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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    Did he explain why?
  2. Biggs: Donatell Interviewed, Pagano Interest

    Saw the thread title and had to chime in--I sure hope Donatell stays!!!
  3. 2019 free agency targets

    If he's not facing a big suspension, and he does the right things--I'm all for the Bears signing him up. He's not without blame in his situation, but on the other hand, that woman is a loathsome human being. I feel sorry for Hunt, I really do.
  4. Future NFL Expansion?

    What does that do to the CFL?
  5. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    Yes. +5 for any pertinent Orton reference. As to Trubisky, I understand that you're frustrated our guys still aren't playing, but it was Mitch's first year in a real offense, with real weapons. You folks need to have some perspective. If they turn around and win two SBs in a row, all of this frustration will be forgotten...
  6. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    That's fine, and let's be clear--that last bit of what I was saying wasn't an attack on what you'd personally posted. I was pointing out others, who were making generalities...
  7. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    I suppose that terminology is fine. Trubisky was far from the reason the Bears lost the game, though.
  8. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    I think LaFleur will design that offense, though.
  9. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    They used to be SO much better, though. Someone needs to shake them back to form.
  10. Interesting. I hope Kubiak's health holds up. You gotta wonder with these guys who leave for health reasons, then come back.
  11. I'm Proud to be a New England Patriots Fan

    It's the most amazing thing in the history of professional football. I'm not even sure if I perfect my youth-inator I will ever live to see anything like them again...
  12. The thread title says OC...? Still, good for the Vikings. They just made a solid team even better. I wonder about Kubiak shirking the Broncos, though. Maybe he doesn't like Fangio?
  13. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    I think when any media dude reaches to the "high school" criticism when referring to someone in the pros--their opinion should automatically be ignored. What an asinine phrase.
  14. Checking in with Trubisky

    Daniels is a stud...
  15. Checking in with Trubisky

    I think I can count the number of rookie wide receivers who came in and set the league on fire with one hand. Then you throw in all the other factors--young QB, new offense for his teammates, other WRs fighting for catches, etc.--and his supposed shortcomings become more understandable. I think Miller is going to be a star.