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  1. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    I'm surprised they made the team this year.
  2. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    If you release Sims and Acho that is another 8 million off 2019 cap.
  3. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    2019 you have 19 million in cap and have to sign: Massie, Callahan, Amos and RRH. Priority? 1. Callahan 2. Massie 3. Amos 4. RRH 5. Pat O'Donnell Who are other free agents at corner, OT and DL? OTs: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/tackle/ CBs: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/cornerback/ DL: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/defensive-line/
  4. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    He said all the Detroit throws were easy ones to wide open receivers.
  5. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    You can have the debt, the corrupt politicians, the gangsters and all the cat ladies you can carry.
  6. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Ha, its all mortgaged for more than its worth fools!
  7. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Die in a fire! Wait, don't die. But get burned! No, don't get burned. Be mildly uncomfortable too close to a fire!
  8. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Lombardi saying Lions game was unimpressive just shows stupid or stubborn people will stick to their take through thick and thin. Just wait until MN game he says, then we'll see how terrible he really is. Okay lets say he has a bad game this weekend, that means the Lions game was bad? It means he is a bust that won't make team in near future? That makes no sense. Are these not NFL games? Not like it's AL playing AL State. Are Bears not 6-3 with close losses? If he has a good game goal posts will move again or credit will belong to others. Some people have this fantasy that their listeners or readers think they are infallible geniuses or should think that. Its okay to be wrong or change your mind on something. God forbid. Remember when Tribune had 3 full pages of why Tiger couldn't win his first Masters because he lacked experience? Then he won by like 17 strokes or something. Keith Jackson was asked why he doesn't make predictions. He replied that it was because it was fastest way possible to make yourself look like a damn fool.
  9. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Bucs and Lions negative grades. SMH What could you do better? Throw a TD every play? Lies, damn lies and PFF grades.
  10. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Vegas gives 3 to home team. A 3 pt. spread means it’s even.
  11. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Programmed negativity as defense mechanism for crushing disappointment. Shake it. Any game can be lost, but no reason to think they are going to lose. Teams are evenly matched right now, but Bears arrow is pointing up. Always remember in greater scheme these games are meaningless. Just have fun and don't get too high or too low.
  12. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Because if you can't learn a new complex offense and come out gang busters with no mistakes or missed throws early in your 2nd year of football after a brief college career then you are obviously a for sure bust with no hope of ever succeeding. - Hot take geniuses
  13. 2nd Viewing OL Thoughts

    #3 called it. That dude is a monster of a human being. #5 Daniels just turned 21. He will get a lot stronger in next two to three years. And, beating dead horse, should be center. #7 Interesting thought. Start a game day thread. We have to post in MN thread right now.
  14. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    Yup. I guess Bears would rather score points than "control" the game by going 3 and out 5x in first half trying to wear a defense out for 2nd half in games. Not to mention that philosophy means you are usually trailing in said 2nd half. That line of thinking also requires a couple big TEs and a FB and even then it stopped working for most (unless you had overwhelming talent like 90s Dallas/SF teams) because without a running QB like Bart Starr you are playing 10 on 11 and defense always has an extra man or two on you. I think a lot of these old time HC's like Fox forget that. Kinda hard to run IZ into an 8 man box with a single back. Honestly, the much maligned Chip Kelly bringing zone read and RPO's to NFL is the thing that revitalized the single back running game and scoring explosion we are currently seeing. Andy Reid then took it next level by merging and adding those concepts onto the Bill Walsh West Coast offense. Of course the roughing passer/no contact much past LOS rules are also having a large impact. Kelly changed the NFL and ALL the ESPN and radio analysts ripped him for it early on. Gimmicks and college plays don't work, blah, blah, blah. Kelly is an idiot. They all have egg on their face now and none of them admit it. Maybe they were right about Kelly the man, but his ideas worked. If Giants and Broncos would have drafted QBs or traded to a team that wanted a QB Barkley probably would have fell to Bears. In a do over I bet both teams would go QB or trade. That would have made this offense even more interesting for next 4-5 years. Who knows if Bears make that pick though. They felt pretty set at RB. I have to think they would. Howard coming off 2 big seasons probably could have then snagged a trade for a 3rd round pick or better back at draft time. I always say I hate hypos. But they are fun to think about, when they are fun. Crying over spilt milk over and over just gets annoying. Nice to see MT playing well so you don't have to hear about other QBs all the time.
  15. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    Howard I think isn't producing because of the scheme though. He carried team for two years. Floyd just isn't producing. But I get your point.