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  1. I honestly don’t care what the whole NFL thinks or values. I care what the Browns think or value. I care what he brings to the table. He is clutch, runs very good routes, and has sticky hands. Our QB trusts him, and he is productive. that comment reminds me of the guy in high school that is dating a girl that he is completely into, but she isn’t the prom Queen so his peers tease him about it and he dumps her.
  2. This is another good point. Guys like Clowney, Takk, Jackson, the one year contracts essentially. If they do happen to have a good year and rehabilitate their worth and sign big contracts elsewhere, more for the comp pick formula.
  3. Let’s revisit this in about a year.
  4. We have some tough decisions to make soon. I love Landry on the field and in the locker room. But our culture has changed. Losing him won’t destroy it. We can thank him for being a part of that for years to come. I do think he walks. That said, just call me Nostradamus. Higgins has a very solid year again, and this time will be rewarded by the Browns. Not with a bank breaking contract but a solid 3 to 4 year deal. He can replace Juice on the field. OBJ will not be back. He just isn’t that good anymore. moneyball. Chubb will be gone. Njoku will be gone. RBs we
  5. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I worry enough that OBJ might fix it to the team’s detriment.
  6. He dominated the one game he played significant snaps last year. I wanted to see more last year.
  7. To be fair, if we sign Clowney I expect an early injury, and if we don’t draft someone then Takk will get a lot of playing time, though maybe the guy we pilfered from Miami is something. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more of Gustin.
  8. God I hope they don’t do the 16 game thing. I could see the NFLPA making a stink over it.
  9. Lots of choices. Mary Kay seems convinced that Clowney will be a brown and play on 1st and and 2nd down with Takk coming in on 3rd. Hopefully if it happens glass man stays off of the IR. maybe in obvious pass rush situations bump Clowney inside, but who comes off? Richardson, jackson, or just run an exotic 5/1/5 D with only 1 LB?
  10. It is a dumb idea. For strategy I would think it wouldn’t be announced until game day, similar to normal inactives. But still teams are not dumb and can use the process of elimination. ok, Garrett sat out week 3, so we can be pretty certain that we have to prepare for him. War has played all games, so they may sit him.
  11. Ug. I read months ago that if this happened it would come with a bunch of other rules. One being that no player plays more than 16 games. I hope that doesn’t happen. Imagine trying to decide as a coach when to make Baker a healthy scratch, Myles, Ward, any of the fab 5 on the oline. Obviously you would want to pick a game that you think is an easier win to sit some, but you don’t want to sit too many and give up an upset.
  12. Read the post that I was responding to. 🙄
  13. Not so sure. It was a past FO that set the value for Mitchell Schwartz. He went out and tested the market, came back, and the team took the offer off of the table.
  14. Yes, and not paying RBs market setting contracts is one of the ways that they do it. Chubb $15 mil a year, or a rookie for $2 mil a year and the rookie gets maybe 100 yards less on the season than Chubb. Just over 6 or so yards difference per game. There are lower drafted and even undrafted RBs close to leading the league in rising every year. moneyball views the position as easy to fill with adequate production cheaply. Hunt’s contract honestly surprises me considering that we are a moneyball team.
  15. This was freaking impressive for the Dolphins. I thought that they were on the right track to be real contenders in the AFC within a couple of years before this. This makes them even stronger. just my opinion, the future of the afc runs through Cleveland, Buffalo, and Miami. I think that after all of the spending this year the Pats crash and prove that the dynasty was more TB12 than Darth Hoodie. I think KC is ready for a big step back. I think Pitt is ready to fall off of a cliff. I also think the Ravens are ready to take a big step back in a couple of years.
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