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  1. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    People keep pumping ups Lamar (rightly) about how stupid he makes teams look. ....except when he played the Steelers, which no one seems to like to mention.
  2. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Rudolph....that was the dumbest dumb that you could ever dumb.
  3. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    It’s honestly like someone told randy about the rollout 5 plays ago and he is like “oh yeah! I like that!!”
  4. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Whenever you play with a young, backup QBs...you need everyone else to step up. Feels like the rest of our team has just take steps back for him.
  5. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    We are the worst screen team in the NFL. The worst. And thats 100000% on an OC.
  6. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    And that’s fine...but the next guy isn’t always the best guy. Mason wont pull the trigger, but when he does good things happen. Throws are there, but he isn’t pulling. He is seeing NFL sized windows, and that’s a lot different than what he is used to from Oklahoma State. He needs to start getting over that.
  7. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Narrator: “They did not”.
  8. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    If I was the OC I would tell Mason on third and long to find his favorite safety, and throw it right at him. When he comes to the sideline after a pick, I’ll ask him “did you die?” When he says no, I’ll say then we’re good then. Don’t be a ....word I can’t say online. (Also, is I was the OC I would just be a better coordinator than Fichtner)
  9. I would think that this is where this season will lead. My biggest concern would be the time frame. If we Franchise Bud and suck up the funds needed for Hargrave/Hilton -- there is a chance we lose all 3 by the time we find a deal for Bud. I really dont know the time frames (and am too lazy to google right now), but if that's the case i would be a little wary.
  10. Wildcard Watch

    Re-posting my past thoughts because its relevant. So beating the Colts in my scenario above is part of the "Split the remaining top 4". Rams, Bills, Ravens left to go 1-2 against. Do-able. Already beat the Dolphins, so still gotta go 3-0 against the Jets, Cardinals, and Bengals. Do-able. Split the Browns. Do-able. Ravens are also going to beat the Bengals next week. That puts them at 7-2. A three game stretch against the Texans, Rams, and 49ers followed by Bills, Jets, Browns, and us. If they win 1 of the games in that rough 3 game stretch, there could be a real scenario when they dont need to play anyone against us in week 17. Could be a real fun stretch run here.
  11. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Id rather sign Hargrave and Hilton (as the 3rd safety/sub package player) for what it will likely cost to secure Dupree. The reason I am less worried about losing Dupree is the same reason I didnt freak out when we resigned him. He is, at best, still our 4th best pass rusher. I'm just not overly concerned with that guy being league average. Yes, the better that rusher is, the better we will be, but at the end of the day this is the NFL and sacrifices for roster and depth need to be made. If we need to send 5, our coverage is better now that it has really ever been. If we are sending 4, there are still 3 high quality rusher going with him. The way Dupree is playing right now (and healthy), I would love to keep him. But the reality, at least as far as I see it, is that we wouldnt be that much different with a 2nd/3rd round pick and an Arthur Moats type player.
  12. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Was honestly just coming to say this. That’s the problem with this replay vs turnovers and scores. They tell the refs to err on the side of scores and TO because they can fix it in replay. But this interference stuff? They aren’t fixing, so no one knows how to do this. I used the example just before, but the Upholding of the Pascal NOT committing OPI is the same as upholding Johnson’s called OPI. How can both things be the same but called and upheld differently? It just seems no one is on the same page here and they are not willing to overturn it unless somethings blatantly obvious.
  13. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    They don’t want to reverse these. But that’s what they called OPI on Johnson last week.
  14. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Seattle PI against Edmunds and that PI against Nelson. I love losing games because of officials.
  15. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Randy Fichtner. The dumbest man on he planet.