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  1. Season Predictions

    His shoulder was busted. No crap he was having shoulder issues. Real problems: He gets too excited and can't be accurate downfield, he fails in his read both in pass concepts and during zone reads or option plays, OL blows protection (not his fault), he stares down A Rob and finally he too often leaves pocket rather than stepping up when it is warranted. It's not one weird trick that is going to fix him. Its making proper decision with football. Its better blocking resulting in more time, less busted plays, better practices and better run game. It's calmly making the throw to the open guy rather than chucking it over his head. It's stepping up and letting guys run past and behind him rather than out racing them. That gives OL time to recover and ride the guy past. My guess is Foles wins job and his last chance at proving to be a starting NFL QB will be the 2020 games he replaces an injured Foles.
  2. Best/Worst Bears games you've ever attended

    I have only attended like 3 Bears games in my life. I don't even remember which ones they were. I saw Bulls win titles twice though. With 5th row seats behind the bench. Gifted to me by my father. I can tell you due to my proximity that Phil Jackson does not coach during games. At all. At least not those teams during those games. He pretends to for cameras and the guys pretend to listen. But they are all just standing there resting. I found that interesting.
  3. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I don't get the Cohen hate. Yes he was bad last year. He is a role player and honestly aside from last year he has been most feared Bears offensive player 2 of last 3 years. From a defensive perspective. He has been one of their only chunk yardage players and a dynamic punt returner. They tried him as a slot last year and it didn't work. I too thought it would. But then he couldn't play RB last year either. So maybe he could play slot a bit better, but he just had an all around off year last year and wouldn't have been good at anything.
  4. Season Predictions

  5. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I liked Burns as a late 2nd rounder coming out of college and he was a target for me. That was year I did GM game and scouted heavily. Early public mocks weren’t high on him if I recall. He rocketed up right before draft for some reason. Just means NFL scouts always had him high and leaked just before draft. I thought he was a raw project player with high upside/low floor. I would have never taken him in first. That was a bad reach by Pittsburgh. He definitely has physical talent to play. He just never seemed to get it. Still young, still possible.
  6. Dak might as well play the Cousins franchise tag game now. Might be his path to max earnings.
  7. Is that less than what Dak was asking for through 2024? It doesn’t start getting big until 2025. Not the complete reset he was thinking.
  8. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Our O line was so bad in many stretches of last year. I like how they rotate who is going to play bad.
  9. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    I blame Mitch when blame is due. But when a DL beats his man clean I put blame for that on OLmen that got beat.
  10. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    Watching Bears O last two years is so frustrating. Mitch clearly can make plays and throws sometimes, but he is just so inconsistent. Then when he finally looks good someone else on O is screwing up. Then they get their act together and he has happy feet and a big play is left on field. Its like 9 guys are doing good and 2 are sucking on most plays. And the two that are sucking are sucking so bad the play is completely disrupted. And it isn’t always same two. Rarely is everyone playing good or at least not bad at same time.
  11. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    You are in a gambling mood lately. LOL. Neither one has ever played a full season so you would have to lay some good odds on that one. Especially after watching Massie try to block good DEs last year. This might be Foles last year.
  12. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    We are leaving big plays on table again and again and basic run yards because of missed or poor blocks.
  13. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    After watching our OT play again I am once again flabbergasted that Pace refuses to draft the position. And I strongly disagree with it. Massie is just not good enough and Leno is barely average at his best.
  14. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Sorry but this is a glass half empty post: Just watching beginning and end of Chargers game (fell asleep in middle). A very hurt Joey Bosa is basically beating Massie whenever he wants. I don’t know what Daniels is thinking half the time and neither does he. What the hell was wrong with him in a lot of games last year? He was just lost like a foreign player learning the game. Bears opened with an 11 yard gain out of I and I don’t think they ever tried it again. Every other run I saw out of single back was like 2 yards. Defense was playing mostly good and kept getting put back out there. Fuller had a pick and put Bears inside the 10 and they couldn’t score and to get a field goal. Some great, great individual plays, but crappy plays by way too many. I think you have to feel worst for Montgomery. He gets nothing to work with ever.
  15. I said if I was Dak I would be willing to sign 5.