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  1. Yep, I remember that game vividly. I was in the tractor on a Monday night, harvesting corn. Had a little 6" tv in the tractor and I was watching that game. Rod Woodson is my favorite athlete of all time, regardless of sport. So my answer is without a doubt Rod Woodson. Best DB I ever saw play by a mile. Barry Foster was my favorite RB for a season. 1 and done. What a shame. Loved how he played. I still think that Aaron Smith was the best player on those great defenses when he was playing DE. When he got hurt, the D fell apart. When Big Snack got hurt, you didn't even notice. If he'd been used to rush the passer more, he would be a HOFer in my book. He had that much talent. Just played a position you didn't notice. Carnell Lake was another one of the most underrated players ever. Your SS plays CB when Woodson got hurt, and he makes the pro bowl and the D carried the team to a SB. LB in college too from what I recall. Loved that guy too. That whole D back then was awesome, except for the corner opposite Woodson (Williams, Figures, both iffy). Lake, Perry, Woodson, Greene, Lloyd, Steed, Chad Brown, Kirkland, etc. I loved that era of Steelers football, if only they'd had Big Ben back then! Polamalu in his prime was really dominant too.
  2. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    I also considered Hilton, since I like him in the slot, but he is more of a blitzer than a coverage guy. He just turned 25 yesterday. Conner will be 24 this season.
  3. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    I debated putting him on there. I like him more than most, but right now he's merely good, not great. He's not yet an "exceptional, pro bowl caliber back", and RB sure isn't a key position that's hard to replace. You could probably draft a 3rd round RB in every draft that would replace him. Miles Sanders this year for example.
  4. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    Well you know, I'm right there with you to an extent, and was even telling a coworker the other day that I might just quit watching sports completely due to being so disgusted so often. I don't know about not watching any, but my interest has definitely wanted due to the political garbage and the protesting and the majority of the players being scum for various reasons including the politics and protests. My affinity for the Steelers started waning as soon as they hired Tomlin, a political statement in itself. It had nothing to do with qualifications and everything to do with politics and making a statement. Every year that loser has been here the team got less and less disciplined. That's on him. Period. Then they campaigned for Obama, another strike against them. Big time. I don't care what their politics are, until they use my team to push their agenda. So the off field stuff was bad enough. Then as soon as Tomlin and Colbert took over, without Cowher's influence, the drafting went into the crapper from day 1. Cowher's roster and LeBeau kept things afloat for a while, but they don't know how to draft and develop anything but skills positions it seems. And those skills positions usually turn into prima-donna scum that leave for money. So what does the team have left? A team right at .500. With a HOF QB's career almost completely wasted. So the first thing they need to do is get rid of Tomlin. Talented roster or not, it's undisciplined and it led to the best RB and best WR in the entire league leaving, essentially for NOTHING. You have to make changes from the top. Tomlin is the top, since the owner isn't leaving, and Colbert has nothing to do with discipline. This team has a lot of talented players but an equal number of busts. The good players on this team are getting old too, so if they don't start drafting a lot better, and coaching/keeping the good players, they'll be the new Browns before long. Exceptional/key players on the team (with age this coming season): Roethlisberger 37 Villanueva 31 Pouncey 30 DeCastro 29 JuJu 23 McDonald 29 Tuitt 26 Heyward 30 Watt 25 Shazier?? 27 Haden 30 So you have a whopping 3 players that I consider to be exceptional or good and play key positions, that are 26 or younger this season. Everyone else is 29+. It's safe to say they really drove this roster straight into the crapper.
  5. You are on the Clock: 2.0

    I watch a lot of Iowa. I had Hockenson rated way above Fant months ago when Hockenson was an after thought and the announcers were always drooling over the clearly inferior Fant. Hockenson is definitely like Heath Miller, except he has better YAC. Fant got the TDs, but was MIA too often in games. Not a blocker. But he's fast, athletic and can make the big plays sometimes. Hockenson was by far my favorite player in college football this season.
  6. steelers wont trade AB to pats or afcn

    That sounds like what Larry Fitzgerald said about him. The commentators on NFL N during the combine talked about his comments on Antonio Brown, saying he didn't appreciate what a great QB he's had his entire career. True story.
  7. D. Metcalf

    He didn't look the best catching the ball though, which surprised me given what I'd seen of him in game. He bobbled a few, whereas in games I saw him make some great catches that indicated great hands to me.
  8. steelers wont trade AB to pats or afcn

    By the way, I just saw something yesterday where Colbert (I think) came right out and said they would trade him to whoever gave the Steelers the best return for Brown. In division or not, doesn't matter. They also said if they don't get value, they'll keep him. They don't have to trade him, so they won't, and whoever said this was foolish enough to have faith in Tomlin being able to get it under control and make it work if they kept him.
  9. You are on the clock

    Of that list, it's Mullens in a landslide for me. If I'm going S, it's going to be Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.
  10. A mock using CBS's rankings

    Haha thanks. You know, I know someone has to fall on draft day, so that's why I go with rankings from somewhere else. Anyone that I personally like I always feel should go higher, so I'd never have any drafts beyond the first 2 or 3 rounds if I used "my" rankings.
  11. A mock using CBS's rankings

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that given the shortage of ILBs in the draft and cap space freed up by getting rid of that loser Bell, the Steelers will pick up an ILB in FA like Kwon Alexander that can cover some ground. I think they also let Alualu walk in favor of a younger/better Henry Anderson for depth at DE and a CB prove-it project like Eric Rowe makes sense too (I've always liked Rowe and the Cheatriot Scum using him to cover TEs worked well from what I saw, he's just been hurt too much). After that, you can go BPA at a number of positions in the first few rounds. I'm also simulating a trade for Brown for around pick #30 to the Packers. (Underlined is my defensive draft) 1 (20). Byron Murphy CB 15 - DK Metcalf WR 16 - TJ Hockenson TE 20 - Those were the guys I'd really like at #20. I'm a big Hockenson fan, as you might recall from me taking him early when he was an afterthought and overshadowed by teammate Noah Fant. He won the award as the best TE in football and for good reason. He's the total package. I have seen the difference that McDonald being in the lineup has on the entire offense, so it is VERY tempting to take Hockenson, but I'm a D guy, and while CB is a big need, without Brown, WR is the biggest need on the roster by a mile. So I go with the freak DK Metcalf, even over my boy Hockenson and a stud CB. 1 (30) (Packers). Brian Burns OLB 30 - I think that Burns can be special. He's another guy that I had high on my wish list long before he was considered a 1st rounder. He's exactly what this defense needs to get after the QB, and I think with his length and athleticism he can be a complete LB in the Greg Lloyd mold (meaning he can cover and play the run, as well as rush the QB). I would almost take him at 20 and take Mullen here, if WR weren't so pathetic with only JuJu there. 2 (52) Trayvon Mullen CB 42 - Deebo Samuel WR 45 - Amani Oruwarlye CB 47 - Chris Lindstrom OL 52 - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CB/S 55 - Garrett Bradbury OL 56 - I think Mullen checks all the boxes as far as potential goes, and it would be extremely hard to pass on him if he's there in 2. He looked like more of a potential guy instead of someone who is putting it all together though. I really like Gardner-Johnson's play though, who played both S and slot CB, and he actually looks like a stud already. That's the kind of S I want. You pair a coverage safety like Gardner-Johnson with Edmunds, and you'll have 2 young safeties with some good athleticism. That should help the D a lot. Passing up on the last of the good OGs here is hard, but I like Ramon and feel we can get by with him and/or Finney for another year. 3 (83) Elijah Holyfield RB 78 - Jace Sternberger TE 91 - Terrill Hanks LB 94 - Andy Isabella WR 100 - Justice Hill RB 102 - I really wanted to get Elijah Holyfield, since I like how he runs, and I think Isabella's suddenness would help replace that attribute that the team is losing when they trade Brown so he's hard to pas up as well. However, after begrudgingly passing up Hockenson in 1, I'm getting my athletic TE here. Isabella might be the right pick though. 4 (122) Jalen Jelks OLB 107 - Rodney Anderson RB 113 - Anthony Nelson DE 116 - Bryce Love RB 123 - Connor McGovern OL 124 - Mike Weber RB 134 - David Sills V WR 136 - Justin Layne CB 139 - Ben Burr-Kirven LB 143 - Finally going CB at this point, after ALMOST taking one with my first 3 picks. Guys like Layne and Isaiah Johnson and Kendall Sheffield are why I passed on Mullen and Murphy. Layne is a converted WR to CB. At 6'3" 185, he's a good athlete and has a high ceiling. He's too thin though & needs to bulk up a bit. David Sills is really tempting here because I want to have 3-4 top notch WRs, not a bunch of mediocre guys. With Antoine Wesley projected in 6, and the pressing need at CB, I went with Layne instead, even though Sills is a safer pick. 6 (175) Karan Higdon RB 147 - Antoine Wesley WR 173 - More depth at WR here. I just happened to watch the game where Wesley absolutely dominated. He showed speed, agility, hands, and of course tremendous length in that game. He's a steal here if that wasn't a fluke. 6 (192) Isaiah Johnson CB 183 - LJ Scott RB 197 - Scott is compared to Le'Veon Bell, in that he's a versatile, big back with patience, but carries too much weight at 6' 225. Maybe if he slimmed down to 210-215 he'd be more dynamic and a good compliment to Conner. But I decided to go with another CB with big upside here in another converted WR. This one is 6'2" 207 or 195, depending on where you look. Athletic and big, showing good natural ability. 7 (219) Kendall Sheffield CB 224 - Dawson Knox TE 233 - Sutton Smith LB 253 - Here we get arguably the fastest guy in the draft who is a bit undersized, but he looks like a steal at this point and I think he should go much sooner than this. UDFA. Cody Thompson WR 296 - A little tidbit on Thompson from the senior bowl, which would provide something the Steelers would be losing when Brown is traded and JuJu and Metcalf don't have so much: UDFA: Wes Hills RB 303 - Hills is a small school guy that won MVP of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Depth Chart (rudimentary, and yes I might miss some guys that are leaving in FA and I'll leave irrelevant guys off intentionally) QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Joshua Dobbs RB: James Conner, Jaylen Samuels, Wes Hills UDFA FB: Roosevelt Nix WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, DK Metcalf 1, Ryan Switzer, James Washington, Antoine Wesley 6, Cody Thompson UDFA TE: Vance McDonald, Jace Sternberger 3, Jesse James LT: Alejandro Villanueva, Gerald Hawkins LG: Ramon Foster/BJ Finney C: Maurkice Pouncey RG: David DeCastro RT: Marcus Gilbert, Matt Feiler DE: Cameron Heyward, Henry Anderson FA NT: Javon Hargrave DE: Stephon Tuitt LOLB: TJ Watt LILB: LJ Fort, Jon Bostic RILB: Kwon Alexander FA, Vince Williams ROLB: Brian Burns 1, Bud Dupree LCB: Joe Haden, Brian Allen, Isaiah Johson 6 FS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 2, Sean Davis SS: Terrell Edmunds, Morgan Burnett RCB: Eric Rowe FA, Cameron Sutton, Justin Layne 4 NICK: Mike Hilton, Kendall Sheffield 7 K: Chris Boswell? Matt McCrane P: Jordan Berry KR/PR: Ryan Switzer I probably should've drafted a K and a P, but I think we'll just pick up a UDFA. Not bolstering the OL might have been a mistake too, but I wanted to fix the D now, and I think the O, with a matured JuJu and Conner, and a healthy McDonald and Ben, should be good to roll with a monster like Metcalf brought in to replace Brown and an athlete like Sternberger brought in for depth and YAC if McDonald goes down again. Drafting Burns was a long-run type pick. This season, the team would've been better if I'd went CB instead, but long term upgrading over Dupree with a stud like him is the right move IMO.
  12. A mock using CBS's rankings

    I'm inclined to agree, but I just used CBS's rankings here. He jumped off the screen at me when I watched him play. That's when he wasn't getting any hype at all.
  13. A mock using CBS's rankings

    Thanks. I don't like Boyd. I didn't consider him at all after seeing him at the senior bowl and other times looking horrid. I do very strongly agree that going CB in 3 would've been ideal. But as I said, I just looked at the board, and there were simply no CBs in 3 that wouldn't be around later that I liked. But taking Knox at TE later on and a CB in 3 instead, as you did, would've been my preference if a CB the caliber of Sternberger would've been there. I'm not going to reach and take a scrub. I also preferred Sheffield to Knox in 7. But your thought process and mine were very similar.
  14. A mock using CBS's rankings

    Interesting. I guess I've been too busy to notice something like that. I don't mind that. He's a solid player, but he's getting old. I'd rather have Henry Anderson but at least Alualu knows the system. Thanks.
  15. This was on fanspeak, using the defaults, and just taking whoever was available at the 9ers picks (2nd and 3rd rounders) FA signings: Deone Bucannon, nickel LB - I want a LB with some coverage ability added to the roster before the draft Jordan Hicks, LB (1 year prove-it deal - might be a bargain with his injury history) - again, no huge holes going into the draft after signing him Henry Anderson, DE - I really liked Anderson at Stanford & Alualu is going to be 32 years old. Depth behind Heyward and Tuitt. 7 sacks last year. Brent Urban, DE - Similar player to Anderson, but not as disruptive - he's more of a backup LDE 1. Byron Murphy, CB, Washington - a burner CB to go opposite Haden to replace Burns (what a waste) 2 (9ers). DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss - I know some people don't like this guy, but he looks like the total package to me. If he's available, I'm all over it. 2. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida - a S that looks the part and with some serious burst to replace Davis (again, what a waste) 3 (9ers). Kendall Sheffield, CB, Ohio State - Another burner CB for much needed depth. Remember Haden is going to be 30 and has been injury prone 3. Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida - another LB with some wheels to provide some range and coverage inside 4. David Sills, WR, West Virginia - a big, red-zone type target 6. Emmanuel Hall, WR, Mizzou - a burner WR in the Mike Wallace mold to take the top off the D 6. Sutton Smith, Edge, Northern Illinois - I don't think he's a 34 OLB, but maybe he can be a blitzing ILB 7. Matt Gay, K, Utah - kickers weren't in the sim, but I decided to put one here. UDFA. Chris Johnson, S, North Alabama - a 6'3" 200 lbs S with good range. small school project UDFA: Chase Hansen, LB/S, Utah - a former S that moved to LB - ST's guy and 3rd down LB? UDFA: Drue Tranquil, LB/S, Notre Dame - same exact thing as Hansen, except he's had more injuries instead of being older Roster: QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Joshua Dobbs RB: James Conner, Jaylen Samuels, FA FB: Roosevelt Nix TE: Vance McDonald, Jesse James, Xavier Grimble WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, DK Metcalf 2, David Sills 4, Emmanuel Hall 6, James Washington, Ryan Switzer LT: Alejandro Villanueva, Chukwuma Okorafor LG: Ramon Foster, BJ Finney C: Maurkice Pouncey RG: David DeCastro, Matt Feiler RT: Marcus Gilbert, Zach Banner DE: Cameron Heyward, Brent Urban NT: Javon Hargrave, Dan McCullers/FA DE: Stephon Tuitt, Henry Anderson OLB: TJ Watt, Anthony Chickillo ILB: LJ Fort, Vosean Joseph 3, Chase Hansen udfa ILB: Jordan Hicks, Vince Williams (1st&2nd down)/Deone Bucannon (3rd down), Drue Tranquil udfa OLB: Bud Dupree, Sutton Smith 6 CB: Joe Haden, Kendall Sheffield 3 FS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 2, Sean Davis, Brian Allen SS: Terrell Edmunds, Marcus Allen, Chris Johnson udfa CB: Byron Murphy 1, Artie Burns, Cameron Sutton Nickel: Mike Hilton K: Matt Gay 7 P: Jordan Berry KR/PR: Ryan Switzer That draft is close to a best case scenario (aside from not getting a top ILB early), that according to one simulator is possible. For S&Gs I did one using CBS's rankings, and taking guys available at or close to each pick. In this one, to me, the value and talent was clearly on the defensive side of the ball. Probably should've went a different direction than Jelks in 3b since I took Burns at 2a, like Parris Campbell, Emmanuel Hall or Terry McLaurin, to add more speed at WR, but I didn't because I think Jelks could be special and their ball skills/hands aren't exactly what I like out of a WR. 1. Byron Murphy, CB, Washington 2. Brian Burns, OLB, FSU 2. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida 3. Vosean Joseph, ILB, Florida 3. Jalen Jelks, OLB, Oregon 4. David Sills, WR, West Virginia 6. Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech 6. Kendall Sheffield, CB, Ohio State 7. Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo
  16. A mock with Brown traded to 9ers

    Another draft, just for you guys who don't like all my WRs! Your score is: 25386 (GRADE: C+) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 20: Metcalf, DK, WR, Mississippi (B) Round 2 Pick 20: Arcega-Whiteside, JJ, WR, Stanford (B) Round 3 Pick 19: Johnson, Anthony, WR, Buffalo (A-) Round 4 Pick 20: Isabella, Andy, WR, Massachusetts (A) Round 6 Pick 2: Wesley, Antoine, WR, Texas Tech (A+) Round 6 Pick 19: Hall, Emanuel, WR, Missouri (A+) Round 7 Pick 5: Renfrow, Hunter, WR, Clemson (A+)
  17. Too early mock.

    NO it's not. Hockenson is a stud, and when this offense didn't have McDonald it stunk. Now you're going into the season with only 2 "reliable" weapons in Conner and JuJu. Yeah, you need a huge infusion of talent at the skills positions if you're going into the season with that. No one else on the roster is even worth noting really. Washington hasn't done squat, and I was never a fan of his in college either (I liked Rudolph a lot more than him). The 5th round rookie RB (whose name escapes me at the moment) showed a few nice flashes. Who else is even worth noting? Switzer? Eli? Hunter? DHB? You're looking at a solid #2 WR, a solid RB, and a bunch of #4 caliber/backup players.
  18. kurgan mock offseason v.1

    I would hate that draft, except for the CB in 1. The DE in 2 is just inexcusable. 2 of the best players on the team are DEs, and they're in their prime.
  19. Pick a top 3?

    C, although I'd prefer a different 3rd rounder.
  20. Your score is: 33698 (GRADE: A+) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 23 (HOU): Murphy, Byron, CB, Washington (A) Round 2 Pick 20: Wilson, Mack, ILB, Alabama (A) Round 2 Pick 23 (HOU): Hockenson, T.J., TE, Iowa (B+) Round 3 Pick 30 (CLE): Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey, FS, Florida (A+) Round 4 Pick 17 (CLE): Samuel, Deebo, WR, South Carolina (A+) Round 4 Pick 30 (NYG): Bradbury, Garrett, C, North Carolina State (A+) Round 5 Pick 25 (PHI): Smith, Sutton, DE, Northern Illinois (A+) Round 6 Pick 2: Hall, Emanuel, WR, Missouri (A+) Round 6 Pick 7 (NYG): Henderson, Darrell, RB, Memphis (A+) Round 6 Pick 16 (CLE): Wesley, Antoine, WR, Texas Tech (A+) Round 7 Pick 5: Renfrow, Hunter, WR, Clemson (A+) Round 7 Pick 7 (CLE): Pollard, Tony, WR/RB, Memphis (A+) Round 7 Pick 19 (TENN): Van Ginkel, Andrew, OLB, Wisconsin (A+) Round 7 Pick 21 (SEA): Giles-Harris, Joe, OLB/ILB, Duke (A+) I should've drafted the CB from Houston, Isaiah Johnson, instead of Renfrow or Pollard, but I spaced it out there. Sucked not getting any OLBs earlier, but if they bring back Dupree as I expect that's not a hgue need. Bradbury could play OG or C....he's a former TE so he's pretty athletic. At WR, we got a YAC guy in Deebo, a Mike Wallace type in Emanuel Hall, and a Plaxico type in Antoine Wesley. Throw in your little Wes Welker in Renfrow, and could Pollard be a Percy Harvin type? Then you get another all around TE in Hockenson who I think is a stud and Henderson is a big play jitterbug to complement Connor at RB. That sure loads the offensive skill positions, which is going to be pretty damn bare with only Connor and JuJu coming back, along with McDonald when healthy. Most importantly, you get a top notch CB in Murphy, a S that impressed me in limited viewing in Chauncey Gardner-Johnson out of Florida, and Mack Wilson to help solidify the middle of the defense. The draft just fell so that I wasn't able to get what I really wanted at OLB, but maybe Sutton Smith, Andrew Van Ginkel or Joe Giles-Harris turn into something.
  21. What would you guys think of this draft?

    True. Towards the end I was just running into no one I really wanted, so I just traded back to see who else would pop up. Those are "throw-aways". The first 4 rounds, and Hall, Wesley and Renfro would be huge though if possible. In 1, I traded back from 20 to 23 because I couldn't decide between Brian Burns and Byron Murphy. I really wanted Burns, but I also wanted a CB. I would've been ticked if I lost both, but I would've taken Trayvon Mullen I suppose (trying to remember who all was around at that point).
  22. What would you guys think of this draft?

    I was looking at a kicker with those last picks, but he was gone already. Gay right? He has a big leg. Trust me, I thought about it, but too late. I expect a lot of that too. I agree with Sutton. I'm not that familiar with the LBs to be honest. I just wanted to get LBs at the end because we need them and hope that one of them sticks and is a diamond in the rough. I would look for developmental projects that are athletic late in the draft, but I don't know them at this point except for the Houston CB that I forgot to draft. I really like the first 6 picks, and all the WRs I drafted. They all showed flashes to me.
  23. Totally Homer 2019 Mock Draft...

    That's actually not bad considering they're all from 1 school. Need an ILB, but if you got one in FA, I could actually live with that.
  24. even munchak is tired of this

    I'm sorry but I'm absolutely disgusted with the Steelers the last few years. The ONLY thing they did right in recent memory was drafting TJ Watt. I'm not joking or exaggerating either. That is absolutely DISGUSTING!