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  1. Surprising to see that Justin Reid is inactive after violating team rules. Some reports mention disagreement with coaching staff. Concerning to me for a good young player who will be a free agent soon. Will we be able to keep him in 2022?
  2. I agree that Campen's unit has underwhelmed, but Devlin's unit was just as bad in the run game. We were 31st in the NFL in rushing in 2020, and we're currently sitting at 32nd in 2021 with a pathetic 3.2 YPC. Wasn't far to fall lol. I don't know that getting rid of Campen is the right thing to do, but running the football has been an issue with this team for a while.
  3. As much as I love to watch our team on Sundays... can't wait for the offseason! It's going to be interesting to see how Caserio wants to build this roster. I think that we should expect a new OC after this season. Kelly hasn't been as good as he needed to be to keep his job in my opinion. I could see Pep taking over as OC or Culley brining in somebody else. Obviously we are in need of a franchise QB but at least in November nobody seems high on the QB class. I'd rather pass and go another season to see if Mills makes a jump from year one to two. If he doesn't progress then we will p
  4. Yeah this is a tad bit concerning to me. Zac was playing great and was rewarded with a top LB contract. Culley said the reason for the missed quarter will be kept internal. You hate to see that from a young core player. The defense didn't miss a beat in the first quarter without him. I expect it will take some time for him to adjust and he should thrive in this defense. Hopefully this is a one time thing. Also worth noting that Desmond King also didn't play in the first quarter, but this wasn't picked up by the media like Cunningham's absence was. Before coming to Houston I read something
  5. There is hope fellow texans fans. Some great news about the team from McClain is that Devlin will not return as OL coach. This is the best news ever imo. With so many problems on this team there is at least some chance now our OL will perform better than they have the last 6 years that Devlin has been the coach. Maybe there will be better protection for Watson or a rookie or whoever our RB will be going forward. Stick with us. Go Texans
  6. Everything you see is that this guy is a good leader (what we need most) and will connect with the players far better than what we had with OB. I think his success will be heavily influenced by his coordinators and assistant coaches. I don't hate this hire. Deshaun said after the season "We just need new energy. We just need discipline. We need structure. We need a leader so we can follow that leader as players. That's what we need".... Culley is the leader we need. Kubiak who has coached with Culley said that 'David is the energy in the building. David is a very energetic football coach. He r
  7. Wow this organization is a mess!! I think if we were able to pull off a combination of Frazier as HC and Caldwell as assistant HC/OC. That would be ideal for our current situation.... In saying that, I don't think we would get both and would rather have Caldwell then Frazier if it came down to a pick between the two of them. Caserio said in one of his interviews after being hired (regarding building trust within the organization) that it is important to get as many good people as we can in the building regardless of role. Both Frazier and Caldwell are outstanding character men and would be g
  8. Hey guys, check out the mock draft simulator on the draft network website. Lots of fun to see who you end up with in different scenarios. I'll put the link below. Also check out who I ended up with (admittedly took me a couple of attempts to have a draft I liked haha). 1st 23 - Byron Murphy.. Washington CB = Best corner on the board. The top OT were taken and it would have been a reach for a guy like Risner at 23. 2nd 54 - David Edwards.. Wisconsin T = Top tackle who was available. Fill a huge need. 2nd 55 - Deionte Thompson.. Alabama S = Great value here. Would be a ni
  9. Mitch Hyatt is bad. Don't be fooled by him being an all american. Dude is a day 3 pick.
  10. Kickoff explained - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kickoff_(gridiron_football) Yer I understand what your saying. If they did that the opposing team would get the ball wherever the receiver caught the punt. Its just a different game then aussie rules.
  11. I feel a fair share of blame has to go on Watson. He's taken at least 3 sacks this game just by holding the ball trying to extend and make plays. There are only 5 Olineman and the jets are sending DB's (Jamal on that last one). Watson has to beat the blitz with the throw and teams will continue to do it until he fixes this area of his game. He's to often putting us in bad situations which he sometimes gets us out of.
  12. Great to have Foreman back!... Kind of surprised by the corresponding move which was cutting Natrell Jamerson. A 5th round pick by the saints and was one of their final cuts. We claimed him and he played at CB and special teams. He's been inactive since Colvin has come back from injury but I figured he was a guy we liked. I thought guys like Deante Burton and Sammy Coates would've been better cuts.
  13. Glad we got rid of Allen. He dealt with a lot of injuries over the two season we had him and his play reflected that... he was awful. I didn't mind the signing two years ago but it obviously didn't work out for us.
  14. One thing that really surprised me about the draft is the fact we only acquired one player (Jordan Akins) from the week spent coaching at the senior bowl. I haven't really seen anybody discuss this much. I can't help but feel like we could have taken more advantage of the tremendous opportunity. Obviously sometimes the draft doesn't unfold as planned, but I was hoping we could acquire some good UDFA that played in the game. Does anybody else find this odd or is it just me?
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