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  1. What movie are you watching?

    Yea HBO's library is weak right now. For a good year and a half they were killing it with the movies they were landing. But the last 3-4 months or so have been so bad. Like you said though the original series, and documentaries are where the value is at. Anyway watched the Pet Semetary remake last night with the daughter....very meh. Liked the story being tweaked a bit and it felt more in line with the book but overall failed to capture the dreadful feeling of the book that fuels the fathers actions. Think the original with it's flaws is still the better version.
  2. Stock Investing

    Fastest way to create wealth. Sell in the money cash secured puts to collect premium and have the shares assigned to you, this lowers your cost basis to buy into a nice dividend paying oversold ETF such as the health care Spyder (XLV) . Then sell out of the money calls on it over and over and collect the premiums further lowering your cost basis, as you hold the shares collecting the dividends and compounding. Then sell in the money calls to exit the trade. Make the market pay you premiums to buy the shares, and exit the shares, while you collect dividends and capital gains AKA triple income wheel trades. Options are powerful tools but only sell them! If you want to buy them research debit spreads! Buying naked options can be extremely painful
  3. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Every single time I consider cancelling my HBO membership they drop another show, documentary, or original movie that hooks me back in. Watchmen and Chernobyl just secured my subscription for the time being! This looks excellent. And I am in the camp that Watchmen the movie is by far the best comic book/superhero movie ever.
  4. Ranking the (B)East - RB (Overall)

    If you swapped Zeke and Barkley on their respective teams I think you'd see a decline in Zeke's production, and even more impressive number from SB. Not to say Zeke isn't talented. He surely is. But he has also benefited from having a great line in front of him his entire career. I think if you give Barkley that line and scheme... he breaks records.
  5. Ranking the (B)East - RB (Overall)

    Yea.. my shaky old man hands and bent fingers must of clicked that instead of Barkley
  6. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    It's not that he took a QB. We all expected he would take one. It's the QB he took at the position he took him with whom else was available that's being criticized. I hope he makes us all look dumb in the end but I have my doubts... Really when you look at the draft haul..it's nice and all. But do you feel it justifies sacrificing OJB for? I mean we surely should be better on D. One would hope Bettcher could put together a stout defense considering how many picks were for him. Offense however now seems like we'll have a very 1 dimensional scheme all running through SB. He gets hurt...who takes the reigns as the playmaker? In the end OBJ was moved for a potential stud DT and a potential lockdown corner. If they both pan out to that level.. I would say it was worth it. But that's alot of if's.
  7. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Mmkay the fight sequence.. yes absolutely awesome. The death... Maul was good enough to take out a Jedi Master then gets taken out by a surprise super flipping jump by a Padawan? Come on now...
  8. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    The NK kinda looked like Darth Maul...and went out almost as lame as Darth Maul tbh
  9. Days Gone

    Watched a few different streams of live gameplay on the PS4 and it def caught my intrigue. The bike physics, weather affects, stealth, degradation of weapons etc all seem to add in some nice Xfactors do deal with. Looked to me like the standard difficulty was just too easy though. Watched one girl get shot 4 times from a sniper in a tree and easily ran behind a rock and healed. Far Cry 5 had this issue for me. After a while I felt so godlike nothing was really a challenge. But overall looks like a fun game I'd enjoy. I'm not paying $60 for it though. 35-40 would be fair value from what I saw
  10. Cobra Kai - Season 2

    Only got the 1st episode done so far. Between all the playoff sports, NFL draft and Game of Thrones haven't had a chance. But plan to finish it this week. The opening fight of the 1st episode was pretty cool though.
  11. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Is it possible Bran foresaw Arya killing the NK and that's why he just sat there seemingly ready to accept death? The way that scene was shot alternating between shots of Bran/NK and Jon and the Ice Dragon seemed to tease Bran was going to warg into it which of course was a common fan theory. If not..then man all that building up to him becoming the 3 eyed raven was just a waste. If all he truly did was warg into some Ravens... I did see something about the raven carrying a message. If true I missed it...but a message to who?
  12. Who had the best draft?

    Redskins had the draft the Giants should have had
  13. Maybe they are planning on playing cover 2 quarters defense all year? Works good for me in Madden
  14. CB Julian Love / Notre Dame selected @ 4.108

    Well Bettcher has no excuse to not produce a stout defense at this point... 4 straight picks to help him. I watched quite a few ND games and I was impressed with Love. Glad to have him especially here. You know... take away the dumb Jones pick and DG is actually having a decent draft...
  15. LB Oshane Ximines selected by Giants @ 3.95

    Don't know the player...had to look up how to pronounce his name..and read the scouting reports. Exactly what we need in an edge player. Now get a RT and a WR!