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  1. A journeyman is just a journeyman unless he takes a team to a Super Bowl. Them's the rules.
  2. Current HOF coaches.

    He's kept the Ravens in playoff contention most years despite going through a rebuild on defense and dragging around a 240-pound Joe Flacco-shaped anchor. I'm not sure more than 2 or 3 coaches could've accomplished that.
  3. Current HOF coaches.

    Harbaugh and Carroll would both punch their ticket with another Super Bowl win.
  4. Around the NFL

    Normal organization.
  5. This is definitely going to be the most asymmetrical Super Bowl in a long time because there's so much more at stake for one team than the other. The last time there was this sort of situation was probably 1979 when the Steelers won their 4th over the Rams who were 9-7 during the regular season. If the Pats win it's "Ho-hum, add another to the pile." If the Eagles win, it's "Holy hell! Send in the coast guard to protect eastern Pennsylvania's electrical grid!"
  6. Why not replace the Pro Bowl with a Futures Game?

    That was a beach flag football game.
  7. Except it leaving that much more up to the judgment of officials.
  8. At this point I'd take anything that shifts the balance back towards the defense tbh. Guys get called for PI while they're face-guarding all the time on underthrown balls. That's the whole loophole I want to see closed. Call any ball that the WR has to come back through the DB bodily to reach uncatchable.
  9. Why not replace the Pro Bowl with a Futures Game?

    People watch all star games in other sports, which are similarly meaningless (that nonsense with the MLB ASG deciding home field in the world series is a stupid outlier). There's no reason why the Pro Bowl HAS to be unwatchable.
  10. Yes, although that wouldn't fix the problem of teams exploiting loopholes in the rule, just limit its effects.
  11. Why not replace the Pro Bowl with a Futures Game?

    They would if you put it the day of the Super Bowl as a warmup act for the big game.
  12. The damn thing is already being drained of real star power from guys deciding to skip it every year. Why not reinvent it as a showcase for the league's best up-and-coming talent? Limit participation to the best players who have started 16 or fewer career games. They're the ones who will be least likely to pass up the opportunity since the experience will be new to them, and the league can sweeten the pot further by ramping up bonus pay for being voted in and participating. Plus it'll help solve the league's star power problem by putting the spotlight on young players who aren't already household names.
  13. Post Game/NFC Championship Talk

    It's 2 guys - Fleming and Waddle.