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  1. Fitz passes T.O. for 2nd all-time in receiving yards

    It's impressive but still not as shocking to me as Gore being 4th all time in rushing. When I saw that stat my mouth dropped.
  2. Can they possibly find a way to lose this game? I sure hope so...
  3. Battlefield V

    I really hate the tank controls in this one. Feel so less responsive then they were in BF1. The turret turn delay is realistic but man it can be frustrating. I'm so used to being able to snap to a target with my flack cannon in the light tank from BF1. Only played a couple of hours last night. Game just has a very different control feel then BF1 had. SO I'm trying to tweak my settings to get it close. Graphics are very nice and I'm getting about 60-70 FPS on high/ultra settings with my GTX 1070 6GB. I'll be putting in some hours tonight.
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Found an awesome Pirate Captain hat in a run down beached ship on the island across from the second camp site. There is also Iguanas on that island. Took a selfie with one before I stabbed it and skinned it. As soon as I got back to camp Dutch commented on my new hat... it wasn't nice.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yea my thumb was killing me by the time I was done. But basically I was using the left thumbstick to pull the fish towards me, then reeling in quickly. If it flops around stop or it will break the line. Then once it stops flopping push the left thumbstick up (I think) to raise the pole and pull the fish towards you. Then reel rapidly while you lower the pole. And just keep doing that over and over. I can't imagine how rough it's going to be when I have a large legendary fish on the line...
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yea but I took selfies with it
  7. Stock Investing

    Nah historically the 6 months after midterms are market rally time. The market is happy with the balance in COngress. Calls across the board for me from here on out. Made a ton on Apple, SPY, and AMD calls today
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I was in the northeast corner of the map. Raided some rival gangs cave. KIlled like 40 of them. Then found this waterfall with a stream coming from it. Had these giant fish in it. So I used the lake lure and hooked one. Legit took me 15 minutes to reel the SOB in. Ended up being a 35 pound Muskie or something like that. Had to actually stow it on my horse it was so big.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've been using the Martingale strategy on blackjack. Cleaned out the dealer a couple of times so far
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yea so many times I'm just trying to navigate through the street, bump into a dude and next thing I know he's throwing fists. Then in dumb fashion the button to prompt conversation and defuse the situation is also the same one to "aim weapon" so if you by mistake double tap it or whatnot next thing you know you're in a firefight. So many times I come upon a camp fire and head over there to see if maybe it's a side mission or something. And as soon as I approach the dude is threatening me. I get it when it's those O'Driscalls or bank robbers, but some random dude on his own out in the wilderness I think would be a little less likely to open fire on someone not showing any hostility. Little things like that feel like minor issues though in the grand scheme of this magnificent game. I agree with the controls. I've been experimenting with trying to not use auto aim, tweaking the sensitivity, first person etc just trying to find a setup that feels right. But I end up being at such a huge disadvantage in the firefights without the auto aim.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Horse reviver...always keep a vial of it in your inventory.
  12. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I always keep a vial of horse revive on me for these instances. I couldn't deal with the pain of losing my Shire after all this time. Hmmn I'll give this a try. Primarily being a PC gamer I really hate the auto aim. But if I shut it off I'm at such a huge disadvantage to the NPCs
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Are you catching wild horses? And can you catch them and sell them to the farrier or stables? Stagecoach robbing is fun but it's getting kind of old. Need a new way of building income to pay off my bounties
  14. MNF Week 8: Patriots @ Bills

    So was just looking over standings to see who the Giants have to outsuck... wow... you Bills somehow have won 2 games by only scoring 81 points...? Giants have scored twice that... next lowest is the TItans at 106. Going to be hard to outsuck you guys Raiders, and Niners
  15. MNF Week 8: Patriots @ Bills

    Well NE already handled business with KC and LA/KC doesn't fit the trend so...