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  1. Offseason Thread

    He's an OK WR but even close to talented enough to be WR1. Not enough WR threats so he was pretty garbage but, I think he'll be fine for us next year. Edelman needs to remain uninjured or Harry or Meyers gotta step wayyy the **** up.
  2. Offseason Thread

    TBH I don't see the hype. I guess he could be a gadget RB/WR/Returner but, don't think he's ever going to be a legit WR.
  3. Offseason Thread

    Eh. We could've used Metcalf more. Dude runs the most generic routes and just wins with pure athleticism so we don't need to have him doing any complex routes to have an impact.
  4. Lack of WR consistency is huge. Our entire team is so regimented and relies on exact timing and positioning. If a WR can't handle exact timing + route positioning, we're already in trouble. The next thing is the decision making after the initial route is also regimented so Brady needs his WR's to be on the exact same page he is, and making the same decisions. Super inflexible system from a players perspective but, flexible from a team perspective because, theoretically, we should be able to plug and play anyone as long as they understand exactly what they're supposed to do. I've touched on this a couple times but, I think it's a huge issue in our run game. Routes can benefit from exact timing + positioning but, running is a lot more chaotic and our run schemes are incredibly uncreative. Our run offense depends on every person winning their matchup and the runner following the original plan so we're totally reliant on the offensive line dominating. Not to say other systems don't have any structure but, we overstructure our run game a bit. This also leads to BB drafting the most boring RB's of all time as he needs them to be consistent, be able to read defenders, and follow the original plan. If BB ever adds a "freelancing" RB to our team like Mccoy or a more creative Blount, I will be mindblown. Until then, we just get different versions of Green-Ellis.
  5. Playoffs Thread

    I agree with this entire post. Perfect summation of pros/cons of each team winning
  6. He hasn't really lost any efficiency though. This year he got 72 catches on 95 targets for 9 YPC versus last year with 87 catches on 123 targets for 8.6 YPC. I'd keep White over Burkhead any day too; hope we resign White, ignore Burkhead or just pick him up for cheap since he's always injured. Think we underestimate the impact White has on our offense here....if we lost White our offense would look SIGNIFICANTLY worse.
  7. White actually seemed a little more elusive this year than in the past. He's always been terrible at breaking leg tackles and his skillset is no longer a surprise to defenses. Michel really didn't have much to work with when running. Pass catching TEs really open up the run game and we didn't have any, plus McDaniels barely made an effort to involve Michel in the passing game for whatever reason. Having Michel drop a couple passes here and there but, get the opportunity to show some threat off a catch is better than not bothering to toss him the ball at all imo; defenses are loading the box literally every time he shows up. Losing Andrews was huge as well. Wouldn't write of Michel yet. He's a solid runner but, super vanilla so, if you don't give him an opportunity he's not going to do anything. There are guys out there that are more creative and can make something happen from nothing, with risk, but, BB and Co want consistency over anything else so this what we get unfortunately. I miss the days of Blount doing whatever he wanted creatively since he actually had fantastic running vision.
  8. Offseason Thread

    I get this weird feeling BB is gonna try to sign Melvin Gordon cause we like those vanilla RB's. Gordon could do pretty well here though. Chargers could easily run with a duo RB committee with Justin Jackson as early down back + Ekeler. As hype as everyone is about Ekeler, he's going to have similar production to James White at the end of the day and is not an every down RB. Really doubt they'll bother trying to resign Gordon so, NE would be a solid place for Gordon to try and reignite his career as many first round busts try to do.
  9. If Brady does in fact leave...

    Eventually he's gonna retire or leave and I'll be extremely sad either way. We've been watching the greatest player of all time live....for a majority of our lives (for some of us).
  10. Gilmore = Fitzgerald??? Full swap of offensive players to defense and defense to offense to catch the other team off guard
  11. JC Jackson got some nice ball skills. At this point, we should just have the dude play WR (almost serious...)
  12. Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely

    He was having a tough time with injuries early on in the season. Everyone jumping on substance abuse but I'm willing to bet he took some stuff like EPO to speed up/accelerate recovery or help compensate. And probably marijuana. Not an excuse but my money is on nothing "malicious" here (aka hard drugs).
  13. Nevermind, he's back at practice. Apparently our whole 53 man roster practiced today though, it sounds to me like we have a bunch of broken dudes out there still. WR corp went from a can of (stacked) pringles: Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Edelman, Dorsett, N'Keal to a can of smashed pringles: Edelman, Sanu, Dorsett, Harry, Meyers Yikes. O line is beat to all hell to. We're running with our 3rd string center Ferentz and Wynn is constantly busted up. Not to mention we've dropped 2 fullbacks and have Elandon Roberts back there who is filling in admirably. And somehow our defense is in near perfect health? Truly day and night opposites between defense and offense right now. Be prepared for more grindy and gritty games going forwards with Tom Brady looking like his age, WR's unable to get separation and continue hobbling off the field. Prayers up for our run game behind a 3rd string center and a converted FB.
  14. Wynn DNP at practice with an eye injury? Sounds like he won't make it for the game. Our team is getting savaged by injuries
  15. Unsung Hero So Far

    Crazy good deal. Better make that a 5 year extension at this rate