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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    Obviously all you have to base anything on is a stat sheet. sorry Charlie. That does not hold water. You can see why he turns the ball over. It is not accuracy, it is 1000% decision making. Making throws into coverage that he should not make because of over confidence in his ability. Holding onto balls too long to try to make plays rather than throwing it away. these ARE coachable issues. Regarding Rudolph, he is a statue. That is not a coachable issue. That said, the garrett situation derailed his career before he could really be coached up at all.
  2. Pondering the Imponderable

    Is this kid Bobby Herbert’s son?
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    The trenches are vital. That said, we are not in rebuilding mode. Our oline has already improved greatly on paper with more to come. the Dline is decent on paper with likely more to come. We are in make a jump mode, not rebuild mode. That means exploring all options conventional and unconventional to make the overall riser better.
  4. Free Agency Discussion

    Never has a statement in the history of FF demonstrated a complete lack of football knowledge, that includes the sticky shorts crush posts about Kizer for a few years ago. that said, I digress, it’s a great idea that won’t happen. Pretty sure there is a great chance that this comment will haunt the Browns for a very long time of the rumor that I hear is true, and it makes a ton of sense. Winston to the Steelers. won’t it be lovely watching them fix him and having him destroying the league for them for 12 years after Ben hangs up the cleats?
  5. Free Agency Discussion

    Yeah today’s game favors QBs much more than the game did back then.
  6. Free Agency Discussion

    He may want that, but the reality will set in that there is not a market for him as a starter at this time. If he has aspirations of that then the very best situation for him is a team like the Browns that have a young would be franchise QB in place that faltered last year and could be on shaker ground. I don’t think it’s vision problems that lead to the INTs, but more of a Brett Favre syndrome to the next level. So confident to fit the ball anywhere in double or triple coverage that he makes ill advised throws that get picked off. i believe that the right coaching could fix him.
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    I mean, obviously Garrett Gilbert or someone like that would bring more value to the Browns in that roster spot right? C’mon man (props to prime!). This is not kizer who is wildly inaccurate and routinely misses by 10 yards while making terrible decisions. Winston is pretty accurate. Has a cannon, throws a very tight ball. His problem is he is too confident in his own ability so he makes bad decisions at times. Funny thing about coaches. They are paid to coach. Any Qb coach or OC should love to have the opportunity to have this piece of clay on their shelf to mold over time behind the scenes.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    I didn’t even compare him to Steve Young, just the situation. Young was also an interception machine. But obviously very gifted to olay the position. sitting behind Montana and learning from Walsh helped him fix that issue. It is incredibly small minded to write someone as gifted completely off at this stage of his career.
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    Regarding Vernon or Griffin, I always heard availability is pretty important. If Vernon is always hurt, give me the guy that can actually stay on the field.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Ever heard of a guy named Steve Young?
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    On another topic. I know this will not happen, but I would love to see us sign Winston. His market is ice cold. He will have to take a backup role somewhere. Everyone knows that I love baker. I also love Keenum as a system guy backup/teacher. But I would love to have Winston as a reclamation product to be coached up, sit and learn for a couple of years behind Baker. if Baker does not take the step forward that I believe he will to become elite, then if Winston seems to be progressing, and Baker is slightly above average, trade Baker. Also, injuries happen. Baker could be setting the league on fire and go down. Winston coukd then come in and not miss a beat after sitting and learning. The next off season we keep whichever we choose and sell the other for a King’s ransom in trade.
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    Nope. This is not madden where you can easily move dead weight for value.
  13. A serious question

    Yeah that’s not at all what I meant. I meant if the season is shut down. I am certain the players will have protections in the CBA to still be paid at the least. I could also see a LOT of problems from many players if they lose an accrued year toward free agency and a bigger payday through no fault of their own. Is there an official source regarding this or just speculation?
  14. A serious question

    Did he share specifics?
  15. A serious question

    We have to face reality. If a cure for this nasty virus is not found, the 2020 season is in real jeopardy. my question is, how does this effect player contracts? Will all of these 1 year deals that we are handing out to players make them a free agent in 2021 without ever playing a snap for us? I assume there are provisions in the new cba to protect the players so they will still be paid and not lose a year. Also, what about the 2021 draft? Will it run with the same draft order as this years draft? A conceivable option would be playing the games in an empty stadium, but let’s be real. That would suck. Picture Browns vs Steelers, close game late in the 4th, Steelers driving, into the Dawg Pound, and there is absolutely no crowd noise.