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  1. 1 (28). Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State #27 - You still need more depth and more quality at ILB. Bostic or not. Vander Esch checks every box for me, and has some coverage ability and range that no other LB on the roster has. He's essentially the ILB version of TJ Watt to me. 2 (60). Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State #57- He's essentially the TE version of Vander Esch in this draft. Long, athletic, and a very high ceiling. I don't care if he blocks much or not, as long as he can be a Jimmy Graham type of receiver. If he slides this far I'd jump on it. I wouldn't actually take him over Hubbard though, but since he's "projected to go #103 in this hypothetical", I'll wait. 3 (92). Sam Hubbard, OLB, Ohio State #103 - This would be a grand slam, getting 3 of my favorite players in the draft 1-2-3. To me, Hubbard is TJ Watt 2.0 if you slimmed him down to 255 instead of having him play at the 270 he tested at during the combine (where he showed great body control, movement in linebacker drills, and all around good measurables while refraining from the 40). I've been saying that for a while though. The combine just confirmed he was who I thought he was. 5 (150). Jessie Bates III, FS, Wake Forest #126 - I know a lot of you think he won't be around here, and maybe it would take a trade up, but I think it is very possible he will slide further than expected due to his tackling issues. I prioritize coverage over tackling though, so I'd still be interested in him. 5 (167). Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame #158 - I debated here between St. Brown, Josey Jewell #167 & DJ Chark #182, and in the end I went with St. Brown because of a few catches I saw him make in highlight videos. I have seen all 3 of these guys live plenty and like all 3 a lot. It came down to him plucking balls that were way out in front of him out of the air with perfect full extension and hands. He runs crossing routes, has the length at 6'5" with 33" arms, good hands, good speed (4.48), etc. He's my replacement for Bryant, who wore out his welcome with me last year when he was talking all the crap in the media, or his gf was, or whatever. I don't care. I don't trust him in any way, so I want another big, dynamic WR to replace him and compliment 30 year old Brown and JuJu, along with Gesicki now. I would instantly trade Bryant after drafting St. Brown for a pick to add depth and a future/conditional pick. *trade Bryant to the Browns for #175 (6-1) & a conditional pick in '19* 6 (175). DJ Chark, WR, LSU #182 - 6'3" 199, 4.34 speed. A limited route tree but he looks like he has good hands and most importantly, that extra gear like Mike Wallace did back in the day. He gives the Steelers great depth at WR, giving the superstar Brown and budding star JuJu someone to take the top off the coverage and give them and St. Brown more room to work underneath when spreading out the defense. Both St. Brown and Chark round their routes and are a bit 1 dimensional, but when you have Brown and JuJu working underneath, their skillsets will work while you try and develop their route trees. The Browns are trying to assemble a veteran team, so I could easily see them being interested in Bryant instead of simply drafting a rookie. If Josey Jewell was still around here I might take him instead. Chark is damn tempting, but I'm a big Josey Jewell fan. 7 (221). Dylan Cantrell, WR, Texas Tech #211 - Going with some more receiving weapons for Big Ben here. Cantrell is an elite athlete, similar to Gesicki, except he lacks the deep speed (4.59). 6'3" 226, with the vertical, broad and 3-cone pretty much off the charts, and great hands as well. It will be interesting to see if he betters, or even tries to better, his 40 at his pro day on the 23rd. He's a good blocker so would be a good #5 WR. Great value here, even though it's my 3rd WR drafted. BPA, BPA, BPA. The WR cupboard after Brown and JuJu is really that bare for the Steelers in my opinion. Looking at Spotrac for WRs actually under contract, you have Bryant (not reliable at all & a complete moron), DHB (a great gunner on STs but bad hands and getting old), Trey Griffey (undrafted in '17, never played in a real game), Tevin Jones (undrafted in '16, never played in a real game), Justin Thomas (undrafted in '17, never played in a real game and is a QB/RB/WR tweener & only 5'9"), Marcus Tucker (undrafted in '16, been on PS ever since, never played in a real game). 7 (247). Brian O'Neill, OT/TE, Pitt #222 - I think his complete lack of strength and an anchor (for an OL) will drop him much farther than he's projected now (on other sites). After his combine performance where he ran a 4.82 (blocking TE speed), along with his plays as a receiver/runner on offense this season, I'd look at bringing him in as a blocking TE worst case scenario with the hopes to add functional strength to his his impressive athleticism and frame to become a starting OT down the road. Potential UDFAs (256 picks in this draft): Zach Sieler, DE, Ferris State #N/A - 6'5" 290, looks really athletic. D3 guy so will take some time. I'd be surprised if he doesn't rise before the draft, but I haven't been able to watch a lot of him. Brett Toth, OT, Army #N/A - After his 2 year service, he'd be ready to roll just about the time the current OTs are hitting their 30s and needing more depth and a future replacement on board. I'm sure Villanueva's success story could help him sign with the Black and Gold. Troy Apke, S, Penn State #N/A - A great athlete that needs to develop on the PS. Ade Aruna, OLB, Tulane #221 - 6'6" 262 lbs with great athleticism to go along with it. Very raw and needs work, but he's a Bud Dupree type and drafted late (or undrafted) as that type should be so they can develop without expectations. Luke Falk, QB, Washington State #233 - Depth at QB. He looked good last year. Accurate. Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin #242 - Checks all the boxes athletically and looks like he moves well. Depth is needed since they cut 3 of them and only signed 1 in FA. Chris Warren III, RB, Texas #243 - A huge back at 6'4" 250, he just keeps on rumbling with guys bouncing off of him. Avonte Maddox, CB, Pitt #245 - I think he might be Mike Hilton 2.0. That works for me. Quadree Henderson, WR/KR, PItt #278 - Kick returner and potential gadget guy.
  2. Your Pick at 28 if....

    Hubbard easily.
  3. kurgan's mock 3.0--St. Paddy's Hangover

    First and last do it for me. I'll take anything where we get Hubbard.
  4. Mike Pouncey

    He asked for a raise. Instead they cut him. What's that tell you about the affordability of the Steelers to sign him?
  5. My thoughts on the combine and a mock

    Yeah that branch of the family (my grandpa's sisters' families that live out in cowboy/ranch country) is really big into rodeo, starting rodeos around here and doing all kinds of trick riding back in the day, and she was Miss Rodeo South Dakota back in the day as well, so it was a natural fit. The sideline routes are what I recall seeing Cantrell do the most in 2016 when I watched more. He's definitely my type of WR. I just wish he had a little more vertical and separation ability. His blocking is part of why I think the Steelers might target him. JuJu was drafted partially because of his blocking from what I recall.
  6. My thoughts on the combine and a mock

    Thanks. Your thinking is about like mine (except I'd forgotten about him from the '16 season, till I saw him at the combine). I don't watch Texas Tech that often unless I'm checking out a specific player, even though my cousin was the Masked Rider '02-'03 (she was the first Northerner to do it). Did teams usually roll coverages to him, or how did they play him? If he was on the Steelers, he'd be the #3 WR, with the D also needing to pay special attention to Bell, so he'd certainly get single coverage, by a #3 CB or S even most likely. The main thing that caught my eye was how he comes down with contested catches so consistently. I love hands on WRs. Eric Decker isn't a horrible comparison either. I'd say he's closer to Decker than Nelson, except Nelson has better hands than Decker. A cross of the 2 sounds pretty reasonable. Nelson was more of a catch and explosive YAC type guy. Decker was more of a jump ball guy. That's interesting about Mahomes. If he goes in 3-4, he'd be going to a team needing a WR more. If he goes 5-7, he could go to any team just looking for depth. Idk the Chiefs situation that much, but I can't think of anything they have at WR that is noteworthy.
  7. My thoughts on the combine and a mock

    I don't think he's nearly as athletic (fast) as Jordy. He certainly has the hops and agility though. Statistically, 4.51 to 4.59 backs up my observations. Cantrell is only 1/4" taller, but is 13 lbs heavier. So where do you think he should be drafted? On the draft simulators and draft sites, I was seeing 7th/PDFA. I'd put him more in the 3-4 range myself due to lack of speed. I had forgotten all about him until the combine. Then I remembered watching him in '16 and being impressed with him. Definitely would be nice to have a guy like him behind Brown and JuJu.
  8. Mitchell-Gay-Golden all gone.

    They almost got it right. Would've cut Wilcox over Golden. But at least Gay and Mitchell are FINALLY gone!
  9. College Pro Days

    A guy like that certainly has a place on the team as a late rounder, that's for sure. It's all about value and putting together the best group of guys possible.
  10. My thoughts on the combine and a mock

    Just what your thoughts are on him. I haven't watched him extensively, but he looked pretty solid when I watched. A lot better than an UDFA.
  11. Would you trade Bell to Browns for #4?

    Make it Josh Allen and I agree with that move.
  12. Would you trade Bell to Browns for #4?

    I agree. That's why I would trade him now if I was calling the shots. I absolutely expect him to walk for nothing next year, and go to a team we'd least like to see him with too.
  13. College Pro Days

    Vita Vea and Luke Falk are the most interesting names on that list to me. Idk Frazier or Jones right off hand. Falk has looked good at times, and I'd sure take him over either of the scrub backup QBs the Steelers have right now. Vita Vea would be a hell of a tank between Tuitt and Heyward. I wonder if they're souring on Hargrave already if they're looking at 1st round NTs. If Taven Bryan slid a bit he'd be worth a look. In '19 and '20, the Steelers are set to pay their DEs 25 million a year between the 2. Heyward is a bit younger than I thought though. Still only 28 (29 in May, so that is the age I thought he was). If Tuitt could play the nose (he seems huge to me, and stout) you could get a 1-gapping type DL more with Bryan and Heyward at DE. But that might be a bad idea to mess with something that is working in moving Tuitt. But if you're looking at a 1st round DL, Bryan is my pick.
  14. Good New Everybody!

    Thank god! Finally! In my latest mock I had the Steelers cutting BOTH Mitchell & Wilcox. They're both terrible and overpaid. Davis wasn't very good last year either, but at least he's young and cheaper.
  15. Would you trade Bell to Browns for #4?

    That's what I'm thinking as well, to an extent. I do think Barkley is special though so I might make an exception for him. Usually I believe RB isn't even a 1st round position, unless they are elite in every facet as I think Barkley is. But yes, this isn't really a Barkley question. It's a trading Bell, in division, for #4 question, and then you decide what you want to do with the picks. In a perfect world, you'd trade for #4, then move back within the top 10. I decided to run Cleveland on one of those simulations just to see what offers I got for #4, and I took the Bucs' offer of 1-7, 2-6 and 3-5 for #4. At #7, Roquan Smith was gone, but Minkah Fitzpatrick, Derwin James, Tremaine Edmunds, Vita Vea, Da'Ron Payne and Saquon Barkley were all still there. SF offered me 1-9, 2-27 and 3-10 for #7, but to make it more realistic I'll just draft at #7. #7. Derwin James, S, Florida State - I went with this simply for 1 reason. He's a much better athlete than Fitzpatrick, and you can find free safety-only types later like Reid. Edmunds passes the eyeball test but I didn't see him do much in games. Only 19 years old though, so maybe huge ceiling. #28. Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State - continuing on with the big, long athletes on defense. Easily the best ILB available at this point. 2-6. Justin Reid, FS, Stanford - (was going to go with Sam Hubbard here but he's gone) 2-28. Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado - I don't think Burns is that good and Haden is injury prone. CB is a need. 3-5. Best RB available? - Guice, Michel, Chubb and Penny are all available at this point. I went with Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia instead. If there's a run on RBs, I trade up from 3-28 to get one. 3-28. Best RB available. Guice, Penny, Hines are still available here. So is Mike Gesicki. Derrius Guice, RB, LSU is my choice here. Can't ignore RB any longer. *I would trade a '19 4th and both 5s for another late 3rd here and take Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State if he's actually around this late. 7. BPA 7. BPA