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  1. The Travel Thread

    I'm assuming you're meaning US summer, i.e. June-August kinda timing? What are your hobbies? Do you like hiking? (Or trekking, backpacking... whatever you want to call it, overnight walking) If so, lots of options at that time of year. Ever been to India before? Ladakh is great around then. Rest of the Himalayas are in the monsoon, but Ladakh is in the rain shadow, so remains dry and fairly stable weather-wise. Could go to Greenland, the Lofoten Islands or the Faroe Islands if you're wanting somewhere a little different in Europe. If you're headed to Australia, that's the best time of year to see the north as it's the dry season. Good time to visit Cairns, see the reef etc. Less good to be further down south, though anything in NSW and above will probably be fine. Weather tends to get worse and colder as you head south. Tassie (where I'm from) is great, but best seen in the summer when you can spend more time outside. Also a good time to be in the central andes - e.g. walks to the Cordilleras Blanca y Huayhuash out of Huaraz, the Cordillera Real in Bolivia etc. Go and see the salt flats, the Atacama etc.
  2. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    NBT would be salivating
  3. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Probably the part of this game I'm most excited for. Don't expect him to get heaps of looks, but if he pans out in any way, shape or form this year then it will be a great boost to the O. Almost as exciting as Wynn coming back in week 12!
  4. Trade targets

    Yep, seems pretty bogus, don't think we have much: https://weei.radio.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/patriots-cap-space-situation-after-michael-bennett-trade Any restructure candidates? I know we did Shaq Mason's contract to fit Sanu.
  5. Trade targets

    Do the cap numbers work? I thought we only had like $2.8mil in room or something...
  6. Michael Bennett suspended

    So looking like around 6-7 sacks on the year = not really that far off his average per year it seems. Hope they can get back on the same page, or if not they can get something decent in a trade. Spotrac says he has $4mil dead cap charge... I have no idea how the NFL salary cap works, how does that pan out if we trade him?
  7. Trade targets

    Yeah, was seriously wondering about Allen the other day. Obviously not much of a pass catching threat, but blocking a level above what we have now it seems. Knows the organisation etc. We'll see I guess. Definitely looking forward to Wynn coming back. When is his earliest return again?
  8. Trade targets

    Has he been any good? What's he like as a blocker?
  9. "...barely ends well" The team has won 3 of the last 5 superbowls and been to a 4th. 8 straight AFCCGs....
  10. Trade targets

    Almost put a kicker option in just for you...
  11. Trade targets

    With the trade deadline a few weeks away now (4PM Eastern, 29/10/19), what position should we be targeting? Any ideas on who in particular? Safe to say all of the biggest holes on the team are on the O currently, don't think there will be anybody clamouring for a trade on D! Having a look around, WR seems to be the most frequently cited position, which is no surprise really. Stefon Diggs, AJ Green and Emmanuel Sanders are the most common options. Who would you pick out of the three? Personally, I would be more interested in a TE who can block or somebody to help out on the OL. I know Wynn will likely come back, but we would still be just one injury away from being back in the same position...
  12. Hope Wynn's toe is healing up.
  13. Is Ben Watson playing today?
  14. All big contributors. Really hope Hightower is fit this week.