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  1. Haha, valid reasons. I wasn't being judgy if it sounded that way. I have a friend who is flying round trip to FL for similar priority family stuff for $24. Total.
  2. Are you travelling for the cheap of it or just DGAF?
  3. ANyone do the ProBowl vote? WR is ridiculously deep this year. I voted for: Hill, Hopkins, Metcalf, Adams, AJ Brown, Evans There's probably 6 more guys you have an iron clad argument for putting on that list. Lmao
  4. Tyreek has a legit shot at singl game yds record. 336 by Flipper Anderson
  5. Awesome footwork staying in bounds there by Ronald Jones.
  6. Yikes, better now than 2 weeks from now for sure.
  7. I didn't watch it, but oh boy, blown out by the Falcons. What happened Raiduhs!?
  8. Reek roasting Davis ona double move, where have I seen that before?
  9. I've been super impressed at the amount of games the NFL has played, I didn't think they'd actually make it this far into the season without cancelling. I think they finish it out at this point, but if this week is any indication, thet are going to be playing the SB in March.
  10. That's not even remotely close to the perplexity of naming your child Richard LeCounte. 3 times.
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