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  1. Final, utter confirmation that someone in the Bears organization is a lurker here! 😁 Whoever you are...keep coming back! We will never do you wrong!
  2. Yeah...there's definitely some form of cognitive disconnect going on there. Maybe he sees the light?
  3. To each their own. I'm not denying the guy is sort of an *******, though. But he has won two playoff games already, right? I think it's two.
  4. He had the highest possible Wonderlic score, if I'm not mistaken. Praised all around for being a Brainiac kid. Bodes well, for whenever he becomes the starter. Last year was flat-out torture. Nothing fun, at all, about it. Better? I mean...it's so damn close with a bunch of them. IMO, "slightly better" prospects would have been Mayfield and Lawrence. That's all. I like the fact the NCAA has become less draconian in its transfer protocols. That helps everybody out, really.
  5. Yeah...what sort of moron does it take to favor Fromm over Fields? Yikes.
  6. Wasn't Trestman's first offense fairly prolific? If not that, probably one of the Erik Kramer years. I'm not going to bother looking it up. '85-'88 Bears defenses tower above them all.
  7. The list goes on and on. Michigan? It's Brady, right? And just Brady? As big of a school as this is...there aren't even any backups from there right now, correct? LSU? Joe Burrow, isn't it? With JaMarcus Russell hailing from there (some time ago)--and considered one of the biggest busts in NFL history? Let's go WAY back...UNI, and Kurt Warner! Any other QBs of note from there? Outside of modern day Alabama, and maybe Clemson, there really are no "QB factories" in college football. And those two teams are a recent thing, as far as QBs go.
  8. Trubisky...isn't good. So, it's almost impossible to assign any blame to anyone dealing with that guy, trying to coach him up. Had Andy Reid got a hold of Mitch, Mitch would still be not good.
  9. You're right about the media perception being off. But it's not, or wasn't, clickbait. Most Head Coach/General Manager combos that completely screwed up to the degree Nagy and Pace did WOULD be on the hottest of seats...in just about any other organization in the league.
  10. Being better than Leno is an incredibly low bar. I'm suggesting Jenkins could end up being the best LT from this draft. And yeah, we don't know about Jenkins OR Fields. They could both bust. But I'd be absolutely astounded if they did.
  11. K.C. cut him, then traded for Orlando Brown, so I think Fisher's free and clear. But yeah, Sept. is WAY too optimistic for his return.
  12. As much as I do agree with what Pace and Nagy are saying--that the QB room is best for a rookie with both Dalton and Foles in it--Fields need at least second string reps. I still like Foles, but they're absolutely making a mistake if they don't trade him. Y'all can laugh at me if I end up being wrong, but I'm telling you now that Jenkins' situation is absolutely the same as Fields. Meaning? Meaning, when all is said and done, he could end up being the best tackle from this draft class. He's that good.
  13. I've never denied he knows talent. I simply question some of his decisions. I don't even really blame him for White or Trubisky...all that much, anyway.
  14. I'm convinced Jenkins can play LT, but adding Fisher would be phenomenal. I don't know how we'd be able to pay him, though.
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