as a weapon type of player that is all over the field. Both are all pro talents. Hunt will be extended after this year for a long term middle of the road RB type of contract which will be a bargain honestly. After the 2021 season they will let Chubb walk and sign elsewhere for the largest RB contract in the league which will bring us a nice comp pick. Then in 2022 Hunt takes over as the primary back.
  8. Hollywood Is Back!

    That is a Mid round rookie, a 2nd year player that hardly saw the field, a role player for another team, and a 2nd year player that had ups and downs last year. There is no comfort zone here. Alexander for the win!
  9. Hollywood Is Back!

    Linebacker says hi. I would love a trade for Kwon Alexander. I read the 9ers are shopping him, throw a mid round pick next year to them.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Awww do you need a hug? 😊
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    Trifecta! Griffen too! Maybe we can call up Lawrence Taylor as well and see if he wants to come out of retirement!
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    If contracts are proportionate in. Team game with salary cap ramifications, I will take that.
  13. Free Agency Discussion

    On field production says otherwise.
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    Yes he did. And he has never lived up to the hype as a result, so why pay him as if he had while passing on Griffen at a much more friendly contract, when Griffen is much more of a sure thing at half the cost?
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    If we sign Clowney Vernon is ancient history.