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  1. Stock Investing

    If you'd prefer a full access brokerage Fidelity puts your idle cash in a money market account that pays interest. I'm mostly a day trader so I'm 100% in cash most of the time overnight. Which nets me a nice few dividends here and there from Fidelity. Just an option if you don't like using Stash
  2. What album(s) are you listening to?

    Back and forth between Gigaton the new Pearl Jam album and Mother the new In This Moment album. The new Pearl Jam seems heavily influenced by The Talking Heads so I rocked out to their greatest hits on the way to work and home today
  3. Stock Investing

    Possibly. But I don't trust it. I've been fully cash and strictly day trading since Mid Feb. At some point this will be an amazing once in a lifetime buying opportunity though.
  4. Stock Investing

    That number is actually way less then I heard some market analysts and pundits predicting. That being said the fact that the UI offices are flooded and backlogged I suspect the real number is much much higher. So far futures are gaining on the news.
  5. Westworld (HBO)

    The music and setting all felt straight out of Blade Runner to me. I was worried once removed from the park the show would become less appealing to me but that 1st episode was encapsulating. I'm in for the long haul.
  6. The Oscars

    I've only watched it once and I found myself staring at the subtitles the whole time because there is a ton of dialog. I'd like to watch it again a second time and just focus on the cinematography. But I would say for sure the 1st time you have to read the subtitles. The story isn't overtly complicated but the sociopolitical angle and all the aspect of the plot would be lost on you.
  7. Whelp puppy bowl was better as usual
  8. I had no idea Shakira was still this attractive. Looking good for 43
  9. Sounded like Kashmir
  10. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Seeing so many mocks with us taking Jeudy. I really hope thats not the case. Please for the all that is good take one of these stud tackles or Simmons. A stud wideout is not going to help any when DJ is running for his life 1.2 secs after the snap. Skill position players are completely nullified if there is no pass protection or pass rush. Whether it's Thomas, Becton, or Wirfs
  11. Eli Manning is retiring

    The Plunkett/Eli debate has been done over and over and round and round. While I get the OP's wording specifically stated "2 Super Bowl Rings as a QB guarantees you HOF" it's more specifically the 2 SB MVP's that solidifies it for Eli. Not to mention Plunketts career stats. You're talking about a guy who finished with 30 something more INT's then TD's. Also interesting both times Plunkett has been brought up on this thread has been by Pats fans . Still salty?
  12. Giants Coaching Staff

    Agreed... "if" hiring JG was actually Judge's call. Feels more like a Mara influenced hire. Judge is going around gathering up former associates from the Pats and then just randomly hires JG who he had no history with? Feels like it was forced on him. No proof just my thoughts on the matter.
  13. Giants Coaching Staff

    I'd support Garrett as OC. But if the offense does well it probably won't be long til someone plucks him for HC again. So have to consider the DJ factor. If Garrett is only here for a year or 2 that means DJ will have had 3 OC's in his first 3-4 years.
  14. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Absolutely. It's my fav Super Hero movie to date.
  15. What movie are you watching?

    Wow..couldn't disagree more. As far as the Transformers movies go Bumblebee was second only to the 1986 animated masterpiece. Much better then any of the Michael Bay helmed trash heaps prior. The Decepticons actually looked like themselves, they weren't just bland and gray indiscernible enemies like in the 1st movie. The fighting scenes on Cybertron in the first 10 minutes were awesome. Soundwave actually looked like he should. . Bumblebee was all I ever wanted in a live action depiction and I hope going forward more movies in the Transformers universe are like it.