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  1. Our D has a bunch of young guys (and that too mostly not highly touted) throughout the secondary … hell we lost not just one but both our veteran safeties … we aren’t going to be a top defense with this much youth and injuries …. But the play of the D line to get tossed around like that just with 1 guy out should not be happening …. I think we take everything the full course for the season though … I don’t believe we will be firing anyone midseason at least Zach looked better … if he can stop thinking and just react he’ll be fine …. More reps more understanding and some mechanics cle
  2. Defense played well all around for the most part
  3. Sure we’ll find a way to blow this but been a relatively good showing today
  4. He is what he is … quality player who’ll do his job but not one who will elevate past that in anyway
  5. Fake the short play and take the shot
  6. Why wouldn’t they show where cole was …
  7. Looks like a catch since he had it pinned the whole way … but won’t be surprised if they rule it the other way either
  8. They said he should have thrown cole the td anyone show an angle of that ?
  9. And seems like Wilson tweaked it again … may not have been 100%…
  10. Ammendola gone for sure …
  11. It’s a combination of both but Moses clearly no good so far since that play he tweaked his knee
  12. Moses been getting cooked since injuring his knee
  13. Also glad we kept OC up in the box
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