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  1. Going to need input from the oldheads and historians here. We all know that Bill Belichick's biggest flaw has been as a talent evaluator at the offensive skill positions (specifically WR). So what were the big flaws of guys like Walsh, Landry, Shula, Noll, Brown, etc?
  2. Exactly. This is purely a publicity stunt. It makes zero sense as a football move. Instead of signing Tebow, they could've used that roster spot on some UDFA or CFL guy who actually has positional value and could make the team.
  3. bruh Tim Tebow was with the Patriots in training camp of 2013 with no real shot of making the roster. He was still somehow the biggest story in camp that year until it turned out that one of our star tight ends was a murderer. There is absolutely nothing positive that can come out of signing him.
  4. Great job, Urban Meyer. Already turned your first-time NFL coaching job into a circus before your team has even played a game. This has "Nick Saban coaching the Dolphins" written all over it.
  5. That's a weird way to frame it. There have been small slow guys and big fast guys throughout the history of the league.
  6. My life would have felt that much emptier had I not read the lyrics to "Masturbating the War God"
  7. Are we going by 2003 rules or 2007 rules? Because I feel like if it's the former, the defense would get the upper hand because that team had an overwhelming amount of talent in the front-7 and could do just enough to jam Moss and Welker to get to Brady.
  8. I have some bad news for you https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/where-does-mark-wahlberg-live-photos-of-beverly-hills-home/
  9. Yeah? Well at least our entire state doesn't catch fire once a year.
  10. Hopefully they check him for sketchy tattoos
  11. Markus Johnsson was 15 when he wrote this...
  12. I'm not judging anyone for liking them, but At the Gates with Svensson made some incredibly innovative music, and actually created the whole genre of "melodic death metal". The Haunted more or less just play 'Seasons in the Abyss' riffs. There's no comparison. I mean, COME ON!
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