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  1. Offseason Rumor Thread

    You also have to assume that is what is happening. Unless an owner actually says that is why I am not interested. In that case the owner made a choice and he has to live with the consequences but that is his right as an owner. If I am trying to make money I avoid as many politics as I possibly can.
  2. Offseason Rumor Thread

    if you owned a business. Are you in business to make money? Because upsetting a large percentage of your fan base is not profitable and makes 0 sense. Just like I can't go on social media and rep the company I work for or I get fired and and sued if I caused enough damage. Anything political in the slightest I have to literally ask for permission to do so. Like it not an employees actions on or off the field can hurt the brand.
  3. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Screw half America as well then?
  4. KC FA tracker

    Anyone heard anything about DJ? I am wondering if he his being viewed the same way as KC was... Perhaps he gets picked up after the draft. If not please DJ come coach our LB's
  5. KC FA tracker

    I think veach will trade some late round picks to move up in this years draft to get some guys he wants. Our new GM is not afraid to make a deal and place a bet.
  6. KC FA tracker

    I tend to say BPA with Need being considered. I am ok with a slight reach if the need is there. But yea I mean if you like a guy and its not a need but could be valuable, he is on your big board as a target and he drops a round and falls in your lap you have to consider him.
  7. KC FA tracker

    I don't want a qb in 3rd round, to many needs on the team
  8. KC FA tracker

    What round are they going ton drafted? Best guess I mean.
  9. Chiefs resignings?

    I would rather have Matt Moore or Henne.
  10. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Belicheck is good at letting players walk at the right time. This is why they are so competitive each year. Right now they are still a tough team but replacing Brady will be hard once they have to.
  11. our LB's overall have been very weak the last few years, solid play is all we needed.
  12. AFC West FA

    I think everyone is. But it might be a fit issue or that brawl on the field who knows.
  13. AFC West FA

    Jordy Nelson to the raiders, I like Jordy but he doesn't scare me like his younger non injured self would have.
  14. KC FA tracker

    I wonder where we are with funds for FA and rookies not drafted yet. We just signed Dustin so 2.5-3M gone from that one.
  15. Chiefs resignings?

    I can live with this deal. Dustin is solid and it's easy to forget how important his position actually is.