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  1. While I do not think Rodgers will be anything but a Packer in 2021, I think his value is being drastically overstated. Rodgers is 37 years old. Favre was 38 when he was traded to the Jets in 2008. The Packers only received a conditional 4th rounder. And this was also after an incredible season in 2007. If Rodgers were to be traded, I think a first rounder and a high-caliber starter (perhaps pick 19 and Montez Sweat or Jonathan Allen) would be enough. Anything else, to me, would be an overpayment.
  2. Dude! How do you have over 100k posts? My goodness! And yeah, I should be back for a good long while! Hopefully Crowder is, too!
  3. Going position by position for WFT: QB- Obviously Alex Smith is not going to be on the team beyond 2021. Heinicke and Allen will certainly be around. Nothing of note behind these 3. Obviously a top need heading into the offseason. RB- Gibson showed he is legit. McKissic is a solid 3rd down back. Peyton Barber is alright, I guess. Bryce Love still exists. Minor need at most if anyone gets injured or traded. WR- Terry McLaurin is obviously a legit #1 receiver. We have almost nothing behind him. To me, WR is the second biggest need behind QB this offseason TE- Logan Thomas was
  4. The last time I made a post on this forum, Crowder was a Redskin. I'd be more than willing to bring Crowder back to DC!
  5. I'll take the Eagles for this week. Boy, I'm not feeling confident at all, but I'm rolling with it.
  6. I guess the refs don't know what a damn holding penalty is?
  7. Of course that's not DPI. Come on, man. He got hit before the ball got there.
  8. Really? 5 minutes left in a 3 point game and you talk about the Bears/Trubisky? Gotta love the MNF promotions... on MNF.
  9. HAHAHAHAHA! 0%. You're inferring that there's a chance the Redskins are the best team in the NFC. Yeah. Right...
  10. I totally miss Joe Barry. He was the best defensive coordinator in Redskins history.
  11. Very true. I just don't like the unnecessary stopping of the game. I'd rather no flag be thrown than an "undone" flag.
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