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  1. Rebuilding the Patriots

    What are his cap hits again? I can't really see it happening... Brown would make sense if the Steelers were willing to trade (which they wouldn't be, of course), but not OBJ IMO. I guess you could make more of an argument for it if Gronk retired, but that's still a lot of money that could go towards resigning Trey Flowers or Trent Brown or another LB or like 4 other depth WRs... Would be fun to see though, especially if we kept Gronk.
  2. The Other Games Thread week 15

    KC are still the #1 seed aren't they?
  3. I'm sure I recall the commentators discussing that the Vikings' OC has a habit of doing that.
  4. Loved seeing BB tell Thielen to STFU.
  5. https://www.patspulpit.com/2018/11/5/18064596/new-england-patriots-report-sign-former-oakland-raiders-safety-obi-melifonwu-uconn Former second rounder of the Raiders', apparently didn't play much due to injuries. Big at 6'4", maybe someone to help out in that S/LB hybrid we all hopes would add speed at the deadline? I know nothing more about him than what is mentioned in the article, anybody have more to add? Despite the good showing against GB, nice to see more additions to the D.
  6. Trade Deadline Thread

    They might not trade for Bell, but RB definitely has to be a thought if Michel's injury is serious.
  7. OTA/Mini Camp Discussion Thread

    I thought he did make it back? Limited, but still, thought he was there.
  8. 51 + 117 from DET for 43 105 + 2019 2nd from CHI for 51
  9. Yes, but not used in that context. Use a dictionary Gil Brandt.
  10. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    As DP said, it's only day two, but it does feel hard to sit here while all the exciting things are happening and have your team do basically nothing. Definitely hurts to lose Solder, but that's a hefty contract. Will be interesting to see what the plan is for the tackle spots. Who knows, maybe we're just saving money for a Suh signing?! (Yes, unlikely I know)
  11. Gronk Talk - Officially Cleared for the SB

    Great news; Gronk apparently back at practice today! Wise too. https://www.patspulpit.com/2018/1/27/16940166/new-england-patriots-practice-update-rob-gronkowski-deatrich-wise-jr-return-to-practice-malcom-brown
  12. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Raps in 4 tbh
  13. Would make for a nice change.