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  1. Brevin Jordan is still on the board. If what Robinson said yesterday is true and we really tried to trade up for a WR or TE I feel like Jordan is good value right now.
  2. WOW i had no idea..... I just don't see the need to give up what we did to get a guy who I believe could have fallen to our original pick.
  3. I like the pick I just question why we felt the need to trade up for him and give up that much to do it.
  4. Tyler Shelvin is a guy I wouldn't mind at this point. BIG nose tackle to occupy blockers up front.
  5. I have to assume the plan is him being the 6th DB when we go into dime packages. And the 3rd safety on the depth chart. But I'm not sure how I feel about having 2 Rookie DB's on the field together playing significant snaps.
  6. Well the DB room is stacked but they still gonna get beat if we can't rush the passer though! Good player though. Can't complain about this one.
  7. I'm saying RB or QB because that just makes sense after the last pick haha.
  8. I just can't bring myself to believe this team would neglect a hole on the roster because they MIGHT have a shot at a trade for Julio a month from now.
  9. Why? He won't be anymore than a special teams player for the duration of his first year!! He's going to be our 4th middle linebacker on the depth chart at best. And once again there is just no way he's truly the best player left on our board?
  10. We traded?!?! I'm assuming that means Brown or Tremble was our target if we traded.
  11. Well there went the two guys I wanted back to back one pick ahead of ours....
  12. Don't know anything about him but that seems like a reach. There is no way they had him as the highest rated player on their board right now. drafted for need and im not a fan of that.....
  13. Or hope one falls out of the 1st and we only have to give up 1 3rd to move up to the top of the 2nd and take one of them.
  14. I'm good with it. We clearly like taking value players who drop because of injury and it's worked out before. I hope it works out again and if it does he's a hell of a player to get at 22.
  15. I really want a trade back here so who's left on the board that some team needs to jump MIN, PIT or JAX to get?
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