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  1. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    Disagree. The difference may be small, or subtle, but it makes a difference for sure. But of course, we're now splitting hairs, so I'll bow out...
  2. The other three teams only play the Patriots twice, though. And the Jets and Bills will be almost certainly better. The Dolphins may well end up improved too, but either way they'll be fun to follow. The AFCE won't be the be best division in football, but it might turn out it's the most exciting.
  3. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    That's incredible. Nagy is top notch.
  4. League 2019 off season

    I thought the Pack would be a good example of the butterfly effect sort of thing I was getting at...
  5. League 2019 off season

    Predicting records is kind of the wackiest football prognostication, anyway. There's just so many variables, it's screwier than grading draft classes. Let's single out the Packers for an example. What if LaFleur ends up being a terrible coach, and the Packers win, like, three games? What if Mack breaks Aaron Rodgers' collarbone on the first play of the first game? That's obviously crazy bad for the Pack, but that likely gives the Bears two wins guaranteed that sports writers wouldn't have them down for when guessing at an overall record.
  6. League 2019 off season

    I guess? From what I've seen, the DOOM hasn't even taken any kind of predictive shape yet. The detractors still be hopin'...
  7. So, you think Rosen's rookie year solidifies him as a bust? You state one thing, then refute yourself...
  8. League 2019 off season

    There isn't any. Folks who bring that up are assuming the offense will hold steady. It won't, even if Trubisky doesn't improve much. Which absolutely isn't happening, but let's consider everything else--Robinson second year off of surgery, Miller's second year (and with a repaired shoulder), Patterson to help out with kicks--and with his own contributions to the gameplan, Montgomery is probably an upgrade over Howard--but either way Montgomery PLUS Davis is definitely an upgrade overall (and there's also Whyte), the line should be even better... I could go on and on. Outside of an unfortunate rash of injuries, this should be an exceptionally fun season to watch.
  9. It kind of depends on how they treat him, I think. If they jerk him around, have him split camp time equally with Fitzpatrick, don't shade the offense towards things he's better at--and then when called upon, he puts up a so-so performance...I think they have to give him another chance. If they end up with a super high pick, that complicates things, for sure, but hopefully they do right by him and give him a proper shot.
  10. DE Chris Long retires

    That's sad to hear. I hope he's relatively okay, medically speaking.
  11. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    It's a really good group. Not super high on Ridley, but that's only when taking need into consideration. The DBs have promise, and we only need one of them to work out, anyway. The UDFAs are probably the best bunch in the league.
  12. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    Matt Ryan isn't a top 4-5 guy, but if Dmitrioff does well around him, the Falcons are in contention. Should the Falcons be paying Ryan, or moving on?
  13. League 2019 off season

    LOL. I know, right? As far as the Bears defense goes, it may be hard to duplicate the takeaways, etc., but I don't think it's out of the question at all that they do better in yards/game, AND also have fewer straight up stinker performances, or even none at all. Of course, "the Bears will regress" notion, if it becomes a thing, will most likely mean people will be dismissing the offense and not admitting it will be even better this coming season...
  14. Rosen vs Murray

    No beef at all. I'd simply describe him as very good or...a solid prospect, rather than incredible or cant miss.