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  1. Giants Coaching Staff

    Agreed... "if" hiring JG was actually Judge's call. Feels more like a Mara influenced hire. Judge is going around gathering up former associates from the Pats and then just randomly hires JG who he had no history with? Feels like it was forced on him. No proof just my thoughts on the matter.
  2. Giants Coaching Staff

    I'd support Garrett as OC. But if the offense does well it probably won't be long til someone plucks him for HC again. So have to consider the DJ factor. If Garrett is only here for a year or 2 that means DJ will have had 3 OC's in his first 3-4 years.
  3. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Absolutely. It's my fav Super Hero movie to date.
  4. What movie are you watching?

    Wow..couldn't disagree more. As far as the Transformers movies go Bumblebee was second only to the 1986 animated masterpiece. Much better then any of the Michael Bay helmed trash heaps prior. The Decepticons actually looked like themselves, they weren't just bland and gray indiscernible enemies like in the 1st movie. The fighting scenes on Cybertron in the first 10 minutes were awesome. Soundwave actually looked like he should. . Bumblebee was all I ever wanted in a live action depiction and I hope going forward more movies in the Transformers universe are like it.
  5. Giants Coaching Staff

    Well...better then the New York Carolina Cardinals we were under Shurmur and Bettcher?
  6. What movie are you watching?

    Watched it last night with my daughter. Was interesting for sure. Alot of sociopolitical concepts and symbology all wound into a dark comedy. One of those films where all the characters are so flawed you struggle to support any of them. I typically don't mind foreign films and reading the subtitles but there is a ton of dialog in this one so I felt like I was missing alot of the cinimatology. But an excellent movie nonetheless and def lives up to the high ratings it's getting.
  7. Agree. But he does have quite the lineage of coaching experience. New England Patriots (2009) Coaching assistant New England Patriots (2010) Defensive assistant New England Patriots (2011) Linebackers coach New England Patriots (2012–2013) Defensive line coach New England Patriots (2014–2015) Linebackers coach New York Giants (2016–2017) Defensive line coach Green Bay Packers (2018) Linebackers coach & run game coordinator Miami Dolphins (2019) Defensive coordinator The hoodie trusted him with some important roles over the years. Sounds like he runs a 3-4 scheme. So won't have to turn the defensive roster over completely. I'm disappointed mostly because I want to go back to a 4-3. I see excuses being thrown around that his defense was so poor in Miami due to lack of talent but...umm.. isn't that our problem as well?
  8. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Not sure if I read it on here or heard a pundit say it but in all of his drafts DG has never once traded down. So I wouldn't hold my breath although I think it's by far the correct move if Young or Wills are off the board. There is just so many holes to plug. But my best guess is DG takes Wills or Thomas
  9. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    That 2000 Ravens defense is a long ways off. Game has changed alot since. It's not like he ever fielded a dominant D in Cincy as HC. Reading up on it though sounds like it was mostly a hybrid scheme but heavy on 4-3 formations. I'm still in the school of thought that our defensive talent aligns better with a 4-3. My other thought process about having an OC and/or DC who was previously a head coach like Lewis is how much weight their opinions will put on Judge. He was hired to call the shots, not be a proxy puppet for a more experienced coordinator.
  10. Stock Investing

    BYND making me a boatload today Good thing cause got some Xmas bills left to payoff
  11. Jeez can you at least let the guy put up his first 4-12 season first...
  12. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    Guess you gotta face the fact you're on the backside of your life when your teams HC is younger then you
  13. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    We'll have Chase Young for him to work with once your GM drops the ball
  14. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    Been a rough past 3 years TBH but considering the success from 2007-2016 it's palatable...for now
  15. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    I'll concede the other points but the bolded I'm ok with. And I was actually big on Haskins. But from what I've seen of both so far Jones has the brighter future.