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  1. Training Camp 2018

    Anybody going? Hoping to go on 26th if tickets are available, but work schedule is filling up fast. Don't know if I will be able to. I never could go because I was alway coaching little league. I'm not anymore so i can, but I don't know if I want to. I have only been once before many years ago and it was kind of lame because there was no good viewing areas available and they were practicing > 100 feet from where anyone could stand or sit and without available high stands to see whole field. If anyone was taller than you to your front you only got a good view of back of their head. You needed binoculars to watch and even if you had them the angle sucked. It was a waste of time. I don't want to get up early and drive all the way down there if it's going to be like that again. Is it better now? Any tips if I do go?
  2. Crazy question/hypo during dead time: God bans NBA/basketball tomorrow and supernaturally motivates all players to attempt to make an NFL team and play as long as they are able. NFL declares a draft to be held immediately in reverse order of 2017 record. What does that draft look like? What position are you drafting them for? I haven't followed NBA for years so I am a poor judge currently, but I can imagine a number of players would be highly coveted for their athletic ability and skill set. Some would be fascinating physically, but wouldn't have mentality or toughness or would be too tall to gain leverage I think. I mean there probably has never been a corner or safety as fast, quick and coordinated as Allen Iverson. Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss are amongst few dudes who compare to what a Jordan, James or Bryant would be like at WR and as great as athletes as they were the NBA legends are more so. Who knows how they handle making a catch and getting drilled though. Karl Malone, Shaq and Wilt Chamberlin were big dudes who could move at maturity, not just skinny guys who would get hurt like they were in college.
  3. TABT

    The Clinton v. Dole episode was great. Kang Dole: The politics of failure have failed! Koto Clinton: We need to move forward not backward! We need to move upward not forward! And always twirling, twirling, twirling toward FREEDOM! Crowd goes nuts. Homer: (Enslaved and whipped.) Don't blame me I voted for Koto!
  4. TABT

    It always made me laugh when GK Willie would rip off his shirt to reveal he is totally ripped. When he did it and told the lunch lady to oil him up that was pretty good. That show had some funny moments back in the day.
  5. Would you trade rosters or coaching staffs (for Bears) with Minnesota or Green Bay? Me: I am biased and optimistic about Bears future for now. We are still in honeymoon phase. But I admit that Minnesota has better roster now and probably for next year as well. That being said I would keep the Bears young roster, staff and looming salary cap situation over the Vikings or Packers even though I consider MN to be SB contenders in 2018. Admittedly perhaps this is because I am more invested in the Bears process. Should Green Bay, Detroit or Minnesota be considered SB contenders in 2018? Me: I say only MN and only if Cook stays healthy. I don't say I favor them to go to SB, only they have a realistic shot on paper. Choose your preferred choice of relatively young QB for Bears, meaning you would trade MT straight up for this player right now or keep MT, amongst following (factoring in everything - contract, contract years remaining, off field, talent, potential, work ethic): Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota Dak Prescott Mitch Trubisky Jared Goff Deshaun Watson Pat Mahomes Me: I think Winston and Mariota have under preformed and under whelmed thus far, especially Winston. Mariota has been fairly good and may have a break out year because his overall team is fairly loaded now with all the high draft picks they have had, but I don't think that makes him individually that much better as a player should he have to switch teams. I think Prescott is good, smart and charismatic, but has limited arm strength. I think Goff is a tough one. From what I saw he looked pretty good last year and is improving rapidly. He is more of a prototypical NFL QB than Trubisky. I like Trubisky's athletic ability and mind better for this offense and staff. Watson is another really tough one. He looked amazing last year, better than any young QB, and put up ridiculous numbers. But he did get hurt and that factors in. Common sense would say that you take Watson all day, every day based on what he did in a short time with the Texans. But my gut tells me he isn't going to stay healthy or that good long term. KC is very high on Mahomes, but listening to Nagy and Reid discuss Trubisky in interviews during draft process it sounds like they both preferred Trubisky a bit over Mahomes and I would agree with that assessment. So in conclusion from that list, I would keep MT if I had to decide today. 12 months or 2 years from now that could look like a ridiculous decision, but based on available information it is what I would do. The youngish QBs in the league I would take right now today over Trubisky are Garoppolo and Wentz. Wentz more so than Garoppolo because Garoppolo has huge contract right now and Wentz is better and more proven than Garoppolo even though Garoppolo has been around longer. But Wentz got hurt just like Watson you say and he plays reckless too. Yeah, but again my gut just tells me Wentz is a better bet for long term really good player and it doesn't say same about Watson. Watson feels like 2 or 3 maybe really good seasons, some hurt years and some disappointing years. Of course he could be historic and I could be totally wrong. Based on how he played when he played you would have to say he is the best. However, I think his scrambling really added to the plays he made though and once or if he starts playing more cautious those plays won't be as open. And if he doesn't play more cautious he is more likely to be hurt again. Either way he likely can't sustain that level of play with that play style. He is also benefiting from some great weapons at moment and that tends to change over time.
  6. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    I respectfully disagree. Lovie gave up tons of long drives. He was all about bend but don't break (don't give up the big play) playing the now famous hybrid cover 3/cover 2 (the Tampa 2). He combined this style with generating takeaways by trying to stand and strip or punch it out while gang tackling. Also getting more interceptions with DBs facing the QB rather than turn and bail - making a pick is far easier coming forward or breaking than over your shoulder. Then converting those turnovers to scores on the return which they did fairly often. Especially during their SB year or whenever they had a healthy Mike Brown/Tillman/Urlacher/Briggs playing together. They practiced it. Of course when you are punching and trying to stand guys up they often get another 3 or 4 yards or even break away resulting in more 1st downs and less 3 and outs. It was a trade off. It was a solid scheme that generally worked unless they played a veteran QB like Manning who could exploit the predictability of it. He crushed them almost every time they played.
  7. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    Pass rush can come from blitzing Smith and/or running stunts/twists with Floyd and whatever Dlinemen is closest to him. Both are significant strengths for them. I never saw a RB even come close to pass blocking Smith in college and that's when he even saw him in first place. Both can drop into coverage too. If one were so inclined this defense can be a creative unit this year using a lot of movement with athletes they have. Not a ton of guys who just line up and beat you straight up, but some good athletes who have ability to really move and create real problems for an offensive line in space. I think just playing base defense with this group should be the exception rather than the rule if you can get into 2nd and 3rd and long.
  8. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    Bullard greatest strength is his first step explosiveness. If you had to pick a weapon that would be it, he needs more consistency to take next step. Maybe more playing time will do the trick. Goldman just needs to stay healthy which has been a problem. He has always been good when healthy. Acho is a good man and may start as you say, but I think he has shown he is a just a guy or body out there. One hopes someone else steps up and surprises like a Lynch or Fitts, but it's just a hope at this point. Who knows?, maybe it is Acho who steps up and turns into a difference maker given the keys. A lot of guys who otherwise wouldn't are going to get their shot this year at OLB on a pretty good overall defense. Even if you aren't top dog, someone will get banged up or need a breather. If they have a lick of sense they have to know this is a huge opportunity. to be best they have ever been and make some money or at least keep their career alive.
  9. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    This is an excellent point. 3 and outs are one of more underrated stats and factors in football. I have always kind of had an internal and unproven formula in my head that each three 3 and out = one score for your team. At all levels of football it means so much in terms of wearing a defense out, field position and offensive opportunity. Field position a bit less so at pro level just because punters are so good at flipping field, but still a big deal. A lot of people don't think about opportunity, but you can't discount offensive opportunity. It's like having many more at bats than other team. Not talking about mere time of possession either which is often just running versus passing. When you practice against another team, often you will run 10 plays in a row against the other teams defense and just reset back to same line of scrimmage. In an actual game one team can be so much better that the other would be shut out 10 out 10 times. But when you get to run those 10 consecutive plays there is usually a one time score or big play even from the much weaker team. It's because of too many opportunities and rhythm. In a live game that's what 3 and outs can do for your team as a whole. They give you those extra plays where something can happen for your offense even when the other team's defense is better than your offense. Opportunity. While good punting makes the field position aspect of the 3 and out a bit less so at pro level, the sheer size of the players makes wearing out much more of a factor than at lower levels. A big man in tremendous shape at 300 lbs. is still 300 lbs. He gasses faster. Why D line depth is so huge for teams. Those guys can't pursue sideline to sideline and rush the passer when they are gassed. People always think long offensive drives is way to gas a defense, but 3 and outs by your defense do it just as well if not better. Conversely 3 and outs keep your own defense fresh. It helps everything. Why I have never been a big fan of bend, but don't break defense. I do get concept of not wanting to give up the big play or quick points and forcing a team to move all the way down field mistake free (hoping for holding etc.), but I think coaches underrate the value of the aggressive 3 and outs. Its okay to give up 6 pts. now and then by being overly aggressive if over the course of the game you gas their defense and get many more opportunities to score your own points.
  10. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    Hard to say who will be a pleasant surprise before Training Camp and even people who reportedly look great in training camp practices can disappear or never be seen in regular season. Much ado about nothing. But what else do we have to do or talk about in dead time? I labeled this pleasant surprise because its nice to think about. Injuries are unpredictable and can derail many a thing. Those are unpleasant surprises. This thread has to do with players that may come in and produce more than expected or predicted this season. So that being said here are some potential pleasant surprises in 2018: 1. Aaron Lynch. Lynch has been an admitted underachiever. Why underachiever? The guy is 6-6 270 and can run. Based on physical attributes he should be having success in the league. Yes he is a monster athlete, but he has done little to nothing since 2015. So why any optimism on Lynch? Maybe he just isn't very good, nobody else wanted him. Three reasons: 1) Focus. According to interviews he has turned his life around mentally. He found God and is focused on God, family and football whereas before it was other things. 2) Fangio. He played his best football for Fangio and respects him like no other coach he has ever had. 3) Opportunity. OLB is, on paper, Bears weakest position group and one of most sought after positions in the league. In little demand for 2018 with a good season Lynch can turn all that around and garner a very large pay day from Bears or someone else. He should have tons of financial motivation. He sounds intelligent, happy and motivated and his personal life is in order. A good combination for a potential breakout year. 2. RRH - Like Lynch RRH is guy you want other team to see coming off the bus. He is a huge man. He had some nice moments last year. Not saying he will ever fill a stat sheet, but he was generally a positive presence last season. Entirely possible he could take another step forward as a vital part of the dline rotation as a dynamic block eater for the ILBers and pocket pusher. 3. Eddie Jackson - What!?! you say? Eddie was good last year. He isn't and won't be a surprise. Hear me out. He was good by all accounts last year and people think he will be pretty good this year. That was impressive, but keep in mind that he didn't play football in 2017 and he was a rookie in 2018. He was an uncertain rookie starter amongst an uncertain starting group with a terrible complementary offense. This year he will be an established starter with experience amongst other established starters with experience in the secondary. Turnovers are largely about being one step ahead of the offense mentally, offensive mistakes, straight gambling, or simply a tremendous play. Knowledge experience, confidence, and teammates will allow him to play faster than last year, be one step ahead and gamble more. This will result in more big plays defensively. Okay I get that experience and all that allows you to play faster, but what does offense have to do with it? When your offense offers little threat, the other team need take no chances and mistakes are minimal by nature. Turnovers are much harder to come by. That actually helped Bears D stats in terms of points and yards last year, because many teams stayed conservative offensively. Just score more than the Bears which is all it takes for a W of course, score more than the other team and don't screw it up. If Bears can schematically or otherwise generate pressure and offense improves expect Jackson to make some exciting plays in 2018 and become a league name. 4. Tarik Cohen - This will be a surprise to zero Bears fans. But his stats weren't impressive in 2017 so it could be a big surprise to much of country who may look at him as a quirky, fun, exciting gimmick, but nothing more. Some of poor stats was due to lack of use and some of that was due to big plays called back or stepping out of bounds by a few inches. Bears fans know that this guy is a big play waiting to happen and has sticky hands. Look for him to make a large name for himself in 2018 in this wide open scheme. 5. Prince Amukamara - I think he is best overall corner on Bears right now despite not being highest paid and seldom spoken of in those terms, not saying he is an all pro or pro bowler or anything, but I think with overall team improvements he will look and play a lot better. 6. Adam Shaheen - I think lackluster rookie year and signing of Burton has made Shaheen kind of an after thought as a weapon despite a lot of excitement in preseason of 2017. The talk then was guy will be a dynamic receiver, but can't block. Turns out they used him mostly as a blocker, where he surprised many and improved greatly, and very little as a receiver. I think people forget that this guy has some great natural hands, the offensive coaching staff was goofy last year, the QB who got all the reps in offseason was awful and Adam was making a tremendous jump into the NFL from DII. Given the opportunity he could be more than just the blocking TE and could play some of that flex position as well. Might be more of a 2019 thing than 2018 thing though. Doesn't really fit theme of this post, but I think Jordan Howard doesn't get enough respect from media or fans. He has carried Bears offensively on his back for his first two seasons in the league. This despite all defenses being designed to stop him and worrying about little else. He was second leading rusher in the league as a rookie. Yes, his receiving is a weakness, but I think a bit more praise and accolades for his accomplishments is warranted.
  11. TABT

    It was some soldier game. But he had like 6 of them. Only one I had time to try. Not any better than any other soldier game, but it was really cool to be able to look in every direction - up, down, side to side and behind you in 3D.
  12. TABT

    I ws just playing sugar.
  13. TABT

    Played a VR game for playstation 4 last weekend at my brothers. I'm not generally overly impressed with gaming tech, but that was pretty impressive. True visual 3d gaming immersion. Not where it could be where it looks like reality or a star trek holodeck or anything, but still pretty cool. After playing for 10 minutes or so you have no idea what direction your body is actually facing anymore because you are twisting around looking at things in a 360 degree view. WIll be interesting when they start to add things like they have at Disney World to enhance to the illlusion; belt pressure, wind, pokes, sprinkles of water, that kind of thing. I will wait and buy the next generation of it and play this version at my brothers house. World keeps on turning. Raining non stop as well. Had to extend my sump pump hose. Every hardware store was out, finally found one at an Ace. Oh and I also totally kicked this guys butt who stole my generator. I didn't have any reputation to scare him off, so I worked him with a lead pipe for a few hours until he gave me an address where he fenced it. I went to the address, but it was an MS 13 lair. I wasn't equipped to deal with that so I purchased a hand grenade from a guy I know who gets things. Guy lives 45 miles from me. So that was a pain. Got back out to the liar around midnight, I kicked the door and tossed the grenade in. The grenade only got 4 of them, but the rest were disoriented enough that I could finish them with my 9. There were kids and women upstairs, but I have a code. A man has to draw the line somewhere. Turns out they needed the generator to keep their sump pump running or their basement would flood. Felt kind of bad at that point, they didn't know it was stolen from me. And it did seem a little overkill for a $300 generator, especially when the grenade cost me $400, but I can't unring a bell know what I mean? So that was my weekend.
  14. Football's Future Top 100 -- #1

    For 2018-19? A pre season best for just this year?
  15. TABT

    LOL. I didn't know what it stood for until now.