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  1. 5 Up, 5 Down

    Had you been paying attention, I said Allen was a good prospect to sit and learn, he should under no circumstance start right away. Since he is already playing, how exactly does that make a point?
  2. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    I farted, you are welcome.
  3. 5 Up, 5 Down

    Then pretty sure you need to send a share of those props this way!
  4. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Now I am not one to toot my own horn but... toot toot! By the way how did Sam look? ?
  5. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Also, seems I remember this guy... what was his name? Harmon? Jim? Hilibrew? No wait, it was Joe Haden, Hue obviously wanted him gone since he was the one making all roster decisions right?
  6. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Here’s another idea, I went to wal mart to buy my favorite flavor of pringles, and the spot on the shelf was empty! Damn you cashier! Damn you!
  7. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Again didn’t read all, just enough to get the gist. You are blaming roster decisions in Hur when he was not the decision maker. Regarding RG3, who knows, he may have been ok but was derailed before he even got started by injury, and never really got another chance after. He looked pretty good for the ravens in his first preseason game. wanting McCown as a coach speaks volumes about what he thinks of him after Sashi made the decision to move on from him. Hue did not make that decision. try again, try harder, only do so without the novel, mmk
  8. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Didn’t read it all, but we lost McCown which was huge. We only won one in 2016. Adding a bunch of rookies, of which the beat was hurt for much of it, will not offset having zero QBs on the roster.
  9. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Disagree. Hue is not a bad coach. He is a good coach. He is not a perfect coach (no one is). All coaches make decisions that are second guessed by fans. When the team is 1 and 31 those decisions are more than second guessed, they are under a microscope. Simple enough if the fans hate him, find another team because he will not be going anywhere. Also you can’t magically love him once the Ws start piling up (they will this year). Though most of those spewing fire hue now will be saying just that when we are winning. The thing is Hue is not Lucky Charms cereal, he will not suddenly become magically delicious, and you all that are lining up still gonna be just nasty when that happens. :-)
  10. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Hello! The losing was the design! Not an accident.
  11. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Gentlemen please no fighting for a spot in line. There is enough Hue for all of you!
  12. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Care to clarify? I said that Brock would get a chance to compete for the starting spot last year. He did just that. I said that we had nothing else at qb last year so it would be wise to give him a chance. Are you saying that I was wrong? You know that you are weak when the best attack that you have against someone in a debate is trying to use an instance of them being 100% correct against them :-). So yeah, maybe that didn’t work quite as well as you thought it did.
  13. The official training camp thread

    I would switch it and have Bryant in the slot running short slants. Almost like a tight end. The speed isn’t there anymore. It’s a shame to sign him and take playing time away from Calloway and Higgins.
  14. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Next tell me about Santa, the Easter bunny, and the great pumpkin. Hue will not be going anywhere. Also this 0 and whatever talk is a moot point. We finally are a good team. The Ws will be here and it will be glorious! We know what the haters will be doing. Get your mouthwash ready!
  15. Victory Beers for everyone!!! Dilly Dilly

    They will regret this. Great idea over the last 2 years, terrible for this year.