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  1. Unhinged was decent. Short and too the point. In normal times it'd be a completely average and forgettable movie but given the circumstances my criteria is relaxed. It was just nice to watch something new. It was basically Falling Down via road rage but with much less backstory and character development. You never really get a picture of why the character is so angry aside from a short and brutal opening sequence. One things for sure....Russell Crowe is looking quite robust these days.. full on Santa belly 😆
  2. Grabbed that Unhinged movie with Russell Crowe. Anyone else seen it yet? Prob give a watch tonight
  3. I mean.. it's turf toe.... for crying out loud. If there is any hope for salvaging this season they have to win this game. If he doesn't play now might as well just take the rest of the season off.
  4. You gotta keep making the gameday threads. You have the magic touch
  5. Lets just relish this win. Yea I know it's the WFT. But it's also the 1st win for the Judge era. Aside from the bad pick DJ played well. THe running game showed up against a tough Dline. And sadly we're right in the mix for the division.
  6. Game of Thrones Breaking Bad Better Call Saul South Park The Sopranos Millennium Homeland Ozark True Detective Twilight Zone Band of Brothers The Mandalorian The Boys Futurama Cheers Chapelle Show In Living Color Cobra Kai The Walking Dead Westworld The Witcher X-Files
  7. Had a bit of Power Rangers feel to it as well. Frank Grillo makes it interesting and Kickboxer Retaliation was actually a decent watch. So this might actually be good...
  8. That and that very talented Dline that is probably going to give him fits. Alex Smith starting makes this a very winnable game for the WFT. They simply just have more talent and better coaching.
  9. Alright...0-5. Who wants to take a shot at the next Gameday thread? Surely we can beat the lowly WFT.... right?...
  10. Those 2 wasted TO's could be a big factor here
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