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  1. Bell contract 2018

    I should add to my last comment on the Rumor numbers....if that Rumor is numbers in ADDITION to the Franchise year - so technically a 4 year extension after this year - I would do that. Over the 5 years I get 2.5 years of guarantee/comfort. I dont think that protection is worth the risk of getting to FA in 19.
  2. Bell contract 2018

    If that Rumor is accurate, I would never accept that If I was Bell. I get paid $14.5M this year, not signing that contract is only a $6M gamble. Signing the long term deal is for comfort of future earnings in case of injury in a 1 year contract under the franchise tag. Would he really be willing to give up hitting FA for $6M extra guaranteed? On a 4 year deal, I would want at least half guaranteed.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Just wondering, but what makes you feel so strongly here? Last page you said you think he won't find $10M somewhere. I find that hard to believe. Bunch of teams with gaps at RB/playmaker to which he instantly makes offenses better -- and they have a ton of cap space. No way McKinnon gets $7.5M a year and people think that Bell is the same age and only $2M better... If he is healthy - Jets, Colts, Seahawks, Raiders, Packers, and Lions are all teams with cap space who need a player like him (potentially) in 2019. I think Bell easily gets more money elsewhere, basically because its an open market and people have needs and more money than us.
  4. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    The surprising 0-5 All 5 guys are on the last years of their deals. Wouldnt be eligible for the draft.
  5. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    Yup. It basically came down to those two guys for my last spot. I just trust that Red isn't much of a change from Vince, that Bostic will be a decent player if healthy, and that we will be in sub packages more and more putting safeties in a ILB type position. I feel the role of that position is deeper In fucntion and not name, than OLB is But overall, I agree with you. Just a personal preference.
  6. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    I just don't think it's that easy as you say. Eliminate good players, rookies, and guys whose contracts are expiring and you don't have a super long list. It leaves a list of guys like Davis, Burns, dirty red, hargrave, Haden, Sutton, McDonald, Dupree, nix, Conner, and Dobbs. I don't think it's quite the list you think it is...
  7. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    I struggled with this one. In one hand I couldn't care less if he wasn't here, but at the same time one less OLB on this team would kinda suck.
  8. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    According to the last expansion draft for the 2001 season, teams could not select players that would be FAs for the 2002 season -- so no one was allowed in the pool that had 1 year left on their contract. It wouldn't make much sense to allow 1 year guys into the draft. That would truly suck for the expansion team.
  9. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    Walton, Fort, and Shazier all ineligible due to contracts expiring at end of the year.
  10. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    All 5 players you listed are on the last years of their contracts, which excludes them by the rules in being selected. Must not be as easy as you say 😜 Also - the Panthers and Jags did the same format, only teams selected 6 players instead of 5 to offer into the draft. So at least the last 3 expansion drafts were done this way.
  11. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    OP has the expansion draft correct - picking 5 players to subject to draft and the rules - at least according to the last NFL expansion. The only rule I would add as I mentioned above is elimination rookies from consideration since a real expansion draft would happen before the draft.
  12. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    Man, I really would dislike this list. Sutton showed well last year and is next guy up right now, who might push to start against Burns. On top of that it would benefit us greatly if he steps into Haden's $10M shoes next year. Losing him means next guy up is...Sensebaugh. Yuck. Hargrave is a personal preference, but i like him in this world of sub defenses. The position is never going back to the Hampton days, and the drop from him to the next guy on the roster is too drastic IMO. McDonalds another personal preference. If healthy, I think he has a chance for a big year. I just don't think his replacement, Grimble, has any hope of a the same year. Again the drop is too severe for me. Athletic TEs might be a dime a dozen, but there isn't a long list of actual quality ones. Conner, meh you could talk me into it and I don't know I could make a true argument for keeping the fullback, by everything Rosie does, he does so well. Would hate to lose that. I might be taking the timeline of this happening right now too literally though when free agency is dried up, cash savings don't matter much, and there is no draft coming up to replenish positions again. if you asked this question in March, I probably feel differently.
  13. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    Just a thought, but you should also add "no rookies" to the list of rules. That way the decisions dont come from a bunch of 6th or 7th round guys or UDFA that wont make a roster. Try to crunch the decisions from teams. My 5: - QB, Landry Jones - 4 guys, 3 hats. And I dont like Jones. To me, Jones doesn't raise the quality of the team if we lose Ben anymore than a rookie or Dobbs would. I would rather keep Dobbs and save some cash. - C, Pouncey - I think Ben would lose his mind...but an aging guy who seems to have a viable replacement is a smart move. - S, Sean Davis - We have a bunch of guys at the position and while I hope he turns the corner, I wouldn't be super disappointed if he was gone and move on to Edmunds, Allen, Burhe, and even Dangerfield. Just not sure how much drop off their would be at this point. - CB, Brian Allen - I like him and I hope he grows, but he is low man on the totem pole of a position with a bunch of young guys in front of him already. Also a name I figure I will get back. - ILB, Vince Williams - My curveball. The way they seem to like Tyler Matakevic, the addition of Bostic, and the overall feeling that this position will be a heavy focus next year as well makes me think he is currently replaceable. I like Vinny, but I am not sure how big a drop from him to Tyler we would see. Others considered: Gilbert, but I think the lack of an immediate known causes too big an issue at that position. Joe Haden, but without full confidence in Burns and Sutton its too big a risk. Vance McDonalds, but I think his potential in the offense is too great (if healthy). Tyler Matakevic, same reasons at Vince, but just a personal preference. Josh Dobbs, similar to Landry, but I really, really, really, reaaaaaaally hate Landry Jones. Edit: Ahhh, I messed up with Jones and Vince Williams. Both on on expiring contracts -- Good news for me, their replacements are in my others considered list. Switch Jones for Dobbs and Williams for Matakevic. The explanations are pretty much the same.
  14. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    I can accept it... if you define it. I have never claimed anything about Hawkins - other than you can't make an accurate assessment at this point. The fact being that that's also why he may not have a job on this team next year is not my point. Injuries are causing missed opportunity. That's tough luck. Using "he hasn't proved anything" is an empty statement if there is no substance of what IT is that needs to be proved. THAT is my point. What can a guy with limited opportunity do TO PROVE himself, and then how can he show case that to YOU as someone I'm guessing isn't going over practice tape or preseason with a fine tooth comb looking for what The OTs are or are not doing. I'd honestly like to see where I made an assessment of this player. I have already agreed with the assessment that we are no worse off without him and his incoming replacement, because of his lack of current impact. I'm asking you to define what "prove" means when you are using that as your argument like it's some form of a black and white answer. If "prove" is what you wanted...then what is "prove"?
  15. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Sure - I can live with that. I haven't been trying to push a narrative of Hawkins being some form of irreplaceable value anyway. But to say he is at best a JAG or to use the term "proving" as a description for his play, i do not understand. But your right, chief - it's hard to miss what you haven't really had. And I won't argue that.