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  1. My post was sarcasm. DL or WR I would accept either as my weakest right now
  2. I’m shocked no one is scared of the Sammy Watkins, Rashod Bateman, Mecole Hardman trio
  3. Pick 2.12 Seoul selects; Joshua Kaindoh, Edge Florida State @MD4L you got it.
  4. Involving a punter into my weekly gameplan was something I noted to change this offseason.
  5. I have a 5-6 hour golf outing coming up. Hope I can get this last pick in before it starts.
  6. 1.9 Seoul selects; CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State @rackcs you got it
  7. So the full trade for Orlando Brown Chiefs Orlando Brown Jr 58 Overall - Nick Bolton 2022 6th Round (Baltimore) Ravens 31 Overall - Odafe Oweh 94 Overall - Ben Cleveland 136 Overall - * traded 2022 5th Round (KC) 160 Overall - Shaun Wade 2022 4th Roumd (Ari) Cardinals 136 Overall - Marco Wilson 210 Overall - Victor Dimukeje I won’t say KC lost the trade, but it’s easy to see how Baltimore always has one of the deepest rosters in the league. I would prefer option 2 and signing Villanueva, but I don’t think KC totally lost
  8. RB is a position I will never question Veach/Reid. Honestly you could argue Reid gets as solid production as San Fran in regards to who he throws out there. They like to keep the cupboards stocked
  9. I mean he just played a college football season. I’m almost positive whatever doctors that let him on the field, know more than anyone who is reading diagnosis on the internet.
  10. Damnit. What is a Phil Hoskins. Chiefs definitely wanted to get depth at OL. Good lord, we have like 12-13 roster worthy
  11. This. Trey Smith in the 6th. It probably doesn’t work out, But you take that talent at that point in the draft.
  12. Through 5 rounds I’ve seen, at least, a little, of every prospect. I’ve always had wanted to get through a full draft with no unknowns Probably just jinxed it, and it may be cheating that a lot of unknown seniors ended up returning
  13. Hey a pick I love! Powell fits well in this WR room.
  14. King likes him. Solid athlete, not great. Solid blocker. Gives great effort but he’ll need to add some strength. Not sure he’s ever a TE1, but he’s a pretty safe bet as depth. Funny enough Kelce/Bell/Gray were all recruited as QB’s out of high school. Definitely understands how to find holes in coverage
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