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  1. Like not married still or you consider once the wedding happens shes not a bride?
  2. It keeps making quote when I don't want to so junk post.
  3. Peters suspended 1 game

    Lol you both are right.
  4. Peters suspended 1 game

    Protesting. That is on both Peters and the Owner of the team/coaches. Tossing a flag. That is on Peters even if he is right about the call it is still dumb. Choosing not to tackle, this is on Peters and if your not helping in turnovers every game then you do not get a free pass.
  5. I think we need to shake things up on the coaching staff and nobody should feel safe about their jobs. As far as players, You don't have to be a leader on the team just don't act like a 3rd grader.
  6. I don't think it would have helped to be honest unless someone was a breakout player. This team is toxic right now, like someone already mentioned we have no leaders.
  7. Dorsey banked on PM2, he wasn't dumb.
  8. 1. Hunt fires Dorsey- Team did not suck prior to this. 2. Andy calling plays- then the D can't do anything again when we do make plays. 3. Alex .5, 1.0, 2.0 Slot machine Smith. 4. Injuries 5. To much protesting and not enough passion for the game. 6. Sutton is terrible, and so is Gaines. 7. Attitude, character problems, no self control at all. This does NOT look like a pro team and it starts at the top. Thank you Mr. Hunt for making it clear your the TOP. One huge mistake and a trickle down effect came next.
  9. Just seeing how peeps are feeling about a change. PM2 is a rookie and will make mistakes, but I believe this guy can make big plays and at least be exciting to watch. Alex .05, 1.0 and 2.0 Seriously we don't know what version we have each week. Right now the house owns KC.
  10. Chiefs Vs Bills

    NO! no Fatdracula. Fatdracula = the spread offense with D Bowe as your WR and Kelcie as your QB. We either put in PM2 and make other teams fear a QB that can actually make plays or we stay on our path and wait for next year. Look Alex 1.0 is Ugly, I'm not even sure he is 1.0 right now that is how bad our QB play is right now. I am not saying this fixes everything but it's the best move this team can make to improve.
  11. Chiefs Vs Bills

    Promote from within, see what we have in our other coaches? The only stat that matters is W/L and we are already loosing.
  12. Chiefs Vs Bills

    Just saw the play where two receivers were trying to catch the same screen pass/ wow just bad. How is this pro football?
  13. Chiefs Vs Bills

    Next season, better draft picks, better starters, PM2. Please say Sutton is gone. Gaines as well.
  14. Revis is a Chief

    Has to be better than gains right?
  15. Patrick Mahomes Timeline

    Well no Football for me this Turkey Day. Unlike some rich people I am thankful for some things.