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  1. I'm long overdue for a complete rewatch. I miss Junior 😎
  2. "Should" have drafted a stud lineman at their original spot like Slater, or if you must trade back take Paye. Problem with Toney is he wasn't a need and now he's buried in the depth chart.
  3. Ashamed to admit I still haven't beaten the final Valkyrie in the original game 😔
  4. Wish they would have just added an additional bye week to achieve the 17 game season for each team rather then actually extended the season. I'm always in favor of more football. But now we'll have debated about 17 game seasons vs 16 vs 14. And it just gets more and more complicated. 5,000 yards passing used to be a grand achievement, now it'll be the meh standard.
  5. Same old same old issues. All Pro on Franchise is way too easy and All Madden is ridiculous. On All Pro I have the stock Giants at 8-1 with dominating wins over the Chiefs and Cowboys. Switch to All Madden and look at all those super picks the MLB makes! The coordinator skill tree is a nice addition and adds a nice wrinkle to weekly progressions. But overall it's meh. I got it part of my Origin subscription on PC. I wouldn't recommend dropping the $60 on it. It's nothing special.
  6. I'll wait for a sale. I'm a Bethesda sycophant but judging from the reviews I can't justify paying full price. I have never played through Prey so in the meantime I picked that up and will patiently wait for Deathloop to come down in price.
  7. It's odd to me that the Oline was able to pass block well both of these games but can't even create a hole for this man Barkley. Both teams loaded up to stop SB and played man to man on the receivers. Jones has actually put together a decent stat line for the two games (minus the heinous fumble). Touchdown drops by Slayton and Golladay really hurt against WFT. Such an odd start because what I thought would be a strength (the defense, and run game) has been pathetic, what I thought would be a weakness (Jones and Pass blocking) has been good. Bizarro world...
  8. 0-2 so far: - Peppers not happy - Toney upset with his role - Golladay yelling at Jones/Garrett Better win this game vs Atlanta or this is going to get real ugly real fast. Winning cures all but Saints, Cowboys, Rams, Panthers, Chiefs. I thought they're be 2-1 going into this stretch.
  9. Ahh I see. Thought the primary WR was Renfrow. Now I see what you're saying. I didn't maximize it so couldn't see the numbers. The 2nd vid with Queen is a whole bunch of nothing however.
  10. I watch that play in OP and I see a standard run of the mill tackle. If the defender is coming in for a tackle and the receiver ducks resulting in helmet to helmet contact it's such a ridiculous expectation to criticize the defensive player as if it's his responsibility to avoid the helmet to helmet hit. You're talking about milliseconds of reaction time. It's just...football. I know CTE has led to rule changes and safety precautions...but damn.. defensive players are already at such a huge disadvantage. You're asking a whole lot of them to somehow avoid plays like this.
  11. Anyone else immediately think this was Trevor Lawrence? Tough loss for the Boys. Super talented DE. As a Giants fan kinda relieved since we have them coming up soon. But hope he recovers well.
  12. Not sure about that. I know he's listen as questionable. Probably will be on a snap count like he was week 1. But I think he'll take the field. This is already sort of a must win game for us. Didn't see him take any massive hits week 1. He should be healthy.
  13. I mean really... if the weed stuff was allowed this man would have had an amazing career. Why are we derailing these super talented stars for utilizing a naturally grown pain remedy? Load em up with opiates, cortisone injections, and pain killers = perfectly fine. Smoke some weed to dull the pain...BANNED! So dumb. Stop with this bs nonsense.
  14. Thomas actually played well last week. It was Peart who got abused by Miller. Solder should be the full time RT at this point. That WFT front 7 scares me, so much talent. But if they are going to load up to stop SB then Jones needs to make them pay and get Golladay and Shep involved early.
  15. Me as I trade the stock market every day 😎
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