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  1. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    As someone who spends 30-40% of their day correcting errors of other employees, I would gladly split the difference between starting pay and my salary if it meant I could get back to working 40 hours a week. Money doesn’t mean a thing If you’re killing yourself just to keep the team afloat.
  2. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    With the idiots we employee I’ll gladly take this option.
  3. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Agreed on Pennel. Jones will abandon his run gaps to make splash plays, it will hurt as much as it helps. Hence why the run D was so inconsistent last year. He works great in a rotation, which is why I don’t think he’s worth that price tag. At least with Clark you know he’s giving effort while maintaining his responsibilities.
  4. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    I think Clark still has another gear, Jones I think we’ve seen his peak. I wouldn’t pay either 20m, the defense was more consistent(albeit missed his splash plays) when Jones wasn’t lined up in the middle.
  5. Chris Jones Declaring A Potential Holdout

    Jones is not worth 20+, I know I’m in the minority on this.
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    Alright FF. What’s your deal breaker on age gaps. My neighbors daughter just moved back from college a month ago. Super cool family, typically help them with the yard as her mother is single. She just turned 22, I’ll be 32 soon. I spend most of my time working don’t really get out much. She’s messaged me quite a bit the past few weeks, and honestly she’s a very pretty(had no idea she was only 22) She finally sent me a message to just let her know if I’m interested in talking. Am I weird to think this is a big age gap? Her best friend is my high schools girl friends little sister. If it wasn’t for the age gap I wouldn’t have any hesitations at all
  7. The 90 Man Roster

    D. Washington - D. Harris N. Allegretti - D. Williams A. Brown - L. Hill The only 3 differences I see and definitely can see those happening.
  8. 2019 Chiefs vs 2017 Eagles

    Andy wouldn't lose to his disciple.. That's the only argument I would make that I'm pretty confident in. Philly was unstoppable that year though,,, guarantee they would have shot out to an early lead, would have been tough to come back.
  9. The 90 Man Roster

    Anyone want to try their hand on a "Too Early 53 man"? QB(2) - Mahomes / Henne RB(5) - Dam. Williams / CEH / Thompson / Washington / Sherman WR(3) - Hill / Hardman / Pringle WR (3) - Watkins / Robinson / Fortson TE(3) - Kelce / Seals-Jones / Yelder OL(9) - Fisher / Wylie / Reiter / LDT / Schwartz / Niang / Remmers / Rankins / Allegretti Last 3 In: Fortson , Yelder, Washington Offense(25) - Tough Cuts Dar. Williams, Darryl Williams, Yasir Durant (Going to be a ton of competition with Wylie and Reserve OL) DE(5) - Clark / Okafor / Kpassagnon / Danna / Charlton DT(4) - Jones / Nnadi / Pennel / Saunders LB (3) - Hitchens / Gay / Niemann LB (3) - Wilson / O'Daniel / Harris CB(2)- Ward / Keyes CB(2)- Fenton / Sneed, CB(2)- Brown / Hamilton S (2)- Thornhill / Sorensen S(2) - Mathieu / Watts Last 3 in: Charlton , Harris, Brown Defense(25): DE has a ton of comp for the 4/5 spots, tough cut there. CB is anybodies guess with Breeland likely missing some games, but a ton of comp.. had to cut a couple that have decent potential. ST(3) K: Butker P: Townsend LS: Winchester Suspended List(2): The Breeland brothers
  10. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    Forgot this was even a person tbh
  11. Thread is weird, but I agree with this comment
  12. NEW: 2021 NFL Draft Database - Thread

    I’m sure you’d notice eventually, but your tape for Elijah Blades is actually Al Blades
  13. Your team: Overrated, underrated, best, etc.

    Overrated: Chris Jones. Obviously a pretty good player, but he’s very undisciplined. He should be way better against the run for the pub he gets. Underrated: DB Group, or Eric Fisher. I’ll go with the DB room as a whole. For as much as people talk about our lack of CB’s we had a very good pass D last year, not spectacular but it’s a very solid core. Best: Patty Worst: Hitchens as a starter probably. New key: Willie Gay. Make take a bit, but the middle of the field has been the best area to attack our D for awhile now. Could surprise: Lucas Niang, 3rd Round pick. LG has options, but nothing set in stone. Breakout/Leap: Charvarious Ward. Already decent, with a little more consistency he could earn himself a pay day. Prove it year: Anthony Hitchens, he needs to start producing more for the paycheck he receives
  14. Just a hunch, imo DOD is the 6th LB and doesn’t have much value outside of ST’s. Eric Murray was in a similar spot, excellent ST’er but just got bypassed by too many who performed better on D. Spot on with Harris, I just really liked his tape. Excellent feet and hips, physical tackler, struggles mightily getting off blocks. It’s all projection, but he skills no other guy on the roster has(sans Gay)