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  1. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Then you need to watch more film. I dunno. Maybe? How far are they willing to trade up?
  2. Mike Davis, he gone!

    Confused on that, as well...
  3. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Even if he doesn't it's difficult to predict the outcome. I mean, will the Bears plod along, shining here and there? Or will all this become a dumpster fire? That's on Nagy, and we have no track record to work with there, as far as predictions go.
  4. Mike Davis, he gone!

    Good question. I guess I'll give Pace the benefit of the doubt and say, insurance policy? I guess? Not sure he's ready for that, but it's the only thing that comes immediately to mind.
  5. Mike Davis, he gone!

    Huh. Considering how poorly Cohen is playing (or being used, take your pick), I'm not sure that was a good move. Wonder who they'll replace him with?
  6. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    That was all about the element of surprise, silly...
  7. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    You seem to be sort of waffling there, @Danger. Care to elaborate, make things clearer?
  8. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Bears vs. Lions.
  9. Favre Vs Elway / Arm strength ?

    Elway's receivers would call the abrasions his throws left across their torsos "Elway crosses". The marks made by the end of the ball...
  10. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    You also have to figure in what is being called and who is on the field. It's not that simple.
  11. Favre Vs Elway / Arm strength ?

    You simply don't know what you're talking about then. They're comparable.
  12. The TE Position

    FIFTH HIGHEST? Good lord... That's utterly over-reactionary. Carson Wentz automatically a terrible quarterback, then?
  13. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    At the start of the season, I defended Shaheen, saying we simply don't know enough about him to "label" him yet. While I don't think we know for sure he's HOPELESS, we for sure can label him. And, my distaste for so much Cohen in the game plan is well known. These two should essentially be benched.
  14. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Because...we weren't aware of that, right Dan?
  15. Whitehair back to C?

    Would be an overreaction, and a mistake, I think.