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  1. Maybe. Who knows with that flaky *******.
  2. Pace, about Allen Robinson--"We love Allen Robinson. He's a great player for us. We want to keep our good players. And Allen is a good player for us." That really calms MY nerves about Robinson. Don't know about anybody else's...
  3. Pace said it's possible that either Trubisky or Foles will be the starter for the Bears next year. Then he said it's possible the Bears might acquire a starter via trade. Next, he said the Bears might draft a starter in the first round. Wow. I know you want to excite the fanbase and all Ryan, but tipping your hand to that degree? Not a good move.
  4. So, typical Bears press conference, then. About what I figured it'd be. Pace has NEVER said anything. Neither has Nagy. (Well, I guess he claimed he wasn't an idiot during one press conference a while back.) They are two of the most dishonest, disingenuous, and milquetoast franchise mouthpieces that have ever stood behind a row of microphones. It's really a bad look for the team. You'd think that even George would be smart enough to realize that. When your club is winning, that sort of press conference behavior is...annoying, but tolerable. Anything but that, it's just plain slimy
  5. Have some major, high-octane "Watson to the Dolphins" vibes going on. What do you guys think about Tua? I'd think the Texans would want to keep Tua, and trade #3, but you never know...
  6. Yeah, Trask is the fifth or sixth best prospect in this class...but, he's still a pretty darned good prospect. I hadn't really thought about it before, but this COULD be the best QB draft we've seen in a while. I really doubt that either of the top two guys will bust, and I'd put money on the third guy, too. And then the next three guys all have a shot. It's potentially better than 2018.
  7. Huh. Probably just more Nagy/Pace press conference BS. But, we'll see.
  8. Oh, I remember that quote now. Not sure that necessarily means he's unwilling, but it's not a good sign. I did see the story where he expressed interest about the Jets...
  9. How weird. Clearing space for Watson, maybe? I thought the Dolphins were one of the few teams with decent cap room? Am I wrong about that?
  10. Watson. Although I love Wilson, and always get annoyed when he's left out of ANY "best QB" conversations, he's seven years older than Watson. Darnold, then Hurts, then Lock. It would be worth it to see if Darnold could be fixed. I worry about Hurts' ceiling, but wouldn't freak out if they traded for him. I wouldn't trade a second for Lock, although he hasn't show clear evidence he's a bust, either. Minshew. I'd only be happy with the one year scenario if there was a young guy learning on the bench. In order--Bridgewater, Fitzpatrick, Smith, Mariota, Taylor, Dalton, Newton.
  11. No one is WORTH $40 mil/year. But that's what's going to start happening with QBS...everywhere. For the Bears, hopefully it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN.
  12. Not sure that's the best move. But...you have to justify drafting four corners every year, so here we are. Saw that. Pace continues to mystify...
  13. Who IS that guy? Should we be buying this?
  14. The league's oldest franchise. Has only retired FOUR numbers. Wow...
  15. True. Not even close, if you ask me. He wasn't bad, though.
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