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  1. Best position player in MLB: #5

    I didn't mean literally half, but Segura, Corey Seager, Judge, Lindor and Ramirez have all been performing at this level no more than a year or two.
  2. Best position player in MLB: #5

    He's only got one full year at the major league level and was a top-5 prospect in all of baseball prior to that. What he's doing right now is what was expected of him. I agree that he's probably not a top-15 player as of yet but he certainly warrants consideration, given his skill set and current production. And frankly, half this list is comprised of guys with no more than a year or two of high-level production behind them.
  3. Best position player in MLB: #5

    Why wouldn't he be? He's outplayed half the guys on it this year.
  4. Best position player in MLB: #5

    Still incredulous that a guy who's currently slashing .217/.355/.479 is #2 on this list.
  5. Best position player in MLB: #5

    1. Mike Trout 2. Bryce Harper 3. Mookie Betts 4. José Altuve 5. ???

    Mariners putting on a clinic.
  7. Doom Eternal

    I'm curious how he'll differ from the Summoner.
  8. Last of Us 2

    Most interesting thing I noticed in the gameplay portion of the trailer is that there seems to be a melee dodge mechanic now. Definitely hoping to learn more about how that's implemented.
  9. Vampyr

    I'm going to wait until the price drops on this one but I'm definitely curious.
  10. Doom Eternal

    The Arch-Vile design is tiiiiiiiiight
  11. Last of Us 2

    Molotovs. Takes him down in seconds.
  12. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Bloodborne sequel probably isn't happening, if I were to wager on it.
  13. Last of Us 2

    Dude, just say it was tech demo.

    Mookie Betts' facial hair situation is unfortunate.