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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Im not ready to say Ola should start over Dupree....but he should damn sure be logging snaps over Chicki. We have still really only seen Ola play against training camp bodies. I'm hoping chicks injury truly opens the door for him to be the 3rd/rotational guy. If he checks that box and looks really good doing it, Im open to the idea of starting him over Dupree. Im not high on Dupree in anyway, but Id prefer to see Ola earn that given we havent seen much of him lately and have never seen him against NFL starters.
  2. Id love to do a "what we love best about offensive play callers" thread, but it would make me too sad to think we dont have one. I know everyone wants to know who the next QB is going to be post Ben, but man....give me the next smart, analytical, new age OC. I think you are seeing throughout the league what type of impact OCs can have on QB play. *GOFF* Cough *GOFF*
  3. I'm most excited for this. I'm not a hardcore analytics person for football, but this is the one thing that I fully get behind them with. PA works. PA is good. You should do PA a lot. Its about deceiving eyes and its something I complain about with our play-calling alot. I don't think we do enough to force communication and false reads. You look at a lot of the best offensive playcallers in the league, McVay, Reid, McDaniels, Peterson, Reich, Nagy, etc...false reads are a driving force of controlling linebacker and safety eyes and attacking them after you put them at a decision. Some of my favorite McVay things are the false read of pulling tight ends across the formation. He does this even without PA at times, but the action sucks up defenses just the same. We are not even a team that motions a lot -- we do the half motion to pick up their defense, but its usually our Z in the slot coming in behind the tackle and then going right back to his original spot. With Rudolph moving forward. Playaction. Bunch Sets. WR Screen game. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.
  4. ESPN has Switzer projected for 10.1 points in my PPR league. Is he going to catch 10 passes this week for 1 yard?
  5. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    I don’t think the franchise tag is done for. Not when it only effects less than 1% of the players. No ones gonna miss checks for that and it will be one of the first things to hit the cutting floor when push comes to shove. But that’s a discussion for a different day.
  6. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    I’m good with that. I’m pretty big on getting the next guy after the first guys gone for QB. My problem with Mason is his contract lines up with Bens. So as soon as ben is officially out, we need to immediately start paying Mason. And if he shows well here and has a good agent, that means figures starting at the franchise tag, which will probably be north of $30M. So I almost think the best thing that could happen is for Mason to play lights out, and flip him for a first, play out the 2 years of Ben and focus on getting the next, next guy in the next two drafts.
  7. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    I believe the Steelers thin QB is off the table for the next draft or so. This is a second year player in a 5 year contract (essentially). This is much about the future as it is anything else. And just our schedule alone makes me feel pretty confident we are not gonna bottoms out. So we are probably looking at a mid-round pick for a pretty darn good player. I think that’s a good swap.
  8. Best case scenario is Mason shows well enough to be considered the future. Having two good QBs is a good problem to have. If your comfy with Bens heath, you can flip Mason in a QB needy world or just hold on and know your good to skip QB in the draft process. Worse case scenario is Mason is meh. Then we are not sure if we have a future and not sure we have a present with 7 being 38 and coming off major surgery. Then we get the fun, do we skip QB and hope for the best or do we go QB and lose talent elsewhere.
  9. Which was fun when Haley did it, because we did...but just as annoying I’m not realizing how much easier you can make life by doing simple things to help your guys. McDaniels is gonna make AB look like the Steelers were holding him back. Said it last year and it’s ringing true again this year. If you go 3 and out to start a game, you messed up your week of practice and planning.
  10. Yeah I haven’t seen enough to understand if the coverages are just taking the opportunity for the screen game away or not...but as you mention there’s other ways to get him the ball. Just seems like we don’t have a plan for anything. No even attempts for JuJu until after 25 minutes of play? We go 5 wide with running backs outside to just run 5 routes...not actually take advantage of matchups. We do things to do them. We don’t do anything with a plan. Hopefully that changes with Rudolph under center (literally...under center).
  11. You didnt get the memo? Without AB we can no longer run WR screens. They are banned. BANNED! But seriously -- how do you not map out ways to get simple, early completions and have your best player touch the football, like, I dont know...1 time in 25 minutes?
  12. Communication stops being the answer at some point and the message becomes the problem.
  13. Rushers getting tired in week 2 during a hot day game is the least surprising thing there is. That’s why it’s so important to not go 3 and out every possession early and keep your D off the field.
  14. I don’t really agree that the eagles and Steelers situations you are looking at are the same, but I do agree that the Wentz drafting situation isn’t as special in terms of being masterminds that it generally made out to be. The trades of Maxwell, Alonso, and Murray are just a new regime getting rid of guys they don’t want from the previous decision makers. In this case, the awful, awful, just god awful Chip Kelly. Trading up for Wentz is a separate move that benefits from those trades but mostly benefits from the fact that the Vikings were bigger idiots that Chip kelly and sent a first back to the eagles for Bradford so it really softened the Wentz trade blow.
  15. 5down

    I had a long post written out to dig into detail but i just don’t have it in me to post. But if Moncreif still has a job on Monday with the Pittsburgh Steelers my faith in Tomlin will be nearly depleted.