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  1. 3 Draft Scenarios, Pick Your Favorite

    I went wth one, but I would play Edmunds at ILB and not force him outside. I haven't watched Carter to be honest. I just watch the hyped guys unless I'm doing a full GM game thing on here. Carter hasnt been talked about much. I'll take a look. Wynn by all accounts is a solid guard and 10 year NFL player. So a guy with HOF potential and a solid starter at a need is a good draft. Most people think Wynn doesnt make it out of the first however. Could Still happen. I love Nelson, but everytime I run a simulation and take Nelson first Price and Daniels are sitting there at two. Really interesting thing is if 4 QBs go before Bears as expected, who would other 3 be? Nelson, Fitz, Barkley, Chubb are consensus top choices to fill the slots, but thats only 4 for 3 slots. Barkley and Chubb should be gone. Also, I believe some like Ward or Derwin James, especially James, and outside possibility of Edmunds or Smith. I wouldnt be shocked if Bears took Derwin James or Fitz at 8. I would be a little shocked if they took Edmunds, Ward or Smith. I would be fairly shocked if they took Landry at 8. Anyone outisde of the names mentioned and color me shocked. Bears will have a hard choice, but good thing is at least one of their top options should be there. Really interesting to see what they would do if Barkley fell. I think if Chubb falls they just take the pick immediately. I think it will bother Pace having only 2 picks in first three rounds and he will go hard to trade out of 1 or 2.
  2. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Thank you sir. Avoiding work right now helps. I coached little league football (9-14) for about 15 years for fun and learned a lot at clinics. Along the way I met some old timer great HS coaches and with online tools and a new thing called a telephone I could stay in contact with people who know literally everything about the game. Older guys a lot like Fangio. I used to bend their ear all the time. They love talking football. You can just call them and they will talk to you for hours on any subject. They will invite you to their home and cook for you. They absolutely love it. I used to learn all kinds of schemes and concepts from them on white boards or their picture windows going all the way back to Bear Bryant to modern passing concepts (which mostly all come from Don Coryell back in day). They would cuss me out and call me stupid when I questioned them or got a concept wrong. Old school stuff, people these days can't handle. I found it fun and informative. They have forgotten more than I know. It's just a side hobby for me. It was their life work and people like to share accumulated knowledge like that once their done being busy 24-7. I won at a lot of titles in some competitive leagues because of stuff they taught me. I gave it up because I can't take parents anymore. They are the worst and can literally drive you insane. Changed so much in such a short time. Used to be just one or two that were a pain, now its 8 or 9 making problems. Too many to handle and I have my own family to focus on now. Ironically, my kids don't even like football. Life is funny. Toying with idea of making a podcast or youtube of some the in depth topics you guys discuss here. Hard to find the time. Not really any good ones outside of Hoge and Jahns which is actually pretty decent. The official Bears podcast isn't that good, just fluff. Big radio guys are worthless. They asked Waddle who Edmunds was a few weeks ago when a caller wanted to discuss the draft and neither he nor Silvy had heard of him at that point. That seems weird to me because this is their day job and not a hobby. They should know who top prospects are by mid March. Mailing it in. At least they are personable. Guys on score are just snarky and not likeable as humans.
  3. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Ironically, it was the hated and reviled and stupid Chip Kelly who brought RPO's to the NFL that are now the hottest trend: And now Matt Nagy is using them with Bears. About time we were in early on a trend.
  4. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Slot corners are underrated. Many teams revolve their O around the slot or split TE. Outside guys are there to keep spacing and safeties back, generally be scary. Nobody wants to just give 6 points or a huge gain away on one play. They want you to work down the field and make a mistake along the way. Current trend of RPO plays, run, pass, option, (cough Bear's new offense) slot play or any player between outside and end man on line of scrimmage is huge. Really hard to make a run read and get that ball to outside guy as an option before your linemen are downfield. It's a play and Philly pulled it off a few times in playoffs, but it is not ideal and can lead to pick 6's. NFL is way behind actually. High school and college been doing this en masse for about 7-8 years now. Was invented long ago, but fads come and go. HS/College are much more effective with it because the run option of the RPO is often the QB. One more player for defense to account for and thus much harder to do. Easier to defend in the NFL, but still hard to defend, plus almost no college or high school QB's can make that outside deep throw on an RPO into a tight window like Foles did. Defense's are going to have to adjust by having corner/safety/lb hybrids that can cover the slot, rush the passer and/or defend the run. That's where Fitzpatrick, Honey Badger etc., guys like that come in. Seattle calls that player a Buffalo Nickel (big nickel). Old school DC's haven't figured it out yet and why Philly scored so many points last year. It's a new thing in NFL. They will catch up. NFL evolves fast because every body copies everybody else as soon as something works. Simple Zone reads killed NFL for a few years too. They are much better at defending those now, but their mere existence added to NFL run games. It's good for game. Scoring had gotten stagnet largely because run game had literally zero deception to it. Single back IZ and stretch as entire run game since Denver popularized it with T. Davis isn't working by itself anymore. (Cough Fox's Bears). Teams have their keys and can stop it fairly easily. Plus can't really cut backside on the RB read anymore and that was a component of its success back in the day. To succeed in NFL with that scheme you have to have a QB that can throw lasers and read a defense with 7 DBs covering in a known passing situation. Very hard. Read plays level the playing field a bit and make defense respect 2 things instead of just playing run or pass as soon as ball is snapped.
  5. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Drafting late round QB's (not first or high 2nd) is like buying lottery tickets. You are hoping you find a diamond with a guy who is getting virtually no practice reps. The teams put nothing into them and hope maybe something emerges in time. When they draft a guy early he is the guy or going to be. They are going to give him attention and at least some reps until season starts. Starter has to play out of his mind to hold off an early pick and sometimes even that isn't enough (see Alex Smith). Often the early picks don't work out, but they almost always get a shot and they get coaches attention and time. Later round picks have to come in during an injury and shine or shine in pre season play enough to turn some heads.
  6. 2018 Draft Prospects

    If they don't want a QB fine (not buying it, but fine.) Then it comes down to: Barkley, Nelson or Chubb OR potentially 3 number 1 picks plus a couple of other picks. Or 2 number 1's and a 3 or 4 other high round picks. Kind of a no brainer to me. Those guys aren't even proven despite their potential. I would trade any player on Bears outside of Trubisky for 3 1's and couple of other high round picks in a minute.
  7. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Rumors this time of year are mostly purposeful lies. Plus you have keep Eli from quitting as you want him to be a 'bridge' for any young QB since that is the thing to do apparently. Waste of time to me. Throw them out there and suck for a year I say and get a top pick. Learn by doing, not by watching. I digress. If you were Giants GM are you going to turn down a potential franchise QB or 3 number 1's and probably more for one RB, a merely above average pass rusher or a guard? What's worth more to a team? You might consider it if a winning season in 2018 is only way to save your job, but it's dereliction of duty. I think taking Barkley might get them 8 or 9 more wins with Eli, but then Eli retires or simply cant effectively play anymore. He may already be there. Then what? Look what you could have had. You dont want to he stuck at .500 over paying free agents every year to keep you at .500.
  8. Green Bay signs Fuller to offer sheet; Bears match

    I guess. Feels like Pace gambled a bit here and lost. Kept the player, but had to pay over what he would have if he just extended him. It was a must move, but guys that only played good in a contract year worry me. Will they still work hard? Fuller does look smart not playing through injuries early on, taking the criticism and making it healthy to his contract year.
  9. Green Bay signs Fuller to offer sheet; Bears match

    Did Packers just drive up price on Fuller for kicks and giggles?
  10. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Giants move out of two if: 1) they only really like one of QBs and Cleveland takes their guy. 2) they trade to a team that gives them their 2019 one and gamble that their trade partner stinks enough it puts them back at top of draft in 2019. 3) they get an offer so good they can’t refuse. Otherwise they have to think they likely won’t get another chance to draft at top of the draft and get a future QB without paying the kings ransom in picks. I say little chance they sit and take Barkley like so many are predicting.
  11. Post Big FA Moves 1st Round Mock thru 8

    He has to learn speed to power. He has exceptional speed off the edge. In college that was sufficient and he hasn’t developed secondary pass rush moves yet. He just tears off edge nearly every play. Played hurt last season, is fairly dominant at college level when healthy. I would rate his pass rush ability significantly better than Floyd coming out, with Floyd having a touch more athletic talent and upside. To be fair to Floyd he had to play off ball a lot in college and Landry was a pass rush specialist. Probably a mid first or later talent, but positional value pushes him up as edge pass rushers are paper thin in this draft and free agency. His first step is his best quality. Just a slight tick behind the elite edge guys.
  12. Post Big FA Moves 1st Round Mock thru 8

    I knew someone was going to 3. Didn’t know who would have highest bid.
  13. Most of 'professional' mocks don't have many QBs going early. I'm not buying it. Trend in recent years is other direction and I see nothing different this year. People have been talking about this class for 3 years. Here's my current guess: 1. Browns. Sam Darnold. QB I think no way Browns pass on QB again. Especially since they probably won't be drafting at top of the draft again next year with a veteran QB and a bunch of free agents. They are doing the fashionable bridge QB thing which I think is a waste of time, but everybody swears is the way to go. I would say Rosen, but Rosen doesn't want to go there and I don't think they want or can afford the poor attitude. 2. Giants. Josh Rosen QB. If Giants draft Barkley they may win 8 or 9 games in 2018 and Manning retires and they are forced to trade up from 16 to top 2. They are here now and they need to draft their QB now. 3. Colts -> Broncos. Josh Allen QB. Here is where you will likely see the first mega trade for a QB (and here is where Bears should have been if they were smarter and tanked a few more games). Bills, Broncos, Jets, Cardinals could all be coming depending on who they like and who they think the other guys like. Can you wait or do you have to come up? Going to say Broncos swap picks and give up whatever more to get deal done. Probably a deal similar to what Bears did to get Trubisky plus a little more. I say Allen because Elway has been very publicly following Mayfield. That usually means smoke screen. Allen is a big guy and has a cannon and those are QB's Elway favors even though they have all sucked for him save Manning who was already proven good. Mayfield is a small innovative player who goes off script and Elway doesn't like those guys. He likes guys that he perceives to be like him. 4. Browns. Bradley Chubb. Edge Browns should take Barkley as he is special, but their new GM is from the I can find great RBs late in draft school. Chubb is next best prospect. 5. Broncos -> Colts. Saquon Barkley RB. Colts get a great RB to play with Luck who hopefully can still play and picked up some extra picks in the deal to fill more needs. Got their guy and then some. 6. Jets. -> Baker Mayfield QB Jets get their preferred guy without trading up. That's what they will say anyway. PFF guys think Mayfield is best and 2nd isn't close. I'm not buying it. NFL almost never thinks the little guy is the best QB. 7. Bucs -> Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Bucs desperately wanted Chubb or Barkley or a trade down. All primo QBs are gone and they are stuck in the 7 spot without a partner. They need pass rusher and DB, so they take best on THEIR board in Fitzpatrick. They consider Nelson here, but their other needs are too great. 8. Bears -> wait for my thought process. Bears are both happy and sad. Happy because all these QBs went and they get to decide amongst several of their top prospects, sad because now, like the Bucs, they can't trade down for more picks. More sad than happy because what Pace wanted was to move down gain a pick or two and take Landry. Bills and Cards aren't coming because they know Bucs and Bears aren't drafting QBs and they don't love remaining guys that much to move up anyway. They can wait. Media is freaking out about Lamar Jackson at this point, saying, "someone has to get him, it's just like Watson." This even though Jackson is little like Watson other than skin color. Bills just went through a bunch of guys who were that type of skill set with no success to show and new Cards staff don't want to play that way either. Jackson will be electric on his feet, but many of seen how that plays out long term and aren't sure they want to try it again. Either may take still take Jackson, but they are going to wait. 1/2 Bears fans are screaming Nelson other 1/2 are screaming Edmunds. Fangio is pounding table for Landry. He says when I came back you said you would get me guys! Bears scouts are pounding table for Nelson, saying you will regret passing this guy. A few are arguing Roquan Smith. One guy in room says Edmunds and is told to shut up because he is new and low on chain. Davenport is rejected as a non fit and more of a 4-3 end than a 3-4 LB. Pace is faced with quandary of taking good player at a dire need or taking great player at another position of lesser need. He always said to himself take BPA and that's Nelson, but when faced with a gaping hole in a key position and Fangio's strong insistence on Landry he can't make that choice. Bears pick is ->Harold Landry, Edge. Pace thinks to himself, I am simply not going to get another edge rusher later in draft. He is upset he couldn't pull off a trade, but then says to himself, look you idiot you may not like him at 8, but you were trading down for this guy anyway and it makes Fangio happy. He puts on his satisfied my plan all along face for media. Bears fans are unhappy because they fell in love with idea of Nelson or Edmunds and think Bears missed out big time. Commentators are saying it was a reach at 8. Bears fans agree. Landry turns out to be a good player and gets 9.5 sacks/tfls in his rookie year - wins Bears fans over. Note: This isn't necessarily my choice in this situation as I am still undecided. This is me guessing or imagining a probable draft scenario presented and how Bears will react to it.
  14. Bowlers New Mock

    I like the draft if it were to happen that way. Adding 3 starters in any draft is huge and I think your first 3 would all start, plus Edmunds and Daniels have huge upside. But I think it is a tad unrealistic. Edmunds is not an edge pass rusher, he played ILB in college. Maybe he could do it, certainly has the body and speed, but if plan is for him to play edge it is a position change for a top 10 pick. Not likely to get returns on it for a few years with all the pressure of performing as a top 10 pick. You can take Edmunds, but leave him inside IMO. It is unlikely Hubbard and Daniels last that long, but if they do then they should certainly be picked. I could see Pace trading down in 2nd or in first for that matter. He likes having picks in each round and he doesnt have a 3rd. Not sure why more teams dont trade up into end of first Get an extra year with first round picks. I think both Daniels and Ohio St's Price are on the war room board for sure. With Long in bad health and Sitton gone interior upgrade is a definte need and draft has 5 or so quality interior OL prospects. Browns poor combine may plummet him too and Bears could use another OT. Gone from a consensus mid first to who knows where. Might get some value there. Guy is slow, but real hard to get around. Never gave up a sack in games I saw. A bit lazy at blocking to thw whistle, but seems to always make his blocks. Going to have to watch him again or more. Edge rusher remains team primary need as of this post.
  15. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Guy cant stay healthy with his body type and aggressive way he plays. Like Mike Brown. Leave him be, once he started breaking down not likely to stop.