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  1. Free Agency

    He had a good season last season. I hope he stays healthy.
  2. Free Agency

    https://arrowheadaddict.com/2019/03/22/morgan-burnett-will-receive-release-pittsburgh-steelers/ THis guy worth a look?
  3. Hill under investigation for Battery

    in all fairness it does have to do with NFL policies it was not that far of a stretch. I would say the topic expanded more than hijacked. Either way both situations suck for the NFL.
  4. 2019 Draft Mocks

    Two mocks. Interesting draft here. Draft 1. 1. RB Josh Jacobs 2A. WR Andy Isabella 2B. S Taylor Rapp 3. C Erik Mccoy 5. LB Tre Lamar 6a. G Ului Lapuaho 6b. QB Trace Mcsorley 7. S marvell Tell Draft 2 WHAT no way he there at 1 lol. but goin for it anyway 1. QB Drew Lock _ backup or trade him hahah in this case could prob trade down and get more picks. 2a. C Garrett Bradbury 2b. WR Andy Issabella 3. S Chauncey Gardner Johnson 5. TE Drew Sample 6a. G Lester Cotton 6b. LB Dre Greenlaw 7. S Darius West
  5. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I just read they may drop charges against Kraft if he admits guilt. Seriously I am tired of these rich pos getting away with everything they do.
  6. Hill under investigation for Battery

    You know this was from a sex trafficking sting right? its much worse than prostitution.
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    yea well Robert Craft should loose ownership, but ya know hes an owner.
  8. Free Agency

    Jordy? https://arrowheadaddict.com/2019/03/18/kansas-city-chiefs-show-interest-jordy-nelson/
  9. Free Agency

    What I see is we immediately got worse. The only good years HOuston was in his prime and MP were kings on the Defense. I didnt bother checking on Eric Berry in his prime. Sutton was never good, we just had stuts on the defense. 2012 20th Houston 10 sacks 2013 24th Bob sutton becomes coach Houston 11 2014 7th Houston sacks 22 2015 7th Houston sacks 7.5, Marcus peters picks 8 2016 24th MC picks 6 2017 28th MC 5 2018 31st.
  10. Free Agency

    we blew a 21 point lead. Don't pretend like 13 points in a half of football is bad. We let them score 35 points in the second half in a playoff game at home. Its absurd the colts are not the patriots. He should have been shown the door after that game which was 3-4 years ago.
  11. Free Agency

    Sutton should have been canned after the Colts playoff game. The won we lost in one half of football (epic comeback).
  12. Free Agency

    DT was the saddest day.
  13. Whats going on with Defense?

    all injury prone players who fail to stay on the field or have consistent production. This team is doing the right thing.
  14. Free Agency

    Clearly our D was terrible. Blow this thing up and reboot.
  15. Free Agency

    Yes do it! Trade him if we get the chance.