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  1. Browns Trade back into the 1st(Theories)

    I keep hearing the Dolphins, I would hate to think about how much that would cost. I would not do it unless somehow a truly elite prospect like Oliver were to fall to that pick. I could see Simmons late in the first if he falls.
  2. Steve Wilks scheme

    I found this video that perfectly explains Wilk's scheme.
  3. No return man in the game today will have a Cribbs impact, the rules of the game have changed and it limits the effectiveness of great return men.
  4. I dunno, the above article says he has 4.38 speed, he has good size, he appears to be very eager and willing to work, just never given a real chance at WR. He could be an interesting prospect to coach up while being a beast in the return game.
  5. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Value is subjective, it is all in what you do with the picks, we have proved that. We traded down when the Falcons got Julio Jones, I would say that trade up worked pretty well for them, not so much for us.
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    My deductive reasoning is, if Simmons falls, they will possibly move up to get him since they have been doing their homework on him.
  7. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Unless it is Duke and a 6th round pick for Aaron Donald and the Rams round 1, leave me alone!
  8. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Oliver would be incredible, but after the freakish workout, he may genuinely go top 5 along with the Bosa, Murray, and Allen. Not sure who could grave the 5th spot yet.
  9. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    There were a few tough cuts last year. Gonna be more this year. We are cutting sine oretty good guys that can really contribute to nfl teams. This is so new to us.
  10. I think that was the whole reason for his signing. I think at WR obj, Landry, calloway, and Higgins are set as the top 4. The remaining 1 or 2 guys that make the roster will hardly see the field on offense barring injury to others. Special teams will be how they earn their spots. This guy was a dynamic returner in college so why not kick the tires? Dorsey is obcessed with inproving every aspect of the team and roster. The moves on offense and defense grab the headlines, and rightly so, but special teams coukd be huge too and is a focus given our new st coordinator. I will take a wait and see approach with this kid.
  11. This is a pretty good signing, noth actually are. Burnette is still pretty good, just misused in Pitt with a nagging injury. The QB got some much needed olaying time and put it on film now at a professional level. Yes it was subpar competition and team mates, but it was still needed and something he was not getting in the NFL. This means Dorsey is free to ignore need entirely in the draft and go BPA all the way. This is how the best talent evaluators find gems later in the draft. my prediction is Burnette will convert a lot of the haters here in short order.
  12. NFL Expansion Team

  13. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Duke and a round 6 pick for Aaron Donald and the Rams 1st. Make it happen Dorsey!
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    How many of thise rbs taken in round 1 are on take kicking a woman and will demand an leveon bell type of contract? Other teams would have to renegotiate that contract, give up a round 1 pick, and deal with that stigma. I repeat, not likely, and not likely Dorsey would use that tender. I get the talent of he has not lost anything while sitting out, but there are more variabkes than just talent. There are the above mentioned factors. There is also the fact that we also have chubb so keeping him would be a luxury not a need.
  15. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Highly doubtful. Not many players get a 1st. Especially as barring injury he will be a part time player for half of a season. i just did some googling to try to find a list of rfa players and the tender that they received. I could not find it sadly. If hut returns to form, he woukd be worth the round 1 tender if not for chubb. With Chubb though I dont see it happening even though the salary amount is reasonable for a stud rb, he would still be a part time player. I dont think they risk no team giving up a first and being on the hook for about 4.5 million for him. I also think if they tried it he would become a bigger locker room problem than Bell was with the Steelers. He signed here to repair his image and open the door to a big payday. Nothing more. You dont want to hold him hostage for a ridiculously low comoarative salary and force him to stay on the team under duress.