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  1. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    Yes, things can snowball and domino. Something with lots of variables can have a lot of causes for this or that and football has a lot of variables. Nagy certainly isn't absolved, neither are players or other coaches or GM or in smaller ways everyone else involved. Nothing in football is ever completely perfect or perfectly bad. I think in order to improve you have to identify and fix the larger problems or get them better. Maybe fix is a bad word. Plug the biggest leaks? Whatever metaphor. I am bad with metaphors. So what was Bears problem in 2019? Everything? Okay. What were largest problems ranked? 1) Offensive Execution - This was our biggest problem IMO. We could not execute our base plays at way too high of a percentage. There were missed reads (QB), missed reads (WRsTEs), wrong routes (WRsTEs), missed blocks OL/TEs mostly, wrong blocks (OL/TEs mostly). Whose fault is that? Why did it happen? It's a combination of things. I proposed in an earlier post above a big factor was inefficient practices - which is a type of poor teaching methods. This leads inevitably to a lot of the missed assignments and reads that you see above. Even not knowing all the assignments and reads of each play it is obvious Bears missed a ton in 2019. But you can't absolve players of knowledge responsibility - especially NFL players - they are adults and are at least partially responsible for knowing what to do and how to do it. Even when poorly coached or with poor practices. The larger player part of player responsibility or as a cause for lack of execution though is simply talent/ability. Sometimes the guy across from you is just better - he is a bigger, stronger, faster, athlete. But some of that is within control of player as well. Whitehair, Leno an Daniels were all far better football players in 2018 than 2019. That tells me that they did not prepare for this season like they did last season physically. Burton and Shaheen checked out of 2019 whether that was due more to injury or lack of talent it doesn't really matter. They were worthless in 2019. That leaves you deep into your roster or into other teams castoffs to play a critical position in this offense. Also, guys who didn't get practice reps. With O line AND TEs taking a major dip in performance from not great to start with that is near your entire frontline that is a huge problem. That is really bad news. Which brings me to Nagy as sharing fault in talent part of execution problem. It isn't Nagy's fault who he has available to him entirely. But he can identify giant holes in team obvious from practice and demand help. He also picks starting line ups. There was NO time in 2019 practice where Long looked like a starting NFL football player. There was no time in 2019 that Shaheen or Burton looked like starting caliber NFL football players. He gets let slightly off the hook because he is hoping that when healthy they will look like starting NFL football players and in Burton's and Long's case they have demonstrated a past ability. So the idea is to ease them back into health and let them play bad for a bit. But there is an adage in sports that everyone in America has heard growing up - you practice like you play. If you are crappy in practice odds are very high you will be crappy in a game. Offense looked like garbage in practice and it looked like garbage in the games. Which brings me to Pace. Pace picks the players and he can make moves when he spots a problem. He is at every practice. I was at ONE and the line and TE problems were a huge glaring neon sign. QB problem in team is harder to tell because he is getting moved off his spot every rep, but clean and in passing drills he looks good. Neither O line or TE was addressed with alacrity that problem demonstrated in practice required. He relied on magical coaching to fix it (which honestly I have seen before) but that wasn't happening because the coaches that were there weren't fixing anything. His plan B was same as Nagy's I guess, guys are just hurt and will be better later. I think play calling is way, way below Offensive Execution and here is why. The snowball effect is happening. Picture yourself as play caller instead of the Monday morning QB. You cannot execute your base or core plays with any kind of success. It is beyond frustrating. Nothing is working. Guys are blocking wrong guys. Guys are getting beat. QB is making bad reads or poor decisions or making poor throws. Crowd is booing you. You are down 8 - 10 points and keep getting 3 and outs. What do you do? You try to trick the defense or try to manufacture something. Sometimes you are even drawing plays in dirt (or on an IPAD these days). Now you may try that anyway, because honestly it is a good way to steal points sometimes. But what choice do you have when nothing is working? Did he do it too much? Did he have bad timing? Did he do it too early? Yeah. But you saw training camp and you saw Green Bay game and a lot of early games up to Washington. Offense was dominated by defenses in every area. It's a tough spot to be in as a play caller. A lot easier and more fun to be cute and creative when you can execute base plays. You can't rope a dope or throw hay makers without an effective jab. When other boxer is just better you are often left with just random hay makers to try to win with a punchers chance. All that being said I don't think the Bears are that far off from being much better offensively if they can fix the O line problems. I don't think MT is a great QB, but I think he can be much, much better than we have seen thus far with some holes in the running game, more clean pockets and better practices. I think Whitehair and Daniels are far more talented than what they showed in 2019 and that is potentially good news. Bad news is I don't know if Leno and Massie will be better and we need improved play at RG so that is 3 of 5 below average players. Yikes. That is why I am banging the table for a big FA OT.
  2. Free Agent QB Discussion

    Agreed. Dalton has long been the poster child for long time below average starting NFL qb. He has been kind of joke for years now. He is worse than Flacco and Smith and you shouldn't want them either.
  3. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    I saw this quote from Bill Walsh on Twitter: When fans or media say run the ball more it is really frustrating without context. I think most coaches will run the ball if they are gaining yards doing it. Some just like to pass, true. But if you can't run the ball, then most coaches will go away from it. People say to you, "Well you have to stick with it!" Should you run the ball regardless of the box look? Just to run the ball? How many possessions are you going to give up sticking with it unsuccessfully? When does giving ball back to other team become counter productive and detrimental? Especially 3 and outs. 3 and outs wear down your defense like nobody's business and given enough possessions any opponent will score points. Point is no matter what run Nagy called in 2019, the run game mostly sucked. IZ, Power, OZ, Read Option, Option, Power I - Nagy literally did every one of these and nothing worked with any consistency because ... drum roll: 1) We couldn't block 2) We couldn't pass well enough to loosen the box. I blame Nagy for lack of execution (blown assignments, poor QB reads and poor technique) and starting personnel decisions (starting O line and TEs and guys expected to make types of blocks they were incapable of making). That is a lot on him as HC and a lot on players and other coaches. I think him as super awful play caller is over blown. Nothing was working. He was flailing. That would happen to any one calling plays.
  4. Bears fire a bunch of coaches (Mostly offense)

    Who knows what pro career will be and being older is a huge factor. Small sample size is a thing as well. That being said Burrow played at or near highest level of all time for a college QB last year. From what I saw too it wasn’t just pitch and catch to wide open guys like Leech teams or old BYU or Spurrier. This guy was dropping dimes all year. Crazy.
  5. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    I love the offseason. Great moves. Great hires. Right after a lost game: Fire everyone!
  6. Free Agent QB Discussion

    Hopefully we are not the idiot.
  7. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    As far as how I know about practices. I coached different ages of little league 10 years to 14 years olds for a long time - on and off for like 20 years with a handful of years off. I studied coaching (books, articles, videos, and spoke to a lot of successful coaches) and went to a lot clinics during those years. A lot of them are free for little league coaches. So even if its stuff you can't use, you can still go and learn pro or college schemes. There are coaching forums like this one, but just for coaching. Also, amazing how even relatively famous coaches will speak to stranger nobody about coaching if you just call them and they have the time. You can get their information at these clinics. Probably not true in most other industries. They will tell you all their secrets. They love it. They will talk to you for hours on end. They will even meet with you and white board stuff. I forgot a lot of stuff I learned, but I remember a lot of stuff too. Actually really cool if you are into it and I was. Football coaching is incredibly time consuming though and hard on your family. If you aren't getting paid, it can interfere with your life and career. I might be a millionaire by now if I never coached.
  8. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    I watched video tape of practices and I went to a full one myself.
  9. All in On Nagy Mock

    Its okay Sugar. I like you. Your mom probably does too.
  10. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    @JustAnotherFan I hear what you are saying and I agree with most of it. I think on paper I thought the team was great before summer and I trumpeted that from rooftops. My opinion on team started to break down when I actually went to a Bears practice and closely followed as many others as I could. me come at the Bears problems from a different angle. A coaching/practice angle. Coaching matters more in football than any other sport by a wide margin. Because there are more people, more variables and lots of specialized roles. Assuming you are teaching correctly and good (a big assumption that is often not true), coaching advantage comes down to efficiency of practice. Most everyone practices roughly the same amount of hours. The more efficient you are in your practice time the better your advantage. To illustrate some examples: Mike Leach will have 5 QBs throwing to 5 receivers throughout his practices, he doesn't have 1 doing and 4 watching. That is a way he maximizes QB and WR development in practice time he has. Just an example. Another is coaches figured out you could get more good reps and learning by combining fast moving drills with conditioning so you didn't have to separate the two. For decades coaches would separate conditioning (wind sprints etc.) from rest of practice. Then someone started combining them and they gained an advantage and others copied and so on. Lots of things like this, everything is scheduled. The practice game evolves just like the on field game does. Nagy practices mostly via semi-live or live scrimmaging with thud tackling. That is good sometimes and bad sometimes as a coach. I think you absolutely need to do that, but you shouldn't do it nearly as much as Nagy does. In my experience it is really bad idea when one side of ball is a lot better than the other or one side of ball is really beat up which amounts to same thing in practice. Mostly it is bad early because defense is mostly always ahead of offense early since offense requires so much precision in execution. The full offense basically couldn't practice against our defense in summer. The defenders came straight through every time and Nagy, being prideful, did not handicap them at all. So 90+ percent of offensive reps were absolutely worthless. To a football coach every wasted rep is a rep where your opponent just gained an advantage on you. You can't waste all those reps. You simply cannot. If defense is completely disputing what you are doing you need to stop what you are doing. Separate the problem, address it and change the drill for those that are not the problem so they keep working. Nagy can put Mitch on a 3 sec clock and work against DBs. You aren't wasting reps for everyone then. Every time there was a free runner in practice on Mitch that is a rep where he cannot work on his reads. That is a wasted rep for WRs and so on down the line. Those reps matter. They matter a lot. The O line was clearly a problem in practice and wasted so many offensive reps that we can never get back in 2019. Heistand and Dline coach should have separated their groups and worked on the issues until Heistand solved them and if Heistand can't solve them then Pace needs to get on the horn and sign some dif O linemen pronto or get an O line coach that can solve the problem. Something. They pretended like it wasn't happening. Madness. Instead what happened? Nothing. Nagy put his head down in disgust and frustration and called next play and Mack or someone came straight through again. Again rep is completely disrupted. Sometimes they let him throw, but it wasn't how play is supposed to be executed. You don't diagram plays with free runners coming at your QB in <1 sec. This happened again and again. I have seen so many coaches make this mistake in practices. The DC starts talking trash to OC and it becomes a whole thing or vis a versa. The goal isn't to win practice and have your ego stroked, it is for team to get better. Not saying you tell guys to go slower or not try, but like I said above you isolate disruptive problems and fix them. It is actually a good thing, because that tells you there is a problem that needs to be fixed and can't be ignored because same thing is going to happen against another team that your team is doing to you.
  11. Around the NFL Thread

    I remember I transferred schools my senior year of HS. Because of this I had to really work to break into starting line up as an unknown even though I was better than guys in front of me. I am not a physically imposing huge guy so I am not an obvious start. Point is coaches had me on JV team to start season and JV played on Sat. mornings early. By 3rd game I had won a starting position and was playing Friday nights, but they still had me on JV team as well. That first Sat. morning after a Friday night game was miserable. Trying to play a second football game I mean. I could barely move my neck and my whole body was sore. I had no idea how sore I was immediately after a football game, because my whole football life I was always perfectly fine and healed by Monday practice following one football game. I can't imagine having man strength and size along with your opponents and playing this game and what it would do to your body for 8 - 15 years past high school. I can imagine actually and I have to think you would be perpetually sore and beat up. If you have made 60 million plus and you aren't feeling great there is nothing wrong with just stopping. Not that you have to have the 60 million+, but that certainly helps in the decision. I think a lot of guys in past would push themselves for as many years as they could because they felt they could never work another job. Well if you have made millions and weren't a complete idiot you don't have to do that anymore.
  12. If you were the GM, what you do with 24M right now?

    He is best running QB ever, but I was think he is better with a designed run scheme featuring him. Balt Oline was very good this year as well. I think you put him with 2019 Bears Oline and he would struggle rather than succeed like he did in Balt in 2019.
  13. If you were the GM, what you do with 24M right now?

    All I know is if OL doesn't block better this team has no chance. MT was bad and that combined with rest made Offense horrible in 2019. But I think only maybe Wilson and Brady and maybe Watson could have survived and made plays behind this O line. I don't care what stats or PFF or whatever say. Guys were coming free over and over again and running game had no push. Wilson and Watson because they can scramble and Brady because he can get ball off fast - but he couldn't have done it in Nagy's offense.
  14. Free Agent QB Discussion

    Then you remove the conflict. Who knows what opportunities Mariota has? He can't take 1 of however many teams off the table.
  15. Free Agent QB Discussion

    I refuse to believe we are not signing both Brady and Brees to compete with Mitch for starting job.