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  1. Im sure BB has just plenty of success with 2 pro bowl WRs 2 Solid TEs 2 solid HBs a solid O line and a good defense ... that roster has so much talent ... more so is how'd Brady throw 3 INTs ...
  2. He pulled him to get the pick should have been a pass interference ...
  3. 3 1st round picks would be fine for Watson when’s the soonest we can get this done ?
  4. Prob would take 3 1st's but its worth it ... tho id give em to em only over 3 years ... #2 this year ... one next year ... and one the year after Having a franchise QB would be worth that ... at the very least ... personally I dont think there is anyone who's topping that as an offer especially if Watson says he doesn't wanna go there. having a great qb and a likable coach ... really should help our organization get other talent without having to overpay.
  5. Hope we land Saleh ... seems like he’s cut from the right cloth ... also would like it if we brought over someone from the SF offense ... that’s one of the best coached offense as in football and their defense plays hard no matter what
  6. Can’t we bring in sexy rexy ... to run our defense
  7. When are we interviewing harbaugh ... ?
  8. Harbaugh ... or Biennamy(Spelling) ...
  9. Has it been that long since Sexy Rexy?
  10. Lynn seems to be a solid coach ... but horrible in game manager
  11. Thats 2 Feet and possession firm ... should have been a TD horrific call to me
  12. Thats possession and 2 feet ... it's a TD ...
  13. Someone explain to me how that wasn't a TD for Lawrence?
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