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  1. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Or...(crosses fingers)...instead of Cohen.
  2. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Does a lot for me. Not even sure he ends up as #3.
  3. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    I think they'll end up pushing the season back, and have no fans for at least half the games.
  4. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    I'm talking about the cohesiveness of the unit. That's on Trubisky. I agree that the line didn't play well. I've expounded on that in the past. But let's not pretend that Trubisky wasn't a big problem.
  5. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    We'll address this later, I'm sure. But do you think Nagy and Pace view Foles as exclusively Trubisky's backup?
  6. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Is @HoboRocket a Rams homer? I was thinking he wasn't, but I may be confusing him with someone else. Either way, he makes a damn good point. Higbee finished very strong.
  7. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Yup. Draft was terrible. Unless Kmet becomes a perennial All-Pro. Which I don't see happening.
  8. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    I'd qualify that as a very fair assessment. Unfortunately a lot (and I mean A LOT) of that lack of cohesiveness comes back to Mitch as well. He's the quarterback. Gotta keep stuff together. What happened with him is pretty staggering. We've seen highly touted prospects break down mentally right out of the gate (Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf), and we've seen guys get battered into submission (David Carr, Chuck Long), but I've never seen a Trubisky situation before. It's a weird one.
  9. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    I thought Grossman was only around for a single season, and my forgetting he went to Houston first doesn't enter in it. Regardless, teams keeping failed first round quarterbacks around as their backups rarely happens, and we both know it. And, we don't know Nagy, but we did all see what happened to Trubisky out there on the field last year. Whether you call my position a feeling, or insight, I'm guessing that what happened to Mitch represents the sort of setback they he'll never totally recover from. Hey, I could certainly be wrong about that. Mitch could end up getting his act together and become a good quarterback--which is the path that I personally thought he was on before the 2019 meltdown. I'd be delighted to be wrong about Mitch. The normal odds of the NFL indicate that both QBs will play next season, for sure. You may have a point about a two-pronged approach at QB being a good one, in the end. That's not a real long-term solution though, unfortunately. You do make an interesting point that it's impossible to know just how much faith Nagy and Pace actually have in Mitch. In other words, whether they have faith he'll regroup (as they claim publicly), or if they're simply hoping for the best because cutting him would be kind of a stupid move. As I said above, I'd be tickled pink if I end up being wrong about Mitch.
  10. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    If the Browns could actually get a 4th, then I suppose they'd have to consider it. An appropriate player for player swap would be good, too--provided they actually find somebody that's still high on Njoku's potential.
  11. Should the NFL have a hard salary cap?

    Yikes. Sort of. Free agency didn't really become a big thing in sports until the NFL embraced it, though.
  12. Should the NFL have a hard salary cap?

    Gotcha. The way he worded it made things kind of unclear. Or maybe I was simply having a senior moment. Either way, if the league is going to continue to pay quarterbacks extravagantly, then yeah, they need to tinker further with the cap rules. The veteran exemption in the new CBA is a great idea, and maybe they should build on something like that...
  13. Should the NFL have a hard salary cap?

    Isn't the NFL cap already the "hardest" of the three biggest leagues? (I don't know diddly about the pay structure of professional hockey.) Now you're talking about making what is already a fairly hard cap softer, all within the "Should the NFL Have a Hard Salary Cap" thread topic. I'm confused. However, I do agree with what I bolded in your post there. The new CBA adds bonuses for keeping your own, drafted, players--even above what the last agreement had. But it's not enough. Something drastic needs to be done, and it's unfortunate this was ignored in the recent spate of negotiations. What @Danger proposed--essentially exempting quarterback salaries from the cap--would be a spectacular move.