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  1. Part one of your prophecy has come to pass. Now about that 22mil/yr contact...
  2. Tyreek's gonna remember what y'all said about him. He told me, "Tell that punk *** @Jlash to keep my name out his mouth."
  3. Damn rags, good stuff. I will take TUA if he is on the board for my pick.
  4. I have an open mind, but I dont recall any issues this year or maybe even last year with 3 ups. Will wait to see proposal.
  5. All discussion as far as I am concerned is conducted in the negotiation thread.
  6. Karma coming back hard for the Stillers last couple years. They only have another 3 decades of getting screwed to break even on calls.
  7. I am 89 years old, have dementia and don't remember much else.
  8. BDL 2019 FA Week 3 - RB/TE/WR/FB

    Gotham Offers Devante Parker 3/3k (9k Total)
  9. BDL 2019 FA Week 3 - RB/TE/WR/FB

    Gotham bids TE Kyle Rudolph 3 years $16,200 (5,400/year)
  10. Whatever the eff this says, I agree with it.
  11. It has to be definitive that a player has retired. Filing retirement papers with the league, a retirement statement, press conference. Vague Twitter stuff like Chancellor, Baldwin etc does not meet a "retirement"