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  1. 2019 Draft Talk!

    Mitch Hyatt is bad. Don't be fooled by him being an all american. Dude is a day 3 pick.
  2. Aussie watching NFL

    Kickoff explained - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kickoff_(gridiron_football) Yer I understand what your saying. If they did that the opposing team would get the ball wherever the receiver caught the punt. Its just a different game then aussie rules.
  3. Aussie watching NFL

  4. Week 15 GDT: Houston Texans vs New York Jets

    I feel a fair share of blame has to go on Watson. He's taken at least 3 sacks this game just by holding the ball trying to extend and make plays. There are only 5 Olineman and the jets are sending DB's (Jamal on that last one). Watson has to beat the blitz with the throw and teams will continue to do it until he fixes this area of his game. He's to often putting us in bad situations which he sometimes gets us out of.
  5. 2018 Roster

    Great to have Foreman back!... Kind of surprised by the corresponding move which was cutting Natrell Jamerson. A 5th round pick by the saints and was one of their final cuts. We claimed him and he played at CB and special teams. He's been inactive since Colvin has come back from injury but I figured he was a guy we liked. I thought guys like Deante Burton and Sammy Coates would've been better cuts.
  6. Texans off-season thread

    Glad we got rid of Allen. He dealt with a lot of injuries over the two season we had him and his play reflected that... he was awful. I didn't mind the signing two years ago but it obviously didn't work out for us.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    One thing that really surprised me about the draft is the fact we only acquired one player (Jordan Akins) from the week spent coaching at the senior bowl. I haven't really seen anybody discuss this much. I can't help but feel like we could have taken more advantage of the tremendous opportunity. Obviously sometimes the draft doesn't unfold as planned, but I was hoping we could acquire some good UDFA that played in the game. Does anybody else find this odd or is it just me?
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I think there is plenty of risk with the Ejiofor pick but I love the value. I think he'll be a solid player for us with upside. Im guessing he will play OLB? behind Clowney. Great production in college but there are concerns about a concussion history (that has caused him to miss games in the past), along with shoulder injury that kept him out of the combine. On top of injuries I don't think he is an amazing athlete but he could turn out to be a solid player. Good pick.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Pretty good so far but really need to nail the 3rd day of this draft. Im hoping we can find a way to trade down from 103 to try and pick up a 5th round pick. The reason being nobody is standing out to me as a guy we need to grab. If we can move back and grab a Tackle and Corner I would be happy with that.
  10. 3rd Round 98th Overall Pick: TE Jordan Akins

    Texans coached him at the senior bowl and selected him late in the 3rd. He has a high upside in my opinion. Good hands and athleticism. Thought he is the same type of guy we already have with Stephen Anderson. I think we all expected to bring in a traditional Y tight end that BoB has used primarily in the past, but perhaps building the offense around Watson has changed what we are going to ask of the tight end position (perhaps less in line blocking). Should be a good pick, and I feel more comfortable knowing the coaching staff has already coached him. Grade: B
  11. 3rd Round 68th Overall Pick: S Justin Reid

    Great pick. Great Value at pick 68. He brings versatility, athleticism, and intelligence. Hard not to be excited about this. He will bring a lot to our special teams units also. Grade: A
  12. Texans off-season thread

    This is really interesting to me. Although RB is not a major need for us it needs to be upgraded. Foreman and Ervin are question marks coming off IR. Lamar has shown himself to be solid but unspectacular. What are everyones ideas about improving this area of our offense?
  13. Tyrann Mathieu to Houston

    Happy to have him. Does he play FS for us? ... Really not sure how this secondary will shake out right now.
  14. I think Sua Filo gets a bad wrap from fans and pff. He has been a solid run blocker on occasion but pass protection has always been his weakness. I think the worst game of his life was week 1 vs jacksonville. But according to pff he has had good games also ( week 16 vs steelers: G Xavier Su’a-Filo, 85.3 overall grade) Its hard for us to see past that jacksonville game but I think the texans may view him differently than us and want to keep him. I'm truly on the fence about keeping him.. I think it might be ok to keep him as more of a depth guy but also see what your saying about cutting our losses and moving on. At the end of the day we need better performances from both guard positions in 2018.
  15. hahaha fake news. This is ridiculous. Why do people make up stuff like this? ... I can see Houston trying to resign him before free agency begins. Im ok with resigning him to a 2-3 year deal.