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  1. David Andrews. Absolutely crucial to the success of the Pats' offense.
  2. Jennings had a nice stop at the goal line iirc.
  3. Harry's fumble notwithstanding, I saw very little in the offense that gave me real cause for concern. I'd like to see the rookie TEs get involved more, and obviously not every opponent will allow the Pats to run the ball with this much effectiveness. But Cam, the OL and backs really looked solid.
  4. The Dolphins will be a good team once Tua gets up to speed.
  5. The fact that they were the product of a very specific zeitgeist that simply doesn't exist anymore. Also, most of them weren't funny.
  6. Indonesia has, for the last decade, been producing action films that are infinitely better than anything the U.S. has made in 30+ years.
  7. dog tried to eat a skunk everything smells like burning eggs please kill me
  8. No, but he can still make it if he either wins a Super Bowl or another MVP award, I think.
  9. Every piece of furniture in every house in the Buffalo area just groaned nervously.
  10. Unrelated to the content of the game, but Laura Bailey has been getting death threats for her portrayal of Abby. We need gamer gulags.
  11. I liked Abby's character a lot more than Ellie's in this game. I felt like her actions were mostly justified.
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