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  1. It could be done if NFL practice rules were different. There is small time to develop players. You have time in training camp and that is about it. Regular season is just a game plan and glorified walk throughs or 3/4 speed of game plan. Scout players and starters. That is why colleges can develop players or change positions and NFL can't (as well). They don't have the time or the live reps to give that you need to develop a new and foreign skill. Yes just taking a college PF and trying to make him a TE is usually a losing battle. But if you had farm system or mino
  2. What are your thoughts on that press conference? Wow. That was something else.
  3. What did he say? Because finding best possible athletes to compete in your sport at young enough ages where they can be developed is just common sense. I don't care who says they don't like it. It doesn't make it untrue.
  4. Rodgers is back as ... Snake Eater! When is not busting heads, he is breaking hearts! When his family is attacked he becomes a one man justice squad ...
  5. Is Rodgers a good guy again now or still a jerk and don't let the door hit ya? Congrats, you have a good shot at a title this year. As good as anyone.
  6. Shaheen I think was on track to be okay or decent until he hurt his foot and never recovered from it for whatever reason. He was too slow after that. That has happened to tons of NBA guys over the years. Miller I think could have been a player in this league had he been drafted into better situation. Not a good or great player, but a guy who can be on a roster and be a good 3rd receiver. He needed some or more early success and didn't get it. I think that would have caused a butterfly effect for him for better. Instead he got a bunch of balls sailing over his head. O
  7. In all honesty if he is okay with situation then Packers are one of 4 best teams in NFL barring a rash of injuries. They have as good a chance to win SB as anyone. Fans really abandoned Rodgers during this process. Have been so busy I haven't had time to check their board. Guessing Rodgers is wonderful guy once again while a just few days ago he was a stuck up Cali jerk who thinks he is smarter than he is and can't even get along with his own family.
  8. Wow. I think a big problem is that is a lot of people with a lot of titles making decisions without knowledge. An Area Manager, Division manager and VP, DM, AM and HRM all on this, plus you? I worked for a title company once in Chicago and I had 4 bosses sitting within 20 feet of me. It was exactly like that movie Office Space where there is a different boss checking up on him 4x a day to see if he filed proper report in proper format. It was probably worst job I ever had and during a summer in college I worked for an Industrial Cleaning company. I was doing incredib
  9. Bottom line is they have no big trade AND they have no Aaron as it stands. It is worst of all worlds for them until that changes.
  10. It's their decision of course. Not mine. All decisions can be criticized futility by fans. Ultimately they will be judged on outcomes. My being a youth coach wasn't an appeal to authority or expertise. It carries little weight. Who cares if you coached 12 year olds? Just saying I don't agree with that method of teaching.
  11. No, it never stopped. I am not a sit and watch to learn guy. Learn by doing with instruction is only way to go to me. Learning by watching without application is slow and inefficient way to do things. I have been upfront about that since beginning. I think when people point to success stories it is correlation not causation. I have coached 1000s of kids and never was it better for them to just watch than to do and be instructed. Parents came to every practice. If I had the kids standing around watching things I would have been lynched.
  12. What a standard. Dalton QB1: At least we won’t get blown out. That was what Fox brought to table and everybody loves that man to this day. Not. In Fox offseason it was finally: a professional is at the helm. He will stabilize things. He did. He did exactly what he said he would do. And nobody cares. Hurray we lost 14-22. Zzzzzzz. Everybody tolerates this kind of thing when you aren’t playing games. When you lose by any margin people hate it. A loss by 40 counts same as a loss by 1. I’d rather risk losing by 40 and try to win the game. An
  13. They are getting it from a long history of distrust, especially the black community. And it is not without reason.
  14. That's just not true. This was sold as 99+% effective and "break through" cases are all over the place. I would be surprised if everyone doesn't personally know of a breakthrough case right now. It obviously isn't anything close to 99+% effective in stopping it or stopping spread. Isn't England almost all vaccinated and having issues? I have seen several groups of people hang together, sleep together and only a handful of them get it. All unvaccinated. It doesn't "outbreak" through entire group. There are public examples. We just had college baseball team hav
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