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  1. Division Predictions

    Because pm2 is the wildcard. If hes as good as we think they are way off.
  2. Offensive Line--Asset or Liability?

    grow retain talent is helpful. I am reading a lot about or Offensive line being a big concern, so I am guessing upgrades are needed at some point, lets hope we can at least improve this year on protections. I think offensive scheme can help the line some. Hurry up offense, PM2 no looks, and this might be a next gen stat but its really important ( Qb with a fast release), and last but not least FLAGS, don't hurt yourself.
  3. Sam Beal

    That makes sense.
  4. Sam Beal

    it sounds like there are 3 groups and then by round pick your willing to give up. in our case The giants sucked more than KC so for a 3rd round pick we never got a chance because he never made it to us. Similar to a waiver wire type thing.
  5. Sam Beal

    hmm I don't think KC did anything from what I can find...
  6. Sam Beal

    Giants got beal for a 3rd anyone able to confirm?
  7. One is younger and has not been in the news for doing a line of something with hookers in the news.
  8. Sam Beal

    Im reading if you want this guy we might have to give a 2nd but if hes worth it then yes do it.
  9. Adonis Alexander

    well we need talent at CB no question there. No doubt, consequences have given him a wake up call. I feel about 50/50 on him, hes raw but for a 4th it wouldn't kill us if he busts.
  10. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    DJ will be better this year he needed more time to get healthy. Peters yea he only played well when he wanted to... Glad he is gone.
  11. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Cheaper than Nacho?
  12. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Veach has been Bold in what he is doing I'll give him that.... Time will tell if he is right. Some moves I love, some I don't but we'll see.
  13. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Released akeem hunt and picked up a TE from the Saints.
  14. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    This guy was invited to the titans as well I guess he wanted to be a Chief instead. Good move.
  15. KC FA tracker

    DJ showed some flashes last year of him old self, if healthy he will be solid.