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  1. That's what I thought, too. I'm high on the Rams but jeez...I mean, that even precludes a kind of sophomore slump...
  2. TLJ is actually more derivative than TFA, which was criticized for being derivative. Go figure...
  3. TABT

    There's still some great stuff to be found. Just not as much of it...
  4. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    Oh, for sure. Brady and Gronk are two of the best ever, but overall that team isn't incredibly strong.
  5. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    Not sure what you're getting at. Although what you're saying is true. The older Brady gets, the more of an injury risk he is. Getting weaker at backup QB makes the position a stickier one for the Patriots. The road to the SB may be going through Jacksonville, regardless.
  6. Uhhh...not really. I was responding to another poster who was using the ethnic makeup of the First Order as a new development, and a clear, key issue to slam the current trilogy for. You may want to, you know, actually take the time to read these various comments and back-and-forths before commenting on them. Just a thought. Star Wars has always been about a struggle against totalitarianism and fascism, and was, indeed, inspired by the cultural upheaval of the 1960s. You can pretend otherwise, or somehow equate being against fascism as a social justice issue, but in either case, you'd be wrong. And the Darth Vader color thing is just...ridiculous. Do you believe it was Disney's plan to spread tension and hate? That seemed to me to be the centerpiece of my post that quoted, and responded to. You can't really turn a conversation on its side, and then immediately declare that the "point" is whatever you want it to be. That's silly. But anyway, I'll play--how do poorly written characters equal all the "SJW" stuff you seem to see going on? When was that? I missed it.
  7. Disney's plan is to spread tension and hate? Interesting. Why would that be their plan? And...who were the major villains in the original trilogy? If you think Lucas accidentally had the Imperials all be white males, while the Rebels were a mish-mash of you name it, you're kidding yourself, dude...
  8. That's an enormous, and illogical, leap there. No one was told about Holdo and Leia's plan because the kamikaze maneuver had to remain an absolute secret from both the good guys and bad guys. Was that aspect written all that well? Umm...no. It wasn't. As to the "propaganda idea that if you don't support the film, you must be a bigot"...that's all kind of wrong, really, and one only needs to view the criticism of TLJ (overall) to pick up on that. It's interesting you mention "politics" in your first sentence there. Not because of any points you're trying to make, but because I think a lot of the frenzy surrounding the entire contoversy (if it can be called that) is because of the political undertone of both of the new episodes. TFA got a pass from these particular corners we're talking about because it was shiny and new, and the actual, real political movement we're experiencing in the country now wasn't fully underway. The prequels are pretty blatantly political, too, but folks are always dismissive of them overall, so it's almost like they don't count. But...Star Wars has, from the start, always been a highly politically charged (for lack of a better term, in the current context) beast of an action film franchise. If people want to think that it didn't draw its initial energy from the 1960's, or its initial antagonist's basis from something other than Nixon, then they're fooling themselves. Frankly, I think people should just enjoy the things as best they can, and stop reading so much into...everything.
  9. Holdo's main contributions to the flow of the plot, as far as her actions go anyway, were her secret plan (and duplicitous scheming to cover it up) and her well executed kamikaze attack on the First Order fleet. How is that showing that she can do anything a man can do, and do it better? You lost me there. Explain? Also--what's the preaching you (yet again) refer to? And "propaganda" usually refers to something (or an agenda of things) with little attachment to the truth that is used to advance a specific political goal. What is Disney's propaganda fueled plan?
  10. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    I don't know, dude. Brady is super impressive, and all, but...their backup situation is kind of lacking now. If Tom Terrific goes down, I don't know that the team is good enough to withstand that.
  11. I have issues with TLJ myself. I feel it's a very good film that should have been a great one. I'm not defending the film as perfect. I may even go into my problems with it if I feel it's productive and entertaining. I've seen others with issues with the film that have a similar view on things as I do. My brother has tons of problems with it, but the genders of the characters have nothing to do with any of them. That doesn't change the fact that a huge chunk of the criticism leveled at the thing IS filled with hate and bigotry. I have no idea why Solo bombed (relatively speaking). It was a good film, as well. I think it must be blockbuster fatigue. What is that message?
  12. It's impossible for you to be "proven wrong" on those various points you bring up, as you're detailing an opinion that you, and a specific group, have decided to hold dear, and as such it can't ever truly be wrong or right. And Rose was just fine. The plot she was involved with took a needless sidetrack, so she wasn't as fleshed out as I'd like, but she was cool. Not really what you were hoping for, I know, but although you probably didn't get a "great laugh" out of that, maybe you got a good chuckle?
  13. Worst Songs Thread

  14. Worst Songs Thread

  15. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    I agree. Let's hope Fangio does, too.