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  1. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    Hoyer was a piece of crap. A great guy when there was s bit of hope and hype. When it fell apart he threw anyone and everyone under the bus to try and deflect all blame from himself.
  2. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    I would love to see your source for this. When moss didnt work while with the raiders be was anything but great. There is no evidence that Gordon was not a hard worker. He just could not conquer his personal demons and addictions. In fact I have seen workout videos. He was not born with that body, and it didnt just randomly happen. I imagine that his production on the field was no accident either.
  3. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    I think you are greatly underestimating the time he likely put in on the practice field, in the film room, and into his physical conditioning. Simply put, to be great requires greatness and the desire to be the best. Some of the most physically gifted guys ever to enter the league at their respected positions have flamed out because they did not have greatness or that desire. Guys like justin gilbert, jamarcuss russle, tony mandarich, and the list goes on and on and on. Another example in the other direction. Jerry Rice. He was not the biggest, he was not the fastest, physically he was pretty average by nfl wr standards, he had greatness though, he had that hunger and desire to do the work, no matter what, to be the very best. No great player in the nfl is just great because of their God given physical gifts. That simply is not enough to be great. They have to put in the work, period.
  4. MiniCamp 5/3-5/5

    Pretty sure the same happened to Ward last year in rookie mini camp.
  5. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    No player will make it on ability alone. Prime put in the work, and a lot of it, never doubt that. Gilbert simply was not a lover of the game and did not do the work. Simple as that.
  6. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    Gilbert failed simply because he was not able to put in the work and was a mental midget on the football field. Physically, he could have been one for the ages. He just lacked the desire and football IQ. I do not think either of those will be an issue with Greedy.
  7. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    so, can we rename this thread the boy who cried wolf?
  8. Dorsey said he could play all 5 positions. If he makes it this leads me to think center, rt, or if Robinson doesnt prove it, lt. I think they develop him this year kind of like corbett last year. Where he plays depends on of tretter hubbard or robinson leaves.
  9. So cut bitonio? 🤔
  10. If Robinson is good enough to resign at lt, why move him to rt and plug in a guy that stuggled at lt? Switch those 2 and there is a chance.
  11. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I don't think it happens, but best case scenario, one of the 3 gets cross-trained to play both interior spots, and the 3 get about equal playing time to all stay fresh. Whichever one comes off of the bench can play both, for simplicity and examples sake, lets say that it is Ogunjobi off of the bench, he could come in for Richardson when he needs a blow, then when Richardson comes back in he can bump over and take over for McCoy so he can get a breather, then McCoy would come back in along with Richardson.
  12. The Road to 53: Roster Tracker & Talk

    I will leave it up to the coaches to decide who starts. Its great to have starter level talent as depth. I want a lombardi this season and I want to contend for a lombardi ever year for the next 15 years.
  13. The Road to 53: Roster Tracker & Talk

    A name that I still hear that just wont go away.... Tre Boston. Lets see if it happens. That would make our secondary one of the deepest in the league. Like someone else mentioned, depth on the front 4 is a concern. As for starters, LB is our weakest unit I think on defense.
  14. Evaluating the AFC North Drafts

    Jackson is RG3. He will be a very dangerous weapon if he doesnt get hurt. But that style of play is tempting fate. Chances if injury are much higher. A semi significant injury ended RG3 for the most part. I think that is the reason he is the Ravens backup, to serve as a reminder, dont be too reckless or you could follow the same path. Plus RG3 still can be semi effective I think so if he does get hurt they wont have to change everything.
  15. Evaluating the AFC North Drafts

    The reality is, I think that the Browns had the worst draft in the division, but without a round 1 draft, it is hard to overcome and be best. All 3 teams closed the gap, but I still think we are the most talented and favorites to win the division.