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  1. Rumors and this new league trend.

    Everyone we have including Abdul has played better.
  2. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    The team is loaded. We need to get Trubisky to Flacco/Dilfer level of play. That is doable. He is more talented than those guys. He needs to play like it.
  3. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I think drafting a QB in later rounds is a generally a waste of time. Even if they are really good. Why? Because non first round QBs don't get the practice/game reps they need to develop on 90% of teams.
  4. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I agree with the scout and all the red points. Although I am not sure about timeline. Bye may be a little soon given where we are at right now. But aside from a ton of INTs we can't be worse.
  5. Positives

    I disagree. I think the Broncos are in for a long year. Von Miller is not giving 100%. They have no LBs and big holes in secondary, their O line is bad and Flacco is average at best. Their offensive skill players are young and good and they have a handful of studs on defense, but that's not enough. Plus, we just ripped their hearts out at home. Teams can still play above their talent early in year especially at home because they have hope still. Once reality hits they go downhill fast. We gave up long yardage conversations a lot, refs called some really bad roughing penalties on us that kept drives alive and our offense did nothing most of game. All while heat and altitude beat us down. And we still won because we have way better players at a lot of positions. Denver is not good.
  6. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    How is Maimi going to resign all these rookies when all their second contracts are due at same time?
  7. Positives

    Think how in shape our defense got during that game. Don't think they will be gassing much in Washington.
  8. Rumors and this new league trend.

    1) They can’t afford contract he would want and he is kind of guy who would hold out on a 5th year option or any kind of tag. 2) He is a potential cancer. 3) Bears don’t need him. They could use him, but they don’t need him. 4) We need OTs in near future and potentially a QB.
  9. Positives

    Okay remember how I said guys weren't getting open in Denver? Yeah they were now that I see evidence. MT just isn't seeing them. I still have hope he can turn this around. Game needs to slow down for him somehow. I think he may be shell shocked from his own defense and then the GB game. I feel like he is smart. He just needs to get there.
  10. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    Okay. NOT putting this in positive thread. I can't defend this series of tweets, evidence is too much, I am really sad. But I STILL have hope it will get better. Somehow.
  11. Positives

    It's kind of crazy that every loss is basically one score for more than a season now.
  12. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    Not sure where to post this, but man I had to wait until like 7 to watch the Bears game Sunday on game pass. My antenna was not coming in so I could not watch live. I was dying waiting. I hate these late games. Play at noon! Then I can watch when I get home from church and after lunch. Then I had to watch that game after all that waiting and staying off all media. The game where we couldn't move the ball and then almost lost a game we had won. I actually thought we lost for about 35 minutes because I turned it off when Denver went ahead and then we sucked on next few plays offensively. I was dying all over again. Don't know if I can handle these emotions man. I have to calm down my expectations and my level of excitement for this team. I built it up too much in my head this off season. Anyone else go through anything like that?
  13. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    Ramsey I think is closer to end of his deal and he is potential locker room cancer. Not sure he will get any more. Maybe less.
  14. Positives

    Well, in first game he missed a lot of reads. BUT he was under constant fire from free runners. That always F's up QB play. It just does. Second game, they simply took ball out of his hand for most of game. I don't believe he missed that many reads in 2nd game. You can read that as having no confidence in QB or concentrating on establishing the run regardless of what defense was giving. Or a little of both. It hasn't been good, the opposite. But there are excuses. It is not inconceivable that this thing gets turned around gradually this season and we have a competent offense is 2nd half of the year. I think people are throwing up their hands prematurely. There have been exceptional throws. Something to hang your hat on even though overall productivity has been very poor. I think a lot of the productivity problems isn't just the QB, it is overall offensive execution. It only takes one guy in 11 to screw up an offensive play. We have at least 2 guys on every down doing something horrible. Usually it's some combo of an O linemen, TE or the QB, but two of them are screwing the pooch on near every down. Driving me nuts. Lou Holtz was found of saying something like team that makes the fewest mistakes is often the one that wins. Right now that isn't close to us.
  15. Around the NFL Thread

    That's what I said in my positive thread. Bubba Gump Shrimp baby. Last team standing wins.