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  1. Former Titans LB Derrick Morgan to retire

    Why would he retire? Legit confused.
  2. Jonathan Cooper & Chance Warmack?

    I'm confused as to the OP. Are going at why the Raiders signed these guys? If so, that's an incredibly easy question to answer.
  3. And you're bad for the forums. Period.
  4. Who is bad mouthing them to that degree? They will be improved. It'll be fun to watch.
  5. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    You're wrong about that. I think it's a bajillion.
  6. Home uniforms 2019

    Was that joke REALLY in that movie? I refused to see it, so I don't know. If it was, good lord that's pathetic. And disgusting. As gifs go, pretty funny. But as something in a kid's film? Yikes.
  7. Bears Worst Offseason in NFL?

    A reasonable way of looking at it. Plus, the way things were shifted and juggled, the team contends NOW. Pretty clever, really.
  8. Home uniforms 2019

    Couldn't agree more. The orange unis are putrid.
  9. Bears Worst Offseason in NFL?

    Doubtful. He's probably simply trying to make his mark in the football talking head world as an "edgy" guy. And therefore, logic and history be damned. (See: Bayless, Skip.) I hope it works out for him. I guess...
  10. Bears Worst Offseason in NFL?

    That...is a good point...
  11. 2019 Training Camp Thread

    Technique, or no? I wish I could get out and watch camp, but it ain't gonna happen...
  12. Worst Team Colors in Football- Official Vikings thread

    There's...a lot to not like about them, yeah. The goofy number styles is pretty pathetic.
  13. I'm loving that both sides have become more progressively reasonable about this stuff. Not a big fan of Goodell, but I think he's gotta have a hand in all that...