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  1. I found this comment interesting and something of note while we move forward in our next QB search. I’m very willing to be patient, even if it takes a couple years, to draft our next franchise guy so that we can build the most talented team to put around him. I did a little research before that I can’t remember the exact numbers on now, but it’s basically since Big Ben’s draft there are only 2 drafts when you would consider over 50% of the QBs drafted in the first two rounds as “good” players. If they like a guy like Mac Jones, go for it. But i wouldn’t draft for average. Take the
  2. Read on Depot that Jeremy Fowler mentioned the Steelers possibly looking at Sutton as a hybrid pricing candidate. My guess is that means in the $5M range where his CB abilities is probably $8-10M. If that's the case, I think the Steelers may put him in the JuJu category. Go ahead and test out FA, but get back to us before you agree anywhere so we can look at making you an offer. We don't want to offend you with a low price but if the market says otherwise, let us put something in front of you. JuJu's comments make me think he really does value the fit/feel vs money (just an aside b
  3. The more I think about the idea of Banner with first shot at LT, the more I like the idea of re-signing Feiler (should be fairly cheap for a quality starting RT) and being pretty comfortable with our O-Line after a BJ Finney type C signing. I am not sure how he will be as a pure pass blocker, but I feel good about Banner, Dotson, Name, Decastro, and Feiler as a run blocking group. You still have a more finesse guy like Chuks to try at LT if the experiment ultimately fails, but it at least buys you a year in my book that you dont HAVE to take a tackle. Im not saying I am excited abo
  4. Ahhh you're right. I keep forgetting that Easterby isn't the GM...its even worse than that. Though, I do expect a cascade of firings and a complete re-do. Dude....thats a hell of a photo....
  5. For sure. I don't doubt the Pittsburgh's, Green Bay's, and Buffalo's were in contact, but there are so many decisions that go into these things. I wouldn't have had Arizona on a list of teams I thought he would go to, but warm weather, a usefulness spot, maybe a better fit, and better cash flow, exciting up and coming team...good on him. I am very interested to see how FA goes this year for them. If no one wants to sign with them outside of desperate to stay in the league guys, I wonder if there might be a sort of reckoning where McNair says "our bad" and fires his GM and coach in yea
  6. Well, the brother thing and the championship thing didn't matter. Looks like opportunity, cost, and sunshine did. Having lived down south for a couple years and moving back to PA...I certainly do not blame him on the last piece.
  7. Im not saying that his ceiling is bottom 15, I am talking likelihood. It's a much higher percentage chance that someone who has been bottom 3 for 3 years is going to take a leap to mediocre, not stud. We are talking about Brock Oswieler to Andy Dalton realistically, not Oswieler to Rodgers. That's what I am not willing to pay for. Not a second rounder anyway. That's way more palatable. I still have a problem with the years of cost control - next year's 5th year option is around $19M and the tag the following year would ring in around $25M. Those are big numbers for mediocre, esp
  8. I absolutely agree. My question is how much? Even a big step forward is probably a bottom 15 player. It's not that a player like that moving forward is a bad option for us, but trading a 2nd for it and paying $10M isn't worth it IMO. Id rather try for a mediocre QB with our own pick on a much more friendly deal moving forward in that case. I actually think the best spot for him is to stay where he is and hope the Shannahan style (max protect, PA and misdirection reads) will help.
  9. Rosen also was traded with 3 years of rookie deal contract control remaining with an option for a 4th. Darnold has been bad for 3 years. I'm not against him as reclamation project in general, I am just against the cost. The likelihood of him going from bad to All-Pro is extremely unlikely. It's more likely he goes from bad to mediocre. In that case, I'm not trading a 2nd rounder for a guy that immediately comes off his rookie deal on a second contract as a QB. If mediocre is our most likely ceiling, you are better off with a mediocre draft pick with 4-5 years of team friendly rate contro
  10. Duke Johnson is also interesting. I’d flip Jaylen Samuels for him on the roster right now at the bottom barrel price. He’s not your full time guy, but he could help a committee or be a pass catcher to a bell cow guy.
  11. ...did he pick those teams because he see's a gigantic void in the operations of their front offices he would be able to fill? 😆 That's just a strange grouping for that. Maybe not so much NO, but you want to learn about GM'ing from decision control freak Jerry Jones? TV personalities Mayock and Gruden have so far been un-impressive with an owner who can't put enough money in escrow to re-sign big names. Ryan Pace is generally considered a poor GM. Strange list for that....Some decent ownerships, but strange FO situations.
  12. Interesting that there are 3 warm weather cities, 2 that have no state income tax, and 4 that rank inside of the top 50 in terms of market size (one of which is top 3). Strange it could be about more than football or who is coaching the team?
  13. This has been a long running thought of mine...that the game will be cyclical and come back to a run dominate era as more teams try to evolve to the passing game, but find out that there is a higher floor in the run and easier to turn to than it is finding the next Mahomes. Defenses are being built to counter the passing game, and you see teams like the Ravens, Titans, and Browns running the ball down peoples throats with investment in the run. I also think that caps their ceiling unless their QB's can transform, but I see them winning a lot of football games. I think you might hav
  14. Adam Humphries is a very interesting name in a post JuJu world in the slot. I’d imagine he would cost about half in a first year cap hit. That’s pretty do-able.
  15. The QB position is going to be a fascinating study of the next couple of years. We have already had 3 guys traded. Two more are seriously being considered and who knows the real fate of a guy like Darnold? I think more analytical minds are going to start rethinking their second contract QBs. I can see analytical offensive minded coaches/teams opting away from the Goff style extension of holding onto a decent(?) QB and selling early and re-drafting the position. Baker is the one I am most curious about right now. Would you be excited to give him $35M+ per? It's becoming a "damned if you do
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