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  1. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    I guess this is a good start, but I mean, this is going on 3 years of the same issue. At this point, I would be perfectly fine with them announcing "we are running cover 3 all game" and actually just getting good at running one defense. That's a stupid over simplification of it -- but man it feels like we should just focus on getting good at one thing, and if we get beat while doing it, so be it.
  2. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Brown has always drawn coverage -- that is not new to this year. You don't pay a guy $17M a year to be a distraction on the field. Working him into better situations helps everyone. If you motion him across a formation it allows Ben to see the coverage, the other team has to communicate the doubles and potentially even drop it, you can set up JuJu/Washington in 1 on 1 situations, you can give McDonald and Connor fantastic matchup odds. Simple things with AB drawing coverage can make life easier for AB, open up options for others, allow your offense to dictate coverage, and force communication (in hopes of breakdowns). Our defense is a first hand look at how bad communications destroys a team -- here we are with AB, a flexible option in JuJu, a flexible lineup guy in McDonald, and Bell/Connor who have both been pretty good out of the backfield -- and we line up and just play ball. There is so much damage we can do BEFORE the ball is snapped, but we choose to do nothing. The only thing we have seen Fitcher do so far is line AB up on the X outside. Its not forcing the defense to do anything. There is a difference between using AB to dictate coverage and its another to just push him to the side and hope the star is a star.
  3. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Decoys don’t get 33 targets though. Seems more like a first year NFL playcaller assuming good players will get theirs. It’s still hard to tell who Fitcher is though. A slopfest and a whacked flow game are not great barometers.
  4. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    I do think you are treading the right path. The idea that he is mad because Roethlisberger is missing him is crazy to me. Can it be part of the problem, sure, but its not going to be the core issue. 33 targets in 2 games is a nuts work load. I believe what he is more concerned with is that there hasn't been much game planning to HELP Brown fight the double teams. They are just essentially putting him out there and letting him fend for himself. Those are the things that get frustrating -- when those targets are stuck fitting between 2-3 people and when you finally get the ball in your hands you have nothing to do with it. Last game is an awful example though. We ran no huddle so damn much that you cannot truly get into play calling and set up stuff. The X receiver lines up at the X spot and there are rarely motions -- its the nature of the no huddle beast. Game flow had a lot to do with that, but it is very limiting to you getting your play makers in situations that can cause stress to a defense. I thought Haley was awful at this as well, but I want to see more Brown in the slot, motions to the outside of brown, motioning Brown across formation, etc. Haley found ways to get the ball to Brown, but no one has ever just set Brown up for success from the lineup. I want to see us be more flexible -- especially with a guy like JuJu who can be inside/outside and McDonald who can be tight, slot, or wide in formations. Outside looking in -- I would think his frustrations lay entirely with Fitcher. First time NFL play caller, replacing a guy that Brown produced with, and in the first two games showed no awareness for trying to HELP Brown out. Add losing, add Ben missing open shots, add an egomaniac me first guy -- you have a powder keg.
  5. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    When you read what I wrote and decided to quote me on it— what in the world did you think I wrote to respond with something that has nothing to do with my comment?
  6. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    Sorry in advance -- this got ranty. I started typing calmly and frustration came out. I don't think our problem on defense is the talent (or lack thereof), I think its entirely Keith Butler. Lesser talents can be put together and not play a complete nightmare of a game like we just saw. He doesn't understand match ups, he doesn't understand talents, he doesn't understand communication -- no level of talent fixes that. Our guys cannot communicate across all three levels for the 3rd year in a row when everyone in room knows that its an issue? That's not players. We cant figure out how to sub, when to sub, or who to sub? That's not on the players. At this point, I would much rather us be simple and singular and see what comes. Its obvious that Butler cannot dial up a game and manage stops. We changed defensive front, sub package, zones, man -- he throws the sink at you and he cant stop anything. My most infuriating thing over the last 2 years -- Artie Burns is a Man cover guy, a style of defense that largely reflects in cover 3. Sean Davis seemed to fit nicely in his middle 1/3rd role in the first game, he has failed in his 1/2 role in the past. We do not employ a middle linebacker who can cover the deep middle in a C2........SO WHY THE HELL DO WE CONTINUE TO RUN C2?! Everyone blames Colbert or Bostic or Williams for not being able to cover that space....here is a thought...DONT PUT YOUR GUYS IN THAT SPACE AGAINST A TEAM WHO CAN DOMINATE IT. If our safeties are not good enough to cover half the field, dont make them do it. If Artie Burns gets lost trying to decide if he is short, if he goes inside, or if he stays deep -- don't put him in that scenario. Dupree is not a good defensive player, yet we line him up all over the place like he is James Harrison and we are making the offensive worry. The only think that does is make the offensive lineman across from him the happiest person in the world. Butler has no clue what he is doing. He doesn't understand matchups and "if I do A, they might do B". Steelers Depot just highlighted a wonderful Butler-ism where he threw the same look at a the Chiefs twice -- which put Watt on Sammy freaking Watkins man-to-man. Watkins isnt good, but guess who wins that match-up 99 times out of 100. If you want to run some of these concepts -- fine, figure out your personnel. Want to play C2 against Kelce -- okay, but you need Watt, Edmunds, or Burnett covering that middle. You want to run the same blitz at a team twice in a row -- great, but you need to recognize the weakness you created because the other team sure did. He just seems to call a game like he has never spent a minute with any of the players he has at his disposal. We continually put guys in a position to fail, over and over again. I am not a knee jerk "fire them" person, but if we watch OJ Howard walk down the middle of the field against a cover 2 and catch a pass while Bostic/Williams chase behind I will have lost complete confidence in this coaching staff that they actually understand issues and will just continue to coach as if things will fix themselves. Tomlin had a huge role in bringing Bradley in after he initially said no to the job. Part of me wondered if that was a move to bring in a potential DC candidate if Butler ultimately didn't work out. I assumed that it would take an entire year, which would benefit Bradley getting some NFL experience -- but after Sundays game I would be ready to give it a try come week 4.
  7. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Do. Not. Use. A. Timeout. For. Anything.
  8. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    If you clone Jesse James, do the clones have to go through waivers or do you retain the rights?
  9. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    If you clone TJ Watt, do the clones have to go through waivers or do you retain the rights?
  10. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Go for it. We can’t give the ball back.
  11. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    In all honestly I don’t think he changes anything. They are not picking on one player, they are taking everything. This team needs to pigeon hole offenses and we just have the flood gates open right now.
  12. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Keith Butlers answer: send out the steelers offense
  13. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Mahones completed 55% of his passes last week against largely man to man, allowing his guys to run away from people. This week we play zone to make him be accurate and fit windows. I just didn’t realize how big our barn door windows were.
  14. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    I think Ben was over, but I don’t think the video can confirm he was over. Just like our punt fumble last week. But Fouts gonna fouts against the Steelers.
  15. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Offensive line has looked so much better these last few possession. Huge difference.