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  1. ben saves tomlin

    Mid-season? Not many of course, but obviously there have been a lot of good coaches available during his tenure. Try and get Jim Harbaugh back in the NFL if nothing else.
  2. ben saves tomlin

    The team has underachieved over and over under him. The discipline has gotten progressively worse every season. That starts at the top. He is consistently outcoached. He has absolutely no business being the HC of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's more suitable to coach the Cleveland Clowns if anything in the NFL. I stand by every single thing I've said about him.
  3. ben saves tomlin

    Haha nice try.
  4. ben saves tomlin

    Nothing racist about it. I couldn't stand him when he was the Vikings' DC either. I preferred both Ted Cottrell and Leslie Frazier's defenses and them, to him. Last time I checked, they were all black. I have just always hated the way he coached and the schemes he used. Nothing good about the guy, except he doesn't get arrested or in trouble. Never has been, never will be.
  5. ben saves tomlin

    You know damn good and well the Steelers weren't going to just interview a minority. They were going to hire one. No matter what. Otherwise it would look like their pet rule didn't work. Nothing is irrefutable, but I do believe Whiz would've been a lot better with this roster. The way it was, he took an inferior team and if not for Harrison freelancing leading to a pick-6, and Ben making 2 clutch throws (1 was dropped, the other caught, which led to Holmes getting MVP), Whiz would've beaten the superior team.
  6. ben saves tomlin

    Tommy Boy was about as bad as ever today. That challenge was completely asinine. The failure to challenge the 2nd one, because of the asinine failure wasting a challenge and a timeout, was the result. Both were stupid. Typical Tommy Boy crap. Ben has carried him his entire career. The poster boy of the Rooney Rule is a joke. Always has been. Always will be. Nothing but a cheerleader and a political statement. Not what you want at HC of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  7. If a stud is there, not insane. But they supposedly thought Rudolph was a 1st round talent. It seems hard to believe they'd have Ben, a guy drafted the previous year that they considered 1st round talent, a crappy D, an aging WR and OL, and they take another QB? I wouldn't be opposed if it was an Andrew Luck type prospect, but I would be quite irritated if it's another guy that is like Rudolph (good in some areas, limited in others).
  8. Thomas or Red

    Yeah I was referring to his speed, which equates to range. The other guys all lack any range. Shazier had insane range and that hid so many warts on this defense. They need someone who can cover a little more ground to help fill those holes that Shazier used to. He caught my eye a few years ago in spot duty. I've always thought he looked pretty solid and I wanted to see more of him. Hard to believe he's 28 and doesn't get more reps than he has. It seems he's been buried behind inferior players for a few years now to me.
  9. Thomas or Red

    I hope to see more Fort as well. I think he's the best ILB on the team now. More explosive.
  10. Defensive Personnel via Colbert

    Agree with everything, except him being a great DC. I hated him as the DC for the Vikings. There has never been a single thing about the guy I liked.
  11. Defensive Personnel via Colbert

    That is very true. It is truly disgusting how bad they have been at drafting talent on D, outside of the DL, since Cowher retired. The O has kicked it up a few notches at the skills positions, but the rest of the team, including coaching and discipline, has steadily headed right into the crapper. Losing Shazier ripped the band-aid off. He was so special with that 4.3 speed and fearless style that he took the place of 2 people, and freed up others to do much lesser roles in much smaller spaces. Those splash plays breaking up a play for a loss instead of a long run to the edge were life savers. I said last year when he got hurt the season was over, because the D was going to be horrible without him. Then going into the draft I wanted Roquan Smith or Leighton Vander Esch: 2 linebackers with range and coverage ability. What do they do instead of even attempting to get an upgrade over the trash they had remaining at ILB? Bostic. A FA who only commanded a 2 million dollar salary. Colbert and Tomlin both should be fired. May as well get rid of the entire coaching staff except Munchak.
  12. How Important is AB?

    Brown is the best receiver in the game and the best player on the offense too. Best player on the team. He can do anything and everything (types of routes I mean), and draws a lot of attention, and that is why JuJu and the others can produce. Ok, so just JuJu produces. The rest need upgraded big time. If Brown went down, the Steelers would be DOA against a good team, because they have average players everywhere else. No go-to guys.
  13. trade Bell says nfl.com

    They should absolutely trade him. Teams can usually create cap space by restructuring. They could also back load his contract to allow for a lesser cap hit right now. A Packer fan at work told me the other day that they "talking heads I suppose" were saying the Packers should trade for Bell. I said give me a couple 1sts and I'm all over that. Connor has proven to be a good back. I'd rather have Connor, cap space, and draft picks, than Bell anyway, even if he was reporting and not being a malcontent moron. Even if the Packers were good, Vander Esch was around at their pick this year, as well as Gesicki & Goedert. Watt and Forrest Lamp would've been available at their pick in '17. In '16, you could've had Jaylon Smith, Hunter Henry, Myles Jack, Deion Jones. You get the point. Lots of players there would've helped the Steelers out immensely. A LOT more than Bell's stupid butt is.
  14. Lloyd never to get nominated for the HOF?

    Greene was only lined up opposite him for 3 years. Unfortunately. Steelers never should've let Greene or Brown leave. Greene was the sack master, but Lloyd did it all. I was a big fan of his.
  15. Lloyd never to get nominated for the HOF?

    He was a stud, but as you can see, it was roughly a 7 year span. That 1994 Steelers' linebacking corp was by far my favorite of all time. Greg Lloyd - 10 sacks, 1 INT Kevin Greene - 14 sacks Chad Brown - 8.5 sacks at ILB, 1 INT Levon Kirkland - 3 sacks at ILB, 2 INT, and just a stud That's my gold standard without a doubt. Stellar across the board. I still say Chad Brown would be a household name if he hadn't chased the money to Seattle.