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  1. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    DJ will be better this year he needed more time to get healthy. Peters yea he only played well when he wanted to... Glad he is gone.
  2. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Cheaper than Nacho?
  3. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Veach has been Bold in what he is doing I'll give him that.... Time will tell if he is right. Some moves I love, some I don't but we'll see.
  4. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Released akeem hunt and picked up a TE from the Saints.
  5. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    This guy was invited to the titans as well I guess he wanted to be a Chief instead. Good move.
  6. KC FA tracker

    DJ showed some flashes last year of him old self, if healthy he will be solid.
  7. KC FA tracker

    I think he if healthy has a few years left in the tank. Good signing by yall wish him well but not the raiduhs.
  8. KC FA tracker

    I am not even sure who Josh Augusta is. I am sure we will still see many new faces once camps begin.
  9. KC FA tracker

    Orson Charles Cut
  10. KC FA tracker

    So if we want to acquire Shane Ray, we either wait a year and have to win a bidding war or Maybe we can give cleavland our 6th and a 7th next year, and Cleavland gives Denver a 6th and doesn't tell Denver the trade will benefit KC? Just an idea.
  11. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    I glanced at the list just an oversight. Oh well )P
  12. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    LB Elliot Berry, brother of our own Eric Berry has a camp invite.
  13. Reports are coming in that Gruden has pretty much taken over every aspect of the team. Speculation at this point says raiders GM may not stay? How strange would that be for him to join KC staff after his son is drafted by KC?
  14. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Rather the bend don't beak we will just break you. Nice change.
  15. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Hitches should be a great player for us. Rookies are rookies so there is always that but at least they are young guys with talent and high motors. I just can't see the D taking a step back with the moves we made.