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  1. The offense needs rebuilt period. AJ and Henry should be the only safe players on that side. The offense and Tanny threw away a record setting day by this defense. There is no excuse for that. Any other playoff team gets 9 sacks and they're winning in a blowout.
  2. On the bright side weren't we like the first or second highest scoring team in the 2nd quarter? And best point differential? This seems to be our quarter. Just need to get in a rather here.
  3. I see we've done a wonderful job of starting fast here... Defense looks halfway decent but the offense hasn't found anything yet.
  4. Man I'm excited but I unfortunately may not get to watch the game. I just returned from deployment and my internet and cable are both not working. Of course the time frame for the company to come look at it is during the game. Hoping they're on the early end of the estimated time and its fixed by game time!
  5. They seriously thought the game was over at half time. This is absolutely pathetic!
  6. Can we not blow this game please. Came out in the second half like we thought the game was over....
  7. Yeah let's not start the sloppy play right now. That would be nice, thank you.
  8. can we please quit running the ball behind Swaim? He get overpowered every time he's the lead blocker!!
  9. so they call the ridiculous block but not the same guy who got blocked grabbing a facemask?
  10. how many drives is that well within texans territory without a score this year?
  11. what the hell was Racey doing? he ran right past the guy?? and the stupid penalty on top of that.
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