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  1. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    --You have, just now, in that post, presented an actual, coherent argument. I responded with Rozelle because you posted something along the lines of not being able to come up with a reason to defend what we have now (again, without presenting a coherent argument). --How is a 16 game schedule in a 32 team league unworkable? You've presented your full blown schedule rotation opinion when you were talking about your 34 team league...or something, I don't recall. How does what we have now not work? It seems that there are games and stuff on TV? --Pretending there are enough similarities between the CFL and the NFL that comparisons as to schedule length are valid is foolish, not ignoring CFL "data", which I notice you can't even begin to provide. Are there differences in injury rates, and severity? How much money does the CFL generate? What sort of financial impact would the loss of the quarterback of the Edmonton Eskimos have? If the NFL does goes to an 18 game schedule, I think the odds of there not being any restrictions on player games or minutes are pretty small. And that's understandable, I suppose.
  2. NFC North 2018 Thread

    There were some games where he was awful, though. They'll probably end up better off with Kizer...but the whole thing is skewed, as the team's better overall now, IMO. Either way, we agree they weren't that great without Rodgers (and still wouldn't really be).
  3. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    --No clue as to what you even mean by an "obvious fallacy", but to assume that people would automatically value your opinion on football matters more highly than that of the man who shaped the sport into the financial juggernaut it is today is ridiculous, at best. That's magnified by the fact you really haven't even presented your opinion, or argument, at all. You've stated you wish the league would return to 14 games, but then you've also posted snippets about 34 teams and 18 games, and such. Also, it seems that in your excitement you have me confused with another member, one that called you a troll. I tend to avoid that sort of thing, but I certainly can call you one...if that helps. The attribution from Rozelle is from America's Game, by Michael MacCambridge, which I still recommend you read. And while, no, he's not quoted as saying "because math"--which I never claimed--I'm still not going to find a link for you. Especially considering it wouldn't be to help refute any sort of counterargument that I can see. --I never claimed that 2 games in the course of a 16 game schedule is insignificant, merely that strength of schedule wasn't a severely flawed method to determine those games. (Although I did allow that conference maybe shouldn't be such a heavy factor involved with all that.) Yet again, I'm not picking up any sort of alternative you're floating--outside of that 18 or 20 game thing you put up, which it wasn't even clear you advocated. --I never claimed that the schedule has nothing to do with the business side of the sport. I merely claimed that you hadn't really put forth much in the way of any sort of views at all. And basically none when it came to the monetary side of things. I think the majority of the posters in this thread have mentioned more about the business aspects of these matters than you have. --If you think the CFL and the NFL are essentially the same, I don't know what to tell you. I'd put forth you're in the minority on that one. And not just on the forum here. I don't even know that having a games limitation within the season is a non-starter. I actually think that that's the way an 18 game season would even happen. The rosters would have to be expanded (as you point out), but even then there would have to be limits, as coaches control playing time. I think two byes should happen regardless, and I agree the league would survive an increase to 18 games. I just doubt the wisdom of it.
  4. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Ehhh...I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. Hundley was bad. Not that that invalidates all of what you're saying, but he was definitely below league average for a backup quarterback, over all.
  5. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    No idea. Does it matter?
  6. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    But...it's not determining a schedule. It's determining two games, as you yourself pointed out. Two games isn't a big deal if you're talking about keeping a sixteen game slate and needing to fill a couple of slots. Maybe it should be across conferences, though. I don't know. Not necessarily, really. It depends how the season plays out, injuries, what's at stake for each team, etc. I'm not in favor of the eighteen game schedule, but just pointing out that it probably would be quite a lot different from a pre-season affair with the regular season, and might even be interesting--even though I'm against it. It's pretty much now aligned with Pete Rozelle's dream scenario for the league. If I was on the defending end of that argument I'd say it was because Rozelle said so. You don't seem to be posting about the business side of the sport at all, so I don't get that statement.
  7. You might be right, in general. But Glennon is sort of an outlier. The guy just collapsed, mentally...
  8. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    Bill Belichick Pete Carroll Mike Tomlin Mike Zimmer John Harbaugh Sean Payton Andy Reid Doug Pederson Doug Marrone Sean McVay NOTE: If Jon Gruden steps back into the league without missing a beat from his time away, he makes this list...
  9. Is that this year, though?
  10. NFC North 2018 Thread

    True enough. Also, that side of the ball won't be an afterthought, or a mish-mash. Should be fun.
  11. Kenyan Drake

    Sounds like a P.I. on a soap opera...
  12. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Yeah, it's weird. They've got a smaller window with this specific group (because of the cap), but a larger, lower probability window in general (because of Cousins). It'll be interesting to see how things shake out.
  13. 1984 49ers vs 1985 Bears

    I've never thought about that before. That is weird...
  14. Current Top 10 NFL HC