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  1. Which Bears Should Be Released

    I would cut Glennon, Long (yeah I said it), McPhee and Demps for starters. Long is a great dude and great player, but Bears have managed his body into the ground by playing him hurt multiple seasons in meaningless games. He likely won't be healthy again ever. I am willing to make Belichick hard roster decisions though. Bears typically don't and their fans don't usually want them to for some reason. I'd resign Sanchez, Meredith, Amukamara, Inman and Compton. I don't think I would resign Fuller. I don't trust his work ethic in a non contract year. But if Fangio wanted him I would. Someone will probably over pay him so I would just let him go. I'd sign Redskins T. Pryor to a cheap 2-3 year deal since he is coming off a very disappointing free agent season. Still think he has good potential and love his athleticism. Be shocked if Bears didn't go WR in first or second round. Hopefully, they can trade down if they are targeting a WR as 8 seems a little rich for the prospects and seems to be a log jam of them in 2nd and 3rd. I wouldn't be surprised if Bears took 2 WR's in draft hoping there is strength in numbers. WR of Early Pick(s), Meredith, Inman, Pryor and maybe consider bringing back Kendall Wright who had some decent games. I still think Gentry has potential to be a #3 or better in this league with development and a coach who believes in him. Maybe White gets reborn with new coaching staff. That or he gets cut. Still not great on paper, but improving and has top athletic potential. Bears should go after a good free agent OT and OG there are some available. Especially OT. They have the space and its a FA position of strength. Make Detroit pay big for Ansah. Put an offer out there to screw a rival and he is a good player in his prime. Doesn't ideally fit 3-4, but he can IMO because he is big for 4-3 end. He either comes to you or they have to pay or franchise. Ansah and Hicks on DL would give some teams some headaches. You need to find a good OLB. Gone from depth strength to weakness in a hurry.
  2. Which Bears Should Be Released

    I would be shocked if Grasu made any 53 man roster in 2018.
  3. Coordinator News and Rumors

    I'm really excited about adding RPO's They are a ***** to stop at any level. I know as I have coached them and against them. Really puts LB's in a bind. It's a vertical option game with a simple LB read. Read LB steps up you pass, drops or hesitates you hand off and he isn't filling downhill like he wanted to. He has to catch the RB and a good RB can make you pay. You can teach the basic concept to an 11 year old. Refs have to not call the linemen downfield though. It can be real close. If you are willing to risk your QB on occasion you can make the QB the runner on the RPO and it really stresses the defense and allows you to spread them out. RPO's will be ideal play for Cohen. Force the fat guys to try to tackle him at LOS or the LB to make the play in space or the TE/WR makes the catch behind the LB's ear. Makes for some big chunks of yardage. I think a major problem with NFL run games is total lack of deception. It is really hard to line up and just run down a defense throat when they know it is coming particularly when you can't dislodge the Dlinemen from their spot and NFLD linemen are almost all better athletes than their Oline counterpart. RPO bring some of that college/hs deception to the game.
  4. Coordinator News and Rumors

    Gary Crowton didn't succeed and fans hated him, but his team was terrible. Who was it Cade McNown and Curtis Enis? Monumental busts. He probably wasn't first to ever run it (who knows with that), but he basically brought the college WR bubble screen to the NFL and is now a staple of every NFL playbook in league. Actually caught on that very season as other teams adopted it in 2nd half. Another one of those college plays that wizards of smart said would never work in NFL because of team speed and all that. That was cutting edge.
  5. I get NFL Gamepass and watch many games or most of many games. I have to say quality of play seems way, way down compared to past years. 90% of the games just plain suck to watch. Offensive execution is horrible. Guys are running wrong routes, wrong direction, missing snaps, missing blocking assignments, QBs are missing reads. Too many penalties put teams behind the chains all the time. It seems almost no one can effectively run the ball consistently/ Offense has become run for 1 or 2 yards during a series and throw the ball up and hope for a catch or penalty. Almost every punt return features a penalty. Almost every single one. That is insane. Penalties stop drives and/or sustain them almost every single time out. It's almost never a clean series. Last two weeks I just mostly watched the highlights because I couldn't sit through the games anymore. Even without commercials. Is is just me? I think there are many factors. College game doesn't match NFL game in that they are favoring running QBs rather than protypical, heady, NFL big bodied pocket passers. There is little to no misdirection in NFL run games aside from teams running QB reads (that most teams don't respect). One of biggest factors I think is College and high school are not putting good athletes on O Line and they are mismatched with NFL D linemen who are top athletes. NFL does nothing to develop O linemen in terms of taking a former TE or DL and converting him to the position. Another factor I think is referees are being filmed and graded so they don't want to miss any calls. This results in more penalties being called than necessary. You don't have to make every single call. Same with special teams players, they are being down graded if they miss a block or lack contact so rather than letting a guy go they reach and hold or block in the back. Sometimes just letting the guy be is the right play. They are running full speed, sometimes you cant get there. Coaches aren't adapting and too many drives are starting inside the 10 due to penalties. On plus side Pats continue to be innovative and impressive and I am not a Pats fan. Philadelphia similarly has played well. There is always just a few good teams, but rest of league was never keystone cops in terms of execution. Hitting has been has hard as I have seen it in modern era, which to me is good. I think this is because fines for hitting seem to have mostly disappeared in recent years except for extreme head shots. On down side it seems more players than ever can't make it through a season intact, which to me is bad. But most of injuries are knees, not hard hits. On that note, why don't linemen wear braces like college linemen do? It can't slow you down that much. Seems to be way, way less knee injuries to college linemen as a result. If this continues I may pass on NFL Gamepass next season. NFL is becoming a boring time suck. Always was a time suck, but now it doesn't seem worth it. Your thoughts? Am I way off base?
  6. Trubisky Development

    Larger point is Bears wasted a lot of valuable time on Glennon that could have been spent on Mitch. 1000s of reps lost all so he didn't lose confidence by suffering early lumps, only to throw him out there with little prep time and a beat up, injury depleted roster and demoralized team. I don't want to toot my own horn as I've been wrong plenty of times, but this is exactly what I said would happen in offseason. It is frustrating. Redshirts for top 5 QBs not backing up an established good NFL QB on a good team are just stupid IMO. A complete waste of time.
  7. Trubisky Development

    As soon as Bears drafted MT it was my stated opinion that they needed to spend 100% of their efforts on his development and that this was a lost year in terms of wins and losses. Instead Bears chose to spend majority of off-season attempting to get Mike Glennon familiar with offense and ready for season. Most commentators appaulded the decision of a "red shirt" year. Once season starts all reps go to starter and everyone else watches. It was predictable given all of NFL history that pressure would be incredible to play the early pick barring a very successful start by the Bears. It was also predictable given roster and opponents that Bears would not start fast. You don't get ready with no reps. My position is Bears plan for MT was set up for failure from the start. When nearly inevitable decision to play Mitch was made they compounded the development problem with ridiculous all run and a few short pass game plans. They felt they could win games with multiple defensive scores or keeping game close and hoping something positive happened. That is playing not to lose and never is a sustainable strategy despite the occasional miracle. More importantly they weren't going to win many regardless so they should have been concentrating on development of their QB. Stupid over conservative game plans are NOT the way to develop a player. Player development is repping real plays, getting real experience with those real plays and learning from your mistakes on the field and more importantly in the film room. Watching yourself hand off or throw screens doesn't help. Nor does only watching yourself throw on third and ten facing 8 or 9 dropping or rushing. Not good learning to be had there. All the while your coach is telling you, don't throw any picks, don't throw any picks! They have screwed up this whole process to date with the exception of some series in Viking game in which they let him play and MT actually showed his talent eithbsoem amazing throws. I know he is going to turn ball over if turned loose. That is what rookie QBs do and is part of development process. That happens even with full off season of reps and much college experience neither of which Mitch had. I am convinced that MT has talent to play in NFL, whether he succeeds or not remains to be seen, but Bears haven't done him any favors and have hindered him greatly.
  8. Bernstien: Fox will be fired

    Whole thing was stupid. They botched this big time. Plan was a veteran QB to be competitive and a redshirt year for rookie. Well the veteran QB hasn't played in a long time and didn't know the system. So he was like a rookie too and had to learn. So you wasted a gazillion reps developing a low ceiling guy at some cost to your young stud. They should have played Mitch from day 1 of minicamp. Season was never going to be great anyway. But if they wanted to stay with their plan it was evident very early that Glennon was bad. If they wanted to stay with their stupid plan the veteran QB should have been Sanchez. Admit your mistake with Glennon early, cut him and move on. Instead they embarked on a Glennon developmental project. Stupid. Now just like I said months ago you are going to send your rookie out there half prepared with an injury depleted and demoralized team. What you didn't want to happen, the loss of confidence, is now more of a certainty than ever.
  9. WR upgrade

    Here is what I say re: Gentry since I have been vocal. Let me clarify. I didn't watch one single Bears practice, but everyone who was at practices said this guy made more plays than anyone from day 1. Than anyone. And he didn't do it just once or twice, he did it consistently. That's not nothing. He got a few chances in preseason and again he made plays. Everyone watching saw that. Maybe he will suck, maybe he will emerge as a heck of a player over time. All I've said is he deserves an opportunity. Because he earned it. He earned it the only way you can in sports when you are low on radar of your coach/GM/whoever, he went out in practice and made plays every chance he got. You can't possibly do any more than that. Its a stupid coach or whoever who overlooks that at any level of football, but it happens all the time. A kid transfers to a new high school and coaches don't know him, a kid isn't a highly rated recruit, a kid isn't a draft pick and so on. Sometimes people change, mature or develop, sometimes your or someone else's evaluation was just wrong. Believe what your eyes are telling you now rather than your report. Hall of Fame and even is Hall of very good is littered with undrafted or overlooked guys and probably 100s or 1000s more who could have been, but never got a proper shot. Its easy for people to say he will be no good, because that's what the odds say. He was undrafted and nobody picked him on waivers, so lets just go with that. But they don't know that. Nobody knows that at this point. Easy thing in the world is to predict failure, because most people fail.
  10. Mitchell Countdown

  11. Mitchell Countdown

    Amazing how Packers sat their rookie behind a HOF QB. What a brave decision. Patriots are doing same with Garoppolo because they are wise and want him to sit and learn.
  12. Your 53 man Roster

    ???? I didn't see any bad words in his post. Long is listed as starter. Going to be tough to come in cold. Atlanta likes to stunt and move around like crazy rather than just try to beat you straight up.
  13. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    Yes. No way Cruz makes it IMO. Not good at reciever or special teams. A cut by another team may squeeze out Thompson, Bellamy or Gentry I think White, Wheaton and Wright are locks and are the starters. What if Bears cut Gentry and he went to Patriots? They seem to be able to take guys like him that few are high on or think are blah and make stars out of them.
  14. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    All I'm saying is he should make the team, not be no. 1.
  15. Browns are looking for a WR

    That was not widely reported and I didn't know that. I read and watched clips of reporters during free agency saying that he wasn't really getting any multi year offers from anyone and Browns didn't offer at all.