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  1. I'm usually onboard with the "stock the Oline" strategy. And it's no doubt the Gmen have year in and out dedicated top picks to protection: https://www.bigblueview.com/2021/4/7/22370678/nfl-draft-ny-giants-have-checkered-history-drafting-offensive-tackles-over-past-decade But...where has it gotten us? We've allotted the most draft capital to T and how many studs do we have to show for it? Maybe it's time for a strategy change? Maybe talented skill positions players that create separation help the protection problem more so then stud lineman? Maybe fielding a squad of athletic, skilled
  2. Yea total bloodbath. Turn off the monitor and don't look
  3. It' fair to say he was a bust for the Niners, went on to have 5 good years for the Chiefs. He never lived up to #1 overall expectations, but he produced a respectable career.
  4. I'm relieved he hung up the cleats. I was cringing anytime I saw him take a hit. To go from the brink of death to returning to the field was more then enough. Enjoy your life sir, you earned a nice peaceful retirement.
  5. Clover Health Investments Corp (NASDAQ: CLOV), 144.7% of float (Editor's note: On April 19, S3 followed up suggesting Clover’s actual short percent of float is 36.9% based on an “updated” float number from FactSet.) “Based on FactSet’s updated and changed Float number for $CLOV, SI % of Float is 36.97% and S3 SI% Float is 26.99%. S3’s own number, its forecast of shares sold short, has remained accurate, and stands at 40.61mm,” S3 said. Benzinga has reached out to S3 for comment. Still had a nice pop today despite the actual float number being way off. See some juic
  6. Owning RIOT is an absolute roller coaster ride. I do not recommend for the faint of heart...
  7. NE/PHI by far. So many beautiful empty trophy case meme's were ruined the day the Pats let the Iggles win..
  8. Whelp he earned himself a nice tax write off for the next 30 something years...
  9. Either go with Redhogs or keep it the WFT. Rest of that list is just plain boring and generic
  10. You have to plan it out. Scout out the nest then setup traps and bombs in choke points, and make sure you have some molotovs. Get used to rolling forward and quickly spinning around, unload a magazine, roll, spin etc. But use the bottlenecks to your advantage. Lead the horde to explosive fuel tanks and blow them to hell.
  11. Bulk stats matter. He finished his career 8th all time in passing yards, 9th all time in TD's. If he hadn't won any SB's the bulk stats alone would not be enough since he was never considered elite. But the bulk stats in conjunction with the two SB MVP's will be enough. The HOF voting committee is made up of sports writers and pundits like Peter King, Sal Paolantonio, Lisa Salters, Dan Fouts etc etc. People that have made their career dramatizing sports. Eli is getting in, not 1st ballot but in. Does he deserve it? That's a different question and is certainly debatable. But based off the cri
  12. Eli has postseason legacy and bulk statistical career stats in his column. Sure he was never considered elite but he finished top 10 in all time passing yards. Edelman just has postseason legacy. His regular season stats are nothing special. He was never considered even close to a top 10 WR. It's not the hall of elite stats. You can get in with just elite stats (Marino). You can get in with legacy and good stats (Aikman). It'd be hard pressed to get in with just legacy especially when your legacy came from the hand of the GOAT QB and HC, and you stepped into a role already established before y
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