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  1. I tried by best to explain things - it just wasn't being picked up.
  2. Th guy who got a Civ lynched through faking a move.
  3. From where I was standing it was less about the character and more about the fact a guy who should have never had an "index card" had one. I can respect the move, and also props to The Orca who basically said he thought you'd faked the move very early. I just got tilted and locked on.
  4. To be fair Rags was pretty much our consensus vote from about N3/4 I just couldn't get on here enough to post some of our thoughts.
  5. Also PR wad an other and I'm pretty sure swag made up his invest/steal
  6. This game is based on season one Stringer is 100% Barksdale.
  7. To elaborate. I have no idea how rags worked on me when I have no active roles. Donette is a weird role. I'm not sure how it really fits.
  8. I've given my thoughts nobody takes my thoughts with anything other than a grain of salt. I'll follow your lead.
  9. The game is rigged man. I'm like one of them little b****** on the chess board. Good luck.
  10. Just @ me with who I should vote or if you'd prefer I hold no vote I'm good.
  11. I agree. I would also be amazed if Stringer was not.
  12. You do know that Avon ordered the death of Stringer and Stringer snitched on Avon right.
  13. I'm happy to fall on the sword remove confusion and let the rest figure it all out.