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  1. Bernstien: Fox will be fired

    Whole thing was stupid. They botched this big time. Plan was a veteran QB to be competitive and a redshirt year for rookie. Well the veteran QB hasn't played in a long time and didn't know the system. So he was like a rookie too and had to learn. So you wasted a gazillion reps developing a low ceiling guy at some cost to your young stud. They should have played Mitch from day 1 of minicamp. Season was never going to be great anyway. But if they wanted to stay with their plan it was evident very early that Glennon was bad. If they wanted to stay with their stupid plan the veteran QB should have been Sanchez. Admit your mistake with Glennon early, cut him and move on. Instead they embarked on a Glennon developmental project. Stupid. Now just like I said months ago you are going to send your rookie out there half prepared with an injury depleted and demoralized team. What you didn't want to happen, the loss of confidence, is now more of a certainty than ever.
  2. WR upgrade

    Here is what I say re: Gentry since I have been vocal. Let me clarify. I didn't watch one single Bears practice, but everyone who was at practices said this guy made more plays than anyone from day 1. Than anyone. And he didn't do it just once or twice, he did it consistently. That's not nothing. He got a few chances in preseason and again he made plays. Everyone watching saw that. Maybe he will suck, maybe he will emerge as a heck of a player over time. All I've said is he deserves an opportunity. Because he earned it. He earned it the only way you can in sports when you are low on radar of your coach/GM/whoever, he went out in practice and made plays every chance he got. You can't possibly do any more than that. Its a stupid coach or whoever who overlooks that at any level of football, but it happens all the time. A kid transfers to a new high school and coaches don't know him, a kid isn't a highly rated recruit, a kid isn't a draft pick and so on. Sometimes people change, mature or develop, sometimes your or someone else's evaluation was just wrong. Believe what your eyes are telling you now rather than your report. Hall of Fame and even is Hall of very good is littered with undrafted or overlooked guys and probably 100s or 1000s more who could have been, but never got a proper shot. Its easy for people to say he will be no good, because that's what the odds say. He was undrafted and nobody picked him on waivers, so lets just go with that. But they don't know that. Nobody knows that at this point. Easy thing in the world is to predict failure, because most people fail.
  3. Mitchell Countdown

  4. Mitchell Countdown

    Amazing how Packers sat their rookie behind a HOF QB. What a brave decision. Patriots are doing same with Garoppolo because they are wise and want him to sit and learn.
  5. Your 53 man Roster

    ???? I didn't see any bad words in his post. Long is listed as starter. Going to be tough to come in cold. Atlanta likes to stunt and move around like crazy rather than just try to beat you straight up.
  6. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    Yes. No way Cruz makes it IMO. Not good at reciever or special teams. A cut by another team may squeeze out Thompson, Bellamy or Gentry I think White, Wheaton and Wright are locks and are the starters. What if Bears cut Gentry and he went to Patriots? They seem to be able to take guys like him that few are high on or think are blah and make stars out of them.
  7. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    All I'm saying is he should make the team, not be no. 1.
  8. Browns are looking for a WR

    That was not widely reported and I didn't know that. I read and watched clips of reporters during free agency saying that he wasn't really getting any multi year offers from anyone and Browns didn't offer at all.
  9. Charles Leno Signs 4 Year Extension

    Charles Leno is underrated if anything. He is not a great player and had some bad games, but he has been pretty darn good in a lot of games and just as important stayed remarkably healthy and available where most of league and this team has not. You know how much worse this team would be if he went down this season? It would be a train wreck. They have terrible depth at tackle and have for 3 years running at least.
  10. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    People posting a lot of examples of overhyped late round or undrafted camp guys aren't mentioning the very recent Cam Meredith for some reason. Guess it doesn't fit the narrative. I liked Meredith early last year after I saw him play and now Gentry. IMO, if you can play you can play and if you can't you can't. Draft position and contracts make a lot of guys hang around that shouldn't and a lot of other guys who should stick around don't get to. Gentry has made plays left and right against everyone they put in front of him. What else do you want him to do to make the team and get some playing time? What else can he do? Scoring on every single play is a bit unrealistic, but dang he is doing it at a pretty good clip.
  11. Bears vs Titans - GDT - Preseason week 3

    Must be Italian
  12. Browns are looking for a WR

    Who would want a huge, uber athlete in his prime learning the position at a fast rate?
  13. Browns are looking for a WR

    Still shaking my head on why they let Pryor get out the door.
  14. Bears vs Titans - GDT - Preseason week 3

    Its really hard to judge Kevin White so far, not sure he has had one ball thrown to him with optimal or even good placement.
  15. Bears vs Titans - GDT - Preseason week 3

    Hicks is looking at an all pro year if he stays at this level of play. People see Glennon as a placeholder for Mitch and a good thing. I see it as stealing practice reps and delaying/hindering progress. Bears looking like they might keep 4 RBs, 3 QBs and maybe 4 TEs, going to leave them depth challenged at a number of other positions. Fuller is a pleasant surprise in last two games, looks good when he isnt getting spanked by Gentry in practice. Meredith injury is so sad on a number of fronts. We went from having one of best centers in game to one of worst. Long needs to get healthy fast. If one of our starting OTs gets hurt team is going to be really bad, really fast.