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  1. Bell contract 2018

    I’m still a little shocked he is doing this, but now ultimately happy he didn’t come back. I have maintained the whole time that if he really wants to get top money, aka Gurley money now, he needed to show up and play at some point, because he needed to produce at a high level. There are too many red flags and with a dip in run production as well as a lack of big plays in 2017, he needed to show he was a consistent performer and force the hand of the money being offered. One year off isn’t going to change that he has 1500 plus touches and took a dip last year. If anything Connor success will confirm suspicions of red flags against Bell. I do think it’s funny though, how much better Fitcher has been at organically using Connor and how much more successful our redzone scoring is. Just think of all the on field success Bell could have had....
  2. I’m not sure how it’s not relevant. Sure elite players get sacks against lesser competition too, but guys like Von Miller tend to dominate that competition level. Bud has been okay to mediocre, which is an improvement for him, against below average guys. That’s a concern if you plan on paying him. Your about to potentially pay this guy $7-$8M a season. You really have to ask if he is really worth potentially $5M more than a replacement in a defense that has been good at manufacturing sacks.
  3. I do agree that Dupree has improved and I also will fight that the numbers for a contract you provided @jebrick should be accurate for an average NFL player in today’s league....but I don’t think it should be from us. I think too much of his success has been manufactured. He has also had the benefit of playing against grocery bagging OTs all year (the Browns UDFA rookie twice, the ravens UDFA backup, whoever that was against the panthers) and he still had mediocre Stats. Dupree doesn’t win enough by himself for me to say he is worth paying as a cost above replacement difference of $4M +. The reason our D-Line hasn’t seems as dominant was how often we stunted them with our OLB so they could manufacture pressure. If we can get in a world where our front 4 are good enough by themselves to win individually and without rush help, this team would be in a great place. You could talk me into a long term deal with Dupree being in our best interests, but I think we are better off signing a 1-2 year vet place holder and drafting a pass rusher with more upside as a stand-alone rusher in the first 3 rounds instead of paying Dupree. I think this is Dupree’s ceiling, and I don’t think that’s good enough to pay. Someone like Clay Matthews on a cheap, let’s get a championship, deal and a guy on the rookie wage scale to me is worth it, because I don’t see Dupree getting much better than this and not being successful on his own. If he keeps it up all year against all levels of competition I’m perfectly fine with letting his 5th year option ride. But I would be afraid of paying for an average player that, personally, I think we could easily replace with AT LEAST another average player— hopefully, with more upside.
  4. Without looking...guess what the time of possession split is. Guarantee your wrong. Felt like we had the ball all night. Quick scores turned the tide on that stat, though. Efficient and Effective. Great offensive showing.
  5. The new NFL is a fun NFL.
  6. DHB might wanna go talk to him about reinventing himself as a special teams star.
  7. This is such a huge game. Weird week, but a blow out, able to take starters out, and now we have 10 days. Rest and relaxation.
  8. So much time left. Real good in-season NFL experience time. Gimme Dobbs, Samuel, Thomas, Forte, Sutton, Burns....give me everybody.
  9. I was harsh early because he seemed overwhelmed, but he has really worked into a groove. Great formation changes, great personnel groupings and changes, varies horizontal and vertical, and has balance. Love it. Gimme more.
  10. I figured that they would sub him more since it’s a short week for a little extra rest....but yeah, why you do it the last drive of a half is puzzling.
  11. No Connor, slow playing, and running the ball twice. Don’t like this series start...
  12. Losing track of the other teams beat player is...troubling.
  13. Kicking is extremely mental, and he has been in a bad place this whole year. Unfortunately, I think he needs a chance to redeem himself at the end of the game to keep him in a good place.