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  1. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    The Vikings better hope that these last two games for Cousins are an aberration, because if they aren't...
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    There are now four seasons of Fuller House. I am filled with despair.
  3. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    Amazing. Domestic abuse scandals, CTE, horrible labor practices, rampant corruption among ownership... but it's your team losing 1 game in highly entertaining fashion that causes you to lose interest.
  4. Who will win the AFC North?

    Smart money is on Baltimore. They have the most favorable schedule.
  5. That Broncos defense was one of the best in recent history. They were extremely stingy in terms of allowing yardage.
  6. Not starting drives on a short field is a huge benefit.
  7. Again, look at the average starting FP and look at the give/take rates. The offense and special teams deserve a huge chunk of the credit for those points allowed rankings.
  8. They're not a statistically elite defense. I don't know how you could ever come away with that idea.
  9. So much of scoring defense is contingent on not turning the ball over, especially deep in your own territory. Brady's ability to avoid giveaways has boosted them tremendously in that regard. They've finished top-3 in fewest giveaways 7 times in the last 9 seasons.
  10. He should but he won't.
  11. IMO the AFCN will come down to that week 17 Ravens-Browns matchup. If the Ravens win, they'll take the division. If the Browns win, it'll be them or Pittsburgh depending on how the rest of their games go. My money's on Baltimore.
  12. I don't think the Steelers will win their division.
  13. Yup. Though in Mitchell's case it was injuries that derailed him after a promising rookie year.