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  1. What's sad is annoying as the Windhorst's of the world are, in the back of their mind Bucks fans will probably know there is a legit chance of Giannis leaving down the line. The earlier you accept it the easier it will be to deal with it bruvs.
  2. It's going to be an inevitable talking point, and unfortunately a realistic possibility unless they win the championship or show they have the potential to beat Golden State
  3. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    It's also worth noting that if Griffin doesn't get the offer he wants he can just tell teams he'll pass, keep AD for a while longer and see what we can do with Jrue, Zion and AD, hoping to tear it up and convince AD to stay. It's a risky play but something to throw consider/throw at other GM's if he gets low-balled. If you want a future HOFer in his prime pony up
  4. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I think people's point when complaining is largely exactly what you said here. The season was rushed and the plot-lines not developed to the point that they should have been, so I'm not sure why you're complaining about people complaining.
  5. 2018-19 All-NBA Teams Revealed

    What the hell
  6. 2018-19 All-NBA Teams Revealed

    good grief, I knew they were incompetent but I didn't know they were this bad
  7. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Smart and Robert Williams are not going to make or break the deal reagardless. They are never going to be considered critical to anyone's core including Boston. I don't think the Memphis pick will either, as predicting where it will land in 2 years is by no means easy.
  8. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    I think what the Knicks and Lakers could offer are comparable. Brown would give Boston the decisive edge. Otherwise it's not hard to see Griffin falling in love with Barrett or something
  9. They also got beat by a Cavs team with pretty shoddy depth. I don't think that Cavs team has any chance against the Warriors with KD
  10. I think the appeal is that you are very good right away, basically the Clippers + Jrue and Zion, and you get a bevy of picks and 2 decent prospects for long term. But the lack of a clear building block to pair with Zion makes it a no for me
  11. Was trying to think up a deal where Pels get: Beal, #4 Bulls get: Lonzo, Solomon Hill Lakers get: AD Wizards get: Ingram, #7
  12. I don't really like it, just an option and I think the Clippers will shoot their shot. I guess you could look to flip Lou and Gallo