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  1. Packers fans really overreacting to that loss. People are getting more nuts and extreme in general in all things. Everything is recency bias without historical perspective and people who disagree with you are evil and dehumanized. Social media is bad for society I think. It won’t end well.
  2. A lot of people crowing on here. It isn’t trolling to disagree on team management and building. Its all just make believe anyway for non-decision makers ie fans. So your conclusion from a game which was an utter team disaster is Dak is wonderful and Dalton is terrible? Back ups in NFL don’t get reps. They get mental reps and often run scout team. So under best of circumstances they often don’t play well when asked too. Often the game they sub in they play well, but following Several weeks they play bad. You can’t get back training camp reps, in season is mostly game planning. Dalton didn’t miss blocks, he didn’t fumble a bunch of times he didn’t give up tons of touchdowns and first downs. He didn’t play well for certain. Dak would have lost that game too. You were losing with Dak. I said it about Foles and I will say it about Dalton - it is unfair to judge a back up early into getting starts in mid season. You have to give it at least 3 weeks. The question anyway was never does Dak suck, the question is what percentage of team resources do you put into him. Its not trolling to disagree on that point. I am not a Cowboy fan, but I think you can’t win while paying Dak as an elite QB or it will seriously hinder that. I said it before season and this game has not changed my mind.
  3. Their rookie was a very high pick and is coming on strong of late after a disappointing start. He was one doing most of damage I think.
  4. Jefferson looks like one of best WRs in NFL. Vikings may not be far from contending again. They still have a number of extremely talented football players on the team. Chemistry and attitude is just bad and team holes are being exploited in major ways.
  5. I am glass half full guy or try to be, but Bears can not win a championship with this Oline. It isn’t about Foles or Nagy.
  6. I say this also in regards to Foles vs. Trubisky and I strongly suspect it is true at several other positions, especially offensively. I am shocked they are rightly playing Mooney. He must have absolutely dominated practices for that to happen. Or they just got lucky while sending a message to Miller.
  7. I am still astounded at the continued Foles bashing. Gigantic difference in decision making and ability to convert 3rd downs. Yes he had a horrendous INT, but those things happen. Especially when under pressure. After a turnover you want to immediately stab other team to demoralize them. This is a long time inside football thing. Throw a bomb after a turnover and take their heart and win right there. I guarantee you that was what Foles was thinking. He just did a boneheaded thing.
  8. It showed a marked improvement from last game. He is still warming up. O line performance is extremely concerning though. They seem to be getting worse. Not sure why Bars didn’t get the start over Coward. I really question this staffs ability to evaluate their own players sometimes.
  9. If I had video skills I would put Rodgers face on Duran and Brady’s on Sugar.
  10. Say what you want about Nagy and Foles and Bears and all their flaws and mistakes. They get behind they don’t crumble and quit like Packers just did. They were down 4. 4! In this first half. And they basically laid down. Embarrassing for them. They are still a more complete team then Bears at moment. But man that was an embarrassing performance.
  11. I think its different when you don’t watch game live. You don’t have to wait forever and stew over last bad play or mistake.
  12. Man I don’t get the game day thread or agree with it I thought aside from the INT Foles played a good game. All I see is Foles sucks. He converted a lot of plays and had long drives. Offense actually looked like it was functioning for first time in 3 years. Not light it up, but looked efficient. Kmet got his first TD in a lot of traffic. I think people don’t realize this game wouldn’t have been close without 3 major bad calls all going against Bears and Foles turning ball over right after turnover. This was a relatively one sided game against a hot team. Officials made it close. Offensive line is still struggling and just isn’t very good. RRH should only be in game on long yardage passing downs and then not that much. He gets dominated at point of attack by NFL o linemen. Dominated. Pinerio isn’t getting his job back. Too bad, he should have took care of himself better.
  13. Remember Data is often subjective and highly debatable. People act like ‘science’ is infallible when it is often just product of highly fallible human collected or interpreted data. Sometimes purposely so. Often purposely so. Garbage in, Garbage out.
  14. Fyi Hmmmmm. They also had Jimmy Graham with no drops after 3 games I believe. Don’t know if that is still true.
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