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  1. You're not wrong about buy and hold, it's tried and true. But for every Roku and Tesla there is a Luckin Coffee, NKLA, AMC, Enron etc. Investing heavily in individual companies is just as much gambling and speculation as trying to trade them short term. Anything can happen overnight that sends your investment to $0. You either have to have a heavily diversified portfolio with hedged assets such as gold or puts. Or you need to be in mutual, Index Funds, and ETF's to be safely investing. You're invested in very volatile, over valued tech stocks that could drop at any moment. That isn't exactly t
  2. Yea but it loads up Rocket League super duper fast...
  3. I thought Hold the Dark was pretty good. Probably the only Netflix original I'd watch multiple times. Mostly has to do with Riley Keough though 😁
  4. Really? I feel like their 1 pass rusher away from elite. The amount of success Graham had consistently being in tied, or losing situations. Imagine what he could do with leads? Give him an edge guy and a halfway decent offense and I think our defense elevates itself to elite status.
  5. Watson is arguably a top 5 QB I agree (and the whole league knows it, therefore the price will be high). And Jones will never be on his level I agree. But the amount of equity it'll take to acquire Watson will prohibit the rest of the roster from developing to a Championship level. You're better off building around Jones who is inferior. Give him some weapons, a true #1 WR, SB, and protection. He's quite accurate when given time, if he has the surrounding talent he can succeed. No doubt Watson is special, but his price is going to be astronomical. The Texans need to acquire enough offset the d
  6. Yep. I'd like to see Slayton as the #2, Shepard in the slot, and a draft pick in the #1 position. Shepard is sure handed and will succeed against CB3's and LB's in the slot. But we need a guy who can beat 1 on 1 coverage and sadly Shep has not proven he can do so consistently.
  7. No we really don't. Jones has one more year to prove himself. Use this draft to give him weapons, sure up his line, and restock the defense. If he still sucks then find the next prospect in the draft. Watson is a good QB but sending the farm over to have him will set us back years. The defense is close, the offense needs a spark. SB will return, give DJ a legit #1, and bring in a formidable pass rusher and we're in contention.
  8. Not only that but the hard nose, in your face, drill sergeant type coaching simply does not work anymore. Players want to be inspired, but also treated as intellectual assets and equals. Not pawns in a game of kings and queens and guillotines. Just don't see this sort of coaching style working well in this day and age.
  9. Gave up on Madden a couple years ago. I agree with @43M if you want change you need to boycott the monopoly EA has on the NFL license. I'd love to see what 2K could do with a modern football game. But until we the consumer make use our influence to hit EA in the pockets it won't happen.
  10. ^ Actually like this one. Which is unusual for your posts lol. I'll check out the band.
  11. Yea I'm not so sure of his assessment. Rivers was statistically a more efficient and capable QB then Eli. But... would he had the fortitude to survive that NFC Championship game against SF? Eli was literally under siege and gutted out a victory. Could he have pulled out that miracle escape and heave to Tyree? I know statistically Eli was quite average... but his postseason stats in 07 and 11 were phenomenal. Could Rivers had replicated or surpassed them? Obviously we'll never know but it's an interesting thought exercise.
  12. It's not really a strategy I'm well versed in or comfortable with. As an option buyer high IV sets off my spidey senses. The Najarian Brothers have a book with strategies about how to play unusual option volume. But I believe most of it involves spreads because that helps alleviate getting hit with IV crush because your short contract protects you. But it's not a strong point of emphasis in my day trading.
  13. Heck of a career. A statistical powerhouse. 15 straight years never missing a game. Good all around guy and fun to watch. One wonders what would have been had the Giants and Chargers not made that trade
  14. Two vastly different strategies with vastly different risk/reward scenarios and learning curves. I'd focus on the investing part first. Or maybe some small swing trades. Get your feet wet with some safe blue chip stocks, ETF's, Index, Mutual Funds. Took me 10 years of pain to become a successful daytrader. It's not easy and takes strict risk/reward discipline to stay alive. Webull has a great paper trading feature that you can use to simulate day trading. I wouldn't try it with real money until you have a better grasp.
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