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  1. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I’m ready for you to offer me a trade
  2. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    Oh I agree he can and I hope so also. Shanahan is too good at scheming runs to continuously play undisciplined though. SAQ matters a ton he just has to make Jones miss and our lbs are getting swarmed by those blockers. Big reason you hardly ever see us get gashed for 5+ when Nnadi and Pennel are inside . I can guarantee Shanahan is going to use a ton of counters to see if Jones splits to the wrong side
  3. TCMD - FAQ

    Cardinals? They used their 5th for Jalen Thompson in the supplemental draft. I believe the Pick for Drake is 5.142, that was originally Miami, traded to Arizona for Josh Rosen, than back to Miami in the Drake deal. Is a good site if you want to track draft pick exchanges, just have to follow with the conditions. https://www.prosportstransactions.com/football/DraftTrades/Years/2020.htm
  4. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    Oh it’s nice when it works that way.. usually it’s him unsquaring his shoulders to split the gap and the OL just pushes him by to create a huge hole. Henry just didn’t have the short area quickness to get to that hole. I hope he actually makes the tackles against the 49ers cuz it leaves a massive hole and leaves the LB to take the OL straight on
  5. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    I’m glad the Chiefs have also... I’ll gladly take him back at 10-11 Mil. anything above that and we have too many other players to fit that salary.. one game doesn’t impressive me, he doesn’t have discipline in the run game and it kills us quite a bit.
  6. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I need to trade someone who is good enough to bring in another pick. Page 4
  7. John Lovett might factor in here.. if his shoulder issues are fixed I think his best spot is Sherman’s replacement
  8. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Someone come get LDT, he ain’t getting cut but you can get a starting guard with a decent contract for 3 years
  9. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    Jones is far from the run defender any of the other, top paid, DT’s are. I wouldn’t pay any DT top dollar if they aren’t a plus against the run. I would miss his ability to crash the pocket though
  10. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Column AC shows what Cap Hit should be added once released.. not counting if you have more than 51 playeres. Than it will be that minus whatever player is added to the Top 51 contracts.
  11. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Chiefs: 31 49ers: 27
  12. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    If it’s this reasoning I’m confused why people aren’t prioritizing OT higher than. Fisher’s cap is just as much, and Schwartz is right with Kelce in age. Meanwhile Kelce is arguably the biggest engine for the offense (after Mahomes). You kill a ton of chemistry within the locker room and get rid of Mahomes safest target. Move OT up on the boards if you’re wanting to find cheaper replacements on offense, don’t get rid of one of the locker rooms key guys. But in all, I’m glad not everyone agrees, it’s good convo. And as always go Chiefs
  13. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I have no faith our offense is good enough for that
  14. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    My point being.. Kelce is playing 4 more years. You are never going to know if said TE can carry the load as a starter by the time his rookie contract is up. It’s still a couple years away from drafting his replacement IMO