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  1. Raiders release Antonio Brown

    I know its just allegations at this point but this dude might be going to jail.
  2. Raiders coach says to his QB, it should be easy to not throw INT's its basically childsplay against KC's Defense, He glares back and laughs only in Merica Chucky!
  3. Clearly we are making room is the space for Chris Jones or more players ?
  4. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    I liked pringle.
  5. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    our goal line offense needs work, D had a few stops at least, hopefully they can get better. MC will help in week 5.
  6. Raiders release Antonio Brown

    hope he upsets belacheat.
  7. Chris Jones

    I wonder if we could trade him for a legit CB? I love the guy but since they are not paying the man it makes me wonder why...
  8. Eric Berry

    I dont want him as a player I want him as a coach.
  9. Team Roster Cuts

    Another good trade our RB's was loaded but depth on the OL is good.
  10. Team Roster Cuts

    This is amazing that we got something out of him.
  11. Team Roster Cuts

    Lets use this thread to list roster cuts by KC and ones from other teams we as fans are interested in and hopefully KC lands a few good ones.
  12. Preseason Game 3 GDT - 49ers vs Chiefs

    hopefully some teams have tough choices and drop a D player we could use.
  13. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    what the hell is a brick crapper? lol