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  1. Its widely known blue went Universidad de la Fedora
  2. Does anyone have like 3k in cap space who thinks this FA class is garbo?
  3. What's more valuable, Darnold or this steaming pile?
  4. Gotham 3+ 3 Down - Jadaveon Clowney 3 Down#2 - Reuben Foster
  5. I assume Chris Rumph isnt on that list b/c he's locked.
  6. PFA 2.5 - The Gotham Gashslayers select: Jordan Smith, EDGE - UAB @SirA1
  7. PFA 1.12 - The Gotham Gashslayers select: Dez Fitzpatrick, WR - Louisville @SirA1
  8. @SirA1Is the PFA draft order in the 2021 Workbook correct? I know there was a couple trades during the draft.
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