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  1. Like, If we switch weeks with Washington and Balt/Dallas. We play Wednesday against Washington for week 13, Ravens play Thursday against Dallas (two national televised games), then we play the Ravens Monday/Tuesday to make up week 12, then play our week 14 game on Monday/ Tuesday - am I wrong or would we be back on track?
  2. Starting to wonder if there is going to be some really weird scheduling changes to fit an extra game in the last weeks of the season (not adding an extra week). Something like games on Tuesday and Wednesday where you keep taking away a day a week, in some cases 2, and end up playing 6 games in 5 weeks. If that’s the case, Ravens gonna be enemy #1 for the whole NFL for a while.
  3. Makes it hard on NBC still because the Ravens can’t play Thursday then. Though, I think the Steelers Ravens moving to Monday/Tuesday and next Thursday bumping is the most logical right now. I just don’t believe ween 18 is a real option, unless there are more games to play. Maybe the league postpones the game indefinitely and if more games need played they add week 18 and if not, Ravens forfeit/no contest if not needed by record (like @warfelg mentioned). There are just no good answers, and there was never going to be. Will be interesting to see what happens. At this point, I’m more upset about losing Diontae in a big fantasy week.
  4. They might. I still have a hard time imagining they would risk another week for 1 game. Covid is blowing up all over, I’m sure the want to get to playoffs ASAP. I hate the idea of it, but this could be forfeit territory with their coach being in breach, and knowingly doing it. I feel like the NFL won’t delay everything because a team blatantly broke the rules. I don’t know where you go from here. I know the popular thing is “screw the NFL”, but honestly; what’s the best choice?
  5. Hope everyone is prepared to find out how the NFL handles a cancellation. I’d put it at about 15% chance this game gets played this Sunday. Way too many positives coming out, especially with the news about their S&C coach.
  6. Oh boy. They are in for a rough night of talking to family unplanned.
  7. It’s a very stupid thing to be interested in, but if anyone finds out why the game is 1:15 PM, let me know. Has to be something to do with contract language for CBS and Fox that the NFL games at 1:05 PM are exclusive to them or something. Just very strange.
  8. There’s a lot of stuff being thrown around by other Steeler fans that I wouldn’t defend, but the virtue grabbing needs to stop. The players are allowed to be angry. Full stop. You can be angry about the pandemic and how some things may affect you. Being angry about negative situation changes and not understanding the full scale of the pandemic are not exclusive of each other. But stop the “they don’t get it” narrative. You ever complain about a burger not being cooked well? Well, better get over it, there's kids starving all over the world. Ever send a drink back at a bar? How dare you! There’s thousands without clean, drinkable water. Just imagine having had plans to see your parents - brother, sister, cousin, whoever - this Saturday and Sunday and then because of Susan at work gets Covid and half the office having to quarantine - you now have to work Friday and Saturday because it’s coming up at the end of the month and now you can’t go spend time with your family you haven’t seen in months. Your not allowed to be mad? You can’t get upset, but also understand the pandemic affects things? No, miss me with that. You don’t live your life that virtuous so stop selling that other people have to.
  10. If the players had this information, they have every right to be mad.
  11. In a world where it is possible to be upset about a situation but also fully understand and respect the gravity of it too... I know, crazy. Pretty obvious the Steelers can either not believe in COVID-19 impact on the world or be mad about missing a second planned chance for family and rest. Someday I hope we as a society can develop the ability to do both. Someday.
  12. Two big things happened for Edmunds and Bud: 1) The Coaching staff improved, I would say dramatically, positionally. Bud went from Porter to Butler (who was a tremendous position coach) and Edmunds from Lake to Tom Bradley and Teryl Austin (who, I believe, off the top of my head works with the safeties). Their games really improved as young players who had physical talents but lacked refinement after those guys took over. I feel like that's a vital part to this defense really pushing forward. 2) The talent got so good around them that they could really just be themselves. Minkah makes Edmunds life as a highly athletic box safety a reality. He can run around and just make tackles while Minkah cleans up the rest. Same for Bud with TJ's explosion (and the transition to the blind side). Just go be an uber athlete and destroy things. Their growth as players just heighten the ceiling. But I really dread to think about what Edmunds might look like next to say a Sean Davis. They would have so many things to worry about it would push Edmunds into a more general role. I think Edmunds and Minkah have a chance to develop into a really dynamic duo at safety.
  13. That is incredibly frustrating as I thought you had to do it through the “insert image” part.... today, I learned. Thanks august.
  14. My man! I feel so stupid, but I need a walkthrough to know how to do that. Ive tried before and it comes out very, very wrong.
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