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  1. I really think there’s a role for Fortson, he looked smooth out there. Only issue is it kind of limits where you can line up Hill.
  2. We just not gonna talk about Najee Harris getting 19 targets in the passing game….
  3. Prayers for Reid. As far as the game, This was on the offense. Defense wasn’t good, but they held up in some bad situations. Also, can we lay off the Charvarius needs benched takes. Offense really needs someone to step into that #2 WR role full time. Part of it is on Mahomes also, but it’s the same offense when Sammy was out in previous seasons. They aren’t bad, but Mahomes is clearly not comfortable when Kelce/Hill are being bracketed. We have guys, but someone really needs to earn that trust where Mahomes knows where he’s going to be. Edit:
  4. Our offense was hit or miss every time Watkins was out in prior years. We still score, but it’s ugly af to watch.
  5. Still waiting for this supposedly deep DL group from TC.
  6. Kyle Hamilton wasn’t making it there anyways
  7. Butker tried to kick that XP out of the stadium.
  8. King almost had a free beer there. Kemp is essentially a TE haha.
  9. It’s going to be like this on O till someone steps up outside of Hill and Kelce. Mahomes is not totally out of fault for how out of rhythm this O looks though.
  10. I probably get too much enjoyment at watching Chief fans who think our team is full of all All Pro’s.
  11. Imagine someone of FF telling Mahomes how to throw a football
  12. I think only 1 person asked who we sent GP's too this week, so your standard 2nd... Who do we send game plans too? I don't really need this. Good luck, good sir.
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