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  1. Pre-Camp 53

    Already done. Deadline passed in early May. Its put up or shut up time for an NFL job with Burns. Not that I expect him to actually play defense, but I think he could have a +year NFL career on ST......just, hopefully not with us.
  2. Pre-Camp 53

    I don’t mind this argument. Not worded quite like that, but the notion of just moving on from Burns. That I understand. If we just say hey it’s time to move on, the direction which we are going is admitting you failed and just turning the page. That I get. Saying he doesn’t have a shot against the other back end guys, that’s what I struggle with. And it wasn’t decidedly better with Sutton on it either. That’s why I have a very hard time understanding what make Burns at best the 6th like there is some sort of gap that’s not debatable. There is no one hands down better and, of the rest, Burns has by far shown the most. I’m willing to blindly make an assumption that Layne is the 4th for the purposes of this argument, but I’m not willing to blindly say Sutton, Allen, or anyone else brings more to the table for that 5th spot than Burns.
  3. Pre-Camp 53

    I don’t think anyone has said this. I feel everyone realizes he hasn’t been good and it’s a solid chance he doesn’t make the cut. I don’t mind if you feel this way - I won’t say it’s wrong, but the idea that he should be cut because of Sutton or anyone else is wrong. None of them deserve any level of status. It’s all up for grabs.
  4. Pre-Camp 53

    Honestly, when? He has one game starting against the Patriots where he more or less just did his job. Outside of that, he doesn’t have a bunch of career marks. The games he played in and started last year were not great. I know Burns has made plays on the football, I know he has covered good receivers. I have no clue what Sutton has ever done. He falls in with what I call “Backup Qb syndrome”. You think he is the better option just because he is the next option — that doesn’t make him better, it just makes him different. No...no he hasn’t. There is a gigantic difference between articles stating Sutton could be a back up safety and an actuality of Sutton being able to play safety. I understand he has taken SOME snaps there in camp/practice - but have we seen him play NFL Sunday level safety? No, we haven’t, so it’s an erroneous statement to make. That’s a pretty good Segway into why I’ll have this argument. You THINK Sutton is a better option because you want him to be- and that’s fine. But there is nothing in 2 years that’s shows he IS. That’s my issue with the “Artie Burns is at best the 6th CB”. There is no one on this roster that flat out deserves that spot more. Sutton, Burns, and Allen are all AT LEAST on equal footing for it. Any of them can take it, but to think Burns is so far off he can’t even be the 5th guy is being dishonest.
  5. Pre-Camp 53

    When? He couldn’t beat out Coty Sensebaugh and couldn’t fill in as any sort of long term option with a group of DBs who severely lacked talent outside of Haden. Flat out I don’t believe your line at all. Burns has SHOWN more potential than Sutton. Burns has a year plus of pretty good football. It’s just that when Burns is bad he had been really bad and never broken out of the funk. Sutton couldn’t sniff the field when we desperately needed playmakers, had an extremely limited Sensebaugh as the number 2 and a hurt and under performing Hilton. That doesn’t lead me to believe that dude has a ton of potential. Potential it’s Burns > Sutton. The only thing you can sell Suttons potential on is the unknown, but from the snaps he DOESNT get with what I would consider plentiful opportunity, I’d heavily lean against believing he has any. If you want to tell me from just a net performance (weighing his good against his bad) it’s sutton > Burns, I guess I might agree. However, one has significantly less tape than the other. Even then, we are not talking a pro bowler and a cut line player, they are both on the cusp of hanging on in the league - their margin is razor thin. Thats the piece I don’t get. Burns is a failed 1st rounder, and played horribly last year. But Sutton’s never shown enough to get more chances and Allen barely hangs onto the roster - if it wasn’t for his gunners skills he wouldn’t be in the NFL. So how is it so heavily tilted towards those guys that Burns couldn’t even sniff the 5th spot?
  6. Pre-Camp 53

    Why? After the top 3 and just blindly assuming that Layne is the 4th, who is so immediately better than Burns that he couldn’t even be considered as the 5th guy - who is primarily on the team to play special teams? Are Sutton, Allen, or any of the rest of nobodies head and shoulders better than Burns?
  7. Pre-Camp 53

    Washington played 11 ST snaps last year. Granted, someone has to take over the DHB role, but I don’t see Washington being that guy - especially because he is probably our 2nd or 3rd receiver. Johnson I’m unsure about. I don’t see him as a gunner, but maybe. Griffey and Jones both looked good in that role and both are different than the rest of the crop. Switzer and Rogers are both returners only, With Rogers specifically being only punts. With Switz, Rogers, and Johnson all bring returners, all being smaller build route runners, all most likely playing in the slot (where JuJu already stands to get a ton of snaps), I just don’t see the need for all three.
  8. Pre-Camp 53

    I should note, I didn’t attempt to put them in any sort of depth chart order...but they probably are just by default of how I thought of them. I just didn’t put any real thought into it. Like Mason vs Dobbs. I expect Mason to be the backup at some point at least. But I was probably too lazy to think about it when selecting Mason as the inactive. Just went with the third guy in line because we will only have two on gameday.
  9. Pre-Camp 53

    Yup. His first name is Tyson, and I really didn’t feel like googling the correct spelling of his last name. I was lazy. I just don’t see it. Well, at least how you keep both Rogers and Switz while having JuJu, Washington, Johnson and both of them via for slot snaps. Just too much repetitiveness for me. That and it leaves no one to play special teams out of that position.
  10. Pre-Camp 53

    - Kept TJ Jones to play the DHB role over someone like Rogers. Just too redundant at this point. I think Roger is a better receiver than Switz, but taking Ryan because he can start off as the returner. - I think the backend of the OL is going to be interesting and largely dependent on who wins the RT position. Right now, Ill take Hawkins for some feel goods. - Only keeping 3 TEs, one of which is Gentry. Im not super thrilled about this, but I did the exercise before on looking through other rosters for a TE. Its, also, not super thrilling. My personal plan would be more Rosie and more tackle TE's. - Keeping Matakevich at this point because he is a known STer vs an unknown STer in Gilbert. If Ulysses even looks capable of that role through camp and pre-season, Ill probably swap. - Burns over Sutton. I like that Burns is owning trying to make this team. Sutton has never done enough. Give me Burns as a STer and a guy that seems like he is itching to stay in the league. - Safety? I dont know. Locke seems fun. - I get the feeling we are going to be deep diving for a TE, DL, or Safety as our new annual training camp trade. - As far as inactives: Johnson sits because I have Switz being week 1 returner, Gentry because I think you can get away with 2 TEs, Layne is just a numbers game, and Allen because I dont particularly like him. - Im not extremely thrilled about my special teams at this moment.
  11. Pre-Camp 53

    Welp, its about that time, so why not argue about fringe players! QB: Ben, Dobbs, MasonRB: Connor, Samuels, SnellFB: NixWR: JuJu, Washington, Moncreif, Johnson, Switz, JonesTE: McDonald, Gimble, GentryT: Villy, Fieler, Chick, BannerG: Foster, Decastro, Finney, HawkinsC: Pouncey25DE: Heyward, Tuitt, Tyson, BuggsNT: Hargrave, McCullersOLB: TJ, Dupree, Ola, Chicki, SmithILB: William, Bush, Barron, MatakevichCB: Haden, Nelson, Hilton, Layne, BurnsS: Davis, Edmunds, Dangerfield, Allen, Locke25 K: BoswellP: BerryLS: Canaday PS: Edmunds, Gilbert, Hooks, Radar, Kelly, Spencer, Skipper, Gray, Askew-Henry, Someone not currently on the team, CSW (international extra) Underline represents Week 1 inactive. Explanation of some to follow. I probably missed someone extremely obvious. Tear it up.
  12. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I actually don’t think it’s directed at AB, I think it’s pointed at fans who give him a hard time because of his SM accounts. He has joked about not posting videos of himself for a while now. I’m really not sure of the timeline but this isn’t his first occurrence doing it at least. Maybe it is pointed in a certain direction, but I think it’s just a reoccurring stab at people constantly worried about how much he games and worry he doesn’t work out or care about football because he doesn’t blast his training on social media all the time. Could be a little bit of A, little bit of B though.
  13. I do agree with you. I’m not sure either make the roster but I would still put Burns ahead of Sutton. Burns had played well, but mental issues and a complete lack of confidence derailed what was a pretty good rookie year. I don’t know that burns ever recovers, I’m not sure he ever plays a game on Sundays again, but he is doing everything right, has more physical upside, and has shown more on the field than Sutton. If I had to pick right now - he is probably my 5th guy. Just a side note on Burns, but I hope he and DHB grabbed a beer last year and talked. What an absolutely great role model to have right there in front of you. Failed first round pick who decided he wanted to stick around the NFL so he became a pretty good special teamer. That’s burns ticket at this point. He is still only 24, but his second contract is as a STer.
  14. I can appreciate that, but is was a draft eligible guy. Why didn’t he come out? Also, this being his only option doesn’t make me run out the door with optimism. I just feel like this draft falls into this - he is available, therefore he is the best option - status. We see that all the time - just look at the Bud Dupree replacement talk this year. I know nothing about this kid, so you could sell me on him - but where does he stand with this years S crop? What about the projection of next year? I could understand if he is a hands down 1st or 2nd rounder but anything in the middle is a no go for me. Your a middle rounder and you weren’t even able to handle the responsibilities of a general education in college? I’m good.
  15. Honest question I don’t know the answer to: how many dudes picked in the supplemental draft are staring in the NFL right now? Pryor and Gordon are the only two I know about and they are....I don’t even know how to describe their careers. Okay-ish? There’s a reason why dudes are in this draft, there’s a reason a draft eligible guy didn’t come out early. I’m just not super worried about this draft, ever.