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  1. Yeah, my bad. Last week sucked. I knew it wasn't going to change my spot with a W or L this week, so it was pointless. If i thought Gotham was trying to win a game, I would have. If Winning a game would have changed my position in anyway, I would have.. I also don't want the #1 pick, so yeah don't do that.
  2. Gonna take me awhile to read through Cancun’s defense… Not sure why Raleigh is trying to make Mahomes leave the pocket earlier than he wants. You want Mahomes throwing from the pocket, not forcing him into his comfort zone. Looks to be a very high scoring game
  3. Niemann and Sorensen just tried to make a baby for us to draft in 20 years
  4. If it’s any consolation Niemanns actual brother is with the Chargers and I hope they get to enjoy the same 4 years
  5. Am I selfish for needing 10 more fantasy points out of Mahomes and Kelce
  6. I mean we are never going to be a team that the run sets up the pass, that will just never happen. I thought they did a better job of keeping the defense honest this game, Our passing game is just abysmal right now.
  7. Let’s just take a knee the rest of the game. Water Boy style
  8. I agree. Idk what is going on with the passing game. It’s just very hard for me to believe Andy is having troubles figuring out how to carve up the coverage units. Something is off, nothing is easy
  9. Woah,woah, woah! Collingsworth you’re not just gonna skate by saying Hitchens is one of the best tacklers in the league
  10. The Broncos are playing the run, our passing game is just shhh right now.
  11. Where’d Robinson go? I feel dirty saying this, but he didn’t mess up. As far as receiving the ball
  12. Collingsworth with a solid point, might be time to call it a night
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