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  1. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Barkley also thanks you
  2. FFMD War Room

    Personally would have took the trade, Diggs isn’t worth a 1st imo. Love the 1st pick though.. and I get needing a CB
  3. FFMD War Room

    Gross-Matos, Ruiz for me. Personally I still have 3 CB’s rated similar or above Diggs, but I can see the need.
  4. FFMD War Room

    Both solid offers. Gross-Matos and Queen are really the only two i see worth trading up for at this point
  5. Breeland Speaks, I think he’s still on the roster. Lower tier, Anthony Hitchens needs to start earning that paycheck
  6. FA KC

    I like Seals-Jones. Great athlete, not too far of from what we had with Demetrius Harris. Hasn’t exactly played in TE friendly systems, the potential is there... he’s good competition for the #2 spot.
  7. FFMD War Room

    I’d just stick to BPA in the first. Maybe start taking offers for 32 halfway through 20, Mid 2nd round has a ton of value in this draft. Nice work on the compensation for both players.
  8. FFMD War Room

    Excellent work
  9. FFMD War Room

    If you more than a 2nd for Jones I’ll be impressed
  10. FA KC

    Nice. Smart for multiple reasons, at least now if/when he leaves as a FA he will be eligible for a comp pick. Happy to have the full display of weapons back for Pat, get an upgrade or 2 on the IOL and this offense is even scarier.
  11. What would you do with a late pick?

    In this class? If we made a pick, I’d look for WR or OL. Both positions should have great depth in all rounds
  12. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    We have the tools for another run year 1. We need to be stocking up for years 2-4 and we aren’t gonna do that without cheap replacements for vets past this year.
  13. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Veach wants to keep him. CB is really the only pressing need we haven’t added in FA so cap isn’t needed right now If he can work an extension between 7-10 Mil per I think he stays for a couple years, Otherwise he’ll be traded/cut closer to draft I think
  14. Chiefs re-sign WR Demarcus Robinson

    Most likely. I wouldn’t rule out Veach Extending him to a 2-3 year deal at 9-10 per year though.
  15. Chiefs re-sign WR Demarcus Robinson

    Nice! Glad to have him back