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  1. Week 14 GDT

    I mean, this crew is objectively horrible and has been for years, but okay.
  2. Week 14 GDT

    Boger's crew is going to need extra police protection on their way out of Gillette.
  3. Week 14 GDT

  4. Week 14 GDT

    OMG they botched another call
  5. Week 14 GDT

    Boger's has consistently been among the worst crews in the league since he became a referee. There's no bias here, just complete incompetence.
  6. Week 14 GDT

    If Boger doesn't get fired after this season, that'll just send another signal that the league doesn't give a damn about the quality of the product they put out.
  7. Week 14 GDT

    That's a fumble. That's an OBVIOUS fumble. Dumb**** Boger just cost the Pats a TD.
  8. Week 14 GDT

    More like Jerome Bogan
  9. Week 14 GDT

  10. Week 14 GDT

    STFU Romo, he initiated contact while both were still inbounds. And there was no driving him into the ground or anything.
  11. Week 14 GDT

    not gonna happen
  12. Week 14 GDT

    Yeah, the Pats are a lame duck team unless something drastic happens over the final three games.
  13. Week 14 GDT

    Not only is Jerome Boger terrible for missing calls, but his crew takes FOREVER to figure **** out and it's infuriating. How did he get assigned to a game like this!?
  14. Week 14 GDT

    Damn, when did Kalen Ballage join the Chiefs?
  15. 49ers v Saints!

    They've played other tough opponents, but this was the first time they've beaten on one largely on JG's back. I don't think this is especially controversial. And no, I'm not 'salty'. I've been a Garoppolo booster from day 1.