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  1. College football OT rules are awful, Can we stop with this yearly trend Edit: wait this is actually making college rules even worse. Hard pass
  2. Been saying it for 2+ years now.. But he’ll make a flashy play in the run game every so often so it’ll make it look like he’s decent against the run. Teams that just line up and run straight at him are smart, he’s not discipline enough to hold his keys. Only reason I was so against paying him top dollar. I will say our LB’s don’t help negate him doing this, but he definitely makes their job more difficult against the run. Ready for big Mike to get back in the rotation.
  3. I will say Fenton may be the one seeing less snaps when Breeland comes back, Sneed was very impressive again. Danna looked good, Jones still kills us against the run.. dude needs to quit turning sideways. Albeit it doesn’t help we need to completely revamp the LB core. Tackling as whole was awful, but man the LB’s kill us, Neimann in particular can’t get anyone on the ground.
  4. Honestly the recap probably made it look prettier.... Good things. We got a W and no big injuries.
  5. Don’t make Butker angry, you won’t like it when he’s angry.. Idk about anyone else but I’m ready for Pennel to be back.
  6. Houston today by a TD. Fully ready for this to be incorrect later.
  7. Travis Kelce (TE)/ Eric Fisher(OT): Draftwise. Both in 2013. 8 Years counting this year Anthony Sherman(FB): Trade. Also 2013. 8 Years counting this year James Winchester (LS): Free Agency, 2015. 6 Total years. I'm actually not sure he was a FA, I'm not sure what he was doing before we tried him out. Mitchell Schwartz(OT), Would be the next. Will be his 5th year in KC.
  8. This thread is as cringe worthy/humorous as 99% of Facebook posts.
  9. If he stays healthy and motivated, for sure can have a big year. No questioning the talent, but there's always games where it just looks like he's going through the motions.
  10. Will be interesting to see how the offense adjusts. Chargers played our offense very well last year, albeit we were never 100% healthy. Will be interesting to see if the play quarters, Wondering if they trust Robinson a bit more on the underneath stuff (Hardmans low snap count week 1), or if they were just showcasing Robinson in primetime. I see another successful week for Clyde if defenses keep putting focus on controlling our deep ball.
  11. I’m watched this 10 times and I’m still not sure what either one of them are doing? Kicked them both out, heck let them both stay... as long as I don’t have to hear either give their side of whatever just occurred.
  12. Chargers are Meh. Definitely need to start early against Oak. That offense is pretty good if they get Jacobs rolling. Should be a win, but Jacobs is a beast and that Play Action is pretty deadly when it’s rolling.
  13. Sometimes I still think about the Mike Brown / Jon McGraw duo for a full year.....
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