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  1. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Pretty good projection. Pretty sure the math on Hitchens is incorrect though, June 1st cut would still be closer to breaking even, rather than saving cap.
  2. Flux Draft Game (2019)

    Offense: Really wanted to pair a couple of these TE’s, would run a ton of 2 TE sets. 3 RB’s may sound crazy, but Hill and Thompson could be lined up in multiple spots QB: Ryan Finley - 4 RB: Rodney Anderson - 6 WR: Deebo Samuel - 2 WR: AJ Brown - 2 TE: Kahale Warring - 3 TE: Foster Moreau - 4 LT: Yodny Cajuste - 3 LG: Chuma Edoga - 3 C: Lamont Gaillard - 6 RG: Michael Jordan - 4 RT: David Edwards - 5 RB: Justice Hill - 4 RB: Darwin Thompson - 6 Defense: 4/3 Under / 4-2-5 LE: Charles Omenihu - 5 UT: Cortez Broughton - 7 NT: Renell Wren - 4 RE: Joe Jackson - 5 LB: Devin White - 1 LB: Blake Cashman - 5 CB: Bryon Murphy - 2 CB: Justin Layne - 3 CB: David Long - 3 FS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - 4 SS- Amani Hooker - 4 Edge: D’Andre Walker - 5
  3. Raiders trade Kicker Eddy Piniero to Bears

    To be fair we traded Jonathan Baldwin for him. The only thing of value in that trade was the paper involved.
  4. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    Always in
  5. The man who made Sutton’s schemes work! Honestly I under appreciated how good he was
  6. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I don’t think I buy the text exchange or the phone call.. both instances seem fake(in words). I’m not sure who’s totally at fault at this point, but it’s pretty obvious these 2 should not be communicating directly with one another or the child. Honestly it hasn’t even been that long and I’m tired of the situation, keep those 2 away from each other, cut off communication, and work on the investigation. Not sure how either one of them could keep in contact with the other, if one of them if they is totally innocent.
  7. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    Just playing devils advocate... doing it at a time when people aren’t really itching, might give you a better idea on who will stick around?
  8. Draft Grades and Reactions

    I’ll give it a B. I like most of the players enough, hard for me to go much higher with how few picks were made. 3 years down the road, I always like to see 4-5 players from a class still contributing in some fashion. The hit point on this class needs to be high with the contracts we have coming up.

    I think our defense will be pretty similar to the Rams last year. Excellent DL play, solid DB play with the occasional big play, and just try to mask the LB play as best we can
  10. Giants newly drafted CB Corey Ballentine injured in shooting

    Doesn’t shock me in the slightest in Topeka... no idea how that is our state capital. Sad all the way around. Hopefully doesn’t hold back Ballentine, really wanted the Chiefs to take him.

    LB Gary Johnson, Texas RB James Williams, Washington St. WR Cody Thompson, Toledo WR Jamal Custis, Syracuse CB Mark Fields, Clemson A few FA’s we picked up that had draftable grades, especially like Fields.
  12. UDFA Tracker

    waltersfootball list looks accurate right now.... now sure how much I trust it in the long run
  13. NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: steals and fodder

    Try being 100 picks away... not sure why I’m watching, it just feels weird not watching

    Definitely ahead of Hamilton and probably Williams. Super explosive off the snap, not really a need but he’ll be a beast inside against the pass year 1. Spags definitely has a front 4, 10 guys roster worthy right now without any unknowns

    Warring would be great also