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  1. So did Lakers fans. Everyone remotely associated with the Lakers gets hyped up beyond belief
  2. Yeah no way I’d give up Edwards. His upside is higher than Simmons and he’s on a rookie deal. Adding Simmons doesn’t elevate them enough to justify that
  3. Sounds like we’re getting josh hart back
  4. Lmao at the Bulls demanding a 1st for Lauri from us after they got Lonzo for a 2nd
  5. I want us to field an actual NBA caliber bench but still give the young guys chances to carve out roles for themselves, instead of just hoping that all of them are better than expected or being complete trash. Last season we got demolished the second we went to our bench, as is it’s not looking any better unless we get a surprise breakout season from a couple guys. We don’t have any proven sources of offense outside of Sato and no proven shooters. That’s not a recipe for success. You can have a little more nuance than the takes being thrown around here
  6. Didi is a good role player because he once dry jumped Luka in one of his 3 nba games, and Murphy is because you say so 😄 sound logic. Again its just vapid rhetoric with nothing to back it up
  7. Anyone who criticizes the team or any move we’ve made is an impatient hater. I said our bench is bad because it is, not because I’m impatient. it’s ok to actually have standards and not just cheerlead every single aspect of the team.
  8. Didi has played 3 games 😄 NBA vet. I think you’re just too focused on pushing a narrative, you can be happy with the moves and still point out the obvious about the roster, those don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by Griffin the past 2 seasons, but I think we have a lot of upside long term. It’s just a matter of whether the upside materializes in time to keep Zion from becoming disillusioned with the Pelicans
  9. I think you’re underestimating the NBA learning curve just assuming these guys will come in and be lockdown defenders right off the bat. It’s pretty rare that guys taken outside of the top 10 come in and make an impact right away.
  10. Probably just Hart and bumping NAW to the starting 5. Our bench sucked last year, it still sucks and as is we are counting on guys who haven't proven they are NBA rotation players yet.
  11. Our depth has improved? In what way? As it stands we are going to pretty comfortably have one of the worst benches in the league. I like the upside of our young guys but expecting rookies and Kira Lewis to play big roles for a team wanting to make the playoffs is not a good bet. If we had other proven talent around them on the bench it would be fine for a couple of them to get heavy minutes, but counting on all those guys is likely going to be a problem
  12. I’m not sure about that. Graham is a better shooter so I think you let him feast with the starters. But betting on us to land a particular FA with an actual market seems like a bad bet at this point.
  13. We have no one on our bench that has proven they can generate offense and he was 6th man of the year a season ago. Beggars can’t be choosers
  14. I’d take him on the Pelicans on a decent deal as a 6th man
  15. Unless all of our young guys make big strides or Griffin has another big move up his sleeve, our depth is gonna be pretty rough
  16. He showed promise. Can get into the lane at will and is a pretty good passer. Definitely got starter potential
  17. They’re doomed. End of discussion
  18. G- Graham, Sato?, Kira G- NAW, Temple?, Didi, Herb F- Ingram, Naji F- Zion, Murphy C- Jonas, Hayes we could still use another knockdown shooter in the back court, and if we can get a starter to make Graham a 6th man that’d be nice. And another body at the 4
  19. Griffin is gonna do something desperate
  20. Exactly who knows. If the organization had shown they value him more maybe things go different. At the end of the day it’s all speculation, but the fact is we let him go when he ended up on a reasonable contract and didn’t get much of anything back. With the way we struggle to attract FA and the fact that he was a key part of the Davis trade and a young player who could’ve grown with our core, it’s not a good handling of an asset
  21. Do you have an inside source with Lonzo? Do you know that if we played things different and just paid him he wouldnt want to be here and see how things go with Green ? I doubt it.
  22. They are different players, one is a better facilitator, the other a better rebounder and probably a better defender. Both solid bench guys but neither is going to make or break the Pelicans, so I don't think it matters. I said that because people always talk about Hart like he is a 3 & D guy, which isn't exactly true
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