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  1. The level at which he underperforms is baffling to me, considering his physical tools and how he seems to work. We know he can catch the football. He's made some very difficult catches over the years. Seems like he's just a head case, causing him to drop easy ones. Reminds me a bit of JerMichael Finley some years back with the Packers, except Engram has even more "talent." Such a shame. He just doesn't have the mind of a football player.
  2. Wow! What a great surprise! This is great news for two reasons. One, we get to keep a really good DC. Two, and this is even more important, it says a lot about what Judge is building here and the type of belief he has created. Graham would've had a pretty nice market for a HC gig, yet he decided to forgo testing the market in order to stay here in a lesser role. It shows this is where he really wants to be, and be believes they're onto something.
  3. Oops that's what I meant. Brain fart. The message still stands.
  4. You have a 5-8 team with it's backup QB, backup RB, and several other key players out due to COVID reasons. They scored 6 points on a mediocre Browns defense. Not much excitement when that's the opposition. Baker is an easy guy to hate if he isn't on your side. He's brash and for a while he wasn't backing it up with his play. Now he is. People still don't like him, though, and I get it. I respect the dude for having guts and coming back strong after a couple of bad years.
  5. This is a little unfair considering he just had 3 games in a row without a turnover before his injury. Hiccups in the road are to be expected, but as long as he shows a general trend of progression, then he deserves to be the QBOTF.
  6. He's very difficult to deal with. So athletic and skilled and makes great decisions.
  7. Great hold by the defense there. Let's go offense. Keep moving those chains
  8. I feel bad for the defense. They have played well. But they've been left to die by the offense the entire game so far.
  9. I'm just telling you what Judge has expressed. He said he's not focused on winning the division. His goal is to build a sustainable program. Benching Jones at the half during an off game wouldn't make much sense given what Judge has said. However, if Jones is still injured then I agree with you. That's not what it looks like to me, but you may be right. Idk.
  10. Also, if you put Colt in it's a lose-lose scenario: If he plays poorly, then it was a waste and we might as well have given DJ the exp. If he plays well and wins, then you start asking "why isn't he the starter?"
  11. That would go against everything that he's represented. His goal is not to win the division. It's to create a winning program and culture. That is dependent on DJs development. If DJ gets pulled in these situations how is he ever going to learn to success through adversity? How to the offense responds in the second half will be important for DJ
  12. Based on the season as a whole so far? No. Based on the way he's had the Giants play for the past month? Yes. He has turned around the culture of a team with the worst total record in the NFL for the last three years. It takes time to see results, but he has them on a 4 game win streak, which few would've believed possible from the Giants. However, as much great work as he's done so far with the Giants, none of it will matter for this award if they finish with a losing record. So right now I would say he's technically not a candidate, but of the Giants keep up the way they have for the la
  13. Magnificent performance by the whole defense and the offensive line. Those two units were dominant. Gallman showed some amazing vision and patience and it was nice to see him burst a couple big runs. McCoy did a solid job managing this game. Weird to say, but I think Jones injury helped the offense develop it's identity as a power running team. I think if Jones played we wouldn't have committed to the run as hard. This bodes well for Jones moving forward. The more dominant the running game is, the easier his job will be.
  14. FYI you can watch the game for free (and legally) on Yahoo sports app. That's what I do every week.
  15. Wowwww great running by the backs... But let's talk about the offensive line!! They are just absolutely DOMINATING the line of scrimmage right now. I can't believe this is our offensive line.
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