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  1. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    I just belive moving him would have already happened.
  2. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Yea I would love to have some of their picks in the draft but wouldn't trade that for our SB Victory. hahaha
  3. FA KC

    Never heard of this guy, well this might eliminate TE from my mock drafts.
  4. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Newest Bleacher report version. 1. C/G Cesar Ruiz instant starter and adds flexibility with being able to play both positions. 2. CB Trevon Diggs 3. RB JK Dobbins 4. LB Akeem Davis-Gaither his pros fit our needs big time. 5. OT Charlie Heck - this is a depth/future starting hopeful pick here.
  5. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Looks like KC plans on keeping CJ I wouldn't draft DL if its intended to replace him.
  6. FA KC

    This could be a move to help sign CJ and im expecting a similar contract with lots of incentives.
  7. FA KC

    D'andre is the only RB i would take #1. After that there are several others in round 2 or 3 worth taking.
  8. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Any LB's available? Cesar Ruiz? Diggs > Gladney.
  9. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    This Draft man! WOW! 1. C/G Cesar Ruiz 2. CB Trevon Diggs 3. RB JK Dobbins 4. OT Alex Taylor hes a bit raw but dude could easily become a legit starter and our OT depth is a concern. 5. LB Evan Weaver I really wanted to snag a Guard here but we brought in a vet and drafted Ruiz so I went with a need and decent talent still available.
  10. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    LB, CB, IOL are the true needs for this team. IF you want to protect PM2 and improve run game IOL has to improve.
  11. What would you do with a late pick?

    yea he got his SB ring at least so his brother can't talk trash anymore, not saying he was but we know how that works out lol.
  12. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    I think Jay is trying to keep the future in mind as well, Do we need a TE right now? NO but in 1-2 years? Maybe. If injury strikes the answer is yes. If we want a dynasty we have to have draft well every year, make hard choices and always have quality depth and development.
  13. What would you do with a late pick?

    I would consider anyone on the offensive line to develop, A CB that might be converted to a S, possibly a LB since we are weak there. After that anyone that would start on special teams.
  14. FA KC

    He would for sure be a #2 for some teams and for sure a lot of #3's
  15. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    I would plan to sign williams.