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  1. As painful as that would be, that's the first step in moving away from the 3-4. Which is what the Bears should be doing if Nagy is fired...
  2. Just so horrible. Feel for him, big time. And all Bengals fans, by extension...
  3. Yeah, pretty much this. Pace isn't safe. There's no way in hell Pace is safe. Stripping Nagy of play calling duties is all we need to know about how safe ANY of them are.
  4. Yeah, Love is a rookie who needs to sit and learn. My opinion of him is a projection. And that projection isn't based upon NFC North dynamics, but on watching Love play at Utah State. Gutekunst is rebuilding a team that was beset by ineptitude for years. Unless he strings together a Jim Finks, Ozzie Newsome, or Mickey Loomis type succession of drafts he will have problems for a while.
  5. It's all a matter of perspective. Johnson looks like he could be a Pro Bowl guy, maybe perennially, from here on out. But we already had Fuller. See what I'm saying? Kmet may turn out to be good, sure, and I even said that at the time...but he's not a plug and play TE, and there's absolutely nothing on his college resume that indicates he will ever really excel at ANYTHING a TE is expected to do. I like Mooney, I like the Trevis Gipson pick (although why he doesn't play much is another Nagy head-scratcher), but that doesn't change anything, really. I'll repeat what I was harping on at the time of the draft. BEST OPTION--Trade up for Jordan Love, let everything else sort itself out. NEXT OPTION--Take the best offensive lineman and the best WR (Mims or Claypool). Strongly consider Eason instead of either. Do you really think the Bears would be in worse shape had I been the GM of that draft?
  6. Quinn was a solid signing. Is it one of those things that inexplicably go wrong, down the road? Maybe. But we're certainly not there yet. Trevathan has come around after a slow start, but the question does remain...how much money do you really want to spend on one side of the ball? Fourth rounder was the going rate, so, since Pace was incapable of making a more strident move towards supplanting Trubisky--it had to be done. My thoughts on the last Bears draft are well known around here. It was very, very, bad.
  7. You are intentionally ignoring how completely inept that Nagy's play calling can be, at times. Going for a touchdown pass on 3rd and 2 at the 28? I mean, c'mon...
  8. Pace has done well...up until recently. And, in general, Pace HAS NOT done a "way better" job than Gutekunst. For one thing, Gutekunst got Love, who is yet another player, along with Mahommes and Watson, we Bears fans will be agonizing over for years to come. There is a lot of talent on the Bears offense, as you point out, but the dereliction of duty when it comes to the offensive line has ruined us. And Nagy has proven to be so inept, with his obsession of asserting the teams' offensive "will" on all opponents, that things have simply spiraled out of control. There's a lot more bad to parse out, about both Pace and Nagy, but what I've listed is a good start.
  9. He had a very good game against the Eagles. I've maintained that all along. But Haywire Mitch didn't make an appearance that day, and Haywire Mitch is absolutely a totally real and sobering thing. Let's not wander off into Silly Town. Grossman had good games, as well. Eventually the sample size proved he was nothing more than a backup. Exactly the sort of move they should have been doing weeks ago. Except, exactly the wrong quarterback to bring in...
  10. He's taken some Reid principles, and constants, and cobbled up his own Frankenstein monster offense. Study what the teams do. It's clear. And yes, he's apparently clueless. The preponderance of inside zone runs (many with a back who is not at all adept at that sort of thing) shows that as clearly as anything else. That's a good take. Nagy is cute, cute, and then as a change of pace--more cute. I noted on the attempted touchdown pass on third and short vs. the Colts--the Colts WERE EXPECTING HIM TO CALL A PLAY LIKE THAT. Just disgusting, and impossible to justify those sorts of choices.
  11. Why everyone continues to maintain Nagy's "system" is exactly the same as Reid's mystifies me.
  12. Their deals are both structured so the Bears can cut them loose after this season. Leno has literally been so bad that replacing him shouldn't be a problem. In fact, I find it REALLY hard to believe that someone on the Bears current roster couldn't outperform Leno. Why this hasn't been attempted is baffling, to put nicely.
  13. I will also quickly add that Pace (and Nagy's) horrible mismanagement of the RB position means it's highly unlikely that the Bears win ANY game that Montgomery doesn't play in. At least until Pierce actually gets some quality playing time.
  14. Daniels being out for the year, then Pace deciding not to make a move to try to begin to compensate for that means that the OL will be dragging this team down even further than expected for the rest of the year. And while I agree that it does appear that the offense is structurally unsound in some ways, it's clear to me that the play calling is far worse than the overall design. And I've harped on that, fairly regularly, for three seasons now. Most of us have wanted Nagy to hand over play-calling duties for some time. Well, it's happened now, and that indicates there is real panic in staff and management. It's nice they've decided to live in the real world (at least partially) with the rest of us. Lazor calling the plays will almost certainly be a boost for the offense. I think most of the members on this forum would be an improvement over Nagy (at times, anyway). Now, it just remains to be seen if that improvement can compensate, somewhat, for Pace's horrible mismanagement of the roster...
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