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  1. I mean at least I expected it so when I was up 23-7 and 29-14 I wasn't excited about being 5-1
  2. Two turnovers. They both came on my final two possessions. A fumble while driving for a GWFG and a pick 6 to lose in OT. The missed extra point. Both my losses have had huge RNG swings against me. Which I guess makes be feel good. I'm playing damn well.
  3. I mean. I'm. It's...I just.... What.
  4. Yooooooooooo I missed the extra point on my TD to go up 29-14. In a game that went to OT. I missed an expletive extra point.
  5. I know for a fact I can get from my house to a stadium without ever setting foot on a road and the major method of transport is train. So....Yes. Walking Tracks are also a good option to get from Train to Stadium.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we forgot to mention that the 1972 Dolphins were popping champagne last week. Didn't have an undefeated team out of week 4.
  7. 3 wins and already 1.5 wins above expectations.
  8. That's Dallas Clark thank you.
  9. Wouldn't mind seeing the ranking of me vs the world, but just me would be fun - even in a season by season breakdown - just to see where I really choked.
  10. Is there a way to show us expected winning percentage (All-Time)
  11. So I'm 3-1 with my only loss by 1 point and have played the toughest schedule to date. Can't wait to lose in the conference Championship again.
  12. The excitement is palpable. Still cant believe I took 3 sacks in 6 plays at the end of a 1 point loss.