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  1. LOL - Who is the idiot that took Bulaga in the first ahead of Lane Johnson and Bradley Chubb???
  2. Well. This is what getting a new phone does - No Discord - No one yelling at me that I need to pick. Sad times indeed.
  3. Ahhhh yes - New Zealand where crazy people go to do crazy things.
  4. QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB) 4RB: Nick Chubb (CLE) 7WR: Adam Thielen (MIN) 10OLB: Chandler Jones (ARI) 13CB: Patrick Peterson (ARI) 16 Willing to work trades for lots of players.
  5. re: Simmons at 8 - It was fun to hear Kliff Kingsbury to saying immediately after the combine interview the team had with him that "I'm good with him at 8 if you are".
  6. My thought process on this would be it is just pushed out a season. Or you have a redraft with a randomised snake draft with 20 (Or your available number of tags) keeper tags to spend. You can spend them in whichever way you want, the. We move onto a normal season draft with the current order. I'm really just throwing things out though. Been what 12/13 seasons for me it can get a touch stale repeating things with the same players. It's why I traded Russ and Sherm way back when.
  7. I feel like it would have to be randomised and be snake of some nature. You do you though boo.
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