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  1. Start Foles and tank in 2021 is what they should, but won’t do.
  2. Fans should not run teams. You guys would trade anything for Watson. So desperate. Team is not on verge of being a contender unless handed a great QB for relative peanuts and that ain’t happening. A) Watson is showing signs of being a distraction now that he has been paid. B) You can’t shoot a mediocre roster full of holes with a lame duck staff AND mortgage future then expect to have success. It won’t happen short or long term. It would be a disaster. Bears took their shot under rookie QB formula and failed because they picked wrong QB. Now you have to start over from s
  3. I don't hate Cutler. Was just trying to think of something funny to say in 30 secs before I had to leave for a closing.
  4. Should you A) serve him more, B) cut him off and call him a cab (Uber), or C) trade him to Denver along with a bunch of high picks for a guy with jerk face who will never win anything and marry a gold digging, fame chasing nightmare of a woman because she is kinda hot?
  5. Coordinator O or D for a lame duck HC and GM is a great way to end your career or set it back to position coach for the remainder.
  6. Been reading these offseason plans for years now. None of them ever come close to what actually happens aside from a few draft picks here and there. Fun to read though.
  7. Tannehill you just mentioned. You mentioned Brees who had one good season in SD before jetting him off to NO. There was not a huge bidding war for Brees. Not many thought he was going to be a star. Warner was cut and bagging groceries. He got a shot and won a SB. Failed again in NY and went to AZ and went back to SB. Flutie came back and played good for Bills as an old man after failing for Bears and being a Canadian star. They named a cereal after him he was so loved in Buffalo. Young was terrible for a bad Tampa Bay team for 2 years before going to SF and bec
  8. Bust is too strong for many of these guys, but the example given was Drew Brees. Green Bay Packers[edit] Following his college career, Warner went undrafted in the 1994 NFL Draft. He was invited to try out for the Green Bay Packers' training camp in 1994, but was released before the regular season began. Warner was competing for a spot against Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, and former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. While Warner was with the Packers, the head coach was Mike Holmgren, the quarterback coach was Steve Mariucci, and Andy Reid was the offensive assistant.[9] After his rel
  9. George McCaskey - I feel bad for him. Kind of embarrassing. Listen to what he has said in recent days: Ted Phillips is CEO and runs business side of team I don't interfere. Pace and Nagy are our football guys I don't interfere. And your title? I am Chairman of the Board! But what would you say you do here? I work with people! I am good at dealing with people!
  10. Steve Young. Geez starting to name a number of HOFers here.
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