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  1. My wife and I love walking and it's what has driven most of our travel. We've walked in lots of places in the world, but more at home in Tasmania than anywhere else. Havne't quite made it to North America yet, but it's definitely on the list! Would love to get out into Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Wind River Range, The Sierras, BC, Alberta... Too many good places!
  2. Lol I guess our offense doesn't need any help... LB was definitely a need though after KVN and Collins left.
  3. Lol what's the most WRs taken in a single draft? Raiders doing their best to top it, whatever it is.
  4. At this rate we'll be lucky if there is a season. I sincerely hope there is in some way, shape or form, as it would suck to see one of Brady's last years wasted!
  5. Sounds like McDaniels likely coming back, Browns have hired Kevin Stefanski, Minnesota's OC. A good thing IMO, especially regarding Brady coming back again. Let's hope they have a little more talent to work with next season!
  6. Would the Pats have beaten the Ravens if AB was less of a dbag and was kept on the team?
  7. I'm assuming you're meaning US summer, i.e. June-August kinda timing? What are your hobbies? Do you like hiking? (Or trekking, backpacking... whatever you want to call it, overnight walking) If so, lots of options at that time of year. Ever been to India before? Ladakh is great around then. Rest of the Himalayas are in the monsoon, but Ladakh is in the rain shadow, so remains dry and fairly stable weather-wise. Could go to Greenland, the Lofoten Islands or the Faroe Islands if you're wanting somewhere a little different in Europe. If you're headed to Australia, that's the best time
  8. Probably the part of this game I'm most excited for. Don't expect him to get heaps of looks, but if he pans out in any way, shape or form this year then it will be a great boost to the O. Almost as exciting as Wynn coming back in week 12!
  9. Yep, seems pretty bogus, don't think we have much: https://weei.radio.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/patriots-cap-space-situation-after-michael-bennett-trade Any restructure candidates? I know we did Shaq Mason's contract to fit Sanu.
  10. Do the cap numbers work? I thought we only had like $2.8mil in room or something...
  11. So looking like around 6-7 sacks on the year = not really that far off his average per year it seems. Hope they can get back on the same page, or if not they can get something decent in a trade. Spotrac says he has $4mil dead cap charge... I have no idea how the NFL salary cap works, how does that pan out if we trade him?
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