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  1. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    I watched the Oregon-Washington game today. Herbert's accuracy was horrible if he couldn't stand like a statue in the pocket. I like Jacob Eason myself. His little spin move to retreat when pressured is my main concern with him, but his arm is elite of elite, and his accuracy is good too. Washington got screwed on a missed call on 4th down at the end of the game. I haven't watched Ohio State much this year, but Chase Young looked like a buddy star. Isaiah Simmons from Clemson is another one I liked. Troy Dye is another one that I like.
  2. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    Absolutely get rid of him. He's horrible. If they have to trade him to make themselves feel better about it than firing him, great.
  3. the order of disapproval

    So you're going to ignore the penalties and them turning into the Raiders? You're going to ignore Brown recording them in the locker room? The constant penalties for celebrating? He repeatedly drafted morons off the field who were also morons on the field, and he let the inmates run the asylum. That's on him. You might make an exception for Bell's pot and some other things, but a lot of that was conduct detrimental to the team, and he allowed it to blossom into a full blown nightmare, on and off the field. That's all on him.
  4. the order of disapproval

    Bell (smoking pot and not knowing he could get arrested for driving while high) along with suspensions. Brown, Porter (on the field, but as a coach, so same difference), there was drama with Harrison in the past, etc. It's been one big sh!t show after another with Tommy Boy's worthless butt as coach. Brown repeatedly = same difference as many. recording the locker room. His celebrating penalties ON the field. His running of the mouth. The list goes on and on. You let ONE loser get away with it it infects the entire team and you get penalties as if you're the Raiders! This really says it all: Jesse James on leaving behind the drama in the Steelers locker room:"Yeah, I'm glad to get away from it.
  5. the order of disapproval

    He's #1 based on more and more discipline problems with this team every year he's been here. HE is the problem. Period. Penalties on the field. Antics off the field (and in the locker room). The buck stops with HIM. Period. They need to can him. I'm almost hoping they lose out so they fire his worthless butt finally. But not having Ben, which is the only reason he has a win% above 1%, will be his get out of jail free card this season so it is irrelevant. They made sure there's nothing to cheer for this season IF it is a complete loss, since they already traded away the 1st rounder which could be top 5.
  6. the order of disapproval

    Head Coach Head Coach Head Coach
  7. 5up 5down 49ers

    Agreed. My tolerance for the NFL period has really waned in recent years. I have watched roughly the equivalent of 2 games this entire season. About 5 minutes of the Cheatriot game and nothing else of the Steelers. Some of a Panther's game (just for McCaffrey.....Newton makes that team almost unwatchable he's so bad now though). 2 Vikings games. Part of 2 Bears' games (5-10 minutes each). That's it. Yuck. The Brown and Bell drama the last couple seasons, along with 12 seasons of Tomlin's cheerleading buffoon antics has made the Steelers tough to stomach. If I hadn't been a fan for so long (almost 30 years), and like so many of the players still, I would've canned them a few years ago, and for sure after Villanueva was the only one with any class during the national anthem while Tommy Boy and the losers stayed in the tunnel. So I'll check them out again when it's convenient and free for me, next Monday night against the 0-3 Bungals where "someone's O has got to go!", and other times like that, but that's it. They no longer DESERVE my money and/or time. When the Rooney's pull their heads out of their butts and do what they need to WIN instead of make political statements, maybe they'll be worth it again. Until then, screw em. That last draft was a joke. The last offseason was. Last 2 offseasons. Taking a 4th round S in 1, a 5th round WR in 2, a potentially good QB in 3, and a bunch of junk and a RB/FB tweener, followed up by giving up a lot of cap space for a stumpy LB that they should've had filled 2 years ago instead of wasting the entire previous season (and could've stayed put and drafted plenty quality CBs), could've drafted more DBs or WRs in 2, then took a 5th round WR at 66 (could've had Pratt at that point at LB), etc, etc. That draft is a joke too. So they managed to lose the best OL coach there is, best RB, best WR (who Tomlin's lack of discipline let turn into complete morons and they let one of them walk for nothing), and drafted like crap for 2 years. Then you wonder why they're 0-3. But hey, we got a tanking season going, and so we'll trade away our 1st rounder now lol. Can't make this stuff up.
  8. 5up 5down 49ers

    Biggest up? I didn't waste money on the NFL Sunday Ticket this year. Watched about 1% of the Cheatriot Scum game. So I didn't waste my time or money on something not worth either.
  9. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    Go stick it up your butt
  10. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    Rooney Rule = political statement. Tommy Boy being hired is the embodiment of it by the creators of it. I call him Tommy Boy because he's a buffoon, but I really should stop because it's an insult to the late-great Chris Farley. He was a crappy coach when in Minnesota. The D looked better under both Leslie Frazier AND Ted Cotrell, his successor and predecessor respectively. Absolutely worthless. He was the one guy mentioned as a possibility for the next HC of the Pittsburgh Steelers that I said oh hell no, anyone but HIM! Of course they hire him and he's exactly what I thought he was, but even more annoying. As Cowher's team left, he proved he couldn't coach and develop crap for talent. The roster was talented for most of his tenure and they won a SB in spite of him. Whisenhunt was ten times the coach he was, and if they were coaching the opposite teams during that SB, the Steelers would've won in a blowout, not barely squeaking one out. Whisenhunt's team wasn't nearly as talented, yet still almost won because Tomlin sucks.....if Harrison hadn't free-lanced for that pick-6 before half, they would've lost most likely even as it were. I think they would've won a few more SBs since then as well if they'd hired Whisenhunt, the competent coach who should've gotten the job. You guys can like it or not, agree or not, I really don't care. That is how I see it and that's NEVER going to change one tiny bit.
  11. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    I'm glad I didn't waste money on the NFL Sunday Ticket. This will be the first year in 27 years that I don't go to the bar or have the NFL Sunday Ticket for EVERY game. I'm sick of this garbage. Tomlin has to go. Screw that political statement that has squandered a decade of an elite QB and overall roster for a good portion of it too. This game was my litmus test. If they looked great and could still defy the odds and win in spite of Tommy Boy I might have re-upped. But nope, that garbage is not worth a penny.
  12. Steelers extend HC Mike Tomlin through 2021

    It isn't where I live as of last night. Didn't check today yet.
  13. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    I never presented anything as fact, and don't try to insinuate I did. I've been very clear that it was based on how I personally view and value these things. Those guys you mentioned played in a more run-heavy era. Length matters more in pass coverage. They also played when others were much shorter and smaller, slower and lighter as well. Rod Woodson at 6' 205 was a really big CB in his day. Now he's average size, with many being considerably bigger than him. Those guys you mentioned were also exceptions to the rule, not the norm. If Bush fails, his lack of length sure as hell didn't help his chances.
  14. Steelers extend HC Mike Tomlin through 2021

    Tomlin sucks. Ben has regressed. He used to be elite, but not anymore. Lost the best RB and WR in the NFL (good riddance, hopefully they both break their legs this year, or worse). The D is not what it used to be. With DirecTV not having CBS in this market this year, the games would also be blocked on NFL Sunday Ticket (the only reason I have DirecTV instead of Dish with their Hopper), so I cancelled it a few days ago for the first time in years. I'm wondering if it will even be on tv in bars now. Might be the first season I miss in almost 30 years if things go poorly with the tv. I might not be missing much. Not too impressed with any part of this team anymore. Ownership, coaching, nothing.
  15. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    There's a big difference from a stumpy 5'11" to nearly 6'1". Vince Williams always seemed bigger to me. But 2" is a significant difference. I'd much prefer 6'1" 230 to 5'11" 235. I don't like short, stumpy players. I know some defy their measurables and are good regardless, but if we're looking in a vacuum, that's my thinking. I'd take Vander Esch at 6'4" 256 with 34" arms at 4.65 over Bush with 5'11" 234 with 32" arms at 4.45. Broad, vert and bench are very comparable. That is especially true with a better 3-cone and SS, and given that Vander Esch was #19 and Bush was #10. That is irrelevant at this point though. We have what we have, and don't have what we don't have. I watched the first part of that preseason game, and I saw a stumpy ILB out there and figured that had to be Bush. Sure enough it was. I hope he's a stud, since we have him. He just don't check many boxes for me. He literally checks only 2 boxes for me. He is the right position, and he runs a 4.45. Otherwise he's the opposite of what I look at for the type of players I like.
  16. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Culpepper was a scrub. Hated that guy. So dumb. Couldn't read a defense. Highest fumble rate of any player in history throughout his first 5 years or so as well. He threw a great deep ball though. But look at his weapons. Great OL. Best WR to ever play the game, along with the #3 WR to ever play the game, an elite #3 in Jake Reed, a home run hitter at RB in Robert Smith. That O was absolutely loaded. Yet they still get blanked 41-0 by the Giants in the NFCC because he was dumb as a box of rocks and couldn't compete against a good D that could pressure him and cover guys at all.
  17. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    You made my response for me. Granted, to be fair, you have to look at my argument for moving up for a LB now the same as a QB then.
  18. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Vander Esch and Hubbard were far and away my top 2 players for the Steelers in that draft. Looking back, it's obvious if possible they should've moved up to take Vander Esch, no matter what it cost (within reason of course). Hubbard we won't really know about since he's playing DE instead of OLB, but I watched him a lot in college and I watched Watt a lot in college, and I think Hubbard = Watt 2.0 if he slimmed down 15 lbs to play LB again. I had higher grades on both of them than Edmunds for damn sure. I had them both as 1st rounders, and Edmunds was a 4th. The one thing I wondered about on Hubbard was the snap count. He seemed to think too much, and was maybe a little too assignment-oriented and making sure he didn't just go and have a guy blow right past him as we routinely saw Dupree do. It was slim pickings at ILB both of the last 2 years where we were picking. But you KNEW you tanked a season if you didn't improve ILB, so they should've traded up and not waited for someone to fall. Go back to the Cowher style of drafting where you need Polamalu at 13, trade up from 30 to get him (or w/e the numbers were). Don't just sit there and take 2nd rate scrubs as Tomlin and Colbert always have done. Disgusting. I loved Shazier when he was coming out too. I did question his size some, but he was actually #1 on my wish list that year, of all those available at the pick. I also wanted Odell Beckham Jr, Zach Martin, Taylor Lewan, and I have to admit I thought Justin Gilbert would be good too. Zach Martin is the only other player in the draft who was available that I would've considered at that pick. I just loved Shazier's range and explosiveness, and I tend to watch a lot of Ohio State so I saw lots of flashes. (No, I'm not an Ohio State fan, so I have no anti-Michigan sentiment clouding my judgment here lol) I don't believe that Bush's ceiling is higher than Shazier's of course. But I HOPE it is! Shazier had a damn high ceiling!
  19. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Oh come on man. That's laughable at best. There's a big difference in 4.3 vs 4.4, but lets conveniently leave that off since it doesn't fit your agenda. 1.5" in vert and 6" in broad isn't exactly chump change either. Standing reach is completely ignored in your analogy, but if he has 2 inches in standing reach to bat balls or w/e that's significant. Bush is a solid athlete, but he's not the freak that Shazier was. Shazier is literally better in every category, except weight.
  20. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Shazier was a lot more explosive/dynamic and a lot better. I hope Bush is better than what I saw. Shazier in college was a heck of a lot more impressive to me than Bush. Plus, as I said, they wasted a whole season by ignoring ILB last year. We have a closing window. They wasted a good chunk of it due to that. But yeah, lets take a 4th round S in 1 and a 3rd round WR in 2 instead lol. Could've easily packaged those up for Vander Esch and been done with it. Now we're short picks next year as well. Shazier could add weight. You aren't going to make up that inch plus. Length and speed are more important than weight.
  21. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    I was referring to Vander Esch. I really liked him and Hubbard in last year's draft. I thought Hubbard = TJ Watt 2.0, and Vander Esch is everything I look for in an ILB. I'd take him over that runt from Michigan any day. Plus it wouldn't have tanked last season by having scrubs at ILB all year. Ignoring ILB last year was a disgrace.
  22. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    I was not a fan of the draft at all, especially considering we traded up in 1, when we should've done so last year instead to fix the problem instead of ignoring it and could've taken a superior player to boot. IF Bush is more productive with us that he was in college, with actual splash plays, at least it will be salvageable, but as-is, not a fan at all. 1. Tiny LB with great range. Not a fan, but hopefully he's better here than in college. 2. Tiny WR with terrible measurables. Slow for his size, and his agility/COD are subpar as well. I know nothing about him other than that, so hopefully the writeup on him, comparing him to Emmanuel Sanders, is accurate and it's a good pick. He was projected as a 4-5 prior to the draft if I remember right. There were at least a handful of other WRs I would've taken over him at this point. 3. A really big CB, with solid measurables. His 4.50 40 is lackluster, but at 6'2" 192 with 33" arms and great COD/agility numbers for his size, he at least measures up ok. Probably the guy I'm hoping to see great things out of the most. I preferred Isaiah Johnson. 4. Very slow RB, that is a poor man's Conner if anything. Not the ideal pick at all. Myles Gaskin would've made a lot more sense. 5. Enormous TE that is very slow. Hopefully McDonald stays healthy. Slim picking at this point at TE, with all the remaining TEs that got drafted running almost as slow, so at least he's huge. Isaac Nauta I liked better though in what little I saw them. 6. Tiny DE/LB that might not have a real position, except ST's monster? He is really sudden, but I question whether he'll get stoned constantly due to his lack of size if he's used as a pass rusher. I liked watching him play and his play style, but I think he might lack adequate size to even make roster. The rest look like just depth to me.
  23. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    Bud has, and always has had, a great burst, but that's about all he has. That's how I see him. Not a fan at all. But with that burst, of course there's potential to make a play on any given snap. Problem is he doesn't do it often enough.
  24. What I would've done

    Given how the draft fell, this is what I would've done. A trade up when Greedy fell to the mid 2nd would've been tempting if not for DK Metcalf also being available. 1. Montez Sweat, OLB, Mississippi State - too much potential to pass up here & frees up cap space by allowing you to cut Dupree next year. Greedy Williams was tempting here, but I like a few mid round CBs more than I like the other OLBs. 2. DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss - same as with sweat (Juan Thornhill was temping here) 3. Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State - athletic linebacker, without giving up so many picks 3. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida - a S/CB that can cover in the slot as well. Very dynamic athlete with lots of quick twitch. (Dawson Knox, Hakeem Butler and Miles Boykin were tempting) 4. Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston - my favorite CB prospect in the draft. raw, but checks every box unlike everyone else who lacks size or athleticism 5. Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama - getting another coverage linebacker here 6. Corey Ballentine, CB, Washburn - he checks all the boxes as a nickel corner or to match up against smaller, shiftier WRs. Sutton Smith was a bit tempting. 6. Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma - an athletic RB that is injury prone, but as a situational/rotational guy that's not as bad 6. Jalen Jelks, OLB, Oregon - another developmental prospect here. I think he has the quickness and length to develop into a good one 7. Isaac Nauta, TE, Georgia - If they want a 4.9 TE, might as well go with this guy. I liked him when I saw him play. UDFA: Emmanuel Hall, WR, Mizzou - I can't believe he went undrafted. He's basically Mike Wallace 2.0 UDFA: Drew Lewis, LB, Colorado - Undersized but very athletic LB that ran a 4.52 at his pro day. He flashed with big play ability. UDFA: Chris Johnson, S, Northern Alabama - a small school safety with a high ceiling. 6'3" 200, 4.40 speedUDFA: Beau Benzschawel, OL, Wisconsin - depth that needs more strengthUDFA: Brandon Knight, OL, Indiana - same as BeuaUDFA: David Sills V, WR, West Virginia - red zone jump ball targetUDFA: Nick Fitzgerald, QB, Mississippi State - athletic QB that could develop into a 3rd stringerUDFA: Chase Hansen, S/LB, Utah - a tweener for subpackagesUDFA: Evan Worthington, S/LB, Colorado - he really impressed me at times with flashes.UDFA: Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia - a very violent runner for the tough yardsUDFA: Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech - a long, lanky WR that absolutely dominated the only Tech game I watched liveUDFA: Gerald Willis, DT, Miami - good DL coach can get him to play to his strengthsUDFA: Mitch Hyatt, OG, Clemson - depth
  25. What I would've done

    I like that draft a lot. A heck of a lot more than what we actually got.