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  1. Looks like we're gonna have to take Rodrigo Blankenship a little earlier than we wanted to lol
  2. I'd kind of like to see K.J. Hill today. other than that I don't really have any specific players I'd like to see us draft.
  3. Dont know much about him but I'm okay with it. Can play guard and be our swing tackle to start.
  4. Jrob has managed some masterful trades in his time here. I do not at all think either of these scenarios should be thrown out the window. This is the guy who managed DeMarco murray by moving back like 8ish spots in round 4. The trade for Kelly also.
  5. or our 1st and Davis for someone else's higher 1st and maybe a 6th or 7th rounder. picked up another pick and moved up.
  6. Example, Trade our 1st for a 2nd and a 4th. Then we can move up with our second pick in round 2, or move up in round 3 using Davis to do that. We still picked up an additional 4th round pick.
  7. I agree with this. But I also wouldn't mind seeing us use Corey Davis to move back up as long as we still net more picks.
  8. So your logic is Seattle can get creative and afford him even though they're closer to the cap. But the Titans would be in cap hell if we signed him? That makes zero sense. Apologies I miss read and though it was you who said that.
  9. I think if we get a deal done with Henry we have to tag Conklin even if its just to try and work out a trade.
  10. Looks about what everyone expected just need to see if there is an out after year two. I would imagine the majority of the $62M fully guaranteed money is years one and two and a trigger for the rest in year three.
  11. Good news!! Hopefully is a good deal!
  12. My personal thoughts and predictions on what happens between now and free agency now that the CBA deal is past us. I expect to see a Henry deal and at least hear if there was an offer to Tannehill. I also expect us to tag Conklin. I think at this point Tannehill is still QB option number one moving forward but we decide its long term team friendly deal or we move on. I think we decide we would rather have Brady if we take a QB on a short term deal.
  13. I think Lewis and Succop are gone as soon as we know the new CBA. Greg Joseph is still under contract, think he gets cut also. I think wake gets cut after we attempt to restructure but I think there is a good chance he comes back before camp Delanie Walker I think wants to be back and I'd be fine with him returning. I think he gets restructured. Those are the only bigger name guys. I'm sure there will be a few role players who get cut as well once we get closer to opening day of free agency.
  14. I believe you're right it would all be cap hit. And again you're right it would be better to sign long term for less of a cap hit but in my opinion its still an easy decision. Say we decide to tag Henry at $13mil and let Tanny walk. you're still going to have to sign a QB. say we decide Brady for 2 year $60mil and year one cap hit is $20mil. that's already $33mil cap hit which is $7mil more than the cap hit for tagging Tanny. If you tag Tanny at $26mil we could resign Henry and still end up being under the $33mil cap hit we'd have for Brady and tagging Henry. Then next year we really don't have many free agents to resign and would be in a better position to frontload cap hit for Tanny in a long term deal if he performs. If he doesn't we are able to move on with no cap penalty at all.
  15. This isn't that hard for me. If Tanny decides to price himself out of here we tag him. We get another year out of him and re-visit the negotiation table next year depending on performance.
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