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  1. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Seeing the Lakers and Rich Paul fail this miserably to force the Pels hand (and the subsequent reactions by laker fans and the media) has been pretty glorious to watch
  2. DPOY Frontrunners

  3. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    Pels insiders are saying this what the org wants people to think, but supposedly Demps never had a say on the Lakers offer and was being set up to be the scapegoat. They were never gonna take the Lakers deal this early but still want them in the bidding war in the offseason
  4. Was my intro to N64. My older cousin wouldn’t let me play unless I let him get Oddjob
  5. We had a lot of help from Walter but out reads were solid. With rags I honestly was suprised that detective was in the game, and worst case we lose someone who could’ve figured us out. The ET claim kind of threw me off because it was so sloppy
  6. Our invest said bcb was not a drug dealer so we were trying to subtly steer the vote elsewhere while still seeming suspicious of him
  7. F yeah. Good game @The Orca I didn’t have as much time to invest the last couple nights but we did alright. It was interesting our enemies included townies. We were thinking our invests showed up as meth offers but apparently we just had the same targets. Thanks @Whicker great setup
  8. No we were equals and we’d just agree on a target
  9. Good thing my vote was on James from the get go
  10. You mean the guy who has been poisoning townies? James absolutely
  11. I pointed out ET lied but nobody cared. I would go back and try to find his motive for clearing pickle if I had time but I don’t right now and tuco is obviously in the game, anyone whose seen the show knows he is the one being described in the hits
  12. The brain activity in this thread has really died down tbh.
  13. What I’m saying is I don’t believe anything ET says, but false claims are conspicuously lazy