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  1. Late March Mock

    You can say this about just about anyone. We could upgrade Foster...doesnt mean we need to. Rogers was on PUP for pretty much the whole year -- played 3 games. DHB is what I am talking about as carrying a 5th/6th receiver -- he was purely there to play special teams. Thats why he held a spot on a 46. Hunter was the guy who always got the inactive. But he brought nothing to the table and cost you nothing to carry. If we actively go get another 2nd/3rd round receiver you want ROI there...same with FA. So that means we would be carrying JuJu, a 18 and 19 2nd round pick, a FA we brought into start, and 2 NFL slot guys -- none of which play across STs to replace the 200 ST snaps of DHB. So the issue is that you are wasting somebody who is capable of playing in the NFL. Either last years highly drafted pick, this years highly drafted pick, this years FA acquisition, or one of the two very capable slot guys -- someones getting wasted and their spot on the rosters is rather meaningless. I just cant wrap my head around wasting real NFL talent when we need an infusion of ability or depth at TE, ILB, Pass Rush, Dimebacker, Safety, Corner, DL, etc. Its about where we would be drafting that guy. 2nd/3rd round are high quality targets that you expect a return on. Thats better spent elsewhere at positions we are not already 5 deep at. We can find a more usefully prospect.
  2. Late March Mock

    Where does a second round rookie fit in? JJ isnt playing the slot, so its outside. Is he replacing last years second round pick or this years free agent signing? Forcing a second round WR pick makes that a really crowded room. Top 3 JuJu, Moncreif, Rogers (for argument sake). Switzer was our returner (and from week 10 on played 21+ snaps a game) and Washington needed a year, but did show potential (he came from a school that runs 3 routes but played nearly 50% of the snaps). Who are you kicking out? I know the argument is that you can carry 6, but not if someone doesnt play special teams as the gunner. If one of those 5 or your newly drafted 2nd round pick doesnt get a helmet on sundays its a waste. Let someone fight their way on as the 6th receiver rather than handcuffing yourself to that extra roster space. Oh, I have no idea. I just think that guy scares me from a standpoint of taking him in the first round and hoping he turns that part of the defense around. As a PSU fan, I watch a lot of Big10 and I cant say that guy ever really stood out to me as someone I would fear on Sundays. You can win in college by just being an athlete, but you cant in the NFL. I just fear he would be a guy we draft at 20 and then 3 years later just go - oh he isnt very good at football is he? I just watched two highlight videos of him where they both called him the "scariest" player in football in hopes it would hype me up. I got bored. I turned it off watching him cover no one within 10 yards on a screen against Purdue, but the QB threw it right at him for a PD. Its not quite as bad as the Gerold Holliman "highlight" for me, but I just cant get excited for him. But I dont really do prospects. Someone could tell me I am completely off base on Bush and Ill take their word for it.
  3. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Im not saying I would do it for Howard, but these are the types of moves I would love to start making. A late round pick for a pro ready guy on his last year of his contract. Take the Pro guy, pass on the dart throw, and hopefully you pick get a comp pick back when you let him walk the following year.
  4. Late March Mock

    I cant speak to prospects like others, but speaking positionally -- I wouldnt like this draft IMO, we should punt on receiver before the 5th at least. We have 5 pro ready guys, let the UDFA/PS guys fight for the ST role. To me, drafting one in the top 3 rounds is a waste of a 53 spot. Devin Bush is really iffy for me and from the blurb i read on Willis, Im not sure I would want him either specifically because I dont see any playing time for him as a top 3 round pick.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    No not at all. 1) We have 5 years to worry about that. I mean, please be so good you need to demand $100M. I’ll take those 5 years. 2) 100M at 6 years is 16.6 at 5 years it’s 20. Seeing as how Mosley a run stopper got 17/per...if he is a stud with the cap continuing to go up, it’s really not that big of a deal. 3) he was basically just saying you should draft me because your gonna regret it if you don’t.
  6. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    I don’t really care to look at prospects so I just kinda take a lot of peoples word for it... But to trade up and spend so many valuable resources, that guy needs to be a sure thing and a hands down best. My question would be is Devin White one of the best LBs to come out in the last couple of years or is he just the best of this class?
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’m not sure how Barron replaces Burnett at this moment. Functionally on the football field? Yeah, I understand. But on a depth chart? He can’t be the third saftey. We either need to sign one or two S to make Burnett expendable. We aren’t deep there to begin with, we can’t cut our only depth we currently have.
  8. Yes and no. The only real starter they have ever used in the return game has been AB returning Punts and 1) he was the most dynamic 2) the most consistent 3) you can red light, green light everything on punts. Kicks is a different story. Bryant and Juju both did it in 2017, and I guess you could technically say they were starters, but they really shared the #2 and #3 rule. Neither were losing your top guy, which is what JuJu is now, so there is no way they put him back there for kicks. The guys before that were Toussaint, Archer, Wheaton, Coates, and Felix Jones -- none of which were at the top of their respected charts. If they don't give a hat to the second round draft pick..... Right, but one of them has had ST value. DHB has always, always been a constant of that equation. Before him Arnaz Battle. Before him Sean Morey. They are not going to carry 6 guys who are just receivers. So if we draft one top 3 rounds...are you making that dude be a STer instead of concentrating on being an NFL receiver? This sounds like a nightmare.
  9. Most likely, but if Switz sits, who's the KR? Eli isnt a good PR either so thats not a great option. Eli not getting a helmet probably doesnt make much sense - he is the best slot option outside of JuJu and Smith-Schuster will have to play on the outside some too. It probably ends up being the rookie and again, none of the other 5 provide ST help from a position that consistently has a ST on the bottom end of the active roster. Some of those questions can be answered if we replace the KR/PR somewhere else on the roster, but then Eli/Switz seem like two weird guys to carry on a 53 together. We need those first 3 rounds to be pretty solid contributors. I just cant see them taking a Receiver with the core the way its currently constructed if he isnt supplanting someones rosters space.
  10. I really cant see how a rookie receiver fits on this roster without someone losing their job, which I also dont see happening. We currently have 5 NFL capable receivers, but none of them are special teamers (sans returners). If we do add another guy in the draft there is no way we keep 6 guys without someone taking the brunt of ST work, which none of the top 5 can handle. There is also no way 6 dudes are active and the top 5 doesnt really have a guy that wont deserve a helmet. Unless its a late round flyer on a guy whos cutting his teeth in the NFL on ST or someone (unfortunately, prob Switz) is about to lose their jobs I cant see us drafting a receiver.
  11. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I don’t think anyone has visions of his 22 sack year...but he is still an effective rusher, he is better than Dupree, and this move would absolutely benefit the defense. Even as a part time rusher it would be a great move 9 sacks in 12 games is nothing to shake a stick at....whatever that saying means.
  12. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I kinda like Dupree as the third rusher. He isn’t a great pass rusher but he would be change of pace/relentless. His cap charge doesn’t really bother me, though if he was replaced before the money got locked I woulda canned him, but ultimately it doesn’t bother me. Would rather have had him one one year at a high cost than a huge void or multi years.
  13. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Went back in his timeline. He also said don’t expect the Steelers to sign Houston. It was cap related, but still. Would love the Houston deal. Would like to hear it from somewhere else first.
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I dont mind a Tate Signing, but it does permanently kick JuJu out of what is probably his best position in the slot. But I hate what it means for last years draft. Washington needed a lot of work. Love his technical receiving skills, but he came from 4 years of a college that ran 3 routes and had 0 thought process for the player. He can be very good - he has the tools to be, but he needs time to learn the detailed side of route running thanks to his college offense. If we sign Tate, that means they dont think he is ready for an extended role....this year. Hell, Moncreif might meant that anyway. But then to have drafted a guy in the second (and follow it up with a QB and a project T) when we so desperately needed defensive help...that would mean a huge punt by the FO. And thats probably not even the part that makes me mad. Im all for upgrading. You are willing to upgrade Receiver twice over......but we are going to send Sean Davis back out there? Barf.
  15. Fits the bill of what we need on a team that has 1,000 slot receivers. Will be an outside, field stretching threat that should allow for more JuJu slot snaps.. Could be a decent redzone target too, which is what we will probably miss with Brown the most - even if he wasnt built like a RZ threat. Having said that.... I really don't like Moncreif.