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  1. Free Agent Rumors

    Back to back Super Bowls will be just fine with me, thank you very much. But...seriously dude, what the hell is up with that post? Are you in a bad mood, or something? That post is all... Yeah, changes will happen, but why expect the worst? Also...who expects Cohen fetches a monster contract? I mean, he'll have to be nearly twice as good next year to command mega-coin?
  2. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    He...made the Pro Bowl. You're aware of that, right?
  3. Titans cut Blaine Gabbert

    I'm surprised that's all he's made, to be honest.
  4. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    A quality one, you mean?
  5. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Unless Pace doesn't find ANYBODY in the draft, this simply isn't true.
  6. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    That's what she--- Never mind. What are the Redskins thinking?
  7. Bears sign Mike Davis

  8. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    I have a feeling that's a given.
  9. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    If it could easily go the other way...then they aren't favorites at all.
  10. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Depends if trading Howard gives us the ammo we need.
  11. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    I obviously haven't followed his career extremely closely, but Skrine seems like a solid player, to me. We should be pretty happy with him. And the Bears will have other options should he falter.
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    I don't know if the market will be as rich as he thinks it will though. Maybe New England would give him a decent deal, chance to start at RT. Same with Miami, I suppose.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    How much money is left anyway? Raiders released Donald Penn. He'd be a spiffy backup, I think...
  14. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Should be fine, eventually. Congrats!