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  1. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Stafford thowing dead on bullets tonight
  2. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Pats really doing Det a favor anytime they run it, and Det doing Pats a favor anytime they play zone
  3. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Don't be that guy...
  4. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Pats aren't beaten by FG's
  5. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Thats a hell of an effort by Galloday
  6. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    This is a very bland Pats defense. Is Flowers inactive?
  7. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Looks like 2015. Also happened in 2012 and another season I saw. But it's rare for sure
  8. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    I've seen this story many of times. Teams get up early on the Pats, people start talking about maybe their finally done, only to have their hearts torn out of their chests as Brady ends up with 400 and 3TD's. When is the last time a Brady led Pats lost 2 games in a row?
  9. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    He was just an assistant back then. Once he got promoted to coordinator I didn't see him anymore
  10. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    I like Patricia. He lived in my city and my daughter went to school with his son for a while. Talked to him a few times when we were picking them up after school.
  11. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Dang when SNF and SNB both on commercial...
  12. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    What kills me about the Pats sneak is it's so obvious it's coming and yet they still have a super high success rate
  13. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Wow this Lions offense is hot...
  14. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    "Jim Bob Cooter"... never gets old and always good for a chuckle
  15. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Might have won the division but the records were tied. It came down to conference record. So yea it's been since 2000...