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  1. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly

    Seems like a no brainer to me if they can swing the money.
  2. Is the 2014 WR Draft The GOAT?

    2010 is quite good. 1998 gets my vote though. You're talking the best WR to ever play the game in Randy Moss (yes, he IS the best ever, I don't care what anyone says.....that'll never change unless someone even better comes along which I don't see ever happening) and throw in Hines Ward (1,000 receptions, SB MVP, etc) for good measure. 1985 with Jerry Rice, Andre Reed & Steve Tasker is great too. 2014 is good, but mainly for depth. ODB is great, but the rest are not on the same level as the other great(s) in the 1998 or 1985 drafts.
  3. I thought he was a pretty good WR with the tools you look for. He really rounded his routes and had a limited route tree. But he had length, speed and hands. I thought his atrocious QB play really hurt him and teams would see that and he'd go in 2-3. I didn't know any of this diva stuff though. That, combined with his lack of lateral movement and routes really hurt him. Now that he's a Packer, I have to hope he doesn't materialize into a star lol.
  4. Round 5 Pick 148: S Marcus Allen 6’2 215

    Any way you look at it, Shazier was still flying and even if you call it a 4.4, that's a LOT faster than the 22 lbs lighter Allen's 4.6 (which adjusted the same way would really be a 4.7). Even more of a difference when you figure that the 4.7 for a LB would be ok, and a 4.4 for a S would be good. Switch them around, or make Allen even slower if he gained the weight to play LB, and there's absolutely no comparing the 2 athletically. Combine #s from NFL.com: Vertical: Shazier 42. Allen 37. Broad: Shazier 10'10". Allen 10'7" SS: Shazier 4.21. Allen 4.32. Bench. Shazier 25. Allen 15. (Shazier has almost 1" bigger hands and almost 2" longer arms) Allen is exactly 1" taller, at 6'2 1/8" vs 6' 1 1/8". I'm just making a real comparison here so as to clear up any misconceptions that Allen is 1/2 the athlete Shazier was. To be fair, Shazier's 40 of 4.38 was from his pro day. Ran once, hammy. On draftscout, where they said Shazier ran a 4.38, ran once, hammy, they list Allen's 40 as a 4.63, ran twice.
  5. Round 5 Pick 148: S Marcus Allen 6’2 215

    Shazier ran a 4.3. This dude is a 4.6. Nowhere near the same caliber of athlete or speed.
  6. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    Exactly. They're too stupid to draft any competition for either of them. Passed on Hubbard twice, Lorenzo Carter once, etc, etc. Same at CB where they could've had Isaiah Oliver in 2 via a short trade up, Josh Jackson, etc, etc. Some people think the CB the Vikings took at 30 was arguably the best CB in the draft.....30 is after 28 as well. Stupid. But hey, lets take a #3 WR with an average ceiling, a backup QB, and a 5th round S instead! Oh and don't forget about the project RT.
  7. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Nick Bosa is a monster. I tuned into his games to watch Hubbard and he was clearly the best player on the field at all times, for both teams. He’s not an option though unless they really tank this year. Noah Fant did nothing for me. I watched a lot of Iowa too.
  8. My thoughts on the Vikes’ draft & FA

    That’s not what I meant. We all know how Randall McDaniel did at a low weight for example. I meant that it is not a fair comparison to compare guys much heavier to someone much lighter, without at least acknowledging it. Same with arm length being ignored when looking at bench. More weight would help him anchor though.
  9. My thoughts on the Vikes’ draft & FA

    He’s also under 300 lbs. you have to keep the entire picture in perspective. He’s tall and long but he’s light and he plays light anchor). I’m not trying to argue with you here.
  10. Your Early Re-Draft 2018

    28. Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado 60. Justin Reid, FS, Stanford 76. Sam Hubbard, OLB, Ohio State 92. Josey Jewel, ILB, Iowa 148. Natrell Jamerson, FS, Wisconsin 165. Dylan Cantrell, WR, Texas Tech 246. Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa
  11. My thoughts on the Vikes’ draft & FA

    O’Neill’s numbers are middle of the pack except 40, 3-come & SS. I put more emphasis on vert and broad as they measure explosion and strength in the core.....he’s middle of the pack there. It’s good he’s fast, but how did that work out for Lydon Martha & Bruce Campbell? Like I said before I had him in the mid rounds because there’s something to work with there. His lack of an anchor makes him a project & a reach in 2 for me. Not knocking the guy, it’s just my take on him.
  12. I am on vacation in Europe & can’t remember the name of another Vikings forum I frequent but I did some mock drafts on there & the Vikings took a handful of guys I had slated for them, along with one that I thought was a huge reach. #1. CB in 1. I didn’t get into Mike Hughes too much, but I said I highly expected the Vikes to go CB in 1 if the OL were gone. That early 20s run doomed the OL for ‘18 I’m afraid. But this gives the Vikes some options outside of subpar candidates to replace Newman in Wayne’s & Alexander: 2 players that have never been viable options in my book. 2. O’Neill is a guy I looked into a while before the draft. I had him skated to the Vikes in the 4th or 5th round, which is where I think his talent level belongs. He seems athletic because of his blazing 40, but his other numbers were mediocre at best. He simply lacks the lower body power to anchor & I see him as a multi-year project as a result. If he’s on the field as anything but a 6th OL or blocking TE this year it’s not a good sign imo. Remmers was a much better RT than he was at OG. He got zero push and lacks the physicality to play OG to me. O’Neil is perhaps his replacement in a year or two when you can cut him with minimal/no penalty. 3. I watched a lot of Ohio State but never looked into Holmes. Was always too busy looking at his better teammates & he never stood out. Holmes seems to fit the bill for length that Zimmer’s always had at DE but maybe he’s a project to move in to UT? Wouldn’t have been my pick here, but depth on the DL is a staple from Zimmer’s D and it was sorely lacking last year so it didn’t surprise me. 4. Conklin didn’t make much sense to me. Rudy is a slower TE so why pick up a poor man’s version? You already had a blocking TE in man-bun. 5. Carlson is a guy I saw the Vikes taking a mile away. I never bothered researching a kicker at all but I know he was getting a ton of hype as a junior. Big guy, big leg, and the Vikes had way too many problems with kickers so it just made sense to draft one with a high ceiling that was a bit off his last year. He was getting round 2&3 hype as a junior from what I recall. 6. Gossett is another guy I didn’t look into at all since I really thought they’d take Ragnow or Price early on (both gone before #30), or maybe Corbett or Braden Smith, but they went early 2 so weren’t an option unless you burn a 1 on them. I was a bit surprised they didn’t take Daniels when he was available in 1, or maybe in Hernandez even though I thought he was too risky with his former play weight and mauler style that didn’t seem to fit the new OL. I read athletic limits with Gossett but guys like Kalil & Clemmings make me leery of athletic guys with no anchor so I’ll take a guy with leg drive instead. That’s also why I was thinking O’Neill was a reach that early. 7. Ade Aruna- the easiest and most obvious pick in the draft. I had him in the late rounds to the Vikes all the time. Depth behind Griff & Hunter (who was much better as a backup/pass rush specialist) was sorely lacking last year & needed addressed big time. A very raw player with all the length and raw athleticism you could ask for was obvious. 8. Downs is a buy low guy who was on watch lists for best defenders/linebackers before getting injured. Depth at LB is iffy so a solid move. UDFAs: Roc Thomas is a perfect replacement for McKinnon. I wanted Wadley since I watch a lot of Iowa but Thomas looks explosive. Ideal pickup here to replace your 3rd down back. Badet is interesting. 4.27 in the 40, 39.5” vert & 10’11” broad. Didn’t produce though. Hilton Hill is a guy I saw as a very realistic choice in the late rounds. Character red flags but he has ideal size for a big CB or that elusive quality safety to pair with Dirty Harry, along with solid skills and athleticism. Hercules Hercules Hercules (in Eddie Murphy voice) - he is intriguing to me. I always viewed him as a positionless player, but he is a player. I see he’s listed at LB, which is surprising given he looks a bit stiff to play in space. Perhaps a role sugaring the A-gaps as Zimmer likes to do would work. But I see him fitting best as a Brian Robison type interior pass rusher on obvious downs. Jake Wieneke is an interesting guy. He would be rather limited in my view by his lack of athleticism, but perhaps he can be a jump ball target in the red zone. Chris Streveler, the QB of the good South Dakota school, would’ve been a better pick. 4.45 in the 40, 38” vert and 10’5” broad. I know measurable aren’t everything, but a 4.7 for a WR is a bit of a killer. I personally thought the depth at WR needed upgraded big time & I would’ve looked at Justin Watson or Dylan Cantrell in the mid-late rounds. St. Brown fell a long ways and I would’ve taken him at that point too. The Pack got a steal there, as I couldn’t believe he went in 6! I’m traveling in Europe right now so I’m just using my phone. When I get back home I might do a “what I would’ve done” type mock given who was available at this picks, but the Vikes might have done a decent job as-is. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  13. your draft grade and playoff teams predictions

    I see other teams improving and the Steelers staying the same. In other words, they regressed relative to the competition. I’m also saying they stayed the same as they were without Shazier. So worse than the 13-3 team they were last year by far. Could make the playoffs but they’re no longer a complete team thanks to the LBs being so subpar. They’ll be way too reliant on the O to try and score 46 as they give up 45 to the Shaguars in the playoffs for example. 42 doesn’t cut it!
  14. your draft grade and playoff teams predictions

    My gut instinct was to rate it an F. But if (and there are a LOT of big IFs involved), they can use Edmunds and Allen as subpackege linebackers, use Samuels as a move TE, Washington as a vertical threat and Big Ben goes down and Rudolph is a huge upgrade over the backup scrubs they’ve had for years, it could be good. I’m still not going over a C- though. Too many IFs, reaches, etc. i didn’t watch day 3 of the draft as i was traveling to Belarus all day. I tried to catch up between flights.
  15. Round 5 Pick 148: S Marcus Allen 6’2 215

    Never saw anything good out of him. He passed the eyeball test but never actually did anything when I watched games. He better be able to transition to LB.