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  1. Unsung Hero So Far

    Crazy good deal. Better make that a 5 year extension at this rate
  2. Unsung Hero So Far

    Jonathan Jones has been balling out for us.
  3. Is Sony Michel the next Laurence Maroney?

    For whatever reason BB has always loved picking RB's that just look like really generic, methodical runners. If the RB has a wild style of running or something unconventional (e.g. Blount, Woodhead, Lewis) we never draft them and will only pick them up after scouting out how their style performs in the NFL. Really wish we'd just take a chance on a more dynamic runner one of these days. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Michel run but, I feel like we don't let our RB's run loose enough which is killing Michel's natural vision. Blount was one of the few RB's we've had that got the green light to go a little off script because of how great his running vision was. BB and team way too focused on trying to find the next Frank Gore instead of the next Kamara or Mccoy.
  4. Is Sony Michel the next Laurence Maroney?

    Don't think so. We don't have a FB and or O-line has both Karras + Newhouse on it. Michel just doesn't have a place in our gameplan rn with how poorly our Oline is performing. Much easier to run with a pass catching back instead of Michel since he's one dimensional.
  5. Jordan Devey was probably the worst. Also, Cannon was unbelievably bad earlier in his career and most of us here were scratching our heads at how he was still around for so long.
  6. Mike Nugent Cut

    Damn should've kept Koo
  7. Pats trade DE Bennett to Cowboys

    He's got athletic talent, was worth a shot to see if we could wrangle him in. Obviously we weren't able to
  8. NE trades DE Michael Bennett to DAL for a conditional 6th/7th

    He's a solid player. Think he's more of a talented athlete than anything else though. Patriots need players that have strengths to plug and play into whatever schemes they're planning. Bennett has a lot of strengths but, I think he's best when allowed to work with some freedom. Bennett will be good on a "less planned out" defense purely based on his athletic traits imo
  9. Josh Gordon about to be released

    Meyers has been ok as a pure plug and play WR but, he doesn't seem to have a very deep route tree and his run blocking isn't anywhere near Gordon's. There are times where it's find to say "it's just business" and to not consider a player's history but, big difference with Gordon is that he went through some of his history while on the Patriots and overcame it with the team just last year. BB and the Pats have always used a military like mentality where they essentially just brute force team mentality on the players that join; those that can accept it do well, which is why we have a lot of JAG players come in and look good like John Simon or Elandon Roberts. To have a guy like Gordon come in, where he's widely known to have struggled with substance abuse, overcome it while on the team, and then get pump and dumped the following year will inevitably damage player/coach relationship if the reasons aren't clear to the players. Gordon wasn't an all-pro WR this year but, he was still producing and having an impact on the offense. Unless there were disciplinary issues, doing a straight 1:1 swap with him and Sanu doesn't seem right. I was comparing him to Gunnar and guys like Terrance Brooks or Tomlinson because the coaching staff has always looked at the team as units. They never have set number of players they want for each position and add extra players to positions when there's significant risk to team performance if a player goes down. I'd say there's pretty significant risk to team performance if Edelman, Sanu, or Dorsett get injured because we only have Meyers + Gunnar waiting in the wings. That's not a pretty weak WR corp. We've been supplementing WR corp injuries all year with pass catching RBs like Bolden and White so, my best guess is the coaching staff views Burkhead's return as enough +offensive threat to balance out a thinner WR corp. Kind of a ramble but, tldr we have fat to trim elsewhere ( so unless Gordon was acting up, I don't understand. Obviously BB and staff know more than I do but, toss some personal attachment in there and I don't like the move at all
  10. Is this Brady’s final year in New England?

    I'm pretty sure he's literally going to keep trying to play until teams don't want to sign him anymore or until he hits 45. He's definitely mentally good for another 2 years at least
  11. Josh Gordon about to be released

    Just google Tomlinson. They put it on the press release but, transaction never went through. Chances are they'll release him to bring back someone from IR soon
  12. New England waives WR Josh Gordon; Claimed by Seahawks

    This one hurts. Wish we hadn't cut him so callously. Tbh I think this is the only player on the Pats where the "it's just business" mindset hasn't sat well with me. Wilfork and Butler hit hard but, this one just doesn't feel right
  13. Josh Gordon about to be released

    They kept Tomlinson when they dropped Gordon. Dropped Jordan Richards for Justin Bethel though
  14. Sanuuuu

    2nd round seems pretty steep for him. Sounds like the whole league values him way higher than fans do. He's definitely talented but, he's 30 and I can only imagine him being a slightly better version of Lafell
  15. Josh Gordon about to be released

    But is he less of an asset over Gunnar? Or even some guy like Matt Lacosse even though we now have Watson + Tomlinson? Worst case he's a good blocker and can contest some really tough catches. Hard to put emotions aside on this one as well. Dude's been through a lot and finally hit his stride personally, unless there's something we're not aware of. SMH I don't get this one.