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  1. Cowher to HOF

    The team he took over was about as mediocre as you can get. Right at .500 for 7 straight seasons, with only 1 playoff berth in there, which was 3 years removed. There were some talented players, but that team needed a change and he provided that. Instantaneously! In his first 6 years there, they put up 11, 9, 12, 11, 10, 11 wins......which far surpasses anything that team had done in 9 seasons when they only won 10 games. Playoffs each year. AFCC in year 3, SB in year 4, AFCC in year 6. He was the real deal.
  2. Cowher to HOF

    Yes he was absolutely a top 5 coach for his tenure with the Steelers. He went to the AFCC right at 50% of the time and to 2 SBs, and almost all of that was without a QB. He had pure crap at QB aside from 2 years with Ben, and 1 of them includes his rookie year. The 2nd year they won a SB, and probably would've Ben's rookie year too if not for Spygate. Year 3 doesn't count since Ben was injured and Cowher had checked out due to a wife dying of cancer at the time.
  3. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    I liken our problems to the Cowboys. Only difference here is there are a lot of fan boys of Tomlin and Garrett didn't have any. I have friends who are Cowboys' fans, and my chiropractor for example, told him their SB was getting rid of Garrett. You have to make changes to have a chance at utilizing the talent on the roster. Steelers and Cowboys are basically mirror images of each other. Both have talented rosters, inept ownership anymore, and crap coaches. Only difference is, their QB is young and their owner finally got rid of their coach. At least there's a chance when a team mired in mediocrity due to bad coaching makes a coaching change.
  4. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    Here's the deal. Tomlin sucks. Bad. The team gets more and more undisciplined and he's turned it into a circus. If you stick with him, you're getting more of the same. At least someone different is the chance at someone with some discipline who is better. Staying with his worthless butt is disgusting, unless your idea of success is mediocrity at it's best. Win just enough games to be in the playoff race, with a talented roster and a HOF QB mind you, but never good enough to actually win many, if any, playoff games, but still winning just enough games to screw you in the draft (or wait, lets trade away our 1st round draft pick when we're 0-2, with a 38 year old QB, and a backup that isn't much good.......what would we ever need that pick for???). You might be ok with that. I'M NOT! Btw, if you're going to "quote" someone, actually quote them. Don't use a twisted paraphrase that says nothing close to what I said, to imply that's what I said.
  5. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    lmao, I said I was done a long time ago, which is why I just threw out the first names I could think of.
  6. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    I'd take Clemson's coach for damn sure. Probably LSU's as well. There's a long list that I don't care to name all of them. Your list wasn't who was better, it was who I'd take over him. I'd take my old old high school football coach, who has to be close to 75 years old and been retired for 10-15 years, over him. At least he had discipline. That's seriously how bad I think Tommy Boy is. He's a joke.
  7. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, Gary Kubiak, Wade Philips. Ken Whisenhunt. Mike Munchak. I'd take them all over him in a heartbeat. Hell I'd take Leslie Frazier over him as well. He was a much better DC, and again in Buffalo his D is looking good. Better than anything I've ever seen out of Tommy Boy. He didn't look the best as a coach in MN, but he didn't have much to work with back then either. NO QB. We saw how good Tommy Boy's team was this year without a QB. .500. Frazier's Vikings teams, without half this much talent went 10-6 one season, with Christian Freaking Ponder and Matt Cassel at QB....this is a team that was 6-10 when he took over. Tomlin took over a SB roster and had a HOF QB every season until now......what did he do without a QB? Put out one of the worst offenses in the NFL. He's had 3 seasons at 8-8 and one at 9-6-1, with the talent roster he inherited. Without Ben to carry him, he's F'd if they don't get a stud QB to continue carrying his worthless butt. I'd take the Vikings' OC over him as well, Stepanski or w/e his name is. There are a LOT of them. I want someone not proven to suck and let the inmates run the asylum as he clearly did with Bell and Brown, and how the team has become more and more undisciplined EVERY year. He's a joke. I'm done with this topic. We're not going to agree and I have better things to do with my time than argue about that scrub.
  8. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    Hahaha I knew you'd come back with that. I'm not going to list them. But seriously, he SUCKS. Every year the team gets more and more undisciplined. HE created the crap we had to put up with with Bell and Brown by giving them primadonna treatment. Ben too for that matter from all reports I've read. He's a loudmouth buffoon that is too busy being their buddy instead of keeping them in line.
  9. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    There are 160 coaches better, not just 16. He's pathetic.
  10. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    Optimistic: Watt - stud Fitzpatrick - stud Defense as a whole came around big time after the trade DL is great and Tuitt will be back Finally have some speed at LB Pessimistic: Coaches will still be there OL is seriously regressing QB is a big problem Where was Vance? Need more out of TE. Need more depth at RB (this all ties together to = the offense sucks) On the fence: Where were all the WRs? They showed flashes but disappeared too much. Need depth, but do we have something in the 3 young guys? Washington even showed something. RB depth is a problem.
  11. Fans are at Times Very Fickle

    To preface this post, this season is the first season in 28 years that I didn't watch almost all (if not every single one) of the Steelers games. I got sick of the NFL's BS and cancelled the NFL Sunday Ticket and didn't go to the bar to watch either. So I admit this season I didn't see it all. But early in the year, most of the games were televised this year, so I still saw over half the games I suppose. Just wanted to be sure to clarify that in case I missed some things. I thought Rudolph was solid coming out and liked the pick. He showed flashes of being decent before. He looked horrible after the concussion. Can he rebound? They need to protect him better and get him better weapons. James Conner I've liked from day 1, and I remember watching the game he got hurt at the end and thinking Tomlin, you dumb SOB, get him out of the game! THAT VERY NEXT PLAY, he got hurt. I think he's a great RB, just not too durable. JuJu is a good receiver. I think he got too much hype when he was the #2 and teams were doubling DownTown Brown. He's a really good #2, not a stud #1 by any means. All 3 of those guys seem to have great character, and have shown that they're good or at least have the potential to be good. Duck, is a whatever to me. I never saw much out of him, and yes I saw a couple of his first few games where they won because of the defense. He looked like crap the last game I saw. He's irrelevant. JAG.
  12. Mock draft

    Well I was more talking about when they benched Rudolph in favor of Duck, but not after his injury. You are right, that his play after the concussion wasn't as good. Like I said, I liked him ok in college so I don't think he's bad. But he sure was later in the year. Ben is an afterthought for me. He has had too many horrible games lately, and is old. I'm actively looking to replace him, and if Rudolph isn't the answer, you don't even acknowledge him either. If you don't have the long term answer on the roster, and a stud is available, you take him. Now you might be right that they're going to continue the Rudolph experiment longer. Maybe Eason isn't any better. I personally like him better though. It's probably a moot point though. Eason will be gone and Rudolph and Roethlisberger will be the QBs next year.
  13. Mock draft

    I see this as an offense early and often type draft. I would have said we need to keep adding WRs, TEs, RBs, and always a quality OL whenever possible, but in need of fixing the D, if not for the Minkah trade. I think we still need some work on the back end due to depth and could use a LB or two, but the D is good and the O is absolutely anemic. Whether Ben comes back or not is 100% irrelevant to me. He's damn near as old as me, and he was regressing big time in recent years, being horrible at times, but still showing the magic and future HOF talent at times. Now with no 1st, the only question is what QBs will be around in 2, or within range of trading up (without a 3rd, but with an extra 4th) to get a QB. I did a simulation on first-pick, and Jacob Eason was available in 2. Jake Fromm tends to be around close to that pick as well. I've liked Eason since he was a true freshman at Georgia. Same with Fromm from when he was a true freshman the next year when Eason got hurt and Fromm took his starting job. Eason is more my style with the much better height and arm. I don't like mediocre arms like Fromm's, even though I like him as a backup/game manager type. 2. Jacob Eason, QB, Washington - He needs some more development, but you can't teach his size and arm. He can throw a really pretty ball, but I've seen him do some bizarre spin moves backwards from the pass rush, among other things, that make me question the mental aspect a bit. (I've watched him quite a bit....there's a lot there to work with, especially if Ben sticks around a year or two) 4. Ashtyn Davis, S, Cal - An athletic S to play as the 3rd S that the Steelers were trying to roll with when they had Burnett, Davis and Edmunds. I'm not sold at all on Edmunds, no one is sold on Davis, but we do have Minkah. Played some in the slot as well, so he's pretty versatile. He's a track guy, so he has some serious athleticism at 6'1" 200. 5. Tanner Muse, S, Clemson - I actually see him as a box-only safety or nickel linebacker, even though he tended to play a center field type safety role at Clemson. Just keep working on that middle of the field coverage that killed the team for years, and this guy should be great against TEs. I've seen his size listed varying from 6'2" to 6'4", but usually around 230 lbs. 6. Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU - Always need more depth at CB, and he's a burner. 6. Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland - A speed back 6. Stephen Guidry, WR, Miss State - A 6'4" fast WR 7. Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor - Another big WR with a big catch radius and sprinter speed 7. Charles Snowden, OLB, Virginia - A 6'7" lanky and athletic linebacker. Needs to put on about 30 lbs of muscle at a minimum but might be something to develop there. I haven't gotten into the draft a whole lot yet this year. All the WRs I really liked were gone and I couldn't pass up Jacob Eason for any of them anyway. I think there will be an OL taken somewhere in there, but I don't know of any just yet. The CB for Clemson, AJ Terrell, was available in 2, and I like him a lot, but can't pass up a QB for him.
  14. Mock draft

    They already pulled the plug on Rudy when they inserted Duck. I would have anyway. I thought Rudy was ok in college, but he looked like dog crap at times with the Steelers. I'd take Eason and then build that OL and weapons around him. I know this is probably not popular here, and even goes against what I've been saying for years in needing to get some speed and talent at ILB to replace Shazier, but I never would've done that trade last year. I still wouldn't have. I would've taken (given where they went) 1. Montez Sweat, OLB 2. DK Metcalf, WR 3. Terry McLaurin, WR 3. Dawson Knox, TE 4. Isaiah Johnson, CB 5. Darius Slayton, WR - yes a 3rd - you all know I like my WRs, because they're usually BPA by a mile, and I'm not impressed with ours 6. Corey Ballentine, CB/KR 6. Travis Homer, RB 6. Mike Weber, RB 7. Jalen Jelks, OLB So I would've missed ILB completely, simply because I never saw anyone worth taking. That's probably why they traded up for Bush. The rest of the team would've been much better though.
  15. Mock draft

    Btw, I did more sims on fanspeak and draftnetwork (before reading comments) and came away with this (Eason was gone in them all, and if I'm not getting him, I'm not wasting a pick on a QB.....I think this is a really poor draft for QBs, especially later): Levonta Taylor, CB, FSU Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton Ashtyn Davis, S, Cal KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State Tanner Muse, LB/S, Clemson Draftnetwork: AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor Tanner Muse, LB/S, Clemson
  16. Mock draft

    I can't believe you guys don't want a QB. Ben has sucked some of the time he's played recently, and he's OLD (almost 38) and coming off a major injury to his throwing arm (a non contact injury). You saw how disgusting and completely inept this offense is without a QB. We need a QB. A new coach would be the best start to fixing the team, but we all know that isn't happening, so new QB it is to me. He was horrible in both games this year, with QB rates in the 60s. Last year Ben had 2 games in the 60s and another at 72, and another under 80. 80s isn't even acceptable in today's NFL. If you're not at least in the 90s, you suck and need replaced. In 2017, he had that turd against the Jags, another in the high 70s, but was at least ok if not great the rest of the year. Now I can get if you don't like Eason (I like him a lot, but think it'd be ideal if he sat behind Ben for a year or two). But not wanting a QB, after the crap we saw this year, is just mind boggling to me.
  17. Mock draft

    Your score is: 30026 (GRADE: C+) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 22: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington (A) Round 4 Pick 32 (BALT): Ashtyn Davis, FS/SS, California (A-) Round 5 Pick 7: Tanner Muse, SS/FS, Clemson (A-) Round 6 Pick 22: Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU (A-) Round 6 Pick 27 (G.B.): Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland (A+) Round 6 Pick 32 (BALT): Stephen Guidry, WR, Mississippi State (A+) Round 7 Pick 22: Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor (A) Round 7 Pick 32 (G.B.): Charles Snowden, OLB, Virginia (A+) For what it's worth, they didn't like my draft at all. I didn't take any DE, DT, OL, etc, that they kept wanting me to pick. I went with the BPA IMO.
  18. I love what Minkah has added to this team

    Fitzpatrick is a stud. I had him rated very highly in that draft. Edmunds, on the other hand, I had as a 4th or 5th rounder. I was livid when they drafted him. He looks the part, but he sure isn't. His brother leaves a lot to be desired too. He had decent stats due to dumb luck, but you could see he had zero leg drive on some runs and his vision and COD were sorely lacking as well. He just looked clumsy. But that's what you get when your top 3 backs go down and you're rolling with PS scrubs. I didn't like the Fitzpatrick trade, and time will tell what the opportunity cost of the trade was. I didn't hate the trade either, but I did think it was rather dumb to give up a 1 and a 3, for him and some lesser picks (I forget the exact details of the trade right off hand). If that pick would've been a top 5 pick, and we would've lost out on a Nick Bosa or a stud QB, horrible trade. If it's mid-round, then it's a good trade. Now if Rudolph doesn't look like the guy, it is possible that Jacob Eason from Washington could slide and be within striking distance with that early-mid 2nd rounder and the 3rd comp, along with a very early 4 (if we got the Dolphin's 1 instead of the Titan's). Still have normal 4, no 5s, but have 6 & 7. 2-Steelers = Isaiah Simmons, LB/S (trade 2, 3 and 4 to move up into 1 if he slides to there and you're rolling with Rudolph/Ben at QB) 3-comp -traded for Simmons 4-fins? - traded for Simmons 4-Steelers = RB 6-Steelers = DL 7-Steelers = DL To the guy who thinks Laviska Shenault is a late rounder, think again. Walterfootball has him going to the Fins at #12 with our pick. That dude is a STUD when healthy. I watch every Colorado game I can. He's a beast with the ball in his hands. Then again, Jacob Eason is going #9 in that mock, as the #3 QB taken. Isaiah Simmons is going #20 in that mock, as a S. I wonder about him as a nickel backer, or a box safety on run downs......or a full time Linebacker in the Shazier mold. He's probably my favorite player in the draft off the top of my head. Eason is my favorite QB. If Walter is on to anything, there are going to be some stud WRs going in late 1. Tee Higgins at 31, Justin Jefferson at 28, etc. AJ Terrell, CB, would be a great pick in 2 IMO. Haden isn't getting any younger.
  19. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    I watched the Oregon-Washington game today. Herbert's accuracy was horrible if he couldn't stand like a statue in the pocket. I like Jacob Eason myself. His little spin move to retreat when pressured is my main concern with him, but his arm is elite of elite, and his accuracy is good too. Washington got screwed on a missed call on 4th down at the end of the game. I haven't watched Ohio State much this year, but Chase Young looked like a buddy star. Isaiah Simmons from Clemson is another one I liked. Troy Dye is another one that I like.
  20. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    Absolutely get rid of him. He's horrible. If they have to trade him to make themselves feel better about it than firing him, great.
  21. the order of disapproval

    So you're going to ignore the penalties and them turning into the Raiders? You're going to ignore Brown recording them in the locker room? The constant penalties for celebrating? He repeatedly drafted morons off the field who were also morons on the field, and he let the inmates run the asylum. That's on him. You might make an exception for Bell's pot and some other things, but a lot of that was conduct detrimental to the team, and he allowed it to blossom into a full blown nightmare, on and off the field. That's all on him.
  22. the order of disapproval

    Bell (smoking pot and not knowing he could get arrested for driving while high) along with suspensions. Brown, Porter (on the field, but as a coach, so same difference), there was drama with Harrison in the past, etc. It's been one big sh!t show after another with Tommy Boy's worthless butt as coach. Brown repeatedly = same difference as many. recording the locker room. His celebrating penalties ON the field. His running of the mouth. The list goes on and on. You let ONE loser get away with it it infects the entire team and you get penalties as if you're the Raiders! This really says it all: Jesse James on leaving behind the drama in the Steelers locker room:"Yeah, I'm glad to get away from it.
  23. the order of disapproval

    He's #1 based on more and more discipline problems with this team every year he's been here. HE is the problem. Period. Penalties on the field. Antics off the field (and in the locker room). The buck stops with HIM. Period. They need to can him. I'm almost hoping they lose out so they fire his worthless butt finally. But not having Ben, which is the only reason he has a win% above 1%, will be his get out of jail free card this season so it is irrelevant. They made sure there's nothing to cheer for this season IF it is a complete loss, since they already traded away the 1st rounder which could be top 5.
  24. the order of disapproval

    Head Coach Head Coach Head Coach
  25. 5up 5down 49ers

    Agreed. My tolerance for the NFL period has really waned in recent years. I have watched roughly the equivalent of 2 games this entire season. About 5 minutes of the Cheatriot game and nothing else of the Steelers. Some of a Panther's game (just for McCaffrey.....Newton makes that team almost unwatchable he's so bad now though). 2 Vikings games. Part of 2 Bears' games (5-10 minutes each). That's it. Yuck. The Brown and Bell drama the last couple seasons, along with 12 seasons of Tomlin's cheerleading buffoon antics has made the Steelers tough to stomach. If I hadn't been a fan for so long (almost 30 years), and like so many of the players still, I would've canned them a few years ago, and for sure after Villanueva was the only one with any class during the national anthem while Tommy Boy and the losers stayed in the tunnel. So I'll check them out again when it's convenient and free for me, next Monday night against the 0-3 Bungals where "someone's O has got to go!", and other times like that, but that's it. They no longer DESERVE my money and/or time. When the Rooney's pull their heads out of their butts and do what they need to WIN instead of make political statements, maybe they'll be worth it again. Until then, screw em. That last draft was a joke. The last offseason was. Last 2 offseasons. Taking a 4th round S in 1, a 5th round WR in 2, a potentially good QB in 3, and a bunch of junk and a RB/FB tweener, followed up by giving up a lot of cap space for a stumpy LB that they should've had filled 2 years ago instead of wasting the entire previous season (and could've stayed put and drafted plenty quality CBs), could've drafted more DBs or WRs in 2, then took a 5th round WR at 66 (could've had Pratt at that point at LB), etc, etc. That draft is a joke too. So they managed to lose the best OL coach there is, best RB, best WR (who Tomlin's lack of discipline let turn into complete morons and they let one of them walk for nothing), and drafted like crap for 2 years. Then you wonder why they're 0-3. But hey, we got a tanking season going, and so we'll trade away our 1st rounder now lol. Can't make this stuff up.