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  1. Im going to be super boring and say that this wasnt a hint at anything and just an instagram post telling the Quarterback that someone is "incoming!". I know, that's not fun. Ill see myself out now.
  2. Mariota

    Tennessee was 2 quarters away from the Super Bowl for the sole reason of Marcus Mariota not being the QB anymore No thank you.
  3. Offseason Work to do

    This is the train that I have been on. I think McDonald is back, but (hopefully) on a different deal. I think their best option is to have McDonald and Vannett both on roster and still try to get a TE in the draft with potential to be the new #1 moving forward. Tight end is a really bleak position in general, so I am okay with continuity at a better cost and a hope to upgrade in the draft. McDonald doesnt have a good enough career to garner a ton of attention on the open market. His career highlight is ending Chris Conte's career (and that 1 play accounted for 12% of his yards on the year). I don't know, I always try to think of this stuff from an agent/front office leverage perspective and Vance has none. Injuries and fairly weak production would have me hoping he would be willing to take a prove it type of deal with Big Ben back in the fold and hope he could get one more decent contract as he turns 31 next off-season. I would think his worst case would be to hit FA as the 4th or 5th best guy and end up in a poor situation that essentially ends his career with bad QB play.
  4. Offseason Work to do

    Kyle Shannahan laughs at the people that thought the offensive line was the problem and not the offensive play caller for the Steelers this year. The seemingly simple I-Form run to the right behind a lead blocking FB, which ends in a playfake, wide receiver reverse from the slot with the FB who stated right pulling around to the outside left? Yikes. Fichtner doesn’t that have mentally in the bag.
  5. I did. Didn’t matter reading it the first time, third time, or 800th time.
  6. I don’t think you realize how incredibly hard this is. None of the rest of what you said makes sense, so I’ll just leave it at that.
  7. Depth is great, costly depth is not. Its the NFL. Depth does not exist for long thanks to the salary cap and free agency. 1/4 of our cap dedicated to 3 guys to play the majority of two spots is not cost effective. Tuitt and Heyward are the more talented dudes, I love Hargrave -- but that's just true. Tyson Alualu had a terrific season and will fill his same role. Buggs was decent in his limited snaps, but you can expect some level of growth. Save $10-12M and get a Steve McClendon (if cut)/Michael Pierce role player and there wouldnt be huge falloff. There are better ways to spend $14M than a 45%er with adequate replacements of his snaps available and there's a decently long list of FA vets that could fill that void for a year. I'm not saying they are as good, but they fill the role at a far greater cost considering the way we play defense. Not saying OLB - the position - is more important but.... Watt, ????, Ola, Skipper is <<<<<<<<<<<<< Heyward, Tuitt, Alualu, Buggs, McCullers. The Bold helps embody my feeling here. We continually find decent DL depth guys and coach lower asset guys up, we haven't done it at OLB. I trust us far more to find 3rd wheel replacement at DT. I get Tuitts injury history, but he has only played less than 14 games twice, the other time was 12 games. Heyward doesnt have that history - Only has 1 year in which he didnt play the full available games (2017 he sat week 17). Because when they come off....more come on. Ben and Pouncey are probably not retiring after next season - and you cannot just assume it. Watt is looking $25M+ right in the face. Our CB future worries me, and I think we will have to buy there again. Fitzpatrick will be a top safety, probably $16M per plus. JuJu will have a hefty raise, hopefully in the second tier range. We are going to need to turn over our O-Line, which in FA is costly. If we go the FA route for a QB place holder, it could be $20M. Its the only reason I am against Hargrave -- 1/4 the cap space on three players to play 2 spots. Its too much. The bold is where I lay with that. We will need to fill other gaps. We will need to retain other players and $14M is a lot of flexibility for all around depth rather than just 1 position. I am in complete agreement with you here, brother. I dont think its near as dire as people seem to think it is, but that still doesnt mean I want to pay top market dollars on a luxury of a rotation. I would love to have Hargrave back, but to me that depth isnt worth paying that price for.
  8. Actually, here is a questions I will pose: Anyone cool with Cam Heyward walking after 2020? Cause that's the only way we keep Hargrave.
  9. How much does that get impacted by a guy making more money and who is more talented coming back? Thats the problem with Hargrave. There are not enough ways to make all three guys as useful at that pay. I fully agree with your statement, but that also goes away to some extent. Bold: What I am saying is being more impactful/talented doesnt need to have anything to do with it. Situation dictates that OLB is far more important to us than our DL depth as our roster currently stands. Underlined: I dont want year 2.
  10. It is, but regardless of Dupree signing Hargrave is not a smart decision. I don’t know that anyone is trying to argue that Dupree is a better talent than Hargrave. But there is more to the decision than just pass rush win percentage. Bud was really good against the run, was a solid complimentary pass rusher (top 10 in sacks created with 12, just 2 behind Watt) and plays a position that’s a nightmare without him on our current roster. My thought process with Bud is identical to what it was last year. If you can afford him, pay him for the year and use your resources elsewhere on other positions of need. His OLB position would probably do us a world of good if it was on a rookie scale in the next few years while we pay Watt and Fitzpatrick top money and look for CB help to come. Take one more year, and say thanks for the memories.
  11. I honestly never thought effort was a problem. Never felt like I saw him dogging it, even though he played a high number of snaps. He never really gave up on plays, ran things down, continued to push. I thought he never seemed to play with good strength or technique. I’m still unsure in technique, but His play strength is the change that stood out to me this year - that’s why I point to health. I just think if you watch 2018 and 2019 tape mixed, effort wouldn’t be a change, but his POA strength would be. Had a healthy offseason to stay stronger and had a better coach to handle some details. Again, I tend to be skeptical too, but these are the answers to the questions that make sense to me.
  12. So I tend to fall into the same camp of worry, but the only thing I can’t figure out is what may have caused it. Usually there is something tangible you can point to that provides clarity to a jump. A running back getting in better shape, a CB committing to the studying (Sherman talks about this a lot), a player actually giving effort because of the money or knowing his time in the league is coming to an end. I don’t think Dupree falls in any of those categories. He has always been in good shape, I don’t think it’s about focus, and it’s definitely not a change in effort. The one tangible thing I think we can point to is health. This was the first off-season in which he was healthy. For a raw, project guy those are super valuable reps he finally took full advantage of. Do I have any real idea that that’s it and he is a good player now? No, I have no clue. But there’s gotta be something that changed to being about a 1 year wonder. I’m still weary of a long term deal, I’m pro franchise tag, but to me the evidence points more to an actual improvement rather than an artificial change.
  13. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    To be fair, he was paid as a projected number 1. Their drafting of TJ might have been a hope, but wasn’t a known. JJ was a pseudo number 1 for us a lot during his time with the Steelers. His contract shouldn’t be confused with Vannett if someone wants to give Vannett anything more than $2-$3M per year I say go with god.
  14. Offseason Work to do

    I’d rather just stop here, because I don’t think there is a justification in paying 1/4th of your cap space on 3 players at a position that plays 2 65% of the time.
  15. Steelers hire a QB coach.

    You had me at “pre-snap motion”.