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  1. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread

    this is a fun team, went to sunday night baseball(march 31) and I haven't seen that many people there for a game(minus yanks, red sox and angels) in years.
  2. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    Lions signed TE Jesse James, formerly of the Steelers, to a four-year, $25 million contract. The deal includes $11 million guaranteed. james contract
  3. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    This is what I found from spotrac https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/cap/
  4. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    idk about that. * What if the packers finish signed there fa's and then offer 12 & 30 to the G-men for obj? I mean I agree between OBJ* AB(before he got traded) trade chatter and Kyler Murray talk the media just is staying on these stories. let it go
  5. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    for flowers ive seen between 16-18 per yr 5 yrs and roughly 80 mil. nothing set in stone though
  6. trey flowers signs with the lions

    5 year deal
  7. Lions close to deal with CB Justin Coleman

    saw this on twitter
  8. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/03/lions-to-sign-justin-coleman