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  1. The Rooney rule has its ups and downs, but I do believe it does it’s job for the most part. If Brandon Hunt was white and Khan is a minority, in GM searches, Khan is getting the interviews and Hunt isn’t. Ultimately, the additional exposure is that it’s meant for accomplish. I just feel bad for the guys that need to be dragged through this stuff when a decision has already been made. But then again, they still get a shot to impress and opportunity to go through the interview process — so the good outweighs the bed. But man, if I’m the Steelers and I know it’s Hunt or Khan, I’m abusing th
  2. I don't think so. The wording of the rule state "who has been hired by another club". Would be pretty awesome if we got compensation for hiring internally though....but I don't think so. Totally! The Steelers have two internal, minority candidates...one of which will likely get the job. But they still have to invite people to interview to check boxes. Hope they fly the dudes in for a really nice steak dinner at least. A box checking zoom would kinda suck. I was thinking about Brandon Hunt going to Vegas -- even if that was just a box check or he tells him while he i
  3. Something I found interesting about this, as it relates to the last time we talked GM's.... The news was announced today and they already interviewed their two internal candidates.
  4. I just googled it as I was coming in to post it I saw you messaged: So, technically, Khan and Hunt checked no boxes. Another portion of the rule that has effect is that teams CANNOT deny access to interviews of any of their coaches/executives unless they have been designated the future GM through the Assistant GM title in contract. So Hunt and Khan couldn't be denied by the Steelers.
  5. I think they have to via the new rules governing hires don't they? They have to check the same boxes of coaching in the executive side.
  6. I definitely don't do the college game as much as you guys here, but I had a little time in between meetings and I love to check out a QB... Briefly watched Eleby and saw enough that makes me have no desire to see anymore of him. Everything was designed to throw to his first read. They even had "dummy" first read stuff (fake screen, WR cross throwback) that make it look like he is processing...but really he is throwing to the first designed person every time. It's a hope and a dream to think he can start processing in the NFL, so everything else he would do/physical is would have to stand
  7. I won't read much into the house selling, but if he does step away....would 2014 be the best draft class ever of KNOWN high quality NFL talent that all just (somewhat tragically) feel off? 1) Ryan Shazier 2) Stephon Tuitt 3) Dri Archer 4) Martavis Bryant Even Wesley Johnson hung around the league for 5-6 years. Big Dan McCullers was a good pick for a 6th rounder who stuck in the league for 7 years. Like Senquez Golson is easy to understand. We never got to see him to know if he could play in the NFL or not. We SAW those 3 do big things in the league....and now, gone.
  8. It’s just too bad these guys don’t grow on trees.
  9. That just goes back to my first comment. Why would Rooney pay that much for a guy he overrides? And for Tomlin, why would he stay and lose power when he could go anywhere? Look at the Lincoln Riley 10 year deal. Tomlin could get that in a heartbeat. No matter what, production is still king. If Tomlin goes 2-15 the next two years, in year three there WILL be a new coach. So why would Tomlin, who could name his price and situation, allow someone else to make the decisions on his staff that ultimately lead to the production he will be judge on? That stuff doesn’t make sense. It’
  10. But that leads to part two…why would Tomlin stay?
  11. I have a hard time buying that the 5th highest paid coach in American sport is a puppet. Rooney could save a boatload of money to hire someone else to inject his will. Same with Tomlin staying in that environment when he could literally go anywhere he wanted for whatever dollar amount and whatever power he desired. None of us really know the dynamic, but Rooney forcing a hire, Tomlin defending that hire a year later, and then Rooney overruling the coach and firing the hire he forced doesn’t flow very well. Why would Tomlin defend a hire he didn’t make if the owner who made the hire
  12. Concerning that the owner would have to step in and do the HC’s job for him. I personally think Canada needs to go before we get in too deep. But if Tomlin needs to be told that by the owner, I would worry. Maybe it could be a good thing with there being some pressure pushed down to Tomlin about needing to find more urgency with his staff and not expecting things to get better because he thinks they’ll get better. But bypassing the coach usually signals the beginning of an end.
  13. This would be welcome news….but also concerning as hell.
  14. My hope has been that they are just waiting to see who takes the Denver job to know if they retain Munchak and if they don't that we send a quick "you up?" text.
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