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  1. It means nothing until they start playing real football, but for someone who has had issues with the Randy/Ben offense for the last three years I do love what I’m hearing. Multiple. Pace. Matchup. Flexibility. Motion. Exploiting weakness. Even just offensive line focuses with physicality and speed. This stuff might some basic, but it’s things we have largely been lacking on or missing completely over the past couple of years. Could never understand the lack of pace on a team with Ben Roethlisbeger who excels in no huddle and loves to do it. Why you can’t have green light/red l
  2. Absolutely. Allows you to have Hooker and Minkah covering half the field in C2. You can move Edmunds into the box where he is a more natural fit. You can move Minkah all around on passing situations so people cannot just avoid him. So much flexibility. I love it. Having said that....if it hasn't happened by now, it most likely isn't. Steelers seem to not let you out of the building without signing. So kinda feels like its not happening, unfortunately.
  3. I would really love it if Hooker signed....but isn’t he from right around Pittsburgh? I’ve seen the rumors, but I’m not falling for it until I see something substantial from a check Mark in Twitter. Also saw trade rumors about us getting LVE over the weekend from largely the same folks.
  4. I share this feeling as a general though on drafting that position. If you are not in love with a guy, I would rather you take a better talent and figure it out later. But its also the position where if you absolutely love someone, go ahead and trade 5 1st round picks to go get him. If 2022 class doesnt look like they have that guy and there isn't a Carr like option available...Roll the dice on Mason and Haskins in a competition in hopes that Canada has a nice system they get to facilitate with a defense that wins the game. It's kinda silly to look out this far but 2023 seems to at
  5. Without looking back, I think that number is usually 10 DBs. I think we were light on Safeties last year, but I also think that's because they considered Sutton and Hilton a mix of both. My guess is we are at 10 again this year. Just a side note on DB's....I am actually a little encouraged about our situation. Im not confident we are good, but I do like a bit of what they have done. Haden and Sutton are fairly well known at this point, as are Minkah and Edmunds at safety. But they have competition and flexibility to really let a competition play out and the best man/men win. Pierre vs La
  6. The way we have played with our slot defender the last 4 years, those are pretty low on my list of why I would or wouldn't want him there. Hilton played the role far more like a third safety and we still play a high percentage of zone. His physicality, smarts, and length, IMO, would fit the role well - especially with a guy like Sutton who would be able to interchange slot/outside with him in passing situations (much like how we took Hilton off the field occasionally). Having said that, I did watch more Sherman and ew no. No clue how he got the grade he did in 2019. Actually, I take that
  7. Small school rookie that came in during a covid-limited offseason. No, I am not worried about pass rush. Im more worried about losing the well rounded game of Dupree. I think Highsmith is at this very moment a better pass rusher. I want someone like Kerrigan to sign, but Im not that worried that we missed out.
  8. Agreed with everything. I do have a fantasy scenario that would love to see Sherman play the slot in our defense. He is still physical, a great tackler, and super smart. Your not as worried about his pure coverage in the slot with Minkah behind (a la Hilton), but his ability to be an asset against the run and a game changer with his brain against the pass could be a real problem. Hilton had a hand in 6 turnovers last year, but every other year averaged about 3. I think your looking at that 6 number with Sherman there. But again...just a thought based scenario and one that won’t hap
  9. The thing that I always seemed to notice is that guys never seemed to be on the same page. I attribute that to coaching. Those clips talking about execution seem to even show guys almost carrying out assignments opposite of each other. I can remember a play when I was watching to try to see what was wrong in the run game where Chuks had his guy sealed to the outside like the play was to go inside of him but the pulling Pouncey went around the outside of Chuks -- the RB followed and was easily tackled by the man Chuks was blocking who had a free outside shoulder. I have no idea if Pouncey
  10. I agree. I don't know that I go as far as monster season, but I do think he is going to bounce back. Weird covid schedule, started the year injured, issued across the line with coaching/game planning. A key to remember with him is that he started injured, came back, re-injured after our surprise bye, then came back and we had that incredible weird scheduling time period. Pro's talk all the time about their routines and I would imagine for a guy recovering from injury that's even more important. Every question War has is valid and there's for sure reason to be skeptical. I personall
  11. It's tough to break from the bubble. The only reason I saw the other schedules is because I was doing my best to avoid starting my yard work! I just wish one time, someone in the national spot light would step in against others talking about how the Steelers won 12 games against weak opponents and the Browns are clearly better by just pointing out that they shared 14 of the opponents....
  12. All I want for Christmas is for the Steeler's to tell us that all three wide receivers can play all three spots and them actually mean it. JuJu can be our slot, I like him there...but he isn't an 80%er, especially in a short passing game. Move guys around, find mismatches, exploit weakness...I like what I am hearing about Canada, but know let's just see if he is effective. (and if Ben is bought in)
  13. I absolutely agree, but I do think that works both ways. Just as the Ravens followed by @Minn on Thursday night makes that a difficult 2 game stretch, it also gives you 10 games to follow the Titans at home in what you would think would be hyper focus to make up for the rough stretch. Yes, we open on the road at the Bills, but we follow 2 at home with winnable games before heading to Green Bay. We get Seattle coming off @SF, Home to the Rams, and followed by Home to NO. That's a rough stretch to put a cross country flight on - especially with us in our second consecutive home game
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