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  1. I keep getting distracted by 2021. My mind goes there often but I think the injuries this year could be a real blessing in disguise in terms of how our OLine will effect our cap space in 21. We could be looking at a starting line of: Chuks - Dotson - Pouncey - Decastro - Banner I can easily see Banner back on a one year (or better yet, 2 year with more money in year 2/extension candidate ala a 2 year $8M but only a $2M 1st year hit) prove it deal with the team has has found success with rather than testing FA for a low pay day. If that happens and Chuks can play LT after a full year starting at RT that allows us to move on from AV with a rookie level deal and low end Banner contract. We will extend DDC, effectively lowering his cap. Dotson will be on year 2 of a 4th round rookie deal. Pouncey.....thats, thats pretty much the whole thought. (secretly, i say he actually gets extended with Ben too, further saving cap) Feiler hits FA and gets us a nice comp, joining all the other comp picks we will get. We dont have to re-sign AV to a higher than needed vet salary, and we then have the flexibility moving forward to lock up guys (Chuks and Banner) with their real money hitting 2022 or later. That's a huuuuuuuuge piece of making $175M cap do-able. But its also way to early to feel comfortable about that, but at least there is a realistic path to it.
  2. Welcome, brother! Ill continue beating the Mike Hilton is better than (or at least equal too) Jamal Adams drum.
  3. You cant see it, but this is my shocked face. No, no, it looks nothing like my normal face, totally different. Will Fuller is always the guy I looked at whenever someone said James Connor is injury prone. Conner gets hurt running into people all over his body. Fuller pulls a hammy just thinking about the route tree. Such a fun talent, such a mind numbing availability schedule.
  4. Fichtner is just learning how to use PA and motion, no chance he understands how to properly use a fullback in todays NFL. Our TE's have been bad at blocking, Ebron isn't a suprise but what the heck happened to Vance? Not that he was ever great, but he just seems like a body in a uniform the last 18 games. So I would love to see him get more involved to help there. I would really like to see Watt get utilized as an H-Back of sorts to help in the PA and running game. Take a little Reid/McVay pull across formation and passing game and I think Watt could thrive. Sadly, this just isn't the team for him...
  5. The only up I really have is that we are still in a glorified preseason environment and have come out at 2-0. Ben looks good coming back off major surgery and missing a year, the front 7 is just wrecking havoc, the young receivers have played well, and we are creating turnovers again. I really don’t care who the opponent was or how we ultimately looked, the only think that matters in September this year is winning. Things like tackling lagging behind in strange offseason with limited of work and no real simulated game environment is the least surprising thing ever. We will gel more as the season goes on, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1-2 more games of pretty sloppy details at times. That’s been the nature of the NFL beast for a few years now, it’s just magnified with this offseason.
  6. Something to consider. Apparently holding was not just down across the league, but VERY down. Interesting concept as Barwell mentions that it might have to do with the NFL adjusting their calls based on no preseason and the strange offseason in general....but its something to watch moving forward. The league always has one or two emphasis changes that stand out each year.....I really hope its not holding.
  7. That’s a Pretty light contract, id lock him up until he was 70 if he wanted to take that money. He might touch the $30m mark.
  8. Up: Ben. Knew there would be rust - there will still be rust for the next 2-3 weeks - but he really rebounded well. Its hard to get acclimated to the rush speed after any time off and that for sure showed in his footwork. Reps in pre-season would have been so valuable for him, but just gotta be patient. Still, no turnovers (I really cant even remember a "Ben Ball" he usually throws where he smacks the DB right in the chest with the football one time a game) overall a passing grade for missing almost a year. Vince Williams needs some love. Real good game. Bud Dupree's run game is legit. He just isnt a top pass rusher, but Im not sure there are many better against the ground game right now. He has been a stud. Footballs back .....profit? Down: Thanks for making me look awful, James. Bummed for the dude, but he is going to meet with the NFL reaper soon. Wondering if he is a potential trade asset for an IOL? DJ - the knock on him in college was also the concentration issues. Showed up in the punt game and in his receiving. Missing a call from Ben on that quick screen game wont go over well. Needs to lock it up in game because he can be special. I need someone who knows OLine play more in depth to chat with me. I know a decent amount about the position in general, but I dont know higher level concepts. I cant figure out whats up with our game. Too often, especially early, Connor would get the ball, make a dude miss, then there would be 3 more blue jerseys surrounding him with no Steelers in sight. Do we work downfield too quickly? Is our design flawed? Are we not counting correctly? Its a bit of the same that we saw last year and I dont think its talent (other than Wis....). Something really seems flawed in the way we are operating in that element of the game and I dont know what it is. Special teams. God almighty. That's it. That's the end of the thought. Just really bummed for Banner. Seems like a genuinely good dude you can just tell he worked his tail off. For a guy that was undrafted and shouldnt be any sort of household name to get as much national twitter attention as he did after the injury -- you know the guy was getting his due and sucks he cant cash in on that. Bonus Up/Down - Glass half full fellas. These injuries to the Oline could really be a valuable commodity looking at a tight cap 2021. If Dodson is a legit starting option as well as Chuks being the potential starter at RT, that can save us cash on both Feiler and Banner and makes their walking very helpful. Hate to see the injuries, but in the NFL injuries are just opportunities -- and we never would have gotten the chance to see Dodson and Chuks full game action without it. Could be huge going into 2021.
  9. I would not be for moving Fieler just to keep young dudes from not lining up with each other. Moving around in the Oline is not as easy as madden makes it. No thank you to moving another piece. Leave Feiler. Chuk is in year 3, Dodson is next to 21 year vet Pouncey, use TEs to help. No to moving the parts more than we need to.
  10. Beating a dead horse, but the Steelers don’t play until Monday soooo.... Super comparable extension from Cooper Kupp - $16m per. That’s the JuJu range If you make the deal now.
  11. Kamara and Dalvin with some good extension numbers. James Connors gonna cook....
  12. Provided he knows how to teach this, I would love to see it executed. We have been trying to run it for the past 4 years and absolutely suck at it. We did scored one TD in this play though.....when ben ran it in against Jacksonville.
  13. Just throwing out the disclaimer for when we lose the game and the world burns....remember it’s a weird offseason with no preseason and a QB returning to his first game action with essentially 3 new bodies and an OLine with 3 new starters during a pandemic and how the first 4 weeks of the NFL are wacky without all of those new scenarios regardless Having said that....Steelers by 3 scores. TJ Watt puts himself in a healthy lead for DPOY out the gate. Everyone, and I mean everyone, Jumps back on that James Connor train.
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