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  1. Any chance we can get the stats to reflect only actual returns @TheKillerNacho would help a help when doing an evaluation of potential draftees.
  2. Aaron Rodgers [10 GS]: 224/343 (65.31%, 112.57 Rating) for 3,015 yards, 25 touchdowns, 4 interceptions. 34 carries for 148 yards (4.35 YPC, 19 LNG), 0 touchdowns, 4 fumbles He's basically Aaron Rodgers.
  3. These are just the teams that are 6-4 or better in our conference. Only four can proceed.
  4. South Africa Chicago Rio Little Rock Tacoma One of these 5 teams will miss the playoffs. Damn.
  5. Whew. Skin of the teeth stuff there!! gg @Whicker
  6. Rumours surfacing that a group of owners are preparing a presentation for the commissioner regarding potential realignment. This would be the biggest change to the NSFL since the expansion season.
  7. @TheKillerNacho Please drop Rod Marrinelli Please add Keith Butler as DC
  8. Breaking: Earlier reports have been verified. Rod Marrinelli had been releived of his duties immediately following an altercation with Aaron Rodgers at the team facility this morning. An argument that began over the last piece of bacon available at the buffet breakfast bar ended with Marrinelli berating Rodgers over former girlfriend Olivia Munn. The Thunder sit at 3-4 this season and find themselves staring at a playoff less season in close to a decade. Are things falling by apart in Tacoma or can things be rescued?
  9. Breaking: Reports leaking from Tacoma suggest that Thunder defensive coordinator Rod Marrinelli has been shown the door after commenting about that idiot that let Olivia Munn go. More at 7
  10. Drop: Aaron Kromer, Taco Charlton Sign: Karl Joseph, Darian Stewart.
  11. If anyone is selling safeties, I'm buying, slither into my DMs like Kevin Durant.