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  1. First time in 80 years that Americans are being asked to actually exercise some small amount of civic responsibility, and 30-40% of us are refusing to do even the bare minimum. We are so screwed.
  2. Guy had almost 1000 yards on 82 catches last year. I'd say he's pretty valuable to them.
  4. way to jinx it, you two. good job.
  5. Patriots are around where they should be. Ordinarily losing a player like Thuney would cause a line to take a significant hit, but Onwenu might be even better.
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/20/report-jets-passing-game-coach-greg-knapp-critically-injured-in-bicycle-accident/ "Long-time NFL assistant coach and current New York Jets passing game specialist Greg Knapp is in the hospital in critical condition due to injuries sustained in a bicycle accident this weekend, according to Mike Klis of 9NEWS."
  7. Okay, so I have a question for anyone who has suffered the injury, or just knows a lot about them - is a torn MCL painful? Would playing with one be a matter of pain management, or would it be purely a mechanical issue?
  8. Truly the modern Prometheus. He stole .5 PSI of air from some balls, and now he has to get wrecked by 300-pound men for all eternity.
  9. Tom Brady defeated Satan in a fiddle contest.
  10. Top-10 in terms of wins correlates more strongly with longevity and durability than anything else. If you're being realistic about it, QB wins are a metric for who can remain at least pretty good for the longest time, rather than who's actually the best or greatest. It's part of the picture, but far from the whole. I think, as with most stats, larger sample sizes make for more significant indicators. But with wins, the sample size necessary to really get an accurate picture is a lot bigger than for something like passer rating or TD/INT ratio. And with some players, even over a 7 or 8-ye
  11. Browner was on the other team when that INT was thrown. He had a direct hand in it...
  12. Yeah, like I said, law of sample size applies. If a guy consistently puts up great stats over the span of several years, you can pretty reliably say that he's a great QB. off the top of my head? Dan Fouts, Sonny Jurgensen and Ken Anderson were all right around .500 for their careers. Joe Namath, we can go back and forth about, but he's in the HOF despite a 62-63-4 career record.
  13. Nope. And Hot take, but pitcher W-L record never should've been an official stat in baseball, either. Nowadays, with starters rarely going more than 6 innings, it's particularly useless. But quarterback is probably the single position in sports where the stats tell the least about the actual performance of the player to whom they're attributed. The rule of sample sizes applies, of course, but there is never any individual QB stat from which you can, at a glance, reliably and accurately deduce the quality of the performance over the course of a single game, or even a single season
  14. So who will be this year's draft pick who gets stashed away on IR with a phantom injury to make room for a veteran? My money's on McGrone or Perkins.
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