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  1. its looking more & more were not going resign Realmuto
  2. WR John Ross from Cincy requested a trade. should we call and ask about him. Ross,Golladay, Jones, Hock. looks pretty decent to me. im guessing cincy will take a pick from 5-7 for him.
  3. whats he going to get cincy a 6-7th? there should be about 14 teams(my guess) calling about him atm imo.
  4. it was good to see swift have a good game
  5. Thanks for doing the research for me appreciate it
  6. Not saying your wrong if we lose to the Jags but whats the dead cap hit if we move Stafford during the season??? i know next yr is min(in terms of the qb salaries) and the following yr is like nothing. also if we move Stafford & the jets want to much for Darnold, we should call the dolphins and offer a 7th for Rosen... let Rosen finish the season out. see what the kid can do.
  7. i don't think we'd trade Stafford during the season.we have a winnable schedule upcoming, we can def make the playoffs this season & anything can happen in the playoffs. if we were to move Stafford better bet is off-season. think the browns like Mayfield, Colts maybe although i can see wentz & ertz getting moved there. If we move Stafford(i dont think we should) we should make a trade for Sam Darnold, i think once he gets away from Gase hell be good.
  8. Totally agree i doubt obj gets traded during the season. Mayfield looks like a different qb this yr. the browns would be dumb to trade him this yr but saw they may dangle him in trade before the deadline.. i feel like we need to do something at wr position i saw we have 5 wr's on the last yr of there deals.(note completely forgot about Danny A) but hes a fa as well. just saw the 49ers released Sanu. maybe go after him?
  9. i actually have enjoyed the way the Playoffs(really liking the 12p start) have went so far. i wouldn't mind if the cut down the regular season and did the playoffs like this going forward
  10. i think we need another Cb(unless Coleman is back after the bye) sign a d-line/d-end we need to get pressure on the qb... also i believe we need to sign golladay to an extension during the bye(i know we could tag him after the season) but him & marvin jones are FA's after the season. id call the browns and ask about OBJ/the Giants about Tate. we need another pass catcher. the younger guys haven't really done anything. you can see Stafford really only trust Jones, Golladay & to a lesser extent the TE's(combo of james & hock)
  11. my guess is Matty P rides out this season unless we get blown out real bad on national tv 55-10 or something
  12. im starting to get the feeling were going let JT walk.
  13. maybe bring in a guy off the streets for a few games. the Top fa's available Prince Amukamara, Trumaine Johnson, eric reid... or we could sign earl Thomas/ Haha Clinton Dix, Reshad Jones. got https://nfltraderumors.co/top-25-2020-nfl-free-agents-list/
  14. i loved Stafford coming out of college, happy he is our qb, we saw how Valuable he is to our team look at last yr. Its funny he is finally starting to get the credit he deserves by the national media
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