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  1. Look at the stats. Or you could just post a moronic comment like usual that contributes absolutely nothing. Yep, you took the 2nd option. Imagine that.
  2. I completely forgot about Moncrief! That definitely changes the dynamics of the roster a lot. 48 for 688 and 3 TDs, with 200 catches, 2500 receiving yards and 21 TDs for his career. Big, dynamic athlete that has some experience. I never much cared for Washington's skillsets when I watched OK State to check out Rudolph, and he hasn't impressed me at all as a Steeler. Eli and Switzer are basically non factors getting you 6-7 ypc. They're #4-5 caliber guys. Rogers only has 250k dead cap if he's cut. So he might not even make it to camp. The guy couldn't even be active for 13 games last year. Now whether that was because of injury or what, the fact is still the same. Metcalf might be a bust. But he might be a stud. I'd rather have Hockenson, except the need isn't as great at TE IMO......as long as Vance is healthy. Losing Jesse James hurts though.
  3. 1-20. TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa (17) - I debated back and forth here. Brian Burns? TJ Hockenson? Murphy or Baker at CB? DK Metcalf? In the end, after someone pointing out that Moncrief had been signed in FA to play WR (I knew it, but had completely forgotten about that signing) I changed the pick to my boy Hockenson. I really like Brian Burns a lot too, but Hockenson has zero red flags whereas Burns needs to put on weight. I've seen what happens to this offense when McDonald gets hurt, and James left in FA, so another starting caliber, NFL-ready TE is a big need. Hockenson is Heath Miller, with more YAC ability. 2-52. Jermaine Pratt, ILB, NC State (66) - I initially had Juan Thornhill here, but after thinking about Davis & Edmunds being recent 2nd and 1st rounders respectively (even if they did lose Morgan Burnett & Davis is in his contract's last year), I decided to go with Pratt here. A big guy, but a former S, he looks to be the kind of guy with the range and burst the team has been lacking since Shazier went down. I think he's a lesser player, but fills a bigger need, and we all know how Tomlin and Colbert draft: Need only, because they miss on premium picks way too often to ever have depth taken care of going into the draft. 3-66. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson (68) - A big CB that looks the part to me. He's hot and cold though and needs to develop. Thank god they signed Nelson in FA, so a starting boundary CB is not an immediate need. Otherwise I might have had to have taken Murphy or Baker in 1, and I'm not fond of burning a 1 on a CB that is under 6' AND is running a 4.52 or 4.55. 3-83. Andy Isabella, WR, UMass (81) - The most dynamic WR in this draft. His numbers were off the charts, as you can tell by watching him play. Extremely quick, with the 4.31 speed to match. A few too many body catches, but if Washington is worth a damn, and JuJu can hack it as a #1, he should provide a good compliment to them, providing those quick underneath routes that Brown ran. 4-122. Darius Slayton, WR, Auburn (127) - A vertical threat at WR has been missing for years. Not anymore. This guy is a Mike Wallace type. So you now have JuJu as your do it all, Moncrief as an experienced big athletic type, Washington as your mediocre in everything guy, Isabella as your quick cuts underneath and Slayton as your vertical threat they've lacked since Mike Wallace left. Now you can finally get rid of guys like Hunter and DHB that never quite produced going deep. You also have a good RB in Conner & 2 stud TEs. Since I know someone will probably complain about drafting 2 WRs, take a step back and look at this: You have JuJu and nothing else, currently on the roster, in my book. No one else has produced at all as a WR. These are the stats for the returning WRs from last year. It's fugly: JuJu - 111 for 1426 (12.8 average), 7 TDs. Donte Moncrief (with the Jaguars) - 48 for 668 (13.9 average) and 3 TDs. Ryan Switzer - 36 for 253 (7.0 average), 1 TD. (16 games, 1 start, but at least he was a return man too) James Washington - 16 for 217 (13.6 average), 1 TD. (1 catch per game, and 1 TD on the entire season, with 14 games played and 6 starts, not my cup of tea) Eli Rogers - 12 for 79 (6.6 average), 0 TD. (only played in 3 games, all starts - managed to fumble one of his 12 touches) Justin Hunter - 3 for 21 (7.0 average), 0 TD. DHB - 1 for 9. 5-141. Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston (155) - This is the best looking CB in this year's draft by a mile. 6'2" 205 lbs, 4.40 speed and great all around measurables. He's a former WR, and needs developing, but he looks to have all the tools. 6-175. Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss (164) - Another athletic TE. I look at Hockenson as McDonald's eventual replacement, and Knox is my depth TE that could eventually be Hockenson's running mate in 2-tight sets. 6-192. Blake Cashman, ILB, Minnesota (189) - A guy that tested out really well here at the combine, and I talked to a guy that was a U of M fan, and he said he makes plays and is a good blitzer. I didn't take the time to watch much of him yet. 6-207. Chris Johnson, S, North Alabama (349) - I think he'll be a big riser, so I bumped him up a long ways from 349. He's a 6'3" 200 lbs S that ran a 4.42 at a regional combine and had a 6.61 3-cone at his pro day. The Steelers were at his pro day too, along with the Lions, Titans and Chiefs. 7-219. Wes Hills, RB, Slippery Rock (232) - I almost forgot to take a RB in this draft. I want Miles Sanders or Justice Hill, but I didn't want to take a RB that early. So here we are. A big RB, which seems to be what the Steelers are looking for. They're probably familiar with him since he played college ball in Pittsburgh. UDFA. Evan Worthington, S, Colorado (274) - I try to watch CU when I can, and this guy really stood out to me when I did. I don't like that he was kicked off the team early on in his career, but by all acounts he matured and isn't like that anymore. He looks like a playmaker to me and can play some of that hybrid S/LB role.
  4. Sills isn't taking the top off of anything. He is a vertical receiver just because he has good ball skills and goes and gets it. But he lacks separation and isn't going to scare anyone over the top due to 4.57 speed. I have been wondering if they really will think S is that big of a need. I don't like our safeties, but I wonder if they'll really burn a 1 or 2 on them (I really like Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and had him in 2 in my mocks, but even then I debated whether they'll actually go S early since they already have Davis and Edmunds). I don't like Julian Love. Cashman I haven't seen play, but he looked good at combine. If I ever get time I'll go check him out if there's any video of him to watch. I think Sutton Smith is a linebacker in the blitzing mold of Anthony Barr.
  5. Lets say that on draft day, a stud OLB like Burns was available, but no ILB was worth taking. Do you think Watt would be a good ILB in a 34, in the Brian Cushing mold, or maybe even Chad Brown, and that would be one way to fix up ILB to an extent? I think he'd be an ideal blitzer up the gut, and he has good length and he's a good athlete. He's never going to be a dominant sack master (like Von Miller or his brother with 20+ sacks......13 is really good, but not elite is what I mean). So just wondering what you guys think, and if that would be 1 way to fix up the talent at LB, by taking the BPA and putting guys at new positions just to get the best players on the field. Coming out of the draft, I had watched TJ Watt a lot at Wisconsin, and they lined him up similar to where a 34 ILB would be positioned, or how Mike Zimmer uses LBs to "sugar the A-gaps", so I thought he could be a Brian Cushing type 34 ILB. So that's part of what got me to thinking this, along with the much greater chance for a stud 34 OLB to be available in 1 than a stud 34 ILB. So if you had these 2 choices, which would it be: A: OLB: Brian Burns & Bud Dupree ILB: TJ Watt & Mark Barron/Vince Williams (I assume that Williams would be the run stuffer and Barron the coverage guy, rotating situationally to an extent) or B: OLB: TJ Watt & Bud Dupree ILB: Devin Bush & Mark Barron/Vince Williams (I assume that Williams would be the run stuffer and Barron the coverage guy, rotating situationally to an extent) Option A = much more pass rushing with Watt blitzing up the gut. Option B = much more coverage with Barron and Bush both being coverage guys.
  6. I think that Ferrell looked great last year, but not as good this year. He looked stiffer or something to me. I think he's definitely more suited for a 43 DE than a 34 OLB. The Michigan boys don't have the production. Winovich looks like just another guy to me. Chickillo 2.0, but maybe a better version. I love Burns. One of my favorites in the draft. Sweat is a guy who looked stiff and like a 43 DE when I watched him move, but he's such a phenomenal athlete and his agility & COD times were outstanding, so I wonder if he could be developed to play as a complete OLB. I'd take him if he's there too, based on that alone. Of course that's all contingent upon them being BPA.
  7. Josh Allen and Brian Burns play the same position. I love Burns.
  8. I actually wouldn't mind that. But if you're trading up to #8, I would think you'd have to take Devin White. Your mock doesn't do much to address ILB.
  9. I liked Chris Conley coming out. He showed flashes when I saw him play with the Chiefs. I'd be on board with that one. They better watch out though, or they won't even get a 3rd comp for Bell.
  10. Yeah 4 of the 5 are 30+ this season, and the other is unknown as a full time starter. At least OL can stay at a high level longer than most positions. It's a bad time to lose the only good coach on the roster!
  11. Well imagine the best attribute of any DB you've ever seen, and put them into 1 player. That is Rod Woodson. He could blitz, he could cover, he could pick off the pass, he could tackle like a linebacker, he could return punts at an all-pro level, he was like a punt returner after the INT, and he was also an olympic class hurdler. He played S in college, and then moved to CB in the NFL. Then he moved back to S late in his career. He basically had all the best attributes of a SS and a CB all in one. He was big for his era too, at 6' 205. That's probably like being 6'3" 220 nowadays. I called him God Woodson. I even cheered for the Ratbirds to win a SB, just so he'd get a ring, even though it made me sick seeing Slasher Boy Lewis get a ring shortly after murdering someone.
  12. Ike was solid. He was nothing compared to Woodson though.
  13. I would've made Pouncey play out this year and prove he can stay healthy before I re-signed him, but if it freed up cap space to fix CB, ok. I like Foster. Always have. I never really liked Gilbert that much, but you would think you could get more than a 6. I guess anything is better than nothing though, and again, if the Pouncey and Gilbert deals made a quality CB signing possible, I'm on board. Feiler looked good last year anyway at RT. I'm a huge proponent of the OL usually. This draft was very unusual for me, not taking any OL.
  14. Thanks for the input. As for the DC, I know there are way more than 53 guys on that list. I didn't even count. I figured they'd fight it out in training camp. That's more or less a training camp roster. I just counted it real quick, and I think there were 60 on there total. I did get the key free agent pickup right. That's a nice start. As for Dupree, I just don't see him being worth 10 mill a year, so I'd rather draft a replacement. I know that ILB is a glaring need, and we missed out on Kwon and the guy who was actually my favorite FA LB, Jordan Hicks, so that'll be the first round pickup. They'll probably reach for Devin Bush if he's available. I don't like his lack of production, but I do like his speed, and while it would be a reach, it would certainly help. I want a TE too, but if I'm not getting Hockenson, I don't know about drafting one early unless that Ole Miss TE drops. I also had assumed Jesse James would re-sign, since I heard he'd take a home-town discount to stay. But he signed with the Titans if I remember correctly. So yes, now TE is definitely a need. I liked Maxx Williams' hands in college at Minnesota. I could get on board with him as a FA. I just read after I posted that mock that Morgan Burnett wants traded/cut, which makes no sense for the team to do given the cap hit if they do it. I'm also curious how much the team actually likes Sean Davis. He's so up and down. I liked him at times, and hated him at times. So maybe we don't even need an early S. I would definitely draft those 2 CBs if they are available at those spots. I figure Haden is almost 30. A big CB like Johnson could play FS if necessary, and STs until they develop. Just like Brian Allen has done. I'd look to trade Artie if I could get anything of value out of him, if I was able to land those guys. I'd love to land Bradbury, Lindstrom or Risner to develop on that OL, but I just think there are more pressing needs elsewhere since Foster and Pouncey were just re-signed for 2+ years each, and DeCastro is a stud. (I wasn't really paying much attention to QBs, but I'm not impressed from what I have seen. Drew Lock would probably be my choice of the bunch if we hadn't already burned picks in every draft for the last 5 years on a QB.....I didn't miss Jones last year, they just played the wrong QB and should've put Ben back in sooner)
  15. The D and O were both top 10, if not top 5, before Shazier went down. Then it all fell apart. So no, it hasn't sucked for 5 years. For that matter, even last year it didn't "suck". In 2018, they were #17 in scoring, #6 in yards, #10 in passing yards and #6 in rush yards. That's average, not sucking. Of course I thought it kinda sucked too since I use Cowher's defenses as a measuring stick, but technically average is not sucking. In 2017, they were #5 in yards, #5 in passing yards, #23 in rushing yards, and #7 in scoring. DEFINITELY not sucking. They were top 3-5 before Shazier got hurt.....definitely top 5, in both O and D, before Shazier got hurt. He masked holes the same way Polamalu did. In 2016, there were #12 in yards, #16 in passing yards, #13 in rushing yards, and #10 in scoring. Again, not sucking. Not great, but it's top 10 anyway. Respectable when you had the Killer Bee's all going. So no, they didn't suck even the last 3 years, let alone the last 5. So with that said, I nominate Ryan Shazier when he was just coming into his prime prior to his neck injury. He had as dominant of a game as any LB I can recall. Lots of splash plays. He was everywhere. He was the LB version of Troy Polamalu. I'm serious too....I loved Ryan Shazier. Definitely the best player on the defense.
  16. I'm inclined to agree. The last pro mocks I looked at a few days ago still had him around 30 though. But I suspect he'll get up there a ways. But if he goes up, someone has to go down. Devin White and Brian Burns are the 2 guys that I could see in this draft that fill gaping holes on this roster. It would be nice if one of them was available, but doubtful I know. Burns wasn't quite as fast as I expected, but I suspect that's because he's 20+ lbs heavier now. One thing I'm curious about though, after I made the mock up, is how the Steelers perceive Sean Davis. They drafted a S in 1 last year, so if they like Davis, they surely wouldn't burn that 2nd on a safety. So maybe that pick should've been different, but then again, who else would be available that would fill a bigger hole, be better, and do they actually like Davis long-term? When he was drafted I thought he could turn into something, but he seems to have regressed sometimes and probably used incorrectly as well. The D is a joke without Shazier, and the O is becoming a joke with losing the best RB and WR in the league, and giving away the starting RT as well. It's pretty stupid to extend Pouncey when he wasn't even looking for an extension, and why sign Foster to a 2 year deal when he's already 31?
  17. Yep, I remember that game vividly. I was in the tractor on a Monday night, harvesting corn. Had a little 6" tv in the tractor and I was watching that game. Rod Woodson is my favorite athlete of all time, regardless of sport. So my answer is without a doubt Rod Woodson. Best DB I ever saw play by a mile. Barry Foster was my favorite RB for a season. 1 and done. What a shame. Loved how he played. I still think that Aaron Smith was the best player on those great defenses when he was playing DE. When he got hurt, the D fell apart. When Big Snack got hurt, you didn't even notice. If he'd been used to rush the passer more, he would be a HOFer in my book. He had that much talent. Just played a position you didn't notice. Carnell Lake was another one of the most underrated players ever. Your SS plays CB when Woodson got hurt, and he makes the pro bowl and the D carried the team to a SB. LB in college too from what I recall. Loved that guy too. That whole D back then was awesome, except for the corner opposite Woodson (Williams, Figures, both iffy). Lake, Perry, Woodson, Greene, Lloyd, Steed, Chad Brown, Kirkland, etc. I loved that era of Steelers football, if only they'd had Big Ben back then! Polamalu in his prime was really dominant too.
  18. I also considered Hilton, since I like him in the slot, but he is more of a blitzer than a coverage guy. He just turned 25 yesterday. Conner will be 24 this season.
  19. I debated putting him on there. I like him more than most, but right now he's merely good, not great. He's not yet an "exceptional, pro bowl caliber back", and RB sure isn't a key position that's hard to replace. You could probably draft a 3rd round RB in every draft that would replace him. Miles Sanders this year for example.
  20. Well you know, I'm right there with you to an extent, and was even telling a coworker the other day that I might just quit watching sports completely due to being so disgusted so often. I don't know about not watching any, but my interest has definitely wanted due to the political garbage and the protesting and the majority of the players being scum for various reasons including the politics and protests. My affinity for the Steelers started waning as soon as they hired Tomlin, a political statement in itself. It had nothing to do with qualifications and everything to do with politics and making a statement. Every year that loser has been here the team got less and less disciplined. That's on him. Period. Then they campaigned for Obama, another strike against them. Big time. I don't care what their politics are, until they use my team to push their agenda. So the off field stuff was bad enough. Then as soon as Tomlin and Colbert took over, without Cowher's influence, the drafting went into the crapper from day 1. Cowher's roster and LeBeau kept things afloat for a while, but they don't know how to draft and develop anything but skills positions it seems. And those skills positions usually turn into prima-donna scum that leave for money. So what does the team have left? A team right at .500. With a HOF QB's career almost completely wasted. So the first thing they need to do is get rid of Tomlin. Talented roster or not, it's undisciplined and it led to the best RB and best WR in the entire league leaving, essentially for NOTHING. You have to make changes from the top. Tomlin is the top, since the owner isn't leaving, and Colbert has nothing to do with discipline. This team has a lot of talented players but an equal number of busts. The good players on this team are getting old too, so if they don't start drafting a lot better, and coaching/keeping the good players, they'll be the new Browns before long. Exceptional/key players on the team (with age this coming season): Roethlisberger 37 Villanueva 31 Pouncey 30 DeCastro 29 JuJu 23 McDonald 29 Tuitt 26 Heyward 30 Watt 25 Shazier?? 27 Haden 30 So you have a whopping 3 players that I consider to be exceptional or good and play key positions, that are 26 or younger this season. Everyone else is 29+. It's safe to say they really drove this roster straight into the crapper.
  21. 1 thing really stood out to me about the combine. I watched the DL and LB groups, and was floored with the depth and talent there. I watched the DB group and was underwhelmed beyond belief. It honestly looked like the worst DB class I've ever seen. After thinking that myself, I read somewhere that a pro scout or some thing professional in regards to this said the same exact thing. I think there are some developmental guys and some "solid" guys there, but no one I'm drooling over early at CB. A few safeties looked good. The TEs look good. I LOVE Hockenson. Fant is solid, and tested really well. A few other guys look/sound good as well. The OL is more solid than I expected. I really like Bradbury, and did before he blew up the combine too. Lindstrom looks solid too, with insane 10 split showing great explosion. Both of those would be a great pickup to replace Foster at LG (but he's been extended for 2 years now so that bumped OL down a notch on my positional needs). Risner and the Washington State OT are pretty solid too, but I think Risner is a RG, not RT. Some WRs looked pretty solid. I don't think you'd have trouble finding a solid #2 in this draft. I liked Miles Sanders at RB, but I think this might have pushed him up into the 2nd or 3rd. Same with Mike Weber from Ohio State. My top 2 in the draft. Both showed flashes in games, but not dominance, but they tested out showing all the raw attributes you could want in a RB. QBs are pretty damn underwhelming to me. DTs are loaded. This is no surprise. DEs are loaded even more. Brian Burns was my guy before the combine, and even though he didn't time as well as Sweat, he's still my guy. He just looks smoother, more natural in space, and has great hands and really everything. Even weighed in at 249, and still ran in the 4.5s. LBs look like you have 3 guys that are a bit smaller but run 4.42, 4.43. Almost all of them ran a 4.66 or faster, including some pretty good sized guys. I wonder about the guy from Oregon. Not sure, but his name might be Hollins. 6'5", good size, good athleticism. Devin White, Devin Bush,.....both would work wonders for the middle of this defense with that 4.42 and 4.43 speed. I think they go too early for the Steelers to find a stud this year. Ss, there are a few that tested out well but I haven't had time to check them out in depth. Juan Thornhill sure looks the part with that 4.42 and 44" vert. I liked Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and he tested well. Chauncey might be my favorite DB in the draft. CBs, the only one whose movement skills impressed me was a guy that ran a 4.55, after gaining 15+ lbs since the season ended: Byron Murphy. Not too sure about a 5'11" 190 lbs, 4.55 CB. Maybe he'd be a solid pickup if you got him into a serious strength training program to improve his long speed. Greedy may have ran well, but didn't look good otherwise. I guess I did like Isaiah Johnson quite a bit, and he tested out great. Over 6'2" with 4.40 speed, etc. He looked good at times and not as good at times. You could see he had a long ways to go with CB development. Same with Corey Ballentine, another developmental guy. Justin Layne looked ok too, and came in just under 6'2" with 4.50 speed. Johnson & Layne were former WRs, so they were raw and it showed. DeAndre Baker looked good in games, but his movement skills didn't impress me at all at the combine. So with all of that said, I think you look at FA for immediate help in the secondary and go BPA in the draft. Lets say that you trade Brown to the Raiders for pick 35. (Update: as I was making this, it appears he is going for 66 and 144 instead, so not quite as good, but same team anyway). FA: Steven Nelson, CB - take the money wasted on Bell last year and fix CB with it. FA: Kwon Alexander, ILB - a LB with range to fill a glaring hole in the defense, again negating the need to reach in the draft to fix it. Marcus Gilbert's cut should help free up this amount of cap space for these 2 acquisitions. 1 (20). Brian Burns, OLB, Florida State - I really like Burns, and liked him before he was hyped as a 1st. He looked better than anyone in the combine in the DE/LB type drills, and timed well at 4.51 at 249 lbs. He's very long, agile and flexible. I think he could turn into a stud. This frees up cap space in '20 by making Dupree expendable. I would much prefer to take a CB in FA and go with Burns here, rather than take Murphy or Baker, just to take a CB. I don't think any ILB worth taking will be available at this point. 2 (52). Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, FS, Florida - could play nickel corner too, but this frees you up to use him in many different ways. He's probably my favorite DB in the draft. Better safeties takes some of the pressure off your corners as well. A secondary consisting of Joe Haden, Steven Nelson, a non-rookie version of Terrell Edmunds, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Mike Hilton sounds pretty damn good to me. I'm really not impressed with ANY DBs on this roster outside of Haden and Hilton right now, so even though it's a down year in the draft, it still makes sense to take a good one if they're available. 2 (66). Andy Isabella, WR, Massachusetts- After tying Campbell for the fastest WR in the draft, he also looked explosive and crisp in all his drills. He looked the best of any WR there in my book. At 5'9" 188, he's definitely small, so but so was Brown, who ran a 4.55. Isabella has been timed at 4.26, so the speed is legit. He'll work open quick on the underneath stuff, filling the type of role that Brown did for the most part. I think the Cheatriots very well could take him if he's there at 64, but maybe not. He and JuJu and Washington should compliment each other well. *****TRADE Bud Dupree to the Redskins for #77***** Dupree is expendable after drafting Burns in 1, and in a bid to fix the team NOW, roll the dice and trade him for immediate help instead of just hoping for a 3rd comp next year and letting Burns develop. 3 (77). Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State - A former safety, he has good range and speed, and decent size too at 6'2" 240 with 4.57 speed. This should help shore up the middle of the defense. 3 (84). Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State - He looks like the real deal to me. He flashed during Penn State games, but I didn't see it consistently. He looked really good in the combine. 4 (123). Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston - He's over 6'2", 207 lbs with 4.40 speed. He looks the part but raw and will take some coaching. He was the CB that caught my the most in the entire combine behind only Byron Murphy who ran an unacceptable 4.55 at his small size, to warrant the 1st rounder it would take to get him. 5 (144). Corey Ballentine, CB, Washburn - A small school guy that checks all the boxes as a developmental prospect. 6 (176). Justin Hollins, LB, Oregon - he sure passed the eyeball test, but I think he has a lot of developing to do. 6 (194). Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech - I saw him absolutely dominate a game when I watched Tech play live this year. He looked like the total package in that game, showing great length, unexpected agility and feet from a guy that size, and good hands. Most surprisingly was the YAC that you don't expect from a guy with his physical attributes. 7 (221). Sutton Smith, LB, Northern Illinois - Tiny, but he and Burns looked the best out of the DE group. He looked like he had the agility and athleticism to convert to LB. Very sudden movements. UDFA. Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo - He's a guy that really stood out at the senior bowl I believe it was, where he exhibited polished routes and natural hands. Immediate contributor for depth. Guys I had in here but changed for others: Miles Boykin, WR, Notre Dame - This is one large man right here. 6'4" 220 with 88 1/2" arms and 9 7/8" hands. He ran a 4.42, with a 43.5" vert, 140" broad, 6.77 3-cone and a 4.07 SS. (the 3-cone and SS are actually better than Isabella's, whose were a solid 6.95 and 4.15). Depth Chart (obviously some of the carried over backups would be cut, and rookies would eventually supplant the guys in front of them at times): QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Joshua Dobbs RB: James Conner, Miles Sanders 3, Jaylen Samuels FB: Roosevelt Nix WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington, Andy Isabella 2, Ryan Switzer, Antoine Wesley 6, Cody Thompson UDFA TE: Vance McDonald, Jesse James, Xavier Grimble LT: Alejandro Villanueva, Jerald Hawkins LG: Ramon Foster, BJ Finney C: Maurkice Pouncey RG: David DeCastro RT: Matt Feiler, Chuks Okorafor, Zach Banner LDE: Cameron Heyward, LT Walton NT: Javon Hargrave, Dan McCullers RDE: Stephon Tuitt, Tyson Alualu LOLB: TJ Watt, Anthony Chickillo LILB: LJ Fort, Jon Bostic, Germaine Pratt 3, Sutton Smith 7 RILB: Kwon Alexander, Vince Williams, Justin Hollins 6, Tyler Matakevich ROLB: Brian Burns 1, Keion Adams LCB: Joe Haden, Isaiah Johnson 4 FS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 2, Sean Davis, Marcus Allen, Brian Allen SS: Terrell Edmunds, Morgan Burnett, Jordan Dangerfield RCB: Steven Nelson, Corey Ballentine 5, Artie Burns, Cameron Sutton Nickel: Mike Hilton K: Chris Boswell/Matt McCrane P: Jordan Berry KR/PR: Ryan Switzer
  22. I watch a lot of Iowa. I had Hockenson rated way above Fant months ago when Hockenson was an after thought and the announcers were always drooling over the clearly inferior Fant. Hockenson is definitely like Heath Miller, except he has better YAC. Fant got the TDs, but was MIA too often in games. Not a blocker. But he's fast, athletic and can make the big plays sometimes. Hockenson was by far my favorite player in college football this season.
  23. That sounds like what Larry Fitzgerald said about him. The commentators on NFL N during the combine talked about his comments on Antonio Brown, saying he didn't appreciate what a great QB he's had his entire career. True story.
  24. He didn't look the best catching the ball though, which surprised me given what I'd seen of him in game. He bobbled a few, whereas in games I saw him make some great catches that indicated great hands to me.
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