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  1. Trade Brown for what?

    Drew Rosenhaus is going to have a tell all book about this someday. This has to be driving him absolutely insane.
  2. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    What would you do to end your career playing with the best receiver in the game? Why the hell wouldn’t you try to call? Problem is, Ben seems more than happy to take his ball and go home and Brown thinks he is so good he should get away with everything. There is a good chance these two don’t meet in the middle.
  3. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Well then 43, I apologize for assuming. I assumed, like some, that your mentioning of NT was just in reference to Hargrave and not the specific, seldom used position. Your mention of him being average at best, that he isn’t starting quality and that’s that, and lumping him in with guys like Dupree and Davis has me thinking you did not think he was quality and were only judging him by the letters put next to his name in the program. I whole heartedly disagree about he reason he doesn’t get more snaps is because of limitations. He doesn’t get more snaps because we are a 3-4 based team that goes to 2 lineman in sub packages, where Tuitt and Heyward still out rank him. From the 9th game on, he averaged well over 50% of the snap...they were finding more ways to use him, even going to a 3-3-5 look.
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’ve done my best to provide evidence throughout this discussion. I’m not saying I have the right answer, I won’t definitively do that with my opinion like you. We ended up 8th in defensive efficiency against the run. Top 3rd of the league for something you seem to believe we are awful at. Is that great? No, but it’s also not trash like you seem to think....and it also not a cause of a NT. I’ve provide that we played base 3-4 about 20% of the time. If you would like more, over the last 3 games of the year — we did it for 30 total plays. So how imperative is it to have a NT that can do one thing rather than a flexible NT who is more apt for today’s game? Todays game that involves sub packages...again, as I have shared 11 personnel on 58% of the plays last year. Nearly double from 10 years ago...when a NT people want us to revert to dominated. I started how productive he was...nearly matching both Hargrave and Tuitt while playing significantly less snaps. I’ll add a new one...in the Jags game, which was easily our worst run defensed game where we played a lot of base. With Big dan on the field at NT - 6.1 YPC. That’s not significant because big dan sucks, but when Hargrave came into the game it was 2.4 YPC, which is significant. So I have TRIED to provide any sort of detail. TRIED to provide some form of evidence. I understand the flaws of stats, but at least it’s something. Your welcome to do the same.
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I tried, man. I tried to find someone, something - outside of this board who long for the days of Casey Hampton - that agree with you. I googled everything from javon Hargrave awful to Javon Hargrave sucks. I checked reddit, Twitter, even AOL away messages. I came up empty. I only found people praising his play. Talking about how improved he is. How he is an up and coming star. Seeing videos of him whooping people. And I don’t mean to go THAT far, but there must be something...ANYTHING...that you can hang your hat on that confirms your stance. Not just the “and that’s the bottom line because 43 said so”. Statistically, it must be in your favor. Maybe we DO run base defense more than 30% of the time. Maybe the NFL isn’t passing at an all time high rate. You just gotta give me something, man. Enlighten me, educate me, sell me...just anything more than an opinion...if that’s all there is to it.
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    You can have anyone from the Chiefs defense...patriots too for the most part. Margus Hunt is 6’8 300lb 3-4 DE that was moved inside in the Colts 4-3 and they ask their guys penetrate, and he has succeeded because of his athleticism. But he is known more for rushing. Fletcher Cox and Sheldon Rankins are freaks and pass rushers. The Dallas duo are also asked to be explosive and disruptive, not hold double teams. The Eagles got better the less Haloti Ngata played. If 300lbs is the cut off, we employ 3 between Hargrave, Tuitt, and Heyward (he counts at 295 if Hunt counts). Im not sayin fat people don’t exist, but all of these guys are asked to attack in their defenses, not occupy space like seems to be the general thought about our NT position. Hargrave does what they do too, and he was good at it.
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    There are? The colts, cowboys, and the eagles run a 4-3. The Saints and Pats are as flexible as they need to be. The Chiefs don’t employ a defense. The Chargers just won a playoff game running nothing but dime. The Rams do run a 3-4, but it’s far from traditional with Suh and Donald. None if these defenses win with “fat guys”. The Rams “win” with dominant athletes on the line. The colts win with athletes and coaching. The Chargers? Athletes. Hell, the cowboys changed their drafting because their d was too unathletic and just took athlete after athlete since then. There is a theme with the defenses in the playoffs, and it’s not 3-4 or fat guys. They are all modern, athletic defenses. The more traditionally run 3-4 Texans and ravens got to take their ball and go home. I’m going to say it again, because it honestly confuses me...I don’t know why we keep looking to the past to defend he future of offenses, and we really only do it at NT. People criticis Vince Williams and bostic (who actually had a decent year) because they are not athletic enough to cover up today’s offenses. The same would go for Willie gay at corner or a Ryan Clark at saftey - they would fail in today’s NFL. But NT? Nooo, no athletes for me there! Big ol’ fat people only. I mentioned it earlier but the idea that you would even plan on a defense sitting in base is mind boggling. 11 personnel on almost 60% of plays. Thats three receivers on the field the majority of the time, and that’s only 1 position grouping. 1st and 2nd down are no longer run downs, and the horizontal passing game is used as a substitute for the run game in the short/screen world. Offenses are putting more and more athletes on the field. They are getting guys into space and creating mismatches. Defenses are, and need too, adjust accordingly. The triangle offense in the NBA is no longer effective. No one runs the power I anymore in football. It’s okay that we evolve away from “traditional” base defenses. And frankly, you need too. [edit: just saw a stat that they Steelers were in sub packages nearly 80% of the time this year. Just wondering how much of an effect Casey Hampton would even have on this team]
  8. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Why does that suck?
  9. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’m confused. Isn’t it....today? Again, why are we trying to play defense against something the league isn’t anymore? 11 personnel was run on 58% of the offensive snaps last year. That’s up from 34% from 10 years ago. Only 2 teams ran the ball on over 50% of their plays. 10 teams passed over 60% of the time. Why would we want to be a traditional 3-4?
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I dont think he was as much as you think. Is he the stout -- let me hold the Guard and Center and maybe catch a piece of the fullback while Im at it - guy? No. But his horizontal flow (aka - the new NFL) is tremendous. He is in on more screen, off tackle, and stretch plays that are more and more common in todays NFL than a more formal NT would be. Even then he isnt THAT bad holding his ground. I wouldnt put him at the top of the league, but when you add the rest of what he brings to the table it more than makes up for it. What you give up in stout up the middle running you gain in down line pursuit and then double that with the pass rush. We need to get beyond the idea that a NT is what it was 10 years ago. The NFL is different and Hargrave is a perfect fit for multi-front, horizontal football. We were 6th in per game and 9th in per carry in the NFL against the run. NFL outsiders had our defensive rushing efficiency at 8th in the league. Those stats are not perfect, but we were not some gaping hole of rushing which seems to be the general thought when people think of Hargrave. Hargrave gets to the football and gets after the quarterback and the NFL isnt looking in the rearview mirror for the days of a FB and 3 TEs dive plays. Im not sure why we keep looking back either to defend it.
  11. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Im sorry, I dont mean to derail, but I honestly cannot keep seeing this. Javon Hargrave was absolutely terrific this year and saying he is anything less....like average at best....should be an absolute crime, punishable by a 3 week ban. I understand he isnt what people want at NT because you only envision Casey Hampton when you think of the letters N.T., but good lord that guy had a really good season. He IS todays games NT. He took the jump guys are supposed to take in the third year. Production wise, he outplayed Tuitt and nearly matched Heyward -- all while playing 115 and 327 less snaps respectively. So, kindly....stop it. [Edit: actually, noticed I was looking at the wrong year for snap count -- it was 238 less snaps than Tuitt and 386 less than Heyward]
  12. it was all porter's fault

    Yeah I have one. He is a guy that helped to create an elite all around RB in the league, helped to mold his successor who took a huge leap in pass catching and pass blocking in year two, and then took some gimmicky type of college Wr/RB/HB hybrid and improved his running game immensely in one season. His name is James Sax.......oh. Never mind.
  13. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    Ha I didn’t know that. I knew he was a baseball player so I should have figured that. It makes it even funnier then
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Agreed. And I haven’t understood the mass defense of him saying he is an “Analyst”. You were a player, in a locker room, with a group of guys who reasonably have a level of confidence in no one else in that room running out and telling the world everything. I cant imagine what he is doing is going over well. From the outside looking in I love hearing details that don’t hit the light, but man does he feel like a narc.
  15. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    What’s really funny to me is that Lamar Jackson saved Harbaughs job. Now, the Ravens are going to be strapped with Jackson and Harbaugh for at least 1 more year. That defense better be ready to throw a few shutouts. The Ravens handling of the first round baffled me then, but it makes me laugh now. You drafted a TE, to then trade back into the first round to take “your guy” at QB. The Qb is awful at ...ya know, throwing, and the tight end will most likely never reach his drafted potential because of that.