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  1. Slightly different, pie and punch gets Pete. more of a Scotch or Bourbon man here
  2. Was told you were responsible for the game plan to make this happen
  3. Is there a negative thing to say about any of our guys😂. That said, I do think Trey brings an attitude our OL has been missing for quite some time.
  4. Counse… err Scoundrel was collecting wing sauces awhile back. I volunteer him.
  5. Just don't tell Nelson he's the #2. I like confidence, but dude can't handle not being the top dog.
  6. Not sure I’ve used WF the past 2 years, for anything other to see if I’ve missed a name on any of the other more credible sources.
  7. Offensive scheme: West Coast, Sean Payton. Defensive scheme: Base Buddy Ryan 4-6 D. HC - Sean Payton (Saints) QB: - Peyton Manning (Colts) HB: - Marshall Faulk (Rams) WR: Randy Moss (Vikings) WR: Calvin Johnson Jr. (Lions) WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) TE: - Rob Gronkowski (Pats) LT: - Joe Thomas (Browns) LG: - Larry Allen (Cowboys) C : Chuck Bednarik (Eagles) RG: - Will Shields (Chiefs) RT: - Anthony Munoz (Bengals)
  8. Hey Tyrann, we found your money. Weird feeling when the top guy on your caps status is in limbo, And you aren’t sure how much worse you are without him.
  9. I’ll hangout for a bit, as long as you don’t mind someone who’s been drinking for the past 5 hours. I also don’t know how to work Greenroom but I have it
  10. Nah, push has never been an issue inside. Gap containment has, that’s why our LB’s looked so much better with Pennel and Nnadi inside. It’s how much you want to give up inside, as Jones and Wharton will make the splash plays, but they sacrifice gaps to make them. Nnadi will start and get rotated out in sub packages where others can shoot gaps. Wharton, not unless he packed on 15-20 lbs does not anchor well enough to play 1T. Even if he is an excellent sub package player He’s very critical to how we use Mathieu, or at least his position is. Without Thornhill and Soren
  11. Would also note, claimed players cannot be released or traded after claimed. I think that's already in the rules, but just to make sure.
  12. I agree with Nnadi, he's pretty underrated around here. He's been our most consistent DT the past few years, that changes a bit with Jarran (who is excellent against the run and pass). but Nnadi is the 1T we need with Jones and Reed moving around. Wharton is nice, but I'd rather keep Reed at 3T and have a better run stuffer beside him. Starting wise at least. I'm not sure where to rank Deandre Baker, Mike Hughes, and Rashad Fenton. The first 2, there's not much solid data to go on, it's really just a guessing game to see what they contribute. Obviously the skills a
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