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  1. I thought Williams would have been drafted in the 5/6th round.
  2. im not saying he is sanders but his dodging ability reminds me of sanders, that and the ability to catch.
  3. Arrowhead addict had it and it was a twitter posting its been a while.
  4. Maybe being coached by the Super Bowl winning coaches will help.
  5. I saw our UDFA was ranked 2nd in the NFL. I saw a few players I believe can our should make the team which is pretty awesome.
  6. yea I hope we can get some of the money back.
  7. I watched the video of him being arrested it does not show what happened prior though. I just do not understand why when the police tell you to get on the ground or turn around its hard to do what your told to do. Even if your innocent you look like an idiot and deserve the resisting arrest charge. He was not violent at least that's the most positive thing about it all.
  8. I would bring him in to compete for a roster spot or practice squad.
  9. Think it would be awesome to get him into being a QB coach or something in the future. Mad respect for the guy.
  10. Best case is we just don't punt because we always score.
  11. He can change his Mind! The biggest problem is we can think he could of been there with our 2nd pick but it was a risk waiting if that's the guy.
  12. he is saying some dudes he don't know threw contraband in his car and he was caught with it... iF that is the case it should be easy to verify with cameras from the gas station, will be interesting how it plays out.
  13. First dq gets cut this this guy throws his career away.
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