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  1. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Ravens fans should get used to that DAT punt return if they plan on him being back there full time
  2. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    Not too worried about conditioning.. Andy knows what he’s doing.. Pretty sure the last few times we played @Denver THEY were the ones gassed. Not exactly the same, but Andy will rotate early and we’ll be fresh.
  3. KC vs Titans

    I’m not sure our offense can play like that... you need a quality RB and/or an OL that control the LOS.. neither spots are really a strength for us. When we had Hunt, yeah we could sustain a decent amount of time if we wanted to.
  4. Skip Bayless Right?

    I don’t think it’s true... Even it there is a slight truth... what are you going to do? That’s on coaching and the D players. But honestly the whole defensive scheme was different when Mahomes was out. If anything Spags calls it differently when Mahomes plays
  5. KC vs Titans

    Pathetic loss
  6. KC vs Titans

    Well that was a collapse
  7. KC vs Titans

    Pennel and Saunders.. Jones back took them out of the game. Jones needs to be a DE a lot of these strong running teams at least.
  8. KC vs Titans

    Sell out for the run these first 2 plays... if they beat us deep, not the worst thing
  9. KC vs Titans

    Ohh boy. Wylie LT , Erving RT?
  10. KC vs Titans

    Middle post in the red zone. Been money against us all year
  11. KC vs Titans

    I’m guessing they want Darwin to get some run. Dam and McCoy, not sure there is much difference. Personally I feel more comfortable with Dam, but don’t mind McCoy either
  12. Biggest FA bust so far

    Jared Cook.. Devin Funchess ?
  13. No/yes. I don’t want him at 75% mobility either way. If he’s healthy and can create with his legs I don’t mind who the offensive line is. Fisher won’t be back before Mahomes, but I’d say the same thing If we had our entire line healthy. Getting his lower half back to normal is the most important thing for the team, no matter when it is.
  14. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    And this defense has greatly improved from where it was