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  1. Favorite cover songs

  2. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    Is that real?
  3. Free Agency Thread

    This reminds me of pre Lebron Kyrie narrative
  4. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    I think we have to get a 3rd star to keep AD/ ever resemble being a contender. Can’t help but wonder what could’ve been if Boogie didn’t get hurt. In an alt universe we probably continue on a tear and resign him to a max deal. I wouldn’t be that surprised if Payton can hold up as a 25 mpg starter. Like Rondo I think he’s a horrible fit for some teams but we don’t have a ball dominant perimeter player and really just need him to get into the lane and facilitate.
  5. Free Agency Thread

    They’re gonna win anyway but I don’t think he fits with the warriors style at all. Maybe this will end people trying to rehab his image and pretend he doesn’t act like a blockhead on the court, good as he can be
  6. Free Agency Thread

    I mean he took a giant pay cut for a title essentially. The rules can’t force him not to take less money
  7. Free Agency Thread

    I assume one of them would have to be traded at the deadline. Maybe Demps just grabbing a temp plug in + increasing trade flexibility/assets?
  8. Free Agency Thread

    I’m so confused as to what we’re doing tbh. Hopefully something bigger in the works
  9. Free Agency Thread

    Totally out of left field. Seems like a fair deal but I’m not sure how we affforded it, and it would be hard to give Boogie, AD, Mirotic and Randle heavy minutes so I have to think this decreases the chances of a Boogie return
  10. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Rondo was always an aging stopgap PG but would’ve liked to have him for one more year. We weren’t going to top 9m though
  11. Belgium is devastating in the counter. You play it conservative at that stage, or at least not suicidally
  12. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Depends on the pick I guess but generally that sounds like something we’d do in a heartbeat
  13. Japan should have known better than to throw that many players forward against Belgium
  14. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Signed Elfrid Payton to a 1 year deal, like it as a backup to Rondo. Have also seen us linked to Monroe, Tyreke, Hood, and Bazemore. Dont see a massive need for Monroe but for the right price sure. Not sure about the fit of Tyreke
  15. The remaining teams in that bracket are really underwhelming.