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  1. So no chance he’s there at 23
  2. Personally don’t think 3500 yards (including running) 30TDs including running and 15 turn overs is great ... but probably league average ... when I watch teddy play he normally seems too passive so wouldn’t be surprised to see Sam out produce him (prob also will turn the ball over way more)
  3. Ima predicting Darnold goes for 30 TDS 3500 yards ... 15 turnovers with carolina
  4. If mariota were to be available he’d be a solid QB 2 as well
  5. Zach Wilson can throw a football ... hopefully he's able to process mentally to put 1 and 1 together to make 11 ... Also wish he was built thicker but guess he can add another 10-12 in the NFL Hope we surround him with the best team we can ... rest of it up to good coaching and team building... All reports seem to point to this being the de facto selection ... else we would have moved with the 49rs for what they were offering to really build through the draft Personally Fields looks uber talented to me ... just never seen it asked of him on his game tape to actually anticipate..
  6. Know we won’t be interested but we should bring in Marriota and give him a shot
  7. they should 100% be heard and he should receive a true punishment if found guilty ... if he actually did this ... absolutely disgusting ... but I cant help but believe this was mfg'd by the texans at some level to kill any trade buzz... and punish him for not getting in line
  8. Someone like will fuller would be interesting to work along with this, whose our proven burner to keep the back end open
  9. Also any idea what will fullers market is ? Would be great if we finally take the top off the defense
  10. What other good pass rushers are left?
  11. Sounds like we’ll see quite a few people move this off season let’s hope joe Douglass is who we think he is and capitalizes
  12. I think if we don’t get Watson we’re rolling with Darnold ... we should trade down and load up and see what we got if we don’t have Watson ... like Wilson’s film but he looks small (build wise) not just height ...
  13. Unless we manage to swing Watson for 3 1sts I think we’re trading darnold for a late first where we send them a 3rd with Darnold Then at 2 we’ll draft Wilson ... a defensive player and an offensive weapon this year in the 1st while id love Watson im starting to think we won’t budge from a certain price and Houston will drag this into the season and eventually lose Watson for less then they should have gotten for him
  14. Don’t get why they stopped the clock to give Brady that ... what did mattheu do
  15. Can’t believe the officials bailed Brady out there
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