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  1. I’ve done so many mocks with Squire, he hardly drafts for need. I have a good feeling he takes Radunz. If that’s the case, are we good with McGrone?
  2. Eichenberg , LB Jabril Cox off the board. 1 more till we’re up
  3. Radunz, McGrone are the 2 I would target. In that order, I’m up for suggestions though
  4. Preferences on Liam Eichenberg & Dillon Radunz? I like Radunz more, but it’s close.
  5. LB & OT. Presumably McGrone , Eichenberg/Radunz. I’m good with just one of the OT’s if we don’t get a trade up that doesn’t involve losing a 3rd/4th, but wouldn’t do it if that’s all that was offered
  6. I do have one trade up I like. I doubt they accept it, most want a 3rd straight up... and I don’t really want to straight up trace one of the mid rounders. 3rd(81)+3rd(94)+5th(163) for 3rd(64) + 4th(115) Thats right for a trade up, unless you guys disagree I’m not losing a 3rd/4th to make a move at this point, 5th and a drop down I think we can live with.
  7. I have 470k in cap space, and need 418k for rookies
  8. Collins is 6’4 220. I think you might be thinking of Amari Rodgers on the poor mans Toney. I’m the opposite, I don’t like Wallace that much, maybe in the 4th round. I love St. Brown, but he’s more of the intermediate slot guy. He doesn’t do much for replacing Watkins/Robinson
  9. Talk to mike if you want, but we can’t bid if it goes negative
  10. Chiefs are also interested in packaging 81 + to move up to a pick near OTC. If anyone wants to trade down, hit me up.
  11. I like Tampa Bay's offseason. Best Moves: David Andrews, Feiler, Hendrickson Puzzling Moves: Aaron Jones, Moving Wirfs to LT, John Johnson. I like Aaron Jones and John Johnson and they'd be great for Tampa Bay. I just didn't see the need to spend that amount of $$ compared to what was already on the roster.
  12. Yeah.... so I may have messed up. Any signing bonus is getting calculated into the Total cap, regardless if it's below the Top 51 contracts. So essentially all of our draft picks are going to cost towards the cap. Not saying I agree with it, but that's how it's set up. Here's what we have: TOP 51 Cap Space $472,808 And this is what it will take for the balance of our rookies: Signing Bonus Cap Hit Ovrall: 63 | 2ND Rnd. - Pick: 31 $224,128
  13. I think we all agree on the main needs and our top guys reflect that. We have a good mix of best value and need going. I would say WR and C, are the two we could use the most help at year one. (Losing Pringle to 8 Mil a year killed us, but no way is he worth that). Luckily we have 4 picks in the next 30ish picks, and we can do some damage here. WR BPA: Amon-ra St. Brown, Tylan Wallace, Nico Collins Scheme: Josh Imatorbhebe, Josh Palmer, Jonathan Adams Jr. , Dez Fitzpatrick, Ihmir Smith-Marsette, Cornell Powell. This is tough, as it's probably o
  14. Peanut Butter Falcon ain’t bad, kinda different but it’s good
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