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  1. I remember some of my fellow Viking fans wanted him in the first round..
  2. Adrian Peterson

    He had the most rushing yards in a game ever and had a 2000 yard season- along with the rest of his impressive career, he is no doubt a first ballot HOFer
  3. When did you fall in love with football?

    October 31st , 2007 I was a lanky, unpopular guy in my Freshman year of highschool. I had a friend that had a "in" with some of the "cooler" guys in school. On Halloween he invited me to go trick or treating with some of these cool, athletic guys. Before we started, they wanted to play a pickup game of touch football. I played with them even though Ive NEVER played football before. I somehow ended up playing SUPER WELL, even making a onehanded catch! They were saying things like "Wow that was like Randy Moss!" which BOOSTED my confidence like crazy and I went home and became OBSESSED with football! I read up on it everyday on the internet and watched almost every game for the past 11 years! My first game I watched after getting into it? Vikings vs Chargers Nov 4th, 2007-- the game where Adrian Peterson went OFF for a record 296 yards
  4. 2019 Playoff Pick em

  5. Positions your team always seems to be set at

    For the Vikings we always seem to find a center in the later rounds that always pan out
  6. 2019 Playoff Pick em

    Patriots - 16 saints - 12
  7. You're an OC. What kind of offense do you run?

    The kind of offense Pat Shumer ran with the Vikings in 2017.. running with multiple TEs blocking and a lot of play-action.
  8. 2019 Playoff Pick em

    Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs - 4 Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams - 6 Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots - 2 Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints - 8
  9. Specialty Coach Search: Dennison hired, O-Line (p. 24)

    Anyone remember this gem of a video on the Packers Offensive line?
  10. 2019 Playoff Pick em

    Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 3 Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens 1 Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys 2 Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears 4
  11. 2018 NFL Pick 'em

    Cleveland at Baltimore 10 Miami at Buffalo 2 Detroit at Green Bay 6 Jacksonville at Houston 11 Oakland at Kansas City 12 Chicago at Minnesota 1 N.Y. Jets at New England 13 Carolina at New Orleans 7 Dallas at N.Y. Giants 3 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 14 Atlanta at Tampa Bay 5 Indianapolis at Tenn 4 Philadelphia at Washington 8 LA Chargers at Denver 9 San Francisco at LA Rams 16 Arizona at Seattle 15
  12. 2018 NFL Pick 'em

    WEEK 16 16 picks, with no Thursday game but 2 Saturday games Saturday, Dec. 22 Washington at Tennessee 11 Baltimore at LA Chargers 2 Sunday, Dec. 23 Atlanta at Carolina 10 Cincinnati at Cleveland 5 Tampa Bay at Dallas 4 Minnesota at Detroit 13 N.Y. Giants at Indianapolis 6 Jacksonville at Miami 7 Buffalo at New England 15 Green Bay at N.Y. Jets 12 Houston at Philadelphia 3 L.A. Rams at Arizona 16 Chicago at San Francisco 14 Pittsburgh at New Orleans 8 Kansas City at Seattle 1 Denver at Oakland 9
  13. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    When’s the last time we’ve scored over 40 points?
  14. 2018 NFL Pick 'em

    WEEK 15 16 picks with a couple Saturday games. Good Luck everyone. Thursday, Dec. 13 L.A. Chargers at Kansas City 1 Saturday, Dec. 15 Cleveland at Denver 2 Houston at N.Y. Jets 14 Sunday, Dec. 16 Arizona at Atlanta 12 Tampa Bay at Baltimore 8 Detroit at Buffalo 7 Green Bay at Chicago 3 Oakland at Cincinnati 4 Dallas at Indianapolis 6 Washington at Jacksonville 15 Miami at Minnesota 13 Tennessee at N.Y. Giants 5 Seattle at San Francisco 16 New England at Pittsburgh 9 Philadelphia at L.A. Rams 11 New Orleans at Carolina 10
  15. Vikings Fire DeFilippo, Stefanski Promoted to OC

    Now THIS is the kind of input I like to see around here