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  1. Not that I can think of. Doesn't mean ownership wouldn't try it, though.
  2. Ehhh, I think you can say that about Nagy, but not about Pace. If the Bears falter in specific ways, I can see Pace gone but Nagy staying.
  3. I think it will be better than that. Pace and Nagy won't get fired after a 10-6 season.
  4. I wish that, too. He may be forced to, regardless of how the Bears do this year. I need to point out that we don't know if Simmons and Hambright are terrible, though. Now, they most likely are, but that the fact that Nagy isn't playing them is almost meaningless, as far as an indicator of their talent... Works for me. I haven't looked at the Jets O-line yet either. Might be possibilities there.
  5. The headline came up on my phone, but I didn't read through it, so I didn't realize he was signed to the practice squad. Hopefully his time off has allowed him to heal up and whatever...
  6. Sort of? The guy thinks he's being cute, but WE WEREN'T GETTING Lou Malnati's, Giordano's, etc. And Papa John versus Little Casear's isn't an argument at all. Little Caesar's is bad.
  7. So you would have stuck with Trubisky? Or are you saying that management should have fired Pace unless he drafted a QB?
  8. Well, my first choice would have been to trade up up for Love, which turned out to be well within the franchises' reach--but they never seem to listen to me, for some reason. 😁 But, if Pace was determined to go cheap, and veteran, he made the best choice, I think. If the team was stuck with, basically, ONLY Mitch (like last year), it could be imploding by now. And Foles may yet work out. His press conference was golden.
  9. Well...whatever anyone thinks of Foles' play currently, I don't see how we can really fault Pace for the trade. It made tons of sense. I'd rather have Foles than Dalton.
  10. It looks like the Jets are beginning a fire sale. I'm sure Becton is untouchable, but do they have any other linemen that it would make sense for Pace to inquire about? Are they any free agents or practice squad guys Pace should be looking at?
  11. Yeah, QBs are going to throw INTs at times...it happens...sometimes it will drive you to pull your hair out. I'd also like to add that there is absolutely no way in this world, or any other, that Trubisky can make that TD pass to Kmet. None. Trubisky was given the benefit of the doubt. It was a very, very, stupid move by Nagy. The line will play better. Will they end up being top notch? No. But they'll end up in a better place than they're at now. The whole offense will improve. Be careful about spreading too much good cheer around here. Most of us have to be mad we're in first place, apparently.
  12. I've stated that it's a possibility he does well enough to stick on as the starter. Few have agreed with me on that. That's about as close as it's gotten, I think.
  13. I legit don't understand. We've seen Foles play? Right? Are you saying they should go back to Trubisky? If so, why?
  14. Claiming that you know what throws Mitch "would" have made is insane, at best...
  15. Isn't that not only ignoring two whole games, but a bunch of other statistics, too?
  16. I've been wondering if that was in the cards since the Bray activation. Nothing so far...you got me.
  17. What? NO!!! Of course we didn't...the Bears SUCK, right?
  18. No. We wouldn't. Anyone arguing differently is simply fooling themselves.
  19. NOTHING will improve Nagy's playcalling. It's going to be psycho, no matter what. We know that now. He's only cost them one game, though. I'm holding out hope. And that's only because that change in offensive responsibilities would be a very hard fought one, indeed...
  20. Yes. And my position is obviously a good one. Then you're not paying attention. Just because Nagy pulled Trubisky at the very first signs of "Haywire Mitch" returning, doesn't mean things wouldn't have gotten MUCH worse had Nagy not made that move. In all likelihood, we would have seen QB play like we did from last season. In other words, disastrous.
  21. I'd flip that assertion. Whoever thinks otherwise is lying to themselves...
  22. It's not like he's regressed, though. He's up and down. Had he called the Colts game like he called the Bucs game, we would have beaten the Colts. It's kind of nuts, when you think about it... I see what you're getting at, and will state, for the record, it's too early to be making that sort of move. That being said, @JAF-N72EX certainly has a point. What Nagy does, at times, is pretty ridiculous.
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