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  1. Preseason Week 2: Giants vs. Bears

    Jones looks real good. The fans and NY media will be in a frenzy the second Eli makes a mistake. This should be interesting.
  2. Preseason Week 1: Giants vs Jets

    Eli started out with a 3 yard check down to the TE in the flats and then they ran twice with no success for a 3 and out. Not much to go off on for Eli, just saying it was the same personnel aside from QB yet completely different results.
  3. Preseason Week 1: Giants vs Jets

    It was the same o-line for Eli the series before, correct? And that's not to be a jab at Eli, because I actually support the guy and still think he's a decent QB at this point (thought he obv has his limitations). Just very encouraging to see a perfectly executed series from our very heavily criticized #6 overall pick in his very first NFL action. Regardless of the circumstances.
  4. Preseason Week 1: Giants vs Jets

    I know it's just pre-season... And it's just one series... And it's the Jets 😂. But, MAN... Jones looked sharp and incredibly poised/comfortable back there. His timing and delivery was perfect on every throw. Again, see the first line of my comment. But that was def nice to see, and encouraging.
  5. RT Mike Remmers signed by Giants

    On paper this now actually looks like a pretty formidable unit. We'll see if it can live up to it.
  6. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    lol he's what Alex Smith is, not what people thought Alex Smith was. Still, even if he turns out to have a similar career to Alex Smith, that wouldn't be disappointing as a #6 pick. It just wouldn't be great.
  7. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I just realized something. Daniel Jones is Alex Smith. They have near identical measurables, (size, combine numbers). They have the same strengths (intelligence, character, accuracy, good athleticism) and weaknesses (arm strength, big play ability).
  8. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Honestly Darnold and Allen is a better football move. But Saquon is by far my favorite player of the group so I take him regardless of who else they got/didn't get. That's why I'm not fit to be a GM lol.
  9. DT Dexter Lawrence selected by Giants @ 1.17

    What a joke. The biggest flop of two 1st round picks I can remember. I honestly might not even watch any games this year. I'll just throw on Saquon Barkleys highlight reel after the season is over.
  10. DT Dexter Lawrence selected by Giants @ 1.17

    So basically Dalvin Tomlinson?
  11. DT Dexter Lawrence selected by Giants @ 1.17

    I like defense, too. But I like value better. Haven't heard of this guy. Anyone have anything to say about him?
  12. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    If we take Metcalf I will start breaking things.
  13. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    and to makes matters worse, Haskins falls right into the Redskins lap at 15. !#(*$&(#^@*&(!*@^@@@%^!&
  14. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    I really didn't want him at all. ESPECIALLY at the 6th pick. I understand why a traditional organization like the Giants is drawn to him. But I think it's a huge mistake taking him over a guy like Haskins. There's 4 other better franchise QBS in this draft IMO. But I'm far from and expert so hopefully I'm wrong.