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  1. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    Sony Michel is a beast. His vision makes him almost plug and play in the NFL; the guy can read blocks and tackling angles really really really well. The icing on the cake is his pass catching threat potential. Edelman's a problem on the field because he can run almost every route in the book. Michel can run every ground play in the book, and block, and potentially add routes to arsenal. All in his first year; he won't need years to get up to speed and see play time. I'll double down and call 1,000 yards on the ground for Michel next season
  2. Patriots releasing Tony Garcia

    Hope he gets an opportunity with another team. Sucks to never get the chance to prove yourself on the field
  3. Premature Roster Prediction (53- Man Roster)

    This makes the most sense to me. I could see Karras getting bumped down to PS and Cyrus Jones as a CB. I'm confident we'll give C Jones another year. Hate to see Valentine and Butler not make the DT squad but, for whatever reason we have a surplus in average/above average DT talent. We might see Valentine or Butler stick (4 DT's) and Bentley or Sam get pushed to the Practice Squad. I really doubt Bentley or Sam will stick on the 53. Maybe one...definitely not both. Love that you included Hill in the RB corp. We'll definitely be keeping one of the power RB's on the roster whether it's Hill, Gillislee, or Webb. Also don't think that Berrios will make the cut. I just can't see the hype on Berrios
  4. Draft Day Two & Three - Discussion (Rounds 2-7)

    Ralph Webb tho
  5. Patriots 1(31): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

    I think Lewis was way more explosive and agile but, Michel has way better downhill running. Lewis could pound the rock but, Michel seems to have better balance going downhill than Lewis did.
  6. Patriots 1(31): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

    Have any of you guys watch Michel's games? Or at the very least...his highlights?? The guy has great burst, decent power, great footwork, can stop on a dime, and he has amazing vision when it comes to anticipating defenders and reading his blocks.
  7. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    Yeah he's got James White mini stride syndrome. It's alright though; home run speed is overrated.
  8. Patriots 1(23): Isaiah Wynn, OL, Georgia

    Shaq Mason is moving to RB obviously and it's going to be glorious. Michel is just a smoke screen.
  9. Well, I guess I'm in the minority but, I really enjoyed listening to the rookie calls. I'm just checking Draft trackers now to see who was picked instead of actually watching the draft.
  10. Montana on Brady's longevity

    Combination of more physical injury protection in the modern era and Brady is legitimately tough as nails. Would Brady have lasted as long back then? Probably not. But I have no doubt that Brady would still have some of the best longevity back then; Brady takes some serious hits and a lot of them. Idk if avocado's sent his body back in time to puberty-level injury recovery mode but, Brady can get crushed all game and play better after all the hits. Hitting Brady every time after he releases the ball? He couldn't give less f--ks. Hit Brady every time he tries to release the ball? Still no f--ks given except now he has to change his play to release before the sack. Lot of people say he gets shook after a few hits but, he doesn't so much as his play style does.
  11. 49ers Trent Brown traded to Patriots

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' Maybe we did it since we're all about Charity.
  12. Draft Day Two & Three - Discussion (Rounds 2-7)

    Agreed. But the real question is.... wHeN aRe wE DrAFtiNg a Qb
  13. 49ers trade Trent Brown to Patriots

    Trading down 50 picks for a guy that can crush Pass Pro? Hell yeah.
  14. With the 27th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft...

    I love RB's and will drive hype trains long after they're dead. But, bruh, as much as I like Rashaad Penny I really don't get the pick. He's definitely a long stride runner; really not a fan of striders because they're usually just home run RB's. I guess he kind of reminds me of a small Arian Foster or David Johnson?? Really should've worked the Oline before getting a home run hitter like Penny imo. A lot of Penny's broken tackles come from pretty weak arm tackles. He has some nice short space moves but, his overall footwork looks pretty mediocre.
  15. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    Best comparison I can think of for Sony Michel is Knowshon Moreno + James White hybrid. Moreno could definitely pound it out harder between the tackles and he was a thicc dude. Michel won't be pounding so much as grinding and snagging all available yards that can be gotten. Michel's ability to read blocks and anticipate angles/defenders is fantastic especially because our OLine is coached to the T (aka no freelancing). This means Michel is going to be put in scenarios where he knows everything that the Oline will be trying to do with no surprises and he's going to really be able to capitalize on his ability to anticipate. $$$$$$$$$$$$ Our RB corp is going to be so exciting this year. EDIT: Honestly guys, this year's RB stock is so much fun to watch. I wouldn't even be salty if we just only drafted RB's with our remaining picks. The only sadness I would feel is when we have to cut some after growing our RB roster to 10+ players