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  1. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    Wonder if a DB is on the way.. gotta think the only reason they kept Smith over him to begin with was his ability to play CB in a pinch
  2. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    I think Minkah could handle boundary in Spags scheme. Regardless it’s another chess piece in the secondary with 3 years of cost control. I haven’t heard any chatter for the Chiefs on it, but I’d like it.
  3. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    Veach better be all over this, I’ll give you the 1st.
  4. NBA 2K20

    Is the Online game play flowing better yet? Played one game and got tired of it, Been rolling single player Myteam for 2 days.
  5. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    DL played well. I’m sure most of us expected that, didn’t go unnoticed just didn’t mention as they did what was expected.
  6. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Definitely wasn’t good or pretty. I’m not “too” concerned about it though. The stats look awful, but I liked how many guys we usually had around the ball, even on plenty if receptions we had a guy right there, just failed to make a play. Wilson looked better than any thing we had at LB and Thornhill was as better than anything we had at Safety. Not saying it was good, but there were some positives and hardly any miscues game 1 of a new scheme.
  7. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    I liked what I saw from Breeland and Thornhill. Fuller still wasn’t great, but a step above last year. Mathieu wasn’t that involved, but the play from the guys above makes me think the secondary will be alright once Claiborne arrives. Mathieu didn’t do a whole lot of hunting, as he was stock playing CB in the slot a ton. LB play was much better though so that’s a plus
  8. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Ragland really shouldn’t be shocking.. Let’s goo
  9. Should the NFL step in AB/Patriots

    Honestly if there was tampering it will come out eventually anyways... It’s AB.. He can’t stay quiet when he does something of relevance
  10. Please let AB go on a tirade about Brady having a trash arm
  11. Chris Jones

    Honestly I’m not sure it’s smart to to pay 2 guys 20+ along the same line.
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Halfway expect to see Brown resigns with Oakland tomorrow morning with the expectation he will play Week 1
  13. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    I mean if you’re gonna pimp yourself,, This is definitely the right place for it
  14. Tyreek Hill extended

    3 Year Extension?? Doesn't that make it like a 4 year - 56 Mil Deal.. If so that's hardly up with the top paid.
  15. NFL Year 100; Season Opener GDT: Packers @ Bears

    You want to watch that? I don’t even want to watch him play this GB defense