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  1. i don't know if we're one of the teams but if there is any of whatever you'd call a bidding war at this point I don't think we'd be the one who will pay the most.
  2. Actually we've started both of the last two seasons with 5 DTs on the roster it was Johnson, Stephen, Watts, Mata'afa, and Lynch last year and the same group except Joseph in place of Lynch the year before.
  3. Bringing this back to the recent With the change in coaching among the reasoning we are looking at full competitions at every level of special teams having added new kicker, punter, and long snappers after the draft as well as two significant returners who could be in line for both return jobs.
  4. Mata'afa lost his job last year over not being able to rush from DT so him getting a roster spot this year will be strictly on his DE abilities and he likely gets cut in a numbers game of a veteran Weatherly and our third and fourth rounders who typically make the roster.
  5. DeDe Westbrook is a young WR I wouldn't mind giving a go on our team.
  6. Snuck the two same college guys in at the last pick.
  7. Was he anybody's choice for us at WR?
  8. Big drop off after those 3 at QB so had to pick one if we liked them.
  9. There goes Bashem, Bills loading up at DE.
  10. Yes, him and Dyami Brown are the two that interest me the most.
  11. Well we've reached the point you can see our pick on NFL Network's tracker.
  12. Yep really good traits to mold.
  13. You think Cosmi can play guard we don't need to draft tackles again?
  14. Bet loss for those who went for the first safety.
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