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  1. Lance is too risky for a staff on hot seat. Low college snaps and small school = high risk no matter the talent. If he falls to 20 for some reason fine.
  2. I wouldn’t hate a trade up for Fields if he fell to 4 or lower. I would NOT spend 3 first rounders on it.
  3. I recently watched Dalton against MN. He isn’t great, but he isn’t that bad. He isn’t a bum if you can protect him.
  4. Interesting thread. Watch videos and bottom guys are missing people left and right. Watch Darnold and he is under pressure and/or no one is open on almost every throw. Trying doing that down in and down and out. Trying doing that while playing from behind in every game. Tell me it is fair to judge him in time with Jets at 23 and less years old. Why I think he still has a chance to recover.
  5. Who wouldn't like the Beef n Cheddar croissant? That is insane. Like not liking ice cream.
  6. Yes the demarcation line in IL is I-80. Most everyone NE of 1-80 up to Chicago is a Bears fan. NW is mostly Bears closer you get to WI more Packers fans you see. There are Steelers, Cowboys and Raiders fans everywhere due to their massive historical success primarily in 70s. Like you said in rural areas you see this a lot. Everyone likes to root for a winner. Probably a generation of Patriots fans out there now that will pass that on to their kids. Farther south in IL you get you get a lot Rams fans (or they used to be) and on other side Colts fans. Cubs
  7. I grew up in Rockford, IL (there are Rockfords on rivers in different places). I lived in Chicago for about 8 years as a young adult. Fun fact: just before Sosa and McGuire started their home run race you could walk over to Wrigley and buy a bleacher ticket for 5 - 10$ in 2nd inning on street. My roommate and I used to go to Cubs games 2x a week or so back then. After it cost $100.00 and has never really gone down. I currently live in western burbs with my family. Rockford is near border with WI so it is mostly split between Bears and Packers fans. I hav
  8. Why aren’t you a Browns or Bengals fan?
  9. I am saying vast majority of late round picks (6th and 7th) never even see the field and most are flat cut. Yes you can find gold and even HOFers there, but as a whole they aren't particularly valuable.
  10. Any of you guys actually live in Chicago area or you are all out of towners?
  11. No one is going to trade for Miller. Maybe they throw a 6th or 7th out there if more than one team wants him. Pace collecting all these 6th and 7th rounders. To me those are just priority UDFAs which is meaningless if you don't have a staff dedicated to developing them in season and not just training camp. I think Pace is actually really good at bringing in unknown talent with high potential, but Bears are crappy at taking advantage of it by development. I think if Belichick had Pace Patriots would be rolling because Belichick and staff can develop raw talent and Pace is rea
  12. I would. When Raiders took him at top dollar after Pitt got tired of his show I publicly laughed and that blew up more spectacularly than anyone could have predicted. But he has been through ringer now and knows no one is going to put up with his crap anymore. He would definitely be worth a short contract IMO. He fills a need at what is likely an affordable price. In spurts he is still better than any WR Bears have on Roster including ARob. ARob is more consistent and better overall at this time as he is in prime and Brown is not, but Brown at this best is still much be
  13. I have been trading down in mocks trying to pick up extra 2nd or more realistically 3rd rounder. I’m not interested in guessing at 6th or 7th QB off board in first two rounds. You can do that every other year in mid rounds and see if you can find something in practice - but you have to pay attention to them. QBs are almost never going to make it unless you put time and prime rep resources into them and even then less than 1/2 the time. NFL needs to seriously rethink the whole QB development thing. Been targeting that Ok St. kid Teven Jenkins in late first or early 2nd after
  14. We have to have this guy. I don’t really care if he is worst QB in league. Let’s go.
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