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  1. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    https://twitter.com/GBraggsJr/status/895004598095810560 https://twitter.com/tym2g3thi/status/895835186532888576
  2. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    Agreed. I have seen online reports saying he has been real good in camp, ditto from Hoge and Jahns podcasts. Waddle and Silvy saw him stand out and make plays when they were down there and many tweets from people attending practices saying same. I have seen some highlight clips. He got one target in pre season and made it count. All you can do is make plays in practice at any level. If coaches want to go with 'experience' nothing you can do. Like to see an underdog make good. Makes game more fun.
  3. Mitchell Countdown

    Lets hope they have an in season development plan and it doesn't become screw him (Trubisky) we have to win to save our jobs so Glennon gets all the attention.
  4. Texans_UK forty over 40.

    Okay was unaware of that. Forget it then.
  5. Mitchell Countdown

    Forget it. I got told by moderater it was a no go.
  6. Texans_UK forty over 40.

    I started a hottest over 40 tourney to be determined by votes. First up is Lucy Liu vs. Cindy Crawford. Just post below. Cindy or Lucy. I'll tally it tomorrow sometime and we will do next one. I get to break any ties. http://challonge.com/x0v3vdwc
  7. Mitchell Countdown

    I just mainly want him to get vast bulk of coaching attention. I dont want him watching or takng mental reps once camp ends. Reps are trad limited to starter in season. He will regress holding a clip board for all of 2017 or at least not grow.
  8. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Has to he one of worst draft picks in history. Still saying on radio "Bears mortgaged future for Trubisky". Bucs gave up a 3 and 4 for a kicker they just released after 1 pre season game.
  9. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    I was never on Braver,an bandwagon and failed to see anything special about him, but put me on Gentry train. Like to see him get a real shot at not only makng team, but getting real playing time. He is a playmaker.
  10. Mitchell Countdown

    Amongst my many arguments to just going with Mitch from day one after draft was fan pressure. Its a real thing. 50k booing fans and 100k tweets and call after call on talk radio gets heard. Bears fans are starving and impatient It will have an effect even if you tell yourself it doesnt. Pressure started after first pre season game!!! No way this goes enitre 2017 season like many were predicting . Glennon will melt first under all that pressure. You are going to end up playing him at some point so you might as well give him all the reps and all the attention. Not split it 3 ways. Total immersion is fastest way to learn a language. Watched reps are mostly a waste of time unless ypu are watching film of your own reps. You are just slowing him down. Let him suck and get better Also play that rookie wide receiver. All he does is make plays in practice and now in a game. Forget other guys experience Play the best players. Typed on ipad Forgive typos please