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  1. The reason I don’t buy it, if it were true but not announced, the browns would know about it and would not have wasted reps which are very limited on a player that they knew would not be available.
  2. Jarvis Landry ranked #52 in top 100 countdown

    The route tree is pretty misleading, that is 2017, on a different team, with a different offensive system, and different coaching staff. Those were all huge factors on his route tree. Landry has no lack of confidence in his deep game. It could be entirely different this year.
  3. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    Can we put the conspiracy stuff to bed huh? Here is an article talking about the supplemental draft in 2011. They did the lottery then too. I could not find when it started but it wasn’t this year with the sole purpose of screwing the Browns. http://mentalfloss.com/article/28002/what-nfl-supplemental-draft
  4. Add 1 Non-QB NFL Player onto the Browns

    Patrick Mannelly
  5. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I don’t think we bid a 3. I think we may bid a 4 or 5.
  6. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I think we will put in a bid for him but will be outbid for him.
  7. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I read that Gaines has a slight beef with the team. Saying that he was essentially promised a starting spot before he signed, and now he is upset that he has to compete for a starting spot and win it.
  8. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    Agreed. Simple as that. No idea what the nonsense that happened here was, I don’t come around much any more in the heart of dead season, I just have too much to do. Color me not shocked though that Mr. 100% concrete irrefutable proof that the Browns will win the super bowl in the year 2032 is right in the middle of it lol.
  9. Nick Chubb = NFL Stud

    What really stood out to me, it looks like he has been greased and buttered. Tacklers would have him wrapped up, arms around him, and he would just slip right through them and keep going. I hope he can do that at the pro level with much better tacklers on the field.
  10. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    I thought that the year the Bengals made it to the Superbowl on the back of that sugar huddle, Icky Woods and James Brooks both had 1000. I looked it up, James Brooks was close, 931 yards, but didn't quite make it.
  11. OTA Updates

    Another a Ricardo Louis?
  12. OTA Updates

    Ideally, we will be contenders in a couple of years, so why trade away your best offensive weapon, as a contender, to another team that is a contender in the same conference?
  13. The ONLY way to properly utilize that 21 year old rookie QB last year would have been not to play him. That is great and all, but what were the alternatives? There were no options unless you wanted to go without a QB and run the wishbone with Duke, Crow, and Dayes.
  14. I think Taylor could be close to what Smith was that year with our weapons. I also think that Haley is one of the best OCs in the league. It’s not out of the question if the team gels well and quickly. The talent is there, the coaching is there.
  15. OTA Updates

    The glass is half full, they are not going to suck. Browns fans have been conditioned to find the dark lining around every silver cloud. the irony is when things genuinely do suck (our QBs last year, especially Kizer) folks think we just drafted a sure fire hall of famer and the best qb of all time.