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  1. According to MASN's Roch Kubatko, the Cubs' discussions with the Orioles on a potential Manny Machado trade included Addison Russell, Albert Almora, and Mike Montgomery. It's unclear whether all three players were involved in the same package -- that seems unlikely -- but it probably doesn't matter anyway because Kubatko says "two starting pitchers are a necessity" in any return for Machado. Kubatko echoes a report from Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports that the Orioles may be ready to pull their 25-year-old superstar off the market and try to deal him again over the summer. Machado is schedule
  2. what do you think Britton gets in arb. this year? I heard a number float around at 13 mil.. I can see a team come in and try to make a move for him on the cheap (like Michael Pineda & Drew Smyly I know they were fa's but they underwent TJS) could see a Dodgers/ Cubs/Astros offering a small offer. I don't think the O's are going to resign him any way
  3. The Giants want Jay Bruce, in addition to Evan Longoria, but may not be willing to go beyond three years in an offer for him. Shrewd move by #SFGiants: They get All Star 3B in Evan Longoria for OF Denard Span, 3B Christian Arroyo and prospects Stephen Woods and Matt Krook. The #Rays will also pay part of Longoria's salary each year. This gives Giants financial flexibility to sign Jay Bruce or other OF
  4. I think if Caldwell gets us to the playoffs he should stay at least 1 more year.
  5. hoping the phils do a move to get another Starter soon. also starting to get the feeling its going be Zack Greinke out of the names that are getting thrown out there(archer. duffy. Cole etc)... also wouldn't mind if the phils signed Lynn in stead.
  6. I mocked Billy Price to Detroit in my personal lions mock but I think they'll wind up going on either DE or D-line
  7. think this makes them more inclined to trade Manny now? I know the O's didn't have Britton for long parts of last yr. sucks for him tho
  8. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Orioles are "dissatisfied with the trade offers" for Manny Machado and may pull him off the market soon. This pull-back could happen "as soon as today or tomorrow," Heyman writes Wednesday morning, citing someone familiar with the Orioles' thinking. Machado is scheduled to become a free agent next winter and is believed to want a contract worth more than $300 million, so teams are balking at the idea of giving up top-tier prospects for what could very well be a one-year rental. Heyman notes that the Cardinals, Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, Giants,
  9. Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reports that free agent Yu Darvish is meeting with the Astros on Tuesday in Texas. Darvish had a lengthy meeting with the Cubs on Monday and tweeted later that night it went well. There is also known to be serious interest from the Twins, and Heyman lists the Mariners and Phillies as speculative suitors in his latest column on the subject. Houston torched Darvish in two World Series games this past October, but that apparently hasn't affected the club's high regard for the 31-year-old right-hander. Heyman says "it's reasonable to think" that Darvish is looking
  10. A-rod to the ir, makes week 17 a bit more winnable
  11. eli- The Jags Teddy- minn Keenum- minn Jimmy G- the 9ers Cutler-retired TT- the Dolpins/ Steelers. cant decide.. Steelers if big ben retires if not then the dolphins Dalton- Browns Kirk Cousins- Denver Aj McCarron- the bengals
  12. yeah I saw espn had an article about this... guess there just trying to say the cubs should make a move for him. if the cubs did something like Kyle Schwarber as the center piece with Baez or something the O's would be interested. I think if manny said hed be willing to sign an extension after he gets traded there would be a lot more teams interested in him
  13. way to early mock for 2018. i think we finish with the 18th pick and just miss the playoffs- OFF THE WAY idea- if the bengals decide to blow it and rebuild I would trade a rd 2 pick and 4th next yr for AJ Green. if we do that then we don't sign Robinson. - resign Ngata(if he doesnt want to retire) he may want to come back for one more year. -resign- ansah -resign- hayden -resign- tavon wilson resign- tj jones/ Lawson/ Swanson/Tahir Whitehead extend- Ebron- i think he is finally figuring out how to be a complete TE(he actually has more cathes since week 11 th
  14. Ziggy reminds me of Graham from Philly. Graham showed some good games during his rookie contract was hurt and the eagles extended him and he has been one of there best players on D... I wouldn't mind keeping Ziggy next yr picking up a Muhammad Wilkerson(hear the jets are going cut him) and beefing up the d-line and getting another Edge rusher.
  15. would you be upset if the phils did the trade with tampa and the made us take Evan Longoria with Archer? we would get 3rd basemen and ace. then we sign Arrieta/ Darvish as the ace and we suddenly look like we can compete for the 2nd wild card next yr and the divison in 19 imo
  16. now that we signed Santana, we should trade for Archer/ Duffy (say its nick Williams Ceaser, Tommy Joseph and something else ) and to a lesser extent Greinke(not sure what hed cost) make that move and sign another Vet sp like Darvish/Arrieta.. then our top 3 sps would be darvish/arrieta(who ever we sign/ then traded player/ Nola. that would be a good 1-3 slot. we built up the bullpen and all the young guys with a 6/2 months under there belt we wont be far off from competing for the 2nd wild card and after the 18 season we could compete for the division in 19.
  17. maybe include Ceaser??I just would rather see us give up those pieces for Archer then for Zack Greinke imo. I personally like Archer better
  18. im just saying throw in as part of a package. those 2 and a another piece or 2 and I wouldn't mind getting Archer here to go with nola. was hearing the Rays are thinking about moving Longo
  19. Why didn't Santana play some 3rd base? your if could be Hoskins, kingery/Ceaser/jp/ Santana and have AA Herrera Williams in the of. package Franco joseph together and go after a Danny Duffy/ Archer type guy
  20. phils signed carlos Santana deal is $60M for 3 years with philly Sources: phillies agree to deal with Carlos Santana
  21. The #Padres deal is now done. The #Phillies will get De Los Santos
  22. he said he learned from his mistakes from when he was the hc in Denver and now all the player from NE are saying Josh would be a great hc somewhere, they weren't saying that when he left before. also Bob Quinn knows McDaniels from there time in NE so that could be his "handpicked" hc.. I wouldn't mind Jimmy coming back he has done a great job as D cord for Philly.
  23. figured it was. the real bob nightingale says we are getting De Los Santos The #Padres deal is now done. The #Phillies will get De Los Santos
  24. The #Phillies and #Padres are in serious talks re. a deal that would send SS Freddy Galvis to San Diego. Close enough that deal could happen today. Buster Onley -Sources say McKenzie Gore
  25. Malcolm Butler, Demarcus Lawrence, Dontari Poe, Sheldon Richardson, Morris Claiborne. just saw these off nfl trade rumors. I also mean they don't have to spend all that cash as well,
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