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  1. The anxiety and/or panic attack thread

    I'm not sure any panic attack can boil down to one specific reason. For me personally, it's kind of ive always had social anxiety.. it used to be masked by being active in sports(starting pg, starting QB and S, and starting SS in baseball), so I was always the voice when participating in sports. Appearing Extroverted in sports, when in reality I'm extremely introverted. Once sports were gone I lost my way to let my voice be heard and that's when I started noticing who I was... I appear extroverted to most so most of my friends are constantly active and hitting me up.. it's a sensory overload and that's when I feel the panic set in. That's why I said getting rid of social media really helps me personally.. social media is really just a way for people to show active and seek approval from others. Losing the phone/distractions, plugging in some ear buds and watching film on college prospects is how I've found best to get past the attacks for me and most my friends know if I don't answer, I'll hit them up when I feel like it.
  2. The anxiety and/or panic attack thread

    Started a couple years ago for me. Really didn't know what was going on because I'm naturally so chill, actually ended up driving to the ER twice at 3am because I thought I was having a heart attack. Ended up as a waste of money. X-Rays and all the works, just to tell me I was as healthy as can be.. I still get a least one panic attack a month, and most times I still struggle to control it. Should probably get some type of medication but I'm stubborn. The most helpful thing for me is staying off social media... Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc... when dealing with anxiety these things REALLY do damage. If you're feeling it coming on, I'd suggest deleting any form of social media.. get rid of the phone and find a way that relaxes you and kills time...
  3. FF Fantasy Football League II --- Discussion!

    Well I didn't even know I was playing him this week until the game already started... so I got an easy win in fairness, I would just give everyone a win for this year.
  4. Kareem Hunt Comp

    TD isn't bad.. I was thinking about this the other day actually..... It's not a great comp, but the way he bounces off guys without losing balance reminds me a Marshawn Lynch.
  5. Rewatching the Defensive performance yesterday.... Justin Houston is the MVP of this defense and it's really not close. Others had better individual performances, but Houston was the key cog in our whole defensive scheme. Chipping Ertz, holding the edge, short zones, spying the RB while halfway rushing.... these were all his responsibilities for the first 3 QT's and I'm not sure you need 1 finger to count the amount of times he missed his assignment... Now take us to the 4th QT with a lead... let's get rid of that 3rd DL and let Houston pin his ears back! This has been the game plan with Houston for both games this year. Credited with just 5 tackles and 1 sack, but rest assured Houston was responsible for a lot more on Sunday.... Justin Houston is back folks and he looks as good as ever😎😎
  6. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Kareem Hunt's ability to bounce off guys and stay on balance is insane
  7. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Even as a Chief fan, I can't deny this
  8. Is age getting to Colquitt.. weird saying that about a punter, but these first 2 games haven't been his best
  9. Could've got 2 hands on it. Idk if he'd have caught it anyways πŸ˜‚
  10. Need to send Ford and Houston from the same side here.
  11. A side bonus is Houston can catch his breath and take Zombos place on this possession now
  12. I'd like this more than once if possible.
  13. That or stinger? Just glad it wasn't the knee, first thing I thought of
  14. I don't think so. Just no one is making any plays on either side of the ball right now.
  15. Alex Smith against zone defenses. Such a struggle