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  1. Russell Wilson

    I will stick with Big Ben please
  2. Patriots sign Eric Decker to one-year deal

    Do the patriots really know something we do not, time after time?
  3. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    Totally agreed there. We already have a solid 3, going to be really hard to make the team.
  4. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    Are any UDFA standing out who can potentially make the 53 man roster? Any draft picks falling out of the 53?
  5. Jon Bostic

    Who do you guys think starts? Bostic or Dirty Red?
  6. Ross C*ckrell and the secondary

    What is everyone opinions of not moving him to our Nickel? What does he do bad enough that other guys are better than him?
  7. We need another CB!

    We better not cut Cockrell, he is still our 3rd best CB now.
  8. We need another CB!

    Well we all got our new CB. I think this is a great deal. Joe has been good and if healthy he is an immediate impact on our CB squad.
  9. Steelers trade for TE Vance McDonald

    Eh, I think its a solid move. We gained a pick back and a player who is definitely an upgrade over some of our backups, if not an upgrade to the Outlaw.