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  1. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    @BringinDaPain @ny92jefferis Not urgent but in the trade for Jamison Crowder. I saw the base at 705,000. I think it should be 1,905,000 when he’s switched over to the Chiefs.
  2. TCMD Discussion!!

    Im pretty sure I’ll get flack on one of my bids, it’s hard to gauge his interest and it’s more how I think he’ll fit on to my team than his current performance
  3. TCMD Discussion!!

    If I overbid, I blame past losses lol

    Chiefs receive: 0331 - Chase Roullier - C 0841 - Jamison Crowder - WR Redskins receive: 0528 - Dee Ford - 34OLB 0673 - Eric Murray - S
  5. TCMD Discussion!!

    Sure. I’m not sure you want to limit him to one spot though, call him whatever but he should be lining up in multiple spots to create mismatches. Just upgrade the #2 spot and use him as a flex on offense similar to Kelce in KC, I think he had that type of skill set
  6. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    Some games definitely. You can say the same thing about most of the top schools. West Virginia had 6 dunk/layup attempts the entire game. You aren’t going to get to the line if you are taking jumpers all night long.
  7. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    Weird game. Refs we’re calling it tight both ways all game. West Virginia body checks a lot and they never adjusted to the refs calling it tighter, KU got in foul trouble early and backed off. Just a weird combination of them never adjusting their defensive style and they were jacking up a ton of jumpers
  8. TCMD Discussion!!

    No I was more commenting on the him not wanting to pass the physical
  9. TCMD Discussion!!

    That is pretty one sided, an easy way to look at it from a fan stand point. I HIGHLY doubt a professional/NFL athlete purposely attempts to fail a physical. Someone that weak minded wouldn’t have trained hard enough to make it to that point.
  10. Raiders cut CB David Amerson / signed with the chiefs

    Chiefs sign Amerson, reminiscing Stanford Routt already. https://twitter.com/terezpaylor/status/964665014803148800?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^ios|twgr^other|twcon^7100|twterm^2
  11. TCMD Discussion!!

    Chiefs trade block has been updated.

    Chiefs release; 1433 - Prince Charles Iworah - CB 1203 - Makinton Dorleant - CB 1751 - Tyrone Holmes - 43DE
  13. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    I’m just happy to know I wasn’t the only one that deep in the hole!
  14. TCMD Discussion!!

    Cousins has had the luxury of having a consistent HC that is offensively minded. He still isn’t great. Put him with Chip Kelly and Jeff Fisher in his early years and I doubt he’s career trend line is much different than Foles. I’d rate Cousins above him, but not by much. And the price rate between them sure isn’t worth it. For gosh sakes, just give me more than a 6th round comp for Foles😑
  15. TCMD Discussion!!

    Pat Mahomes😉