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  1. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    I think this is one area where data and stats would really tell story of what should be expected. I don't know what percentage of made kicks is or should be, but you should be at least within the mean or median of the other 31 kickers or not too far off it. I guess you could leave off everything less than 25 and more than 50 if you wanted to. One should be near 100% and other should be much lower than rest.
  2. Things that hurt Bears run game in 2018 IMO:1) Howard struggled running from shot gun out of spread as shown and argued very well here. I don't need to repeat it as I agree with it: 2) We had no big TE who could block which was limiting. Shaheen might have been that guy if he wasn't hurt. Bears ran a lot 3WR set with Burton which is basically a 4WR set. Not ideal for run game. Reasons why I think 2019 run game will likely be better:1) I think it was huge focus of Nagy and staff in offseason. Any self-scouting would tell them poor run efficiency was their biggest problem.2) To that end exit Howard and enter Montgomery, Davis and Patterson. I think those 3 combined give you more quality depth and running options to fit the scheme. I think these guys combined with Cohen make for a more efficient running attack. The addition of these three is better than 2018 Howard. a) Davis looked great in his lone start for Arizona and every other rep he had. He caught the ball extremely well in check down routes.b) Patterson is one of best athletes in league if you factor size, speed and elusiveness. There is no one better at running jet sweeps. Someone did a great video on it, but I can't find it. Just know he is really good at it. c) By all accounts Montgomery has looked great in OTAs in terms of his movement, quickness and hands. Take that for what it is worth.3) Cohen is still a versatile stud as receiver or a runner. 4) Shaheen may be healthy this year and may have improved his blocking. Hopefully he can stay healthy this year. Converted TE Sowell may also provide a large run blocking option at TE if Shaheen can't stay on field. Obviously that should be a huge down grade in pass receiving ability, but we'll see. Presence of a large TE as receiving threat makes NFL style RPOs work better.
  3. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    This a really good article that illustrates why NFL is not nearly as creative as college and high school at running various RPO's. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/2/12/17003364/rpo-run-pass-options-nfl-college-rules I can sum it up more quickly and succinct in two points if you don't want to read it. 1) In NFL the rule is OL can only be 1 yard downfield. In college and high school it is 3 yards. That difference is huge. To be fair though the NFL refs often give the NFL O linemen more than a yard. But in college and high school they often get more than 3 LOL. Anyway like I said that difference is huge. It makes it really difficult to run power, ISO or IZ as an RPO concept which from experience is best and most effective way to run an RPO. It puts so much stress on a defense. It is really difficult to defend. (I think they should change the NFL rule to match). 2) In college and high school the R in RPO is usually the QB which puts defense a man down or at least makes it even. In modern high school football the best athlete on team who can also throw in any competent sense is who you usually make the QB. That gives you one more decoy, receiver or blocker. In NFL they seldom want the R to to be the QB, which takes 1 man out of run threat equation. While football is the most creative of all sports because it has the most variables. When you actually start white boarding plays you realize a lot of offensive vs. defensive strategy in any scheme boils down to how do I get a numbers advantage somewhere or at least even numbers. The rest is how do I get a one on one match up (so I can choose someone favorable) or get my best athlete the ball in space.
  4. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I hope Bears follow trend of sitting starters in preseason. Just keep everyone healthy. If we have a major injury before season I may be ill. Be physical in practice where you can control it.
  5. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    I think you have to do overall percentages without XPs as the old ones were near automatic. literally anyone can kick a short xtra point. 9 year olds do it.
  6. Only thing I say about Wims is he makes most of his opportunities which is all you can do. Gentry did that in practice (reportedly), but didn't do it in games. Wims has done it in both. I don't think he is as good as turbo, robinson or miller or deserves to play over them. He is nice depth. I will say he may be our 4th best WR in 2019. Raymond has real good hands and is smooth runner, but isnt a great athlete and is a poor blocker. No one to play like Burton when he went down was kind of an issue so he may find some utility. Why some would like Wims to try that role. My offensive sleeper is injury prone Shaheen, I think a healthy Shaheen will surprise some folks. But I am basing this off ancillary evidence pieced together and not things I have personally seen as I was not at pratices last year or this offseason. (Obviously). But I trust Nagy's eye. I have said since draft Shelley is my defensive sleeper, I didn't use that phrase but I was high on his tape. Many are becoming awake to him faster than I thought would happen. I thought it would happen a week or two into training camp. I wonder how much Skrine's contract will factor in this competition. I think Bush could start and play SS and play well. I don't think you say that before 2018. I liked him in draft and then thought he may have been a bust. He turned it around. I was fine with him replacing Amos. That being said I don't think he has any chance of starting over Dix or Jackson if they are healthy. I think Dix walks after this season and Bush steps in at a large discount from what he would have got if he was 2019 starter allowing Bears to make Jackson highest paid safety in game. @WindyCity @soulman
  7. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I think 1 is the point everyone misses. People are analzying someone's first year on a job with very little prior experience and training. Most people are bad in that year. MT was actually better than I expected last year all things considered. To say 2018 MT is what he is and always will be as a QB is kind of ridiculous. But lots of serious people are doing just that. It wasn't just new offense, it was basically his rookie year. In 2017 he got very little offseason reps as Glennon had to be trained in new O. He took over in season and was asked to do very little and taught very little. Only real value of 2017 was getting used to big stage.
  8. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    I think that is main problem with this being such a huge story. Nobody is going to kick close to 90% much less 100%. Yet every reporter and therefore every idiot fan is waiting to panic at first inevitable miss. Also I was pissed about Parkey not practicing at Soldier Field too, but I don't know if that is on Nagy who wanted him at Halas with team or Parkey. I think Nagy wanted him with team at Halas. I know if it was me I would have insisted on it. I would be out there at least 4x a week kicking as many balls as I could without risking injury from every spot. I think Parkey was awful last year, but I think he was really good in Philly game. He was 3-3 and 4th Kick was blocked and it still came within inches of going in. They did a perfect freeze timeout. For him to be scapegoat of playoff loss is wrong. We couldn't run the ball. Howard was 10 for 35 and Cohen was 1-0. Robinson and Trubisky were the offense for most part. Philly scoring drive was helped by three penalties. But you can't blame defense, you should be able to score at least 20 in a modern NFL game. Burton getting hurt after week of practice was nuts and probably single biggest factor. Jackson not playing was also pretty huge. Who knows what he would have done in that game if healthy.
  9. Will the Bears Defense Regress in 2019?

    Sowell and/or Shaheen might provide a TE RB blocking presence we lacked last year as well.
  10. Will the Bears Defense Regress in 2019?

    The addition of Patterson, Davis and Montgomery is completely overlooked and discounted or seen as a lateral move or perhaps even a downgrade from Howard.
  11. Will the Bears Defense Regress in 2019?

    I think on paper taking opponents out of it, the defense is better for reasons already stated. I think there is no question offense will be better. Funny how the general national assumption is offense will be same or perhaps worse.
  12. Will the Bears Defense Regress in 2019?

    I think we couldn't survive loss of Mack or MT. We could survive obviously and win some games, but it takes us out of championship contention. Daniel is a really smart guy, but simply isn't athletic enough to be a good NFL qb consistently. We don't have another player who makes close to domino impact that Mack does at OLB. His dominance effects everything else on the field. You have to game plan for him. Aside from Mack we have a hybrid in Floyd and a bunch of average to below average guys backing them up. Leno would be pretty bad too because of lack of quality experienced depth to replace him.
  13. Should Rookie RBs Get Shorter Contracts?

    I think that is fair. 3 yr. rookie deal with team option for 4, rather than 4 and 5. They need to hammer down what is considered a RB then as so many line up split now and WRs line up in backfield as well. Maybe they already have a good definition. My definition would be lining up between tackles and off LINE OF SCRIMMAGE for 51% of your snaps. Excludes QBs of course.
  14. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    Nobody in major media has Bears as a top 10 team. A few minor players do. ESPN just put them at 11. They all say same thing. 1) QB is medicore. 2) Defense will regress without Fangio. 3) Tough schedule. I only agree with 3. But I think early schedule isnt that bad.
  15. He may not want to do that. Changing positions is a gamble for him and to date it looks like he can play WR in NFL for someone if not for the Bears. It's different for fringe veterans like Sowell and McMannis trying to make a team. If I am him I keep working and if it doesn't work out with Bears someone else will pick me up at end of my contract as long as I keep playing well in pre season.