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  1. FFMD II '20 - Chicago Bears Front Office

    Actually way draft board breaks down multiple trade downs (if available) makes sense. But you should be doing so with specific players in mind and with reasonable assurance that they will be where you expect them to be. You shouldn't trade down or up willy nilly unless you are trading for future picks and get a good offer.
  2. Ha! I don't even know who most of these guys are. I just kept trading down and accumulating picks. I took players that scouts thought had really high ceilings and filled poor depth areas for Bears and just took as many bites at apple as I could. Maybe you guys could break down my draft class for me. 70. Ross Blacklock DT TCU 90. Cole Kmet TE Notre Dame 111. Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin 141. Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa 154. Logan Stenberg G Kentucky 163. Shaun Bradley ILB Temple 171. Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas 196. Cheyenne O’Grady TE Arkansas 200. Bravvion Roy DT Baylor 226. Malcolm Perry RB Navy 233. Derrek Tuszka DE North Dakota State
  3. Current Cap Situation

    I don't fully understand the cap rules. But I think no one knows what Foles cap hit is for now because details of contract have not been announced. Adam S. reported it was restructured and he is almost never wrong. But how it was restructured has not been announced as far as I know. All I know is league has their own spread sheet they use with its own formulas inputed and whatever deal you make has to fit into that without going over by a certain date.
  4. FFMD II '20 - Chicago Bears Front Office

    Everyone is mocking Mims to themselves. I am thinking he will go sooner rather than later as a result.
  5. Bears sign OLB Robert Quinn 5 years 70 million

    Ditka's stint in New Orleans didn't do much for his legacy. The Ricky Williams trade has to be one of top 3 worst in NFL history.
  6. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    Another thing to think about with Ifedi. As a coach you have to identify outside the box problems sometimes other than a player is just bad. For example, I coached a kid who was a perfect specimen for QB; tall, big, smart, fast, great arm. Looked great in practice. 2nd best overall athlete on my team. Before first game started the kid said I have to go to the bathroom. Okay fine. Whatever. He goes and is gone for like 20 minutes. I am like you okay? He says he's fine he just had to poop. Okay fine. He plays like garbage in game. Totally out of character to how he practices. Wut? Next week kid says and does same thing. Okay? I ask dad and dad is like yeah he just has a stomach bug. Which was going around at time so it was plausible. Kid again does not play up to his ability at all And its been awhile, but I think he came out of the game after a really minor hit. Third game he does it again and I am like okay. Something is really wrong here. Dad is making excuses and not telling me truth.. He ate something bad last night at a slumber party. We only get 3 practices a week so I can't put someone else in that game because he hasn't had reps and I run a complex offense for young kids, but I am thinking I am done with this kid at QB. So next week I tell the kid he is no longer Qb. I am thinking he is going to be really sad, but his relief was palpable. We moved him to TE/Slot WR and LB and he played 100% better. No more bathroom before games. No more coming out hurt over nothing. Problem (I guess) was kid has really high anxiety for whatever reason. Great kid, great player, great athlete, but pressure his dad was putting on him or pressure or QB position or pressure from me giving him all this responsibility was way too much for him. I was killing him playing him at QB. Now moving him from QB totally screwed us because we had no one else who could play QB. My best athlete who was my TB also had severe mental issues of a different sort. I had to play a really small kid who wasn't a good athlete, but was really smart and we made do. I think we went 6-3 and lost in first round of playoffs. And Dad to this day doesn't like me (if he were to think about me). I heard he thinks I ruined the kids career by moving him from QB that year. He tried to lead a little parent revolt against me after the move. Such is life in youth sports these days. But back to Ifedi and how does this story relate? Sometimes it isn't the talent that is the problem. What is the pattern with Ifedi? Talented player. Plays really well and then makes bone head mistakes that cost and infuriate you. Is the problem then that he is a bad player if he plays well most of the time? It's more like that he lacks concentration and discipline at random moments. Question is why? Could be that is just his personality or he is lazy or whatever. Could also be he has a mental condition that may be correctable. Like ADHD or something along those lines. Could be no one has ever tried to address it or correct it because most football coaches don't think along those lines. As a coach at the highest level it would definitely be something I would be looking into. Worth a shot.
  7. FFMD II '20 - Chicago Bears Front Office

    It’s actually a lot of fun. Its a lot more challenging than draft simulators which can be predicted and manipulated with repetition. It shows you scouting isn’t all that easy. It takes about 4 years to really find out how you did though. Problem come in when people start dropping out in rounds 6 and 7 and missing picks. Most of people doing it are die hards though. Should be more intense with everyone spending more time at home due to virus issues. I would do it, but I have put very little time into looking at college players this year. I think one of you guys should. If no one else steps up I will.
  8. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    Yeah I just watched him play two games once at LG and once at center. He is an aggressive, player with nice athletic ability who can play guard or center. He gets to second level well. He moves well. He is good in pass blocking. He is not a power house but he finishes blocks with effort. I think he can be a starter in this league given the chance. Nice under the radar pick up by Pace. I think he was buried on a loaded Titans O line and then got picked up by Denver after camp so they never really saw much of him with live reps for their team. Still only 25. A good back up at least.
  9. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    Corey Levin is only 25. Can’t find anything negative about him, seems to play really well in preseason but keeps getting released for some reason. Could be outside sleeper.
  10. Post Combine Mock 2020

    LOL. I knew you were going to say that. It still seems one sided. Isn’t it usually something like a 2nd for a lower 2nd and a 4th?
  11. Post Combine Mock 2020

    Bears trade #50 to Detroit for #67, #85 & #182 I’d take that. Not sure Detroit would.
  12. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    He has had a lot of misses and big misses. But his strategy is evident.
  13. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    I think the way Pace operates is he always has an adequate preliminary starting group in place before the draft. That is how he attacks free agency. He tries to plug obvious holes with some type of veteran. Whether that is actually adequate or not is another story. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. But in his mind at this time of year it is. This way if draft doesn’t go as planned it isn’t a disaster that makes you leave your board to fill a need. It also allows him to gamble more in draft on upside prospects. Its not a bad strategy in theory even though sometimes the free agents don’t work and sometimes the draft picks don’t work. Look at Houston. They were targeting an OT in draft. Philly snaked them at OT and they had to reach on their next best prospect because the hole they had was so huge. Then when he wasn’t that good they had to trade too much for Tunsil.
  14. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Poor Andy. Is it the red hair?
  15. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Sports Media and Twitter and Youtubers: On Cam Newton: Cam! Why won’t anyone sign Cam?!? So wrong. Here are some highlights. Just watch. What is wrong with the NFL? Somebody sign him already! Cam! On Andy Dalton: ....