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  1. Acgott is 0-3 on his game threads so trying a switch up... Could barely mustered any offense against the Niner backups so would only make sense they get the offense rolling this week against Donald, Brockers, and Ramsey... got a good feeling about this one. Big upset coming. @El Ramster get in here
  2. I know they just got whooped by the Niner backups but I'd actually feel good about them beating the Jets ....
  3. I lived in Colorado for a few years when I was in the Army and it was so awesome the early games started at 11am. Could actually watch all the prime time games in full without being the walking dead the next morning.
  4. Seriously though 2020 can go right ahead and (fill in the blank)
  5. Feels like the mid 90's Giants teams. Year after year of frustrating poor football. 2016 being the outlier it's been rough since 2011
  6. Have they passed on 1st down this season...ever?
  7. So frustrating. Get a nice sack, 2nd and 19... give up 14 on soft coverage and let them back into FG range. Get a decent drive going on offense... have a bad toss and handle on a trick play. J
  8. Gmen pretty banged up as well but I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to lose this game against the Niners backups.
  9. Both these teams are decimated. But the Niners still will field more talent then the Gmen and win this game. Which sadly reflects on our GM's ability to build a roster and adequate depth.
  10. Can't say there are any launch day titles I absolutely have to have. Valhalla looks awesome, maybe Godfall. Nothing that really makes me motivated to try and hunt down one of these preorders though.
  11. Another "free" man nyuk nyuk Honestly I think Gallman will emerge as the guy that gets the lions share eventually. He's had some success in the past in spurts. It really doesn't matter who has it though if the Oline can't even create a single running lane.
  12. I think it'll be a couple of weeks before he takes over the lions share of the carries. I suspect Dion will be the 3 down back with Gallman as a spell and Freeman sprinkled in here and there. Not that it matters. If the Oline can't block doesn't matter who has the rock.
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