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  1. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    The Giants most likely are not going to have to trade to #1. Even if they did, the Rams traded up to 1 from 15 to get Goff, and he took them to Superbowl by year 3. Again, if he's your guy - you go and get him.
  2. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    True, but we put ourselves in a similar situation with Eli - and that obviously worked out pretty darn well. And Eli isn't even that great of a QB. Just goes to show the value of having a franchise QB at the helm for 15~ years. Giving up several high picks for even just a good and not great QB can be an excellent move for a franchise.
  3. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I don't follow college football either. But based on the research I've done on Haskins, which involves watching his tape and reading scouting reports - his lack of starting experience doesn't seem to be an issue for a few of reasons: 1. Everyone around him praises his football IQ and work ethic. He appears to be dedicated to putting in whatever time is required to master his craft. 2. He is mentored by several pro and former pro NFL players which has helped him become "pro ready." 3. Whenever he faced a more difficult opponent or the stakes were higher, he performed even better. He also carried an offense with no running game and a mediocre defense. This shows that he's a leader and the fact that he was able to do this is in just his first year says a lot about his maturity and leadership abilities. I wouldn't disagree with you about your stance on the draft. I'm not necessarily a fan of trading up, especially when we have so many needs - particularly on the defensive side in a strong defensive draft. But on the other hand, the QB position is one of those "X factor" situations where if you feel you found your guy there's almost no amount that is too much to give up and get him.
  4. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    With the news of Murray committing to the combine and NFL, who did you guys prefer for the Giants: Murray or Haskins? Both excellent passers with adequate arm strength and very accurate. Haskins is more of the traditional pocket passer with ideal size whereas Murray is an electric runner and undersized. Murray coming out is very good news for us as it makes it much more likely that we will be able to come away with a top QB. It's just a matter of who the FO falls in love with and what they're willing to do to make sure they get him. Personally, I'm leaning towards Haskins as I think the traditional pocket passer is more sustainable. He also has enough mobility to work the pocket and create extra time. But admittedly the idea of an electric QB like Murray paired up with the most dynamic tandem in the NFL (Barkley and Beckham) in a Shurmur offense is tantalizing. Or do you think it's irrelevant because we should go with a defensive playmaker in an extremely generous pool of defensive talent? Or perhaps somewhere else (offensive line)?
  5. At least get your info correct before you claim to be stating "facts." Barkley broke several records (most receptions for rookie RB, most games w/ 100+ yards from scrimmage) and also had more than 0 Rookie of the week awards. Baker breaking the rookie TD record means a lot less considering the # of passing TDs go up every year in the NFL. Here's the difference: Baker had a great year for a rookie QB. Barkley had a great year for any RB. As a rookie, Saquon was 2nd in the league in yards from scrimmage. He's already arguably the best RB in the NFL. Baker isn't even a top 15 QB. Was Baker's year more "valuable" when it comes to wins? Yeah, sure, since he's a QB. But there is no "V" in the OROY acronym. It's strictly about the BEST offensive rookie, not most valuable. And Saquon clearly had a better year.
  6. Icing the Kicker

    It never "works." Just because kickers miss sometimes after a TO doesn't mean it affected them. They also miss sometimes before TO, too. It turns out they actually miss less after a TO, so if anything it helps the kicking team slightly. But the only time you "ice" the kicker is when there is literally nothing else you can do, and you have no need for the time outs - so you might as well give it a try I guess (even though it doesn't work.) I don't see why they would get rid of it. Let teams continue to give their opponents a practice swing. Sure, sometimes they'll get lucky, but more often than not they're hurting themselves.
  7. Dwayne Haskins

    Everything you're saying is true. Of course he would be happy to play for the Jags or any of team. I'm not disputing that. But let's not pretend there isn't an added level of excitement and satisfaction when you get to play for the team you grew up a fan of. That's all I'm saying.
  8. Dwayne Haskins

    He grew up a Giants fan. Even if he says all the right things, going to the Giants would no doubt be his ultimate dream come true.
  9. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    When I watch Haskins, I see a Steve McNair incarnate. Air McNair was one of my favorite QBs his gen, so naturally it gets me pretty excited. It's also dope that Haskins grew up as a Giants fan in Jersey. He hasnt been shy about the Giants being his dream landing spot. That's gotta intrigue the FO.
  10. Who had a better season, Barkley or Elliott

    Speaking of broken tackles... Saquon broke tackles on 26.7% of his runs (94 total) this year whereas Zeke only broke tackles on 12.1% of his run (48 total). Barkley was constantly met with defenders in the backfield immediately after gathering a hand off. I do just want to say this, though. They are both special players. Both have HOF talent and should go down at top 10 RBs of all time if they can stay healthy, if not higher. But I think it's pretty obvious that Saquons talent is just in a league of it's own. The guy played behind one of the worst OL in the league and averaged 5ypc. He broke off 5 TDs of 50+ yards (tied Moss as the most ever by a rookie).
  11. AP All-Pro Teams Announced

    That point is completely devoid of logic given Saquon had more production (yards, TDs) than Zeke did. Maybe you could take that angle if he had less touches and less production. We don't know exactly why Zeke had a smaller portion of his teams redzone touches than Saquon. But what we know for certain is that Saquon produced at a higher rate when given redzone touches (or any touches, really). He cannot be punished for having more opportunities, especially when he was more efficient with his opportunities than Zeke was. Literally the numbers favor Saquon no matter how you slice them. If you wanna blame the OC for that, cool. But that is not Saquons fault. He was given the opportunities and produced with them. There is more value in that then "but if he had more opportunities he could've done it too."
  12. AP All-Pro Teams Announced

    Once again, Saquon had a few more total opportunities in the redzone than Zeke AND scored TDs on a higher % of those opportunities than Zeke did on his. You still gonna blame the OC for that? It's certainly not the lines fault, since it's way better than the Giants. We don't know why Saquon was left off the list. That's what this thread is for. It makes absolutely no sense whether you look at the numbers or the tape. But your "difference maker" explanation is illogical given Saquon produced more than Zeke even with less touches. He also broke 94 tackles on 352 touches, so he was working for that production. Zeke broke less than 40 tackles on 380 touches.
  13. AP All-Pro Teams Announced

    The % of touches is irrelevant because at the end of the day Saquon was still successful at a higher rate in redzone touches than Zeke (even with a far inferior offensive line). Maybe that's why Zeke was given a smaller portion of his teams opportunities? Hmm just a thought 🤔
  14. AP All-Pro Teams Announced

    1. Let's look at touches inside the 10 yard yard line: Barkley: 33 touches, 7 TDs (21.2% TD) Elliott: 26 touches, 4 TDs (15.38% TD) Barkley had a few more touches (not nearly as much as you implied) and scored at a noticeably higher rate. Welp, there goes that argument. 2. McCaffrey did NOT do more with less touches. He had less yards with less touches than Barkley. As opposed to Barkley having more yards with less touches than Elliott. Here's how many touches they averaged between TDs.: McCaffrey 25.1 (4.0%) Barkley 23.5 (4.3%) Elliott 42.3 (2.4%) So Saquon had the most total yards, the most total TDs, and the highest TD % of the three. Oh and he fumbled 0 times vs 6 for Elliott and 4 for McCaffrey.
  15. AP All-Pro Teams Announced

    Engram had 577 yards. OBJ missed the last month of the season. I'll post this here too: More yards and touchdowns on less touches. ZERO fumbles. Much worse offensive line (even if the Cowboys line is overrated it's still a top 10 unit and far better than the Giants). Barkley was ripped off. ESPECIALLY having McCaffrey in ahead of him as a Flex.