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  1. Prop bets: What do you think?

    If Floyd doesnt end up hitting over on sacks this season I would call him a bad pick for his slot. Unless he gets some Ints, forced fumbles or other such multiple impactful plays; pressures, pass break ups, etc. That being said he has been banged up and he came in raw as a pass rusher. Hopefully, this is his year to shine coming off edge. His strentgh has been stunts, just like in college. Like to see him do it more on his own now. That being said, if he is good at stunts and is getting home, stunt him more. No sense not playing to his strengths. Put R Smith in a blitz in there too at same time. That guy gets to QB a lot when he blitzes Walk them up when they aren't blitzing to screw up line count or mislabel the Mike. We have team speed and intelligence to start in one place and retreat to a different assignment now Make it hard on the QBs/lines. Dont give them their pre snap reads. Like to see D go next level and be more cat than mouse. Turnovers come more off offensive mistakes than someone making an amazing play on ball. Mistakes most often come from blown line assignments (which can be as small as one false step) or QB misreads. Oline is a weak point for a lot of otherwise good teams. Exploit it. People have been doing that to Bears for several years now when injuries have struck.
  2. I dont know Vegas odds. Just making these up in car cuz I’m bored traveling. I’d look them up, but battery is about to die Howard over under 1100 yards rushing? Over under 7.5 wins? Allen over under 875 yards receiving? More INTs MT or Bears D? Who will be 2nd leading receiver? Floyd over under 8 sacks?
  3. Day 3 Draft Picks

    Makes sense. Recruiting is several times more inexact than drafting. There are guys who don't even get a chance to play college football that could have gone to NFL. Many more that could have played college football Biggest problem NFL has is few high schools or colleges are teaching QB play the way they play it or looking for same qualities. Most guys the NFL wants or would want are playing baseball, basketball or college 3rd string TE or simply dont get recruited becuase their high school program sucked or ran double wing or something and colach didnt want a 6-5 string armed smart guy. HS coach made him guard, LB, TE or DE. Colleges dont want that guy, becuase he cant take a broken play 60 yards with his legs amd run the staple zone read. Ben Rothelsbergers, Troy Aikman's and Tom Brady's of world rarely get recruited or even start for most high schools at QB anymore. Drew Brees' of world can because they are quick and fast.
  4. Who had best draft?

    Funny how teams like GB, Seattle and Denver had these monster drafts that gave them all this star power and won titles and then mostly same decision makers went on a run of mostly bad drafts that brought them down to Earth. Draft can be as much luck as genius. You start thinking you have a formula and realize that you are dealing with human beings with lots of variables. Too many to quantify. And even if you are right about someone what is true one year can be radically different another.
  5. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Hit is maybe strong word. I tried to qualify it with 'to some extent.' I am talking about guys that can start for a good team and fill a role. Bullard has shown talent, promise and flashes in his reps enough for me to include him in the list of hits. He wasn't starting Unrein was and now Unrein is gone and Bullard is still here. Sacks aren't only thing that makes you a good D linemen. Most 5,4 techs don't get tons of sacks anyway they are run first players. Now that Unrein is gone his numbers should go up in any event. If not we can move him to a miss.
  6. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Those were good moves. However, Emery had 4 good picks out of 20. Long, Jeffrey, Leno, Fuller. Fuller had one good year - after he was fired. 5 if you count a punter. Not crazy bad if other ones were decent role players, but they did virtually nothing and had to be prematurely cut to a man. Through 2017 Pace has also had 20 picks. He has hit on 8 of them to some extent. Jackson, Cohen, Floyd, Whitehair, Bullard, Howard, Goldman, Amos - with Trubisky and Shaheen undecided but promising. So it could be 10. Huge difference. Pace was drafting higher slots so its not fairly apples to apples. Still Emery's record was dismal.
  7. Who had best draft?

    You have to figure, at least as of right now on paper, with Stafford and a good defense they are still likely better than young Mitch in a new system and Robinson coming off an ACL. I don't have a lot of faith that Mitch learned anything last year of use other than to take snaps under center so he is basically starting from scratch. He is purportedly a fast learner and hard worker. We will see how quick he gets it. I guess Detroit has a new coach too, but with a veteran QB its easier to adapt. I think working in Detroit is probably depressing enough to be worth 3 - 5 pts. to opponents. Bears have same defensive staff and should be better than last year defensively and much, much better offensively. I don't know how you could possibly be worse offensively. There is reason for optimism. Everyone is beatable now with a good game. I couldn't say that last year. Hard to think you can win games when you aren't seriously trying to score points. I think you might see a blow out or two against us, but that's what happens when you aren't being so risk averse. Schedule is easier this year too. Should be interesting season.
  8. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    That's the idea. Better suited for current state of the game. More receivers are smaller and quicker, 1 back sets, screens, quick throws and RPOs. Complete reversal from ISO play action schemes of 90's. Need 2nd level speed more than size right now to match up. You just need 3 big bodies to occupy 4-5 linemen zone blocking. Game will shift again. If you could find a true banger blocker FB who could also play TE (so they couldn't just change personnel to match up) you would have something because a lot of these teams are setting up nicely for an old fashioned I or offset I formation ISO man blocking play with double at point on small LBers who can't match up with that. Colleges and HS run many of their RPO's off power (where guard pulls into A/B gap and is lead blocker). It gives play time to develop so QB can make his read without linemen being downfield. It's a ***** to stop because often their "R" in the RPO is the QB and they have you spread further. Pros could do same and run their RPO's off ISO looks out of a traditional TE look or because NFL QBs have bigger arms they could do it out of spread look without overly risking their QB. These pro OCs are just scratching surface of RPOs and stress they put on defenses. Way behind the college and hs coaches who have been playing with it and varying it a lot longer. Though obviously they have a big advantage because they don't fear their QB getting hurt in same way. Thing with football is you can catch up in 1 year or less what took years of trial and error to develop just by quickly copying someone else or picking up a phone. If MT can good at those quick reads, which like an option pitch just takes a 1000 reps until you are seeing and doing just the right thing and when, offense can be really hard to stop.
  9. Who had best draft?

    The last starting OL (off Ourlad depth chart for 2018) they drafted was in 2013: David Bakhtiari As for WRs, Adams was drafted in 2014 and Cobb in 2011. I think they are good players, but they have been made to look better by Rogers. Montgomery and Lacy (aside from rookie year) have been mostly underwhelming at RB position. Kinda sad since many teams seem to be able to find a good RB under any rock and last two RB classes seem to have been historically good and deep. Their drafted TE's have been misses for a long time. They have had to fill position in FA over and over. 2005-2009 was when they had their good drafts, collecting their big names and talent that ruled division many years. Been mostly floundering and declining since then. Like Brady, Rogers hasn't been given a lot of superior weapons. Put Rogers or Brady on Falcons and we are probably looking at the runaway SB winner of last 3 years. Vikings have done well finding 1 or 2 studs every year in draft or UDFA to make up for their draft misses keeping their roster strong and have surpassed GB now. As far as division, I think Detroit and GB are pretty comparable teams right now, either could make a run to playoffs and can compete or win on any given Sunday with all but top teams. Minn is clearly the class of the division still and Chicago is still likely worst team in division, but has brightest near future and has improved the most.
  10. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Team is younger and more talented. From those lists look at those 26 or younger then vs. now. Then: There were only 9 and of those only Fuller and Long are still with the team just 4 years later. Of those gone aside from Jeffrey none were that good or impact players. Now: There are 20. 20! That is a lot. This is a young team. Daniels is 20 and Smith just turned 21 I think - babies! A lot of guys just turned 25. Many of that list could be high level impact players and some who already are or have been in the past. Howard as been carrying entire offense on his back since he joined Bears. Cohen was scariest offensive thing on Bears last year. Robinson has had great seasons in the league already. Jackson was one of best young safeties in league in a historically good safety class last year Daniels is a first round talent according to everyone and has genetic lineage. At 20 his arrow can only go up even if he flounders a bit as a rookie. Smith was one of best talents of entire draft. Trubisky has a ton of raw talent, good intelligence and a great drive. He needs coaching and playing experience in this system. I could go on down the list of all our young players and their talent, point is the core talent of the team as it stands now looks real good or potentially real good for next 2 -4 years following 2018 and even pretty good for current year 2018. Trubisky youth/inexperience and coaching change is what should hold them back this year on paper/conventional wisdom. 2019 should see leaps and bounds of improvement. Couple that with Brady, Breese, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Manning, aging out and giant contracts to Ryan, Stafford, Rogers and Cousins hampering or will be hampering those teams and Bears could be primed for a deep playoff run in near future while still on MT's rookie deal. Key will be MT's development this year. Hopefully people are patient with him learning a new system and he doesn't get discouraged by set backs.
  11. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Yes, but what usually happens is they are neutralized or moved rather than put on ground. Effectively it amounts to the same thing. I am saying the aesthetics of being put on the ground may get played up more than it should.
  12. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

    Me as coach: Yes sir. (Ref walks away) Do it again Anthony. Don't ever stop. Block through the echo of the whistle. Great freakin job. To the cooler!!! ---------- I coached for years. Nothing in football drives people more nuts than players who never stop blocking them until play is over no matter how far from ball. Nothing. Just makes them crazy and totally puts them off their game. Can win the game for you more often than not. Defenders will often start fights out of frustration. We would do a great drill where we had 3 blockers on 3 defenders trying to get to an object, usually a tennis ball sitting on a large traffic cone or a stand up dummy or an upside down garbage can. There would be two winners in the drill. The first defender to his object and the last blocker whose defender didn't make it. They got points for each. More points for the blocking because its harder and as blocker you got to stay on for next rep while everyone else rotated. Really got kids motivated to block forever. Its hard to get kids motivated to block. Nobody wants to be a blocker and none of the parents want their kids to be blockers. That echos through the levels. Football people understand its importance though.
  13. Watson and Kamara

    Watson played better than expected last year even factoring he was probably most ready QB with all his experience and big games. However, he got a major injury in his first year which wasn't unexpected with his style of play. Remember too Watson had a much, much better supporting team in Houston than Trubisky had in Chicago. That gap is closing. Still there is no question that 2017 Watson on any team is better than 2017 Trubisky, but I thought that pre-draft. 2018 Watson is probably better too. Watson is likely one of those guys better in short term and not as good in long term. I like Trubisky's overall talent and long term staying power better than Watson's, Watson is just way ahead of him in development. At this point I would still take Trubisky over Watson in a straight swap right now if asked. Time could prove me very wrong. Trubisky should theoretically catch up mid 2019 after a camp, a season and another camp with same OC/HC, viable healthier weapons and experience. After 2019 season we will have a much better idea of who Trubisky is as a QB. Though everyone will have made up their minds after game 1 of 2018 season. There is no patience or realistic thinking anymore. I don't think Bears will be that great in first year together like many are predicting, that would be a pleasant surprise though. My reasoning is number 1 guy is coming off a major injury and everybody is new. Trubisky and staff is learning a whole new scheme. HC is a first time HC. Team is still young. It's going to take some time, hopefully people can be patient a little longer. 2019 is season I am looking for biggest leaps to upper levels if everybody isn't too mentally beat up from 2018 criticism based on unrealistic expectations.
  14. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    People have to understand that this guy gets knocked down when he gets squared up by an O lineman, it happened in college and it will happen in pros. That's just part of the package you get along with the cat quick sideline to sideline play maker. The old school guys and media will throw up their hands and freak though. Most of them conveniently forget that Urlacher at 255 couldn't effectively take on direct blocks either, he is HOF AND played in fullback/iso era which barely exists anymore.