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  1. Which Team(s) Got Worse This Offseason?

    Johnson and Hali weren’t really loses on the field, they were pretty terrible last year actually. The front 7 should be much improved from last year, talent wise, on paper for now at least. The secondary will need the Front 7 to be dominant in order for the secondary to succeed. Fuller and Nelson are the only 2 CB’s I trust, our coaches really like Will Redmond and Keith Reiser but they have no game experience. Ron Parker is a big loss, versatile safety who played off of Eric Berry, well, when healthy. Had a down year last year, maybe he aged, or Berry just made that big of a difference. I don’t have much confidence in our 2nd/3rd Safety spots. Daniel Sorensen is a solid reserve, but shouldn’t be starting. Eric Murray didn’t progress much last year, and Armani Watts is just a rookie.
  2. Hill really isn’t Desean or Odell. His best comp is probably Steve Smith. I don’t like the Desean comp, it happens a ton with Reid being our coach, but he’s more diverse than that and a lot harder to tackle. He won’t ever have Odell’s hands or high pointing ability, but he’s more electric with the ball in his hands(yes Odell is still great at that) Obviously Odell is the better player(he’s one of the best), but Tyreek has the potential to get up that high (not the same skill set though). He’s putting in the work, can’t wait to see what he looks like this year.
  3. 2018 Expansion Draft - Chiefs

    Good call on Colquitt, I honestly struggled finding 5. Amaro, Jenkins, and Zombo are all on 1 year deals. McQuay is also, but I think ERFA’s are okay? Eric Murray or James Winchester (if LD are eligible) would be my replacements for Colquitt.
  4. 2018 Expansion Draft - Chiefs

    Not many bad contracts; S Daniel Sorensen P Dustin Colquitt DL Xavier Williams LB Ukeme Eligwe OL Parker Ehinger. Those would be my 5. Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz we would have no replacements. Justin Houston and Eric Berry have big contracts, but I don’t think any is disappointed with them. All others would be FA’s signed from this last year, which we have no idea how they’ll feel right now
  5. Adonis Alexander

    Very true, I wouldn’t mind throwing a 5th at him if we think he can sneak into a practice squad. We are down our 4th Rounder from the Ragland trade.
  6. Adonis Alexander

    Ohh they’re lurking. Just waiting for things to pick. As far as Alexander, who is the last supplemental guy that actually planned out? Aside from Josh Gordon and all his stuff. I actually like his traits, but nothing more than a p/s player for this season I’d guess. He’s already way behind the curve.
  7. Colts fake punt is still my favorite play, not the same type of moment though
  8. What Could Have Been?

    Couple more for the Chiefs Sylvester Morris - Promising Rookie year until injury struck. Glenn Dorsey - Actually played for awhile, that knee injury in college did him in, moreso than the scheme change. Larry Johnson - Attitude/the amount of touches. Sometimes I forget how much of a freak this guy was.
  9. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    I will have to see how this defense lines up. Looks like they might be changing how things look along the front 7. Bailey/Jenkins are similar players on the left side, same could be said for Nnadi/Williams. Not sure where Nacho fits in besides being able to spot fill those 2 spots. With Chris Jones losing some weight, I’m wondering if we push him out a little wider and have him and Tanoh play those reps in base at RE. Nacho just wouldn’t have the length to play wide. This is all just trying to piece together what the roster looks like though?
  10. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Did we ever fill Dadi and Orson's spots?
  11. Flux Draft Game (2018)

    Tried to do something different. Offense - Banking on a strong OL and getting the ball in the hands of playmakers. QB - Mason Rudolph (3rd) RB - John Kelly (6th) Flex - Nyheim Hines (4th) WR - Antonio Callaway(4th) WR - Anthony Miller (2nd) TE - Ian Thomas (4th) LT - Chukwuma Okorafor (3rd) LG - Will Hernandez (2nd) C - Brian Allen (4th) RG - Austin Corbett (2nd) RT - Orlando Brown (3rd) Defense - 4/3 Under Scheme with heavy man to man. Wanted some speed, LB’s in particular are versatile. Need the big boys to keep them clean. DE - Jalyn Holmes (4th) DT - Tim Settle (5th) DT - Maurice Hurst (5th) DE - Arden Key (3rd) OLB - Genard Avery (5th) ILB - Jerome Baker (3rd) OLB - Shaquem Griffin (5th) CB - Denzel Ward (1st) CB - Tremon Smith (6th) CB - Parry Nickerson (6th) S - Armani Watts (4th) S - Jordan Whitehead (4th) K - Jason Sanders (7th) P - Michael Dickson (5th)
  12. Here’s to hoping Dorsey can bring back Damien Mama to his team like we had. Never hurts to have the Dadi and Mama combo. Joking aside Dadi at one point was a pretty good prospect. Good burst, I would have no idea what to expect after his horrible knee injury his rookie year.
  13. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    You could have looked in the draft thread and saved yourself a bit of work 😉
  14. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Excellent post, welcome to the forum! Always great to see more new faces around here. I like what they’ve done. I like what Veach is saying. The pessimistic side of me still wants to see what Sutton does with his personal, but Veach is saying everything I want to see changed about the D. There is a spot for nothin Speaks and Tanoh to contribute, let’s get them where they’ll succeed.
  15. Report Card.

    Veach speaking on wanting to change the type of defense makes me feel better about Speaks. Still skeptical on the fit, just reminds me of a DeMarcus Walker/Mario Edwards as a prospect. I hope we define his role early on so he can focus on his body. I think we did well on the rest of the draft, will definitely be cheering for Speaks though.