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  1. If they feel the need for a new QB, why wouldn't they draft one in the first? I don't even know where you're coming from with that...
  2. Yeah, it's utterly insane to re-up Cohen before Robinson. I'll repeat--insane. If it works out that way, I'm about done with Pace. Talk about hinky management--Robinson should have been extended ALREADY. It's gross negligence that he hasn't been.
  3. That's one play, dude. They're professional linebackers. To assume a fullback automatically blows them up is silly.
  4. Robinson should have been extended ALREADY. Not doing so is a really ridiculous dereliction by Pace. The only explanation is that he feels Miller (his pick, as opposed to his FA signing) will rise up and make Robinson expendable. Whatever the explanation, it's inexcusable this hasn't been done, or is in the process of being done. Maybe. Something in that ballpark, anyway. He makes like $14 mil now, as it is, right? That's an overreaction, and a bad take.
  5. I quoted you posting an article that detailed a plan of succession, and explicitly stated that everything was all an organizational thing to ease Ozzie into retirement and DeCosta in the GM's chair. To delve further--why did the Ravens want to force Ozzie out? As far as we know, it's INCREDIBLY unlikely you're a sports reporter, or something like that. But...ignore that bit of it all. I'm interested in why you think it was important to the Ravens to force Ozzie out? Did they feel he had done a bad job? Was there inter-office strife? What was the deal?
  6. Doesn't prove he was forced out. In fact, the article you posted suggests that he most definitely wasn't forced out. Also, you'd think that if Newsome still wanted to be a GM in the league, that maybe somebody would have hired him? Just a guess. Do you have any proof that Newsome was even fired by the Ravens in the first place?
  7. Well...it was ONE game. We'll see what happens. Also, to think Lawrence is the only sure thing in the next draft, and the others are bums...is, well, kind of ridiculous. Have you watched Fields (for example) PLAY?
  8. A decent, fairly dramatic, come from behind win by the Bears--because of competent play by Trubisky. The Cubs got a No-Hitter from a middle of the rotation guy. This may be the best day of 2020 thus far. Nobody spoil it for me...
  9. Vikings are going to give Cook a massive extension. Wow. That's...ummm...not very smart. 🤪
  10. I have no idea. But groin injuries are always pretty serious. The staff has to weigh reality versus Montgomery's desire to play.
  11. Monty playing is most likely a big mistake. Let's hope it's not a MONUMENTAL one.
  12. I don't think there's any way they can do anything more than franchise him (a one year deal is pretty much out of the question, as somebody else would gamble on him if Mitch balls out), and that's no matter how well he plays. I mean, even if Mitch is the MVP, and first team All-Pro...I'm still franchising him.
  13. They would have traded or cut Mitch.
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