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  1. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I think we can all accept OBJ is going to go on to have an excellent career. But what matters most is winning games. And an elite WR just simply does not translate to winning games. What does is great QB play, O and D lines, and pass rushing. I'm still skeptical of DG's plan but...if he pulls it off and restores us to winning ways in 2-3 seasons, then I'll take that over having an elite WR on a consistent 5-10 team.
  2. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Let's assume Gettleman does indeed have a plan and it pulls it off. Lands a QB, addresses the Oline, and builds up the defense....If 3 years from now this team is competing for the division and playoffs with a franchise QB, elite RB, solid Oline, and good defense... do you still look back and call OBJ irreplaceable?
  3. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    He say anything else of note? At work...can't watch
  4. AAF

    Nah they're typically televised on NFL network and I've caught a couple on CBS Sports
  5. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Dude on NFL network is saying Gettleman was "blown away" by the Browns offer and although there were other teams inquiring none came close to the return the Browns sent...
  6. DL Olsen Pierre signed by Giants

    Whelp another guy I haven't heard of. Guessing Bettcher just wants to load up on guys that know his system.
  7. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Heh.. thats rich... Kip claims there are "reports" saying the Giants had other offers yet he can't produce a source. Gmen posts his opinion that he believes OBJ has lost speed...Kip wants verifiable proof...
  8. LB Markus Golden signs 1 year deal

    4 years in the league I've never heard of him to be honest. But 12.5 sacks in 2016. Guess he can get after the passer in the right roll
  9. Golden Tate signed to 4yr deal

    This is actually a good point. From what I recall from our games against Philly Tate is a damn good blocker
  10. Golden Tate signed to 4yr deal

    Hope they are entertaining the idea of converting Engram to a WR. I think his size and speed on the outside would be a miss match against most CB's. Utilize Ellison as the everydown TE. Better blocker and can catch.
  11. Golden Tate signed to 4yr deal

    I like the player alot. Probably overpaid. But have to see how it's structured. Gotta have some talent on the field. Obviously doesn't replace the talent of OBJ
  12. Golden Tate signs with Giants

    Gotta have someone to throw the ball to whoever the QB ends up being
  13. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Got it...no source. Just heresy. Back to my ignore list you go.
  14. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Yea I haven't seen any reports about better offers being turned down. Got a source there Kip?
  15. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    It's not that we "couldn't rebuild with Odell" it's more that I understand why he would make this move to attain the pieces they did. In the end when you look at both trades together you traded Vernon and OBJ for a stud G, and young potentially stud S, a 1st and a 3rd that can be used to attain your next franchise QB, and a stud pass rusher or RT. I never said OBJ was "replaceable" I said elite WR's and RB's aren't core components you build around. They don't produce winning franchises. Put another way...you don't need an elite WR to win games. You need strong protection for your passer, and the ability to get after the other teams passer. We lack both of those things. Was trading OBJ "necessary" to obtain those? Maybe not. But if the end result here produces a winning formula then it was a good sacrifice to make. If it doesn't then a couple of years from now we can officially crucify DG. But for now we have to wait and see what the end game is.