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  1. I thought washington was a bad run franchise. How can the jags be worse m, i dunno but they are.
  2. Friend just told me he heard on radio he signed with chiefs(might be lying idk)
  3. Any rumors of where he might sign?
  4. I dunno why the jags dont swoop in and get him. They have 2 1st round pics so use one of them(rams) and throw in a 3rd and get an elite safety like pitt did last year.
  5. Jags proving once again why they’re the worst franchise in all of sports.
  6. I say jax also like wat if minshew gets injured wat then? He also shouldnt be handed the reigns because he has little to no competition. Bring in cam to compete for being the starter and also they would have a capable backup if the starter gets injured.
  7. Lmao connor cant even stay remotely healthy. Does more? Why dont u conpare stats from last year if he β€œDOES” more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. I dont even think its a bad thing to tank this year especially for lawrence, QBs like that dont come around often but to say its a must win year when they literally traded and want to trade all their best players should probably tell u something.
  9. Foles was given what 3-4 games to prove himself πŸ™„ what he make like 10 mill a game he played last year and instantly traded lmao you guys are tanking u just dont wanna see it
  10. Thats what it looks like lmao. β€œWere totally fine with minshew!!!!” What a great building block πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Pretty obvious this is all because the jags are all in for lawrence. Leonard is definitely an above average RB tho smh @ u ppl.
  12. I really hope he goes to the jags. I get they are all in with minshew but wat if he gets injured? I mean he was okay but nothing that great imo. Shouldnt he at least compete with another qb for the starting job. I dunno, i think the jags would be a great spot for him at least duel minshew on who should be the starter. Maybe others have said this in the thread i havent read it all.
  13. So whats everyone thinking on how he will do as a atlanta falcon? obviously not a first round pick but is a second to high? Most likely a 3rd or would you stay away cause of the injuries.
  14. Lol adams is the only reason rogers can even have a good game these days. Not a WR1 lmao mmmk Better question is to ask if aaron rogers is a QB1 anymore.
  15. He had 3 sacks...now wants 20 million per lol dont think so
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