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  1. Apologies all around. When he was drafted, I looked up footage of his play in college. Before posting, I should have realized not everybody did that. Sorry! I'll retreat to my happy place now...
  2. You...realize he played college football, right? 🤨
  3. The real rub is that Fields was one of the three rookies best poised to start immediately. But no. Because reasons.
  4. Yeah...it's such a weird topic/argument. Realistically, right now, 26 sacks is by far the more impressive accomplishment than 60 TDs. It's hard to parse just what is what, and who should get rewarded for what. But...I still think the league should take a more leveled approach to MVP...and not just give it to a QB every year. That would almost certainly be beneficial to the league, as a whole. Give it to a WR! Whowouldathunkit!!!!
  5. I get your point...but it's become such a pass-heavy league, with the rules slanted so far towards the QBs...I think the league would benefit from a more broad-minded appraisal of MVP. Let's be real, it wouldn't really change anything, substantially. If Miles Garrett gets 20 sacks--make him the MVP. Why not?
  6. Mooney might end up there...but I'm not disagreeing with you. For one thing, you have to keep drafting them, and then draft some more. Pace has had a smattering. But he's traded away so many damn picks, it makes it hard to keep refilling the shelves...
  7. Brown to Henry is a very good comparison...even though Brown is the GOAT. Maybe at ANY position. I'd love it if Henry wins MVP. With the OP on this one. Tired of QBs winning every year. 'Cause that's just stupid.
  8. Well...Pace apparently looks at Nagy as part of the new rebuild. Don't ask me why. I have no clue.
  9. I've said it before, and it's truth. The Bears are rebuilding. AGAIN.
  10. It was REALLY bad. Yet again. No doubt about that...
  11. Maybe, yeah. That's a hard point to argue against. Depends who declares, right? (This off the top of my head. Not looking it up.)
  12. Did not realize that. Huh. Yeah, Ogletree has proved he should be the starter...but what a freakin' weird situation.
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