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  1. Duke Johnson was released by the Texans. He'd be a great replacement for White/Burkhead
  2. I really want Kyle Ju... Jusz... Kyle Juicebox, the FB from SF He could play an Aaron Hernandez type role while also being a massive help in the run game.
  3. Y'ever get the sense that Garm makes the music he does because he never heard the word "no" as a kid?
  4. He only completed 10 passes on 21 attempts in that game. When you see numbers like that, it more often points to poor defense - either in scheme or execution. In this case, it was both.
  5. There's no team that'll tolerate a QB who needs to submit paperwork and wait 6-8 weeks for approval to release the ball.
  6. Like a lot of "dual threat" QBs, if you took away the threat of the pass, they'd become a lot less effective, and vice-versa. The problem with Tebow is that he wasn't a good passer at all, and as a runner he wasn't particularly fast or elusive. His lone career passing highlight came as a result of **** LeBeau making the baffling decision to call cover-zero and letting him throw a rainbow to DeMaryius Thomas, which was the one thing he was decent at. And if you moved him to a position where he didn't have to throw the ball, you'd soon realize just how little speed or elusiveness he had. H
  7. I think it's pretty safe to say that Vinatieri is done.
  8. I don't think he had any skills that translated particularly well to the NFL.
  9. Nevermore were one of the biggest metal bands in the world for roughly a decade, then basically had their legacy erased because younger bands playing their style just didn't have the chops to keep up and wanted to go back to boomer tropes. Sad.
  10. A lot of NFL players fall into a pit of depression after they retire because they can't adapt to life after football. Some of them never managed to climb out. Absolute shame.
  11. If the league moves to a 17-game schedule they should do a full realignment and just add an annual meeting between historical rivals who are no longer in the same division.
  12. How many more years of irrelevance do the Cowboys need to go through before they and the Falcons or Jaguars finally swap divisions?
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