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  1. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    ADs teams in New Orleans were largely atrocious. KG did a better job leading, albeit in a totally different era. If AD is an integral part of a title winning team I think a lot of people will end up ranking him above KG, assuming he doesn’t fall off a cliff
  2. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    If he wins a title or two people will forget about his lack of success with the Pels, look at his stats and rank him that high for sure. Just like KGs legacy was elevated after he became a Celtic
  3. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    AD is clearly more talented and I think he’ll probably surpass KGs legacy, but as of now I’m taking KG
  4. Rank the following PG's

    He’s probably the most well rounded and if I’m picking a player to build a winning team with now it’s either he or Isiah depending on what the rest of the team looks like
  5. Best "Robin" of All Time?

    It's just not that interesting of a discussion to me if you include domineering players like prime Kobe. Lebron would be a great Robin if you put him on MJ's team.
  6. Rank the following PG's

    1. Isiah 2. Stockton 3. Paul 4. Payton 5. Nash 6. Kidd
  7. Best "Robin" of All Time?

    I don't really consider Kobe or Kareem as Robin's. So I feel like the conversation is who is #2 after Pippen. Maybe Havlicek or Wade (Lebron era)?
  8. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    Yeah I personally don't care if athletes talk politics, as I think everyone entitled to do so. But forcing that in there as a big moment in MJ's life seemed odd.
  9. FFNBA Finals: Champ vs Finneas

    I'll go Finneas. Champ has the edge defensively but I like FG's plethora of scoring options in comparison to champ here. I also think Pop would kill with this team
  10. FFNBA Finals: Champ vs Finneas

    @RandyMossIsBoss @Herbie_Hancock @sdrawkcab321 @NYRaider @Sllim Pickens @champ11 @KhanYouDigIt @amac @DalCowboyzRule @FinneasGage @11sanchez11 @MookieMonstah @Troy Brown @seminoles1 @Tyronnosaurus @Bullet Club @kyle21121 @J-ALL-DAY @showtime @mse326 @resilient part 2 @MikeT14 @CWood21 @fraziafraze07
  11. Vote for which team you think would win in a playoff series by posting in the thread. Provide an explanation if you can. Assume all players healthy 2. @FinneasGage (thaa bigg boyys) thaa bigg boyys HC: Gregg Popovich 1: Kemba Walker | Derrick Rose 2: Khris Middleton | Bogdan Bogdanović | Kendrick Nunn 3: Bojan Bogdanović | Doug McDermott | Rodney Hood 4: Anthony Davis | Nemanja Bjelica 5: Domantas Sabonis | Steven Adams vs 5. @champ11 (Nuggets) Denver Nuggets G: Stephen Curry // Dante DiVincenzo G: Chris Paul // Will Barton // Jordan Clarkson F: OG Anunoby // Matisse Thybulle F: Robert Covington // Davis Bertans // Larry Nance Jr C: Bam Adebayo // Derrick Favors HC: Mike D'antoni Playoff Rotation: Stephen Curry (38) // Chris Paul (10) Chris Paul (24) // Will Barton (6) // Dante DiVincenzo (18) OG Anunoby (28) // Will Barton (20) Robert Covington (34) // Davis Bertans (14) Bam Adebayo (36) // Derrick Favors (12)
  12. Isiah Thomas vs John Stockton

    In a vacuum Isiah was a more valuable player
  13. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    With KD. I think the Bulls could take the first iteration of that team
  14. FFNBA Final 4: Seminoles vs Champ

    This one is close but I'll take champ. Ultimately more faith in Curry and Paul since we are assuming health.