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  1. Running backs !!!!

    Royce can be had right now, but unless Denver is looking like a playoff contender I think Lindsay's available at the deadline when we would know more about our RB room. That’s why I’d rather skip RB. There’s some quality names that will be FAs next year. Should be some quality bodies if we need a mid season change.
  2. Running backs !!!!

    I do not see LT as a need. Offensive linemen playing to and past 35 really isnt crazy, and Villy isnt showing signs of physical decline. I see a 2 year extension for Villy kicking the LT need down the line. Its next year I would start looking for that replacement. Draft a top end LT next year, have a year to sit and if he can compete in year 2 AV's contract will be expendable post Ben. But I still don't want a running back....I'm maximizing all 4 years of my RBs contract. Its the only time they are really worth the money. And Philip Lindsay could be on the block if we decide the Conner/Snell thing doesnt work in 2020.
  3. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    The bold is my fear. If Ebron does move the needle on TE need and McDonald goes down, there's a big problem with the majority of what we are going to run. It would need to be a complete shift in how you handle the offense. Ebron cannot slide into the TE role and continue as planned. He can be the #2 TE on the field, but he cannot be the #2 TE on the depth chart -- if you get my meaning. That means someone has to be that third option and they showed no interest in Gentry being a consideration last year when we were so desperate for anything at that position. The Colts are basically only using him as a part time slot receiver. I'm perfectly fine with him in that role for us here too, but if they see Vance, Ebron, and the dude they didnt want to use last year/5th or later pick being the answer -- that's going to be a problem spot. The tightend position in the NFL is largely trash, but as our roster currently sits, I only see 1 NFL tight end on our roster -- and he cant stay healthy.
  4. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    Using free gamepass to watch 2018 colts games, like I imagine our staff is doing, to best see how to maximize Ebron and, well.....his tape is rooooough. I’m not just saying this because I criticized the move immediately. Its really not pretty to watch. But the biggest take away I have is that, if we plan on using Ebron like the colts did (we absolutely need to), then this didn’t even nudge the need for a TE. It’s almost going to be mandatory that we take a TE in the draft or find another in FA. They just flat don’t use Ebron in the run game. He was about a 50%er usage wise and they opt for a third tackle and some no name TEs over him on run plays. Even the redzone he is missing at times - and that’s a problem. Can’t fool people in PA when you don’t use a player in the run and can’t have a redzone threat if he is a major liability to your playbook. If McDonalds health was more concrete, we might be okay, but missing any time with McDonld would be a tough stretch. Theres absolutely some good in there in terms of using him with our team, but my fear is still asking him to play TE and thinking we checked that box....because we sure didn’t.
  5. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    I agree with you here, but I also just dont want him out of that deep role. Teams just flat ignored throwing to him by the end of last year. I hope that we find a lot of creative ways to use him in scenarios to get him more around the ball, but if he just wants to wipe out a third? Im all set. I think Edmunds is the guy to move more into the box. Has shown he is a liability the further away from the line as you go in coverage, but has been pretty solid getting to the football and getting it on the ground. Let him do that more and showcase that athleticism and size.
  6. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    The biggest question in my eyes is if the Steelers are WILLING to adapt to Ebron rather than have Ebron adapt to us. We do not run playaction, we rarely motion (we use faux motion to find coverage), we use our tight ends to run block, pass block, chip, and lead block across formation and in WR screens. In order to get the most out of an Ebron or a Watt on offense, you need to do a little more than just saying, lets use 12, 22, or 21 personnel. How do you isolate the talent? How do you misdirect the play? How do you cause confusion and break downs? How do you create and cause mismatches? Where do the create and use false reads? Those are the things we havent done in 2 years under Fichtner. We line up and hope our talent beats theirs. The most creative things we have seen have been the toss counter against the Pats (which failed fantastically the second time they saw it - which was a surprise for some reason to us) and the wildcat (also failed fantastically after the first use and was a surprise to us for some reason). We will need to break a few barriers in order to unlock Ebron, and I question whether we will do that. We also need to be more thought out and concentrated on creating offensively. Again, something I'm unsure that we will do. I just don't see reasons, other than blind faith, why people are confident Fichtner will figure this out. I really, really hope it all clicks in year 3. I hope he and Ben are super comfortable and ready to use all the tools the way they are intended. I hope Matt Canada can have a say and brings along all his pre-snap motion. I am just very hesitant to say I think any of that will happen at this point.
  7. Offseason Work to do

    I’m fully behind taking an IOL this year because of what limited practice time has done to this position specifically. It takes time to develop an IOL and if we could get a guy with C ability, it’s a great opportunity to have someone that could start in year 3 post Pouncey. The new CBA takes way even more practice and padded practices than the last did, so I expect development of OL to take an even bigger step back league wide. OL is the a position I really want to take talent and allow development. I think we are in a great position to do that this year with IOL and next year with LT.
  8. Offseason Work to do

    Something I mentioned before as to why I wouldn’t take an RB this year, gonna be some good dudes on the block this season if needed. After signing Gordon, i would have Elway set up on speed dial.
  9. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    ....I’ll see myself out now to not derail further. I sure hope your right, but after all I have seen and studied I have very little faith we won’t be “successful” solely on talent winning like in 2018.
  10. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    Did you watch the 2018 49ers with CJ Bethard and Nick Mullens? Still manage to put up 350+ yards 9 of 12 games without Garrapalo because Shannahan knows what he is doing in spite of QB talent. Missed that mark by 8 yards in another game and 4 of those games went over 400 total yards. We broke 300 yards 4 times with Mason/Duck. Im not saying there were not circumstances that made last year more difficult to work with. But there is nothing to hang your hat on in two years of Fichtner other than Ben can throw the ball and AB was talented. His 2018 numbers (I refuse to call it "success") is far more about the talent showing out rather than him creating winning play. I want my coordinator to put guys in the best places to win, he fails to do that time and time again. I have zero faith in him moving forward at any capacity of the game. I mean, honestly, whats one thing you see from Fichtner that makes excited about our offense?
  11. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    If you dont know how to get a dude open using route combos and not singular routes (grade school level stuff here), its on you as an OC. If your best is to say "heres 4 curls pick your favorite" its on you as an OC. If you dont understand in a game where DUCK FREAKING HODGES is your QB that every point is valuable then you shouldnt have a dude who takes 2 practice snaps at QB and is your damn running back to get snaps in the redzone of a playoff style game, its on you as an OC. You should know that Having Jaylen freaking Samuels throw a pass inside your own defensive redzone is a bad idea. If you dont understand why a fake screen isnt going to work because of simple circumstance, its a problem. There are literally too many examples, that show his incompetence at the basics of understanding football, situation, or ability to create and that's not just last year -- he relied heavily on the talent of guys like Ben and AB and JuJu/Connor to make plays and his run game set up completely fell apart without a guy like Munch to set it up and design it. There is a difference between playing it safe and screwing up. Fichter screwed up. Wanna know the stat that drives me up the wall and speaks so much to the man making the plans having an understanding of what he is doing? Last two years with Fichtner we had 16 opening drives that went 3 and out. Only 6 opening drives that had points, two of which were because of short fields (49ers this year, 3 and out in field goal range). That's telling man. Butler had huge underlying issues that continually reared their head. Communication break downs and not even being able to field 11 players multiple times. Late switches, etc, But he was still able to create a hell of a pass rush and adjusted to stop the run pretty well. Biggest flaw was a talentless secondary. What are Fichtner's redeeming qualities? Because I truly struggle to find one. Sorry, I get fired up about Fichtner. I love the offensive side of the ball. Love planning, love game mapping, love digesting it. It infuriates me that he is an NFL coach and that he is OUR NFL coach. Edit: I didnt even mention my favorite! His auto-formations like 2nd and 10 3 TE sets!
  12. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    No, we very, VERY much did not. (Read: I did not). You are right, Ben had a major effect. The circumstance also gave you a look into the OC's actual talent (or lack-thereof) in a situation that would be far more defined by knowledge than skill because of inefficiencies at QB. And it was an epic failure. He is the same guy that called for fake WR Screen, slip go's on 3rd and 10 and in the 4th quarter with under 4 minutes down a score in the same game-- when NO CORNERS WOULD EVER PLAY THE SCREEN BECAUSE THEY NEED TO WATCH THE STICKS OR DEEP. Yeah, I think he is stupid enough to use Ebron as a TE, not as a flex-TE that he needs to be used as. Also, Wildcat. The defense rests. I know I go super hard at him, but with free game pass I am re-watching games (and I really only like watching offense). Its not ridiculous. It the hate is well warranted. 3rd and 8 with 4 across curls!?!?!?!? MORE THAN ONCE!? IN AN NFL GAME!?@!?!?!? Im gonna start drinking....
  13. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    I should add, this will definitely grow on me as my mind goes over all the fun 2TE, no huddle offensive things I can think of and how to be flexible and different and create mismatches and I will be his biggest fan going into week 1. Then, we will use him as a 2nd TE on the line of scrimmage for the first 2 weeks and I will realize why my knee jerk reaction was to dislike the signing.
  14. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    The bold is correct and what I am alluding to. This is a splash for us. He just.....isnt that good. Maybe being a number 2 TE in an offense with a guy like Ben gets the most out of him. I hope so, I could see a lot of creative ways to use him. Hoping he is the Ladarius Green, middle field stretcher we never got. Its probably because I have no trust in Fichtner to use him correctly. He is a big WR, not an In-line TE. Flexed in the slot, wide over a receiver, motioned in formations for mismatch....those will be key. Could be great, but I really question Ebron.
  15. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    The way they treated Gentry last year, I wouldn't be super surprised for them to draft a #3 still. Just scratches it off the need list.