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  1. Through 2 weeks: TJ Watt leads the NFL in PRWR at 44% and Highsmith is 8th at 32% for edge and Heyward is 9th at DT. Need those dudes healthy...
  2. How has my argument changed? I don't know how simple of a world you live in, my man, but there can be more than one thing going on at the same time. Like how it can be both Ben AND Tomlin's fault. Can you admit that yet, or nah? Yes, I am sure three different coaches decided to eliminate the most fertile area of the field for passing in the modern NFL. Yes, I am sure three different coaches decided to eliminate one of the most efficient means of creating plays down field in the NFL. Well, I wont be sarcastic here. This is just plain wrong. RPO's were a heavy Ha
  3. If we were actually going to move on from Ben in season, I’d find a nice way to IR him and just turn the keys to Mason/Haskins. I don’t expect either to do much, but at least find out. Find out about them, find out about Canada, find out about the OLine. Just everything. Does it need to be a page 1 rewrite or can they salvage any of the pieces to move forward.
  4. well this is a two part convo. Ben plays with no pace in huddle. It’s sit down. Look around. Point out reads. Look around. Snap. He rarely plays with hard counts and doesn’t quick snap. That’s the pace I’m talking about. McVay plays with pace. Ben is the opposite end of that line. But also the reason he liked the muddle huddle/no huddle was control …he got to call plays. That was also under the OC control of Haley. Notice that went away, largely in the Fichtner offense? It’s because ben was more in control with Randy and they pulled it out on occasion. He would talk about it constan
  5. No, no not really. Big Bens problem isn’t schematics its willingness to be coached in schematics and buy in. Todd Haley completely revolutionized Bens game and made him a better, more efficient QB. Bens problems are he likes to do what he likes to do and what Ben likes to do is throw the ball. Hence the reason Todd was brought in and the first thing they did was eliminate Bens audible ability. Ben likes to read defenses without people in motion. Ben likes to not have his back to the defense. He doesn’t like pace. Ben doesn’t like the R part of an RPO (look up the numbers). Ben doesn’t want to
  6. This was 21 plays into the game. If he’s exhausted by then……
  7. I definitely agree with that, but in terms of what I saw he didn’t just look bad by association, he was just flat out bad. No power, seemed gassed trying to get to the edge and just barely gave effort to even touch the guy, got blown up which caused a loss, and got stone walled pulling after seemingly not getting enough depth. 1 quarter and a half into the game. It’s not good so far. I definitely give him the benefit of the doubt on the potential of just one bad game…but I’ll prob me watching a little more closely for him.
  8. Rewatching this game, because apparently I am a glutton for punishment... But we laugh (cry?) at how bad Chuks is, but boy....we better start talking about how bad Dotson is. Its....woof. I am hoping this gets better for him, but those "reports" in the off-season very well might have more legs than we thought. It's really bad so far. Trai Turner doesn't seem like he can move? Options are limited when your starting RG decides in the middle of the off-season that he needs to get surgery, but BJ Finney or Hausauner might be the gods honest better option right now. Also not seeing
  9. From my experience and the stuff I read, those are backwards. Day 1 is install and large block play (1st and second down), days 2 and 3 are more specific to situational football (3rd down, 2 minute, 4 minute, and redzone). The Steelers could very well flip them, I don't know that for sure, but my knowledge is that Ben is missing the more vital of days....which is why I hammer this yearly when we look like we just run the same things over and over again. Because if he is missing install....then we probably are just staying the same week to week instead of introducing new features that you
  10. Strange…there’s one constant in all this… (incoming Tomlin comment) Can you seriously just admit that ben has SOME level of blame on the schematic outcome we see on Sundays? Jesus, the entire thing isn’t Tomlins fault. He absolutely wears blame - and it can be a lot. But two things can be true at the same time: Ben can be the one pulling the trigger on a decade worth of inept concepts offensively and Tomlin can be allowing it. Like the practice thing: yea, it can be Tomlins fault for doing it (I’m a literal broken record on this every season) but the guy who supposedly wears a
  11. Hey I research too! 😎 I thought this year would be different because we saw this before w/ Haley. They neutered Ben's decision making and he became a far more efficient QB. We saw the actions they took before Ben committed, we saw the pay reduction, we heard about the offense design in the offseason and we saw it in camp/pre-season......and then we get to the first two games and.....it's gone. They either don't have buy in from Ben or Canada isn't going to stand up to him like Haley did. And considering that Canada was out of football completely 2 years ago and this is his first NFL
  12. I'll definitely raise my hand and say I thought he would be different this year. Physically, I don't think he is an issue -- I maintain that from last year. I thought, by everything he said and the action of taking a paycut, that he would accept Canada a the playcaller and follow suit. We even SAW it in that third pre-season game. Through 2 actual games, you couldn't tell the difference between Canada and Fichtner because, well, Ben. I gotta take a break from them early in this week. I'm still really heated that they are literally FAKING MOTION. I can't get over that. Just out there chec
  13. I just did it, and well, its not pretty. It's more of an L from week to week. He attacks one sideline and then its a straight line across from sideline to sideline across the 10 yard mark. It's also interesting because if you look at his overall year chart, he has an above average QB rating when targeting the middle of the field at all levels. Obviously smaller sample size, but it's not like thats a deadzone where good footballs go to die.
  14. Im not trying to push back, I am just honestly curious -- but who? They don't have any listed as on field/in box personnel to help him making in game decisions. If you look at the progressive teams they have titles all over the place like "analyst, analysis, and quality control". We don't. I take that back, we have one -- Matt Tomsho, who came with Canada. And I totally agree with the bottom. Tomlin gets stuck in this "execution" mode. If we execute, we will do better. Well, probably not when Marcus Allen is your starting ILB and you match Robert Spillane on WR's or TJ, Haden, Tyso
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