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  1. Phillies offered realmuto 5 yr 100 mil deal
  2. Phillies reportedly offered realmuto 5 yrs 100 mil
  3. I thought maybe once or twice, a guy can pray right 😆🤣🤣
  4. Update dated odds on the next hc per Vegas
  5. I think he keeps bevell to run the offense plus Bevell has coaching experience
  6. I thinking the hc job will come down to bevell n Brandon Staley personally
  7. I’m with you if we hire him, wonder the staff he’d have
  8. I think Brandon Staley(rams d coord) is going be our next head coach
  9. Also think Holmes keeps Stafford for a few more years & also I can totally see us trading back in the draft atleast once. Cbs has an article up about the rams trading there first rd picks for players
  10. A lot of former nfl players & nfl executives are praising the move for what it’s worth
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