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  1. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Conte will have his work cut out for him this season with the current squad. A couple of injuries and they'll be struggling to put a game-day 18 together. How they cope with such a small squad and being expected to compete on at 3 fronts will be very interesting to watch.
  2. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    I think him coming and missing on the first goal made him a little hesitant on the second goal. He's experienced enough to put that behind him though.
  3. Bills Trade WR Sammy Watkins To the Rams

    But sadly, nobody to get them the football. Biggest thing for me is how they plan to keep Watkins around after this season - Tag would seem very expensive and if he has another middling season do you invest long term?
  4. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    Quite happy to see how the team looked going forward - Not overly worried about the defensive frailty just yet - It was a very makeshift back three and I thought Cech could've done better on the first two Leicester goals.
  5. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    I keep coming back to Daenerys and the vision she had way back when of a destroyed kings landing and winter in the capital. Westerns in ruins. Needing to be rebuilt
  6. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    And this means there was sexual tension in the cave why.... I think they were trying to play at it, especially given Davos' quip after they left the cave. Don't think either played up to it though.
  7. Dunkirk (2017) - Nolan does it again

    I get that; but how do I get invested into the plot if I really don't care about any of the characters? The only guy I really liked was the older man captaining the civ boat. I don't think the anxiety, fear and stress of the situation was well communicated, or maybe it was just me that felt this way because of a lack of connection to the characters. Or maybe it worked the first time, but not the 3rd, 4th or 5th time we were seeing the same information, it didn't make the situation any more stressful, it didn't build any more suspense, it didn't create any further benefit. It was good, I enjoyed it, it was well worth the trip to the cinema. Does it deserve the hype. I'm not sure. I'm no film or movie expert though. Maybe this is why I much prefer a documentary over a dramatization when looking to accurately portray historical events.
  8. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    This is the entirety of my knowledge too.
  9. Dunkirk (2017) - Nolan does it again

    I'm in the same boat. While technically it was amazing, and very well shot. Story wise I felt it was very lacking. I guess he was letting the event do the talking, but there was no character development at all, the crux of the film is the same event repeated four or five times from different vantage points. The issue with that is the details don't change, it is the same thing over and over. Didn't really grab me. Don't see the hype.
  10. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    I'd be Ok with Arsenal selling Sanchez back to em for a cool 100m. 😂
  11. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    I could be wrong here, but I think it's might be standard practice in the Spanish leagues. All players have a buyout fee Sorry @texans_uk quoted the wrong post.
  12. The name missing between the week 10 leaders and week 16 leaders is Davante Adams. Tracking at over 100 yards per game at week 10 he put together 260 yards over the last 6 weeks.
  13. Bucannon starts season on PUP list Obviously if he can't go he can't go, but I always find this weird. He was bothered by the ankle injury most of last season and they waited until May for the surgery? I don't get it surely of surgery is the more likely option you get it son as soon as possible, January after the season ends. I do like that it will allow Reddick to get lots of first team work in camp.
  14. Chris Johnson signs on again. Backup RB was always going to be a key spot spelling David Johnson and allowing him to play some snaps outside at receiver. Johnson is comfortable in the building and in the team, knows the environment and the offense. I like the move to get him back on board. Thoughts?
  15. Should be fun when Nacho can embed the game videos into the thread.