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  1. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    Now that is great news. Ever since he got hurt the D has been terrible. It went from #2 to #5 in a hurry, and now is at #7. PPG went from 17.2 to 19.3 points, going off memory. Losing both Shazier and Haden is a killer. You might be able to get by without one of them, but without both is just brutal. They're the 2 more irreplaceable players on the entire D, and we're without both.
  2. Ravens/Steelers 5 up and 5 down

    Great post. I think Shazier would've made a big different in run support because you could see the ILBs were way too damn slow to get over there and stuff the run. He would've at least made contact and slowed him down, if he didn't wrap up and get him to the ground himself. Shazier = best player, and most valuable/important player on that defense by a mile in my book.
  3. Ravens/Steelers 5 up and 5 down

    Haha yeah, had a little too much to drink tonight. I can't believe I said JJ!!!
  4. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    There is nothing I hate more than playing the Cheatriots. Hate those cheating bastards. I did enjoy part of the game tonight when the Fins were smoking them though!
  5. Ravens/Steelers 5 up and 5 down

    UP: Killer Bs and JJ Watt on the game-ending strip-sack DOWN: Sean Davis, slow as hell MLB with their pathetic run support, and the refs
  6. Sore Subject.....

    Well you know, the ILBs we have now suck. Just like the commentator said last night during the game, the lack of Shazier's speed at ILB is why that no-name RB from the Ratbirds was breaking off so many long runs. Our ILBs were too slow to cut him off for no/short gains. BUT, those DBs gave up a ton of big plays as well. So with Haden out, his replacement was a steaming pile of garbage. Mike Mitchell has needed replaced for a few years now. Sean Davis looked horrific last night as well. Burns is mediocre as well IMO. So the entire secondary needs overhauled. ILB is obviously a big need if Shazier is out. Probably the biggest need, or at least tied with CB with Haden out. But, if Ben retires, obviously QB trumps all. In a perfect world, Josh Allen from Wyoming comes out, slides to 2 or 3 (He's a projected 1-3 on Walterfootball right now, but I always hear top 10 with him....which is a joke since I've seen him play against Iowa where he looked horrible but still flashed raw ability that I'd seen against lesser competition......I said the same thing about Paxton Lynch. I saw Lynch play against SMU and he looked amazing. I saw him play against Auburn in a bowl game, and he looked totally outclassed, since his team was vastly inferior and all he threw were bubble screens all game long.) The Paxton Lynch type guys are why I hope he slides, but instead of throwing him to the Wolves behind a bad OL and with bad weapons, he would be able to sit behind Ben for a year or two, and then ease into it behind a good OL with elite weapons (if Brown and Bell are still around and playing well by then). In 1 or 2 you take a CB and an ILB. Wherever the value presents itself.
  7. Shazier Injury News

    That does make me wonder about his contract. Will there be a huge amount of cap space wasted on his contract if he's done? I hope not. He's made 9.5 mill so far (of which he probably saw 2 or 3 if you count agents' cut and taxation), so that's a lot of money if he didn't blow it all. He's only 25. He was set to make 8.7 mill next year. For him, it would've been nice if he'd have seen that money at least. I'm sure he'll get some of it, if not all. Not sure how that works. As far as retaining him goes, I think he was what made our entire defense go. He wasn't perfect, but he was so dynamic with such great range. He was my favorite player on D, by a mile, until we got TJ Watt (whom I was a big fan of in college). But even this year, Shazier was still my favorite player to watch on the D.....TJ just made more competition for the top spot. I also think he was arguably the best player on the D and the #1 or #2 ILB in the entire NFL. Just look at those games he had late last year, was it against Cinci, where he pretty much single handedly won us the game? Dude can be a monster.
  8. Shazier Injury News

    Damn, that sucks. Easily one of my favorite players on the team, and by far the best player on the D IMO. I sure hope he beats the odds and is able to come back.
  9. Future Needs now Evident?

    I know he isn't utilized as a WR as much as he could be, but he is capable of going out wide and running wheel routes which not that many RBs can do. The main thing about Bell is he blocks and then leaks out. It gives the D time to get downfield leaving more wide open space for YAC for Bell. His blocking would be the most missed, and the fact that you can ride him all game long in any situation. That's what makes him elite to me. The fact he's elite at every facet. Blocking, running, receiving, out of the gun, QB under center, etc. There's no handcuffing your O with play calling and schemes because he can do it all. As for replacing him, it just depends on what type of shift they wanted to do philosophically. Do you want to pair Conner with a McCaffrey type and rotate them? Do you want to go 3-4 wide more often? Do you want 2 TEs? Are your TEs blockers or receivers? You know the entire O would shift if they didn't have a back capable of doing everything. And yes, Bell's catches equating to the RBs plus 75% of Heath sound about right. That's pretty important, since we no longer have that chain mover TE like Heath.
  10. Future Needs now Evident?

    Because Bell is utilized so much in the passing game. If he is not out there to catch passes, you need more WRs to do it. Or a receiving TE. I see what you're saying about RB being bumped up as a need if he leaves too. That's the problem with a guy like Bell. You pay him like a RB AND a WR, if you pay him what he's asking, so he does fill 2 roles to an extent. But if you lose him, then you are losing the receiving weapon at RB plus a big part of your rushing attack as well. I like Conner as a runner. I'm not too sure about his receiving though. I wanted Christian McCaffrey last year to pair with a back like Conner if we lose Bell. Bell is awesome, but he's also not reliable and over priced. I wanted to trade him and draft McCaffrey if he was available. The Vikings have a pretty nice tandem going in Murray and McKinnon. That would've been essentially what McCaffrey and Conner would've been. You can do it a lot cheaper than paying Bell a fortune.
  11. Future Needs now Evident?

    I'd basically agree with that. I do indeed rate those 3 positions higher needs than WR. But if we lost Brown or JuJu the crap would hit the fan at WR. Big time. Bell or no Bell. I would say though, that if there is a stud WR available, and just average quality talent at those other positions, I'd take the stud WR instead. But only if he's really special. If I had the option of taking a CB that was an 8, vs a WR that was a 9, I might take the CB. But if that WR was a 10 or the CB was a 7 (and WR a 9), I'd take the WR instead.
  12. Bengals/Steelers 5 up 5 down

    Agreed on the list. Refs were horrible and so were the announcers.
  13. Future Needs now Evident?

    That's exactly right. He was a chain mover like an old school TE that could block and do some moderate receiving (not the game breaking 4.4 speed type guy at TE I mean). More of a Heath Miller type. I wouldn't call that dynamic though, for a WR. I consider a dynamic WR to be the Randy Moss type, or Odell Beckham, or even Antonio Brown. JuJu will never be in that class though.
  14. Need to sign LB

    Watt has lined up at ILB some. They definitely need to mix things up. This is another reason to keep drafting guys like Sam Hubbard that have versatility as well. (he's used at ILB sometimes even though he's a DE at Ohio State).
  15. JuJU penalty

    That's 100% fact right there. The whole post. I'm about half the fan I used to be. ESPN sucks. NFL is on it's way to sucking.