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  1. I think with a lower cap in 2021 and a likely rising cap with new tv deals subsequent to that it may be strategically wise to bet on himself one more year and take the guaranteed tag for a potentially larger payday to a contender.
  2. They are a family business that wants to make money and also get as much free stuff and tax incentives as they can, to make more money. I don’t think people of Arlington Heights are jerks. Same general culture as every middle to upper class midwestern suburb. Different culture in cities and different in rural areas. Different in South and West and Northeast. And different between those places cities and burbs and different in their rural areas as well.
  3. Yes, technically, but for most it doesn’t make sense to use it. If you are coming from burbs you have to take train to Union Station or Ogilivie (the major hubs) and then walk a bit and then take a bus from there and walk some more. Arlington has Metra stop that runs from big stations all through burbs and drops you off right at the place. There is no comparison in convenience for greater number of ticket buying or potential ticket buying people between getting to Arlington and getting to Soldier Field. Why is Arlington selling then? Because horse racing isn’t as popu
  4. Because getting to and from that stadium is a pain and it is exceptionally cold by the Lake in the stands. Actually not so bad at field level. For Wrigley and Sox Stadium whatever it is called now there is an L stop. Arlington has a metra stop and can be built with a roof. It makes sense.
  5. It would be the kind of forward thinking move that Bears family are not known for. They are generally happy getting their paychecks for doing little I think.
  6. Good idea in theory. Would certainly be better location IMO. Who knows what it takes to break lease with SF or what pressure politicians can bring to bear. Also Bears will have to borrow large to refurbish - but good time to do it with interest rates at all time low. They would also want a lot of free money and tax incentives from locals as well.
  7. Faced with losing millions to no avail they almost all give in. But they usually aren’t happy about it. They want the long term bigger upfront payout rather than the one year guarantee that comes with risk of injury or poor play.
  8. ^^^^^^ This. And coaches. Let Nagy/Pace sink or swim with the team they made and BPA(s) in draft. Heck even give them ARob on tag. Sign a vet QB on a one year deal like Pats did with Newton and just do your best. That is fair. More than Pace did for Fox when he threw him to wolves.
  9. Tiger in a nasty accident. No one is promised tomorrow (on Earth anyway). Death and/or tragedy can come like a thief in the night even when you think you have all bases covered.
  10. I'd still kinda like Minshew, not because I like him as a player; rather because he is an entertaining weirdo.
  11. I don't get it. Outside of Hicks and Mack--what are you guys even talking about? ARob is up there--and the Bears will have to think of a replacement there, no matter what happens. But even Fuller isn't that old, and they may end up trading him, anyway. The money issues get better, particularly if they can do something with Mack at some point. A lot of the Bears best players are pretty young... Young but hitting end of rookie deals and looking to get paid like Smith, Nichols, and Daniels. Others aging out: Hicks, Mack, Trevathan, Graham, Massie, and Leno. Some of guys a
  12. If Covid had not happened in 2020 Vegas Raiders would have been thee away team destination. They would have made a fortune in local revenue due to what was then a roaring economy and the convenience of flying in to Vegas and driving from West. In future, Raiders will be hosting many Super Bowls and be a preferred FA destination. Book it.
  13. As long as are fantasizing, I would have moved Bears to Vegas before Oakland did or barring that to the West suburbs with a retractable roof stadium and a nearby metra stop. I never would have agreed to renovate Soldier field and let park district keep rights to my home stadium, make it ugly and twice as expensive to renovate by doing construction over top of pillars, and leave it in a crappy inaccessible and inconvenient location in coldest part of state (due to Lake effect winds). Insanity.
  14. But if you ask what would I do? It's irrelevant because every decision I would have made long before this year would have been totally different and Bears almost never do what I think is right at least not in totality. Little decisions I often agree with. Like everyone else I just have to wait and see what they do and try to put a positive spin on it or more often criticize it and then look for a bright side to defend it. But I would run organization completely different from top to bottom. Almost 180 degrees from way Bears do it. I would model org. after 80s/90s DeBartlo J
  15. They didn't get extended and are at end of their deals. That is an ultimatum, no? What would you call it? As for as picking QB for lame ducks let me put it this way. I posit Jacksonville got Urban Meyer because he gets to pick his QB at number 1. Now is Urban Meyer a great pick for coach? Arguable, but point is Jacksonville was a positive destination because they are getting what everyone agrees is a generational talent at number 1 to work with. Lets say Pace trades up for 3rd or 4th best QB in 2021 using 2022 number 1 pick and other resources to do so and they lose to
  16. In a vaccuum, I would say best course is to evaluate and take a chance on a young QB with talent kicking around league if he can be acquired for relatively cheap like a Darnold or Tua and give him a one year try out. But any development is going to be wasted with Nagy because his odds of surviving post next season are poor. So said QB is back to square one just like we did with MT and Fox. Bears are just a poorly run org. That hopes to get lucky with enough talent every once in awhile.
  17. Why would you of all people want Pace to make that decision? Why not ‘want’ to let team suffer this year and hit reset next year with new regime?
  18. I had to file forms with IRS, flag all my accounts, do a bunch of other stuff and have to paper file my taxes now. Grateful 🙏they didn’t empty my accounts or charge a bunch of stuff to my name, hopefully that is prevented now. I would love to be part of a sting operation to catch people doing this stuff as they try to collect checks, etc. I would totally cooperate if any govt. agency was motivated to do it. I have seen guys on youtube following money. Crooks rent B&Bs and have it delivered there and hire a local to collect it. I say we capture the local and bea
  19. I picked other. I don’t want lame ducks picking any future QB or spending any future assets. Not fair to next coach and GM. Obviously not going to happen since Bears made lame ducks in first place and gave them an unspoken (publicly) mandate to win.
  20. No identity theft in progress. Battling it now.
  21. Yeah, but you will have him for a full year to kick tires on. Worthy gamble IMO.
  22. I hear what you are saying and generally agree. But I think they would have embraced Russell Wilson and here is why: 1) He was a later round pick (3rd round I believe). 2) He started out as a back up and won job. [Bears fans love an underdog and the back up who pulls himself up by bootstraps against the odds. They love to be guy who watched camp and said this guy needs to start.] 3) He won his first SB in a blow out which makes Chicago go nuts forever and ever. On other hand you are correct, if he was a top 5 pick and 2014 happened without the other SB then he
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