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  1. He's good. Cover 1/3 heavy teams are going to want him in their building.
  2. LOL - Who is the idiot that took Bulaga in the first ahead of Lane Johnson and Bradley Chubb???
  3. Well. This is what getting a new phone does - No Discord - No one yelling at me that I need to pick. Sad times indeed.
  4. Ahhhh yes - New Zealand where crazy people go to do crazy things.
  5. QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB) 4RB: Nick Chubb (CLE) 7WR: Adam Thielen (MIN) 10OLB: Chandler Jones (ARI) 13CB: Patrick Peterson (ARI) 16 Willing to work trades for lots of players.
  6. re: Simmons at 8 - It was fun to hear Kliff Kingsbury to saying immediately after the combine interview the team had with him that "I'm good with him at 8 if you are".
  7. My thought process on this would be it is just pushed out a season. Or you have a redraft with a randomised snake draft with 20 (Or your available number of tags) keeper tags to spend. You can spend them in whichever way you want, the. We move onto a normal season draft with the current order. I'm really just throwing things out though. Been what 12/13 seasons for me it can get a touch stale repeating things with the same players. It's why I traded Russ and Sherm way back when.
  8. I feel like it would have to be randomised and be snake of some nature. You do you though boo.
  9. I'm happy to return. I'd be up for a shakeup re: divisions or even a full redraft if those were on the cards, but also happy to tick with that status quo.
  10. I'm currently trying to sort this out and its damn hard. GK Germany Kahn Karlsruher Bayern DL Scotland Robertson Queens Park Dundee Hull Liverpool
  11. Why not - gotta have that reliable checkdown option. And when I'm dropping back 45 times a game, 40 pass attempts at 66% completions is 27 catches. Give Thielen 8, Mecole 4, Cobb 4, Smith 4, Chubb 5 and i've still got two spare.
  12. I want Nick to get his doctor prescribed 15 carries and 5 catches a game.
  13. I've been at minimum for pretty much my entire career in the NSFL. Rodgers did just go 12/27 in a game though so maybe I don't want 24/50 I dunno.
  14. All I want is Aaron Rodgers to throw 45 times a game - I can't manage to get that though.
  15. Interesting to note the of the top 4 in net points three of them have a QB capable of creating yards with their legs as well as their arms (Wilson, Jackson, Watson) and the other has Mahomes.
  16. This makes me a little sad; Doing well this season @YoungBucs15 Offensive MVP: Russell Wilson (QB) Defensive MVP: Richard Sherman (CB)
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