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  1. 2019 Draft Mocks

    There is a disturbance in the force. have you felt it my apprentice?
  2. 2019 Draft Mocks

    Ok 7 Rounds Matt Miller, fan voted, Difficult settings. 2 different drafts same settings. Heavy D, Heavy offensive line depth draft. Draft #1 1. CB Deandre Baker 2a. S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 2b. LB Dakota Allen 3. LB Vosean Joseph 5.C Keegan Render 6a. G Martez Ivey 6b. CB Ken Webster 7. G Venzell Boulware Draft #2 1. LB Mack Wilson 2a. C Elgton Jenkins (drppped pretty far and I do want to protect PM2) Seemed the BPA value/need was there. 2b. S Nasir Adderley 3. LB Dakota Allen 5. G Nate Davis 6a. CB Jamel Dean 6b. S Zederick Woods 7. CB Ken Webster
  3. 2019 Draft Mocks

    my 4 round mock. 1. S Jaquan Johnson 2a. LB Germain Pratt 2b. CB Michael Jackson 3. G Beau Benzschawel
  4. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    why do you think our D is playing lights out? Its not Sutton is Coach Berry!
  5. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    Prevent D sucks, sutton sucks
  6. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    I agree if we barely save anything but I would require him to have surgery and get it addressed the right way. Buit yea offer to pay for his surgery, offer him a great coach position with good pay he might bite.
  7. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    surprise surprise not playing again. I feel sorry for the dude but we gotta move on from him as a player. Still hope we can make him a coach.
  8. 2019 Draft Mocks

    Earl Thomas can be had after this season prob. Not sure how what it would cost to get him and sign him but easier than before this season when I first wanted him and trade rumors swirled.
  9. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    scoreless last game in the 2nd half. This KC team doesn't quit like past KC teams. I think we exorcise some demons this year.
  10. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    we just need a more recent SB win and from then on we will prob all be more chill and content.
  11. Playoffs Week 1: GDT

  12. Playoffs Week 1: GDT

    oh for sure i'm just saying the player I would want to bring back.
  13. Playoffs Week 1: GDT

    i would bring back LDT. We have to protect better for some teams with tough D;s. and LDT is an experienced player.
  14. 2019 Draft Mocks

    I am on board with upgrading our secondary and ILB positions. We should also consider depth/quality for our offensive line as we have got to protect PM2 better.
  15. Week 17 GDT vs. Oakland Raiders

    That would be an insane story forever!