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  1. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    I wonder if they gonna use sammy this game? Makes no sense u guys gave up a 2nd for him imo.
  2. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    I dunno if watkins isnt caught up with the playbook or goff just doesnt trust him yet. If you can just get him the ball he can do lots on his own but only targeting him twice just isnt enough regardless how fimiliar he is with the playbook. just not sure why they ainy trying to get him the ball more.
  3. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    Man we suck
  4. Just wanna see the great leonard fournette play again, what a treat.
  5. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Hey key .5 ppr need a RB and 1 wr and flex outta these Rob kelley Lagarette blount Buck allen T Pryor D Thomas C Hogan C Kupp Thanks man
  6. Bruce arians saying he will most likely miss 12 weeks per rapaport
  7. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    Well hes got the rest of the season to prove me wrong and im hoping he does. I dont see what you guys see in him, honestly. You can blame the Oline all you want but he shows me nothing special and hasnt in over a season and a half. Those first 4 games of his career were special but man that was a long time ago. If you cant run more than 40 yards on that colts defense, well i dont see it getting any better for him. Hopefully the better reciever core will open things up for gurley but he doesnt seem to be able to find the holes or even break many tackles. Meh if he doesnt run for at least 100 yards once this season like he didnt last season the rams have to go out and draft a new RB outta college or sign a good one in free agency. How much time and money do u invest in a guy thats so mediocre?
  8. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    40 yards rushing by gurley vs the worst defense in the league. I dunno about gurley anymore. He had a decent game but he just doesnt seem to be a very good rb.
  9. Website for player stats

    So bleacher report app used to have a spot where u can edit/input your fantasy team roster and it would give u up to the second updates on fantasy player stats. eg: Brady throws complete to brandin Cooks for 15 yards. it would only update stats on players u own in fantasy. Anyways they have got rid of this feature on their app and wondering if theres a different site or app that does this?
  10. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    12 team 1 point ppr QB- CousinsRB- GurleyRB- MixonWR- J NelsonWR- D AdamsTE- J ReedFlex- S WatkinsK- J TuckerD/ST- BuffaloR- T ColemanR- R KelleyR- T WilliamsR- M StaffordR- D ForemanR- C Brate anyone wanna comment?
  11. Redskins will win 12 games this year. Book it!

    I like it. I do the same thing with my bills every year as well! Lets do it!
  12. Nothing really excites me about the bills this year. Nothing will change, we will suck like always.
  13. Players You're Excited About

    Im excited to say zay jones i guess. Probably the least excited ive been to watch the bills in a long time. Just tired hoping for this disaster team and organization to do anything good.
  14. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    12 team .5 ppr QB- cousins, luck RB- Gurley, Fournette, Coleman, Dion Lewis, Donta Foreman WR- Julio, Watkins, Snead, Moncrief, mike Williams TE- Reed, OJ Howard anyone wanna comment?
  15. Keyser's WR Tiers (UPDATED 8-31)

    Thoughts on TY with Luck being injured? Does he go down a tier? also when will u be postin RB tiers?