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  1. Dallas win the award for best retro victory formation.
  2. That hit was almost Vontaze level, looked like it had some intent.
  3. But butt buuuuttttt...He DOESNT pLaY SpeCIal Teeeeeemmmmmsssss!!!!!!!!! Yes, totally dumb.
  4. I'm going to take this frustration out on your mom.
  5. Live look at pheltz checking out who's available to play tomrrow.
  6. Approve any outstanding trades if needed as long as cap and roster limits are not exceeded.
  7. Even I know that's Juggernaut from Marvel fame.
  8. I dont think I've ever felt so helpless this early in a season. Prob down another 2 starters this week for a total of 7 prior to week 3. Crikey!
  9. Yep, losing a quarter of your starting lineup prior to Week 2 is tough sledding.
  10. I would, but I cant come up with a comment that would justify it.
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