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  1. I feel bad for any team that loses to us
  2. Everyone sucks... But Jenkins is the only one who looks like he's actually given up.
  3. He's still going to be a stud. There are several reasons why Carolinas running game is anemic, and he's only a small part of that. J Stew is a stud and he can't find success in that situation, either. Was he over drafted? Yes. But there's about a dozen teams he could go to right now and put up crazy numbers. You see what he's already doing in the passing game with a wild innacurate Cam Newton.
  4. Deshaun Watson suffers torn ACL

    Ugh I seriously hate injuries. I have no connection to Watson or the Texans but I was quickly becoming a huge supporter of his. Easy guy to like and has been arguably the best player in the NFL the first half of this season. By far the OROY as of now. I hope he regains the same form next season.
  5. Hey last time there Giants suspended an All-Pro CB they won a game 😁. We're gonna win next week!
  6. Should Jerry go get Jarvis Landry?

    I mean, the Eagles just got a Pro-Bowl RB from the Dolphins for a 4th rounder. Juice for a 4th rounder would be tremendous value. He will demand a nice paycheck, though. Also, I thought he played on the outside and inside, not exclusively in the slot. Is that not the case?
  7. Jarvis Landry on the trade block It's been reported that Juice is on the trade block. His bff OBJ has been all over social media lobbying for us to make a move for him. Do you guys think that's a good move? How much would you give up for him?
  8. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    LOL At least there's that.
  9. Week 7: Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

    Bzane is the currently the best thing about New York Giants football
  10. Philip Rivers is the first name that comes to mind. I like the guy and he's a good QB. But he doesn't have a ton of time left and it doesn't look like the Chargers are anywhere near good enough to even reach the playoffs let alone talk about Championships.
  11. Week 6: SNF: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

    The defense absolutely played well. But the difference in this game was the offense was able to sustain drives and convert third downs when needed. This kept the defense fresh for the 4th quarter. That's why they were able to hold the lead as opposed to previous weeks when the defense was too run down to close out games. We had tremendous success running the ball against the best run defense in the league and didn't turn the ball over against arguable the best secondary. The offense deserves a ton of credit, as does the defense.
  12. Week 6: SNF: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

    The adjustments to the offensive lineman completely changed the team. It allowed the running game to get going, which created more space for the passing game, which equated to longer drives, which allowed for the defense to stay fresh for the 2nd half. Great overall team win. Offense, defense, and special teams all played well for 4 quarters. This was arguably the most complete game this team has played in several years. Honestly, regardless of what happened before this game and what happens for the rest of the season, I was just happy to see the team play with some confidence and compete. So refreshing to see an offense that can sustain drives. Props to everyone, and special shout-outs to Darkwa, the offensive line, Sullivan, Engram, Jackrabbit, JPP, Collins, Snacks, and Goodson.
  13. The Backups have Arrived

    Engram should be the #1 Target for the rest of the year. If he stays healthy he could have 80/1000/6
  14. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Prob just another week of our middle School o-line making the opponents look like they have a legendary defense. It's such a shame. Our defense deserves better.