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  1. I doubt Spielman or Zimmer will still be around if the team doesn't improve I don't think they can draft a guaranteed backup QB.
  2. The cap is also a big issue with just the trade spoken of as well per over the cap trading Cousins leaves us with 20 million in dead cap and Garappolo is a 23 million dollar cap add so we tie up 43 million in QB this year and a way more injury prone player then Cousins so we aren't getting out of a payment at all. To add to the other issue even not taking on Jimmy G we might have to use up all our premium picks that we need to fix up our O and D line to get a QB that won't make up for not fixing those lines and that does include Watson QB of the third worst recorded team in footbal
  3. Why would we want Jimmy Garappolo? He gets injured way too often and last I hear from fans we don't have the best offensive line in football. Unlike the Rams the 49ers don't need to move him in a deal they can cut him loose whenever and I don't find him all that valuable.
  4. I was talking about the Cowboys defense improving without him where was his leadership there?
  5. The problem I have on both is Patterson is only a kick returner and that is not valuable vs punt returning with the current rules and for his own sake we pretty much have little offensive role for him with our current offensive players. Griffen meanwhile was terrible with Dallas he was addition by subtraction moving on from him I think he's too old and still too expensive for us.
  6. What a mess of injuries along with a tragic death of Cook's dad and covid with Reiff.
  7. You forget how long Adam Thielen was out last year with his injury Kendricks is probably in a similar situation.
  8. Very depleted at LB along with looking like a full inactive list of injured players in general.
  9. Well Abdullah and Boone will have to be looked at to not overwork Cook.
  10. Switching out long snappers hope it doesn't cause a problem. Dantzler being back should help I'm very interested in how the trio of Gladney, Dantzler , and Boyd finish out the year.
  11. Well Brett Jones gave them reason to get rid of Elflein so time to see what he can do. With Samia still out with Covid I'm wondering who's been practicing well among our practice squad lineman odds are they bring one of Collins, Brendel, or Hinton up for the game along with Bargas if they want to keep running a fullback.
  12. Replacement for Irv Smith and Brett Jones will probably stay on the roster.
  13. So our assistant coach seems the only high risk to get away from the team. Too bad Dantzler couldn't clear the final hurdle of concussion protocol and I have no idea what Brailford has been doing for us.
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