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  1. I have him as the best player of all time personally.
  2. 1. Giannis 2. Kawhi 3. Luka 4. Jokic 5. Lebron 6. Durant 7. Curry 8. Harden 9. CP3 10. Embiid HM: Beal, Lillard, Booker, Tatum, George, Kyrie, Mitchell You could go so many ways with this. The guy I really don't see an argument in the top 10 this season is AD. Even when healthy he wasn't as good as years prior. I'd probably have KD higher if you could depend on him being healthy.
  3. Yeah that seems to have been the persistent rumor. Be a really nice starting 5 if we got Lowry, whether we keep Lonzo or not
  4. I think Adams is better defensively, but I'll take Jonas over him. We've already got question marks defensively and considering Jonas takes one 3 a game I don't know that the spacing will be that significant. The ideal fit is a 3 & rim protection guy, which may not be on the table for the right price.
  5. Don't think Val is a perfect fit but gotta love the value and it opens up cap space while getting us a solid player
  6. So the Pels are interested in Kyle Lowry and likely to offload at least one of Adams and Bledsoe. I like the fit of Lowry at his best, but he's already 35 so I hope we don't give up anything significant as I could easily see him dropping off next year
  7. Kira Lewis, Jaxson Hayes, S&T Lonzo Ball, #10, 2023 1st (swap rights with Lakers), Lakers 2024 1st for Damian Lillard
  8. Not completely buying this, at worst we end up doing a sign and trade. I’m not sure who would actually throw a bunch of money at Lonzo in FA besides the Bulls and maybe the Knicks
  9. Allen seems like a nice player but I think paying offensively limited centers big money is usually a mistake.
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