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  1. I liked Abby's character a lot more than Ellie's in this game. I felt like her actions were mostly justified.
  2. The game goes downhill once you reach the aquarium as Ellie. It becomes irredeemably awful after Abby's campaign.
  3. How about: The D.C. Snipers
  4. Patriots sign Cam Newton

    Welker was punished for doing a specific thing to antagonize the opposing head coach. Plenty of other players have shown that they could have a real personality without getting on Belichick's bad side. Brady just seems to run everything he says past a team of lawyers and publicists, which became grating after a while.
  5. Patriots sign Cam Newton

    After listening to Brady's focus group-tested PR-friendly bull**** the last 20 years, this is really refreshing.
  6. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    LMAO OP is on some church lady sh** Get real.
  7. I think the dissonance between what the game presents itself as and what it actually is is what's causing the backlash. People's expectations were simply not met.
  8. Offseason Thread

    Butler didn't play in that game. He went on IR in November.
  9. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Emotional rollercoaster of a post.
  10. Patriots sign Cam Newton

    Cam Newton's numbers in 2 games against New England: 41/57, 525 yards, 6 TD, 1 INT 15 rushes, 106 yards, 1 TD This is why Belichick made this signing. He's always coveted players who cause problems for his own teams.
  11. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Cam Newton's top WR in his MVP season was Ted Ginn Jr. I don't think the lack of established talent at WR would be what keeps him from succeeding in NE. It would be a huge boost if at least one of the TEs they drafted becomes a reliable option in the passing game. But the biggest question mark for him is whether or not he can still make plays with his legs.
  12. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Pantera, post-'Power Metal' are the heavy metal antichrist (but not in the cool way).
  13. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    I have to think this is largely a hedge against the shortened offseason impacting Stid's development