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  1. Did you used to have a guy named Tom Brady!? Or was that Pete?
  2. We trading roster for roster, switching our ownership entirely? What's the plan Stan?
  3. Just in: This season was simulated in the "Upside-down" all results shall be null and void.
  4. Looking forward to another 3 point loss.
  5. Two mid fourth quarter drives that stalled cost me. Got three points when I probably should've put up 10-14. Inconsistent play this season will kill me. If I can make the play-offs we'll be a tough out, but not a chip contender.
  6. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Dremont Jones. Yodney Cajuste
  7. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Jerry Tillery (DL) Chase Winovich (Edge)
  8. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    James Develin (Fb) Kevin Huber (P)
  9. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Chuck Pagano (DC) Richard Biscasia (STC)
  10. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Mecole Hardman (KR) Chris Boswell (k) @TheKillerNacho let me know if I need to repick in #CollusionChat pls.
  11. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Aaron Kromer (OC) Gus Edwards (RB)