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  1. Who would you miss the most?

    Losing Gunny today hurt
  2. Lost in Space (Netflix Original)

    I only watched the 1st episode and I am probably not going to watch anymore. So maybe I am totally off but... it was just ok. The special effects were pretty good although quite CGI heavy. My thing is I have absolutely no fear that any of these characters are actually ever really in danger. "Oh no Will is in trouble.. how will he ever survive this" and the planet they are on is way too Earth like. Doesn't even feel like it's in space. Feels more like they crash landed in Antarctica or Siberia. I love space Sci Fi stuff but outside of the throwback scenes nothing on the planet even feels spacey. Gets a big fat "meh" from me. Should I watch more?
  3. What movie are you watching v1

    Not the first time I watched it. Subsequent watches you can pick up on all the clues but the first watch the end completely blew my mind, albeit I was 16 when I first viewed it. The movie held up really well over the years. I've watched it probably 20 times since release and still enjoy it and pick up on things.
  4. Stock Investing

    Any of you guys use the Acorns app?
  5. MMA Thread | As the UFC Turns

    I'm no Conor fan but I want to see that fight so bad. Because if there is anyone who can come up with a way to counter Khabib pressure it's him. Also I just want to see Khabib grind him into the mat for 5 rounds
  6. Stock Investing

    Anyone buy Spotify today? I was tempted to buy the open but I got burned on the Switch IPO so I decided to sit this one out
  7. Far Cry 5

    The cougars love to attack me while I'm fishing...especially when I have a big trophy level fish on the line and I've been battling it for 5 mins
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Don't care what anyone says... Cadbury Eggs are the GOAT candy
  9. Random Game Talk

    I'm from Rhode Island... 1) a Liberal La La Land... there is no possible way you have more. Last time we went Red was 1984 2) Blizzards, Hurricanes, and rising coastal flooding you got worse then that? 3) I'll pass on the meth though
  10. Far Cry 5

    Once you have an attack chopper this game starts to get REALLY easy and I am playing it on hard. Fly into a compound, shoot up the alarms, strafe fire and take out all the baddies, watch out for any RPG's and the base is easily liberated. But I've only done John's area of the map so far. Maybe it gets harder during Faith and Jacobs areas.
  11. Random Game Talk

    The "hive mind" the AI has aggravates me. If I take out one guy and hide his body and a dude stumbles upon it the other dude on top of a tower on the other side of the compound shouldn't instantly go into suspicious mode. I do like that the AI tries to flank and outmaneuver me but they leave themselves exposed way too much. Granted these are Montana militia level doomsday preppers and not properly trained military infantry soldiers. I don't like that the capture parties can't be defeated. Just wave after wave until you finally get hit and they take you in. Makes no sense that they wouldn't just end me after I've killed hundreds of their men and taken so many of their outposts. The make me see atonement storyline is pretty dumb. But the game is just so damn smooth. I don't even have that powerful of a gaming rig and I'm getting a steady 90FPS on Ultra at a high resolution. Ubisoft puts on some well optimized and stable games.
  12. Random Game Talk

    Heh was rampaging John Seeds ranch with a chopper. Thought to myself.. wow this is too easy. All of a sudden I got RPG'd out of the sky from out of nowhere. I'm playing on Hard and sometimes I just feel way too OP. But it's nice when the AI gets the best of me. Kinda feel like moving to Montana after playing this. Aside from the cult seems like a nice play to live
  13. Hmmn I didn't see in the OP it would be total darkness. I didn't read the entire thread though so I must have missed that part. I saw no windows but assumed there would some sort of light. That does make it a little less tempting... so I'd probably do it for $200 instead of $100 if that's the case...
  14. I live with wife, 2 teenage daughters, dog, 2 cats, and a parrot... all females... I'd take this deal for very little money and view it as a vacation TBH. 8x8 is enough for me to get my workouts in, catch up on all the sleep I've missed. No news... no drama... just me and my thoughts. Sounds amazing to me..
  15. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Hoping the Darnold rumors are true. I really think we need to solidify QB for the future. Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson are all going to be studs but I do not want to end up in QB hell. The Kent Graham, Dave Brown, Danny Kanell era was more then enough for me....