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  1. So 2 spectacular plays from Barkley and all we have to show for it is 2 field goals. I'm really sick of watching this putrid offense for the last 3 seasons. It's sickening how terrible it is.
  2. Derek Carr's future

    He's really trying hard to live up to those Jay Cutler comparisons he had coming out.
  3. OT Ereck Flowers to be released

    This obviously makes an already thin o-line even thinner. But this is good for the team for so many reasons. 1. Sends the message that the new FO will not accept mediocrity at any point. 2. He can no longer be the scapegoat. Therefore everyone else will have to own up to their own mistakes. 3. He's just a terrible player that we're better off without
  4. Week 5: New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers

    Definitely. But given that he and the rest of the team were able to overcome those mistakes and end up taking the lead late in the game will be a big confidence boost for this team going forward. If we can continue growing, I can see this team winning 7-8 games, which I would've been content with in the beginning of the season given how much of a mess this team was and how much turnover there has been.
  5. Week 4: New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants

    Absolutely not. He should have about 4 touchdowns by now. He has broken loose several times and Eli either missed the throw, didn't see him, or not had enough time to get a throw off. To be honest, Odell looks faster than ever.
  6. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    I'm not taking anything away from his run, but he really didn't blow by anyone. He did a great job hitting the hole while running through an arm tackle. Then there was a TON of space with nobody in sight. 3 defenders were on his tail and they started catching up to him pretty easily but they just ran out of time and he slipped another tackle. Excellent run but I wouldn't describe is as "explosive." I think elusive is a better word to describe Kamara. Like I said, the dudes a stud but theres no way he's more explosive than Saquon. That doesn't mean Saquon is a better player at this point (it's arguable).
  7. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    I see that you're saying, but at the end of the day where they are drafted is completely thrown out the window when they step on the field. I already said they Saints duo has an excellent argument for being better at the moment. But it's really pretty clear to me who is faster. Look at Barkleys combines numbers, but more importantly his game tape. He just kicks it into another gear and burns by DBs with good angles on him on so many of his long runs. Kamara is just as shifty, but he doesn't have that extra gear.
  8. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    They Saints duo has an EXCELLENT argument for being a better tandem at the moment. But there is zero chance they are more explosive. There are maybe a couple of WRs that are more explosive than Odell in the league right now, and Thomas is not one of them. He is a great WR in his own right, however. Barkley is also as at least almost as quick as Kamara and significantly faster. I'd like to see what Kamara would do in our offense with this line and an inconsistently accurate Eli.
  9. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    100%. They have to be the most explosive duo in the NFL. Hopefully they can live up to the potential of the pairing. It can be truly special. I really think we should try to find a modern-day dual threat QB to run the offense after Eli and run a lot of creative options and RPOs. It would space out defenses in an insane way. PS feels good to get out first win! I actually missed the first half so I didn't get to see the offense clicking. But it was nice to see the defense come up with some clutch turnovers. Odell, Barkley and Shepard all had great games. Eli too, obviously. Once again, the protection up front almost blew the game for us.
  10. Again, tell me how many teams have made the playoffs the season after going 3-13 and with 43 new players. Just because he gave out a couple of big contract does not mean that we are in "win now" mode. We needed to start building our o-line somewhere and he was the best T available. They will not be the highest paid players at their positions by next off-season. We'll have another off-season to bolster our lines in FA and through the draft. Ownership will not hold it against Gettleman for missing the playoffs this year. But he WILL be expected to get this team to the playoffs next season. We agree that time is needed to tell if DG is the right man for the job.
  11. Barkley was the highest rated player on their board. That's why they took him. The Giants obviously want to win as many games as possible. They are a business and more wins equals more revenue. But Gettleman is not EXPECTED to get them to the playoffs this year. He's expected to turn things around in a positive direction. A 7-9 or even 6-10 season would be a positive building season even though ownership wouldn't say that to the media because they know it would affect ticket sales. Gettleman was met with praise by most of us for the majority of the moves he's made this off-season. Now because we don't look good after 2 games in a completely new system with basically all new players we're gonna sit here and say he's a failure and not the right guy for the job? Let's wait at least until mid season to assess the moves he's made.
  12. Wow let's put this in the mega over-reaction thread of 2018 lol. This team hasn't looked good (namely the offense), but it's 2 games in people! We have a completely new offensive and defensive systems to adapt to. On top of that, we were 3 and friggin 13 last year! There's only 10 playere from the final 53 in 2017. Did you think we were going to make the playoffs this year? Turn arounds like the Jags last year are extremely rare. Sounds like you have completely unrealistic expectations of the situation.
  13. C Jon Halapio breaks ankle- Out for Season

    I feel for the guy. Makes matters worse for an already thin offensive line.
  14. SNF - Cowboys vs Giants

    Yeah but this is a really weak QB draft as opposed to 2018 which was called the deepest in years by many. PS I wanted them to take Barkley and I'm still happy with the choice.
  15. This offense has been so bad for so long that it killed this forum.