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  1. i like it, i read we lucked out Mick Abel where we did, its also about time we went with a SP in rd 1. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/phillies/jt-realmuto-offers-grim-view-contract-talks-phillies sounds like we wont talk in season about an extension. i still think they knock out a deal tho, esp with the Dh Presumable in the nl for atleast the next 2 seasons
  2. USA Today's Bob Nightengale writes that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred "may have no choice but to implement" a regular-season schedule of around 50 games. Nightengale, citing three Major League Baseball executives, says this could happen "within a week" if the owners and players are unable to reach agreement for a longer season. The union rejected MLB's latest proposal for a 76-game season at 75 percent prorated pay and countered with an 89-game campaign that would include full prorated salary shares. The owners are expected to "swiftly reject" that idea, per Nightengale, and it doesn't seem like there is much willingness to budge on either side. It's about a $900 million gap, all told. "If we don’t get an agreement real soon, this is going to be ugly," one high-ranking executive told Nightengale. "Real ugly. And it’s just going to get worse." https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2020/06/09/mlb-rob-manfred-shortened-baseball-season-no-agreement-players/5331170002/
  3. the 1 thing i hate about that is trading down(think they said the same thing about the Giants to) it takes 2 teams to make a trade. that shouldn't be why a team "wins or loses" an off-season cause they couldn't trade down the draft. i thought the whole off-season totally was whatever nothing earth shattering. going be weird not seeing Slay out there. i mean we can still sign a guy or 2 and jump to the top of the off-season winners.
  4. words cant describe how much i hate a week 5 bye( not just for the lions but overall) all byes should be done between weeks 6-12(12 at the latest)
  5. Solomon Thomas for Jarrad Davis trade who says no? look at the 2017 1st round draft. 13 players options declined, 1 released. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/05/these-2017-nfl-draft-first-round-picks-had-their-options-declined
  6. Why not calls the 9ers and see what it would take for Solomon Thomas.
  7. for what its worth Thor Nystrom snap grades over at rotoworld. gave bears C Packers F Lions D and Vikes A+
  8. i liked our draft. we may have had the best draft in the NFC North??? i didn't pay attention to the Vikes draft.. the pack and bears draft was ehh at best from what the grades im seeing they got
  9. Lions double up on the interior OL, take Kentucky OG Logan Stenberg in Round 4 i like the pick, trying to keep stafford upright
  10. Yeah I thought so it, I was like alright I can get behind that trade..
  11. Wonder what other nfl vet gets traded today? trent Williams just got traded
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