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  1. If you expect more of me, I think that’s on you.
  2. Unacceptable. I thought we had each other’s backs. please no one actually take this seriously
  3. Nice. Badlands is one of my favorite places, usually take one trip there a year.
  4. That’s definitely easier to get rid of than the Bengals infection
  5. I mean... half the time I don't realize the Chargers are even an NFL team, so that is not always automatic.
  6. I don't negotiate with rivals, I'm unsure what he's asking.
  7. I'd listen to offers on the following this offseason. QB- Kyler Murray RB: Leonard Fournette RB- Ryquell Armstead WR- Sammy Watkins OG- Rodger Saffold OG- Brandon Scherff OG- Phil Haynes DE- Ifeadi Odenigbo DE - Aldon Smith DT- D.J. Jones DT- Maliek Collins DT- Eddie Goldman DT- Tyler Lancaster CB - Steven Nelson CB - Chandon Sullivan
  8. Why do you think I traded for him, I like consistency with my DB’s
  9. You have 0 proof that Burrow is a bust, and honestly you’re proving everyone’s point by throwing this out there. You were going to spend a 1st round pick on a RB that had almost no experience catching the ball, For the Chiefs. And when the Chiefs took a RB that actually fit their offense you through a fit before you even realized how well he fit in the offense. You would not be a good GM. Well for one because you would have no ability at all to communicate with agents and players. Omggg you’re the greatest to every single player. **** he did bad for a game we got to cut hit, damnit I just paid him all that money cuz he the greatest a couple weeks ago
  10. Going from omg we’re the greatest, to screw these chumps in the span of a quarter and a half quarters actually. Me and @TedLavie nailed our gm draft also and you don’t see us thinking we could actually do this for a living. 90% of this board follows the draft close enough to hit on mid round picks
  11. I can't comment on the Raiders game, as I haven't really watched the OL that closely.... but if people think that Bosa play is a hold(it's not), I can see why people get pissed. That's a damn good job by Fisher adjusting to the swim and pushing him across.
  12. Will always prefer these games against the Raiders, as opposed to those folks in Denver(no one wants them to be good)
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