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  1. The hell is this I'd go: 1. Luka 2. Zion 3. Tatum 4. Booker 5. Mitchell 6. Trae 7. Bam 8. Jaylen 9. Fox 10. Ingram 11. Murray 12. Shai 13. Simmons 14. Sabonis 15. Ja I will never understand the way people rate Ben Simmons until he actually develops as a scorer or becomes the best facilitator in the league.
  2. going NYRaider. Could probably use an extra perimeter defender but I love the firepower and the other teams defense isn't fantastic either
  3. Tyron is the best team left iyam. Great balance- playmaking, defense, gunners, depth surrounding Lebron. Good luck beating that
  4. Finneas is lacking elite playmakers and I love Lebron supporting cast. Pretty easily Tyron for me
  5. He sounds like a middle school kid. But this was a case where both are cringeworthy people to me
  6. Probably the closest matchup but going Troy Brown by a hair. Love the defense
  7. Love DCR team. Great two way players and fit. Other team Is really talented but can’t defend a lick. DCR
  8. I’m taking Duke. I like the Trae and Kawhi duo, though I’m not as high on Randle. Simmons and Ayton could be a spacing problem. None of Beal, Sexton, or Robinson are known for defensive duties and that could be a problem against scorers of this caliber.
  9. Tyron pretty comfy. I love that team. Lol at the idea of Westbrook being ok with coming off the bench
  10. Mookie is nice but Sanchez team is sexy, maybe my favorite in this. I’m not really sure how you’d stop them, great bench, good fits mostly
  11. This one is tight but I have a slight edge to Pickens. Honestly have more faith in Doncic and CP3 as closers in crunch time than Giannis and Lavine. Don’t love Lamelo starting. Slim should’ve picked a more defensive wing to go with Luka iyam.
  12. Was looking back through the thread and just wanna re-emphasize that this guy gets paid to write about the Pelicans
  13. Nickeil's numbers in his handful of starts have been ridiculous. again I'll be surprised if he's not a solid-really good starting caliber player in a year or 2. Didn't expect Zion to grow this much this quick, holy hell, basically a top 10 player in the league already. Good to see Hayes getting more confident too.
  14. If it turns out we move Ball because Griffin doesn't want to pay him I'll officially be in the anti-Griffin camp
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