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  1. I just opened up this forum for the first time since this tragedy, and saw that this thread was at 24 pages. How fitting. Would be cool to lock it up out of respect to Kobe.
  2. I've never heard of Joe Judge until I read the announcement that he was hired as the next NYG head coach, so I was very skeptical. I don't know if he'll work out for us or not, but the things I've been reading about him have been very promising. He's a winner, leader, and has high football IQ. Check this article out: https://www.giants.com/news/joe-judge-expert-reaction-new-head-coach-hire-new-england-patriots?sf227715026=1&fbclid=IwAR3cgaHEhae8ROKABUeVGX4S0GOhejihKC5U4-fr5g2J90t7f5jCpeoKypI
  3. cue "Daniel Jones even fumbles in flip cup" comments.
  4. Slayton is good, man. Reminds me of Odell in his rookie year.
  5. Gettleman is an easy target, but tbh he's drafted well and gotten us out of a lot of back contracts. Has he been perfect? No. But he has improved the roster. The team still obviously needs work, but the coaching staff has been an utter and complete failure. I would love to see Rivera. I actually think he's a perfect fit for NYG. He's well-respected, tough, and defensive minded - all true blue traditional traits. If the staff is canned after this season, I would be very surprised if Rivera isn't the incumbent.
  6. Jones is showing both his potential AND his inexperience by the way he's playing against an elite Bill Belichek coached defense. Our defense has been excellent thus far.
  7. Missing 3 of our 4 best weapons on offense. If we were fully loaded, I'd say we'd have a punchers chance. But without them, it would be a miracle.
  8. That's rough. For the Giants, and even moreso for Shep. Really unfortunate that he's already had 2 and we're not even a third their the season.
  9. How many passes did the receivers drop? They did not help Jones out at all this.
  10. This. I've really loved many Giants over the years. But Saquon has already become quite easily my favorite of all time. And it's only party due to his legendary talent - just as much due to his legendary character. It's really just mind boggling enough to see his rare talent, then you add his character on top of it and I truly think he's a one in every 50 year type player. Daniel Jones also seems to have tremendous character - so to have those two as young leaders and faces of your franchise is truly a privilege. Hopefully the Giants organization can succeed in surrounding those two with a good supporting cast so they can have the long and successful careers they deserve.
  11. Given that you're actually looking out for Saquons health despite being an Eagles fan... Means you absolute love Saquon and probably hate that he's a Giant.
  12. This forum has been dead for the last few years since we've been getting top 10 draft picks. It's a bit baffling to me, too. Especially when I go into team forums like the Redskins who have been bad for a longer period of time and in a smaller market - yet they have a lot of activity. As for the game, I agree we have a shot, especially if Cousins does more of the same from last week. But our defense is pretty bad and now really banged up to make matters worse. Kirk should have everything he needs to get back on track. But we'll see if Danny Dimes can elevate the team like he did against the Bucs.
  13. The way I see it, if he's 99.9999% healthy against the Pats, you sit him. Needs to be 100%.
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