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  1. even munchak is tired of this

    I'm sorry but I'm absolutely disgusted with the Steelers the last few years. The ONLY thing they did right in recent memory was drafting TJ Watt. I'm not joking or exaggerating either. That is absolutely DISGUSTING!
  2. even munchak is tired of this

    Great. The ONLY good coach on the team is gone. This team is turning into a total joke!
  3. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    I'd do Brown for McCaffrey, but there's no way Carolina would do that. McCaffrey would give us that stud 3 down back that is an elite receiver again. Bring in Conner for the heavy sledding, and utilize them both with McCaffrey out of the slot quite often as well.
  4. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    I'd rather get a good young player than a pick. Unless it's a virtual no brainer like Bosa or Josh Allen. Remember the Randy Moss trade? Napoleon Harris (solid average player) and the #7 pick plus a 7th rounder. Moss was 28, and the best WR in the game by a mile, but had those character issues that created distractions like Brown has. Way better player than Brown is in my book. They insisted they use that pick on a WR, and wasted it on Troy Williamson, who could get open as good as anyone I've ever seen, but couldn't catch the damn ball. The 7th was on a CB named Adrian Ward who never played for them. So lets say they do one of these trades mentioned here, for a mediocre LB and a 1st, but the LB is just a dude, and the 1st is wasted on a bust like Jarvis Jones or Bud Dupree or Artie Burns. Then it looks rather bad. So my #1 choice would be Leighton Vander Esch, if the Cowboys would part with him. He was my #1 guy in last year's draft and checks every box for our biggest need position. He's a backup behind Lee in Dallas. They might do it because they have Sean Lee and Jaylen Smith, who are considered stars by many. Steelers should've traded up for him last year. Would've made a lot more sense to burn a 1 and 2 to move up and take him, than waste those picks on what they did.
  5. Anybody else ready to blow it up completely?

    As long as Tomlin is gone, I’m game!
  6. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    I doubt the Cowgirls would do it, but I'd trade him straight up for Vander Esch.
  7. My mock with a Brown trade

    I haven't looked at FA too much yet.
  8. My mock with a Brown trade

    Another one I'd considered, using the Antonio Brown rumors I've heard about, and based on who is available in Walterfootball's latest mock at these picks: Trading Brown for the #2 pick: 1. Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky - could probably play all 4 LB positions and DE in nickel. 1. Greedy Williams, CB, LSU - he actually went #25 in their mock from yesterday. I kept thinking I'd missed him when I was seeing where he went. 2. Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech - 6'6" WR with great agility and surprising YAC 3. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson - another long CB & probably BPA - Connor McGovern at LG would potentially be the smarter choice here 4. Kendall Sheffield, CB, Ohio State - yep, 3 CBs. That's how bad they are. This guy is a burner but smaller. Not going to speculate about the rest of the picks.
  9. My mock with a Brown trade

    I thought about Byron Murphy at 20, but decided that with Peterson and Haden, and trading Brown, WR was the bigger need and in my limited viewing of Metcalf, I'm enamored. Picture perfect WR right there in every way as far as I can tell. If healthy.
  10. My mock with a Brown trade

    Honestly? By the time you trade for Peterson and take Brown's cap hit, there won't be much in FA in this scenario. I think they'll just roll with what they had this year at OLB. Dupree would be brought back on an overpaid contract as they usually do with players like him. Not what I want, just what I expect.
  11. My mock with a Brown trade

    I LOVE what I have seen out of Metcalf, but I have admittedly not seen him a lot either, and of course the medical would have to reasonably check out. Simmons is much bigger than Edmunds. I'm hoping he could develop into a Shazier-type. Maybe between Edmunds and him in the nickel packages playing lineback-ish roles, the D wouldn't suck so badly in coverage. I agree on Hockenson, but I keep seeing him there in the simulators and the few draft sites that actually project guys. I think he's a ~20 guy myself. My favorite player in the draft (which is rare for a TE of course). But this is where he's at. That 2nd WR in 6, is a lot less likely than Hockenson in 3 IMO. I was really impressed with that guy when I saw Tech play this year. Really impressed. Also agree on edge rushers, but I just couldn't justify bringing Dupree back, and then burning an early pick on one. After that, I don't know of any worth waking. That's how it ended up as it did. I have a feeling Dupree comes back and they roll as-is except for depth. ILB and CB is a much bigger need, unfortunately, as would be WR if Brown was traded. WR is a huge need as-is, if Washington doesn't develop. You can't effectively go 3 or 4 wide, when you only have 2 good WRs (with arguably your 3rd best WR lining up at RB in those instances at times).
  12. My mock with a Brown trade

    wow tough crowd.
  13. My mock with a Brown trade

    *Trade Brown to Arizona for Patrick Peterson and pick 33* 1. DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss - This guy is just a stud. His neck injury might make him fall a bit, but he's big (6'4" 230 or 6'3" 225 depending on where you look) and looks fast and skilled on tape. Great hands. He's the total package. I'd gladly move on from Brown and his antics for this guy. We all know Ben likes his bigger targets like Plaxico anyway. I'm not sold on JuJu being a great #1, or Washington even being a #3 at this point. A RS So that missed half of this season with the neck injury, but said he was going pro in November. 2. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson - Yes, you just traded for Patrick Peterson, but you need to think long term. Peterson is going to be 29 next season. Haden is going to be 30 next season. So I not only want more depth at CB, but I'm also envisioning a longer-term role for Peterson moving to FS like Rod Woodson did later in his career. A True Jr. 2. Isaiah Simmons, ILB, Clemson - He really stood out to me in their playoff game. 6'2" 230, with what looked like it could be near-Shazier caliber speed and burst. He isn't listed on the draft sites yet, but he is eligible at a RS So, and if he blows up in the championship game, he could make the jump. You never know. These 2 draft picks and Peterson basically = defense fixed up. You're not already moving on from the young safeties whether we want them to or not, leaving just Williams/Bostic/Fort at the other ILB spot as the glaring weakness.....and Dupree of course. 3. TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa - My personal favorite player in this year's draft. He's the total package, as illustrated by him winning the Mackey Award for the nation's top TE. Noah Fant got all the hype, but this guy just produced consistently. Not quite the bulldozer that Vance McDonald is, but he has good YAC ability and blocks and catches well. If he really goes in 3, as I keep seeing mocked, it's highway robbery. Another RS So that hasn't decided if he's going pro or not. 4. Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia - Absolutely chiseled physical specimen at 5'11" 215, that only had 56 carries his first 2 years in college, and did well this year splitting carries with Swift. Both went over 1000 yards and average 6.4 ypc. Swift was used as the receiving back though. A true Jr that already declared for the draft. 6. Antoine Welsey, WR, Texas Tech - This guy really impressed me when I watched him play this year. At 6'5" 200 lbs, he's really skinny, but his feet and agility, and his YAC ability is surprising for a guy his size. Good hands too. He'd be my #3 WR on the roster from day 1. He's so much better than Washington and Rogers and everyone else not named JuJu it isn't even funny. I doubt he's around in 6, but this is roughly where the only draft site I saw him listed on had him (a late 5). (Maybe Parris Campbell if he's gone - I have a feeling Parris will slide come draft day) 6. Troy Dye, LB, Oregon - Another fast, explosive LB to give the middle of the defense a huge boost from the sloths they've played since Shazier went down. 7. Sutton Smith, Edge, Northern Illinois - Not sure that he has much of an NFL position, but I think you could bring him in for subpackages. Looks to lack length and size, but he has a motor and is fairly athletic. Probably relegated to ILB blitzing type player, unless he proves he can cover. UDFA: Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia - He can make some plays, but tends to be dinged up too much. I"m shocked he hasn't had a better career, given what I've seen out of him so far at times in games.
  14. Tomlin Haters

    I can't wait for that moron to be gone. Been waiting 12 years and counting.
  15. it was all porter's fault

    So that loudmouth Joey Porter is finally gone? Great! Bring in Kevin Greene! That's a real linebacker right there, and he's said he's always ready to help the black and gold out! Now if only we could get rid of Tomlin too!