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  1. LB Connor Barwin to sign with Giants

    This is a key signing for us. He immediately steps in as a reliable veteran starter as the other OLB opposite Vernon. The signing allows for Carter to be worked along more naturally as opposed to being forced into a starting role immediately. In addition to being a VERY productive player, Barwin was also a team Captain on some super talented defenses. The type of guy that helps you in the locker room probably even more than on the field. I love this signing.
  2. James Bettcher

    I'm not challenging you, just genuinely curious what turns you off about the 3-4?
  3. James Bettcher

    I hadn't heard of him before we hired him, but the success of his defense in Arizona is comforting. I like that he's young and utilizes a multiple front. Only heard good things about him, so we'll see how it all translates. I'm hopeful.
  4. Incognito set to unretire as Bills release him

    Yeah after the reports that have come out, def better to pass on him. Lol
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bills-release-recently-retired-richie-incognito-who-reportedly-wants-to-play-again/ Should we kick the tires? He could bring a much needed nastiness to our line and would be a nice depth signing at the very least. Do you think he'd have a better impact than Omameh?
  6. Necessary, but unfortunate. He's a likable and talented guy. Hope he gets a shot on another squad.
  7. PFF is not the end-all-be-all... but if it were, Jenkins was the #40 ranked player by PFF in 2016 and Collins was #8. Rhodes and Smith were both UNRANKED for 2016. If you want to pick the Vikings duo, fine. They were better last year. But to sit back and say they easily better is just false. Collins also dealt with some injuries last year. This year the Giants should have a much improved offense and they brought in a new defensive coordinator. I will expect this to be a close match-up throughout the season.
  8. Wow the Giants duo is being SEVERELY underrated here. The team was AWFUL last year and the defense was worn down due to the Giants offenses inability to generate first downs and ultimately points. But Collins and Jenkins were both All-Pro the year before. Collins was also a legit top 3 DPOY candidate - putting together a season better than Rhodes or Smith have ever had. This is a close call and if the Giants tandem gets back to their level of play from 2016 then I'm taking them. But to say it's "easily" one over the other is a joke.
  9. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    From a quick glance, most of the threads are spawned by curiousity about interesting comparisons. Maybe 20% (that's generous) are to prove a personal point to another poster. Even if it were 100%, is that really the reason you want to have? Because "everyone's doing it?" Anyway, I'm not trying to give you a lecture and I actually AGREE with you. It just seems silly to make a thread to prove a point about something that isn't factual based. Boasting your victory is not just petty - it's also pointless given that it's a poll of our opinions and not facts. Most wouldn't have voted the Rams to be the #1 offense before last season started. The "majority" vote would've been completely wrong, as it often is. I'm not telling you not to create comparisons threads - just that doing so to say "AH HAH! SEE?! I TOLD YOU SO!" is completely pointless and holds no weight.
  10. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    Definitely the Browns but making a thread to win a pointless pissing contest is sad. Especially when both of teams have been awful the last couple years.
  11. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    Yeah, I would much rather have a young talented receiver than Dez. I wish we took Equanimeous St. Brown in the 5th round. He would've been a GREAT fit for our offense and amazing value at that point. But I personally believe Dez would be a solid fit at the right price. I understand we see it differently, which is fine.
  12. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    I think Dez would be good for Odell. Dez has matured a bit, and it's always good to have mentors who have been on a similar path you've been on. Say what you want about Dez, but he's a football guy who always gives 100% effort on the field and has been clean off the field. Similar to the Marshall situation last year, the only way this works is if Dez comes in here knowing and accepting that he is NOT the guy. He'll be here to take heat of OBJ and Engram. That could be great for him, as it will be impossible to double team him.
  13. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    There's risk in every move. How about if the Giants drafted a QB this year and he busted? That sets the team back 5 years. They weren't very high on any of them, so there's a solid chance of that happening. The only thing you can do is gather as much information as possible and let that decide who your guy is. Forcing yourself to take a QB that you don't love right now because you MIGHT need one in a couple years is a bad move. No one has any idea how things will develop. Someone could fall to them in the draft like Rodgers or Rosen, or they they may have an opportunity to pick up a FA like Cousins, Keenum or Brees. You just never know how the future unfolds, so you don't made desperate decisions in fear. The Giants are smart by having a couple of young QBs with promise develop. Gettleman said something interesting in his press conference after Day 1. He said they had a guy on their board that they kept trying to figure out how he fits in with what they're trying to do. After some time they realized they're trying to force something that isn't a natural fit, so they took him off their board. I wonder who that guy was and if it was a QB? Or maybe it was Chubb?
  14. Saquon Barkley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

    I'm not saying he'll be a full-time return man. He is so explosive that it could be valuable to give him some punt returns and possibly kick returns in certain situations, kind of like the way the Steelers use AB. I'm not exactly sure how they plan on using him, but my point is he is a dynamic player that can produce in so many different ways. Bottom line is: simply looking at his rushing totals will be ignoring many facets of his game. It's very feasibly that he could have more total touchdowns and yards than Zeke. But he hasn't even stepped on the field yet, so it's all just projections. We'll see what happens.