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  1. Boyd has surpassed him from what I'm led to believe.
  2. If we go by our depth chart Blake Lynch will, Dye was listed as Kendricks backup.
  3. That is if they snip it off it is shorter recovery time Irv went for repairing it which takes multiple months to heal.
  4. So Darrisaw and Barr are thought to not need the three weeks to at least start practicing.
  5. Because I also needed to remember exact practice squad points Expansion of practice squads to 16 players, including up to six who have more than two accrued seasons. The ability to protect up to four practice squad players per week from being signed by other teams. Elevation of up to two practice squad players to the active roster, without removing any current players, before 4 p.m. ET the day before a game. So they will have another back on gameday without any roster adjusting.
  6. Not a chance the Wolves trade Anthony Edwards.
  7. That is true I could see all of Abdullah, Griffen, and DePaola back on the roster after the initial waiver rush is concluded.
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