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  1. Do Matt Moore and Alex Smith take away from Mahomes success?

    No it just so happens KC has sustained even more injuries when PM2 returned, and stupid mistakes is the only reason they lost. They beat themselves and even the coaches share blame.
  2. Where to sit?

    even the nosebleeds are good seats, expect very cold weather. I prefer mid field ish area.
  3. KC vs Titans

    We missed an extra point also. So technically it should have been a blocked field goal to win the game.
  4. KC vs Titans

    you mean like instead of running in for the TD we stop at the half yard line and eat up another 10 seconds off the clock just because?
  5. Skip Bayless Right?

    There is truth to both.
  6. Skip Bayless Right?

    He is absolutely right. I watched one of the def lineman chase a dude if they just jumped at the legs he could have made a tackle, but his lazy arce took the play off.
  7. KC vs Titans

    we beat ourselves this game. To many dumb mistakes.
  8. KC vs Titans

    PM2 Starts lets pwn these fools!
  9. ok so he plays! lets get a game day going!
  10. hahah I never said that but if the dude has a messed up ankle and knee he aint wining the superbowl.
  11. health is my only concern. I don't want to force anything that cuts his career short.
  12. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    The D has gotten better and that is huge for us, our backup QB has been fantastic. If healthy this team is scary as hell.
  13. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    The D has improved at least.
  14. Trade Deadline

    OL is my top priority because without PM2 this team will never be as good. After that ILB to stop the run or DL if a legit run stopper is there. Then CB and depth in other places.