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  1. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    And it's so helpful to ***** constantly about it. And fun to listen to. 2 games into what they have been repeatedly told is very early in a long process. I would bet any amount of money Mahomes has a bad game sometime soon. Watson did. Darnold just did. Baker will. They might all end up being great players, but so what? It's spilt milk. They aren't on this team and they aren't going to be on this team anytime soon. Maybe the plain girl in pig tails and glasses isn't that bad if you give her half a chance and just wait a little while. I love how people only point to success of moment too. I was also told Kizer and Cardale Jones were truly best QB prospects of their class, the most pro style potential. Calm the fudge down and let them develop the QB you have with support. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't. The bitching doesn't aid things. I said when they drafted Mitch I hate this freakin fan base and its stupid media when it comes to developing young QBs. After Goffs first season of awful play and how mentally stupid he looked on Hard Knocks fans and media in Chicago would have run him out of town before new staff arrived. They deny it, but they would have been screaming bust. They would have played stupid stuff he said on hard knocks on an endless loop. A new veteran would have been brought in to calm things. My fear is all the negativity and jealousy over this guy or that guy creeps into MT's head and retards his development.
  2. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Broken bones don't heal that fast he still won't be able to grab with force. They probably should have just shelved him for a month and a half and kept him practicing with the club to stay in football shape or let him rush in spots. Roquan will continue to get better as season goes and he gains confidence. He is a talent. Hold out sucks, but it is what it is.
  3. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Just being a Bears fan.
  4. Why I have faith in Nagy

    It’s clear to me now that Bears should have drafted Baker Mayfield.
  5. Grand Canyon

    Don't look like they are here my dude. 2018 Cards not generating a lot of interest from fan base.
  6. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Report on Ari: Defense: Peterson, Baker and Chandler Jones are still studs individually. Defense has struggled as they have been a man team forever and are now trying zone concepts and failing. They keep changing Reddick's position and he can't play fast as a result. Nkemdiche will make flash plays, but will give up his gap at times too trying to make them. Rest of defense isn't really that good. Offense: Line was built to run block and failure of run game as led them to pass block too much which is their weakness (not great against Bears). Bradford has been bad and too conservative so far. Fitz has to be getting old now. Johnson can still hurt you if allowed. This is not a good team right now. Bottom line: Ari best hope is If Petersonn/Baker somehow get picks and OTs can't block Jones and he wrecks havoc. If this happens the offense can be stymied and it may keep Ari in the game and give them the hope and confidence to win in the end. For Bears: Johnson can't be allowed to get off. He must be kept frustrated until they are pointing fingers at each other. Force them into passing downs and jump underneath routes off quick passes. Don't play loose and let them get 5 yards a pass and move the chains. They aren't scary deep other than their rookie WR. Compress the field and get after the QB. They will be over playing Mack after watching him first two games. They have to. Use that to get other guys home on stunts blitzes away from Mack. If Floyd can't be effective with club than don't play him. Bears should be able to run the ball on this team. However, if they over stack the box and dare Mitch to beat them they should do just that. They have too many weapons for Ari to cover them all. Take what defense gives you. RPOs should be there vs this LB group aside from Baker who basically plays LB for them. Attack the LBers in passing game with Cohen and Burton!
  7. Why I have faith in Nagy

    My previous comment was not directed at you.
  8. Why I have faith in Nagy

    The Trestman/Nagy thing is funny. It's like Twitter logic: Hitler likes candy and so does this politician. Therefore this politician is Hitler. I feel like I am a MT and Nagy apologist and I'm not, but they are being treated really unfairly in media and social media IMO. Both have done everything expected of them up to this point and nearly exactly at where they were expected to be at this point. People were acting like Watson was going to score 40 a game going forward after last years hot start. He hasn't looked all world this year. Garoppolo was going to go undefeated too after last year. Any notice Matthew Stafford missed an open deep receiver like 4 or 5x last game several of which may have been TDs? Matt Ryan and Foles played pretty bad to start season. But we all have to compare Mitch to Mahomes right now. Mahomes had hottest 2 game stretch in entire history of NFL, but because they were in same draft class it's fair to blast Mitch for not matching that or assume it would have happened here if he went through exact same process as Mitch in Chicago to date? Also by that same line of thinking Mahomes should be expected to continue on and be the greatest player who ever lived. Do people think Mahomes will throw 5 or 6 TDs a game every game in perpetuity? It seems they do. Same with Watson scoring 40 a game after last year, didn't happen did it? People will generally regress or egress to their personal mean once a large enough sample size is built, but a player has to 1) learn and grow and 2) build that sample size before they are judged. RG3 after rookie year was the next big thing according to many of same people who were saying Watson is "Michael Jordan of football" and are now saying Mahomes is a bona fide super star. Maybe they are, but we don't really know yet. I think a lot of it is people want to have an early correct opinion on something to show how precient and knowledgeable they are. So they make bold calls early, this guy will be awesome, this guy will suck, and then loudly continue with the I told you so's until they are wrong and then they are on to something else. It's annoying. I think after 2019 season it will be fair to judge whether the plan was, is or will be successful or not. Right now it doesn't make any sense. is counter productive and floods us with negativity which can have a real effect.
  9. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    I must break you.
  10. Why I have faith in Nagy

    People aren't listening to him. He has said since February it is a long process to learn this offense and people need to be patient. There aren't short cuts. That includes coaching staff and other offensive players. It is a process, I don't know how many times he needs to say that. It's first year in the system for everyone but Nagy. In offseason everyone rationally said this would be a learning year, now season is actually here all we hear is cries for instant gratification. Rationality be damned. There is no patience and it saddens me. Really positive sign is they have consistently executed the scripted plays. They can study them and know their roles backward and forward. When they know what they are doing and can play fast and confident it has been 100% successful. By next year that will be a lot of guys returning that have a full year in system. Should be a whole different ball game. When you know the system and the reads you can have freedom to change the play at the LOS to a better play just like Brady and Brees do based on pre snap alignment.
  11. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Said it from beginning. Bears fans can't handle developing young QBs. They have patience of 2 year old. It's his first year in the system. It is entire teams first year in the system. It's entire coaching staffs first year in the system save the head coach. Last year meant nothing. It was a complete waste of time and gained nothing. Mahomes is in his 2nd year in the same system along with all his teammates and coaching staff. It isn't apples to apples. Whole sit a year thing only helps when you are taking over for same system and learning from a good QB. Not sitting on bench twiddling while scrub QB tries to learn a scrub system all off season and beginning of regular season. Could Bears fans or media have survived Aikman or Manning's or countless other great QB's first years as they looked like busts? I don't think they could have. Dak Prescott was superstar Bears passed on too and came with all the I told you sos as well. He doesn't look so unbelievably amazing now. Remember RG3? They had him in HOF after first year. Look at positives (for once when it isn't off season): Mack is defensive player of the year through 2 games and you have him locked up for years. He is a HOFer. Robinson looks good in first year after an ACL tear. Next year he will be better. Roquan will get much better when he is healthy and has a full season. Hold out screwed him, but he will eventually show why he was a top 10 pick. Floyd hand will eventually heal. Daniels is 20 and will be a future stud at some point. Miller is a stud now. Hicks is one of best in league. Cohen is a difference maker on offense and special teams. Entire offense will be on same page next year. NFC North looks like toughest division in football right now and Bears gave Packers all they wanted at home in their throw away learning year. Shaheen will be healthy at some point and will make a difference.
  12. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Bears also passed on Marino, Brady, and Rogers. So what? What now? Nobody is making you GM to make every perfect decision. Fans and media can ruin a player by not letting them play loose and confident. If and buts and candy and nuts. Bears married Mitch you can't rewrite history and marry the other one. Be a good partner for a few seasons and see what happens. Stop living and dying with every play. Look long term.
  13. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Bears fans and Chicago media: Off season: We are all rational, its a learning year. New coach, new system. Imexperienced QB, wasted 2017 that gained nothing, this is true rookie year. Key is be patient and play for 2019 . Be patient. Be patient. In season after just two games: What the hell! Why isn't he much better? This other young guy is awesome. We blew our pick! MT sucks. Lets nit pick over every missed play and dwell on every negative even in a win.
  14. I've changed my mind. Just start killing until I say stop. Like you are 15 and most beautiful girl says hey you. And you smile and say hey. Then she says not you, your friend.
  15. Green Bay Pre-Game Hype

    I have no idea about your thoughts or dont recall. Had nothing to do with you. Comment was meant to be just a joke about the topic. People are so serious these days. There are valid arguments for avoiding injuries vs game prep.