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  1. What concerts did you just go/are you going to?

    Up the Hammers fest in Greece.
  2. Offseason Thread

    If you trade Gilmore, the defense collapses. I would not.
  3. Offseason Thread

    He's in his first year back from a torn ACL. His production this year compares favorably to Brady's in '09, and Brady had even better weapons that year.
  4. Offseason Thread

    Garoppolo threw for almost 4000 yards this year and was one of the best in the league at converting 3rd downs. He also was top-10 in the league in TD passes (t.5th), Yards/Attempt (3rd), 4th quarter comebacks (t.1st), adjusted net yards/attempt (10th), passer rating (8th) and completion % (t. 4th). Any way you slice it, he was among the best statistical performers in the league, and you absolutely cannot chalk all that up to scheme. Frankly, in a small sample size in the Patriots scheme he looked even better on film than he does in Shanahan's. And bear in mind that those two games he started in 2016 were WITHOUT Gronk or Solder.
  5. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    I think the explanation for that is that aside from Moore/Perriman in Detroit and Carter/Reed in Minnesota, almost all those guys were on teams that didn't have a #2 WR worth a damn. It also explains why the following year's draft yielded the best group of WRs maybe ever.
  6. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    might be my Patriots fan bias but 2008 was extremely odd -Matt Cassel -Brett Favre playing (poorly) for the Jets (and sending his dong to Jenn Sterger) -Giants 1-and-done in the playoffs despite having an objectively better team than the one that won the Super Bowl the previous year -Panthers somehow going 12-4 with Jake Delhomme in his last decent year before the wheels came off -Dolphins riding the Wildcat and a rejuvenated Chad Pennington to a division title -Michael Turner (remember him?) was the league's leading rusher. -Matt Ryan with the best (statistical) rookie season since Marino -Vikings won their division with Gus Frerotte at QB -Titans won their division with Kerry Collins at QB -Cardinals sleepwalking into the playoffs with a +1 point differential, losing 4 of their last 6 (including a 47-7 curbstomp by the Matt Cassel Patriots), then Larry Fitzgerald going HAM in the playoffs and taking them all the way to the Super Bowl, which was one of the best ever.
  7. Offseason Thread

    Gee, that arrangement sounds remarkably like a certain other QB we know... 🤔
  8. Offseason Thread

    We don't know what he's going to do against the Chiefs. He carried the team on his back through the middle part of the season when they were depleted by injury, so we know he's capable of doing it for stretches.
  9. Eli Manning is retiring

    In terms of raw talent, I'd take the group with 1 ring over the one with a dozen. There were a lot more question marks about guys like Rivers, Manning and Roethlisberger coming out of the draft than there were about Stafford, Rodgers, Ryan and Newton.
  10. Eli Manning is retiring

    Yeah, most famous assassins are either patsies who were set up by their government or dimwits who got lucky.
  11. Eli Manning is retiring

    Amazing that that group only has 1 ring between them.
  12. Eli Manning is retiring

    Sincerely hope the HOF voters aren't blinded by the two rings and see him for the Jim Plunkett figure he is.
  13. Offseason Thread

    If Brady leaves, I want Teddy Bridgewater.
  14. Offseason Thread

    I'll revisit this after the Super Bowl.