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  1. Then he needs to wait and base his analysis of next season when he actually has numbers and stats to analyze. Until then, and for the time being, he looks like a clown. Is Woods going to grade the Jaguars offense, and give the quarterbacks a "1" rating? 'Cause, well...we just can't say what Lawrence is yet, and Minshew is some kind of nebulous unknown? That makes sense, right? Because that's EXACTLY what he's doing with the Bears, and it's entirely based on childish (and rather unprofessional) frustration. It's clickbait AT BEST.
  2. Any team that has Johnson on it doesn't sport the worst CB group in the league. Totally disagree with you on that one, bud. We'll know very soon how things will unspool.
  3. We'll find out just what he is. Maybe sooner than we expected.
  4. Maybe, I suppose. But Dalton isn't terrible. A sort of low-end starter? Sure. But he is very far from bad. To claim otherwise is simply ridiculous.
  5. Seriously? That statement isn't even SORT OF true. And this is just downright ridiculous. More putrid garbage. This guy hated the Bears draft, hated that they let Fuller walk, and is now throwing a temper tantrum on the internet. He's proven himself to be a fool, and I've lost all respect for him.
  6. 😄 Everyone remember, though...Love is not a scrub.
  7. A 4.5 is much better (and realistic...whether I agree with the specific grading) number, is it not?
  8. My guess is that nothing brings him back. But we'll see...
  9. And that's fine. Do you get what I'm saying about Dalton, though?
  10. No, it's not. How many other football media types gave the Bears draft an "F", or an "INCOMPLETE"? I haven't seen a single one. Have you?
  11. Dalton's a good QB...the Bears can (and will) win with him. Fields may well overtake him and become the starter for Opening Day, but if not, will most likely be the guy at season's mid-point. Book it.
  12. If his point is "we don't know how to grade these segments of the team until we see them on the field"...then he shouldn't be grading ANYTHING. To proceed otherwise is simply ridiculous. But...to give QB a 3 rating, when Dalton is there, regardless of Fields? Stupid. He's essentially claiming Dalton is garbage based on the Cowboys situation last year. It all sounds to me like he hated the Bears draft, and he thinks Dalton is absolutely terrible. Which is a putrid take, any way you look at it.
  13. Well, ummm...yeah. The grades are moronic. He must be one those, "Shoulda kept Leno!" dumb****s. Plus...grading Fields as a below average QB? Ridiculous.
  14. One would think the elbow thing could lead to more turnovers (if nothing else). We have only a vague notion of what they're teaching him or how they're tinkering with him. But there is evidence the elbow thing is of at least some importance to the staff...
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