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  1. Revis is a Chief

    Don’t believe this is related but Steven Nelson looked to be in some serious pain last week.
  2. Chiefs sign Darrell Revis

    Gaines has been burnt to a crisp for like 6 weeks now. Might as well have a couple corpses in the defensive backfield
  3. Should I pick or let @devils1854 redo?
  4. Defenses are also playing us differently. Stack the box, send a couple blitzes, and play zone. Will stop the run, Alex gets happy feet and doesn’t like throwing into zones. Until Alex learns how to throw into zones, that is how every team should play us. Early in the year teams were playing a ton of man, which with the speed we have left plenty of separation for Alex to be comfortable throwing. Aside from the Pats that’s how most teams played us early on, and well the Pats front 7 was so awful at that point I’m not sure it mattered. Alex shouldn’t be benched, but he needs to start pushing the ball into zones and get back to pushing it downfield. Hunt and the OL cant do much when defenses don’t respect us more than 10 yards downfield.
  5. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    And the Giants D knows this.
  6. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Yeah I hear you. Maybe I wasn’t mad because it’s what I would expect to happen 😂
  7. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    I’ve been yelling the whole 2nd quarter for a deep shot to soften the D.... and we throw it to freakin Ross Travis.
  8. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    On 3&2 not the worst idea. We still have timeouts if we get the first
  9. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    KPL and Ragland getting a series together finally
  10. Sacramento Kings G- John Wall G- D’angelo Russell F- Kristas Porzingis F- Al Horford F - O.G. Anunoby F - Kyle Kuzma C - Dewayne Dedmon
  11. Sacramento - D’angelo Russell @devils1854
  12. Dang Otto and Turner were my two, shouldn’t have tried to wait. Will pick in a few