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  1. Pre-Season Week 2 GDT : Falcons @ Steelers

    Shazier can run with WRs. A lot more than Timmons anyway. Hubbard is a huge ceiling guy and seems to play a bit like Watt did in this last game. He presses his man, sets the edge, and is smart and disciplined, etc. He could be the total package, but not a monster pass rusher. He's not that quick twitch guy like a Von Miller, but to be honest I usually ignore those guys because I figure they'll be top 5 picks while the Steelers are typically drafting bottom 5 (in the round). This is actually a pretty accurate write-up on him IMO. https://www.walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2018shubbard.php Edit: If you watch the video on that website there, you won't think much of Hubbard. He was hesitating way too much with that option and his assignments. He looked a lot better in other games. (On a sidenote, Steelers should've drafted Godwin instead of JuJu, and Barkley would be a good get if he's available and the current RBs aren't here or looking good next year).
  2. Pre-Season Week 2 GDT : Falcons @ Steelers

    I've been saying for a while that Watt would be a great fit at ILB next to Shazier. I want Sam Hubbard opposite Dupree at OLB. But that would probably require a tank job this season to have any chance of getting him. Timmons was smart, but too slow to chase WRs. They (coaches) always over-estimated his speed, and stamina, even as a young player though.
  3. Pre-Season Week 2 GDT : Falcons @ Steelers

    Timmons won't be missed. A decent replacement will be though. Timmons was over the hill and 2 steps slow last year. Fort looks like a good replacement to me, or at least the best candidate. Watt didn't look good in pass rush, but he did set the edge against the run very well on a few plays. He was really good at smart, positional playing, but not splash type plays. Conner's first carry you could just tell he has way more talent than Toussaint. He was horrible at catching the ball though. He looked like a solid runner though. Bryant looked bad and those WR reverses were horribly executed. We'll see how things work with Ben back there instead. The D, especially pass coverage, was horrible early on, even to the 3rd string QB. McGee looks like a quality player. Matakevich looked like hell. Chickillo looked solid. All 3 DL look like studs if they can stay healthy. By far the strength of the D right there.
  4. Steelers Strengths, Weakness, Optimism, Concerns, etc

    When healthy and not suspended: QB: Elite of course RB: Elite, and Conner is a huge upgrade over that loser Toussaint as the #2 back. WR: Very thin depth. Brown is elite, but the rest all have huge red flags. Big play capability but unreliable hands, suspension risks, etc, across the board. TE: Pretty average. McGee and Grimble have shown flashes and James we know is at least ok. OL: Solid across the board. DL: Elite. Not sure about quality of depth though. LB: Shazier is elite if healthy. Dupree has an elite burst and will make splash plays as a result. Watt needs a lot of work, but he'll make some plays due to his motor and intelligence (but I don't see splash plays coming just yet, he needs to disengage faster for them). Not sure on 3rd LB. CB: average? S: average? Main reason for optimism? Big Ben and the offense are going to light it up if healthy. Main reason for concern? The D can get torched and we don't know what we have in half of the players that will log serious minutes on D. We also are dead in the water if we get injuries to Ben, and it'll hurt big time if Brown or Bell are hurt/suspended too.
  5. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    Uh no. Not until he proves he can actually coach without being carried. We'll have to evaluate him under those guidelines you laid out there, which I agree will be accurate. He doesn't get a pass if they suck without Ben.
  6. What are you most excited about for 2017?

    You know, it's a mixture of 2 things. #1. Big Ben, healthy, with a good OL and a complete arsenal with Bell and Bryant with Brown and the rest all year. It'll be a first. #2. The young defensive players coming together to make the D top 5 again. Technically speaking it was a #10 defense last year as it were. I'm curious to see the direction this D is headed. Not sure what to make of Butler and the scheme yet (hard to evaluate a scheme when they lack a real pass rush), and also curious how much control/input he and Tomlin have respectively over the D. HM. Then of course you get my boy TJ Watt. He was my #2 player on my wish list, with the first one going at #8.
  7. Notice all the ACLs in the first week of preseason?

    I knew that was an exceedingly high # of ACLs already. Thanks. 1 preseason game in the books and 16 of 22 (for a typical year) already took place. Wow.
  8. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    If you're content with 1 game over .500, that's pretty sad. I expect a hell of a lot better.
  9. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    Like I said, that year is an outlier and I disregard it. There has been no situation like that with Tomlin. Not even remotely close. When something like that happens for him, I will be the first to do so. My point was simply that we'll see if he's worth a damn when he no longer has Ben to carry him. Anyone can look good when they're being carried.
  10. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    Facts are the facts. Anyone with a brain could see that Ben was not himself. By far the worst QB rating of his entire career, with 75.4 (his career average was 94.1, and the 2 years before it were 98.1 and 98.6, and it was immediately followed by 104.1. I distinctly remember a play against the Jaguars that year where he threw the ball and then winced and doubled over to try and protect his midsection from being hit (he was not only recovering from facial reconstruction and a concussion from the motorcycle accident, but also an emergency appendectomy remember?). Logically that pass was a horrible pass and not his normal. Now I don't remember the stats line for that game, but that was the first game he played that year. I just looked it up, and here it is: 38.7 QB rate. 4.4 yards per attempt. 2 INTs, 2 Sacks, only 141 yards, 53.1% completions and a fumble. His next game against the Bungals was a 30.7 QB rate. Then a bye week. Followed by a 58.5 QB rate against the Chargers. They lost all 3 of course, only managing 11 points a game. How's that for facts for you? It is also a fact that Cowher's wife was DYING. No one is going to be themselves in that situation. So you can take the 8-8 and do you know what with it. It means nothing to me. It is not representative of Cowher or Ben's career whatsoever and no one with a brain will ever think so.
  11. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    The main thing I disagree with there is you calling that team that Tomlin inherited 8-8. Not a chance. That's more like the 15 and 11 win teams in '04 and '05 if Ben was healthy and Cowher was himself. Minimum. Back to back SB championships. 3 straight trips to the AFCC (and 3 straight SBs if not for Spygate). Ben was playing at about 20% in '06. He looked horrible. Cowher coached horrible. I throw that out as an anomaly, because of the combination of those 2 things. Even just Ben being so hampered all year to that extent would do it. Just like I would if Tomlin went through the same situation.
  12. What If? The Vikings ran a 3-4 defense

    I'd say your best bet with the current roster to maximize your playmaking would be this: DE: Tom Johnson/Datone Jones NT: Linval Joseph DE: Jaleel Johnson OLB: Danielle Hunter ILB: Anthony Barr (more of a Brian Cushing type) ILB: Eric Kendricks OLB: Everson Griffen (Brian Robison is your 3rd OLB......he would've been a monster 34 OLB) secondary no change from now Griffen and Hunter are ideal athletes for a 34 OLB, but I don't know how they'd do in space. Some teams have those guys do nothing but rush the passer anyway, and even from a 3 point stance, so it's all good.
  13. 2017 Breakout Player

    That's essentially what I was thinking. He dipped and got around the edge better in college than in that first preseason game, but he did appear to be good at other things and they were testing to see how he worked out doing other things IMO. I don't imagine in-game they'll really have him covering slot receivers that much for example. They also bounced him side to side. A year with Silverback should flip the switch hopefully. He is raw and new to the position after all.
  14. 2017 Breakout Player

    I think they were feeling things out with Watt a lot. He was out in coverage on the slot a lot. He didn't really outright beat his man once as a pass rusher though. He pushed the LT back into the pocket while Heyward destroyed it resulting in one sack. The 2nd sack was unblocked, but he showed he could tackle well in space and redirect. He has strong hands for arm tackles, he wraps up well. He's got a motor. But I didn't think that game was indicative of him becoming a monster pass rusher that would require doubles soon. Hopefully he does though. He and Dupree as bookends along with that DL is going to make the pass rush pretty solid for a change I think. That frees up Shazier and the DBs to make more plays. The D is coming around.