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  1. I don't want anything to do with Eifert, dude cant stay healthy. I feel if Ziggy comes cheap enough why not sign both we need more pass rushers. I do like the first to picks but don't know much about the guys past that honestly. good trades with aa and ebron( I kinda want to see how he finishes up the season if good I wouldn't mind keeping him)
  2. I would rather us spend more money on Def than Wr's, I also feel that Landry is going to the Gmen to play with his college teammate obj. think Nagata retires. as far as the Draft I would rather go for more Defense then O. not bad very detailed tho
  3. if we get rid of Caldwell, id want us to get Josh McDaniels, Bob Quinn knows him from there time in NE. I think McDaniels learned from his mistakes from being a hc from when he was in Denver.
  4. Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports hears the Marlins "intend to hold onto Christian Yelich." There is a massive organizational fire sale underway in Miami, with Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna already out the door, but Yelich is under the Marlins' control through 2021 with a club option for 2022 and they apparently want to try to build around the 26-year-old outfielder. Alex Pavlovic of CSN Bay Area confirms this thought, tweeting Wednesday that the Giants "have repeatedly been told" by the Marlins that Yelich is not available.
  5. jon heyman just tweeted Alcantara goes to the marlins in the deal
  6. I was reading on fanrag(I believe) the O's want Sixto Sanchez and Scott Kingery as the headliners to any Manny Machado deal. if I remember correctly it was those 2 ceaser/Galvis(1 of them) and a minor player(forget there name) and Manny said he wouldn't give the phils the window period to get an extension worked out. not sure how true that last part is or not
  7. im beginning to think we only do smaller moves, ie (Hellickson, Morton,) type of moves and than next yr go big with all the "huge names" out there.. I hope for the draft we don't draft another 5 tool's type OF.
  8. its not all coaching but the beg of the 2nd half vs the ravens we came out no huddle and 3 mins into the 3rd we scored a td. idk why we don't run that more, not sure why ZZ isn't used more, I think for this upcoming draft we need pass-rushers and DL after Ngata was lost for the season(week5-6 if I remember correctly) our rush Def has gone down the tubes. maybe go after a Malcolm buter type CB to pair up with Slay. I mean were not totally out of the playoffs now but damn near close.. have to play like its lose and were done... question(sorry to go all over the place) but
  9. who does Slay cover Stefon Diggs or Adam Thielen? that could go along way to picking a winner... does Rhodes stay on jones/tate or is he a guy that stays on 1 side of the field. I hope we can get pressure on Case. last yr he had a field day when he was on the rams but we got the best of him when we played week earlier in the year (he started I believe)
  10. I think if Cousins leaves he should do to Denver, they have the defense and there poor play on Offense will make them take a look at getting a qb. Sanders and Thomas also don't hurt having as Wrs. id rank Wash #1, Denver #2, Jags #3
  11. think Stafford keeps up his aerial assault going strong, The browns actually have a good run D.I think we see more of what happened Monday with Jones bros Ebron and Tate all getting in the act. I can see a 30-13 game
  12. Text from NFL source: “Most active trade deadline ever.” I wonder if were going make any moves. I think we should, the NFC and our division is wide open
  13. nope its the 2nd of the 3 4th round picks however it plays out The #Eagles give up the 2nd of their 3 fourth rounders, however it plays out.
  14. good move for the eagles, I wished the Lions called and stole him from the Eagles... I heard Ajayi made Gase really po'd
  15. Dolphins traded RB Jay Ajayi to Eagles for a fourth-round pick, per source.
  16. apparently its Ajayi that gase is mad at. kinda wouldn't mind taking a flyer on him for the right price, hed instantly become the #1 rb here
  17. apparently is Jay Ajayi that Gase is po'd at so his name could come up today
  18. maybe we should have used ZZ and Riddick more last night, we moved the ball when Theo was in the game. great job overall by our D tho
  19. after watching last night's game against the Steelers looks like we need more help on the offensive side of the ball. not sure what tho, is M. Bryant that much of an upgrade over T.j jones maybe we need to play ZZ or Riddick to play more? but another pass rusher would be good but who's really available. I know the pats traded Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones in recent years but I don't see a player like that available. maybe CB help like Malcolm Butler could help?
  20. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/21222460/philadelphia-phillies-hire-gabe-kapler-manager Kapler is considered to be analytics-driven with a fondness for sports science. Those are two important areas for Philadelphia's management group.
  21. i heard the Settle and Houston were talking Jimmy Graham for Duane Brown swap
  22. Did you see the other options at SS in the nl Brandon Crawford and Corey Seager. I looked at the list at all the positions and they were kinda blah.
  23. USA Today's Bob Nightengale reports that the Phillies are "zeroing in on" Dusty Wathan to be their next manager. Wathan, 44, has been managing at various levels of the Phillies' minor league system since 2008 and he spent the 2017 season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley, so this would be somewhat of a natural promotion. Among the other known candidates to take over for Pete Mackanin, who was let go in late September: Dodgers director of player development Gabe Kapler, Mariners third base coach Manny Acta, Rockies bench coach Mike Redmond, Giants third base coach Phil Nevin, and Phillies third
  24. yeah I do to, watch us sign dusty baker(talked to some nats fans and they hated him as a coach) type.
  25. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Martavis Bryant has requested a trade. Per RapSheet, Bryant's "teammates and coaches are well aware that he’s unhappy." Bryant struggled in the first six weeks and has been losing snaps to rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster. Bryant simply isn't the player he was before missing all of 2016 due to a suspension. Nevertheless, he should draw trade interest with a sub-$1 million base salary and lots of theoretical talent Should we at least ask and see what Pitt wants?
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