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  1. Honestly 15 years ago parents loved me too. It was last three years I coached that they started getting really entitled. They constantly demanded I play kids here or there and not there. I wasn’t having it. I played all the kids mind you. Every kid on my teams was a starter. But I am not having 22 QBs and no OL. Got tired of it and called it a day.
  2. I was good LOL. I did find I am probably better suited to OC or DC when parents are involved as I lack patience to deal with them. Administration loved me. At NFL level who knows. I know I lack the knowledge to do any of it and at this stage in my life am never going to gain it.
  3. What Bears traditionally do in these situations is try to shorten game with loose defense (to encourage runs and long drives) and running ball as much as possible and punting. Goal isn’t to win, but to keep final score as respectable as possible and save face. I hate it. Risk the blow out and try to win the dang game. When I was overmatched against a team I would go for it often on 4th, have trick plays on special teams. Throw it up to my best guy deep. Whatever it took to try to steal a win.
  4. No game week thread? LOL. Enthusiam has dwindled. What is my prediction? Same as Mr. T's.
  5. Agreed. Actually a lot of coaches have changed the read to the ILB rather than a DL, i have tried both and I found the ILB read works 100x better. A lot of coaches haven't figured that out yet and still read the DL. People get stuck in their ways and don't experiment. A lot of RBs don't bother with any kind of read. They try to just play. If you watch Bears they seem to screw up assignments so much it makes reads really difficult. You will see a backside guard trying to get to a LB on other side of center. Impossible. Just crazy stuff. Not even sure what rules they a
  6. We had mold removed so they tore the house apart. Rebuilding it now.
  7. My wife doesn't think I am so funny. Due to remodeling she hasn't had enough sleep in about a week. I am getting less funny by the day.
  8. Oooo Running Vaccs wife is playing Rodgers for sole possession of first place.
  9. Blewit our almost old kicker just got signed by Redskins. Or Washington whatever.
  10. He wasn't good when Dallas O line had injuries. Good again when they are healthy.
  11. Its great to have a dynamic RB. RBs touch ball most after QB. But honestly the position is extremely OL dependent. A good OL makes most NFL caliber RBs look good. A bad one does opposite. It used to be a little different when teams ran mostly I formation or had multiple backs in backfield. RBs were more important then. Zone with single back - almost totally O line dependent.
  12. Hoge and Jahns said he stood out in practices all offseason and camp as well.
  13. I'm not impressed. Let him publicly say something actually UnPC. Something the media and left disagrees with. Not stupid trash talk against Bears. See what happens. His man bun and zen meditation won't protect him from the woke mob. Rodgers can be cancelled. It's a brave new world we are living in.
  14. Honestly he would be awesome in Green Bay or would have been if he chose them over Chicago. If he had gone to Green Bay paired with Adams with Rodgers throwing him ball he would have been paid last year by GB or someone else.
  15. He is a good WR, but he would be best in a complimentary role instead of the guy. His lack of separation is an issue. If you could pair him with a very good WR (better than Mooney - like a Cooper or Cee Dee Lamb level player) he could really help your team. If you want him to be the guy, he isn't going to move needle much.
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