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  1. Next year's QB class doesn't look particularly strong, so even if he's THAT bad, it's unlikely the Jets have even the opportunity to jettison him in the same way.
  2. The Jets and Bears are both on pace to allow 85 sacks this season.
  3. Next week is gonna be a bloodbath in Foxboro. Brady and Belichick both coming in pi-i-i-i-i-ssed
  4. If that happens, who gets charged with killing him? 'Cuz there are a lot of suspects.
  5. How is that an overreaction?
  6. I mean Whom else were they gonna pick? I don't envision any of the rookie QBs doing any better in that situation, with that roster, with THAT coaching staff.
  7. Jonnu Smith is the worst FA bust of 2021 Herbert > Mahomes
  8. Losing on a 66-yard FG can't feel good.
  9. Wentz. Goff has at least shown himself to be durable for the most part.
  10. Has Taysom Hill done a single thing this year to justify his spot on the roster?
  11. McCorkle has swagger that you wouldn't expect from a guy named McCorkle.
  12. Not much for moral victories, but the fact that Mac and the defense are still hustling out there gives me hope for the remainder of the season. Not next week, but I think that next stretch @Houston, Dallas and Jets should keep the Pats in the playoff hunt.
  13. The way the defense has played, this game should be a lot closer.
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