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  1. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    That should have been a TD.
  2. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    We either beat ourselves or the refs do.
  3. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    We need more Deep passes to hill. Good chance he gets open and makes the play, good chance of pass penalty and we still get the yards. We have to take shots down the field.
  4. You need to Root for the Chiefs--in Denver

    Not going to watch the video but I am guessing they want Alex Smith gone? lol who would have thunk that would be a problem to have.
  5. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    That was not a catch. Lol
  6. Cairo Santos placed on IR

    yea but for whatever reason he seemed rushed on that kick to be fair and he still almost got it. But yes he won the game with the last kick so that helps him a ton.
  7. KC won and I am excited and we knew it was going to be a tough game. I can't help but think we under performed though.
  8. Why we giving them so much room.