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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Why does the media continue to lump Bell in with Brown? Bell isn’t here because money....end of reasons.
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    And we have also seen it crash and burn. This is leading to why I ask the question. If motivation has been whats held this team back, and they finally have manufactured motivation -- not coach driven motivation -- wouldn't that make you mad that we couldn't get this buy in and be in the middle of a dominant 5 year run? That it took being an embarrassment to finally reach our potential and almost waste all these years of a top QB? I in no way mean that this would make Tomlin a bad coach in anyway -- I still think he is an extremely good coach. But It would make me wonder what could have been if alls they needed was motivation to lock in - to not lose to teams they have no business losing to, to not have to fall into a 21 nothing hole at home in the playoffs before you decide to show up, to not have to play down to every opponent. I understand his style of coaching, but I also believe in adapting. If being a better motivator at some level is all it really takes....I think I'll be a little mad that we never explored that before now.
  3. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    They absolutely would...but that’s why I ask the question. If the only thing this team has lacked is this focus...and we all of a sudden become this machine with focus... wouldnt that make you guys feel let down about the last 5 or so years? Wonder what could have been if we just could have gotten the team on the same page? A job of which I expect head coaches to control. Lacking focus seems like a failure to me. Lacking commitment is a failure. Lacking a goal is failure. If we all of a sudden have that because we were an embarrassment to the league ... wouldn’t that make you wonder?
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I dont want to turn this into what it always turns into when you mention this name....but with all this talk of focus, Bens commitment to both conditioning and this team, and other factors leading into this team become a fairly tight knit unit (for the time being) its worth diving down a bar stool rabbit hole of conversation. So my question is: Would a really strong season in 2020 be bad look for Mike Tomlin? I have long considered it both a strength of Tomlins and a weakness with his "this is job" type mentality. I think thats why players love him as a coach, I also think its why we fall flat on our face far too often because its your "Job" to be prepared to play each week and thats not the best solution for some guys. I think it also why its a repeatable issue and not something wiped away after one or two occurrences. But the players, currently, seem to be as focused as you could be and as committed to each other and the team as you can be. Focus and Commitment are two things I do expect a coach to handle and be able to get from their teams. So if the Steelers, together as a unit, have a great year -- would that point to the inability to garner the teams focus as a detriment against Tomlins coaching style. We have seen plenty of examples in the past where focus and commitment have hindered our abilities to be a great team and to move forward in the playoffs. It dont even know that I believe it would. I think it can be both things - the players committing themselves to each other more and Tomlin taking unseen steps to prevent lack of focus, but I thought it was interesting to get others opinions.
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Baker Mayfield called Kareem Hunt a kid. I’m here for the outrage. Proceed.
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I think they are only talking about Pittsburgh selected UDFA. That eliminates Hilton, I don’t know about Fieler, and the stats were only for players taken the last three seasons which eliminates Foster.
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Interesting on-topic article on the Depot today. States that we are deadlast in the NFL in snaps from UDFA in the last 3 years. I, personally, don’t believe that means anything, but I do think it’s interesting how little impact we have gotten from UDFA in that time period.
  8. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Heres my recap on my comments: These moves on Monday have nothing to do with depth of the top part of the roster. Cutting Adams and signing Tupac speak towards how Adams has fallen out of favor and their desire to get another LB in there to compete against the other bottom fodder of the NFL 90 man rosters. Does that mean these guys cannot make a roster and eventually become something? No. Willie Parker was the 4th RB rookie year and only got a chance because of injury to Duce Staley. James Harrison had 5 years between college and being the starter, the first 2 spent on PS. Nate Washington didnt have an effect until year 2. They cut Adams and signed Tupac because they have seen enough from Adams to know he isnt the guy, not to come push Chicki. They need LBers in camp to round our the roster and take beatings. If anything comes from those guys - fantastic, but its competition against Sutton Smith, Gilbert, and whatever the rest of the no names are at that part of the roster. The cut a Qb to sign a QB, a LB to sign a LB, 2 DL to sign 2 DL, and a WR for WR swap. If they were so utterly concerned with one positions depth, they would have brought more on board. They are just cutting guys they dont think have a future for different guys (which percentages say dont have a future), and signing their positions because they need numbers during this time of year.
  9. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I tend to agree. I think they will have an overhaul of that room next offseason just like they did for ILB this year.
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Correct. There are 37 players currently that are destined to be cut from this team. Of that 53, there are probably only 43-46 roster spots you could currently consider a lock. Its just math and the NFL player pool that tells you some guys will MAKE the roster, its another thing entirely to think that they are so unhappy with Anthony Chickillo that they went out and cut Adams just to sign Tupac Shakur (sorry, I see no reason to research his name) in May to push him. Tupac is a depth signing on a 90 man roster to compete with the bottom fodder that will probably turn over next year anyway on a 53. The 4th/5th guys at a position. He is here to compete against the bottom depth guys, take a beating so starters/backups dont have to all summer, and ultimately update the rolodex. They cut Adams because they figured his ship has run its course and dont see upside of him continuing his journey. That's the end of the thought process. If he happens to become something, awesome. It's highly unlikely. James Harrison and Villy are by far the exception and not the rule. James had 2 years on a practice squad and 3 years as a backup before he became the guy we know. Villy is one of the better stories you will find, Tryouts, Army time, more tryouts, more army time, Position changes, cut again, and another position change with the best OL coach in the league. These things are not the norm. Better examples honestly are guys like Nate Washington, Willie Parker, or Ramon Foster. They were UDFA (which is also different that these late tryout signings) who got onto the backend of the rosters and found niches to help early, mostly in part to injury. James and Villy took years. Long winded answer, so here is the short winded one: They may not be happy with depth somewhere (again, an NFL problem), but Tupac wasn't brought in to fight Chick. He was brought in because they think he is better than Adams -- which doesnt have to mean much. But the goal is to at least try to get the best 90 guys you can to come in and want something, but thats a long way from saying he was signed to push your #3.
  11. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Ya know, I love their brewery in Hershey, but I am not a big fan of their beers.
  12. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Replacing players 86-90 has no impact on what they think of the depth of players 1-53. None.
  13. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Wait, so the narrative has now swung from "Keion Adams sucks, we should have done anything to get him off the roster" to "well, he showed some promise in TC!"? Anything to rag on Colbert and co I guess. But what depth are you worried about exactly? The 4th quarter of the preseason? Because thats the only depth these 5 affect. These 5 overall having a major effect on Chickillo is a leap - and thats not because he is good, its the reality of the NFL. The "our depth sucks if there is an injury" is rampant in the NFL. It's an NFL problem, not a Steelers ONLY problem. These cuts are not news, they are an FYI. Keion Adams had his chance last year and lost to an undrafted guy from Toledo. Then this year, they saw enough in a 2 weeks of Sutton Smith and some other no name from Toledo in a tryout to say Adams was expandable. That doesn't make me believe they think highly of Adams. I implore people to expand their football universe to the NFL and not just the Steelers bubble. The Saints made 10 moves yesterday, and they should have played in the Super Bowl last year. There were over 50 roster moves yesterday in the NFL, not including the Steelers. This stuff happens ALL THE TIME and its not an indictment of the depth, its not a story to continue to build a case against GMs and coaches...its the NFL at an absurd number of roster space that the player pool cannot match (it already has trouble matching 53 per team), trying to see which ones MIGHT have a 0.01% chance of making some noise.
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Or it speaks to the fact that rosters are at 90 right now. This is far from being a unique situation to the Steelers.
  15. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    1) Im going to make your morning! We did not Franchise Bud Dupree! The move we did in fact do makes far more sense than franchise tagging him. 2) Who says they are passing because they are comfortable instead of passing on because they dont see anyone worth a damn? This has been my question to everyone with no answer... whats the right answer? Because I am not drafting for competition for the hell of it, i'm drafting because i think someone will be better in the role I am drafting in. So last year that list is? The FA list this year would be? Who should we have drafted instead this year? 3) So we should completely ignore ILB, RB, and TE in order to draft OLB? Because, they also fit that criteria. These things are common sense. But the league isnt that black and white and the reality of the NFL is that its made up almost entirely of players at or below Duprees level. So, me personally, I think its common sense to make sure you are fitting the criteria to UPGRADE the position, not just do things for the hell of it especially when we have other needs too. That, to me, is common sense. He isn't. It's also not the reason they are paying him THAT money, something no one seems to understand or get past. Well, this isn't my logic, but thanks for playing. My logic is not to do something just for the sake of doing it. My logic isn't to throw draft picks at OLB prospects you don't like for the sake of doing it. My logic is not to throw stupid FA money at guys who don't deserve it. My logic is do not cut a known player for an all around worse player and then justify it by saying "at least Im doing something". Im not into change for the sake of "doing something". I want you to make the change thats right. To me, I haven't seen anything that alludes to their being a bright shiny door to improvement that we chose not to go through and no one has offered any sort of realistic value of players or draft picks to prove others wise -- and I am open to seeing it. Just show me the way instead of hiding behind "do anything" or "Justin Houston". Well, you say the bold....but it really doesn't seem like you mean it. Did you know they have drafted 4 OLBs since drafting Dupree? I mean, we did actually draft an OLB this year. We do have Ola who did look pretty good last year, but obviously (like all rookies) needs growth. This is where I get confused on what you actually want. So, they LIKED Adams. Rightly or wrongly....they liked him after year 1. We are mad at the RESULT, but then backtrack and blame the planning? Blaming them for doing nothing after the fact isn't quite fair. If we want to blame coaching or scouting -- or whatever you want to do, go right ahead you can check my past and see that I am in agreement. But thats a different conversation, thats not this conversation of planning and team building decisions. So its not that we have done "nothing" based on your statements, but you consider it "nothing" because it's not how you would handle it and you judge the planning by the end result. So, tell me, how would you have handled it? Because I honestly don't know how I would have handled it. I didn't see anyone in last years draft or this years draft that made me stand up and say "thats the guy!" to challenge and overtake OLB. Are you just more comfortable with the "meh, he's an OLB" pick? I see no FA this year that makes either financial or team building sense. The choices were over pay for the Smith brothers, break the bank for Flowers, try (but lose) on Houston or Barr, or take the scrap heap of the guys who wont make a difference -- but hey, they will be different! Im not happy with the Dupree situation, but I am also not mad at it. I live in the grey in all these situations because thats the reality of the NFL. The draft is difficult. Player evaluation is difficult. The players that hit FA are highly overpaid because they are the ones available on the market and are never worth their value to a new team/situation. So no, I do not accept that the answer is as simple as "do something" and thats why I defend this....not because I am defending Dupree...but because I understand the NFL player pool and understand that change for the sake of change is rarely the answer.