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  1. DJ's pocket presence is def subpar. He is a tough kid, but he doesn't have a good feel for the pass rush. I was almost going to say that it's not something you can learn - but then I remembered Eli's pocket awareness was HORRIBLE early in his career. He looked like a deer in headlights and then a ragdoll. Say what you want about his weaknesses, but it became one of his major strengths by the time he was a seasoned vet. Eli developed a great feel for the pocket. Maybe DJ can have a similar development. Or maybe not 🤷🏽‍♂️ I really don't know how to feel about him.
  2. I'm boggled by Barkley's lack of production, too. But he's def not too damaged. We see that he is still physically capable at times. The run blocking has been putrid, but there may be something else going on. I don't know what, but I know he still has the physical ability. I see it.
  3. Lol you act like they haven't been criticizing Jones all game. They barely said anything about Judge, and when they did it wasn't much positive. They rightfully called out Jones whenever he made mistakes. That's why your statement was off base. I'm sorry if you don't see that.
  4. I hate knee jerk reactions, and I know it's the Superbowl champs. But based on what I've seen from the direction of this team for the last two years I'd be totally okay with them blowing it all up.
  5. They're clearly not fans. They have blatantly criticized the Giants from top down, including Judge and Jones. But of course they want to say some positive things otherwise it tells the viewer it's a one sided game that isn't worth watching, and it also might seem like they are biased against them. Objectively, the original comment I replied to is way offbase.
  6. Dude that's what commentators are supposed to say. They're supposed to make it sound like both sides have potential to beat each other.
  7. So is there any reason for us to not clean out the Front Office after this season?
  8. After tonight: Giants 0-6 in their color rush and Jones 0-8 in Prime Time.
  9. The Giants offense just always seems be frantically scrambling and out of control. Even when they make good plays, they aren't smooth. Just not good.
  10. When you combine the Giants anemic time-out/clock management, horrible 2-min play-calling, and DJs inept RedZone decision making; you get the stat that we saw on the screen. 0 points in final 2 minutes of the 1st half. Having no one back to return the punt was a horrendous call that allows the Bucs to pin you down inside the 10 yard line with 45 secs left. Simply having someone there to catch the ball would've given you 10 more yards just from a fair catch, potentially more from. Return. That could be the between field goal range for your kicker or not. Or even hail mary range. You still
  11. The Giants haven't pressured Brady once so far. That needs to change.
  12. Well done. Good job by DJ, Thomas, and the unit on executing it.
  13. What the heck did I just see?! 🤣😂 I just see DJ chuck a ball off his back foot and it seemed to hang in the air forever. Then I see a massive human come down with it in a Gmen uni. I'm thinking "who is that big?" Well, turns out, our LT 😆
  14. Did we really just see "NEXT ON MNF: TOM BRADY" after the Bucs received the punt prior to commercial? 🤣 Man, I forgot how corny TV marketing is.
  15. The D-Line needs to show some playmaking ability and make TB12 uncomfortable. He's too good when he has time.
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